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Talking Point: The Wii U May be Best as One of Two Consoles, Just Like Wii

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Whether the 'first' or 'second' console, unique content remains vital

When the Wii U was launching in late 2012, Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime did his job; he kicked in with full PR-nonsense in his statements and predictions. The focus in that time — in multiple territories — was to talk up the system as a console for the 'hardcore', in which case the term meant those that prioritise and love releases such as Call of Duty, Fifa and titles of that ilk. There were attempts to show how the GamePad's second screen could improve those experiences — it can, though doesn't get the chance any more — and there was even talk of the Wii U's raw power.

Now, this is Nintendo Life, and we'd argue that the system has enough power to do the job for exceptional games; the content already on the system proves that. Yet if you're arguing the Wii U has the raw graphical processing power to rub shoulders with PS4 and Xbox One, then you're factually off the mark. There's no shame in that, however, as Nintendo has its own priorities and ways to excite gamers of all types. The company clearly realises this, as talk of winning over that narrow definition of 'hardcore' disappeared rapidly in early 2013; the loss of various multi-platform franchise shows that the ship has sailed.

All of that is obvious, so perhaps it's time to address the reality; Wii U can simply aspire to the same role in the living room as Wii. That role is one of a fun gaming system with unique games — whether for families settling down for a few Mario Kart 8 races, some mini-game shenanigans or solo gamers diving into exclusives or download experiences, there is plenty to do. Yet the list of enticing big name third-party games skipping Wii U gets ever longer and will continue to grow; so far, so like the Wii.

Part of what's changed since Wii, from Nintendo's perspective, is that the Wii U's concept hasn't generated enough sales and the big N is having to produce more unique content itself or in closer relationships with third-parties. The Wii benefited from a delightfully diverse library in its first four years, in particular, as developers and publishers jumped on board to utilise its unique controller and that wave of hype and sales; there was plenty of garbage cashing in, but also some absolutely unique gems. Those games still exist and will arrive in some numbers, but we'll likely see less of them. As we've argued plenty of times, however, there are already a number of excellent exclusives on the system, and as more arrive that will only help to tempt more to take the plunge.

So we come to 'second system syndrome', in which Nintendo's box of treats may be in its best light when it's one of two sitting under the TV. That name doesn't have to be a negative, and the Wii U doesn't have to be the number two console — it could be the first in that arrangement. That's the case for this writer, yet as this generation progresses there's too much that'll pass Nintendo's system by — franchises such as Batman and Metal Gear Solid could be more spectacular than ever before, along with others. It goes both ways though, and it feels almost inconceivable to go through a generation without enjoying Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and the new Legend of Zelda, among various others. There'll be exclusives across all sides, while there's also the fact that the ever diverse download market is best enjoyed with multiple store fronts available.

The Wii was the first choice for some last generation, and the Wii U will be again for a number in this generation, yet there's an inevitability that eyes often drift towards the offerings on other systems; dedicated Nintendo gamers may contemplate a PS4, One or even a gaming PC, while the heads of others may be turned by Nintendo's exclusives. The challenge for the big N is securing that audience across the spectrum; we'll see families targeted this Holiday season that are looking for a new home console that's also affordable, while more core efforts will be marketed towards experienced gamers that find it tough to avoid the allure of Nintendo's games. As sales figures show, plenty have resisted, but the company's commendable commitment to the system ensures that, at least until the close of 2015, there'll be plenty of unique experiences to add to the library and make the Wii U a must have.

Is the Wii U enough on its own, making this multi-console ownership talk a red herring? We're not sure it is, but there's a fair argument that says not buying a Wii U this generation would mean missing out on too many world-class games. That's what Nintendo is banking on, while amiibo will also tap into nostalgia in a big way. With Sony and Microsoft also showing keen pricing strategies, it'll be no surprise to see bundles and a sneaky fall in general prices once again place the Wii U in Wii territory in the coming year — a purchase that becomes harder to resist as the months drift by.

It's a matter of accumulation of must-have games for Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft, and in those stakes the Wii U has a decent chance of becoming ever more of a must-own console later this year and through the next. It won't achieve that magic 100 million sales mark of Wii, and will be lucky to get close, but it may be a reasonable, modest — and more importantly profitable — success yet; like its predecessor it may have to do so without 'owning' too many living rooms on its own.

Let us know what you think on this topic, and below is a poll revisiting the question of what consoles you own or plan to own in this generation.

Do you own or plan to own more than one console this generation? (808 votes)

Nope, just Wii U for me


Yes, a Wii U and PS4


Yes, a Wii U and Xbox One


Yes, a Wii U and PC


No Wii U for me yet, but I will own one


I don't plan to own a Wii U at any point


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User Comments (293)



Peach64 said:

I'll be getting all three. They all have games worth playing. Every console I can remember as had a few utter gems for it, and I couldn't imagine depriving myself of any of those.



BossBattles said:

I've always owned multiple consoles. Never been a problem, never been part of a console war.



Phantom_R said:

I've always had an Xbox 360 in the house (now also Xbox One) but I've rarely ever played it. At least for me, the racers can't compare to Mario Kart, I already have Smash Bros. and Naruto fighters, and shooters/sports sims don't interest me at all.

I just don't care for the kinds of games and themes you see on "mature" consoles. I did love the PS2 with games like Jak and Daxter, but those kinds of experiences are mostly on Nintendo consoles now anyway, so I'm not missing much. I've tried AAA titles on Xbox, but they just didn't do it for me.



Jazzer94 said:

"Yet if you're arguing the Wii U has the raw graphical processing power to rub shoulders with PS4 and Xbox One, then you're factually off the mark."

Some users on this site would argue this till the cows come home.



EnyoTheFirst said:

I bought my ii U for my college dorm-- and working on a limited budget as it is I don't plan on getting anything else this generation. Nor would I even care to get one of the two other consoles, I'm not a fan of the types of games that those consoles are filled with.



gage_wolf said:

I think I'll probably end up with the Wii U / PS4 combo, but I'd really rather not. Videogames are becoming such an insane investment! I know exclusivity is considered a big win for the companies, but as a result we lose.



ZenTurtle said:

Wii U all the way! It's the only console with games worth playing. Most others arrive on PC sooner or later, and the other two can be bought at cut price in 5 years or so (probably xbox one for me, though).



Jazzer94 said:

@Kewlan Depends on the game but most cases yes that is a key feature but some AA on MK8 would have been nice to.



MasterWario said:

Get a Wii U for all the games I want, and I have a PC for all the leftovers.

PS4 just doesn't interest me at all with the direction they're taking. There were a few really good games on the PS3 for me, but nothing to get me to buy another Sony system.



Epicnessofme99 said:

@Dipper723 Agreed, I plan on getting the other 2 at some point because of any exclusives that look interesting. I've done this last generation and I felt pleased with all of my purchases.



sinalefa said:

I cannot vote since that poll is missing the options "I plan to get all three" and the one that I would have chosen "I plan to pick one of the other two, but not sure which one yet". I see having three consoles as way too expensive, specially when two of those are so similar.

In any case, Wii U will definitely be my primary console, with the other for third party games and the exclusives that appeal to me the most, hence the reason I haven't decided yet.



garthvader said:

Who has time for all 3 lol . With work I have trouble playing my wiiU games (which I think are back cataloged at about 8 now) let alone my 20 game steam back catalog <<

I want a PS4 eventually (if it gets good games but will probably be a 3rd year purchase like PS3 was for me), however I don't know if I will ever have a lot of time to play it. Maybe just buy it for FF15 and the occasional good game that is not Boobiesoft, Crappedivision or EA Lames. So done with AAA 3rd party rehash games.



G-Raider said:

"Nintendo's box of treats may be in its best light when it's one of two sitting under the TV"

This sums the issue up perfectly from my perspective. Last gen I had a PS3 only, and missing out on great games like MarioKart, Galaxy, etc. was definitely rough. I was a day one Wii U adopter solely because of Nintendo's first party classics, not because I expected the system to compete technically with Sony and Microsoft's offerings. My PS4 Destiny bundle is pre-ordered and soon to sit proudly next to my Wii U beneath my TV and while I'm sure it will monopolize my time for the first few weeks, I also don't expect much dust to build up on the Wii U as long as I know that Mario Kart 8 disc is still sitting in the drive.



Matti said:

Wii U + PC for me. It's the best option in my opinion. Most of the games on PS4/XBone will come to PC at some point anyway. No reason to buy the other consoles for just a few exclusives.



Kejomo said:

I don't have enough time to play all the wii u games I would like to. Another system would just collect dust.



RacerX said:

I own a PC and PS4 right now and plan to get a Wii U before the end of the year. I'm still playing my Game Cube, but I skipped the Wii. I like to compare Nintendo to Apple. They are not really competing directly with Sony or Microsoft. They are just sort of doing their own thing.



TwilightOniAngel said:

Meh i go with the Wiiu and PC combo.The Wiiu is for nintendo exclusives and the PC is for third party games except ubisoft and EA game scause their games are just the same thing every year.And i have an Xbox one but i just bought it for Halo and Gears of war.



Daruncic said:

Own a Wii U, love it. Planning to get a PS4 as soon as it has some games I'd want to play.



E_Blackadder said:

I've got a WiiU & an XBox One. 95% of my gaming is on the WiiU while the Xbox is mainly an entertainment machine.



leons2 said:

I will have a wii u by the end of september or beginning of October but if it's something we benefit from the wii u compare to other systems would be we have amazing games, exclusives, dlc free games, great promotions once and then, free online, great community and we don't really complain plus the have 2 exclusive games that were on the edge from dying.



Yosher said:

I've always been happy with just my Nintendo console; I've had that with every console/handheld Nintendo has put out thus far. That said I know lots of people don't quite get their fix with just the Wii U, especially with the way 3rd parties have abandoned the console.

Should Nintendo at one point quit the gaming industry though, then I'll really just be a retro gamer from that moment on. I think that says enough regarding my personal point of view on the matter!



TCGiceman595 said:

i have a gaming PC, a xbox one, and a wii u

the xbox one was ONLY purchased for Killer Instinct, a game that got its hook in my in my N64 days. then the wii U which has everything that i want. The PC is for games like lol, and street fighter.

the wii u is my gaming console of choice, and in the future i dont see that changing



Jazzer94 said:

Anyway I have a Wii U and PC will probably get a PS4 or Xbox One at some point.



Desy64 said:

Please stop these bs polls, Nintendo Life...
I know it's your job but just don't pretend you haven't been changing editorial guidelines.

Listen: WiiU is an amazing console, it's slowly becoming my fav ever. Its games, its main franchises are top notch.

I don't have time to play more consoles, my ps3 is gathering dust, it is only normal people only buy one.

Stop this thing, you're becoming Mynintendonews and Wiiudaily all over



Tobias95 said:

I do plan to get a Japanese 3DS Ll, and maybe an european 3DS XL. Other than that, just my pal Wii U and pal 3DS for me.



