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Ralek85 commented on Nintendo Download: 2nd July (Europe):

Wow, that's actually impressive, AW2 and FE, didn't expect to see those ... I wonder when (and if =( ) those will ever come to NA. Sacred Stones took for ages to show up over here ....



Ralek85 commented on Talking Point: The Mystery of Devil's Third an...:

At this point, no "mature"-themed game is going to make a difference anyways, so they might just have decided to cut their looses, while still giving a little something to their established installbase.
I would be fine with the game being digital only. It's the future anyways, and that obsession with retail is only hurting the industry. Whole games get lost in the process because noone is willing to take the gamble on spending any money on actually publishing those underdog games. By comparison the cost of digital publication is minimal, and so is the risk. Also, there is no such thing as stock shortages, retailer exclusive deals, and all the other ugliness that can happen with those low-profile retail games.
If a game is sucessful digitally, you can still release it physically at some point, to please the diehard collectors. It has been done before after all.
Anyways, this game is not going to sell great, no matter the advertisement budget, and at this point the fate of the WiiU as a platform is sealed anyway, so I think any further investment by Nintendo should be on the conservative side, into stuff like MarioMaker, Starfox etc., not this. Games that will turn a meaningful profit for them, money they can put to good use going forward. Any investment into expanding installbase, is a lost investment, so they would be smart steering clear of those.



Ralek85 commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Approach to Transfor...:

Why try to fix what ain't broken? I'm very much bothered by the notion, that something needs fixing just because it's old. It's not just Nintendo, who are struggling to do this, but other developers as well. They just manage to stay ahead of the issue by providing enough distractions in the process, like spectacular graphics, sex and violence in hitherto unknown detail and other shenanigans. Nothing e.g. EA/Bioware did with any of the Dragon Age games "fixed" or "innovated" on the BG-formula. All it did was dumb it down, pretty it up and go all GoT on it - so, of course it sold, but as a game it was poorer for it. Some people were angry, but mostly, people just realized they were no longer the target audience and they moved on to other stuff, which coincidentally ^^ managed to show up just in time on platforms like kickstarter.
I think Nintendo is sitting between two stools right now, and thus it's message is all muddled - trying to pander to the old fans, but also trying to move on, innovate for a new audience and gain new supporters. It's a lot easier to focus on just one of those two things, and if Nintendo wants to keep doing this, they have to up their game. We all know they can do it, they managed it before. Just the jump from 2D to 3D was a showcase for their ability to truely innovate, totally beyond any gimmicky controller and stuff like that.
I think the real issue here is that they have moved on as far as their creative potential goes. They are betting on the NX big time, and I'm looking forward to see if that pays off. I don't expect any more great experiments for the WiiU - well, Zelda aside of course, but we have yet to wait and see how much of an experiment that really is.



Ralek85 commented on First Impressions: Getting Into The Spirit Wit...:

I haven't been able to get back into Pokemon since the days of Red/Blue. I took a final stab at it with X and Y, but it just doesn't work for me any more. Naturally, I assumed this was just another reskin of Pokemon for a new generation, and I therefore dismissed it out of hand.
This article makes it sound rather interesting though. The combat seems to be quite different from Pokemon, and also fun, most of all though, it has this "Attack of the Friday Monsters!"-ish aesthetic and mood to it apparently, which I really adore. I'm a fan of much of Level-5's work, despite some disappointing games, so I think I might actually keep this on my radar now. When I played AotFM, I was actually sad when it was over, and I was lefting wanting more of it, or really, more of something like it, with a bit more complexity and options to it, but with the same kind of charm. This might actually just be it.
Thanks for the great article!



Ralek85 commented on Nintendo Isn't Talking About NX Because It Doe...:

@rjejr I just made basically the same point about the "gimmick" issue, therefore /agreed.

