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Donutman commented on Parent Trap: ​Is 3DS Download Play The Perfe...:

This is an under used feature for me. I have used it plenty, but I buy most digital games for me 3ds, while the kids have the carts. I plan on keeping mine longterm, but the kids will be sold and upgraded someday for nx most likely. I think the best feature of 3ds is that it is a portable gaming console. Not s Watertown console expierence, but with games like Zelda, xenoblade, Mario , smash, mh4, etc... My 3ds has become my personal main gaming console while my PS3/wii u, and pc are my back ups. And I always have it with me. iPhone in one pocket, 3ds in the other.



Donutman commented on Feature: Five Nintendo Games Perfect For Multi...:

So far, I woke to my youngest playing Mario maker. Then I played Zelda ss until I finished lanayru mining facility. Breakfast. Then smash 64 for like an hour. Brake to help wife clean house. Youngest back to smash while ildest played minecraft. An hour til dinner and I'm playing binding of Isaac on my 3ds while kids watch the grinch. I know they will be back to mk8 and smash wii u once family gets here.
Happy turkey day



Donutman commented on The NES Joins The High Definition Era With Thi...:

I've got a 35" tv that is only there for my retro gaming habit. It's in my oldest sons room with his PS3 and then my n64, Atari 2600, 5200, and my community snes which a friend has right now. I sold my new a few years ago since I have so many wii vc games. Really didn't use it. Besides, I'm not above playing wii/vc games on my gamepad with a classic controller.



Donutman commented on Editorial: It's Not Fun to Criticise Nintendo ...:

Nintendo releases a lot of games. I doubt there is a dev/publisher that releases as many games in 1 year as Nintendo. They are bound to release a few ehh games. I am not a blind fan boy. I see faults in games like tri force heroes, or Mario tennis wii u. But to think that a 6-7 means bad game is a different story. I'm getting Devils third. It's s great past gen game. Maybe not up to today's high standards, but it's s decent game. If it was reviewed for PS3, then it would have got an 7.5 or 8.
Even with a few ehh games, Nintendo still makes some of the best video games you can play, in every way, whether actual gameplay or just the game itself.



Donutman commented on Nintendo Powerline Counselors On Cougars, Chri...:

I feel old. As a kid, I had hand drawn maps of zelda and metroid games so I could adventually beat them. I replayed loz nes this past summer and my iPhone was right there. Times have changed. I never would have beat dark souls without wiki.

Sounds like the start of any business. I am in charge of my companies new loss prevention dept. I have a laptop with a small hd tv for a second monitor and share an office with someone and we basically in a supply closet. It's only 1 of my duties so I'm not in the more then a few hours s week, but still, I understand why the terrible conditions. They had to make a new dept in a company not knowing what they doing either



Donutman commented on Review: Typoman (Wii U eShop):

@Miss_Dark you said it. It wasn't a game as much as art. A less then 2 hour, no challenge, terrible controlling piece of art that was over priced just like art. A game like "lost in shadow" is not even heard of but 10 times longer and better, it's had to say I enjoyed limbo. Muramasa demon blade is also a work of art, that is an awesome game as well, and has probably 50 hours of playtime.
I want to want typoman, but it looks like limbo.
I also want to add that I couldn't stand journey. Same boring game but a piece of art. Well, Zelda games are art as well.



Donutman commented on Feature: What We Expect from Nintendo Direct -...:

If the minecraft rumor is correct, then I have no clue as to what will be in the direct today. That is a surprise and it going to sell probably better then Mario does today. Sad to think but we will have to wait a few more hours...



Donutman commented on Devil's Third Online for PC to Include New Mod...:

I am excited for this game. Last gen, this game would have gotten an 8. This gen it's s 5. I do not expect it to be as awesome as I would hope, but I expect to enjoy playing this game for plenty of hours. Any wii u owner who does not support this game cant complain about lack of 3rd party support. If this was on x360 a couple years ago, people would have loved this. But it's in Nintendo so it must be kiddie and/or suck is how people think of it.