Alucard83 said:

@TCGiceman595 I have the WII U as well and other consoles too, but no Ps4 or Xbox One. I'm thinking to skip this one. I'll wait for the next gen. I think the online stuff that goes on for all payment will be also gone in future.



PanurgeJr said:

Sony will eventually produce enough exclusive content to make a PS4 worthwhile, so when they do that will be my second console. The Bone has exactly one exclusive that looks interesting to me, and even Kamiya isn't good enough to make a game worth buying a console just for. I'd get a PC but I won't pay that much money for high ends I don't care about, or for something I'd have to configure and program myself. But none of them are necessary now, because the vast majority of 3rd party content right now looks like dull, spiritless gameplay dressed in flashy graphics.



Shiryu said:

I am so, so sad with the latest comments from Ubisoft and the apparent fact that "Call of Duty Advanced Warfare" won't make it to Wii U. I have long decided to own just a single home console for my gaming, so I can dedicate myself to owning a good collections of titles and play them to the fullest. I will carry on with just the Wii U, regardless of third party support or not. I might be a minority, but Ubisoft, Activision, EA, Capcom, Konami, etc are all loosing money on me because I would buy preety much all their yearly franchises. Oh well...



epicdude12302 said:

I'm saving up for a PS4. Don't get me wrong, I love my Wii U, but there's not enough third-party support. Also, I love Uncharted, Little Big Planet, and Infamous.



sub12 said:

PS4 and Wii U is the way to go, although if I had to be forced to choose between two systems, it would be the PS4 and 3DS. That being said, I like the Wii U, but it's far from ideal in a number of areas.



Lunapplebloom said:

Well, technically I'm still in the last generation if according to what some may say about the Wii U...

But no, I love my little deluxe black box, and still think it's been a worthwhile purchase since day 1.

However, I'll probably go with my tried and true method last generation. That was own a Wii since day 1, and own a PS3 after some time had passed and was cheaper. So that means I'll pick up a PS4 somewhere down the line. Just nothing that really makes me want to purchase right now...



Punished_Boss_84 said:

If people can't buy into Wii U as primary platform to fulfil all their gaming needs without having to resort to buying another platform just to fully achieve that then that is pretty pathetic.

The Wii wasn't a secondary console by large, it was the go to platform for millions of casual gamers (who have walked off the face of the earth?), alas that was a fad. A secondary console is as good as admitting defeat to the primary platforms.



Silent said:

Tom, You really have to consider podcasts, even if it's one person reading what the article says. Your points are amazing and I really want to hear them everytime you post something but I really don't have the time to read long text walls.



sub12 said:

I'll tell you why the Wii U is in third place though, it's not the weaker hardware, the gamepad, or the online's the lack of software.



SpaceGhost11 said:

Wii U and 3DS is all I need, although I do plan to upgrade my PC at some point, so I can actually play the definitive versions of 3rd party games, instead of the gimped, lazy Wii U ports.



DualWielding said:

Wii U is just too expensive for a secondary console, it'll be worth it at $199.99 with a free game, but not at more than that.... and the 3DS and Vita are both better options for secondary console than Wii U in my opinion



sub12 said:

Soon to be third place after the Master Chief collection comes out, and that's with a year head start...

Bottom line though, the Wii U can have a goofy controller and 7th gen graphics, who really cares, it just needs more games in general. I know the people who bought the system a month ago have a backlog, but that really doesn't count,....



TCGiceman595 said:

@Alucard83 if anything wait for the next revision of either console, they're bound to do it bc the xbone and ps4 run really really hot. the xbone would overheat like last generation if the box was any smaller



MajinSoul said:

WiiU and PC for me. It's unfortunate that I have to miss out on Scalebound since I absolutely love Platinum Games, but I won't buy an XBox One. I may end up buying or renting a PS4 just to play Bloodborne. The Souls games are my favourite games and it's really unfortunate that Bloodborne won't come to PC.



TwilightOniAngel said:

@sub12 What in gods are you talking about? Oh this isn't about the poll huh? This is about sales why couldn't you say that in the first place god,and ha the Xbox one only has Halo and third party games that are better on the PS4 and PC that's sad.



outburst said:

Wii U + PC master race!

I hope Sony will announce a Platinum game next year. It'll help you decide to buy all 3 consoles.



TwilightOniAngel said:

@sub12 Ahh yes third party games that will never be 1080p in the Xbox one console, the only reason is still relevant because of halo that's it. Cause if it didn't have that then it's pretty much done,cause it's already proven by developers and consumers third party games are better on the PS4, so why in gods name would anyone buy a Xbox one? I have one and it's gathering dust i'm just waiting for Halo that's it.



MoonKnight7 said:

I really don't see the point in getting a PS4 yet, and I'll never touch an Xbone with a ten foot pole. I'm perfectly content with my Wii U, 3DS and PS3, at least for a while anyway. The fact that a PS4 can't play PS3 games is a complete deal breaker for me.



MoonKnight7 said:


"Wii U is just too expensive for a secondary console, it'll be worth it at $199.99 with a free game, but not at more than that..."

You'll be waiting a long time to get that kind of deal. It was like pulling teeth for Nintendo to drop $50 last year.



TwilightOniAngel said:

@sub12 One more thing next time when you want to have an argument with someone about consoles.Please just don't say at least it has third party games, cause if that's the best you got, then that's really sad.Especially if you put the Xbox one and third party in the same sentence cause like i said before those games are better on the PS4 and PC. And i assure you the Xbox one is in third place in the so called console war.



rbmoura85 said:

Hey Nintendo life! I know you guys are not suposed to market the games you review, but can we get the political correct aside for a minute? this is a special moment for us, nintendo fans, as we try to make a on the #operationplatinum ! lets make this happen! come on!



mobbs886 said:

Have the old 8GB version and recently picked up a ps4 i don't intend to get a xbox1, for the genre i play is usually non-existent on that system and if there are its most likely be on ps4. looking forward to the rest of this year and next year for games coming to WiiU



DonSerrot said:

@Kewlan Eyup! I'm going Wii U + PC master race too. Both are hooked up to the same TV too. It's a one stop entertainment zone.



Godstrike said:

The only reason I will ever buy a PS4 is Dragons Dogma 2 but if that never exists its just PC and WiiU for me



Wonky_Kong said:

Im sticking with my PC and my WiiU, the PC for all the multiplatforms, indies, modding and the massive power increase (seeing as the ps4 and the xbone are already behind CPU's and graphics cards available 4 years ago). Exclusives are a necessity for the big 3, but that doesn't mean I don't feel sad when I see I can't play sunset overdrive or... (what other good exclusives are coming to the ps4 and the xbone this year xD)

I will pick up the ps4/xbone when the next wave of consoles eventually comes out and the old ones become dirt cheap. Until then my PC and WiiU are more than enough.



MoonKnight7 said:

@midnafanboy (@sub12)

Xbone is in third, according to vgchartz, so take that for what it's worth. According to the site, the Wii U has been selling on par or better than Xbone ever since MK8 released.



Megatonwhale said:

I own both a Wii U and a PS4. I'm struggling for games to play on the PS4 though that catch my interest so it's since become my Netflix box and the Wii U my primary gaming platform.



SCAR said:

I have Wii U, 3DS, and Xbox One. The only other machine I need is a decent smartphone, probably. PS4 has the best graphics, but alot of the time it doesn't even matter. If you want good graphics, you should just go with PC.

I agree that everyone should have a second console, and at least one handheld; maybe 2.




Last generation I had to buy a 360. Games like Mass Effect were not coming to Wii, and they looked too good to skip. This generation I have a PC to scratch that occasional itch.

So Wii U-PC for me.



BinaryFragger said:

I went Wii + Xbox360 last gen, but so far I only have a Wii U for the current gen. I do want to get an Xbox One at some point, though (the upcoming white model looks pretty slick). People like to say it has no games, but with Halo, Crackdown 3, Scalebound, Sunset Overdrive, Forza Horizon 2, Ori and the Blind Forest, Quantum Break, and Cuphead all on the way, it has plenty of upcoming content.



iKhan said:

I think this article misses the mark a bit. The Wii still got a fair share of multiplats, and it functioned perfectly as an exclusive device. The Wii U is for Nintendo games, and only Nintendo games.

But even as a second console, the Wii U falls short. It's just too expensive, and doesn't really add any value beyond the games. $300+$400=$700 JUST on gaming hardware.

Last gen hardware was cheaper, and the Wii offered a completely brand new experience with motion controls. Add to that that it was a system that an entire family could enjoy.



iKhan said:


I'm split on the XB1. While it's upcoming games blow the PS4 out of the water, hardware wise, I consider it to be one of the most unnecessary consoles of all time. If we lived in a world where every game was multiplat, then there would be almost no reason whatsoever to purchase an XB1, over a PS4, so in reality, the only reason the XB1 is as appealing as it is is because it's "holding games hostage"



Bolt_Strike said:

I haven't seen any must haves from anyone this gen until Nintendo's Digital Event this year, until then it was all the same garbage as usual. So I'd definitely like a Wii U, but as far as PS4/One/PC, I'm waiting to see what exclusives those consoles are coming out with before I make a decision on another console. Right now, I'm leaning more towards PS4.



SCAR said:

@Jazzer94 - It depends on what you mean by argue. I haven't seen anything the Wii U can't do, in terms of 3rd party games, which is what alot of this discussion is about. Wii U is on the compatibility list of the engine that runs Ryse on Xbox One and PC, so guess what that means.

Even DX11 which essential confirms DX12, as well, can run on Wii U, as long as it is optimized for the platform. Alot of this whole blundering has been going on, because people can't even read a simple engine compatibility sheet, apparently.



Sir_JBizzle said:

Echoing the sentiments of the others in here... Where's the option "I have all three"? In my case it would be four because I have powerful PC built that I could game on but don't.

BTW nice talking point. Especially after the heated discussion we had on the Ubi article yesterday. This sums everything up nicely!



YouGotOwend said:

There are enough games on the PS3, 360 and Wii U to keep me more than satisfied for the time being. Immense back catalogues and so far nothing that makes me want to immediately go and grab a PS4 or a XB1.



Melkac said:

Anything BUT a Wii U and a PC would be the stupidest investment ever.



VrginX said:

Just Wii U and 3DS for me.

I don't have time to invest in a second system that just has 2 or 3 exclusives a year I'm interested in, nor treating it as a Call of Duty/Madden box like the majority of their fanbases.

I also have a sizable backlog on the Wii/DS to even consider buying a second system.



aaronsullivan said:

Oops didn't see the PC option which is perpetual in our home so I picked the top option. A PS4 could happen eventually. I guess Nintendo people don't like Xbox One. lol.

@iKhan The GamePad doesn't seem to light up people's imagination before buying which is a marketing problem, but it adds a significantly different experience than the other two. When I get people together to play Nintendo Land they just get swept away in the asynchronous play and love it. Mario Chase is so primal. Nothing like that kind of fun on either PS4 or XB1 that I've seen.

Also, discounting the attraction of games is sort of disingenuous isn't it?