But yeah, they made strong indications in regards to the NX being a "home console", but well it does not mean it's not going to be "different". Mabye it will be a new home console plus a new 3DS, as both platforms are obviously winding down right now. Mabye it will indeed be the long rumored "fusion" device ... who knows. I doubt it will be less powerful than the WiiU though :-P If we assume that, and we assume it'S supposed to run for longer sessions than a Gamepad with the original battery, it's probably not just ah .... console/handheld deluxe Nintendo gaming-"tablet".
Frankly, I think it will be like the WiiU, just that the handheld will be integrated much deeper and basiaclly work as the gamepad ... it will be optional though, as to drive down cost, but it would make sense. It would mean easy backwards compability and they could still service the handheld market that has been doing so well form them despite some obvious downturn. But yeah, it's just speculation, although not an unreaosnable one I think ^^



Ralek85 commented on Nintendo Isn't Talking About NX Because It Doe...:

I'm worried that he places so much emphasis on surprising everyone and keeping that "surprise" from being copied, since that implies that 1) the system is build around another "feature" or gimmick, that can still surprise people and 2) that it's indeed just a gimmick, since if weren't, it seems unlikely the competition could just simply copy it with a adding a small piece of hardware or software, as was the case with motion gaming or 2nd-screen gaming.
I don't want to read too much into it, but this seems to indicate that they are indeed chasing the "Wii" moment.



Ralek85 commented on Rumours Surface of Android Emulation On The Ni...:

The fact that Disney and Nintendo still largely fail to see their potential synergies is as baffling to me as it was 5 or even 10 years ago. It might have gotten more baffling as time went on, Disney struggling to make games out of their very succesful movie and tv franchises, and Nintendo struggling to expand beyond a core gamer audience (no, the Wii did not do that for THEM, at best temporarily and really more for the industry as a whole), but at some point, it became hard to tell ...



Ralek85 commented on Talking Point: E3 Highlighted Nintendo's Devel...:

It's hard to believe that despite this mountain of evidence to the contrary, I still got dragged into several conversations with folk that were arguing that the NX was not going to happen in 2016. In fact, the only bad thing I call say about this article, is that it's stating painfully obvious facts. I mean, Reggie (within the confines of marketing speak) told us to our faces, what was going to happen in 2016 ... that was more in-your-face than anyone ever assumed it could be, but obviously it was still not enough. Anyways, I certainly agree with basically anything said here. Nintendo is not committing any serious ressouces towards the WiiU, and to a degree, not even the 3DS anymore. What we get is what was already announced, sometimes for years, as well as localizations and stop-gap-measures as far as games go, meaning mostly small spin-off, light on development ressources. All of that is going to happen within less than 12 months from now, so Nintendo is clearing it's pipeline to make room ... room for other content, and mostly for a different system and therefor a different narrative and momentum. The WiiU will see some support for quite some time, for Splatoon, Mk8, SSB ... but it will be quite and low profile. It will peacefully coexist with the NX for quite some time, without being of any real consequence to anyone.
Still, we do get a load of exclusive content .. to mollify us and to tide us over I guess ^^ Zelda will be another TP sitation, that is all but guaranteed and most likely the last big game on the WiiU all in all.
The real question is in regard to the future of the 3DS though .. evidence, circumstancial and otherwise, is less clear here. Yet I believe the limited amount of commitment Nintendo should for the 3DS this year, with very little in terms of new announcement for major games is just as much of an indication of the systems future as it is for the WiiU, once one takes into account, the rumors about the NX being some kind of "fusion" device (would make all the sense in the world from Nintendos perspective - no longer having to split ressources between two platforms), as well as the small fact, that the NDSi was out exactly 2 years before the 3DS launched. Holiday 2016 will mark the 2 year anniversary of the N3DS .. it would not be a stretch to assume, that the NX will launch in 2016 and that it then will also be in a good spot to replace the 3DS/N3DS line.
By then the market will be pretty much saturated with the 3DS line, so it would make once more all the sense in the world for them to push for something new. It's all just to tiddy to be any kind of coincidence.



Ralek85 commented on Hands On: Logging More Flight Time With Star F...:

Online or bust ...
I'm finally playing Hyrule Warriors right now, and the game is indeed fun (contrary to my expectation), but with each hour I log, my desire to slap someone for it's lack of online co-op, which would be even more fun, grows exponentially.
Sometimes people need a little getting-slapped around, esp. if they insist on living in a past century, and thus causing other people quite some grief.



