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Raptor78 commented on Guide: How to Get Involved in Splatoon's First...:

As far as I'm aware Japan also has another splatfest on the 3rd/4th of July, so any Americans taking this as a personal thing from Nintendo has got to consider how many countries are being affected by this. When you take into account Europe / PAL region and Asia and then the America, America isn't that large a percentage of players. If it had been a USA only event on the 4th I would have agreed that Nintendo were being jerks but seeing as it looks like a much bigger Splatfest I really think its unfortunate timing. If you check the Japanese Splatoon Twitter I'm sure they have a Splatfest between Udon Noodles and something else.?!?



Raptor78 commented on Super Mario Maker Producer Tells Fans Not To E...:

Metroid seems an obvious choice. The classic platformed version of Metroid with a nice HD style. I know that you will be able to add Samus to Mario maker by using the Amibo, but it wouild bre nice to have a specific Metroid maker.



Raptor78 commented on Splatoon Version 1.3.0 Update Due on 30th June...:

As a fan of the Ninja Kraken I am a bit saddened that they are both being nerfed, but hey that's how games work these days. Personaly I dislike the bubble shields and those areo guns and would like some nerfing on those. Mabey next time.



Raptor78 commented on Nintendo Isn't Talking About NX Because It Doe...:

I think Nintendo is right to keep a tight lip over the NX. Speculation from gaming sites like this and such is great but as soon as rivals know solid details, then they can work towards making something similar or something the polar opposite which will hurt sales. I think, or mabey it's wishful thinking, when they mentioned the transition from wiiu and the 3DS that this is a system that is both a home console and a handheld. If they can allow backward compatibility of both systems then they wouldn't be wasting any current assets and will start with a decent back catalogue. But yeah, speculation fine, concrete details this early is not fine.



Raptor78 commented on Nintendo Gets Tough With Miiverse Bans, and So...:

Its really that easy to avoid strikes on miiverse... I've received two in the past both were from Tomodatchi life. One was a reply to an actual miiverse friend who had asked if he could use our miis within his game. I got a strike for a five word sentence... "Sure, you can add me" and my second strike was for when someone asked me what the game was like and I said you play a benevolent god like figure like in the game Populous. And I got a strike for offensive religious comments. Until Nintendo sort out their moderators, console bans are way too risky.



Raptor78 commented on Luna Blaster Weapon Arriving Tomorrow For Spla...:

Samurai Chronicles was like this on the 3DS and I used to look forward to each weeks new content . It really does keep a game fresh, and if their not charging for it that's great. Releasing content that should have been in the game and charging for IIT would be something else altogether.



Raptor78 commented on Feature: Nintendo Wins at Its Own Game - A Rev...:

Ive waited too long for FF7 that to me Sony missed the boat. I ended up settling for the HD fanmade remake on the PC. So far ive not been excited by any of Sony and Microsofts offerings. I really enjoyed the world championship even if I was too tired to work the following day, the highlight for me was the Super Metroid eliminator, im not very good at the game and to see someone storm through the stage like they did really had me gripped. I am currently enjoying the Nindies at home, it was a nice little surprise and im hoping there will be more to come after the digital event.



Raptor78 commented on Video: Check Out the Official Trailers for the...:

I suppose the good thing about getting these previews out so early and having several months before release date means these issues could be addressed. Why not contact Wales Interactive and let them know what you think and mabey they could add that option. I really enjoyed the preview and I loved Master Reboot so its on the top of my list when it comes out.



Raptor78 commented on Nintendo Download: 18th June (Europe):

The nindies at home was a great surprise and I'm sure there will be more through the week. I would be very shocked if this was all there was... Any chance of the nindies at home for the 3ds before the end of the week



Raptor78 commented on Rumour: ZombiU Is Shedding Its Wii U Exclusivi...:

I really enjoy ZombiU and if they want to port it then fair enough, the only thing is that the element that really made the game stand out to me was the fantastic use of the pad. Without it, it just seems like another Zombie game to which each system has its own good ones already. If they can make anything more back from the wiiu assets great, but I think that the time working around the games great features that would make it seem generic, could cost as much as they make back.... Unless they are planning on releasing a sequel on those systems and are planning on a loss on the port just to encourage sales of the sequel.