Caryslan said:

@Xiao_Pai @Melkac Why does everyone say that? I guess if you build a custom rig, PC gaming might work, but all of my PCs can barely run a web browser, an anti virus program, and a word processorwithout having some issues with memory or something else pop up.

Everything on a PC now consumes insane amounts of ram to run. I guess building a rig might solve that problem, but that costs money on top of buying the PC.

I prefer the convience of simply buying a console and having everything in one box without any need to upgrade or mod it unless I want a bigger hard drive. Just plug it into a TV and I'm ready to play some games.

PC gaming just seems to be more trouble than its worth. For me, PCs are tools for creating documents and looking up stuff on the internet. When I want to unwind, I want to get as far away from a computer as I can get.



Stu13 said:

If I had the money to spend, I'd have a PS4 just for Gran Turismo, Batman and MGS. The Wii U was the one with games that I simply could not live without, though. Once the price drops I may still yet own a PS4 at some point, but for now I have plenty to play on the U and 3DS. The other thing holding back that purchase is that the used PS3 I picked up a couple years back straight up died on me and the lack of backwards compatibility on the 4 is a real kick in the teeth.



aaronsullivan said:

Yep, building a PC rig just for gaming only takes serious extra effort and I prefer consoles for a lot of it. However you said, "I guess building a rig might work, but that costs money on top of buying the PC."

I don't understand that. It costs less to build your own rig. Maybe you meant it costs more time? That's definitely true.

Of course, the other issue is how much more versatile and useful a computer is depending on what you like to do that isn't gaming.



SavoirFaire said:

Apparently like many on here I am financially able to afford them all if need be, yet also like many, I just don't have the time. I currently have wii u and a good PC, so ps4 is on my radar and maybe even xbone if it had a few non-shooter exclusives worth my time. However, my (admittedly old) experience is that console ports to PC are horrid so I expect to get ps4 for a few high profile titles.

That said, Nintendo would do well to have the smash bros GameCube controller combo also work with wii u virtual console. I am NOT buying a classic controller, but I am buying that, and if it works (believe it when I see it) then I may throw some money at the wii VC.



Sir_JBizzle said:

@TCGiceman595 funny you mention Killer Instinct, as that was the game that prompted my purchase as well! Of course there are a few other games that I bit on, but KI was the tipping point. Lol

@Punished_Boss the way I've always seen it, and maybe because I'm paticularly varied in my gaming taste, all systems have and don't have everything I need or want to play. That's mostly on the exclusives front. Had the Wii U had every 3rd party game I could ask for, I'd still have a hole in my collection that could only be filled by Halo and Infamous. Without Nintendo, I wouldn't have Mario, Zelda, et al... Though I do know what you're getting at.

For someone who wanted a varied gaming experience that absolutely needed Link in their lives would be out of luck if they could only buy one system but also had a hankering for American Football... Or Fifa... Or the Newest FPS... Or at least some of the top Franchises...



Caryslan said:

@aaronsullivan Yeah, I kinda got to thinking about that and unless I'm wrong most people build their computers from scratch. So, I likely was a bit off when it comes to PC gaming.

To be honest, I got into gaming with a controller in my hands with the Sega Genesis, and from that day I have only played video games on consoles and handhelds.

Having a controller in my hands and a console hooked up to theTV is how I like to play games. For me, the Nintendo/Playstation combo is a proven winner in my book that gives me all the games I want to play.

I was not bashing modders, although for me I think using PCs to game are more trouble than their worth. Maybe it really is easier than I said, I could be wrong. For me personally, I've had noting but bad luck every single time I've tried ot play games on a PC.

But I am a console gamer all the way. PC gaming and what it offers holds no intrest to me. Outside of Simcity 3000 and Simtower, I have never gotten into a PC game in my life. Having Web Browsers that crash all the time regardless of the OS and things that consume Ram like candy have kinda made me jaded towards PCs.



darkswabber said:

currently own a wiiU, a ps4, a 3ds and a psvita. and I'm still planning to buy a ps3 and a gaming PC, but I will never allow a xbone in my home. (just kidding, but still I'm not planning to buy a xbone)



Spoony_Tech said:

I think you need to also consider the 3ds in all this. With the U 2 3ds's and a 2ds I don't need to spend anymore money. Don't have anymore extra time to game anyways!



Ralek85 said:

Well, if you can afford it, getting all three and cherry-picking the games on each system, is certainly the way to go. Too bad that's not an option in the votes, since that's what I'm doing ^^
Anyways, I think Nintendo always had a strong place as the a "2nd system", but I also feel, that this time around, it will be especially difficult for Nintendo to claim this place. The reason being, that, not only have Sony as well as Microsoft shown some impressive games already, but both are pushing hard for diverstiy in games, even Microsoft.
But I also think, there is a very significant rift between the systems, not only in raw power, but also in features, that make it rather hard to switch between a PS4/Xbone, and a WiiU. At least to me that is.
As soon as I turn on my WiiU, I wonder why I can't message buddies on my Friendlist, if they want to play a round of MK8, even more so why I can't talk to them, or invite them for a Party join into the same MK8 session. I don't know if it is a good word for it, but the PS4 and X1 make the whole thing seem so much more sophisticated, and certainly easy and straightforward. Nintendo still feels like a hassle.
Sometimes if we move from one system to another, e.g. to play MK8, we leave the other running, be it X1 or PS4, to keep the voice chat alive ... feels somewhat awkward everytime.



Vee_Flames said:

Only a Wii U for me.... okay, with an Xbox 360. But I play the Wii U more. And it looks like I'll be sticking with that, although I've told a friend I'm interested in the Nintendo + PlayStation Console combo.



aaronsullivan said:

I totally understand. Deeper strategy games seem to be a much better fit on PCs and RTS and MOBA which are big competitive gaming arenas where consoles don't even have a foot in the door. They are more expensive than consoles they do perform much better if you want to pay for it. They also do much more via applications that aren't games.

For most gaming though, nothing beats a great Nintendo game sitting on a couch for me. But I love my PC games, too.

"No-console" gaming is probably the best with technical issues; naturally social and deeper-thinking style games like Carcassonne, Agricola, Puerto Rico, Race for the Galaxy, San Juan, Dominion, LOTR LCG, BSG, etc.



GearsOfWarU said:

Wii U since day 1 .... I will miss on some big games but I will be able to get all the Top games for Wii U & not go Broke .... I love my Wii U and have plenty to look foward to .... Super Smash Bros U , Bayonetta 1 & 2, Hyrule Warriors , Yoshi's Whooly World Splatoon among others



Crimzonlogic said:

I own a Wii U and 3DS. There should be an option for that. 3DS is my console of choice, actually. Does it not count because it's a handheld? I probably won't get a PS4 or Xbone, partly because the games don't interest me and partly because I can't afford to, anyway. If I pick up a third console any time soon, it would be a PS3. Plenty of interesting games there.



cfgk24 said:

Wii U is outselling PS4 in Japan. Third party AAA titles may return to the U if active consoles increase in number in the west.



Sir_JBizzle said:


"I don't know if it is a good word for it, but the PS4 and X1 make the whole thing seem so much more sophisticated"

I'd say the word you're looking for is seamless. I love Nintendo, but some things they do are absolutely brilliant, while others at times are so disjointed it's maddening! Lol



Megumi said:

@Caryslan Costs a tad bit more than PS4/One to build a gaming PC, like...several $100 or so. But I prefer it than having another home console that chances are I'll barely touch.



accc said:

Sony and MS consoles are not worth owning because they do not offer anything that can't be done 100 times better on PC. PC+ Nintendo console is the only combination that makes sense from a gamer's perspective.



MoonKnight7 said:


Yeah I agree fully with everything you said (the 3DS is king in my house). I just got a PS3 about a year ago and it's been totally worth it. There's a huge catalogue to play, plus, at least in the near future, a lot of what's on PS4 is on PS3. I'm in no hurry.



Ruthven said:

I've had the Nintendo & PC gaming Combo since the N64 Days... long may it continue.



Ruthven said:

To be honest... Nintendo + PC, since the SNES days but the PC wasn't very good at gaming back then



Ruthven said:

I've flirted with the XBox (Org) and 360, for some strange reason I usually hate cookie cutter shooters.. but really enjoy playing "couch co-op" shooters like Gears of War with my mate?!?.



sinalefa said:


The last 3 PlatinumGames titles have all been exclusives, and I wonder if that trend will continue. I still don't know why MS picked up Scalebound if they declined to fund Bayonetta 2. Trying to break into the Japanese market maybe?



gp993 said:

i have plan to get wii u (also i have pc)
(but maybe after wii u i buy ps4)

i think wii u + pc is good



Lavita said:

I already own a Wii U and I'm planning to get a PS4. Never really felt the need to own an XBox but I must admit there's some pretty interesting exclusives this gen.



Gerbwmu said:

Only 1 console for me this generation. Nintendo, IMO, is the best to have in the house with kids. It also provides me with what i need gaming wise although I would like some sports games worth playing.

The boys decided they wanted to play in the back yard the other day. While they ran around, I sat on my deck gamepad in hand and played games. Wii U may not be right for everyone but it has been great for me.



FX29 said:

I also recently got a PS3, and it was worth it. There are so many great 3rd party titles on the system. My gaming needs are well satisfied for a long time, with my combo of 3DS, Wii, and PS3.
With saying that I do plan to own a Wii U when I can afford it and the PS4 when there is a catalog of games I want.



hYdeks said:

Microsoft and Nintendo are the only ones for me, they have the games I'm into so I own a Xbox One right now, I did have a Wii U, but it unfortunately died on me, but I have been looking to get a replacement and buy some games I've been dying to play (DKC comes to mind )



FritzFrapp said:

Yep, Wii U is one of two consoles for me. The other being 3DS. I'm very happy having the best two machines (to me).

In the previous gens I've adopted PS2 and PS3 later in the generation to complement the GameCube and Wii both bought at launch. However, PS4 does not impress me at all and the majority of games released/announced so far seriously suck. That could change if The Last Guardian ever gets released.



Williaint said:

My cousin bought an XBOXONE, but as it was just collecting dust, he decided to go for PS4. Now the PS4 is collecting dust. Destiny is a one of the few games I could see playing, but it's really more of a PC game, in my Opinion...
My Wii U may be collecting dust, but that's because I don't move or dust things.
If I got another console, it would be a PS4, but that's pretty unlikely — especially judging from the current line-up. I'm not sure what the appeal of FIFA is... it seems that everyone plays it... Or played it for a while... (Like Battlefield or CoD) Also, I've heard many real-life (and online) testimonies about not investing in a PS4 or XBONE, for the main reason it seems people won't get a Wii U: Not enough games to merit it.

The Wii U may not wind up being a 'primary' console, for the 'Serious-Hardcore' (As far as gaming goes, the Wii U is my primary). It will be interesting to see, in the next year, how much more popular the Wii U will get...



iKhan said:


The issue is that that experience is pretty much only for multiplayer games. Most other Gamepad uses are either borrowed from the Wii or from the (3)DS.



kobashi100 said:

My Wii U sits in my bedroom collecting dust. not a chance I could just have a Wii U. Not enough software and no third party support!