Ralek85 commented on Review: Yoshi's Woolly World (Wii U):

What is Nintendo's obsession with pretending online is not a thing? They know that both, local and online, are legit forms of multiplayer, and they are not meant to compete but complement each other ...



Ralek85 commented on Feature: The Biggest Wii U Retail Games of 201...:

Nintendo should really get their act together and stop with the EU and NA nonsense. No other big publishers still pulls stunts like this ... it's just one of those things they make people put up with for no good reason whatsoever.

@mjc0961 I guess you're joking Oo
This is the best 1st party/exclusive line-up there is this year. Even better than the X1. The PS4 got like Until Dawn and UC Collection. I think I rather play Fatal Frame instead of Until Dawn, and UC 1-3 I already own and played. I'm still gonna get Halo 5 on X1, and some multiplatforms for PS4, plenty to play on the WiiU and only on the WiiU though.



Ralek85 commented on Feature: Our Impressions of the Full Nindies@H...:

If the rest of the Typoman is as good as the demo, I'm pretty much sold on it. It had a really good Limbo vibe to it, combined with a clever and fresh mechanic, which - to me as a second language speaker - might even prove a bit educational :-P It's also an exclusive afaik, so getting it for the WiiU makes actually sense.



Ralek85 commented on Video: Star Fox Zero - What We Know So Far:

@holygeez03 Frankly, all they had to do, to please me would have been
... going with the StarFox 64/3D formula
... while scaling up the tech, meaning graphics, objects in the world, physics-based explosions and all such fancy (which noone needs, but everybody enjoys seeing anyway)
... plus, last but not least, add features previously impossible, most critically online multiplayer, quite possibly even co-op

There you have it, that so hard?
No? I didn't think so.

From the looks of it, they managed the first one, and not much else really. Well, they did take a shot at the second one as well. It has to be good enough ... although good enough is not the kind of label I ever wanted for the StarFox =/



Ralek85 commented on French Retailers Are Cancelling Yoshi Woolly W...:

The sad part is, at this point, I would not batt an eye on someone setting a container with Yoshi amiiboo on fire, just so as to drive up the price, because they managed to acquire a significant stock of said item before hand. Stuff like that happens to food stocks all the time, so why not with stuff way less precious like amiiboo? It's not like that would not make "sense" or would be beneath us as people, after all nothing is.



Ralek85 commented on Nintendo Is A Slave To Its Past Success, Says...:

They should be trying new things, of course they shoud. They should be doing it on the software side of things though, not so much on the hardware side.
Also, they don't necessarily need to "abuse" old IPs to do so, as proven, I think, by Splatoon. Federation Force is a good example for this, since they could probably have done this just as well without invoking Metroid at all, thus forgoing the problem that old times fans spontaneously combust. It's a little thing, but as we learned on Tuesday, it not so little as not to matter!



Ralek85 commented on Nintendo Download: 18th June (North America):

@rjejr Couldn't help but laugh here ^^ I mean it's just humorous, sure it should have been for free, but you just described yourself spending cloes to $600 on stuff, only to complain about literally less-than-a-dollar. It's just so very ..... civilized. People are starving right now, still, this comes up. It's tragically funny on a global scale^^



Ralek85 commented on Editorial: Cheer Up, There Are Some Exciting G...:

Nintendo has the strongest and most diverse 1st party lineup for 2015 - period.
Yes, it should not have been a Metroid game in name or looks, but simply something else, something new - whatever, let's move on to StarFox. Not much to say here either, PG will do a fine job with the game, given the time and ressources necessary. Thus delay, expand on features, like online, optimize and polish the visuals ... release when done, hopefully within 12 months.
Next, NX announcement next June ... will completely reshuffle the board for Nintendo, whatever it may be in the end! Until then there are plenty of good games to be play and enjoyed, no matter how underwhelming this E3 was at first glance.

