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Donutman commented on Minecraft: Story Mode is Heading to Wii U:

@allduhype I don't need to share my achievements with people. Most achievements are just lame things like get 10 head shots with this gun, or jump over 20 pits without dying. Who cares. Just play the game. And more gameplay is more value then virtual trophies.



Donutman commented on Minecraft: Story Mode is Heading to Wii U:

@allduhype getting a sense of accomplishment in Nintendo games is when you unlock every level and collect every star in Mario, every heart piece in Zelda, every missile in metroid. Id rather have more content then less and a virtual trophy.



Donutman commented on Review: Devil's Third (Wii U):

Reviews aside, I'm getting this day 1. Ninja gaidien games are the same quality and I enjoyed them. Not as much as say Bayonetta 2, but they were fun. I expect Devils 3rd to be worth playing and fun, but not a masterpiece in any way. As for the price, people buy call of duty buy the millions each year for $60 and they are just as much garage games as this is. They just sell more.



Donutman commented on Here's Exactly What's Changing In This Week's ...:

@Peanutosan I don't think it's the games fault as much as your internet sucking. I have had almost no issues...I can think of 2 times maybe I lagged in the 30 or so hours I've played. I just wish for local private matches with bots. That would make this game perfect.



Donutman commented on Zombi Reveal Trailer Suggests That Wii U Gamer...:

The only thing that made this game good was the gamepad. I've got over 100 hours logged and still enjoy playing it, but it's only because the gamepad give you the extra control you need. Overall I'd say this game is a "d" in the zombie genre compared to other games. With the gamepad, is a b+.



Donutman commented on Nintendo NX Might Be The First Social VR Platf...:

I've been saying this for a while. Nintendo signed some deal with sharp for a bendable screen. They almost have a vr headset already. Strap a gamepad to your head and play captain toad minecart section. Then use a wiimote/chuck to move around and the wii u is almost a vr system. 2nd, I truly feel that vr is not going to matter to gamers as much as to Facebook users. People could almost have a vr family dinner with friend/family all around the world, kind of matrix like. Vr gaming is just a nice benefit to vr becoming popular and accessible. Nintendo just can't stray away from making video games. They make some of the best games on the market and I hope they never stop.



Donutman commented on Tomonobu Itagaki Explains Why the Pro Controll...:

Well, I don't care. I spend more time playing with the gamepad then my tv. Bayonetta 1+2 was just fine for the 30+ hours is spent playing them the first couple weeks I got them. I'm going to play this with the gamepad. So maybe you should patch it if the controls are anything like ninja gaidien.



Donutman commented on Dragon Fantasy: The Volumes of Westeria is the...:

@Spoony_Tech @Spoony_Tech that's how I feel. I only play 1 rpg at a time. I'm playing mh4 now as my rpg til xenoblade releases. I just beat the original on New3ds. After that dark souls 3 will be out. Then probably Zelda summer 16. And countless ones I want to but can't since well there's just so many games out there. And I play pretty much every genre. I'm hyped for qube right now.



Donutman commented on Nintendo of America Confirms Plans to Bring De...:

I kind of think nintemdo was planning on a direct for this game sometime in the next month or so...before the launch date we know of. But the crazy fans we are forced Nintendo to say something so we don't hate them any longer.



Donutman commented on Feature: What If The SNES PlayStation Had Actu...:

@hYdeks Nintendo has always made inferior consoles to play superior games on. The game boy was inferior to game gear. Snes to genesis. N64 to ps1. Etc... But it's the games that matter, and there are more awesome games on wii u today then ps4. More on 3ds then vita. I play games, not consoles.



Donutman commented on Super Mario Maker Producer Tells Fans Not To E...:

I have no interest in making video games. I only want to play them. I understand a handful of people would want something like a Zelda or metroid maker. Well, as nice as I can say this, just go and learn how to design and program your own game. I only want to play the crazy levels some will come up with in Mario maker, but I don't want to make them. I would still just prefer a true Mario game instead of a tool set. just like Mario and dk tipping stars. Fun to play, but I have not made any levels.



Donutman commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Approach to Transfor...:

@JaxonH I agree with this 100%. I wish I could play a game like dark souls but with skyward sword controls. Nintendo makes new expierences, and give us a way to play the greatest games ever. I love replaying metroid games every few years, and want sequels. But Ive also wanted a multiplayer metroid game, it's not quite what I thought, but I get I will be fun. I said that hyrule warriors was the never game I never knew I needed. I've replayed link between 2 world 4 times now. I'm up to about 100 hours of hyrule warriors. It's great. Between a wii u and 3ds, nintemdo has me 90% satisfied gaming. I play PS3 dark souls still, Starcraft and Heros of storm lately on pc, and hearthstone on my iPhone. I have no reason to get a ps4. To pay to play prettier versions of last years games. Literally. And to wait years for anything good to come out. I don't want to play destiny for 1000 hours. Or battlefield, assassins, cod, gta since I already have great PS3 versions. And I'm bored with them.