Raptor78 commented on Latest Wii U System Update Removes TVii On Eur...:

I still hope that we will get an All4 app and ITVplayer. I know I have them on all types of devices already but I like using the wiiu TV apps on the pad. I already use netflix, Amazon and BBC iplayer... Oh and YouTube, which let's you watch movies and TV bought on your Google play account. So I really want those other TV player apps to let me do it all on my pad.



Raptor78 commented on PlatinumGames to Unveil a New Title at E3:

I always wanted them to port MadWorld to the 3DS. I absolutely love that game, and would love a 3D version or sequel that would incorporate touch screen instead of motion for attacks.



Raptor78 commented on Rumour: Nintendo NX Could Use Google's Android...:

I still use my Ouya when I go on holidays and such. The Ouya experience is very different to the phone experience, it doesn't rely on the "Google" part of android, which in some ways is a bad thing because it limits comparability of some things even if you side load them onto the system, But Ouya's store front works really well with games that have not only been specifically ported to the system some are exclusive. The problem with the Ouya is that it is a small fish trying to be a big fish in an extremely large pond. Nintendo would be a large fish in the exact same pond. Ouya may not have been successful on the surfaces, but have shown a lot of promise. Nintendo have shown what it can do with its range of "Nindies" and a bespoke version of android in a walled garden Nintendo shop front could be successful. People who don't use Ouya just seem to imagine its just Google play with a physical controller running through a TV. When infact it is a closed environment where you can only purchase through their own shop front. Sure you can root it and use it like any other Google device, and Ouya encourage people to use it as a development box as well, but side loaded stuff doesn't work aswell as fully optimized software and I'm sure Nintendo will make sure the walled garden storefront would have incredibly high walls and prevent rooting and side loading altogether. I suppose all I'm saying is that Android doesn't always have to mean Google.



Raptor78 commented on First Footage Emerges of Bandai Namco's Projec...:

If it follows the same free to play mode as Tank Tank Tank, then im in. Limited number of free turns a day with different levels and DLC modes available to buy , but once you buy one piece of the DLC it gets rid of the limited number of turns each day. Tank, Tank Tank was fun and shallow, but was easy worth paying a couple of pounds to unlock what I wanted.



Raptor78 commented on Reminder: New StreetPass DLC Games Offer a 'Th...:

The Gardening streetpass game was a suprise hit for me with it easily being my favourite despite me getting it just because I wanted the other three anyway... love the two new games, but I can see myself spending a lot of time on the fishing game, although I hate fishing. I had the my aquarium game on the wii and im pleasantly suprised that the fishing game has a nice aquarium mode too. Definitely worth picking both up and getting the discount.



Raptor78 commented on Analyst Thinks Nintendo Is Already Winding Dow...:

@MrKenta Im hoping that whatever the NX will be will be the bridge between home and handheld gaming. Im not really bothered if it is just a powerfull handheld that can compete against home systems or a full system with a fully portable aspect. If the NX is a handheld then so be it :)



Raptor78 commented on Analyst Thinks Nintendo Is Already Winding Dow...:

Considering how little we know about the NX at the moment I think this is a pretty big bold statement to make and I think it is off the mark. I imagine that Nintendo would be working towards another three pillar system. I remember when ai had the GameCube, I also had a GBA and a DS. As we know very little about NX, I would imagine Nintendo supporting the wiiU, 3DS and the NX. But then I'm pretty much hoping for NX to be a combined home console and handheld device, pretty much how the 3DS and wiiU should have been.



Raptor78 commented on Interview: IRONFALL Invasion's Developers on B...:

I was really impressed with the technical side of this game, they have managed to develop a fantastic engine and I would love to see how they plan to use it in other games in the future. As far as the game itself, it has a lot of similarities to other games like Shadowgun and more obviously the Gears of War series, but that isn't such a bad thing as the eShop isn't exactly swamped with games of that genre. Im looking forward to the end of the month to pick up a top up and I think I will purchase both packs. Also if they want a suggestion on what to use the game engine on next, I would love for them to bring a Red Dead / Weird Western game to the 3DS.



Raptor78 commented on Review: IRONFALL Invasion (3DS eShop):

I have really enjoyed the Gears of War series on the Xbox and I think these developers have done a good job of making what seems to be a portable version of the game. The controls work well and it doesnt take long to pick them up, infact I was going to dig out my circle pad but I dont think I really need to, using my thumb on the touchscreen to control my aim works just as well. Gameplay wise its not ground breaking but technically I think they have done an amazing job and would love to see them using this engine to make a fresh and unique game but I understand why they would have used a tried and tested kind of game to start with (gears of war, shadowgun, etc.)
The free base game is a good idea for a game obviously wanting to push multiplayer because they will ensure there will be plenty of online players albiet on the free stage but hopefully the paid levels will eventually pick up some steam. The single player campaign plays well although its not the most imaginative but as an optional DLC anybody only interested in multiplayer doesnt need to pick it up. I think 7 out of 10 is exactly the right score for this game.