I already changed my mind on 2 or 3 gams. GIR#FE looks fantastic I want that more badly than any other WiiU games. The new zelda has online, so it's a must buy for me, and I might even enjoy Federation Forces, as the last couple of minutes on the Treehouse stream looeked quite fun - it depends on the price though ^^
If Starfox ends up getting the care it deserves, it's also a safe bank, if not it also comes down to the price .... and managing my expectations.
All in all, the sun came up, despite Metroid, so all is good :-D



Ralek85 commented on First Impressions: Linking Up in The Legend of...:

Wait what? This game has online!? I thought Federation Force must have been a fluke for sure .... now I'm impressed. Definitely going to get those two then!
If Nintendo could only put online up for StarFox, maybe take a little extra time to polish up the GFX of it as well, and this E3 would be "saved" for me, as far as Nintendo goes. I mean I saw the GIR#FE footage on Treehouse, and that looked totally cool. I want it more than Xenoblade now. Considering all the other previously announced games like Fatal Frame, Devils Third and so on, I think they really are about to bridge the gap between WiiU and NX just fine, not to say exceedingly fine, even without a Metroid proper!
Just ... just give Starfox the time and ressources it deserves, pretty please :-D



Ralek85 commented on Next Metroid Prime Home Console Title "Would L...:

@RetronX I loved Affordable Space Adventure with the Gamepad, and some of it's uses in ZombiU, but other than that ,not much comes to mind at all. Off-TV-Play is nice to have, but not really worth the downsides. I'd rather have the option to stream to the 3DS (successor) for example.

What did you like about it specifically, which game or application/use?

From what I can tell, the number of good ideas that were executed using the gamepad, is in the one-digits, which seems pretty damning to me ;-/



Ralek85 commented on Video: The Nintendo Life Reaction to Nintendo'...:

@uhhhhhhhh I think transition would have been more fitting. As for what is transforming, well, Nintendo is at large (QoL, DeNa/mobil, NX, amiibo etc.), but more specifically, Nintendo's homeconsole is "transforming" into the NX, Club Nintendo is "transforming" into [something yet unnamed I think] and so we get one of those years between "generations", where it is too late for new big current-gen games, and too early for new next-gen games. Still, the release schedule is solid for the next 12 months, so I wouldn't worry about it too much.
I have a feeling that next year will be very different indeed! :-D



Ralek85 commented on Poll: How Excited Are You About Nintendo's E3 ...:

@jjmesa16 I'm not sure what the question is? FE:A is brilliant and it's on sale right now. I doubt Fates will be better, but even if, FE:A is still one of the best games on the 3DS. If you want to play FE, get it now and enjoy, no point in waiting a year, none at all. If you like FE:A, get Fates as well, once it's out.



Ralek85 commented on Next Metroid Prime Home Console Title "Would L...:

"What I want to see from NX is a few things: First, backwards compatibility, Second transferable download titles and Third, a better Nintendo ID system."
I would add improved online features, like party chat, e-shop access via browser, etc. - basically just copy Ms or Sony and this and reskin, then add Nintendo flavour ala Miiverse -> Call it a day. Also, make a console, that focuses on being easy to develop for, while providing enough power to make all kinds of experiences possible, do NOT focus on making a new control scheme or otherwise "new experience". We had enough of those for a couple of generations - no more gamepad and stuff.
Innovate through software, like shown with titles like Splatoon, stop trying to force innovation through hardware.



Ralek85 commented on Next Metroid Prime Home Console Title "Would L...:

@Peach64 It was very likely before E3, but E3 confirmed it. Reggie made this pretty clear. I think it was the most impressive aspect of their Digital Event. They were pretty forward about their situation and their future - unlike everything I ever heard out of Nintendo before. NX in 2016, definitely announced, most likely released, 2017 at the very, very latest.

