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Fri 31st January, 2014

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Daruncic commented on Atari's "Corporate Comeback Strategy" Includes...:

"LGBT" seems like the odd one out among the easy cash grabs listed. Additionally, what IP's does Atari own? When I think Atari I think Pong and Centipede and Space Invaders, but I don't think they own any of them...



Daruncic commented on Nintendo Still Working On Bringing Game Boy Ad...:

"No, Nintendo does not put recent console games on the 3DS eShop, and sadly that means we cannot either. The same goes with GBA (outside of the ambassador games) — though they’re working on this and we look forward to the day it’s possible. But until that day comes, we aren’t actively working on porting any specific GBA or GameCube games."

Sounds like the opposite. No plans, aren't working on, etc.