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GuruOfGreatness commented on The Wonderful 101 Saving Wallets on Wii U eShop:

Bought physical copy of TW101 on release day, and I think, along with Pikmin 3 (probably more so TBH as I haven't completed Pikmin yet) that it was my most addictive game last year. Could not put the damn thing down. Was a shame when I finally completed it lol. Recommend it to ANY Wii U owner. Original, fun, challenging, humorous and beautifully designed :)



GuruOfGreatness commented on Wii U System Update 4.1.0 Available Now:

The only time my Wii U ever freezes (and even then it is still VERY rare), was sometimes, after using LoveFilm and trying to get back to the Wii U homepage, it froze and I had to unplug the main power cable from the back. This happened 1 in every 20/25 times though. And I got rid of LiveFilm for Netflix last month, so it shouldn't happen at all now lol :) Touch wood, it has never once frozen in a game for me. Hopefully it stays that way lol :)



GuruOfGreatness commented on Poll: Have Your Say On The GamePad's Role With...:

Got my Wii U on launch day, love the console, love the GamePad, regardless of how much or how little it does. Worth every single penny. My main reason for buying the Wii U (apart from the fact I would've bought one anyway lol) was actually the GamePad for off screen play. Never been able to play a console before whilst my wife watches TV, so for me, it's perfect. IMO though, I do think that Nintendo could look into packing a Pro Controller in the box along WITH the GamePad like they did with the Wii Remote bundles, as not only will it then cater for everyone, but parents buying it for their children don't need to worry about buying another controller of sorts, as they'll already have one each, and Nintendo could also get the word out better that THIS is a Wii U and you should use one of THESE controllers to get maximum enjoyment out of it. I don't think ditching the GamePad or offering a cheaper option without one is the way to go, coz TBH, I think they're already cheap enough IMO if you look in the right places offering the right bundles.



GuruOfGreatness commented on Monster Hunter is Ten Years Old Today:

I have the demo of Monster Hunter 3 on both Wii U and 3DS, but no matter how hard I try, I just CAN'T get into them for whatever reason. Maybe I'm just playing it all wrong, but from what I've played, it's just a slow, plodding game with weapons I can barely use. I would like to point out though that I do genuinely want to like this game, as I see the love it gets, and it looks like something I could enjoy, but just not now evidentially :(



GuruOfGreatness commented on Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze Makes Top...:

Glad I could be of service to help get there lol ;) Pre-ordered from GAME (got my free key ring too lol). Game looks absolutely incredible, plays beautifully and feels epic. I'd recommend it to any Wii U owner. Only issue (and I'm glad I'm not the only one, is the loading time. I thought the game had jammed at one point). IMO though, DK is a good enough game to add to the list of games as to why someone should/might go and pick up a Wii U. Good job Retro/Nintendo :)



GuruOfGreatness commented on Console Wars Book Paves The Way For Movie Writ...:

Early 90's, Nintendo vs Sega. Late 90's, WWF vs WCW......God I loved the 90's lol. On both occasions, my "brand" won though lol ;) Still loved and bought everything that Sega ever produced though, with the Dreamcast being IMO the most underrated console of all time (and probably my 2nd or 3rd favourite console ever), it's just that I always loved Nintendo that extra bit more :)



GuruOfGreatness commented on Remake Request: Virtua Fighter 2:


You beat me to it lol ;) That was my favourite of all the Virtua Fighter games. Not to take anything away from Virtua Fighter 2 though, as I loved that too. Whilst we're at it though, bring back Virtua Fighter Kids :D Loved that game.



GuruOfGreatness commented on Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze Only Sell...:

Meh, I've still pre-ordered and paid for mine, and I'm sure I will enjoy the heck out of it. It's only £30.00 too, so it's not like it's even a £45-£50 game like Mario or Zelda (not that price ever stops me anyway).

As for the game being a huge IP and not selling as it should, whether Donkey Kong goes on to help sell another thousand Wii U consoles, or ten thousand (as well as those that buy it that already own the console obviously), or more perhaps, does it really matter??? That's still a few thousand extra people to add to the install base that might not have bought a Wii U had it NOT been for Donkey Kong. Just enjoy stuff for what it is, not what it isn't, regardless of sales figures.

