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Dreamz commented on Satoru Iwata Will Return as Nintendo Direct Ho...:

My local gamestop only received 3 of the three-pack Splatoon, the local Target received two. Both sold out the moment the stores opened that morning.

I'm not buying their BS excuses. This is a shallow and blatant attempt to keep demand artificially high.



Dreamz commented on Remake Request: Super Metroid 3D on Nintendo 3DS:

Just say no to remasters and remakes. You can't move forward if you're living in the past, and it's already bad enough that we have to deal with the sequelitis and franchisement-happy groove that video games and movies are currently locked in.

I loved Super Metroid as much as anyone, but if I wanted to play it again it's already on the VC.



Dreamz commented on Eiji Aonuma Discusses Idea Origins for The Leg...:

The Game Theorists did an entire series on Majora's Mask and origin-type stuff for it. I highly recommend anyone who's a fan of the series check it out over on Youtube.

( But remember, it's just their theory. A /game/ theory.)



Dreamz commented on Weirdness: eBay Trolls amiibo Fans With Gold M...:

@ Article Author: This is not unbelievably stupid; this is fairly sound marketing. The minor amount goodwill that will be lost pales in comparison to the awareness, eyeballs, and potential traffic it grabs. That it targets a market niche known to throw cash is just icing on the cake.



Dreamz commented on YouTube Stars Aren't Happy With Nintendo's Rev...:

@Albeanz It's not arrogant, it's the truth. He's the most subscribed person on Youtube by a fair margin.

I'm not a fan of Let's Play type shows myself, but Nintendo's current policy in this area is a civil lawsuit waiting to happen if they're not careful.



Dreamz commented on Poll: Which is the Best Mario Kart Game?:

I would have waited another six months for this poll. MK8 is still within the honeymoon window, so it'll practically win by default.

For me, it would be a toss up between Double Dash and the original Super Mario Kart. However, since the question is best, I would probably give it to Double Dash - so many fantastic tracks, a proper battle mode, and very streamlined gameplay. Super MK mainly just had nostalgia and some fun tracks, not quite as numerous as DD.



Dreamz commented on Video: Today's Teens Simply Cannot Handle The ...:

Agreed. Those of who grew up with these games got used to a much steeper difficulty curve than what you see today. I remember playing this game when I was five years old; while I didn't beat the game, I was able to reach the Wily stages. But by that point I'd already been introduced to the first Mario and Zelda games, as well as Metroid, Blaster Master, and a plethora of other less than forgiving games.



Dreamz commented on Review: Super Smash Bros. for Wii U (Wii U):

Hopefully after the score is posted this site can start covering stuff other than Smash Bros. I get that it's a lot of peoples' most wanted title, but the ratio of Smash articles and features to everything else has been ridiculous the past few months.



Dreamz commented on Poll: Should Nintendo Follow Microsoft's Lead ...:

To all those saying that Nintendo shouldn't drop the price due to that placing it back into selling at a loss, take a step back and look at the bigger picture. Nintendo doesn't need the cash yet. What's destroying them currently is a lack of presence in the market, and strong holiday sales will help to rectify that. What's most important for Nintendo currently is grabbing market share and showing that they're still a major player in the console lineup. Profit will come automatically after that's established.



Dreamz commented on Review: Hyrule Warriors (Wii U):

I've been seeing 7 pretty consistently across the board.

As to those suddenly deciding to cancel their DO realize that a 7 is a good score, right?

"7 - Good

A seven is not average in our eyes. This game will sport a few areas where the game is blatantly let down to the detriment of its overall quality and enjoyment, but it is NOT average. A seven is still a recommendation, but you might want to consider what we thought let the game down and decide for yourself if it would bother you before buying."
-Nintendo Life



Dreamz commented on Talking Point: The Wii U May be Best as One of...:

I have the Wii U and PC combo. A good gaming PC makes the PS4 and XBoxOne completely irrelevant, as it'll destroy the best the two of them can offer, while the Wii U has unique experiences you can't find anywhere else. It's the best of both worlds.



Dreamz commented on Orders Open For Xbox One in China as Nintendo ...:

A cheap Wii bundle could make a killing in the Chinese market, but I understand the stance of letting Sony and MS throw cash at the market to figure it out before Nintendo comes in at a later point with a solid marketing plan built on their failings.