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Donutman commented on Editorial: The eShop's Pricing Dilemma is the ...:

The reality is, the bubble has burst for video games. 70s/80s arcade explosion burst. Step in nintemdo/sega. Next 2 gems of home gaming was mostly nerds and families. Here comes ps1/n64. Finally brings great almost pc experiences to home consoles. We pc gamers then already had internet voice chat and great games like quake and half life. But then ps2 and Xbox have that too. And everyone in pop culture playing gta3 and halo 2. GameCube was left out for lack of online. Then ps3 and xbox360 are on par with pcs, like it or not. So shovel ware games like army of two were coming out every other week at $60 a pop. Selling millions. But then over exposure has drained the bubble. Free to play games like candy crush have more players then call of duty, so devs jump ship. No money making army of two 5. This gen is seeing a drought of retail games because nobody buys games amymore. If it's not an AAA $100 million budget destiny, who cares? Indie devs are just last gens 3rd part shovel ware. No offense, I support great games and pay full price day 1-5 for games like swords and soldiers. Why? because I just don't want to play candy crush like games. I will continue to buy and play whatever great game I come across. Even if it's free like hearthstone, which is the best game I've ever played since it's basically Magic the gathering but an awesome digital interface and free. and tonight is mh4 on my new 3ds.



Donutman commented on Reaction: Nintendo's E3 Plans are a Perfect Bl...:

@Takerkaneanite6 being a 33 year old gamer and huge Nintendo fan, I think I will loss all interest in Nintendo if metroid and Zelda both skip wii u...unless nx is 100% backwards compatible with wii and wii u stuff. Then I might forgive Zelda being a launch for nx. But if Nintendo just gives up on wii u, why should it's fans stick with them? I love my wii u, it's basically a 10 year old console with 300+ games and the gamepad is awesome. I think wii u is going to have a 6 year lifespan, and maybe sell 35 million. A flop but still an amazing console to own.



Donutman commented on ​The Prices of the Remaining Physical Goods ...:

I spent my coins getting countless free vc games over the years. The only physical rewards I ever got are a Zelda 3ds game case, Zelda 2 world poster set and the Zelda mm puzzle. I think getting $5-10 game pretty much monthly for years was a better deal.



Donutman commented on Weirdness: Former My Chemical Romance Frontman...:

I'm weird. I am playing twilight princess every couple days with my almost 5 year old. I read the story to him and he even runs around hyrule field sword fighting. He has learn to play mh4 with me, we have 2 3ds' with full versions of the game. He plays like 30 minutes of games s day since he was like 2 with our kindle and angry birds. (We limit it snd he has grown ok with it). He loves smash and Mario 3d world. My oldest is 13 and we been gaming together forever. But he's too cool for Nintendo now. He plays minecraft and cod nonstop on the PS3 and barely touches anything Nintendo. His friends are all the same. It makes me sad...but then I go back to playing Zelda.



Donutman commented on Feature: What We Want to See in the Splatoon D...:

@Ichiban I agree. Voice chat is way over rated. Most of the time it's idiot kids spamming terrible music. and the occasional time it is useful, there are always other options. I agree that in today's gaming should ATLEAST be an option though...



Donutman commented on Talking Point: Is Konami About To Exit The Con...:

@abe_hikura today the market is crashing...maybe not like back in the 80s, but the old school console gaming is dying and new mobile gaming is taking over. There are more angry bird/candy crush players then Mario/cod gamers.nintendo does support itself, and they will sit back and wait a couple years while X1 and ps4 sell their services but not games. People will catch on and soon the new cod /assassin creed or whatever annual rehash they release won't sell, and ea and Ubisoft will give up too. Most of today's good games are indies, and those are mostly these devs leaving big companies to make their own games that they couldn't working for those AAA devs. The way I see it is Nintendo is going after old school video gamers...who love video games and playing lots of different genres of games. Today's modern gamer don't play anything but 2 genres of games. Mindless and fps. Those aren't who Nintendo is after...but will be too since they releasing games like Mario puzzle and dragon.



Donutman commented on Poll: Is It Time For a Fresh Alternative to th...:

Whatever it is I don't care as long as it is not a subscription. I have over 300 download games on my wii u and 3ds and I expect them to transfer to the wii u 2...or whatever(nx). I will not be paying a subscription for the right to play games. I want to collect and own great games and I'm 99.9% ok with playing these video games for the rest of my life and never getting a $ub$cription based console. I'm only missing prettier versions of the great games I already own.



Donutman commented on Video: Catch Up With the Xenoblade Chronicles ...:

I see this being out in the late summer. Nintendo needs needs a killer e3 and a surprise release. But this, Devils 3rd, star fox are all going to be by holiday this year. Maybe a metroid surprise??? Please. I can see a new 3ds game or 2 as well. People forget that in order to really play Nintendo, you need both handheld and console. If you do that, like me, other systems don't exist. I play 90% of all gaming on Nintendo, 10% on iPad, pc and PS3.