Hope everyone enjoys DK on Friday :)



GuruOfGreatness commented on UK Retailer GAME to Open Two Pre-Owned Only St...:

I'm born and bred in Cambridge, and walked past one of the two GAME's that we have here on Tuesday with my wife, only to find that it was closed for refurb. Didn't think much of it obviously, just thought it was a usual change around; but the moment I saw the title of this article, before I even read the damn thing, I knew that Cambridge would be on their list as one of their first stores to change, as we have two stores within 3 minutes walking of each other, and it clearly just clicked in my head as to why one of them was closed on Tuesday. Blooming shame though, as I don't buy pre-owned games at all, and out of the two stores to pick from, they converted my favourite one lol :( End of an era for me as I will never have reason to go in now :( To think, we used to have a GAME and a GameStation next door to each other, and then the other GAME store a few mins away. That was gaming overload though to be fair lol.



GuruOfGreatness commented on UK Retailer Argos Drops Wii U Premium to £179.99:

Argos always do sales like this though that don't last long. I picked up a 3G PS Vita from them back in October, for £140, complete with Killzone:Mercenaries, Virtua Tennis World Tour (both games proper boxed hardcopies, not downloads), a 16GB memory card, and a £10.00 Argos gift voucher. I also took them up on their offer of Fifa 13 for £5.00 when bought with a Vita. So all that for £145 I thought was a real damn bargain. But it was blooming hard to reserve the bundle though, everywhere was sold out. Took me two days to get one and when I went to pay, the guy said they've been selling like hot cakes since this promotion. So whether it's permanent or not, hopefully the same works for the Wii U.



GuruOfGreatness commented on 3DS Tops US Hardware Sales as Wii U Achieves "...:

20 million units sold worldwide in its lifetime, or 120 million units sold worldwide in its lifetime, does it matter? As long as those X amount of millions of people who own a Wii U enjoy it, and everything it has to offer, not to mention perhaps some very fond memories of it years down the line, then what does it matter how many units are sold. As long as you, the consumer, are happy with your purchase, THAT is all that really matters!!!



GuruOfGreatness commented on Fresh 2013 UK Hardware Sales Figures Keep 3DS ...:

Oh jeez.................percentages, sale spikes, downward spirals, sales up, sales down, doom, gloom, console X owning console Y. Do we all own a Wii U here? Are we all accepting of the console that it is, rather than the console that it's not? Do we all enjoy our Wii U console and enjoy what it brings to the table, such as its incredible first party games (Mario, Zelda, Wonderful 101 etc), and major third party games (Call of Duty, Batman, Assassins Creed etc)? If that's the case, then where is the problem?

Whether it sells 20 million units worldwide in its lifetime, or 80 million, what does it matter? As long as the people that buy it enjoy it, just leave the damn thing alone. I for one LOVE my Wii U. After I got it (at launch), I sold my PS3 and 360 as they hadn't been played on in over a year, and then cancelled my PS4 order.

Would I like Wii U sales to be astronomical? Of course, but I also don't care if they're not, coz I just want to enjoy my Wii U for what it is until the end of its lifetime, despite how long this may be and how many units it managed to ship worldwide.

Sometimes, less is more anyway. N64 sold 35 million units worldwide, but was beaten by PS1 sales, yet from personal experience, friends and family, and what I've read, more people have fond memories of the classic games that it brought us than they do from the PS1.



GuruOfGreatness commented on UK Retailer GAME States Ambition to be at the ...:

Nothing against downloads, especially when it's the only option with classic games in VC etc, but I personally, will never buy a digital download for a game that I can get a hardback copy for (until the day finally comes in 10-20 years when you don't have a choice). Plus I like seeing my games on display and like having the option to trade them in if I need to. Even if new games were £30 to buy digital, or £40 to buy physically, I would rather pay the extra tenner and get the box, disc etc.