There is no more prospects of a Wii U entry of Metroid Prime. At the very best, many years down the line, there could be a down-port for the WiiU, if it is still supported then, depending on the nature of the NX. I think that is very unlikely though, not to say simply wishful thinking ^^



Ralek85 commented on First Impressions: Our Maiden Flight In Star F...:

@LilC Well, that purely depends on your definition of "end". Next year at this time, we will have definite information on the NX and most likely it release date in the then immediate future. That is 99,9% guaranteed at this point, Reggie himself took time a the beginning of their Digitail Event, to all but confirm this, which is really unprecedented, even drastic I think. They would not make jokes about something like this at this point, with consumer and investor confidence already ... let's say shaken, so considered it a simple fact.
The only question on my mind, is what will happen to the WiiU. THere were rumors that the NX would not replace the Wiiu but "complement" it, how this might work ... no idea. We'll see about that, but anyways, if end means a new console will be released, than yes, the WiiU's end will be announced in 12 months time, although ... potentially the NX will not launch in 2016, but earily 2017, which is very unlikely though.



Ralek85 commented on First Impressions: Our Maiden Flight In Star F...:

Couldn't agree more. I for one still have not mastered the art of looking at two places in the same time, so for the most part, having one display suits me just fine.
The controls ... I simply cannot speak to those yet. The old ones were spot on and not in need of reinventing, but maybe the new ones can be mastered as well, and maybe they will just be as precise and reponsive (the only aspect that really matters in that regard) and provide a new Starfox experience, which could (eventually) be fine. The graphics though, as stated several times before, seems almost like a joke on Nintendo's part, as if they were running a Halo-esque legacy mode, were you see the game in it's gen-before-last-visuals, and were you expect to make magic happen at the press of the button switching to the new engine, making some jaws drop :-D

Unfortunately that is not the case, and with the lack of online, this game simply NEEDS MORE TIME. Get it back in the shop for a at least a year, drop it at the end of next year, together with Zelda, as the final act of the WiiU. Make Starfox count, don't just abuse it as a Stop-Gap-Measure. This could still be turned into a great game, just take your time - as you always do Nintendo!



Ralek85 commented on Reaction: Nintendo's E3 Digital Event Brought ...:

@Kogorn733 I think you mean PS3 quality, since they could not have been PS4 quality, no one expected that, since it is not possible. And no, they were not PS3 quality either, at least not if you consider StarFox a first party AAA game. So if you're complain is someone may have expected the game to look like SW Battlefront ship battles, then you are wrong- that's not the point.

Just look at the lack of detail everywhere, the ground looks to be a simple low res texture, there is definitely not much filtering applied, as the image is still rather jagged, shadows, lighting, volumetric effects etc. were mostly just absent at all, making for rather mundane effects in terms of explosions and lasers. It just looks really bad on almost every level, esp. for a WiiU 1st party game.

Again though, while that is disappointing, it's not like I'm not still playing Starfox 3D on my trusty 3DS, so obviously, this is not a deal breaker. What irks me is the lack of online. If they don't have, and if there is no assurance that it will be a feature in the future, the price has to come way down from a potentially $60 tag. The game will be short as far as the campaign goes, as it is still Starfox, and with limited replayability (for me without online), and what looks to be upscaled Wii graphics at best, it's just a hard sell at the same price like Xenoblade or such, which is way bigger and seems way more polished, not to mention featuring multiplayer, even online .... if it's like $40 bucks, I will strongly consider it, despite it faults, if it's lower, which doubt unforuntately, I will definitely get it.



Ralek85 commented on Star Fox Zero Marks An Explosive Return To For...:

@Donutman What?
"Graphics are for new age gamers who are so superficial they forgot that last years call of duty existed once the new one comes out. Go back to playing minecraft and thinking your cool."

First, that statement makes zero sense, since Minecraft is exactly the kind of game Nintendo should be making, and it's also far from anything even remotely superficially appealing. Second, your notion that "new age gamers", what ever that may be, are just superficial CoD kiddies, is offensive, even more so because it's also appallingly childish at the same time.

