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Donutman commented on Wii U Sales Show Promising Growth Courtesy of ...:

It's too little too late. Which is sad. Only 3 of my friends have ps4/X1s right now. But 7 of us are playing Mario marker, x, and splatoon nightly. I know nintendos kiddie, but being married with kids like most of us, we still play nintemdo while our kids use the ps.



Donutman commented on Talking Point: The New Nintendo 3DS is Yet to ...:

@Dezzy comments like this can be applied to any console. My ps4 isn't getting a lot of use since it's just killszone 4, uncharted ports, and bloodborne which is bayonetta meets dark souls. Nothing new here either. Bottom line, just enjoy great games. And you need multiple consoles to do this.
My n3ds has over 150 games installed on it. Not cpunting the ds and 3ds carts I have. I've been using it for what, 4-5 years and it's prob my main gaming console as In the most time I spend with it. My wii u is over 300 games now, while my PS3/4 combined all games probably total 30. To each their own.



Donutman commented on Monster Hunter X (Cross) Sales Hit 3.2 Million...:

This as been a great series to play and watch get better with each release. I hope there is a great mh coming to nx launch. I really enjoyed mh4 and even my 5 year old got hooked. I have to help him with the rpg aspects, but we have probably 50 hours logged on our 3ds'.



Donutman commented on Feature: Why We're Still Playing... GoldenEye 007:

quake was my first true multiplayer deathmatch. Yea, I had plenty of fun playing this and even quake 2 on n64 4 person splitscreen on a 13inch tv. Holding out in the temple for body armor with remote mines never got old. As for nostalgia, i haven't played this for years and don't really need a remake or anything. there are plenty of great fps games today, maybe too many IMO.



Donutman commented on Hardware Classics: Sega Game Gear:

I never had one but had a friend who did. All I remember from using it was blurry colored visuals and always having it plugged in at his house growing up. I preferred my game boy even if I had to get the light and magnifying glass attachment to play at night.



Donutman commented on Editorial: Nintendo's Next Generation of Exper...:

Reading all these comments and people think that Nintendo is different today then they where nes days. Well they are no different. Nintendo makes great games for their great in their own way, reliable consoles/handhelds. There games are fun for everyone. They make money in every possible way when it comes to selling products. They got lucky in the wii and ds era with cool new tech that they sold cheap to everyone. But that's really not them, selling 100 million consoles. They are always a step behind in some ways, but 2 steps ahead in others.
I've always been a pc/ Nintendo gamer. Yea, I had to get a PS3 since the wii did miss games and I couldn't say that before. But my wii/u have over 300 games today and how can anyone say it's not a great gaming console. I could play 8 person smash day 1 without buying extra accessories. My ps4 has been played only for rocket league and bloodborne. I hate paying a fee but my 14 year old wants to be cool and Nintendo and pcs are not cool. Block ops 3 and minecraft ps4 are cooler then Nintendo according to kids today. Well hate to break it to you, but the reality is x1s and ps4s are the kids consoles today while Nintendo is still everyone's consoles. The adults I know who have x1s and ps4s play 2 games a year. But I'm not hardcore of a gamer cause I bought 8 games the the last month for my wii u/3ds and 1 for my ps4(battlefront which is terrible) . This is why I don't bother with system wars and I just play good games. And Nintendo has plenty of good games too. And I don't pay fees.



Donutman commented on Hardware Classics: Nintendo Super Scope:

I had both the zapper and super scope. Both great and lots of fun but limited amount of games. I loved the wii era and its return of this style of games. I know different tech. I mean how duck hunt and house of dead overkill both fun light gun style games. Wii mote with a shotgun attachment and even games like crossbow training were lots of fun.



Donutman commented on Analysis: Assessing Why NX Needs to Take Over ...:

I'll be buying the Nintendo nx at launch with a stack of games no matter what. I doubt it will completely replace how my wii u is on 90% of the time our tv is on. It is our media device. Netflix, YouTube, Internet and gaming all on my gamepad or 54" hd. My 3ds goes in my pocket when I get home from work daily. It's my main gaming device. Our ps4 is used for rocket league and bloodborne. I would like nx to replace my need to have a iPhone and 3ds in my pockets.