PS4 is my main console and will get a xbox one in the future.



Dpishere said:

This how it has always been for me. Though the Wii U is going to be my main console I will inevitably pick up a PS4 for my third party needs like Arkham Knight and the next Elder Scrolls, and I am okay with that!



Hero-of-WiiU said:

Xbox will always have it's own fans, and you need to have a lot of more money than any other console for its membership and games. Sucks Sony did that too, online feautures are quite vital and having to pay for that is pathetic. I hope Nintendo does it cheaply and continues free online if they ever do it.

Anyways, I may get a PS4 but sticking with Wii U for a while longer.



bnelson85ss said:

Wii U, 3DS and PC. See no reason to buy a xbone/ps4 as the majority of games that I want to play on those systems will be ported to PC anyway. I also think if third party developers want their games to sell on WII U maybe they need to look at what they have been releasing and release better titles overall. The gamepad is the best thing about the Wii U, I look at it as almost an evolution of the Dreamcast controller. The other consoles just seem to be glorified media center pcs with nothing more than improved graphics and no real innovation or ideas.



TrueWiiMaster said:

Last gen I stuck with the Wii and DS, and there were so many games I still haven't gotten all of them. So far this gen the same holds true for the Wii U and 3DS. They got so many games last year, I'm still catching up, both on buying the games and beating the games I bought.

I do intend to buy a PS3 at some point (I'm already building a library with Sony's Flash Sales), but that's to play games I missed, not supplement the Wii U. I don't plan on buying the PS4 or Xbox One anytime soon, if ever. The fact that neither has backwards compatibility and both require paid subscriptions basically means I'm not interested. Besides, I think I'll have plenty to play on Nintendo's systems, even if I can't play the next 6 Assassin's Creed and CoD games.



PokeMario said:

What about the Wii U/PS4/Xbox One/PC/3DS/PS Vita combo?

Quite frankly the Wii U has been my main console for a while, I've been playing it even more than my PC. I bought both a PS4 and Xbox One back in July because 1. all of the great indies they have and 2. E3 showed me that there would be plenty of great games coming next year. I am fortunate enough to be in the financial position to be able to afford all of those consoles, but for those who aren't I'd wait until 2015 to get them if I were you.



MarvinTheMartian said:

I have simply too little time to play all the games I want on one console, let alone two, which has always been the case going back to the NES days. I did also own a PS2 and PS3 when I got slightly disillusion-all with where Nintendo were going. Sometimes the grass isn't always greener.

With a finite amount of time available for games it's about quality versus quantity, which is why it's just the Wii U for me.



JaxonH said:

@sub12 You're right, the Wii U is rather lacking in total software. There's no denying that. But I don't think that's the reason that it has low sales. Because if you look at total number of great games on a per year basis, number of games worth buying per year, the Wii U is right in the same ballpark as PS4 or X1. And in the end, that matters a whole lot more than total number of games.

For example, I own all 3 consoles. For Wii U 2014, I'll have bought DKC, MK8, Scram Kitty, Wii Sports Club (love the golf), NES Remix 2, Shovel Knight, Pushmo World, Armillo, Hyrule Warriors, Bayonetta 1 and Bayonetta 2, Captain Toad, Watch Dogs, Smash Bros, Stealth Inc 2, Sonic Boom and hopefully, Fast Racing Neo. And a boatload of Amiibo but that doesn't count lol...

For PS4 2014, Tomb Raider, Trials Fusion, Transistor, Infamous, Last of Us, Valiant Hearts, Metro Redux, Dragon Age, Shadow of Mordor, Far Cry 4 and maybe, Lords of the Fallen. Oh, and probably CoD since it's not coming to Wii U. I cancelled Destiny when I learned you're forced to play with friends to finish the game, can't even play with randoms.

So there might be a couple more I buy on PS4 this year but generally speaking they both provide about the same number of games worth buying each year. The real doozie, for me, is X1, which will only have Sunset Overdrive, Killer Instinct Seas2 and Halo Master Chief this year, because I buy the multiplats on PS4 where they run smoother and have better resolution. So it's an Xclusive-Box only

I think times have just changed and most gamers have acclimated to western AAA as the norm. Nintendo games are quirky, they're not dark, gritty and "cool". And much like pop music, where a lot of people only listen to what's popular, because that's what their friends listen to and that's what's on the radio every day, I think a lot of people nowadays only play what's popular. That's what their friends are playing, that's what the media tells them they should like, etc. and the games ARE fun, so it's one of those "if it ain't broke don't fix it" situations. They just never investigate further to see if there's more to gaming than AAA, because they don't take gaming too seriously.

Those of us who own or will own multiple consoles, we are the gaming connoisseurs. We are the ones who enjoy gaming to an extent that we actively search out where more great games might exist.



aaronsullivan said:

Well, let's stop talking in generalities.

Features of GamePad that PS4 and XB1 don't have:
*NFC reader built-in with support.
*Screen/gyroscope combo for precise aiming (Battle Quest)
*Second screen for alternate view of gameplay revealing secrets (Scram Kitty)
*Touch screen for easy typing
*Touch screen for writing and drawing
*Touch screen for creative controls as part of the game play (eShop games)
*Touch Screen for inventory control (Wind Waker does this great)
*Second screen for Map and other ways to keep interface clutter off main screen
*Offscreen play for easy sharing of TV space (Most games even Wii)

Those were all for one player, here's a couple for a casual companion:
*Second screen that makes can viewing more interesting for spectators on TV while player plays on GamePad
*Partner plays on GamePad in supporting role managing inventory and map without interrupting main player (Wind Waker)

And, of course, when there are 2 or more gamers playing:
*Second screen for 2 player local play (COD, Sonic All Stars)
*Asynchronous play where GamePad user has different view/goals (Nintendo Land)
*Less cramped play for multiple players as one is offloaded to GamePad (Sonic Racing, Nintendo Land)

All of that stuff differentiates from what the Xb1 and PS4 offer in the box quite a bit. I'm not sure why you brought up (3)DS as we are comparing home consoles)

Wii U also offers backwards compatibility that is here, now and works without streaming.

I'm not trying to say the Wii U is the best or anything just challenging the notion that it doesn't bring anything new to the table. As I said, it's strangely hard to market. People don't click on it like they did with Motion controls for Wii or "new, faster, and more technical than anything else (except PCs)!" like happened with the PS4. It's a problem for Nintendo to overcome for sure, but they brought something original to the console space.

(Microsoft and Sony talked big about second screen gaming but without it built-in and the requirement to have another $200 device sometimes of a specific kind and the synching is nowhere near that of the GamePad it's under-supported and a very weak reaction to a perceived threat.)

[EDIT: Sorry about the spacing, once I edited it put blank lines between all paragraphs. :/]



CrazyOtto said:

That sadly became known in early 2013. Though I'm using a PC as my second platform. I may get a PS4 in a few years though.



CrazyOtto said:

That sadly became known in early 2013. Though I'm using a PC as my second platform. I may get a PS4 in a few years though.



WanderingPB said:

Every console of every generation has gems that are worth experiencing…there should be an option to buy all three.

The reason i get different consoles is for exclusives that i truly adore but Nintendo is always my primary because i love playing games that are fun and they have most of my favorite franchises. Second is PS4 because im still hoping for the Last Guardian amongst other and well third party is usually guaranteed and not messed up like it was w/ ps3. Now XB1 finally got me with Scalebound…and im curious to find out what else microsoft has up its sleeve even if i dont like their microtransactions and business decisions at the end of the day its all about the games. I play the games and the games are the reason every generation going with nintendo it an obvious choice and then i just research the other two until the time is right then enjoy all the games to my hearts content



Mega719 said:

Wii U is the only one of the console that has must have games now until the end of the generation like always. Yet people don't buy them



sub12 said:


A lot of people would rather just use the pro controller for everything and call it a day......and yes, the Wii U gamepad may be a nicely designed piece of kit, but for every person who enjoys the concept, it turns off the other guy in line.



eaglebob345 said:

Kingdom Hearts is the only game on the other consoles that I would buy another system for, everything else is filler. If it magically comes to the Wii U, then it's all U for me. However, if it doesn't, a PS4 or XB1 can make an adequate secondary console. I am also interested in a few others, Like Tomb Raider and Mass Effect (hoping for a release of the trilogy on 8th generation consoles), but those are just supplementary, not something I really want. If they wanted to safe money, I would gladly have digital releases only on the eshop, than missing out completely, but some companies just don't want to even try to develop on the Wii U.



sub12 said:


Why do you think the Wii U has had poor sales up to this point than? I'm guessing a lack of appeal to the wider gaming audience, like you pointed out? It's just annoying how the big N was swearing on a grave during the pre-launch timeframe that they were taking third party developers seriously this time.......and although I don't think the current situation is 100% of Kyoto's fault, they do deserve some of the blame for sure.

Also, I didn't know that about Destiny, you can't beat it with online random encounters?? I might cancel my pre-order as well despite enjoying the beta.



aaronsullivan said:

Never said it was everyone's cup of tea. In fact, I think that has been Nintendo's biggest problem: lack of imagination in the consumer base. The Wii motion controls captured the imagination of gamers and non-gamers alike. Sadly, it lacked precision (before the motion-plus) the additional casual game wave turned off many a gamer.

It's not like Nintendo didn't fully realize how hard a sell it was going to be. They started a partnership with EA to ensure that some strong 3rd party titles like Madden would be able to easily show off how great the GamePad could be. Sadly, something happened (dispute over Origin as online system?) that didn't just dissolve the partnership but seemed to turn EA actively against Nintendo.

We all know how the launch and first year went.



Cia said:

For some reason, i always end up selling my playstation at some point. I think i'm gonna be rolling with Nintendo only this generation...



sub12 said:


Point made, a game like Madden, or any sports title for that matter, could really utilize the Gamepad in interesting ways (picking plays, maybe a first person outfielders view for baseball).

However, third parties aren't gonna go the extra mile unless your console is a success. Who knows as far as EA, but it would be reasonable to speculate that they are the ones who are mostly to blame (just cause). Now it's like Nintendo is trying to appease both sides, those that like the gamepad and those that like more conventional controllers, but are not satisfying either.....

I think most can agree that Ubisoft did a better job of selling the gamepad than what Nintendo has done thus far.



SCAR said:

@Jazzer94 - You don't know that for sure. Even Crytek doesn't know that, because they haven't tried, since Microsoft paid for it to be exclusive. They haven't even tried to get it running on PS4, because of the exclusiveness.

The point is that a "next-gen" engine would get a game onto Wii U that wouldn't be possible on 7th gen. Anyone that has looked into it would have known this before Wii U even launched, but then we keep having to discuss it for whatever reason; almost 2 years after the console was launched.



ricklongo said:

I got a Wii U and a gaming PC (and a 3DS), and honestly I don't see myself getting another console this generation. There are zero Sony/Microsoft exclusives that interest me in a significant manner, especially with Rare's IPs left untouched.