Donutman commented on Parent Trap: Oft-Forgotten Wii U Features That...:

My 13 year old and his friends treat nintemdo like they would get cancer if they played it too long. They love to play smash, kart, splat etc...but then they go back to cod and minecraft and say wii u isn't cool enough and the graphics suck. Kids... sells. Cool doesn't mean best, it just means cool. So I'm not saying a PS4 is better or worse, just that it's cooler. Cooler to pay to play online, cooler since it has more ports them new games. Again, kids...
My wii u has over 300 games thanks to backwards compatibility, and I look at it like a 10 year old console. Pc and Nintendo is all any gamer needs. But instead these watered down pcs called next gen consoles are cooler, therefore getting all the attention. My gaming pc is getting dated, it's 8 years old and has cost me about $1000 total to keep up to date. I can run witcher 3 just fine and it doesn't cost me a monthly service fee. It should run dark souls 3 and I'm content with my gaming for the next couple years...til nx.



Donutman commented on Get Ready To Blast Off With Space Dave!:

Woah Dave is a great arcade game. Fun in short bursts every once in a while. If I'm bored with my 3ds in my pocket then wd is fun for a min. I am interested in space Dave expecting the same arcade style game. Should be fun.



Donutman commented on ​Parent Trap: Choosing The Right Nintendo 3D...:

I started with a launch 3ds. Traded for the xl Zelda edition. Then found I couldn't ever use it due to my youngest gaining interest in it. So I got a used 2ds for him. He used it for a while but still would kill my battery whenever he could. So I bought myself a new3ds launch day and now we have 3 of these systems. The 2ds is not used much lately, but it's still there. This is also why I like having cartridges to swap between them.



Donutman commented on More North American Women Own A Games Console ...:

I can't say I don't know a bunch of adult women who have gaming consoles...probably as much as I know dudes. But I also know lots of moms who set up their 360s for their 10 year olds too. But they never played it.



Donutman commented on The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes is Knock...:

@zool they way I see it, they can complain all they want but I don't hear them. How many single player Zelda games have we gotten since the last multiplayer one? I played 4 swords mostly on GameCube. So count how many ds Zeldas, 3ds, wii original titles, not ports since. Tp, ss, lb2w, I think 2 on ds but I only played phantom hourglass. Couldn't get into touch screen controls for it.
I can honestly say today, I don't need another new game in any series. I could play Zelda games for the rest of my gaming life and be content with past and future Zelda games. It's by far my fav series and I love what tri force heroes is. Not complaining about what i hoped it would be. but enjoying all of the different Zelda games over the years. They all the different and the same. And if you count the recent ports, oot, mm, ww, and old school Zelda games, there are 2 with multiplayer. Just like the new metroid ff, I can not wait to play it. And I'll replay prime series on my wii u and enjoy a new expierence in one of my fav series as well.



Donutman commented on The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes is Knock...:

@zool it's s fun game. Since launch, I play 3-4 dungeons a night. I am still making my way through lb2w for the 4th time when I'm not playing tri force. It is not meant to be a single player game. I loved playing 4swords, this is just as good, but has online so it's better.



Donutman commented on Star Fox Zero Website Has Fans of amiibo and O...:

I'm working on my 4ty playthrough this week of n64 starffox and im OK with that game but new visuals. Online in no way is a deal breaker, but would it be nice to have a true co op online....yes I think so. But I'm not holding my breath.



Donutman commented on ZombiU Servers Reanimate After Being Down for ...:

@MitchVogel resident evil 1-4 survival horror. 4 an on are action games. 4 does both well but it is not a true resident evil game imo. It is a great game. A little too long and drawn out some.
Left for dead on hard mode is a great survival horror action game. You can not yet get hit, shot team mates, there are limited supplies and you need to search for them. And it's 4 person co op so you really have to work together to survive. That's prob my fav game in this genre. I still play both l4d today.



Donutman commented on Feature: Ten Wii U and 3DS Games That Are Perf...:

Here's my evening plans...leaving in 20 for trick or treating with my kids. Then home for some n64 smash per my 5 year old new addiction. Then I'll be playing tri force heroes or hearthstone...depends on if my 3ds battery isn't dead from my oldest playing whatever he is right now.



Donutman commented on Nintendo Is Making Female Characters Cover Up ...:

@Technosphile I am an adult male too. I don't not want to see a virtual 13 year old almost naked. Even's a video game and I do not see how this makes me enjoy the game any more. Even the whole fatal frame censoring doesn't bother me. It's a video game. But I do keep hoping we can see Zelda naked in the next game.