GuruOfGreatness commented on Tech Site The Verge Thinks The Wii U's Failure...:

@eaglebob345 I get that. As a matter of fact, I pre ordered a PS4 back in June, but, as time went on, and (me not being high on specs and all that stuff too didn't help), and all I kept learning about the PS4 was that it just sounded like a roided up PS3, with very few games I actually wanted, I began to wonder. Then I realised I wasn't actually excited like I should be. I was more excited about all the upcoming Wii U games. Then I realised that the only games that would interest me on the PS4 were Killzone 4 and, to a lesser extent Battlefield 4. So what do I do with a £350 console when I'm done with the one or two games I would be interested in are completed? Nothing. I'm left with a very expensive blu ray player. Then the real straw that broke the camels back for me was when I learned that I would have to pay the stupid online subscription fee yearly. So, I went down to my local GAME in October and cancelled the entire pre order, much to their disbelief and disgust. My reasoning? Because everything , from Mario and Zelda, to Call Of Duty and Assasins Creed is right here on the Wii U for me. My Mother and Brother then even offered to get me a PS4 for Christmas a couple of weeks ago, which I nearly gave in to, but again, realised, that whomever it is that pays for it, a PS4 or Xbox One would just be wasted on me right now. Maybe not in a year or two, but for now, it truly would just be my unused console if I owned one.



GuruOfGreatness commented on Tech Site The Verge Thinks The Wii U's Failure...:

Well, I agree with what you are saying, in your defense of Nintendo as a company (and trust me, I agree 100%, as I do genuinely feel that Nintendo are the only company out there that aren't JUST in it for the money, and genuinely love what they do) and in what you say about Sony and Microsoft, I just don't like to be as outspoken as some people on the subject, maybe even like yourself (and I really don't mean that as an insult). I just like to see the positives in the things I enjoy, and though I will pick Nintendo and their hardware and software over the other two any day of the week, I'm not in a position to give major attacks or opinions on them, because I still enjoy their product (not that I own a PS4 or Xbox One yet, and I sold my 360 and PS3), just not in the same capacity as I do Nintendos, not even close.



GuruOfGreatness commented on Tech Site The Verge Thinks The Wii U's Failure...:

@eaglebob345 I realise that the Wii U is a very capable system, and in some way, shape or form that I have no idea about because I don't really understand, follow nor care about horsepower/specs, it MAY even have some advantages over its competition, but, it is safe to realise that compared to its competitors, on paper at the very least, that it is the weakest one. Certainly doesn't make it the worst though. All I was getting at in the differences between the 3, is that there are people out there who do care about the most horsepower and best specs, I'm just not one of them. I don't care about having the latest phones and stuff like that. I was offered an iPhone 4, or an iPhone 4S for £17 extra coz it had a faster processor. I barely even know what that means, let alone am I prepared to pay extra for something like that. Some people will though, and some will notice the difference. Again, I'm not one of them lol.



GuruOfGreatness commented on Tech Site The Verge Thinks The Wii U's Failure...:

I know some have said that the Wii U will sell GameCube numbers (which to me, was a success, as they still sold around 25 million units, made a tidy little profit on it, and have some of the best games ever made on it), but I still personally see the Wii U selling between 30-40 million in it's lifetime. If it does, would this be considered a failure? If not, what figure justifies a failure? If PS3 sells 100 million in its lifetime, but PS4 only sells 75 million, is the PS4 considered a failure because it did not live up to its older brothers figures?

I just don't get all this console hatred. Can't we just all enjoy our consoles for what they are, and the games we have?

I have nothing against any console, but that still doesn't stop me from thinking the Wii U is the best, because it is the best for ME, not my neighbours, or my the people in the next village etc, but for me, and seeing as I'm the consumer with it, what I say or think when its my opinion counts. It does everything I want it to (except offer blu ray). I don't bad mouth the other consoles, so why must they bad mouth mine?

It's all about what you want, and what sort of lifestyle you have IMO. If you're a bachelor who doesn't care for colourful games or Nintendo franchise games, and you like horsepower and having the best in technology advancement, then you'd be stupid not to get a PS4.

If you have a family, and like motion sensor, voice control, and all the bells and whistles that technology offers to control your living room, but you also enjoy the more serious games and a HUGE online server too after your family have gone to bed, then you'd be stupid not to get an Xbox One.