Kirk said:

I can't afford one of these systems never mind two.

So if I'm ever going to get a system it needs to be the one that gives me the most bang for my buck and surely that has to be one of the two systems that has both great first party support and third party support, is a Blu-Ray player, has cutting edge HD graphics, basic MP3/MP4/AVI/etc playback, has enough built in storage space to do me for a while, has things like cross play etc etc etc.

And THAT's Wii U's biggest issue; it lacks virtually all of those things. So unless you're a one trick pony and all you really care about is Nintendo first party games, or you have money to spare, it's just not the likely choice.

Hence the slightly pathetic situation Wii U is in right now...



earthwormjimx3 said:

I'm sorry, but the Wii U not being able to fight the likes of PS4 and Xbox One in graphics? Sorry, but that's a completely agreeable statement when it's simply seen technically, because the Wii U, because of Shin'en Multimedia, Platinum, Frozenbyte, even Criterion's efforts and achievements, I deeply think the Wii U can do it in the graphical aspect.



JaredJ said:

Always buy Nintendo and Playstation. Currently own Wii U and PS3 with plans to get a PS4 within the next year.



InnerSpirit said:

A life long Nintendo fan but I've owned at least 1 other console since the GC (Xbox), Wii (360/PS3). As my Wii U sits by my telly I get the feeling I'll be getting another one soon. The funny thing is that if Nintendo competed on a power and franchise level I wouldn't need another console. Next gen power, big multi console titles with Nintendo exclusives (that would be a must buy).



Jairo_MC said:

A only have a Wii U right now but I plan on getting a second one for all the third party games (specially Kingdom Hearts 3 and Final Fantasy XV). I don't know if I'll get the PS4 or the Xbox One.
Last generation I had a Wii and a PS3, but the PS4 still isn't appealling enough for me...
Meanwhile I enjoy my Wii U and 3DS



Grumblevolcano said:

The other current gen consoles have too few games at current that aren't just HD remakes/remasters hence based on everything announced so far it'll be Wii U only with Xbox 360 dealing with 3rd party (with regards to home consoles of course, 3DS is always there with handheld).



Jazzer94 said:

@SCAR392 Look at first party software from Nintendo compare it too first party games on Xbox One and PS4 it is clear there is a gap and anyone with an ounce of common sense knows Wii U is not as strong as the other two.

Second point no one is disputing so why even bring it up.



Dodger said:

Going into college soon enough where my thoughts aren't on consoles that much. I can buy a wii again for me and relax a bit with that and my 3DS. I may get a Wii U someday, but so far, I am more than happy with Steam, a Wii and a 3DS. I would be more likely to get a Wii U in 2016/17 after all of these really good games are either out or canceled.



MrGawain said:

I keep looking at the PS4 and saying "If you give me more than Arkham Knight, I'll buy you", but it doesn't even have that yet, and even that is looking a little repetitive of the other games in the series. I'm not interested in playing Shooters or realistic racers, and Creed and the stabby shooty games don't impress me, and Little Big Planet... well I already have a console that writes the rulebook on how to make a platformer. I sort of would like to play Madden, but I'm not really that fussed, and beyond that I've still not seen proof it's worth buying.Whereas no matter how few games the Wii U has coming, I want them all- seriously it's as if they've designed the Wii U for me and me alone. So until or if that changes, I'm happy with just my U.



thetanimal said:

Right now all I have time for is my WiiU and 3DS- I have a backlog of Steam games to go along with everything- if the deals are good enough during black friday, I may pick a PS4 up. Realistically, it is tough to even dream of enough time with all the new WiiU and 3DS stuff hitting us gamers in the next year.



123akis said:

The reason I have a Wii U and I'm not planning to get PS4 and/or Xbox One is because there are SO MANY games to play on Wii U that I won't have time to play other home consoles, I do have 3ds though. Also, looking at Nintendo's game library compared to Xbox One and PS4 I'm more interested in Nintendo's games!



Nico07 said:

I have a Wii U (first and foremost), a PS4, 3DS XL, and gaming PC (i7 4770K, 8GB, SSD, 660GTX OC). I would have a Xbox One, but I frankly don't have the money for it now. But I have started up a gaming collection of sorts as of late including owning a Wii, NGC, N64, SNES, PS3, PS2 slim, Playstation, 360, XBOX, and Dreamcast. I'd love to get a hold of an old style NES and even Virtual Boy like I had years ago that I had purchased in a rental case used from Blockbuster for $99. I think I am done selling off my old consoles.



SCAR said:

@Jazzer94 - Well, Nintendo got similar graphics from Wii U that took Sony 7 years to get on PS3, so it really depends on how long it took them to develop Pikmin 3, Smash Bros, Mario Kart, and Super Mario 3D World.

PS4 and Xbox One aren't as strong as Wii U, either, because they are not PowerPC, and PowerPC is generally used for entirely different tasks than x86. The problem with these discussions, is that none of them are as powerful as each other in one way or another, but everybody keeps wanting to compare them.

The fact that it was brought up; needs to be disputed. In terms of software comparison, you would be correct, but according to the specs of PowerPC, those 1st party games aren't Wii U running at 100%. The same goes for Xbox One and PS4, too, but it has been easier to get better graphics from x86, thus far, so those consoles have debatably reached a higher point based purely on x86, alone.



VIIIAxel said:

I have a Wii U, and I plan on getting a PS4 when Kingdom Hearts III's release comes closer. Wii U will definitely be my number one of this generation though, since it has more games that interest me than PS4 (KHIII isn't the only one, but Wii U's still much more interesting to me). I've always been a Nintendo/PlayStation guy (Even though I didn't get a PS3 until a couple months ago), so this is the usual set-up for me. I've never been into Xbox.



sub12 said:

Wii U is inherently weaker than both the PS4 and XB1, that's a plain fact. Your kinda crazy to think otherwise.

That being said, is Nintendo able to develop some wonderfully looking games regardless of specs, absolutely. The Wii U has some great looking games, but is it going to be able to run a game like The Division without some limitations? Nope.



SuperPokefan95 said:

For this generation I'll mostly be sticking with the Wii U and the 3DS. The PS4 will have to wait awhile before I consider picking one up as I still feel that there is no need to jump from a PS3 to PS4 until late 2015/early 2016, but that is just me. For now, I have no problem building my Wii U & 3DS library.



agqwestern said:

For a young person like me with no source of income, the obvious choice was the Wii U. Seeing as i'm already a bit of a die-hard Ninty fan it becomes hard for me when you want a decent FIFA/FPS game but your only options are a 2 year old one that has the content of a 3 year old old one on other consoles, or the new one for the previous generation. I don't want an Xbox One or a PS4, but it's just frustrating when big end 3rd party developers refuse to make their best games for one criminally underrated system.



GhotiH said:

I'd really just like if Nintendo made a more poweful console, so that I didn't have to spend money on two, and so that I could get all my games for one box.



IronMan28 said:

I have a Wii U and plenty to play on it. My 3DS is a great second device, I'm considering Xbox One, though.



IronMan28 said:

@GhotiH I doubt that alone would help Nintendo. Third parties avoided them in the GCN and N64 era, and the hardware was up to snuff.



Kirk said:


The hardware in terms of graphics was up to snuff but not in other important ways.

N64 lacked a CD drive, which turned out to be a big deal at the time, and GC lacked a CD/DVD drive, any real online support and had no storage space...



JCnator said:

If you remember that Nintendo isn't the only console maker that couldn't reasonably churn out enough games to fill the many gaps between the launch day and the next two years, then you'll most likely think that the console makers should've delayed their console launches to have more games releasing more regularly. That issue alone may be a good reason why some would own two current-gen consoles or more if they want to get busier. For that matter, I might get a PlayStation 4 at some point this year and in 2015.

A bit off-topic but interesting to mention that, Nintendo's history of lackluster third party support started with the fact that Nintendo for some reason decided to have sour relationships with them since the day Nintendo 64 went with cartridges instead of discs. According to that one article, the trend seems to continue with the Wii U as well, because Nintendo still made the game development difficult for most big-budgeted third party companies. I'd strongly believe that their true reasoning behind that is for the console maker to take a significant advantage with its first party titles, therefore retaining their reputation of still making great games while leaving third party companies a bit behind in comparison unless they're willing to do many trials and errors to fully push the Wii U's capacity to its limits. It couldn't be unseen for me after I read that article.



unrandomsam said:

@MrGawain I wish it was like that for me. (For me that console was the Dreamcast). For me the Wii U is loads better than the other two but still not really what I want.



unrandomsam said:

@JCnator They should go back to 3DS style fake cartridges. (The last proper cartridges were the GBA ones). At least then they could make sure physical games worked as well as downloads.



WilliamK said:

Well, here in Brazil consoles costs from 3x to 4x, so owning multiple consoles is sometimes nearly impossible. In any event, for me, the Wii U does it all for me, and I love Nintendo. Plus, I hate Sony and hate MS. So... unless Sega gets in the game again...



JCnator said:

@unrandomsam If Nintendo's next-gen console would only support the same proprietary game cards similar to DS/3DS, then the system be as small as an Ouya or PlayStation TV and might be more cost-effective overall. These game cards are cheap enough and aren't difficult to work with unlike the N64 cartridges. Could be interesting if Nintendo went with that route.



KryptoKrunch said:

Wii U will be my main console this generation.

I still can't decide on my secondary platform. PS4, Xbox One and Steam Machine all look like solid choices to complement my Wii U. I'm leaning more towards SM, but that could always change.



Yurikun said:

I have the Wii U and the PS3, why should I get the PS4 when the PS3 is still getting the games I want to play? the PS4 has NO JRPGs announced. If they start over there then in 8 years down the line when they announce the PS5 I'll pickup a used PS4 for dirt cheap and nab all the games I want for under $100 on ebay. Just like I did with the PS3



TomJ said:

A Wii U for the games, and a PC for general PC stuff.
I might look at the PS4, nothing wrong with it, just nothing to interest me right now. And I'm not a part of console wars either. Actually saving up for possibly buying a PS3 just for the PS Newtork stuff, like Sonic CD, Generations, and, most importantly, Crash.



flummerfelt said:

Wii U & Xbox One for me
I might get a PS4 in a few years, otherwise i'll wait until a little later in the generation. The only thing that could make me go buy a PS4 tomorrow would be if they released a Dragon Quest game exclusively for it.

Otherwise, I have a lot of retro consoles to play too. So many games, so little time...



Subie98 said:

Ive always had a Nintendo system since nes. However since the original playstation, ive had a Nintendo, playstation duo ever since. Hell at one point I had Nintendo, sega (dreamcast), playstation set up. Before that it was nintendo and sega for me. I personally didnt miss out ever. I happened to be fortunate



jbrewer99 said:

@BossBattles same here. Got the wii u shortly after launch as well as a ps4, xbox one, and my gaming laptop. I'm covered for whatever come out as usual.



