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Sun 20th April, 2014

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xerneas commented on Nintendo Serves Up Over Four Minutes of Awesom...:

I've been having quite mixed thoughts about if I will like this game or not, but as long as it's got character interaction (preferably lots of that!), some story, nice physics and a lot of content (achievements anyone?) in general I am quite sure I will. I was doubtful at first because it's mainly long-ish battles over and over again but then again I realized so is one of my fav game series Fire Emblem, so I think it won't get boring if this game is well made, which you really should expect from a Zelda series game.



xerneas commented on Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS User Interf...:

I'm pretty sure it's just a transfer button for dlc and customizable characters and whatever they have made up. I'm not gonna buy the 3DS version but I'm still intrigued..! Especially about what happens when you press it before the Wii U version has come out lol.



xerneas commented on Check Out the Evolution of Visuals in Pokémon...:

I always liked the style of GBA Pokemon and it's very nostalgic for me, but honestly I couldn't like another 2D Pokemon game that much now that they switched to 3D-ish style. I am so so so much more excited for these than XY ever and I was hugely excited for XY too!



xerneas commented on Guide: All You Need to Know on Mario Kart 8 Ch...:

I think the heavy setups are kinda bad if you aren't a perfect player who never hits anything or anyone.. Nice for time trials, but bad for online where you will get essentially rekt bc poopoodoodoocacapoopledoopley acceleration and handling. I like playing with balanced stats, except on light chars of course maxing out speed.



xerneas commented on Mario Kart 8 Still Competing in Nordic Region ...:

From Finland and I don't find Tomodachi Life very interesting, only the ability to make custom songs lol so didn't buy it. Animal Crossing is nice on the other hand although I'm quite bored with it too atm :(
(why are people still buying games like TS3 or GTA IV...)



xerneas commented on Sakurai Explains Why Chrom Didn't Make It Into...:

I don't care much for Chrom and even if Lucina is a near Marth -clone, I like her better because at least she's a girl, if there was three swordsmen guys from FE with dark blue hair it would just have been stupid. Obviously there could have been better characters to pick from Awakening instead of Lucina (imagine Tiki or Aversa...) but well, they tend to pick the more important characters and this is totally ok for me.



xerneas commented on Review: Wii Sports Club (Wii U):

Boxing really sucks, especially as I have to play it one-handed. Wii sports boxing was brilliant imo. Won't probably be buying as the online isn't that crowded and I mostly play off tv...



xerneas commented on Four Students Set New Mario Kart Marathon Worl...:

I don't think 35 hours is exactly little for Mario Kart... It gets so repetitive after a while that you just really need a break. Games like Zelda and Pokemon I'll easily play for 15 hours straight on the day 1 tho. But if only one of them had to be playing at a time then doesn't sound too hard.



xerneas commented on Stats Suggest That UK Kids Are More Likely To ...:

That's pretty terrible. Mobile games are mostly trash, there's a few really good ones but you get bored of them fast anyway and they're still nothing compared to the full, long-lasting experiences of console games. Even though little kids are satisfied with either, when they're older they won't be as likely to try consoles since they didn't grow up with them. :(



xerneas commented on Star Fox (Tentative Title):

Naming games in a numerical order or by the console they're on is trending for Nintendo atm apparently. I sure hope they don't continue that for this and Zelda etc...



xerneas commented on Mercedes DLC Confirmed for Mario Kart 8 in the...:

Oh come on guys, even though it's advertising kinda, it's definitely meant in a humorous way. It's not like MK8 target demo are people who buy cars yet anyway lol. You don't have to download it if you hate it. I think it's pretty funny and stylewise it's not too far from Wario's karts in some titles...



xerneas commented on Review: Dr. Kawashima's Brain Training: How Ol...:

I used to own this game on DS but sold it just a couple weeks ago. Hah, I'm getting the value back :D This game is actually pretty fun for a while, on summer holidays I won't be using my brain at all lol so I might as well play this.

It never seems to recognize when I say "blue" aloud though... jeez, my accent isn't THAT bad??



xerneas commented on Eiji Aonuma Vows to Reduce Hand-Holding in Fut...:

Navi is hella annoying and didn't even help me once. Fi was okay, didn't bother me a lot and I actually found her helpful sometimes. I don't mind some hand holding, but OH MY GOD YES THEY NEED TO REMOVE REINTRODUCING ITEMS ALL THE TIME it really pisses me off



xerneas commented on Eiji Aonuma Plans To Shake Up the Puzzle Formu...:

@hiptanaka Agreed! I like Skyrim and MMO's for the content but they need to keep the actual plot and rpg elements to not make the world lonely and boring. I would also love if you could make decisions which affect the events in the game or that you could choose from different regions/dungeons/whatever where you want to go. Would add replay value.



xerneas commented on Poll: Your Favourite Showing from Nintendo Dur...:

Splatoon, really? I liked it too but it was still a rather simple game which I wouldn't pay more than 30 euros for.
Zelda U on the other hand was just like I hoped, open Skyrim-style world yesssss! Xenoblade was a very pleasant surprise too and I'm looking forward to it.



xerneas commented on E3 2014: PDP Shows Off its New GameCube-Styled...:

The yoshi one looks nice, but a shame you can't connect it with the adapter :( Looks like I'm buying the adapter even though my 10 years old GC controller is fairly battered (or a pro controller but it's so expensive..)



xerneas commented on Play: Mario Kart 8 in the NLife Community GP -...:

All races raced, score 297. Not too good but I didn't expect much better for finishing most of the races at ~5th place :'D Well, I had a lot of fun and was in the first place a few times too. Next time better!!



xerneas commented on Nintendo Spain Secures Win Over R4 Card Retailer:

Other than homebrews, people also used R4 cards mainly to access games that aren't available in their country (so many games are japanese-only, like Taiko no Tatsujin) or to try out games quickly before buying them. Those things could be fixed with giving out more free demos and removing the stupid region lock which is pointless and ruins everything.