If you like colourful, family friendly games that are designed for local play and not just online, games that when it comes to actual story and gameplay, may even be considered more original than its counterparts offerings, a free online service as opposed to £40 a year, and being able to play some of the biggest games of the year such as Call Of Duty, Assasins Creed, Batman etc, as WELL as the timeless Nintendo franchises all on one console, but yet due to a lack of horsepower, be prepared to sacrifice a select few games that might not make it (like Battlefield 4), then you'd be stupid not to get a Wii U.

There are 3 new choices out there, just pick what is best for you, enjoy the hell out of it, and don't bad mouth someone elses decision if it happens to be different to yours. We all have the same hobby at the end of the day..............GAMING!!!



GuruOfGreatness commented on Feature: 12 Days of Christmas - Pikmin 3 Final...:

This was my very first Pikmin game too, as I didn't bother with 1 or 2 on the GameCube for some bizarre reason :( Within 20 minutes of playing though, it went from a game I didn't think I would like that much (bought it as an impulse buy coz everyone was talking about how incredible it was), to realising that this game is just pure magic. Played it for over 5 hours straight one night not realising it was about 3am. 5 months later, and I'm still undecided as to whether this, or The Wonderful 101 is my game of the year. Sad thing is though I think I might only JUST be about half way through the game, if that, coz new games kept coming out afterwards that I wanted and Pikmin was pushed aside, but I'm not worried, coz it's so damn good it's not like I will be trading it in or forgetting I have it any time soon. It'll just sit there, waiting for me to get addicted to it again :)



GuruOfGreatness commented on UK Retailer Blockbuster to Close All Remaining...:

It's always sad to hear of a business going under, despite what people may think of their business practices, pricing, staff, product etc etc etc. I myself have never really had much to do with Blockbuster. For the past 14 years or so, I know (where I am at least), that it was either cheaper, or about the same price, to go and buy a game or DVD as it was to rent it, so renting became pointless. I can only remember 4 transactions with Blockbuster my entire life, and that was renting "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?" for the PS1 back in the late 1990's, same again with WWF Attitude for PS1, then buying WCW/NWO World Tour for the N64 in the late 90's, and then buying two copies of ZombiU, brand new for £2.80 each in their 75% off everything sale about 3 weeks ago.



GuruOfGreatness commented on Wii U Wins "Deals Award" For Being One Of The ...:


LMFAO. I cancelled my PS4 pre-order coz there's nothing at this time that screams to me I need a new £350 console to play nothing on. Every game I want is out for the Wii U. My brother kept his order though and we went together to collect it together Friday morning, and low and behold, just like you said, everyone in there is handing over hundreds of pounds for their new console, my brother included, and then there was me, proudly purchasing my copy of Super Mario 3D World, and announcing that this was where the REAl fun began lol. I did get some glares when some customers overheard that I had cancelled my order. They couldn't understand why lol.



GuruOfGreatness commented on Wii U Wins "Deals Award" For Being One Of The ...:

Free online, best exclusive games (matter of opinion I realise), decent amount of top third party games to keep you busy, backwards compatible, proper off screen play, very low and attractive price for bundles, games found very cheap also, attractive console for kids, families and IMO, adult demographic too......I still think it's best value for money too for what it offers compared to the other two (and no, nothing against them), at least from the prices I've seen here in the UK anyway.



GuruOfGreatness commented on Happy Birthday, Wii U - You're One Today:

@plunkettmonster So do I lol. Premium with all my games, accessories etc at home, and I got a brand new Basic model for £129.00 from Amazon a few months ago for work when they were being dropped from Asda etc. I'm self employed, and just thought, sod it, for that price I'm not saying no to it. So far just used it for the GamePad, Youtube, old Wii games and a couple of downloads.

On topic though, got my Wii U on launch day here in the UK and have loved it since day one. Not a single regret whatsoever. Happy Birthday number 1 Wii U :D Birthday number 2 in Europe next, then number 3 in Japan on December 8th. What a spoilt console it is lol.