Raptor78 commented on Miyamoto: We Are Working On Ideas For The Next...:

The gamepad is a massive reason I like the wiiu, even if its just for the off screen play when the main TV is In use. I don't know if it is because if years of playing DS and 3DS games, but the pad seems really natural. If there was just one thing I would ask for them to implement into their next home console, it would be to allow their pad to be uses as a stand alone system and allow their next handheld to be a 100% compatible controller. Not too bothered about the graphics of the next system. It may be my age, but all these "realistic" graphics , massive game budgets etc. Are just "blah" to me now.



Raptor78 commented on Discontinued amiibo Figures Could Be Released ...:

I think collectible Amiibo cards would be a great idea. Although they may not be as functional as an Amiibo figure because I would doubt it would have any kind of save function for use in games like Smash Bros., they would still at least give you the chance to unlock exclusive items, weapons, outfits etc. in games like Mario Kart. This seems a fair comprise so people still have a chance to unlock content within a game but yet allow for some figures to become limited and thus highly collectible.



Raptor78 commented on Video: How Does Watch Dogs Wii U Compare To Th...:

While I think that Ubisoft could remake Red Steel 1 for the wiiu and improve the graphics and somehow incorperate the touch screen pad (think fruit ninja controls for sword play) but then use a traditional control system for everything else. But as far as Red Steel 2 goes it already works so well using the backwards compatibility, the art style still works well on the wiiU, just like Mad World. It would probably be just as good to pick up a second hand wii copy and play it through compatability mode instead of forking out for a shinier version... but Red Steel 1, yeah, they could really improve that.



Raptor78 commented on Video: GameStop Shows How It Faked 'Karissa th...:

Last year my disabled, then 8 year old daughter destroyed the competition in a "friendly" EA promotional gaming booth for 'Need for speed Rivals'. The guy running the booth absolutely loved the fact that this little thing, who happens to have three fingers missing on her right hand was thrashing a bunch of twenty something males. It was fantastic to watch, and allthough this event was indeed a set up. Nobody was hurt, sure a few egos but overall the entertainment of seeing this ten year old kick ass was worth it. If it had been a real competition with big prizes at stake then sure I would think this is wrong, but as a promotional event this is fine with me.



Raptor78 commented on Nintendo Download: 20th November (Europe):

I think the only way Ubisoft can convince us to buy Watchdogs on the wiiu would be for them to release a demo that is able to show any improvements there may be on the wiiu version. Its much cheaper now on other systems and a lot of people have multiple systems even if it is a wiiu and a last gen PS360 combo so they really need to prove why we should pay full on the wiiu.



Raptor78 commented on I'll Take Zelda And Mario Over Sharing Call Of...:

In all fairness, I picked up a lot of the third party games on the wiiu during the early days when you did have your AAA third party games... and ive always been a multiplatform owner since the death of Dreamcast. But a lot of AAA franchises tend to spawn similar but obviously more improved versions of their previous games ane very little fresh meat. Im not saying Nintendo doesnt milk their IP's but each game seems good on its own basis. I can enjoy Mario Kart on the wiiU, but I can equally go back and have a blast with Double Dash on the Gamecube. There is a timelessness that comes with first party Nintendo games that I just dont get on other consoles. Its just my oppinion but I agree with him. That the Nintendo exclusives do outway third party rehashes over time... with the exception of Red Dead Redemption and Phantasy Star Online. lol



Raptor78 commented on A World of Keflings Unleashes On The North Ame...:

I used to enjoy playing this on my 360 and it worked really well within the Avatar Famestar series of games where playing one game would affect another through rewards etc. I wonder if they will implement soething similar on the wiiU using miiverse or something. Mabey unlocking special stamps as achievemnets etc. Anyway, a fun game and im sure it will make a good addition to the eshop. Has anybody got a clue about a European release yet?