Donutman commented on Wii U eShop Exclusive 3Souls Will Aim to 'Brea...:

@zool as far as I'm concerned, the gamepad is amazing. I can play pretty much every game on my tv or on the gamepad and my wife never complains. It was the selling point for me. Yes, there could be some better use for it, but overall, my wii u is my fav system by far. my ps3/4 do not get used unless I'm playing dark souls and the occasional other AAA game that wii u missed. If anything, Nintendos failure with the wii u and the gamepad is really just they should have released it 3 years earlier then they did. they didn't need to since ds and wii were bringing in big $$$, but the wii u going up againist ps3/x360 for 3 years before current gen came out, I don't think we would be calling it a flop of a console. Before Nintendo went with motion controls, it was rumored the next console would have screen on the controller. I think Nintendo has the gamepad designed 10 years ago and because of the price point, put it aside for the wiimote/chuck. But if wii u came out 3 years earlier and advertised as an updraded wii(which is all it is), it would have sold tons more. the wii could have costed like $500 instead of $250 at launch, included hd and the gamepad. today, people have no issue buying a $500 electronic device. back then, even the ps3 struggled, but still ended up selling tons.



Donutman commented on Feature: Why We're Still Playing... Metroid Fu...:

I really enjoyed this and I agree that's it's just as good as super metroid in lots of ways. I didn't like how linear it was.
Metroid is personally my fav series. Next Zelda. But i replay both series over and over. I just beat prime 3 a couple months ago and am replaying skyward sword in between my many other ongoing games.
I just hope Nintendo doesn't forgot about samus with whatever nx is.



Donutman commented on Feature: What If The SNES PlayStation Had Actu...:

@thesilverbrick where are all the online GameCube games? What, fantasy star? Going against a almost pc competing Xbox and ps2 with their halo, battlefield. and gtaetc... GameCube proved power didn't mean sales. Ps2 may have been the least powerful, but it sold the most. Why? Gta, ff, twisted metal, gow, etc... GameCube and smash and cartoon link even with awesome single player metroids couldn't keep up. Where was the online? I admit I even got bored with my gc and traded it for a ds. I've always been pc and nintendo. I ended up with a ps2 after PS3 came out. I wanted to play some of those games. I got a wii day 1 and it has been my main gaming for like 10 years. My pc and ps 3 and now 4 are all my back up gaming. Id rather replay Zelda then most other RPGs out there. Bloodborne isn't dark souls and it's not as good as bayonetta 2 and they practically the same game gameplay. I got star wars battlefront knowing what it is, and I've put more hours into Devils third cause it's more fun to play team death match with a sword and machine gun. That game is red steel 3. We all have our preferences, but what I saved not paying for online services over the last 10 years has alowed me to aquire over 300 games for my wii u, wii, vc, wiiware eshop. Along with like 100 on my ds. Why did I need to buy ps4 even? Cause it's cooler then nintendo according to my 14 year old. Cooler to pay for gaming services is all I hear.



Donutman commented on Nintendo Download: 24th December (North America):

All this hate towards nintemdo. Well, this month I have bought xenoblade x, Devils third, steam world heist, fast racing, demintium. All new games on less then a month. How many games do we really need released each week? I don't have enough time to play all 5 of those games yet let alone complain about a lack of games.



Donutman commented on Editorial: Xenoblade Chronicles X Has Tiny Tex...:

It's not just xenoblade I have this complaint about. My wife knows that I'm settling in for a weekend of gaming when she gets home and the couch is dragged closer to the tv. I'm a 30 something that wears glasses too



Donutman commented on FAST Racing NEO is Going Up a Gear in January ...:

Only complaint about this game is there needs to be a audio menu. I prefer to listen to my own music in racing games instead of whatever techno it is. Keep the other sound effects of course. But an option to toggle them. Outside that, I love this game.



Donutman commented on Splatoon Developers on the Future of Splatoon ...:

I'm 100% ok with how Nintendo has handled splatoon. I don't need training...but I understand and did enjoy the limited maps at the beginning, and with how they rotate. I would rather see a splatoon 2 for nx then paid Dlc. For me, most Nintendo games are games you play off and on for years. This got lots of use for s while, but now I just play it when I'm in the mood. I am amazed that anyone can just sit and get 400something stars in sm3d without stopping. I am always picking away at them. I'm in the 300s and j will finish before the nx one. There's just too many games.



