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GuruOfGreatness commented on Yoshi's Woolly World and Splatoon Hang Tough i...:

Yoshi's Woolly World deserves it IMO. I gave it a personal score of a solid 7 when I started playing; 2 days later and on World 5 now and I'd easily give it an 8-8.5 because it is just so darn addictive. It's Splatoon but in platformer form lol



GuruOfGreatness commented on Splatoon Grabs Second Place in UK Chart Début:

And as lots have said, it's funny how in the UK, when a guy plays a Nintendo game on his mates console, the game is great, they have a fantastic time etc, but yet NONE of them feel "masculine" enough to bite the bullet and buy the damn console themselves because once they've left your house, regardless of how many hours of good fun they've just had, Nintendo suddenly becomes far too kiddy again!!! Does annoy me that people are so sheep like, and find it embarrassing to say they have a Wii U at work on break or whatever, for fear of what their work mates might say, so they just buy another console to appease them and be "masculine". To me that just screams grow a damn pair and enjoy your purchase. I have nothing against the other consoles here I might add, it's just an observation this gen more so than any other. Go Splatoon



GuruOfGreatness commented on Video: Kirby and the Rainbow Paintbrush Launch...:

Pre-ordered mine back in March and it should be here Friday Splatoon has still been my most eagerly anticipated game since it was announced a year ago, but Kirby still looks fantastic. I think the control scheme is going to be very interesting. Is it just me though or does the game look quite challenging in some parts from that video lol?



GuruOfGreatness commented on Nintendo to Host Super Smash Bros. for Wii U T...:

I think it's a great idea. I'd definitely be game for something like this if they brought it to the UK (provided I wouldn't have to wait in line for 3 hours in which case I'd pass). My only dilema would be picking which amiibo to use lol. I have 15 (I went a bit amiibo crazy last month). I guess I'd use either Fox or Link.



GuruOfGreatness commented on Video: You NEED To Play Metroid Prime Trilogy:

Can this game(s) be played using the GamePad or the Wii U Pro Controller? Or does it need to be played with a Wii Remote and Nunchuck or a Wii Classic Controller? If I can play it using the GamePad (and have off screen play too), and Pro Controller, then I will get it tonight. Any help will be most appreciated



GuruOfGreatness commented on UK Retail Survey Highlights the Challenges Fac...:

I say this as a proud, day one adopter of the Wii U, a person who's favourite brand has, and always will be Nintendo, and as someone who was also born and bred in the UK; but IMO, not that I personally give a flying fudge about sales really, but the reasons the UK is not so Nintendo friendly is because the Brits are like sheep and will generally get what everyone else has got, which in this case is not a Wii U, Brits are also very narrow minded and don't like change (they go on holiday somewhere and the first thing they look for is a pub for English beer and a cafe that does chips and Full English Breakfast). I think a lot of them are simply in denial that they want a Wii U because it's not cool to play colourful games any more when you are in college or are working, and also, I'm sorry, but the Brits are also generally as tight fisted as a camels ass in a sandstorm, and would never comprehend buying ANOTHER console. That's just my opinion and I do apologise in advance for anyone that may have got offended.



GuruOfGreatness commented on Gallery: Project CARS Screens Focus on Realist...:

Never been overly into realistic racing games as (with very few exceptions), I find them to be very, well.......boring TBH. i understand their appeal, but they just do not appeal to me. Having said that, for some reason this game does actually interest me, and though it won't be a day one purchase for me, I will undoubtedly get it soon after, and on the Wii U too. People think I'm mad because I have an Xbox One also, and by the time this releases, probably a PS4 too, and ask me why I wouldn't get it on one of those, but if it's a multiplat, whatever game it is (provided I want it obviously), and it manages to make its way to Wii U, I will ALWAYS get it for Wii U over anything else for two reasons; one, to support 3rd party for the system, and two, off screen play. I am willing to wait longer for a game, and have the "least impressive visuals" of the three if it means I can play it anytime I want without needing the big screen and taking over the telly



GuruOfGreatness commented on Nintendo 64x64: Mario Kart 64:

This is not only my favourite Mario Kart game ever, but I think I can quite safely say that it is probably my most favourite game of all time ever too. Countless, countless hours spent in both single, and mainly, multiplayer. Hours I will never get back, but due to the sheer amount of fun, laughter and endless memories this game brought, I don't want them back either