Donutman commented on Talking Point: Mario Kart 8 DLC is a Winning F...:

They should support mk8 for another year. Another 8 or more tracks, some new characters, modes. Free and/or paid, but just support it. Then leave it alone to work on mk9 due out in like 3-4 years. Nintendo can support splatoon this way. Dlc adds legs to the game, so it can't hurt.



Donutman commented on Nintendo Highlights Increased US Hardware Sale...:

Failure or not, sales are up. It's s great console, has great games, and is cheap. I have 300+ games for my wii u. Ranging from nes to wiidisc etc... It transferred my launch wii everything to my new system. I can play 8 person smash and do every few weeks. I have had a PS3 since uncharted 2 came out. But I use it only for dark souls. Every "last of us" or beyond 2 souls, gta kill zone I played, I still go back to replaying Zelda games over and over. I love how the wii u gamepad allows me to be a married 33 year old nerd. Thanks Nintendo. My wii u is on for ATLEAST 3 hours a day. If not non stop. My 3ds is used almost as much. I only want a ps4 for bloodborne. And that's why I started playing demon souls since I never played that one.



Donutman commented on Hardware Classics: Sega Dreamcast:

I had the n64. My best friend had a dream cast. Has some great games but I remember he used it for like a year, then we forgot about it. We were too busy playing with our n64. Smash, 007, p dark, quake, loz, and on and on.



Donutman commented on Poll: Is Splatoon a Blockbuster That'll Help R...:

I can't wait for this game personally. But I doubt all the gta and cod players are going to stop gaming on ps4 to play splatoon. Most gamers today think if it's not hyper hd realistic graphics with blood and language and a meaningful story then it's not worth playing. What happened to just having fun playing games together? nintendo makes great games. I play dark souls on PS3. I love it. But in a normal few days, I play that, anything from wii sports to twilight princess, hearthstone, mh4. I want to get a ps4 so bad, but for what games? Newer versions of last years stuff. after dark souls today, I played mk8 and cpt toad. I played some cod black ops wii u last weekend to shoot some people. My 13 year old plays black ops 2 zombie and minecraft on PS3 with his friends...but then treat the wii like cancer. Splatoon will be another great nintendo game that will be ignored by today's core gamer. I would love to be wrong about this. But my best friend just got an X1 so he can play 1st person gta. He has played with my wii for years ;) but still refuses to get one and never will...



Donutman commented on Review: Mario Kart DS (Wii U eShop / DS):

@MoonKnight7 it doesn't look any worse then minecraft does. Also, ur right just get a cartridge. I like digital, but it's pointless in some cases. Besides, why would Nintendo bother when people are just playing 2 other versions online? 3ds and wii u. It's just good to play the single player tracks. Then go back to mk7.



Donutman commented on Game Jam Tasks Developers With Creating A Zeld...:

a female Link and a Prince Zelda. Is this really how we want Nintendo to shake up the Zelda series? Come on. I'm a life time Zelda fan, and despite seeing the argument for this and why I could make sense in the timeline aspect. NO. Do not do this. I would still play this get over it, but I just don't want to.



Donutman commented on Review: Trine Enchanted Edition (Wii U eShop):

Trine 1 is too short and has no bosses. It's an amazing 3 hours outside that. Trine 2 was too long, and got incredibly boring and I had to force myself to finish it. Still a great game, just got bored with mechanics. I wish trine 3 comes to wii u. It looks awesome too. Flaws aside, this is still a great series.



Donutman commented on Zelda Lookalike Oceanhorn: Monster Of Uncharte...:

I probably wouldn't even care if it did. Wind waker is one of my least fav Zelda because of the whole island world thing. I'm not saying I dont love it, just my least fav. A clone like game does not appeal to me, and if I was a ps4 gamer, a clone of an amazing game would only make me want to play said amazing game. We don't needmore Zelda like clone games, just more Zelda games.



Donutman commented on Poll: Where Do You Stand On DeNA, Smart Device...:

Nintento needs to do this if they want to stay in the game. I love my Nintendo consoles and handhelds, and do not want to play Zelda on long as Nintendo can do a apple kind of thing with iPad/phones/pods being prettying the same, but for Nintendo with a console and handheld great. If all we get us mario bros3 on iPhone i will be dissapointed. Looks at all the mini games on the ds n64 mario cart. Games like that would be great for iPhone. Even tipping stars screams iPad... No matter what, I'd rather just have a 3ds that I can make calls/texts on that also gets games like the new Zelda.



Donutman commented on Poll: Where Do You Stand On DeNA, Smart Device...:

Nintento needs to do this if they want to stay in the game. I love my Nintendo consoles and handhelds, and do not want to play Zelda on long as Nintendo can do a apple kind of thing with iPad/phones/pods being prettying the same, but for Nintendo with a console and handheld great. If all we get us mario bros3 on iPhone i will be dissapointed. Looks at all the mini games on the ds n64 mario cart. Games like that would be great for iPhone. Even tipping stars screams iPad... No matter what, I'd rather just have a 3ds that I can make calls/texts on that also gets games like the new Zelda.