Aside from that, there is absolutely nothing wrong with pointing out, that the visuals for this game are sub par for what will be one of Nintendo's big holiday AAA releases, most likely clocking in at $60. Furthermore, the lack of online is also a concern, since it affects the actual value some players will get out of their investment. This has no bearing on the quality of the gameplay, but has everything to do with what the game is worth in the end.
Personally, I don't like the visuals, since what I liked about the N64 version was the gameplay, not really the blocky, low resolution picture, but it's not that bad, that I wouldn't play it (that takes ALOT more), and if it's running at 60fps, that is something worth considering.

What I feel is inacceptable is the aforementioned lack of online multiplayer. I loved the multiplayer in Starfox 64, and it hurt that Starfox 3D lacked online, not having it in this one, feels wrong on so many levels I cannot begin to describe. It's just a severe case of lacking a basic feature, that would make me enjoy the game way more and way longer than without.

So, if Nintendo insists on not giving the game the production values and the feature list that can be reasonably expected of it, that's fine, but they have to adjust their price expectations by the same margin, as comsumers had to adjust their expectations. If not, they should be willing to adjust their sales expectations accordinly instead.

I mean what the hell is this?, are we supposed to just accept anything now, just because Nintendo could be bothered to finally give in to demand they themselves created, to make a game for us to buy? Not to mention, that they turned this into a swan-song kind of game for the WiiU, which I think, many people will feel is a bit premature (not me though, but still ..), but they did it anyways.

This kind of anything-goes-cos-it's-Nintendo mentality is really not beneficial to anyone. Nintendo does many things right, but boy, the also screw up plenty. Giving people grief just because they point those failures out, is where one has to draw the line, between passion and fanboism.



Ralek85 commented on Reaction: Nintendo's E3 Digital Event Brought ...:

@RatKing64 Yesterday I would have agreed, but those StarFox graphics were just awful, making it painfully obvious, that this games dev is best measured in months not years. The fact that there is no online mutliplayer though ... that is plain inacceptable. It should have been in StarFox 3D, not having it on WiiU in 2015 is simply not going to fly. If the game is otherwise excellent and max $40, I might still get it, but otherwise I'm serious considering boycotting it this once.
Nintendo can't keep doing is, giving us games that lack the most basic of features and thus value. It's not enough to have solid or good gameplay. Other companies do that as well (not all of course), they do in high def, they do it online, they even do it with cross-buy and stuff.

SMT x FE, FE:Fates, Xenoblade and Zelda are still a given though.



Ralek85 commented on Star Fox Zero Doesn't Have Online Multiplayer,...:

Worst news I heard all day, if it had online, it would have been a sure fire Day1, but like this ... the games visuals are appaling and I'm getting tired of getting games that have a very narrow useability. If that new co-op Metroid and Zelda has no online, I will ignore it, since I have no one around here, I can play it with ... Nintendo really needs to adjust to some realities :-7 I wanted to play Starfox online on the 3DS (it should have been in there back then), but this is plain ridiculous Oo



Ralek85 commented on New Yoshi's Woolly World Video Shows Off Fluff...:

@Lizuka Thanks but I'm in Europe, and right now my primary focus is on Lucina and Robin anyways ^^

@Zerodactyl No I hadn't, but looking as they ask 20GBP, which comes to about 28€ + shipping, I might as well simply pay marketplace prices, which are roughly 30€ for those Splatoon and FE amiiboo as well. The thing is, I still have a standing preorder for Lucina and Robin, together for less than the price of one of those over at shopto :-/
I'm considering ordering the Woolly World Yoshi though, since that one seems to be out of stock even in scalper'town around here.
I might get the Splatoon ones, if they are ever restocked at normal retail prices, but I'm not that eager to get them to put down 30€ for one of them.
FE though .... that are the ones I really want badly, but I still have some hope for my preorder :-/ Sigh



Ralek85 commented on Official Nintendo UK Store Flogs Rare amiibo i...:

I didn't think this possible, but Nintendo is actually handling this amiibo situation more poorly as time progresses. I think that they are really, really foolish to do so. The good will of their core fanbase is basically the best asset they have left ... jeopardizing that ever so slightly for no good reason whatsoever, seems rather foolhardy.
They better have to say something "real" - no excuses, or calls for unlimited patience - about this at E3 ... =(