GuruOfGreatness commented on The GameCube is 13 Years Old:

Ahhh the GameCube, the second most underrated console of all time (Dreamcast is still first IMO). How I loved you though. I know a lot of people still maintain that nothing has ever come close to WWF No Mercy in wrestling games, but the GameCube was the home of only TRUE wrestling game that could hold a candle to No Mercy, and that was WWE Day of Reckoning. WrestleMania XIX also came close ironically enough, which was also a GameCube exclusive. So apart from N64, the Cube had the best wrestling games hands down lol.



GuruOfGreatness commented on Mario Kart 8 Update, Mercedes Karts and DLC Pr...:

This will be the first time I have EVER paid for DLC. I have no problem in anything free people want to give away if you pre-order a game, or for when a shop decides to give you the special edition of a game with all the extra DLC for the same price as a normal copy, but paying for DLC has always been a massive no for me......until now Will get both when I get home from work later. £11 for just the tracks alone is worth it in my opinion



GuruOfGreatness commented on Talking Point: The Wii U May be Best as One of...:


Well I can't say I've had any problems with Titanfall in any way, and though I realise it is out for PC also, and even the 360, in terms of actual Home Consoles, not Gaming PC's, you still can't play any of the games I mentioned on a PS4 or Wii U, they are still in effect a Microsoft exclusive. And I know that it has been said that when/if they do a sequel to Titanfall, that it will probably be multiplat and not exclusive, but IMO, by the time a sequel is due, Xbox One sales will have improved, and Microsoft will no doubt try and do everything in their power to keep the franchise an exclusive, and they may very well be successful in doing so. If Titanfall and all the other games mentioned get further sequels and all become multiplat, then okay, that's fine, but it still doesn't help me at the moment if I want to play all the originals now.



GuruOfGreatness commented on Talking Point: The Wii U May be Best as One of...:

There will never be a Nintendo console that I will not or have not bought, so naturally the Wii U was a day one purchase for me. It has all the games that interest me, and HOLD my interest, as I love original, colourful, over the top games with amazing artwork, and I think games like that are very limited on the Xbox One and PS4 coz it's not their thing, fair enough. Wii U games are MY sort of thing though. There isn't a single Wii U exclusive that I don't own or have pre-ordered. I love all of them.

Having said that, last week I purchased an Xbox One because I had over £200 in GAME gift cards, over £55 on my Reward Card saved up, got a £100 bonus from work, so I thought sod it, why not. As much I realise PS4 is selling better and in many respects, may very well be the better console, I always go where the GAMES are. Xbox One has 4 exclusives out already over PS4 that interest me, and one coming very soon; Titanfall, Dead Rising 3, Forza and Ryse, with Sunset Overdrive in October. Those games, combined with the multiplats that aren't coming to Wii U that interest me is more than enough for me to say right now that they'll keep me happy, and that I prefer Xbox One over PS4 at this moment. I do not deny for one moment that when the PS4 exclusives hit that interest me, I will get a PS4 too. But games like The Last Of Us and stuff like that doesn't interest me. The only PS4 exclusive out that I'd like right now is Killzone 4. But I'm not buying a new console for just ONE game.

My Wii U does not compliment my Xbox One, my Xbox One compliments my Wii U. My Wii U will always be my go to console, always my number one console, and I will continue to buy 3rd Party Games on the Wii U for as long as they last, to firstly, show support, and secondly, off screen play. As well as the best games IMO, the Wii U's off screen play to me is worth every penny I paid for it and more. Anyone else with a wife/husband here and any children can no doubt vouch for that.

I absolutely HATE the term "Hardcore Gamer". If that ever comes up in conversation my response is pretty much the same each time..... That a hardcore gamer is not someone who stays up until 5am playing COD and claiming their console is the best and all others are crap; to me a hardcore gamer is someone who either owns all consoles to enjoy each one individually, or someone who is broad minded enough to realise the individuality of each console and their exclusives, whether they like them or not, and not become a fanboy due to sheer narrow mindedness. Every one is entitled to a favourite brand (mine clearly Nintendo), but you don't need to become a slave to that brand and bash the competition!



