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Mon 2nd Sep 2013

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Megatonwhale commented on Hyrule Warriors Producer Would Love to Work Wi...:

I could actually see this kind of working. The SSB franchise has kind of established Mario as a fiery brawler so I could see him chaining ground shattering jumps into some epic flaming meteor attack with a huge blast radius.

The other characters have some real scope too. Fox darting around with bullet fast kicks while calling in Arwing air strikes or Landmaster support, Captain Falcon unleashing devastating Falcon Punches and maybe even Luigi, just getting by with sheer luck and combos based on fortunate accidents (tripping into enemies or running towards the camera while dropping bombs in a panic)

Doesn't mean it should happen though. It more than likely wouldn't meet expectations and could just end up being a reckless use of so many adored IPs.



Megatonwhale commented on Ninterview: We Talk Bits and Beats With Mega Ran:

I'm a huge fan of the man and his music. I find it kind of comforting that one of his tips is to find a mentor when I've considered him a mentor in my personal projects for a while now. Amazing interview! Love Mega Ran. Love NintendoLife.



Megatonwhale commented on Feast Your Eyes On The Official Super Smash Br...:

@BSFsontails1012 I totally agree. It was watching Captain Falcon play the role of "Overwhelmingly powerful boss that you're probably scripted to lose to" that made me think of Ganondorf. I still have hope though as a Hyrule Warriors Direct would be an ideal platform for a reveal. You should check out FE:A, it's a damn good game



Megatonwhale commented on Video: Hands-On With Captain Toad: Treasure Tr...:

This looks great. Also I've heard that the game will contain 80 levels which I feel is more than enough to make it worthy of a full retail price. If it's true that is.

Side note - That bearded guy in the background in the Nintendo Team t-shirt looks like he's having the best time of his life.



Megatonwhale commented on E3 2014: Nintendo Won't Bring Live Twitch Stre...:

I have to admit, after dabbling in Twitch streaming on the PS4 I can see where Reggie is coming from. Once the novelty had worn off I've never returned to the idea of streaming my gameplay. If I want to show a friend a Nintendo game I'll invite them over.



Megatonwhale commented on PETA Clamours for Attention with Spoof Pokémo...:

This is so typical of PETA. They do more harm to the animal rights argument than good. I'm sure some good points could be raised on the Pokemon/Animal abuse argument. Points that could be discussed and argued both ways but this is not how you go about doing it. This is just PETA begging for attention.