Raptor78 commented on Parent Trap: Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapph...:

Pokemon Ruby on the GBA was my favourite of the Pokemon series. I never was addicted to the video games that much and over time i played them less and less. My son on the other hand got into them via Pokemon X & Y on the 3DS and it was nice that we both applied for a code each and got to play the demo. Obviously for him its another 'fresh' pokemon adventure for him to get stuck into, and for me its a nice familier game to play. The Demo got me excited enough to consider picking up one of the games when my son will very likely want to buy one. I have been concerned about the the frame rate dips and pauses between loading transitions sometimes, but I imagine this is purely down to the fact I have a huge SD card in my 3DS and the transfer speed isnt as good as what it would be on an actual retail cartridge.
So thanks once again Nintendolife for demo codes, and although it may not seem like everyones cup of tea considering some of the posts on here, there is one father and son team that is glad of the opportunity to play this demo. Thanks



Raptor78 commented on Capcom Won't Greenlight Sequels If A Game Does...: Revaltions 2 is going to be episodic , like the Telltale Games business model. Does this mean if they don't hit 2 million sales on episode one they wont release any other episodes? So we will be left with an unfinished series like the half life episodes.



Raptor78 commented on Capcom Won't Greenlight Sequels If A Game Does...:

If that is the position Capcom is taking at the moment, they should either sell or at least lease the rights to the unsuccessful franchises and give someone else a chance to risk a sequel. I bet Nintendo could do a Megaman sequel proud.



Raptor78 commented on Wii U Version of Watch Dogs to Miss Out on DLC:

My experience of the third party games is that the do actually perform better than my 360 versions of the game but having things cut from the main game or having DLC would affect my choice of which platform the buy on if it wasnt for offTV mode. I think there are some solid ports that if they had been advertised well enough, released at the same time as the other systems and had the same content then yes they could have sold well. As it is at the moment, people don't want to buy gimped versions.
With the exception of that fitness game, I think over time ive picked up all the ubisoft games on the wiiu and on the whole think they play pretty well... howeve they are still gimped and having the choice of investing all your time into a game that you will never get the full experience or buying it for another console you will buy for the other console or not even bother at all.



Raptor78 commented on Wii U Version of Watch Dogs to Miss Out on DLC:

One of the reasons their games dont sell as well on the wiiu as opposed to other systems IS because they dont give all the content that is available elsewhere.
That's why Wii U owners dont buy third party,, that's because they don't get all the content and that's why they don't buy more third-party games from these companies. It's really that simple!



Raptor78 commented on Wii U Version of Watch Dogs to Miss Out on DLC:

When those games are released so late in the day that the DLC was already available for those other systems you would have thought they would have released it on the wiiu port, and considering many of those had been released before the 3rd party backlash that shouldnt have been an issue.
I could understand if the game had been released at the same time and the DLC was promised and then pulled due to lack of support from the customers but this hasnt been the case. I myself have bought DLC on the wiiu when available and I do own multiple systems but avoided buying on ither systems because I wanted to support the Nintendo version.



Raptor78 commented on Wii U Version of Watch Dogs to Miss Out on DLC:

As someone who has purchased all those titles with the exception of Tekken I will tell you how dissapointed I was with those companies for missing out content that was available on other systems within those games, or content was deayed so much I didnt think it would ever come out. True I love the wiiU versions because prefer using offTV mode but given a choice of buying a game on a system where you could have the opportunity to get all the content at some point or buying it for a system where only half the content is available you would probably want to get it on the system with all the content. So as far as im concerned those games had a bad launch because the third parties hadnt supported them well to start with.



Raptor78 commented on Project CARS Wii U Delay Was To Ensure It's As...:

Not a racing fan myself but I've been interested in this game because my daughter is a big fan of the Forza series. While we have a very good racing game in the form of Mario Kart 8, but I still think we could do with a game like this on the wiiu. To show their commitment to the wiiu version I reckon they should give us a demo no matter how rough it is at the time of the other releases. That should put us on until the 2015 release.



Raptor78 commented on Ubisoft's Uplay Application Hints That Watch D...:

watchdogs (360) is already a tenner second hand at my local games supplier. It is becoming a more attractive offer the more and more Ubi are trying to put people off the wiiu version, one thing that bothers me is the shear number of second hand copies they have. Either it is short and shallow or it is a bad game, either way it is worrying.



Raptor78 commented on Poll: Tell Us What You Think of the New Ninten...:

I can't imagine the increased CPU and features having a big affect on the number of games coming out for the original 3DS family because of how large the install base is. If developers want to use the extra power they would probably release a game that would work on the regular 3DS but had "extra content" for New3DS, just like they did with some of the games that came out for the DSi. I would imagine that there would be a few download only exclusives for the New3DS but big companies would rather play it safe.