GuruOfGreatness commented on Video: Hands-On With Captain Toad: Treasure Tr...:

Will I buy this game? Definitely. Will I buy this game on launch day or close after? More than likely. Will I buy this game at launch if I'm still in the middle of a few other games (bear in mind it'll be near Christmas, and the sheer amount of games coming out, and I will get every one of them)? Probably not, because as good as this game looks and no doubt will be, there are others I'm anticipating more, such as Hyrule Warriors and Bayonetta 2



GuruOfGreatness commented on Sony Overtakes Nintendo In Global Hardware Sal...:

Congratulations Microsoft on your 5-6 million units, congratulations to Nintendo on your 6-7 million units, and of course, congratulations to Sony on your 7-8 million units.
Each company has produced a very good, powerful gaming machine, that, instead of being vilified for by stubborn fanboys for their weaknesses, should all be praised (and enjoyed) for their strengths. Regardless of the numbers, and whose in 1st, 2nd or 3rd place, as long as you enjoy your chosen console(s), what does it matter how many more millions the competition has sold? If you were an avid Sega Saturn fan back in the mid-late 90's who loved their console and wore it out to death, did you really care by the end of that gen that the original PlayStation had slaughtered the Saturn in terms of sales?



GuruOfGreatness commented on Mario Kart Month: A History of the Mario Kart ...:

As much as I love all Mario Kart games, and even though MK8 is taking up any bit of free time I have right now, N64 version will always be my favourite. Then again, I may be bias because the N64 was my favourite console ever, and I don't think I ever had, or ever will have, as much fun on a console than I did the N64. On your own, it was more awesome. With others, it was gaming Utopia



GuruOfGreatness commented on Mario Kart Month: A History of the Mario Kart ...:

As much as I love all Mario Kart games, and even though MK8 is taking up any bit of free time I have right now, N64 version will always be my favourite. Then again, I may be bias because the N64 was my favourite console ever, and I don't think I ever had, or ever will have, as much fun on a console than I did the N64. On your own, it was more awesome. With others, it was gaming Utopia



GuruOfGreatness commented on Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Wii U Rumours P...:


Yeah I suppose I get that. More people=more variety I guess. Chance to make more friends, meet more people and all that (also a bigger chance to lose your temper with some little kid a lot more too though lol). That's fine. But the way I myself look at it, and this is just my own personal opinion, is that I would rather just play with say, 10,000 Wii U users or however many it is (and be able to play JUST on the GamePad too), even if it means playing the same people, than pay £40 a year just for the privilege of playing with 500,000 users or however many it is, on the 360, PS3 etc. For me, as long as there is about 15 people wanting to play the same type of game/match as me, I'm happy

Oh, and I realise that the PS3 is free, but you know what I mean lol



GuruOfGreatness commented on Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Wii U Rumours P...:

Yep, if it's out for Wii U, I'll be getting it day one. Hope it is. For me, off screen play and free online beats slightly better graphics or a bigger online experience all the way (never understood that theory, I mean, you only need about 12 other people to play with, so why would I care how many millions ther are on other consoles). If it doesn't make it to Wii U, I will get it for whichever next console I decide to buy when the time is right. Right now, it's Wii U all the way though



GuruOfGreatness commented on Video: Nintendo Minute Unboxes The Mario Kart ...:

Pre-ordered my copy of the game, from GAME the day it was given a release date, but am now a bit concerned about the actual plastic box/case of the game. I really, really, really, REALLY hope that the standard, off the shelf copies of the game here in the UK just come with the standard blue case, and not the red plastic one that they just unveiled in the box bundle. I absolutely HATE it when you've got a lovely selection of green, blue, white, whatever selection of games sittng beautifully on your shelf, all the same size, shape and colour, and then just ONE game stands out a mile coz it's a completely different colour



GuruOfGreatness commented on Nintendo Reports Financial Losses As Expected,...:

Well, as much as I'd love for the Wii U to do a 180 and sell as many units as possible, as far as I'm concerned, even if it gets to Saturn territory at best and only sells 10 million units in its entire lifetime (as an example), that's 10 million satisfied customers as far as I'm concerned, that got to enjoy some of the best games ever made (myself included).