Except not really.



Donutman commented on Nintendo and DeNA Smart Device Game Details Co...:

@JJtheTexan I would love too see the card game. Hearthstone is great because the interface works incredibly well.
Anyone with a ds remember the mini games on Mario 64? That bomb shooting game or even an outright port of games like those in a package deal. I hope it's not a Zelda rpg or Mario runner.



Donutman commented on The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes Launches...:

@SpookyMeths so I wonder when samus first made an appearance?
That's the dumbest reason to not play a game I've heard before. It's a fun game that works and plays great. I don't understand why anyone thought this is going to be a original new Zelda, it's meant to be a spin off. I'm ok with that knowing its is not a port and we still get plenty of new Zelda games every couple years.



Donutman commented on Eiji Aonuma is Aiming For an Open World "Surpr...:

I think the term open world is thrown around too much nowadays. Twilight princess was an open world. It had a linear story but plenty of side quests and things to do. Just because there was a half sec load between areas doesn't mean it wasn't an open world.
I know I can't not wait for the next zelda. I call myself a gamer because I playlist of games, but Zelda games are by far my fav games and I replay them more then any other series. I've beat ss and tp over 10 times each and I know they both will get another playthrough before Zelda u cones out. I'm in the middle of lb2ws right now. Windwaker is next then back to twilight again.



Donutman commented on Yes, Fatal Frame's Lingerie Outfits Have Been ...:

I liked what someone said about having to reevaluate your life if you not going get a game because If something dumb like this. It's lame they are censoring it. Yes it is. But it even lamer that someone needs to see a virtual semi naked lady in order to enjoy a video game. Maybe you you stop playing video games in the first place and you might see a naked lady someday...
In no way is this going to stop me from getting the demo, then buying it when I find out I'll like it.



Donutman commented on The Current Final Fantasy Director Would Like ...:

As long as they keep putting put new core 1st party Zelda games every couple years, I'm ok with spin offs. Hyrule warriors was an unexpected surprise. A Zelda themed ff game could def be awesome too. But it will happen the day they realize that ffvii just needs an hd port...



Donutman commented on Parent Trap: ​Does The Wii U Still Make Sens...:

I'm a married 33 year old with 2 boys. We have a wii u and PS3, and 2 3ds and s 2ds. The wii u is on the living room tv and is on 90% of the time the tv is. Whether for gaming, Netflix, YouTube, Internet. The gamepad makes our tv into a pc-lite. We use the iPad for Facebook basically and have s laptop that is used for work. I grew up as a gamer and continue to play daily. My oldest plays all the expected wii u games, but he play cod and minecraft on the PS3. I played plenty of PS3 over the years, but I call it a dark souls machine. We have well over 300 wii, wii u, wiiware, eshop, and vc games and with great games like Mario maker, which we all hooked on right now, I'm not worried about getting a "nex gen" pay to play console. I see a steambox hooked to my tv before a ps4. I can't wait for nx. Got a launch wii and it's really the best console I've ever had. I personally think that anyone who doesn't see how awesome a wii u really is can not call themselves s gamer. I admit I enjoyed plenty of 360 games, why can Xbox owners admit how awesome a wii really is. For example...



Donutman commented on Talking Point: The NX Hype Will Ramp Up as Nin...:

Whatever nx is, I will most likely buy one asap. However, my 300+ game wii u and 150+ 3ds will still get plenty of use I'm sure.

If I could speculate, I would love to see nx be something like an iPhone with buttons. I hate carrying my iPhone in one pocket and 3ds in the other. Beef up the power and make it able to stream to your tv and have separate controllers for multiplayer. In my opinion, don't abandon the compatibily of the wii accessories. I loved how the day smash wii u came out, I had enough controllers to play 8 person from classic controllers and 3ds to wii motes. I know they said nx is starting from 0...but I can hope too.



Donutman commented on Talking Point: The Legend of Zelda: Twilight P...:

@bezerker99 the worst Zelda is still better then most other action adventure games out there. And personally, tp is my favorite. Oot always was, but I've played tp over 10 times now and ill ever get enough of the end fight. Wiimote controls never bothered me ever. Skyward is too good of a game in every way and suffers some from it, and is my 2nd fav, then oot. Mm and windwaker are my least fav 3d Zelda games, but they both great. I just turned my 3ds off from playing lb2w to make this comment.