Donutman commented on Feature: Five Star Wars Games, on Nintendo, Th...:

I stand by that the force unleashed was a good 2 game series. and if you take away graphics, the wii was the best version. The controls were fine, maybe not 1:1, but fine. The graphic issue worked for the wii since onscreen there was less clutter, so it was easier to force grab the item you wanted. When you wielding a light saber/wiimote/ and force/nunchuck, it was really fun. I played both games on both ps3 and wii.
Outside this list, rogue squadron 3 gc and shadow of the empire n64 were also great Nintendo star war games. I would love to see them on VC someday...



Donutman commented on ​The Making Of Star Wars Rogue Squadron II: ...:

This series of games are some of the best ever. Yea, tie fighter on my pc was plenty awesome too, but for home console, not much is better then rogue squadron. I wish these were re-released for current gen gamers. they better then anything star wars related today.



Donutman commented on Weirdness: North American Devil's Third Copies...:

well, I had no issue paying $60 for this. is it not nearly as bad as reviewers would have you think. I feel this game is a B game. It isn't the best game, but it is worth having if you a wii u owner starved for shooters. 2nd, ive felt like the gaming community just blasted it since it was planned for 360/ps3 and was cancelled only to be brought back for wii u.



Donutman commented on Fascinating Patent Shows Nintendo Portable Uti...:

I am holding hope that the nx controller will be close to what the bottom part of a new3ds is. Duel shoulder buttons, sliders, built in speakers/mic. Touch screen etc...slimmer. Ability to post at home or on the go. An iPhone with buttons.maybe even a bendable screen now... I actually thought back when that sharp deal was announced, it would have been for a vr headset.
But I know I'm excited for what this patent may or not reveal. Complain about buttons on our screen, then go back to your galaxy s5 to play anything. Hands in your screen. This adds buttons. I do wish playing Mario and jumping never becomes touch only.



Donutman commented on Intriguing Nintendo Patent Points to 'Suppleme...:

Maybe it's a way to use your wii u gamepad anywhere. A new game boy iPhone like device with buttons similar to the bottom screen of a new 3ds. This device can play game home and in the go. Maybe not a phone service, but at a friends house through wifi...maybe use your wii u gamepad to stream/play nx games in some capacity...I know I'm excited and I'm sure it will be awesome in its own way. My wii has been a daily use device in my house hold by the entire family, wii u included. I doubt nx will replace that. But maybe it will replace why we still feel the need to own ps3s...Or even ps4s...I also think there is s chance that there will be vr headset someday. Play capt toad and imagine the gamepad as a vr headet. It practically is.



Donutman commented on Review: The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass...:

I forced myself to play this in ds. Game may have been great, but I hated the controls. Holding a ds 1 handed to play for this or idk metroid hunters made it hard for me to play. I might have liked hunters, but no. I normally love nintendos use of controls, but not for ds touch screen being used as a analog stick.



Donutman commented on Parent Trap: ​Is 3DS Download Play The Perfe...:

This is an under used feature for me. I have used it plenty, but I buy most digital games for me 3ds, while the kids have the carts. I plan on keeping mine longterm, but the kids will be sold and upgraded someday for nx most likely. I think the best feature of 3ds is that it is a portable gaming console. Not s Watertown console expierence, but with games like Zelda, xenoblade, Mario , smash, mh4, etc... My 3ds has become my personal main gaming console while my PS3/wii u, and pc are my back ups. And I always have it with me. iPhone in one pocket, 3ds in the other.



Donutman commented on Feature: Five Nintendo Games Perfect For Multi...:

So far, I woke to my youngest playing Mario maker. Then I played Zelda ss until I finished lanayru mining facility. Breakfast. Then smash 64 for like an hour. Brake to help wife clean house. Youngest back to smash while ildest played minecraft. An hour til dinner and I'm playing binding of Isaac on my 3ds while kids watch the grinch. I know they will be back to mk8 and smash wii u once family gets here.
Happy turkey day



Donutman commented on The NES Joins The High Definition Era With Thi...:

I've got a 35" tv that is only there for my retro gaming habit. It's in my oldest sons room with his PS3 and then my n64, Atari 2600, 5200, and my community snes which a friend has right now. I sold my new a few years ago since I have so many wii vc games. Really didn't use it. Besides, I'm not above playing wii/vc games on my gamepad with a classic controller.