GuruOfGreatness commented on The Wonderful 101 Saving Wallets on Wii U eShop:

Bought physical copy of TW101 on release day, and I think, along with Pikmin 3 (probably more so TBH as I haven't completed Pikmin yet) that it was my most addictive game last year. Could not put the damn thing down. Was a shame when I finally completed it lol. Recommend it to ANY Wii U owner. Original, fun, challenging, humorous and beautifully designed



GuruOfGreatness commented on Wii U System Update 4.1.0 Available Now:

The only time my Wii U ever freezes (and even then it is still VERY rare), was sometimes, after using LoveFilm and trying to get back to the Wii U homepage, it froze and I had to unplug the main power cable from the back. This happened 1 in every 20/25 times though. And I got rid of LiveFilm for Netflix last month, so it shouldn't happen at all now lol Touch wood, it has never once frozen in a game for me. Hopefully it stays that way lol



GuruOfGreatness commented on Poll: Have Your Say On The GamePad's Role With...:

Got my Wii U on launch day, love the console, love the GamePad, regardless of how much or how little it does. Worth every single penny. My main reason for buying the Wii U (apart from the fact I would've bought one anyway lol) was actually the GamePad for off screen play. Never been able to play a console before whilst my wife watches TV, so for me, it's perfect. IMO though, I do think that Nintendo could look into packing a Pro Controller in the box along WITH the GamePad like they did with the Wii Remote bundles, as not only will it then cater for everyone, but parents buying it for their children don't need to worry about buying another controller of sorts, as they'll already have one each, and Nintendo could also get the word out better that THIS is a Wii U and you should use one of THESE controllers to get maximum enjoyment out of it. I don't think ditching the GamePad or offering a cheaper option without one is the way to go, coz TBH, I think they're already cheap enough IMO if you look in the right places offering the right bundles.



GuruOfGreatness commented on Monster Hunter is Ten Years Old Today:

I have the demo of Monster Hunter 3 on both Wii U and 3DS, but no matter how hard I try, I just CAN'T get into them for whatever reason. Maybe I'm just playing it all wrong, but from what I've played, it's just a slow, plodding game with weapons I can barely use. I would like to point out though that I do genuinely want to like this game, as I see the love it gets, and it looks like something I could enjoy, but just not now evidentially



GuruOfGreatness commented on Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze Makes Top...:

Glad I could be of service to help get there lol Pre-ordered from GAME (got my free key ring too lol). Game looks absolutely incredible, plays beautifully and feels epic. I'd recommend it to any Wii U owner. Only issue (and I'm glad I'm not the only one, is the loading time. I thought the game had jammed at one point). IMO though, DK is a good enough game to add to the list of games as to why someone should/might go and pick up a Wii U. Good job Retro/Nintendo



GuruOfGreatness commented on Console Wars Book Paves The Way For Movie Writ...:

Early 90's, Nintendo vs Sega. Late 90's, WWF vs WCW......God I loved the 90's lol. On both occasions, my "brand" won though lol Still loved and bought everything that Sega ever produced though, with the Dreamcast being IMO the most underrated console of all time (and probably my 2nd or 3rd favourite console ever), it's just that I always loved Nintendo that extra bit more



GuruOfGreatness commented on Remake Request: Virtua Fighter 2:


You beat me to it lol That was my favourite of all the Virtua Fighter games. Not to take anything away from Virtua Fighter 2 though, as I loved that too. Whilst we're at it though, bring back Virtua Fighter Kids Loved that game.



GuruOfGreatness commented on Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze Only Sell...:

Meh, I've still pre-ordered and paid for mine, and I'm sure I will enjoy the heck out of it. It's only £30.00 too, so it's not like it's even a £45-£50 game like Mario or Zelda (not that price ever stops me anyway).

As for the game being a huge IP and not selling as it should, whether Donkey Kong goes on to help sell another thousand Wii U consoles, or ten thousand (as well as those that buy it that already own the console obviously), or more perhaps, does it really matter??? That's still a few thousand extra people to add to the install base that might not have bought a Wii U had it NOT been for Donkey Kong. Just enjoy stuff for what it is, not what it isn't, regardless of sales figures.

Hope everyone enjoys DK on Friday