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Vriess commented on Talking Point: The Argument For And Against Re...:

The argument against downloading ROMs would be a quite a bit stronger if Nintendo released a lot more VC games, but since they don't... I would prefer to buy Bayou Billy and Solar Jetman, Goonies 2, Kung Fu, Gremlins 2 etc. on the Wii U, but since I can't ...



Vriess commented on Video: Ghirahim Looks Creepy and Deadly in Hyr...:

I want to want to this game because I love the Zelda series, but I just can't get excited about it. It's just not my genre. I would be bored to death within 5 minutes. I am glad for the people who do want this game though. It is good to see something new being done with a big Nintendo franchise.



Vriess commented on Sega Still Considering Its Options For The Wii...:

They're going from "no way in hell" to "if there is a hell, then there may be a way". Not much difference to me...

Sega and other older publishers should have their butts kicked for not releasing more VC games!! How many resources would it take to port an old game to the Wii U? Ok, I think that most VC games don't generate that much revenue, but I am sure that the costs of porting them over can be covered and that companies should see it as fan service and a form of marketing. The old games need to be kept fresh for us old school gamers AND for the younger generations. My kids love the NES, SNES and Mega Drive games, but that's thanks to me and not thanks to Sega...



Vriess commented on Poll: Which Is The Best Legend Of Zelda Game?:

Twilight Princess! The gameplay, mood, graphics, music, length...all great! Story wise...there are a lot of loop holes, but the rest of the game makes up for that. Ocarina of Time 3D is a close second.



Vriess commented on Nintendo Download: 10th July (Europe):

I twittered Yachtclub Games and they say that they don't have a date for the EU version yet. I can imagine that the game needs translation into French, Spanish, Italien and German and then the game has to pass through PEGI and Nintendo validation again... Like Yachtclub Games couldn't have done that earlier...



Vriess commented on Guide: The Biggest Wii U and 3DS Retail Games ...:

Captain Toad - For sure! :D
Project CARS - Probably
Art Academy - If my daughter wants it.
Watch Dogs - Yes, but not for full retail price.
For the rest....meh....

Looking forward to more VC titles. Mainly NES, SNES and Mega Drive. Also want more indies.



Vriess commented on E3 2014: Quickfire Shigeru Miyamoto Video Focu...:

I don't know about Miyamoto's three gamePad projects. They look kind of fun but gimmicky as well. A year ago when everyone started to worry about the dwindling Wii U sales, I can imagine Iwata having said; "Quick, we need to show the public the importance of the Wii U gamepad and Miyamoto-san, as figure head of Nintendo, you're the only one that can do it. We need you to think up something fun and unique, and fast! We're in damage control here!"

Ok, they're "projects" and not fully developed games. But to me the games feel rushed and not nearly as engaging as other Miyamoto's games. I wonder about their pricing and lasting value. I don't see myself playing any of those game for longer than 15 minutes or half an hour. Do you guys?

I love the gamepad but I'm afraid that if Nintendo hasn't been able to convince the large public of it's use during the 17 months that the Wii U has been available, that they never will.



Vriess commented on Mario Kart 8 DLC Confirmed for Japan With Free...:

With Wave Race there is a serious tone to the game and Kawasaki is the worlds biggest motocross cycle and jet ski manufacturer so imo that brand has it's place in the game, more or less. And Fanta ads in Wave Race? Not that I don't believe you but I must have really been concentrated on racing because I have never noticed any. Mario Kart is a fun racer. A Mercedes car next to a Buggybud, Wild Wiggler or just weird and out of place.

As for the lesson in need. I know how it works. I just don't like to see such blatant forms of advertisement in Nintendo games. It's out of place and beneath them.



Vriess commented on Review: Double Dragon II: The Revenge (3DS eSh...:

" The bosses still attack you with cheap moves that have to be countered with your own cheap moves."

You still have to time those "cheap moves" well, otherwise you're toast! This game brings back so many good memories about my childhood. I love this game! I want it on the Wii U though...



Vriess commented on Nintendo Download: 29th May (Europe):

Too bad the Cold cold heart DLC for Arkham Origins isn't available on the Wii U otherwise I would have bought the game. I'll get it on Steam during one of those crazy sales.

Very true. I'm making use of the discount because I bought the VC SNES version but the digital version is still too expensive. It should be cheaper considering that there aren't any packaging costs and except for hosting the download servers, hardly any distribution costs either. Digital games cost that much because Nintendo don't want to alienate the retailers by undercutting them. By the time that publishers go completely digital, then the consumers have gotten used to the high digital prices... It's a somewhat dirty business, isn't it?



Vriess commented on Philips Claims Wii And Wii U Infringe Two Of I...:

Don't be ridiculous . Philips tv's are really good and besides, it's just a brand name because Philips has sold of their tv division to a Chinese company and they have the right to continue the Philips brand. Also Sony has recently stated that they too will spin off their tv division. Better buy LG then, or have the Koreans done something to upset you too? ;)