Minotaurgamer said:

I have a wii and never had the urgency of having another one. I know gamers are about having ALL the games but that's ridicule. I dont see MS and Sony fans buying a Nintendo console except to make fun of it.

Nintendo gamers have no dignity. If the industry and the third parties treats you like 2d rate customers you just shrug and do what they tell them. You are pathetic.

I am more than happy for my wii u and I see no reason to buy an Industry console. And no PC either. Those are for work, not gaming.



BinaryFragger said:

The N64 and GameCube were indeed powerful but lacked in other areas. The N64's lack of optical drive made companies jump ship to Sony (one notable casualty was Final Fantasy VII), and the GameCube was behind the times with online gaming. The mini CDs didn't help either.



DirkaDirka said:

Currently own a Wii U and 3DS for current gen consoles. I will most likely buy a PS4 in either 2015 or 2016, whenever Final Fantasy XV gets released. I am slightly interested in a small number of games on PS4, which is why I don't see the need to get another current-gen console.

As for XBone, I probably won't get one considering I love Japanese games, and the system hasn't even been released in Japan yet, so I don't see myself enjoying many games on it.



Emblem said:

Unless X1 gets some amazing exclusives I'll likely be skipping it this gen on principle alone. The crap they tried to pull before their massive 180 was too much for me. Every time I consider buying one I think of how this gen would be if Sony had followed their lead and I shudder.

I have a PC, Wii U, 360, PS3, PS4 & 3DS and more games than my current lifestyle actually allows for lol.



tysonfury said:

Great point - I think Wii U will be a second console for most people. Of course it will need to hit $250/£200 first.

I think this a happy future for Nintendo - their systems will always provide unique experiences from 1st and 2nd parties and indies. Big franchises will always split the difference on Xbone and PS4 and their successors. Nintendo is a small company that can sell at a low cost and still make large profits - I don't mind, long may this continue!



MegaBeedrill said:

I personally am sticking with my wii u and that's it. Xbox 360 doesn't feel old yet and everything I seen on xbox one that the 360 doesn't have isn't a huge turn on.. the price isn't up my ally either for a system that's not too much different from it's previous model.. 343 also is screwing up the halo fanchise.. halo reach's matchmaking was tampered with, halo 4 was a trainwreck, and halo 5 more than likely won't be different. Halo sequel and to catch up with friends would've been the only reason I'd actually get it.. but only like 5 of my full friends list actually own an xbox one and not looking forward for another trainwreck either.

I just don't play sony games that much and when I do the majority of them are just third party games for fillers since the sports/racing games aren't my thing either.



Caryslan said:

@minotaurgamer I like both Nintendo and Playstation platforms, so I buy them. Mostly because having both gives me access to the best of both worlds. I used to like Xbox as well, but Microsoft kinda turned me off with their questionable polices over the past year.

Not everyone who likes Playstation hates Nintendo. I'll just as happily play the next Fire Emblem or Kirby as I will the newest God of War.

I'm a fan of all systems as long as they have good games, About the only company that I am a fanboy of is Sega, but since they have not made new consoles since 2001, I am pretty much happy playing the Big Three.

I think having two consoles is the best things, since it covers the bases for all your gaming needs.



larry_koopa said:

Great article!

Nintendo and Sony for this guy. For me it's the best of both worlds.

Currently my gaming time is spent 50/50 with the Wii U and PS3. Once the PS4 has a better game library sometime next year I'll likely jump onboard there.



Rafie said:

Having all 3 consoles is the best. I'm sorry, but the Wii U just isn't cutting it as a standalone console. Oh and yes, 3rd party support is still an issue. That's why it's constantly being brought up. In today's gaming market, 3rd party games is where most of the money is at. Nintendo's 1st party titles are still great, but it's just not enough to sustain the console. It needs more. Still though, my Wii U is phenomenal and I wouldn't trade it in for anything. I continue to purchase Nintendo consoles because they are great quality consoles. It's just unfortunate that 3rd party is barely there and so many devs are jumping ship.

Anyway, the Wii U is powerful. Yes more powerful than the PS3 and 360. However, as the article states, it's not more powerful than the PS4 and XB1. Common knowledge I'd say. Why are we still discussing this fact? No matter how you spin's just not. Doesn't mean the Wii U can't create beautiful games on par with it's rivals. Just that from a technical/graphical prowess, it's just not on par with the competition.

With games like Splatoon, Smash U, Zelda U, etc, I become more impressed with what the Wii U can do with lesser power. That speaks volumes of Nintendo's quality of gaming. I guess at the end of the day, I'm saying if all you want is Nintendo games, then a Wii U and 3DS purchase (yes both) is right up your alley. If you want an extensive variety of games...then PC, PS4, and/or Xbox 1 may need to be a future purchase for you.



Zombie_Barioth said:

The Wii U is just too expensive to be a "secondary" console, even if people want Mario, Zelda, and so on those games come with an additional $300 investment. Thats a big investment that they might not have time to get their money's worth out of. Same thing the other way around.

I'll probably go with a Wii U as my sole next gen console if anything, then pick up a PS4 later down the line when its cheap for all the JRPGs and other stuff I missed, like I did last gen. I have my 3DS and PS3 for a lot of those kind games right now, so I'll be plenty busy for a while, and with the Wii U I'd be all set.

I'd have to agree with you that people are just acclimated to western-style games more now a days. I don't think its a case of other games slipping or anything, a lot of western games just stuck to PC, now they've migrated over and the two markets have merged. With it came huge Hollywood-style budgets and marketing. Anyone familiar with the movie industry should knows what that means.



Ryu_Niiyama said:

This is the stance I thought Nintendo was going with when they announced the WiiU. Since It was released so early and still within the families can afford it price point, I knew they weren't going for first place via power. If you get picked second by every camp plus you still have your Nintendo only camps you win in terms of sales. Turtle power and all that. There may not be an xbox and ps4 in the same home but there are higher chances of a wiiu being there. I always thought the attempt to court the third parties was to eventually court for exclusives as well as to give Nintendo only gamers even more for their investment.

Currently I'm WiiU PC. I'm waiting for the other consoles to kick up the exclusives to tempt me to buy a box. Since I never buy a system until it has five games that I want to play on it (if they are on PC only they must be exclusive games) I'm still holding out. With Nintendo's region locking and my love for Taiko games to be honest I likely won't get a new system until I upgrade to a JPN 3ds LL and get a JPN WiiU. I may buy a few games in the meantime though.



Iggly said:

Always been going Nintendo console only for all of my gaming life as I never have a lot of money and the experience is more fun. But if I had to get a non-Nintendo console, it would be a PS3. It has a lot of games I'd like compared to PS4 and XB1.



InsertTokenz said:

I'm going with Wii U and 3DS as my main platforms of choice, what with all the great exclusive titles both systems have, and then using my old PC to play all the interesting indie games that don't get brought over to those systems otherwise. It covers pretty much all the bases when it comes to most interesting and entertaining games out there currently for me.



peterdavid12345 said:

I have a PlayStation 4 and Wii U with a decent Built-PC that can handle Rome II total War on very high. I also have a 3DS and XL, PS vita too, but rarely played.
Tho, I have been spending most of my playing times on the PS4 more than my PC lately XD. Probably because we just bought a new TV!
just saying.



electrolite77 said:

PS4 and Wii U for me. Still got the PS3 set up and also a 3DS and a Vita. No interest in PC gaming, I have a cheap laptop for non-gaming stuff and the odd emulator.

I usually finish up with Sony and Nintendo, been that way since 1999 though the order I buy them changes. Whether that will be the same in the future, I'm not sure....



electrolite77 said:


What ARE you crying on about? 'Dignity?' Nintendo fans don't buy third party games yet some complain endlessly about not getting them. But you want them to buy even less because of some bizarre notion of dignity? The world isn't out to get you. Money hungry software publishers aren't out to get you.



electrolite77 said:


It makes me laugh when you see people claiming the Wii U can match up to the other two consoles. Having a PS4 now I can see it demonstrably is not true. Given that Nintendo themselves say they're nort in the power race and are looking to be unique it seems futile, but then some people deny the Earth is round....



Vriess said:

Already own a Wii U, my PC just needs a new videocard and the PS4 I will buy next year, when there are more games.



SCAR said:

@Rafie - I'm just wondering how people got the idea that Wii U isn't an 8th gen console. Anyone who knows anything about the difference between PowerPC and x86 wouldn't be saying Wii U is weaker than anything.



DaemonSword said:

Just the Wii U + 3DS for me, it provides what I need at this stage of my life. I have to be careful on how I spend my money, time and energy. Owning every system is unrealistic and absurd, dividing my time between my current job, while still pursuing my dream job, paying rent, paying for gas/auto related things, paying for food, spending time with family and friends, dating and the expenses that come with that, etc. Nintendo's offerings are just the right balance now, MicroSony caters too much to the dudebro/bromance crowd. No thanks.



Razzle said:

WiiU is all I need, I have only the time for one and it must be Nintendo. I have a kid on the way and I will be brainwashing it with all things Mario and Zelda, heheh



kurtasbestos said:

How can people afford multiple systems, let alone find the free time to play games on said systems? I'm still struggling through my library of Wii games in the limited time I can find to play games (usually when my wife falls asleep and I planned ahead enough to put my Wiimote within reaching distance so as to not wake her up). When the next generation comes out, I'll probably be ready to buy a WiiU and be content with that. Or I'll try to finish all those Sega Saturn or Gamecube games that I never got around to.



skywake said:

Wii U + PC. You get all of the big games from Nintendo, the majority of the major cross platform games, a massive back-catalogue of PC games AND a massive back catalogue of retro Nintendo games.

With Wii U + PC I can play Mega Man 2, Super Mario World, GTA Vice City, Portal, Super Mario Galaxy, Smash Bros, the next big Zelda and all of the Assassin's Creeds. Plus all of the indie titles from obscure arty crap to super polished 2D platformers.

Also I find it odd that the same people who would moan about the cost of PC gaming are happily paying $600AU for a XBOne AND $550AU for a PS4. Whereas I'll get a PC anyway, spend an extra ~$200AU on a graphics card and then play the vast majority of "next gen" games PLUS the back catalogue but with higher details and 60fps instead of 30.



Alucard83 said:

YOu know i'm starting to look differently @ the WII U. When i last time made my comment that day i saw a youtube movie and i saw how happy a child was getting a WII U. It was like gold for him. We have to stop looking @ WII U as a hardcore gamerhardware, but more as a familyconsole who likes to spend time together playing games that aren't that violent. I guess i turned around. Some people might need a realisation as well. Maybe 3rd parties should focus on other exclusive titles that doesn't require that much of a horse power. Peace



Kosmo said:

I personally don"t agree. The Wii U is my main, and only new-gen console. The PS4 and Xbone just don't offer unique experiences. I'd rather stick to the PS3 for now.
As the Wii U is starting to lift off, the two others still have hard evidence to provide to prove that they are worth more than my PC.



datamonkey said:

Wii U & PS4 here though hardly ever play on Wii U as no games really appeal to me so PS4 is my main console.