Donutman commented on Feature: The Biggest Wii U Retail Games of 201...:

When I look at what the next 6 months of gaming looks's a great day to be a Nintendo fan. Great exclusives and original games instead of bland over hyped fps. And that's 6 months away...not 2 years like lots of e3s games are going to be. That's why Nintendo wins.



Donutman commented on Star Fox Zero Marks An Explosive Return To For...:

I love the support from everyone. If Nintendo had gone all "star fox adventures" and did something different, we would hate them for it. So they play it safe and deliver what "fans" want, an old school n64 awesomeness star fox. And we cringe and complain it looks like the n64 one. Well, I love it. It looks awesome and I can't wait to play it. I would replay star fox 64 today over almost any other flying action games. It looks like a Nintendo game. And it can't come out soon enough. Graphics are for new age gamers who are so superficial they forgot that last years call of duty existed once the new one comes out. Go back to playing minecraft and thinking your cool.



Donutman commented on Ryu, Roy, New Stages and More Now Available in...:

So 1st, thanks Nintendo for basically robbing me today. $30 for Dlc. I have to buy it but really. You are a generation late to this party.
2nd. I hope these cross overs mean we might see Mario and Zelda in a virtua fighter wii u game. Or maybe Mario in splatoon. Surprise e3 predictions? With Nintendo who knows. Now I need to go spend my eshop balance.



Donutman commented on Nintendo UK Confirms Its Community's Top 10 Wi...:

@rjejr ever played mad world, no more heroes, manhunt 2, cursed mountain, red steel 2, etc, cause these are all wii games that are awesome. I enjoyed no more heroes 1 and 2 more then playing God of war 1-3 on my PS3. Bayonetta 2 might fits in better on Nintendo then PS3. There has been a bunch of great m rated games on Nintendo that people don't bother playing. Can't wait for Devils 3rd. I'll be playing that and splatoon for years I'm sure. I'm 33 btw.



Donutman commented on Editorial: Nintendo's Approach is Often Peculi...:

@Superryanworld as in require you to pay for online? I would not approve. I do not want a Netflix style video game world. I have almost no complaints with nintendos direction. I hope then next console is still backwards compatible with my wiistuff. I have been playing online games since like 1995. I pay my internet bill and that's that. My pc does not require me to pay to access steam or blizzard. The mentality that paying for Xbox live/ps+ is for idiots. And I mean that in the nicest way. But since I did not pay like $100 a year for last 7 years on my PS3...and let's say even Xbox live, (since lots of people have both) that's $1400 more for the service that I did not pay. And left for dead is better on Pc then Xbox. That's $1400 i did not spend. But I have been playing all the coolest games over the last 10 years.



Donutman commented on Editorial: Nintendo's Approach is Often Peculi...:

I'm 33 and still a bigger Nintendo fan today then ever. I look back and the last 10 years...Nintendo has dominated 7 of those years. My PS3 got s lot of use with uncharted 2 and dark souls. But my wii u is being used right now for splatoon by my 2 kids. We have over 300 games for our wii/wii u. We havev3 household 3ds...a 2ds, 3dsxl and new3ds. About 100 games for those. Our PS3 gets used for minecraft and cod occasionally. I refuse to upgrade to a new pay to play console. I understand the coolness of next gen console, but they just aren't fun like nintendos are.



Donutman commented on Monster Hunter Diary: Poka Poka Palico Village...:

@ollietaro Monter hunter is amazing on nintemdo, but also it doesn't have to go up against Skyrim, dark souls, witcher etc... Games. Those games flood other consoles. But nintemdo consiles need Monter hunter. If not for that, we got nothing else for real hardcore action RPGs. And personally, I love mh4u. It's perfect for just playing a level or 2. Beat a Monter and find some food and done for a bit. Dark souls isn't meant for 20 minute busts of gaming. Your meant to lose hours at s time playing those games. I'd love too see mh4 on wii u as a surprise port. Maybe e3.
And I don't know about this game. I'm not big into animal crossing style games. But I do own animal crossing on my 3ds too...



Donutman commented on Talking Point: Retro Gamers Beware, PAC-MAN 25...:

i do not want to play touch screen d pad controls for games like Mario that require exact precise button presses. I am 100% ok using a 3ds for gaming and my iPhone for everything else. I even have both in my pockets right now.
I just want a new handheld Nintendo that is a 3ds, but I can text with ease and make a call while it is closed. or just do away with the 2nd screen, which im not in favor of, and have an iPhone with buttons and a dpad.



