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Sat 21st January, 2012

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Heng-Yu commented on Nintendo Download: 10th April (Europe):


But the GBA version of SNES games were usually inferior. Hardly any exception comes to my mind. With the SNES version you usually got the higher resolution and better sound. For some games like the Breath of Fire games they threw in some additional pictures, but the beforementioned drawbacks were there as well. I know Nintendo wants to promote that whole GBA thing but it would actually better to get the SNES version of those games that were released for SNES before or at least give you the choice.

What grinds my gears is that this is the second week without 3DS VC games... I guess some fanboy has to explain to me, why that is a very good move from Nintendo.



Heng-Yu commented on Six Portable Mega Man Games, Including Mega Ma...:

Finally, I was wondering when they would finally release them in the US. I assume 5 will be the first to be release if there is a poll as that one is the hardest to get on ebay and most likely the one many gamers missed back then.



Heng-Yu commented on Nintendo Download: 27th March (Europe):

Are people really getting the download version of PL vs PW when they can get the reail version for the same price?

Difficult for me to understand considering Nintendo's "account system".

Maybe someone can explain that to me.



Heng-Yu commented on Game Boy Advance Titles To Hit Wii U Virtual C...:

@TheRealThanos Ok, maybe I should it write it this way: In my humble opinion those old games look awful on an HD-TV. I do see a difference so do other people. There are people who are happy with the look and that is perfectly fine, but there are also people who do not want to play them on those screens at all. Let's take the latter group. Those people would have a chance to play those games in a way that is pleasing to their eyes, if the game would be brought to the 3DS as the screens native resolution is not that different from the games resolution.
And I think that the idea that the GBA games could have been overall nicer on the 3DS is not such a crazy one, as I am not the only one who expresses his disappointment about the move to make them exclusives to the WiiU like they did with the SNES before.
I am perfectly fine that you are ok with the look of the games on HD-TV. But understand that there are also people (and I doubt it is a small number) who do not like the look and do think it would look better on a smaller screen.

Tell me one thing please. Do you think is is possible that Nintendo's decision to make GBA and SNES games WiiU exclusives might be related to the poor sales numbers of the WiiU even though they would (at least "also") be a nice addition to the 3DSVC? Or is that very unlikely for you? It is not that the 3DSVC is overwhelmed with great VC-games like the Wii was.



Heng-Yu commented on Game Boy Advance Titles To Hit Wii U Virtual C...:

@TheRealThanos "The only difference was there being no HD TV's back then" Which is actually a pretty big difference.

We will see. The 3DS would still have been a better choice which Nintendo would also offer if they would not run out of ideas on how to to make the WiiU more attractive to gamers that already gave up all hope on Nintendo and Iwata's poor leadership.



Heng-Yu commented on Game Boy Advance Titles To Hit Wii U Virtual C...:

@TheRealThanos & @ikki5 First I do not agree that they look that great but that is a matter of taste. Secondly the SNES/NES has as you already mentioned a higher resolution, of course compared to today's console it is not much of difference but it actually is visible if you stretch it to bigger screens. There were enough people who even disliked the blurred look of GB games on a 3DS when played in full screen. Though the difference is not as big as it will be in the case of the WiiU. Let's just wait and see if you will like it all that much when you see it later. But I know that some people do not mind if the pictures is blurry due to a too-high-screen resolution.

I am still convinced Nintendo would not make them exclusives to the WiiU if the system would not sell that bad.



Heng-Yu commented on Game Boy Advance Titles To Hit Wii U Virtual C...:

Damn you Nintendo!
After SNES now GBA games exclusive for the WiiU... Why does it feel like Nintendo would not do that if the WiiU would not sell so bad?

GBA games’ native resolution is 240x160. That looks awful on an HD-TV… . Why not on the 3DS? With its 800x240 it is the perfect choice. If you say now “you can still play this on the Gamepad” I can answer that 854x480 on an LCD is still a pretty high resolution and if you prefer the Gamepad why not playing it on the handheld 3DS in the first place? Nintendo is so desperate that they are even willing to let the 3DS Virtual Console down to prevent any kind of competition for the WiiU.

Now I am looking forward to the first GB and GBC exclusives for the WiiU. They got a native resolution of 160x144, so not much different from the GBA…

Please Nintendo stop this crap and bring those damn GameCube games to the WiiU that everybody is waiting for.



Heng-Yu commented on Gargoyle's Quest II Rated in Australia:

I was hoping that this game would come to the Virtual console but definitly not for to the WiiU one... This is a NES game that would be best suited for an old TV screen or (my first choice) on the 3DS, where it would fit nicely next to the GB version. It is damn annoying that Nintendo is brining out games that would be much better suited for the 3DS to the WiiU in hopes to make the WiiU a little more attractive. Playing that game on big LCD will look awful and if someone says you can still just play it on the gamepad than why not bring it to the handheld directly... I hope it will be released for the 3DS as well, ... if not, ... I guess I should not be surprised considering Nintendo’s virtual console policy lately.
In my opinion Nintendo should focus on finally bringing GC games to the WiiU virtual console and SNES to the 3DS. Everything 16bit-console/handheld and below should be made available for the 3DS. The 3DS has the perfect pixel density for this old stuff. Those who want should be able to get it on the WiiU as well, but it feels like they would not make many of the games WiiU-exclusives if the WiiU would do better. Feels like a desperate move (…DS games for the WiiU gamepad?...)



Heng-Yu commented on Nintendo "Confident" in PC Box Anti-Piracy Cas...:

I don't understand why there is not yet an article about the new Nintendo consoles "Fusion DS" and "Fusion Terminal".

The website got a good reputation when it comes to leaked information.
This would put a totally different light on the WiiU and its future.