GuruOfGreatness commented on Call Of Duty: Ghosts Patch Breaks The Cover Of...:

Anyone who's playing it quite frequently at the moment, feel free to add me too, as I am the only person I know with a Wii U sadly. Nintendo ID or whatever it is called is either HOGGYSTYLE or HOGGYSTYLEY2K. I'm one on of those on Wii U and one on the Vita, and can rarely remember which is which lol. On topic, loving the game so far (up to the swimming with sharks level on campaign). I don't think it visually looks as good as Black Ops 2 though. Not that I'm really one for graphics anyway TBH. Games are games and we are all gamers, so just enjoy them :)



GuruOfGreatness commented on Nintendo of America Cuts Recommended Price for...:

I swear at the moment (and for once full stop lol), we here in the UK are getting best value for money when it comes to Wii U stuff. The amount of games I have seen on Amazon especially go from £40.00, randomly drop to something like £9.00. James Bond 007 Legends (as bad as the reviews were), was always one of those games that I was waiting to find for around the £20.00 price mark maximum (coz though I don't like the films, I'm a sucker for the games), I would never pay £40.00 for it judging from what I'd seen and read, but one day, just a few days ago it was around £37.99, the next day I was buying it for £7.09p, and for that price, I love it.

GAME as well does very well, with brand new pre-orders (online) being either £30.00-£35.00 on release day instead of the usual £40.00-£45.00 or more, and then just wait a month or two, and you can pick them up half price brand new.

Even the console bundles that GAME has thrown together for the console have been so good at times e.g £259.99 for the Zelda Limited Edition bundle and Rayman Legends, along with a few other bits and pieces.

The thing I don't understand is why I can walk into GAME and buy a brand new hard copy of Mass Effect 3 or Ninja Gaiden for the Wii U for £14.99, or just above it, choose to pick up the online voucher code for £49.99. I know online purchases are expensive but that's ridiculous.

As for Nintendoland and officially on topic, lol, absolutely love it, got it on release day with the console and although I can understand not giving it away with every console JUST yet, what they could do is have something like buy it for £30.00 or whatever on its own, or, if buying a Wii U console, get it for like £5.00 or £10.00 as a little extra. I think everyone would get a copy then for just a few quid/dollars.



GuruOfGreatness commented on Nintendo Confirms Three New Wii U Hardware Bun...:

Not that I regret my day one purchase of my Wii U at all, I do wish right now that I didn't have one, just so I could nip out and pick one of the new bundles up lol. I'd go with either the WW HD one or the Mario one. Alternatively, I'd pay £259.99 from GAME online and get the WW HD bundle with Rayman Legends too. That IMO is fantastic value for money right there.

To think, I paid about £440 for mine on launch day, with a Deluxe/Premium model, and Black ops 2 and NSMB. Not complaining whatsoever though, coz the Wii U is the console I wish had come out about 15 years ago, with off screen TV play. THAT was the biggest selling point for me and what I had been waiting for forever. TBH, and I'm serious, I would have paid whatever they were asking for. But yet I would not do the same for one of the new consoles coming out (no, I don't hate them or anything or wan't to start a war off), as a product is only worth what the consumer is prepared to pay. I have the money to get both PS4 and XBOX if I realllllyyyyyyyyy wanted to, but what would be the point? I'd play Killzone 4 on PS4 and maybe use the Kinect for the XBOX until the novelty wore off. Oh, and they'd be used as a Blu ray too.

Other than that, ALL the games I want are either Nintendo exclusives (except Killzone 4), or they're coming out for Wii U anyway (except Battlefield 4, I would have liked that). That is the reason I cancelled my PS4 pre-order last month, when I realised that I was spending a lot of money on something I would barely use.

Obviously though, there are people who think the exact opposite. My brother for example has no interest in a Wii U as it would be a waste of money for him, even if they were just £150.00 with all this stuff, but has all his pre-orders for a PS4 loaded up. He won't be leaving GAME with much change from £500 on launch day, that's for sure.

And I've heard some people say the Wii Party U bundle is a silly one. I disagree, as I think that will be the big family seller, and it has come out at the most perfect time, just before Christmas when families invest in this sort of thing, and when families do begin to actually throw quite a few parties too, so for them, I can see how it is a very attractive offer. IMO they even threw in the correct colour for the bundle, as white is a lot friendlier and attractive than black to a young family.



