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Sun 20th January, 2008

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Vriess commented on New Euro Wii U Premium Bundle Contains Mario K...:

Great value! But the price is still to high for the average consumer. This bundle at £179 would make an absolute killing! Ok it would cut deep in Nintendo's pockets but it would definitely push the sales sky high.



Vriess commented on The Deer God Will Bring Gorgeous Pixel-Based N...:

I had forgotten about this one. I backed the Kickstarter ages ago. The reviews of the PC version aren't that great so I can't say I'm eager for the Wii U version either. Maybe my daughters will like it.



Vriess commented on Nintendo Download: 20th August (Europe):

  • Hardly any big titles because, No!, I don't like every 1st party Wii U title!!!
  • GBA/DS games that have NO place on my 55" HD tv.
  • No more VC love.
  • Rehashes of games that are on Steam since 3 years and cost 2 Euros for which I'm not gonna pay 10-15 Euros now.

Almost time to box up my Wii U...



Vriess commented on Nintendo Download: 18th June (North America):

And European gamers get about 4 lousy discounts... really Nintendo...
You North American gamers don't know how good you have it. You complain about an occasional E.U. exclusivity but you're the ones having lots of deals, multiple times a year. I'd rather have multiple 5 to 10 Euro discounts a year instead of one collectible item collecting dust somewhere.



Vriess commented on Humble Nindie Bundle Allows Wii U and 3DS eSho...:

I hate region locking so....awfully....much!!

But why did Humble Bundle do this? Why not set up an equal EU deal? They limit themselves to serving only half of the Western markets, their biggest customers. They also leave a lot of people disappointed.



Vriess commented on Poll: Is It Time For a Fresh Alternative to th...:

I love how my previous comment was modded
Don't think that the younger readers amoung us get it, but I appologize choise of words could have been a bit more appropriate indeed. Surely you mean Jon Stark?



Vriess commented on Poll: Is It Time For a Fresh Alternative to th...:

Ah...The Virtual Console, the unappreciated Jon Snow of Nintendo....
I love it to bits but it LACKS GAMES!! It needs way more titles!! I want more NES, SNES, Mega Drive, TG and Neo Geo games.... LOTS MORE!!! And I am willing to pay!! COME ON NINTENDO!!!
Also, GBA and DS games have no place on the Wii U. The native resolution is way to low to enjoy it on my 55" TV.

I really don't get it. EVERYBODY is complaining about the lack of games. Why isn't Nintendo doing anything?