Kolzig said:

Wii U and PC here of course since PC has always been and will always be the main platform for almost everything.

Then on the side I have all the Nintendo platforms since Sega is dead.



AyeHaley said:

Yeah I decided to buy a PS4 this year, I don't want to miss out on all those other amazing titles not coming to Wii U. Still love the crap out of it though



Ralek85 said:

@Sir_JBizzle I guess "seamless" certainly helps to describe what I mean, while not being the word I was really looking for, since many of those things the WiiU doesn't allow for at all.
In many instances, it is not only the way the went about implementing a basic feature, but really just the utter lack of it, or it's severe restriction to the point of uselessness

"I love Nintendo, but some things they do are absolutely brilliant, while others at times are so disjointed it's maddening!"

That much is certainly agreed on ^^



Luffymcduck said:

Hahaha, same for me. Though I don't use PS3 that often, mostly Nintendo when I play something.
That's a good point. Couldn't imagine having PS4 and Xbone too and have time to play their exclusives. Having hobbies besides studies and other stuff kinda limits the gaming time.



Raptor78 said:

Last gen I had a wii and 360, with the wii being my primary console. This gen im using a wiiu and my old 360, dont see no point upgrading to Xbone. Ive even stopped subscribing to gold. If I ever did upgrade my second system it would probably be for the PS4, but im in no hurry to do so.



Rafie said:

@SCAR392 The Wii U is no weak console. I know that myself because I have one and it was the first 8th console I've played extensively before the others. However, PowerPC vs x86 is another argument in itself. I can't and won't debate about that because I have no idea about how computers work. However I did a lil quick research on Google and came across an article that wasn't in a completely different language (meaning that I was able to understand a bit).

Article was written last year in September, but it explains what PowerPC and X86 does specifically in a nutshell that's relevant to the consoles. So again, we already knew the Wii U is powerful, but it still isn't up there with the other 2 from a technical aspect. I say again...a technical aspect!

Scar, normally ignorant fanboys will come on to say something is weak because it's not their console of choice. I still argue with Sony fanboys here and there with their constant, "framerate this..and resolution that" grasping arguments. Then Microsoft when they say s#$t like, "Uh....what's a Wii U?" Sometimes I ignore them, then sometimes I feel like I need to enlighten them. You should have seen Gaf, VGChartz, Game Informer, etc over the weekend when PSN went down due to DDOS. It was a crap storm indeed. Anyway, nevermind the comments from others who think Wii U isn't powerful. The games speak for themselves. Especially on how beautifully crafted they are. You need power to run games like Zelda and such.



Jepze said:

Wii u and PC master race.

Wii u for nintendo games and indies. PC for other games



Solid_Stannis said:

The PS4 controller fits quite well inside the area of the GamePad's screen... if that ain't a sign from the gaming gods that you're of the right faith, I don't know what is.



Donutman said:

With wii. I felt like I was missing games. Even now...I don't feel like that with wii u. It's my main console since it's release. PS3 is a dark souls machine...or my kids main console. 3ds gets plenty of use..,by me. Still ipad is kids main handheld. I have a pc for everything else. I'm playing l4d, hearthstone and Starcraft right now on those. But if I didn't have a Nintendo "whatever"...I would be missing something. What am j missing not having a ps4 yet? Ports.



Nintenjoe64 said:

I only put PC because I won't go a generation without wasting a few months of my life to CS:GO and Civ 5. I can't see me buying either of the other consoles despite owning all 3 last gen. The main reason I won't need another console is that the selection I already own and the upcoming games are enough to last me the whole 5-7 years. The Wii lacked Action-Adventures and shooters last gen but it had some of the best shooters and action adventures I have ever played. The Wii U pretty much covers all my gaming needs. It's up to next-gen to show me something I didn't know I wanted but I just can't see them doing it without there being a PC version.



Buduski said:

If the indy scene keeps goinig the way it is on the wiiu I honestly wont pick up another console, I was planning on getting a PS4 but the only game I want to play at the moment is the last of us, but I dont think its worth spending $400 just to play one game



GuruOfGreatness said:

There will never be a Nintendo console that I will not or have not bought, so naturally the Wii U was a day one purchase for me. It has all the games that interest me, and HOLD my interest, as I love original, colourful, over the top games with amazing artwork, and I think games like that are very limited on the Xbox One and PS4 coz it's not their thing, fair enough. Wii U games are MY sort of thing though. There isn't a single Wii U exclusive that I don't own or have pre-ordered. I love all of them.

Having said that, last week I purchased an Xbox One because I had over £200 in GAME gift cards, over £55 on my Reward Card saved up, got a £100 bonus from work, so I thought sod it, why not. As much I realise PS4 is selling better and in many respects, may very well be the better console, I always go where the GAMES are. Xbox One has 4 exclusives out already over PS4 that interest me, and one coming very soon; Titanfall, Dead Rising 3, Forza and Ryse, with Sunset Overdrive in October. Those games, combined with the multiplats that aren't coming to Wii U that interest me is more than enough for me to say right now that they'll keep me happy, and that I prefer Xbox One over PS4 at this moment. I do not deny for one moment that when the PS4 exclusives hit that interest me, I will get a PS4 too. But games like The Last Of Us and stuff like that doesn't interest me. The only PS4 exclusive out that I'd like right now is Killzone 4. But I'm not buying a new console for just ONE game.

My Wii U does not compliment my Xbox One, my Xbox One compliments my Wii U. My Wii U will always be my go to console, always my number one console, and I will continue to buy 3rd Party Games on the Wii U for as long as they last, to firstly, show support, and secondly, off screen play. As well as the best games IMO, the Wii U's off screen play to me is worth every penny I paid for it and more. Anyone else with a wife/husband here and any children can no doubt vouch for that.

I absolutely HATE the term "Hardcore Gamer". If that ever comes up in conversation my response is pretty much the same each time..... That a hardcore gamer is not someone who stays up until 5am playing COD and claiming their console is the best and all others are crap; to me a hardcore gamer is someone who either owns all consoles to enjoy each one individually, or someone who is broad minded enough to realise the individuality of each console and their exclusives, whether they like them or not, and not become a fanboy due to sheer narrow mindedness. Every one is entitled to a favourite brand (mine clearly Nintendo), but you don't need to become a slave to that brand and bash the competition!



daveh30 said:

Currently have a Wii U, PS4, and PS3 hooked up to my tv. PS3 gets a lot more use than the 4, but Wii U is still #1 for me. Honestly, if Nintendo would adopt a trophy/ achievement system, I could do away with Sony systems all together.... The games I really want to play are all Nintendo titles.



King_Johobo said:

I'm thinking of getting a PS4 one day just for Batman and Assassins Creed when I can afford it but my Wii U will still be my #1 I just love it so much, so underrated! #WiiUlovebaby



Dreamz said:

I have the Wii U and PC combo. A good gaming PC makes the PS4 and XBoxOne completely irrelevant, as it'll destroy the best the two of them can offer, while the Wii U has unique experiences you can't find anywhere else. It's the best of both worlds.



aaronsullivan said:

You've got a good point about people buying PS4 and XB1. That adds up to a decent PC and with a little more $$$ it's insanely more valuable. It's also getting a lot easier to set up with a TV. Controller and connection issues are far better than they were a while back. There's still the maintainance issues and being the #1 target for malware (or has Android overtaken PCs?) and how cumbersome the machine probably will be compared to a console, but lots of upsides.



orravan85 said:

I've made my choice. Wii U for my family and the only system I will own of this generation.



bobbypaycheque said:

I honestly think you aren't missing much if you have a Wii U and a PC. Unlike the other consoles, Wii U actually gives me an experience that couldn't be better on PC. Hopefully more people buy a Wii U and experience some of the great titles the system has both now and down the road.



JJtheTexan said:

The biggest obstacle preventing Wii U from becoming a strong "second console" as was the Wii is its price point. It's far too expensive for the vast majority of gamers to plunk down $400 for an Xbox One or PlayStation 4, then another $300 for a Wii U that plays far fewer games that interest them. (I'm assuming here these consumers chose X1 or PS4 as their primary console because they want to play pew-pew FPS and true new-gen adventures like Destiny, Tomb Raider, Grand Theft Auto, etc.)

Wii U must get down to the $200 level the Wii saw fairly early on before that's even a consideration for most gamers.



Shy_Guy said:

I have Wii U and PS3. Wii U is my main console,I'll get a PS4 later on when the price drops.



BassLostie said:

If I start making more money, maybe I'll get a PS4. But for this generation, I have my Wii U, and I'm just catching up with portable gaming. Got my Wii U in January 2013, but just got a 3DS in early 2014, and this one being my first portable console ever.

So, I have lots of games to buy still.



TheGoof said:

I already got a beast of a PC for all the "hard core" games...
But for all the fun quirky stuff, and for all the Nintendo only IPs, i have a Wii U.
Still got a PS3 from last gen to.
Even got a few REALLY old consoles from way back when...
Hunting and searching for a Sega Saturn though... i LOVED that console.. sad it did not work out so well...



OneBagTravel said:

Do you own or plan to own more than one console this generation?
Nope, just Wii U for me

To me it has the best gameplay games on the market right now. I have a PC for the high end games.. and the exclusives don't appeal to me. My Wii U is not collecting dust at all. I've recently stormed my GameStop to pick up a lot of classic Wii Games that I missed last generation like Metroid Prime Trilogy.



T900Kassem said:

My PC and my Wii U are hooked up to my monitor.
For the things that don't need SUPER MEGA AWESOME power, and aren't shooters, like Guacamelee, I prefer to use my Wii U.



jjmesa16 said:

I currently own a Wii U but I'd also like to own a PS3/PS4. Another console would be great for games that aren't on the Wii U such as Madden and Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. However I'm not sure I'd use a PS3/PS4 more for gaming or movies. If the Wii U was able to play Blu-Ray movies it would probably be the only console I would buy/want.



Trikeboy said:

I voted Wii U only because so far, that is the only next gen console I want. I may get a PS4 if there is a viable reason to buy one, which there isn't right now. Xbox One, they burned the bridge to my wallet a long time ago.



TheAdrock said:

"If you're arguing the Wii U has the raw graphical processing power to rub shoulders with PS4 and Xbox One, then you're factually off the mark." 9/10 readers of NintendoLife just got their panties in a wad.



shingi_70 said:

I own a Xbox One and will be getting a Wii U soon enough to play smash online with friends.



FritzFrapp said:

Xbox is a total non-starter for me, but PS4 needs a substantial facelift in the next revision before I could even consider using her as a stand for my Wii U – the present model is a particularly ugly mare – and that's even before it gets some games that I'd care to play.



