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Tue 12th November, 2013

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Donutman commented on NINJHAX Exploit Is All About Nintendo 3DS Home...:

I know 2 people who do this. They run emulators an pc and 1 has ouya too. 1 of them still buys and plays games on lots of systems. The other does not. He hasn't paid to play or bought a game or system in like 3 years. I do not support him. He has a wii and hasn't even played skyward store yet. Too busy running Roms on his pc.
I have never tried doing stuff like this. If I ever did, I'd want a "ds" that runs emulators of old school games. But I'd buy a separate one. So Nintendo gets benifit of that, and when it comes down to it, I have 2 kids and I'm a huge gamer myself. I think nintendos future is looking ok.



Donutman commented on Video: GameStop Shows How It Faked 'Karissa th...:

I am very disappointed in Gamestop by this. I think I will never buy another game from them. I would be pissed if I was one of those gamers after playing that. Would have been cool to think that a 10year old it really that good. I know my 13 year old son holds his own againist me in most games, but he isn't quite beating me yet...



Donutman commented on Suda51 Explains The Origins Of No More Heroes ...:

This was one of my fav series on wii. Still have both and replay all the time. I always love how they nailed how to mix button mash with waggle gameplay. Angling remote to change attacks, then waggle to finish people off. 1st was flawed outside of the combat, 2nd wasn't flawed at all, but still something seemed missing. I wish for hd nmh3.



Donutman commented on Cubic Ninja Sales Spike Following Announcement...:

@TeeJay I have never done anything "home brew" "emulator" related ever. I have been reading into how to do this for an old wii I acquired. Looking into doing same thing with an old ds. I have still been throwing money at Nintendo and will continue to if they keep doing the same thing they been for last 25+ years. Having a ds that runs emulators of ps1 games might not be legal I guess, but the thought of it is pretty cool. And I still have my 3ds that is downloading smashs' new update right now.



Donutman commented on Little Mac Is Officially The Least Successful ...:

I haven't had an issue with anyone 1 fighter yet. Most people I've noticed changed characters almost every match. I do. Little Mac Odin my rotation, but I don't like him other then nostalgia. The music for his stage is awesome :)



Donutman commented on Review: Angry Bunnies: Colossal Carrot Crusade...:

@Kaze_Memaryu it was still quite a bit cheaper then buying angry birds for Wii U. I haven't given rovio $.01 ever, so maybe i gave the money to the wrong dev, but still. As far as im concerned, 95% of all gaming falls into the clone/shovelware category. A game like army of two is shovelware when compared to uncharted. call of duty is shovelware. they are good games in their own right. like i said in my first line. Angry Bunnies was purchased for a 4 year old. it didn't cost me $20 like angry birds. i'm helping Nintendo's future by teaching my son to play games. So in no way am i hurting anyone but rovio.



Donutman commented on Review: Angry Bunnies: Colossal Carrot Crusade...:

I picked this up for 1 reason, my 4 year old likes angry birds on the our tablets. He loves this. That's all this is good for. However, to boycott it because its a clone is lame. Most game are clones. What about those minecraft clones being done for wii u. Everyone is excited for them. Someone who likes angry birds would like this. But that's it.
And I admit this is was a waste of money, but tablets are so easy to use, he hates the thought of using a button controller. But in the last month, he has been playing Smash on the 3ds, Mario 3dworld, tennis and boxing now too. Now he has another game. Thanks Nintendo.



Donutman commented on Table Top Racing: World Tour Dev Isn't Sure Ab...:

He might not be wrong, but this mentality is like giving up. This is what the big AAA devs think, so why not the little guys? But hey, if it sucks...wii u owners don't want it. Give the mediocre games to Sony snd Microsoft.



Donutman commented on Nintendo 64x64: Super Smash Bros:

I used to train for hours at this game. Me, link, vs 3 max level jiggly puffs all of us with 10 stock lives. I hated jiggly puff and took lots of pleasure beating it up :) My friends and I played countess over nighters with this game in high school and college. Probably all time fav video game. Smash on 3ds is awesome and I can't wait for wii u.



Donutman commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Ability to Charm You...:

@ValiantPixel and at 15, I was too busy playing n64 goldeneye and smash bros to care about a ps1. I had a pc to play starcraft, half life, quake etc...but i have always had a Nintendo ____ for my tv gaming. Still at 33, my wii u is on the living room tv, and my ps3 has found its way to my sons room for his COD gaming. i even got smash for his 3ds and i end up playing it non stop, and he used it once, but went back to COD. its sad that this is what gaming has become. non stop FPS and and pay to play. that's what gaming has become, a pop culture service like cable tv.