GuruOfGreatness commented on Iwata: We Never Fear Failure And Always Seek T...:

At the end of the day, whether they sell 30 million Wii U's in it's lifetime, or 90 million, as long as Nintendo makes money from it, and gamers are happy with their purchases, what is there to worry about? People keep saying how the Gamecube flopped. Well yes, it sold 25 million units worldwide in its lifetime, but yet Nintendo made a profit on every single unit sold because they were so cheap to make. Would they have liked to have sold more? Of course they would have. Were they annoyed by the lower sales? Highly unlikely, as it was still cash/profit in their pocket, and the legacy of the console still lives on very fondly to those who bought it. I know I'd be happy.

Also, Nintendo, much like Sony and Microsoft are a brand, plain and simple. People always have their favourite brans of everything, foods, aftershave, football team etc, and you support that brand because it is what appeals to you and is what you as the consumer enjoy. Nintendo have always been my favourite gaming brand for the past 23 years of my gaming, and that will never change. I loved SEGA as a close second until their demise, and now, Nintendo are still around and going up against Sony and Microsoft, but why does there have to be a war? I have nothing against either other company, I just prefer Nintendo. Everyone has their own tastes, and I hate it when people try to force their taste, which turns into opinion, which then apparently means it is FACT, down other peoples throats.

I see the appeal of all 3 new consoles, but I own and am happy with just my Wii U; doesn't mean I don't see the appeal for other people though, and doesn't mean that my opinion is correct for everyone.



GuruOfGreatness commented on Out Now: The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD:

Has anyone else seen the amazing console bundles that GAME are doing at the moment? To name a couple, £259.99 for the Zelda Limited Edition console, Zelda WW HD, Rayman Legends and the Starter Kit thingy, or £269.99 for the Zelda Limited Edition console, Zelda WW HD, Pikmin 3 and the Starter Kit thingy. Not to start a war or argument off about what console is better blah blah blah, but damn, compared to the other 2 coming out, Nintendo, GAME, whoever, is really offering some value for money here with some quality titles IMO. I already have a Wii U and love it to death, but as a buyer, and someone who though does not have children yet (my wife is nearly 6 months pregnant though lol), I think if I was looking for a new console out of any of the 3, or as a gift to my children, I know which one I'd be more inclined to look at.



GuruOfGreatness commented on Out Today: The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker...:

In 23 years of gaming, I never got on the Zelda franchise bandwagon for some reason or another. Maybe I just didn't have the time to play the epic games, or they weren't my cup of tea; either way, I could never take away from their success. However, I have caved and pre-ordered the disc version from GAME for October 4th, and must admit, I am really, REALLY looking forward to my first Zelda adventure :) It does look incredible!!!



GuruOfGreatness commented on Talking Point: Marketing Wii U to the Masses:

To me, this is still Nintendo's biggest problem; advertising. I remember when I got my 3DS; I got it primarily because of Mario Kart 7. Now, I'm a sucker for ANY Mario Kart game, but this game was advertised on every bloomin channel and felt like it was every other advert too. I wasn't going to get it straight away, but lo and behold, the advertising finally got to me and I went out and got a 3DS with Mario Kart and love both. THAT'S what they need to do. Advertise it until it makes peoples eyes bleed, and when you have such a huge Nintendo exclusive console seller coming out, push, push, push and push some more and drum it into everyones head that you don't just want this game, you NEED this game. I do think they will get it right eventually though. Better late than never :)



GuruOfGreatness commented on Talking Point: Marketing Wii U to the Masses:

First time I have ever posted in any game chat forum here, and to be honest, I have so many opinions on the Wii U and gamers in general, that I don't think I could possibly comment on everything.

Now, I just want to say to start with though, that I have owned a Wii U since day one, and have not regretted it for a single second. I love it, I think it's a great console, with great games, and plenty more on their way.

Now, Nintendo have been, and no doubt always will be my favourite brand in the gaming industry. However, I have still owned, and loved, every other single console, including hand helds, that have ever been available in the UK market. Favourite console of all time is the N64, closely followed by, IMO, the most underrated console of all time, the Dreamcast.