Donutman commented on Exclusive: Slightly Mad Studio Head Ian Bell S...:

I'm just going to say that I paid $60 for watch dogs on wii u and didn't mind. If I bought it day 1 for PS3, same price. I am enjoyed it on my gamepad. Worth it for that reason. I was looking forward to cars, but i guess not. I won't be getting this for my ps since I've already got gt5 and I just don't see the point if I can't use my gamepad to play.



Donutman commented on Editorial: The eShop's Pricing Dilemma is the ...:

The reality is, the bubble has burst for video games. 70s/80s arcade explosion burst. Step in nintemdo/sega. Next 2 gems of home gaming was mostly nerds and families. Here comes ps1/n64. Finally brings great almost pc experiences to home consoles. We pc gamers then already had internet voice chat and great games like quake and half life. But then ps2 and Xbox have that too. And everyone in pop culture playing gta3 and halo 2. GameCube was left out for lack of online. Then ps3 and xbox360 are on par with pcs, like it or not. So shovel ware games like army of two were coming out every other week at $60 a pop. Selling millions. But then over exposure has drained the bubble. Free to play games like candy crush have more players then call of duty, so devs jump ship. No money making army of two 5. This gen is seeing a drought of retail games because nobody buys games amymore. If it's not an AAA $100 million budget destiny, who cares? Indie devs are just last gens 3rd part shovel ware. No offense, I support great games and pay full price day 1-5 for games like swords and soldiers. Why? because I just don't want to play candy crush like games. I will continue to buy and play whatever great game I come across. Even if it's free like hearthstone, which is the best game I've ever played since it's basically Magic the gathering but an awesome digital interface and free. and tonight is mh4 on my new 3ds.



Donutman commented on Reaction: Nintendo's E3 Plans are a Perfect Bl...:

@Takerkaneanite6 being a 33 year old gamer and huge Nintendo fan, I think I will loss all interest in Nintendo if metroid and Zelda both skip wii u...unless nx is 100% backwards compatible with wii and wii u stuff. Then I might forgive Zelda being a launch for nx. But if Nintendo just gives up on wii u, why should it's fans stick with them? I love my wii u, it's basically a 10 year old console with 300+ games and the gamepad is awesome. I think wii u is going to have a 6 year lifespan, and maybe sell 35 million. A flop but still an amazing console to own.



Donutman commented on ​The Prices of the Remaining Physical Goods ...:

I spent my coins getting countless free vc games over the years. The only physical rewards I ever got are a Zelda 3ds game case, Zelda 2 world poster set and the Zelda mm puzzle. I think getting $5-10 game pretty much monthly for years was a better deal.



Donutman commented on Weirdness: Former My Chemical Romance Frontman...:

I'm weird. I am playing twilight princess every couple days with my almost 5 year old. I read the story to him and he even runs around hyrule field sword fighting. He has learn to play mh4 with me, we have 2 3ds' with full versions of the game. He plays like 30 minutes of games s day since he was like 2 with our kindle and angry birds. (We limit it snd he has grown ok with it). He loves smash and Mario 3d world. My oldest is 13 and we been gaming together forever. But he's too cool for Nintendo now. He plays minecraft and cod nonstop on the PS3 and barely touches anything Nintendo. His friends are all the same. It makes me sad...but then I go back to playing Zelda.



Donutman commented on Feature: What We Want to See in the Splatoon D...:

@Ichiban I agree. Voice chat is way over rated. Most of the time it's idiot kids spamming terrible music. and the occasional time it is useful, there are always other options. I agree that in today's gaming should ATLEAST be an option though...



Donutman commented on Talking Point: Is Konami About To Exit The Con...:

@abe_hikura today the market is crashing...maybe not like back in the 80s, but the old school console gaming is dying and new mobile gaming is taking over. There are more angry bird/candy crush players then Mario/cod gamers.nintendo does support itself, and they will sit back and wait a couple years while X1 and ps4 sell their services but not games. People will catch on and soon the new cod /assassin creed or whatever annual rehash they release won't sell, and ea and Ubisoft will give up too. Most of today's good games are indies, and those are mostly these devs leaving big companies to make their own games that they couldn't working for those AAA devs. The way I see it is Nintendo is going after old school video gamers...who love video games and playing lots of different genres of games. Today's modern gamer don't play anything but 2 genres of games. Mindless and fps. Those aren't who Nintendo is after...but will be too since they releasing games like Mario puzzle and dragon.



Donutman commented on Poll: Is It Time For a Fresh Alternative to th...:

Whatever it is I don't care as long as it is not a subscription. I have over 300 download games on my wii u and 3ds and I expect them to transfer to the wii u 2...or whatever(nx). I will not be paying a subscription for the right to play games. I want to collect and own great games and I'm 99.9% ok with playing these video games for the rest of my life and never getting a $ub$cription based console. I'm only missing prettier versions of the great games I already own.