Donutman commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Ability to Charm You...:

In my world...I knownore adults that still play Mario/Zelda then kids. All the kids I know, my 13 year old son included...would rather play PS3 black ops and minecrsft then Mario or Zelda. Kids today don't have patience to play a Zelda game. It's a shame that cod sells 20 million copes overnight, but Mario hitting 3 million this gen is will be amazing. Nintendos real competition is iPod touches. Not ps4 and x1s.



Donutman commented on Watch Dogs Companion App Updated For Compatibi...:

Buying it day 1 even though I know I wont like it. I don't like sandbox games enough to play more then 1 or 2 a gen. but I have to support this if I want more games on Wii U. I really just want to play as many games on my gamepad as possible and that why I waited.



Donutman commented on Weirdness: Sony Fan Creates Petition In Hope O...:

I think I am going to petition mircosoft to let Nintendo have Halo games on Wii U. I think Nintendo is lacking in fps games and hey, why not. Lets even have Master Chief be a DLC character for smash. Maybe we could even get Kratos too. I don't want to buy an xbox so Microsoft should bend over for me.



Donutman commented on Video: Here Are Some Fun Facts About The Might...:

Being a life long nintendo fan...I didn't like my gamecube. I had it for about 3 years of the cycle, but aside from the obivious good games, it wasn't as good of a console as its counterparts, ps2 and Xbox. I had a top of line gaming pc back then that got way more use. I sold it to get a ds that got tons of use. Wii ended up being my fav console ever. Not only is it a gamecube, but like 9 consoles of VC/wiiware games and now my wii u is really a 8 year old system with about 300 games since it all transfers over.



Donutman commented on Hyrule Warriors Horses Around with Epona in Ma...:

coming from someone who is not a dynasty warrior fan, but a huge zelda fan...get this game! If you don't have a wii u, then get both. I'm going to buy a dynasty warrior game next just to thank tecmo for how awesome Hyrule Warriirs is.



Donutman commented on Review: SPIKEY WALLS (Wii U eShop):

This is just sad. I will not support this. I have other games but this dev, but this is the kind of garbage games we don't need. Clone games will always be around, but I don't need to support it. I only downloaded flappy bird because of the craze. Paying a $1 for button controls is not worth it.



Donutman commented on Cancelled Mario Volleyball/Wrestling Wii Title...:

Next Level had some awesome games last gen on Wii, Striker and Punchout come to mind. I'm sure this would have been awesome, but just make another strikers again and I'll be happy. That was one of my fav game on Wii, and got some of the most co-op play of any I had last gen.



Donutman commented on Nintendo 64x64: BattleTanx: Global Assault:

Yea, the battle tank games where some of my fav multiplayer games back then. I cant remember which one was better, but if I recall, there was 2 I had and we got plenty of play time out of them.



Donutman commented on Feature: Ahead Of Hyrule Warriors, We Take A L...:

@smikey we are in the minority. I have every "AAA" game on Wii U, Tom Clancy, ACreed 3+4,batman, Mass Effect...etc... just to show support to these devs. I did not buy them on PS3 like I could have, and even am waiting for WatchDogs just to get it on Wii U. Yea, Nintendo has missed big 3rd party games this and last gen, but most of the suck anyways compared to Nintendo games, so that's why ps and xbox exist. If I had a choice between Mario and SackBoy, Mario Wins. Samus over MasterChief, despite I enjoyed some of the Halo games. Zelda over any other adventure RPG except Dark Souls games. Now, I don't know if im as worried about the few games I might miss. Destiny isn't anything better then anything else ive played, def not work a new $400 console to play(Day 1 PS3 purchase). But my Wii U has probably close to 300 games with Wii, Wiiware, VC, Wii U, eshop games all on it, and I have never understood why everyone doesn't have one.



Donutman commented on Wii U Art Of Balance Release Date Confirmed Fo...:

@Nintendo-64 maybe they are putting them on another system since they didn't sell as much on Nintendo _______ as they wanted, and they have bills to pay. I love their games but I understand why this happens. Are you going to play swords and soldiers 2? That was wii only and then went to other systems?



Donutman commented on Feature: Meet The Unsung Pioneer Behind The Mo...:

Being a huge Nintendo/Zelda fan, it bugs me that these are the only games in the series ive never played. even today, there would cost $500 or so to get off ebay and play. Yea, id resell it, but still. Wish Nintendo would put these on VC or something. Im sure I could find an emulator, but I know 0 about that stuff.



Donutman commented on Rock Zombie Is Bringing Hard Rock And Side-Scr...:

I want to buy this, but I think I'd be wasting my money. Maybe on sale, or if a better trailer comes along and shows more moves then an overhead guitar smash, and is there local co op? That's a must have for a game like this.



Donutman commented on SPIKEY WALLS is Flapping Its Way Onto the eSho...:

I still have flappy bird on my I won't be wasting a $1 just to hit an "a" button. I can not believe that still more people will buy/play game like "flappy bird" but Nintendo is struggling to sell mario.