But that's just it, though Nintendo are my favourite company, I still love all the others, because they still supply me with a different gaming experience to their competitors. Now why can't it be like that for everyone? Why do we have to have "fanboys" that think their console/brand is the best just coz they say so? Why isn't there room in the market for people to enjoy a Wii U, alongside a PS4 and an Xbox One? I realise money comes into it for some, but if you really want something bad enough, you save for it or wait until you can receive it as a gift. Why does there have to be bad blood between gamers? We are all gamers here, because, oddly enough, we all play games and enjoy them. It's no different to someone liking one food over another, yet I never see full blown wars over whether Pizza is nicer than Shepherds Pie.

Nintendo will always be my favourite, and the big fan in me hopes they sell more units than Sony and Microsoft, but I like to be realistic, though I don't think the Wii U will fail at all, I don't think it will sell epic numbers like it's competitors either, which is fine with me, and TBH, I think Nintendo will probably be happy with a healthy 3rd place. As long as they make money from the console over time, what do they care about whether they're first, second or third? Shouldn't that be how the other two companies think as well?

I have recently just sold my 360 and PS3, because I realised that I have not played on them since January 2013 when I was off over Xmas. I realised I had not bought a game for either console since November 2012. Now, this is NOT an attack on any PS3/XBOX fans, but, the reason for this is because I had lost all interest in every single game that was being released, and I found so very little time to play on what I had as well. The PS3 was literally just used as a Blu ray for it's last 9/10 months that I had it. I realised that every single game I had any interest in, was for the Wii U, whether it has been released yet or not.

I feel I have come full circle in gaming TBH. Like many, I grew up in the NES generation, and so Nintendo games were my thing. Then as I got older and the Xbox and PS2/3 came out, I got into more adult games, especially FPS. Now though, I have no interest in these adult games that have 300 hours of gameplay and have the best graphics ever seen etc etc etc. Again, this is not an attack on those who still love their Halo's, GTA etc, it is just the way things have worked out for me. I found myself falling in love with truly original games again such as Pikmin, Wonderful 101, and all the other Nintendo franchises either out or on their way. Their colours, visuals, and originality are what brought me to love Nintendo back in 1990, and it's these things that are making me want no other console in my house but my Wii U. I even cancelled my PS4 pre-order last week, as, except for Killzone 4, there is not a single game that excites me for it. This is not a bash at the PS4 though. For loads out there, they must be angry that there is TOO much for them to choose from. For me though, the games that interested me, and I have subsequently purchased or pre-ordered are Pikmin 3, Rayman Legends, The Wonderful 101, Donkey Kong, Zelda HD, Super Smash Bros, Mario Kart, Mario 3D etc. I have also pre-ordered COD and am thinking about either Watchdogs or Assasins Creed, although those two are games I would rather wait until a price drop or sale. At the end of the day, I buy Nintendo consoles to play Nintendo games. If by some chance I can also play a COD game on there or a Ninja Gaiden, then I've won twice over.

I think Nintendo's future is still strong, as is Sony's and Microsoft's. Why people have to hate on each other for liking one thing and not another is beyond me. As mentioned, though now cancelled, I preferred a PS4 over an XBOX, but, if you're deating which one to get but REALLY loved Kinect when you played it round your friends, then you would be daft NOT to go for the Xbox. If you LOVED Mario Kart and The Wonderful 101 on the Wii U round your friends house, and were thinking of selling your current console but weren't sure which one to get, why wouldn't you just go for a Wii U? Why should your judgement on which console is "best" be based on a "fanboys" opinion. It should be your call. I personally wouldn't trade my Wii U for anything, and quite frankly, the ONLY thing I would change about it would be the possibility to play DVD or Blu ray. I must admit, I was quite suprised when it was first announced that they wouldn't even throw in a DVD drive. But, no big deal, certainly not a deal breaker for me, and I would like to think for no none else as well.

It is a fantastic time to be a gamer IMO. Not only do you still have the original Wii still doing quite nicely, but you have the PS3 and 360 still doing their own thing, and doing it very well, but you also have the thriving 3DS and the steadily getting there at last PS Vita, as well as the Wii U already out, and two brand new consoles on their way. Gamers should not be complaining right now, as there is just so much choice out there, just.........enjoy it!!!