Ren said:

The last gen xbo/ps still has so much to offer that financially it's still hard for me to justify anything new. It gives me time to save up and wait for better games. My plan is to get a PS4 for a few games I don't want to miss, and then a WiiU eventually when the library looks good and cheap (soon). Really enjoying the current prices and time suck of 'last gen' still.



rockodoodle said:

Wii U, 3ds and will get Xbone this week. Got Madden bundle plus $70 off from amazon by applying for credit card. Wii U will always be my "go to" console, but there are a few games I'd like to get every now and then.



Reverandjames said:

Back when the PS4 was launched I had the money to buy either a PS4, or a Wii U. For some reason I went with a Wii U, and haven't really regreted it since. Wind Waker HD, SM3DW, Pikmin 3, MK8 and Rayman Legends are some of the best and most memorable gaming experiences I've had in a long time. Oh, and I know Rayman Legends is available on other consoles, but that game was MADE for Wii U.
I have a PS4 now, and it's a great console, but it doesn't have enough games to warrant the price tag still for me. I still feel like I need to get my money's worth out of it, and remake after HD remaster isn't doing it for me right now, whereas Hyrule Warriors, Smash Bros and Treasure Tracker has me pretty excited for the rest of the year.



electrolite77 said:


It's an 8th Gen Console because of when it launched. Generations are decided by date. It's demonstrably, significantly less powerful than PS4 and XB1 though.



element187 said:

Wow, a quarter of us have a PC/Wii U combo. That number is a lot higher than I thought it would be.

It tells me at least a quarter of us are pretty savvy and don't fall victim to the hype of the other two consoles and realize there is more choices than the big three.

Also shows we see the big picture on total cost of ownership, while the buy in price might be double the PS4 for a system that is 4x the power of the PS4, that extra $400 disappears completely once you buy 20-30 retail games on PC because how much cheaper PC content is (you can get games 2 weeks old for less than $30 while $60 on console)



whanvee said:

where is the wii u, but undecided about other platform choice. I have a PC but as far as running top of the line games it most definitely can not. I need a better graphics card so I don't consider my PC a gaming rig. I am planning to get another console but for now my last gen consoles and wii u will see me through. Specially with my giant backlog.



GreatPlayer said:

PC is extremely good at encompassing those Indie games that are not on Wii U. If you are platformer lovers and refuse to play PC, you are losing out. Steam usually have some incredible deals on games too.



Revolution909 said:

I preordered my white PS4 Destiny bundle, bujt if I could only afford one it would be definiterly be the Wii U. Mario 3D World and Mario Kart 8 alone are worth buying the system for me.



SCAR said:

@Rafie - x86 and PowerPC IS NOT another argument in itself. IT IS the argument. It depends on what you think a good technical aspect is. Xbox One and PS4 aren't technically better on the fact that they are different architectures. Comparing them is useless. We'll see how well Wii U holds up once it starts getting more titles to show what it can do. The only reason why Xbox One and PS4 have better graphics right now, is because PC laid the foundation those consoles are now occupying.

EDIT: Also, yes, this site isn't nearly as ridiculous as the others. Zelda and Smash Bros. will show some power of the console, so we have those to look forward to.

@electrolite77 - I don't think you understood what I said. Wii U is the most powerful PowerPC available to consumers, to date. It's not 8th generation by only frameframe.



SCAR said:

Also, I read the article you posted. These are the highlights I found:
1. "RISC however (because of less space taken up for instructions on-die) requires less space, and can fill this with say more general purpose registers. CISC places an emphasis on the hardware, while software is the focus of RISC."

2. "RISC based processors have the advantage of often offering better theoretical performance than CISC, but at the cost of ease of development time."

3. "The PS3′s Cell runs at 3.2GHZ (which is clearly higher than say the AMD’s Jaguar – which even on the Xbox One runs only at 1.75GHZ – about half the speed)."

So point one basically explains why Wii U doesn't need need as much RAM to run programs, because the code itself is doing most of the work as mentioned that RISC has emphasis on code, rather than hardware. If the code is also less memory intensive, that also means that there doesn't have to be as many resources to draw from, which is why Wii U's parts look significantly less on paper.

Point 2 is emphasised, because that is exactly why Xbox One and PS4 have gotten a jump in graphics over Wii U. Not only is CISC programming on their side by default, but alot of the path has already been laid by PC which made alot of these graphic enhancements years ago.

Point 3 is about GHZ. Alot of people thought Wii U having a slower GHZ rate was a bad sign, but now we see Jaguar running just a bit faster and all them are running slower than 7th gen. This can vary from machine to machine, but it does emphasise the point that lots of people didn't know what the GHZ rate meant, so they automatically thought slower/smaller wasn't good, which is obviously false.

In conclusion, none of these consoles are technically better or worse than each other. PS4 has more specs for graphics in comparison, while Xbox One focuses its resources on things like heavier Kinect integration, more voice commands, etc. Wii U is PowerPC, and uses it's GPGPU to run the screen by default, as long as code is running through it. I'm guessing you meant that Wii U wasn't as technically impressive, because of the hardware itself, but the hardware can handle heavier code in a smaller space, which is what puts it in line with modern machines. I'm talking 2010, forward.



ReigningSemtex said:

I own all 3 and am very happy with each of them for different reasons (Xbox One came in handy when psn was being ddos attacked on Sunday for example) although the wii u and playstation combo sounds like most people's choice.

I would also like to point out that nearly all exclusive games on xbox one aren't actually exclusive at all because you can usually buy them on 360 or pc it's almost as if Microsoft wants the xbox one to become irrelevant and this is also why I rate ps4 over XBone other than the fact most multiplatform games have slightly prettier graphics on sony's system.



Gameday said:

Getting all of them like any gamer would right ? Limiting yourself to one system only is basically feeding into this console war bs. If you only like certain games that are exclusive then so be it but dissing any other system (specially if you never owned it nor played it...) just isnt the true gamer way.



Andross said:

@GuruOfGreatness Titanfall is much better on PC, as will DR3 and Ryse. The problem with Xbox consoles is that most "exclusives" will also be on PC or/and other consoles.



GuruOfGreatness said:


Well I can't say I've had any problems with Titanfall in any way, and though I realise it is out for PC also, and even the 360, in terms of actual Home Consoles, not Gaming PC's, you still can't play any of the games I mentioned on a PS4 or Wii U, they are still in effect a Microsoft exclusive. And I know that it has been said that when/if they do a sequel to Titanfall, that it will probably be multiplat and not exclusive, but IMO, by the time a sequel is due, Xbox One sales will have improved, and Microsoft will no doubt try and do everything in their power to keep the franchise an exclusive, and they may very well be successful in doing so. If Titanfall and all the other games mentioned get further sequels and all become multiplat, then okay, that's fine, but it still doesn't help me at the moment if I want to play all the originals now.



theBluntKnight said:

If I had more time to play games then I might be tempted to get a PC or a PS4 but for the time being wiiU has got my needs more than covered.



Reverandjames said:

I kind of see it like each console that I own fills the gap when there are mo games out (that I want to play). Done with all my PS4 games for now, and care too much for forcing myself to play the PS plus games just because they are free, and now about to move back onto the Wii U to play a bit more Mario Kart while I wait for the imminent release of Hyrule Warriors. I will probably stay with the Wii U as the PS4 doesn't really have a lot of games that I'm going to play now for the rest of the year. But when 2015 hits, I'll probably move back to PS4 for The Order, Uncharted etc.



Phle said:

I might get Playstation 4 at some point, probably not anytime soon. Xbox is off the table forever. At the moment I'm good with my 3DS, Wii U and I use my Mac for gaming & sometimes my iPhone. Might be getting an iPad.



Amateur said:

Who cares about the console wars? Why can't all fans of the Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo just be friends? It's not life or death.



ElkinFencer10 said:

I have all three, but I play my Wii U more than anything else. My rule is that I buy games for the console that I like the most, so most multiplat titles in my collection will be Wii U (if it gets it) and PS4 (if Wii U is excluded).



gatorboi352 said:

As someone who simply can't afford more than one system, but also a fan of Nintendo's 1st party titles, its just sad to see what has become of Wii U. A complete non-factor.

I want to enjoy some Madden in between my sessions of MK8. I can't. I want to enjoy some Destiny. I can't. I want to play the latest Call of Duty. I can't.

Nintendo used to RUN the industry, now they are the BlackBerry of the industry. Can't even get proper apps.



JebbyDeringer said:

If you need two systems you're doing it wrong!

1) Hold second system firmly in hand
2) Toss said system out window
3) Use time wasted gaming on second system for developing real life skills.
4) Profit!



Rafie said:

@SCAR392 I basically said the same thing, regarding your last statement about the Wii U doing more with technically less. Again, I can't discuss or argue specs on because I have no clue as to what is more powerful or less. All I do know is that many developers, who are coders and programmers, have made their case about the PS4 and Xbox 1 definitely being more powerful with what they have and how they use it. The Wii U is a beauty in itself. I still fail to see why devs still try to make the Wii U look like an old PS3/360 game. It's more capable than that. I guess we will just have to depend on devs like Nintendo EAD, Monolith, and Retro, etc to better utilize the Wii U's power.



Heng-Yu said:

I must say, I am very surprised about the result of this pole. When reading the posts below many of the articles on Nintendolife, one would think that the majority of readers are hardcore Nintendo fans that would never play on anything else but a Nintendo console/handheld.

But it seems that this is just the loud minority, as 60% of the readers are owning or planning to own other system as well.

I am very happy to see such a pole and was actually waiting some time to see how the result develops. It also shows that it is ok for Nintendolife to write articles about non-Nintendo-only topics, as most of the readers are not Nintendo-only gamers.

@ThomasBW84 Thank you that was a very interesting article.



Darknyht said:

I don't plan on getting another console, the Wii U is all I want. It has the most important feature for my family in Off-TV play, and covers the gaming needs of my family.

Honestly, the only thing that frustrates me with it is that games that are capable of being on the console are not brought to the console. I understand a studio like 2K not bringing Borderlands to the Wii U; but struggle to understand the lack of EA Sports titles, especially when the Wii just got FIFA 15.



Melkac said:

@Caryslan Unless you're brain dead, building a gaming PC shouldn't be a problem. There are countless articles, message boards and even posts on reddit and imgur telling you how to buil-- no, the PARTS you should buy for a cheap and good PC that can run any modern game flawlessly.
Newsflash: You don't even need to build it yourself. There are technicians for that.
Newsflash 2: Consoles aren't so simple as they used to be. The days of "grab a cartridge/disc, insert it, play" are gone.



evosteevo said:

Well...I might have to get Mortal Kombat X. Lately it's been Wii U and retro gaming for me. I'd have a hard time dropping Sony as a platform, though. They've given me TONS of discounts on PSN and that's without PS Plus. I hope they get some good first party games out there. I'd even give Microsoft a go if they'd bring back Battletoads(the right way, don't ruin it) and maybe finish up Killer Instinct and prove it's a worthy successor(I'm still unsure from what I've seen so far but it's not finished so...).



GhotiH said:

@JarredBuzzo The internal specs were fine on those systems, but they were held back by some really dumb design choices Nintendo made, specifically with the storage media both used.

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