Just saying...I'm content just replaying Zelda games to fill my time between new ones. And really, that's like every 3 years. So hd remakes and ports are fine with me. I have almost every Zelda game possible on my 3ds and wii u. I hope with nx I can say that too.



Donutman commented on Takashi Tezuka Gives His Opinion on Hard Level...:

I admit it took me 14 tries to beat my one of my own levels to get it online. But that's part of why I still play Mario. It's challenging. I did not think I would like SMM but my kids and I can not stop playing it. I bet it got 24 hours of playtime this weekend alone. I can not wait for Dlc to add more stuff, please.



Donutman commented on Apparent Confirmation Emerges of Shovel Knight...:

Anyone complaining about shovel maybe being in smash must ask this...what does shovelknight stand for? He is a character designed and stars in a game that is directly meant to be a throw back to the challenge and style of the nes days. So him being in smash is no different then sonic being there or pac man.
I hope he is and Bayonetta but that's pushing it.



Donutman commented on The Pokémon Company Sues Fan for Copyright In...:

@Jimtaro he is not receiving profits. Really. The mention plates were bought at a store, which most likely is legally selling them. They paid their copyright fees with tpc to make them. The presents most likely were bought in a store, same as plates. Gifts are gifts. a business doing millions in sales each years is a bit different then a kid having a birthday party. Said business could be using someone else's advertising and ips to bring in said sales. Which is why the lawsuit.
Articles like this and millions of others online is no different then gossip and today's kids on the Internet treat things like this as a fact and they will have a hard life of not understanding how the world works.



Donutman commented on The Pokémon Company Sues Fan for Copyright In...:

I have one does anyone know that there was no cease and desist sent out days, weeks, months before the lawsuit? People get half the facts then judge a company who is doing nothing illegal, when someone else was and he is the good guy.



Donutman commented on Video: Is This The Hardest Super Mario Maker L...:

I admit it took me 4 try's to beat my level I uploaded. It has 3 completions so far of 157 plays. It's def not impossible. This would take longer to beat then he spent making it. I give any given level like 10-15 try's before I skip. This one would be skipped.



Donutman commented on Editorial: Nintendo is a Toy Company, and That...:

People today think to highly of themselves. Video games are toys in general. Some people are too cool to accept this, so they play their Xbox 360 thinking they are better then someone else who plays the exact same games but also plays nintendo games as well. They all toys. I'm 33 and I play more video games them a business owner/husband/dad of 2 should admit. My PS3 gets very little use... Minecraft and cod, but our wii u and 3x 3ds systems are used daily. I know I'll be buying a nx day 1 or as soon as I can. Not for my kids as much as for me.



Donutman commented on Sega Almost Licensed The Technology That Went ...:

If sega had done this, there would have been no dreamcast.
Even today, vr is going to be used more for people to have virtual family/friend gatherings on Facebook then for gaming. It's s gimmick...just like motion controls, Kinect etc... A few will love it and rave about it, but like with the 3D on 3ds, how many people honestly use it 100% of the time? No me. Maybe 10%. It works fine and everything , but my eyes don't like it after a while.
I like to game, and getting a headache to play 3D isn't worth it. I can't wait to have vr in my house, but I doubt it will be anything that blows the world away at its awesomeness and assesibility.



Donutman commented on Feature: Have You Played... ZombiU?:

I log 3-4 hours a month still. It's a decent "b" game. I bought it day 1 with my wii u which was really like day 45. But I have over 100 hours now, and other then l4d, they are the only 2 zombie game I enjoy.

It's a shame it never got a sequel. It could have been great.



Donutman commented on Talking Point: Star Fox Zero's Delay Could Be ...:

Even though the wii u has been declared dead, I still enjoy playing with it daily . My pc gets used a couple hours a week to play Starcraft 2. My iPhone is used almost daily for hearthstone. My wii u and 3ds take up the rest of my gaming time. That's really about 2 hours a day. There is no drought in games unless all you have is 1 way to play them. If all i has was a ps4...all I would have played on it by now is bloodborne and witcher 3. All I want is dark souls 3 when it comes down to it. But there is a stack of Nintendo and nindie releases coming over the next 6 months til dark souls that I'm not complaining. My wife is because of all the wasted money.