Donutman commented on Nintendo NX Will Be About Creating "Fun New Wa...:

Funny to see all the hate still towards wii u and the gamepad. Well, the gamepad is why I play my wii u more then any other console. My PS3 is a dark souls machine. I only want a ps4 for bloodborne and uncharted, which is a year away. My Wii u and 3ds are my 6 of 7 night a week method for gaming. My pc is used occasionally but less and less. My iPad is for hearthstone only. With all the awesome games on wii u, I don't know why people complain. My only complaint is that the gamepad doesn't have enough range around my house, and there is no dark souls on wii u.



Donutman commented on Reggie Fils-Aime Highlights Nintendo's Strengt...:

Well Nintendo, I had the weekend off and it's snowing, so I played a lot of games. 33 now with 2 kids. I played mh4 for sbout 5 hours. Dark souls 1 PS3 for like 4 hours. Smash wii u for like 2. Tipping stars for like an hour. Hearthstone on my iPad for like an hour. Nintendo won my weekend. And I still plan on more mh4 later. My oldest, 13 played some cod on his PS3 with his friends. My youngest played a bunch of mh4demo. He is 4 and loves to just play the demo. And I have to add that my oldest and his friends have all the cod games, but only play black ops 2. But none of them will play on wii u. It's to kiddie is what they say.



Donutman commented on TEMBO THE BADASS ELEPHANT, The Game Freak and ...:

Kind of bummed just out of principle. But since they announced today that Unchated 4 is being delayed a year, my upgrading my ps3 to a ps4 is now waiting another year as well. So this loss of a sale to me atleast. Plenty of other great games this year on Wii U anyways.



Donutman commented on Koei Tecmo Says Hyrule Warriors Has Breathed N...:

I love Hyrule Warriors. Its the Zelda game I never knew I needed. I never got into the Warriiors series. I tried back on PS3. fanboyism helps sell games. a good genre like warriors game sometimes just needs the right facelift. Zelda was a good facelift. I hope to see more Nintendo spin offs like this.



Donutman commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Right to Take Its Ti...:

This is how I see modern gaming... Nintendo wants you to own a collection of games and does not understand why millions more people play candy crush instead of Mario. They are struggling because an iPhone/iPod is better then a 3ds in terms of accessablty. Ps and Xbox are cooler then Nintendo. Which imo Nintendo has never been cool. Cool doesn't akway mean money making. Last gen has big releases every week. This gen we lucky to get a AAA from any console each month. Instead indies are there. They making the money. We seeing another mini depression in the gaming industry just like in the 80s when Nintendo took the world by storm. Is that going to happen again? Probably not. Could Nintendo revolutionize gaming? Yes. How? I think it's as simple as offering a 100% cross compatibility between its home and handheld consoles. A wii u is just a big ds. If they released a $500 and $300 handheld with their backlog of amazing games, they could put any other gaming device out of business. (I think they planning something like this, and maybe even entering the vr market in 3-4 years). Sorry for the wall :)



Donutman commented on Saints Row Design Director Was Working On An O...:

@Quorthon there has been more evolution in Zelda in the 25 years it's been around then there has been in call of duty over the what 10 games in 10 years. Complain about 1.5 new Zelda games per console gen. I'll take link between worlds over assassins creed anyday. I played every AAA PS3 game and the only 1 I still love to play is dark souls. Everything else is just more blah rpg or fps. Prettier versions but not always better. Uncharted 2 was the peak for that series. Last of us is so overdone today. Little big planet is so original.... Halo was only successful because it started the online fps console gaming that I was already playing on Pc for years of quake and half life. And today what's left of halo or resident evil is a terrible shell of once it once was, and why do I need to play it. Watch dogs is blah in any system. I have resident evil revelations and every other 3rd party wii u game, and Instead I'm playing bayonetta 2 or hyrule warriors instead destiny on my PS3. Mh4 and mm are taking up my time now, while smash is in on wii u for a change. Knock it, but i have 4 people in my family and with as much as it gets used, we probably going to get a 2nd for my 13 year old room. We already have 3 3ds', so why not? But my son doesn't even use his vita instead choosing his iPod. Are there faults and gaps yea. My 13 year old and all his friends only play minecraft and call of duty. My youngest is just getting into gaming. He loves smash. We all still play games like wii sports on a bi weekly kind of thing. I wI'll get a ps4 somedsy. The only 2 games today i want are witcher snd blood borne. But there are more then 5 wii u games coming this year I want. I just don't see the point to upgrading to pay to play. NIntendo wasn't cool when i was a kid. Sega was. Nintendo isn't cool today. Xbox and ps are. But who will be there in the future, still making consoles? Nintendo. Ps now is Sonya future. Next gen gaming is going to be like cable tv, and Nintendo is like owning blue rays.



Donutman commented on Study Finds That US Consumers Are Buying Wii U...:

I have a wii u because its nintendos new console. Because of the gamepad features like off tv play. I play all the time and wife never complains. It's also for the kids. It has mario/Zelda/ metroid. Free online and with backward conpatibilty, I can play over 300 games and had enough controllers to play 8 person smash day 1 without need of extra comtrollers. the only game that after years of playing PS3 too, I wish I had on wii u is dark souls. I firmly believe true gamers have a wii u next to whatever other gaming device(s) they have. A 3ds counts too since it's awesome.