Raptor78 commented on Wii U Minecraft Looking Doubtful As Dev Says T...:

This sounds like BS if its all about the install rate. There are many decent clones on this game kicking around so I think its time Nintendo fulfil the need on their own platforms by coming up with their own Nintendo themed world building game with relevent Metroid, Zelda skins etc. If the makers of Minecraft arnt happy they can fill the gap themselves. And if anybody is worried about lawsuits I would remind them of the educational games in the 80s than bore a striking similarity to the early minecraft games.



Raptor78 commented on The Keep Begins Its 3DS eShop Quest on 11th Se...:

orcs and elves was more like a fantasy version of Doom, this reminds me of the old dungeon crawlers from the late 80s early 90s. I enjoyed them a great deal then but the trailer looks a bit repetitive. It may be worth taking a risk at that price though.



Raptor78 commented on Talking Point: The Wii U May be Best as One of...:

Last gen I had a wii and 360, with the wii being my primary console. This gen im using a wiiu and my old 360, dont see no point upgrading to Xbone. Ive even stopped subscribing to gold. If I ever did upgrade my second system it would probably be for the PS4, but im in no hurry to do so.



Raptor78 commented on Somebody At Ubisoft Really Doesn't Like Mario ...:

Its free DLC. If its not your cup of tea, dont use it. Im all for sponsored Free DLC. Just like the map packs on my XBox, if a company wants to give me a little extra content for free albeit advertising a product of theirs who am I to complain. What does upset me is when you have to pay for DLC that clearly benefits a company by freely advertising their product... but then you don't buy it.
Not too keen with how the cars look compared to the original mario kart vehicles but at the end of the day it just gives us more choices.



Raptor78 commented on Ubisoft Executive Talks Up Super Smash Bros. a...:

To me certain games like the Just Dance series, are nice to get hold of for the system of your choice when they hit the right price point and if your in the mood. In no way is Just Dance a system seller on ANY system.
Zombi U should have been a system seller but because the wiiU came out a year earlier than its competition a lot of people (including myself) waited on to see what Sony and Microsoft had to offer. As soon as I decided to pick up a wiiU, Zombi U was one of the first games on my list but at that time it had been out since launch and only had a low price on it. I can see why Ubisoft have made their choices but im sure that now the system is picking up speed Mature titles will sell (if they arnt gimped and have non of the DLC of other system).
Just Dance - Not a system seller. Smash Bros. definitely a system seller for those fans who didnt pick one up for MK8 or even earlier. Rayman would have been a great exclusive and could have sold systems. It is the best version of it but Ubi decided to go multiplat :(



Raptor78 commented on Wii U Pre-Orders Enjoy a Healthy Boost Followi...:

@Spoony_Tech True Indie titles dont have the muscle to carry a system, but if were lucky some of these little acorns may well grow into big oaks. What Nintendo needs to do with some of the better indie groups is support them into becoming bigger and better companies and develop fresh new 3rd party support and mabey even buy a few new first party teams.



Raptor78 commented on Resident Evil Revelations 2 Assets Spotted:

I understand why they arnt releasing REsident Evil:REmake for the wiiU, becasuse they already rereleased it on the wii so even though I cant play my old Gamecube games on the wiiu I can still pick up a copy of Resident Evil Archives for the wii and play it. I will be extremely dissapointed if this doesnt come out on the 3DS at least. Even if it isnt the same version as the other systems, they still need to have a sequel considering the Revelations series started there. Im actually surprised that CashCom hasn't released a Revelations and Mercs double pack yet with both 3DS titles on the same cart because we all know how much they like recycling their assets.



Raptor78 commented on Activision Confirms That Call of Duty: Advance...:

To be honest the big companies arnt making a killing on any of their games anymore regardless of the system. The budgets are that big that even when they are selling millions their games are still becoming flops with only one or two titles actually managing to scrap through. They have all said asmuch themselves. Obviously one way of trying to trim the fat is to limit the number of different consoles they develop for but it doesnt mean they dont need Nintendo, infact they need them more. The big companies are banking on gamers owning multiple systems this generation and dont want to canabalise sales from people owning the same system. Chances are gamers who own multiple systems will probably own a Nintendo AND a Sony or Microsoft console, just like last generation. Unfortunately people who only own a wiiU will suffer.