Donutman commented on Editorial: It's Not Fun to Criticise Nintendo ...:

Nintendo releases a lot of games. I doubt there is a dev/publisher that releases as many games in 1 year as Nintendo. They are bound to release a few ehh games. I am not a blind fan boy. I see faults in games like tri force heroes, or Mario tennis wii u. But to think that a 6-7 means bad game is a different story. I'm getting Devils third. It's s great past gen game. Maybe not up to today's high standards, but it's s decent game. If it was reviewed for PS3, then it would have got an 7.5 or 8.
Even with a few ehh games, Nintendo still makes some of the best video games you can play, in every way, whether actual gameplay or just the game itself.



Donutman commented on Nintendo Powerline Counselors On Cougars, Chri...:

I feel old. As a kid, I had hand drawn maps of zelda and metroid games so I could adventually beat them. I replayed loz nes this past summer and my iPhone was right there. Times have changed. I never would have beat dark souls without wiki.

Sounds like the start of any business. I am in charge of my companies new loss prevention dept. I have a laptop with a small hd tv for a second monitor and share an office with someone and we basically in a supply closet. It's only 1 of my duties so I'm not in the more then a few hours s week, but still, I understand why the terrible conditions. They had to make a new dept in a company not knowing what they doing either



Donutman commented on Review: Typoman (Wii U eShop):

@Miss_Dark you said it. It wasn't a game as much as art. A less then 2 hour, no challenge, terrible controlling piece of art that was over priced just like art. A game like "lost in shadow" is not even heard of but 10 times longer and better, it's had to say I enjoyed limbo. Muramasa demon blade is also a work of art, that is an awesome game as well, and has probably 50 hours of playtime.
I want to want typoman, but it looks like limbo.
I also want to add that I couldn't stand journey. Same boring game but a piece of art. Well, Zelda games are art as well.



Donutman commented on Feature: What We Expect from Nintendo Direct -...:

If the minecraft rumor is correct, then I have no clue as to what will be in the direct today. That is a surprise and it going to sell probably better then Mario does today. Sad to think but we will have to wait a few more hours...



Donutman commented on Devil's Third Online for PC to Include New Mod...:

I am excited for this game. Last gen, this game would have gotten an 8. This gen it's s 5. I do not expect it to be as awesome as I would hope, but I expect to enjoy playing this game for plenty of hours. Any wii u owner who does not support this game cant complain about lack of 3rd party support. If this was on x360 a couple years ago, people would have loved this. But it's in Nintendo so it must be kiddie and/or suck is how people think of it.



Donutman commented on Parent Trap: Oft-Forgotten Wii U Features That...:

My 13 year old and his friends treat nintemdo like they would get cancer if they played it too long. They love to play smash, kart, splat etc...but then they go back to cod and minecraft and say wii u isn't cool enough and the graphics suck. Kids... sells. Cool doesn't mean best, it just means cool. So I'm not saying a PS4 is better or worse, just that it's cooler. Cooler to pay to play online, cooler since it has more ports them new games. Again, kids...
My wii u has over 300 games thanks to backwards compatibility, and I look at it like a 10 year old console. Pc and Nintendo is all any gamer needs. But instead these watered down pcs called next gen consoles are cooler, therefore getting all the attention. My gaming pc is getting dated, it's 8 years old and has cost me about $1000 total to keep up to date. I can run witcher 3 just fine and it doesn't cost me a monthly service fee. It should run dark souls 3 and I'm content with my gaming for the next couple years...til nx.



Donutman commented on Get Ready To Blast Off With Space Dave!:

Woah Dave is a great arcade game. Fun in short bursts every once in a while. If I'm bored with my 3ds in my pocket then wd is fun for a min. I am interested in space Dave expecting the same arcade style game. Should be fun.



Donutman commented on ​Parent Trap: Choosing The Right Nintendo 3D...:

I started with a launch 3ds. Traded for the xl Zelda edition. Then found I couldn't ever use it due to my youngest gaining interest in it. So I got a used 2ds for him. He used it for a while but still would kill my battery whenever he could. So I bought myself a new3ds launch day and now we have 3 of these systems. The 2ds is not used much lately, but it's still there. This is also why I like having cartridges to swap between them.