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Fri 31st January, 2014

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Daruncic commented on Review: Super Mario Maker (Wii U):

I have a question: With the 10 Mario Challenge mode, is it just levels that come on the disk, or is there an option to have it pick levels other players have created?



Daruncic commented on M2's Porting of Gunstar Heroes To 3DS Was Almo...:

The games they chose raise so many questions. Even more so with the games Nintendo chose, I mean, 3d Kirby is great! But to not continue the 3D Classics series because they chose Urban Champion over Super Mario? Silly



Daruncic commented on Disney Infinity Sales Struggling To Maintain M...:

I wish my Amiibo got more uses, but at least they do, in mario kart, smash, and soon mario maker. I really enjoy the Skylander games. They remind me of the glory days of the collectathon platformer, and the characters are all interesting and have unique mechanics. I bought Disney Infinity 2 and wow was I dissapointed. First off, flying characters have a serious advantage, to the point of making other characters unplayable. The included missions were quite awful and repetitive, and the level creation mechanic, while nice, was not intuitive at all. On top of that, the figures were priced far too high to be inpulse buy territory. I have a number of skylander figures, but I've never paid more than $3 for one as they frequently go on sale (and I tend to be a game behind, will get trap team when it goes on sale)



Daruncic commented on Editorial: Nintendo's Approach to amiibo is In...:

Additional thought: Things like "Amiibo Tap" are bizarre. The "game" is free, but in order to play demos that should be available, also for free, in the Eshop, you need an amiibo to unlock them, randomly. People who collect Amiibo are nintendo fans, and know if they want to buy a link to the past already. The people who do not know if they want that game, are the ones who have not already played it, who do not collect amiibo. That game, in particular, should have unlocked Full Games instead of just demos. Scan one of these toys and I'll unlock a random complete NES or SNES game? If I'm lucky I'll get an N64 game? that right there justifies half the price of this plastic mario.



Daruncic commented on Iwata Doesn't Feel amiibo Has Shown Its Full P...:

maybe have the Amiibo's unlock a new wallpaper/theme for the 3ds? like, each having its own it unlocks? I'm a little sad that there are, say, 8 that unlock outfits in Mario Kart, half of which are discontinued and scalped like crazy. I wish they went full on and had an unlock for every amiibo. Especially since its just a simple mii outfit.



Daruncic commented on Feature: Tales From the Front Line of amiibo C...:

Went to an out of the way Target last week and found about 5 Shieks. I bought one and called a friend asking if they wanted me to pick them up one too. They declined, already had it. I left the other 4 knowing full well that some jerk was going to come in right after me and buy all of them.