Ralek85 commented on New Yoshi's Woolly World Video Shows Off Fluff...:

I dunno about them still advertising for those Woolly World and Splatoon amiiboo ... they are basically only generating disappointment at this point, since neither of those amiiboo is available anymore - not for weeks now.
Also, why drive demand for something that has long since sold out? There gotta be better ways to use their airtime Oo



Ralek85 commented on Feature: Nintendo Franchises We Want to See at...:

@Spectra_Twilight Not just you my friend ^^ On the other hand, I can't hardly complain about a new FE, a series I love just as much as AW, and one that was close to being done for good, not that long ago (Thank you FE:A). Still a new AW would be awesome, a first entry on a homeconsole would be even cooler. A homeconsole FE would also be splendid though, it has been a long time since Radiant Dawn after all.



Ralek85 commented on Free DLC Heading to Affordable Space Adventure...:

I'm 100% in favour of this. The game was one of the best co-op experience I ever had, certainly among the most unique and interactive as well. Right from the moment me and buddy were finished with it, we had high hopes for more of the same, paid DLC or otherwise.
I'll be sure to grab any DLC they put out Day1!



Ralek85 commented on ​Tomonobu Itagaki's Devil's Third Will Lay W...:

Still not sure if I'm interested in this, but at least, the release date is close, so I will soon have opportunity to make up my mind - one way or the other.
No release date mentioned for NA though? What's up with that?



Ralek85 commented on Feature: Nintendo Franchises We Want to See at...:

@day Well, I'm not sure I do, to be honest. I don't use the motion controls, but I still think the game is amazing. I did not get anymore enjoyment out of the game in the like ... 2 hours or so in the beginning, when I tried playing the game with motion controls turned on, than I do now.
Calling it motion controls is in general a bit generous, since it's used for adjusting the Y-axis, X-axis and movement are still done by the good old analogue control sticks.
Still, this is not really new, like I said, Star Fox on the 3DS also utilized the gyro controls, and I'm sure there were other games I cannot think of (since I never really use those controls, other than to "check them out" ^^). Also, Zelda used sticks for controls and looking around for like ... ever, the 3D ones I mean, so in essence your wife should not be totally new to the control scheme at all. (Wasn't there an option for Gyro aiming on the 3DS as well?)

I would also point out, that the gyro tech in particular and motion control in general are not new. There are several incarnations of those approaches out there, ranging from six-axis to kinect, and several in-between, and despite being widely available for a decade or so, they utterly failed to have any lasting impact on how shooters in particular are controlled, by and large.

I want to add, that I'm not opposed to optional motion controls, since you may be right in the sense, that such diverse control schemes (maybe even more intuitiv ones at that) are a step forward in the right direciton, broading the appeal of such games, and maybe even leveling the playing field a bit (depending on the game).

Still, Splatoon is a special case. Just consider this: Splatoon has a pretty generous auto-aim, all it's weapons have a pretty wide spread of fire, up to the point where you still hit enemies even if you literally shoot above their heads. Also, there are no crits/precision shoots/headshots, since afaik, all hits count equal. All this adds up to the fact, that precision is not really the foremost virtue needed to succeed in the game (some weapons more than others). The controls reflect this.

You mentioned "hardcore" gamers ... well, if I may say so, those not only play Splatoon, but also games, where they "can do the headshot" :-P If you suggest that the WiiU gamepad + Splatoon's implementation of motion controls, would be a superior, or frankly even a competitive control scheme for games like Destiny, than I have to disagree.
One could argue in favour of pointer controls, depending on the scenario (close quarters vs sniping etc.), but even that seems tenous, looking at the experience I had in KZ2 - not an impossible argument though!

To me, sticks are still way more precise and responsive (nothing beats a mouse though^^). If I had any inclination to use motion controls in Splatoon, than for one simple reason: The game does not let you adjust the controls in any meaningful way ... the Y-axis sensitivy cannot be adjust, nor button layout, as eg. the "jumb"-button cannot be revamped.
Neither of those issues are issues in and of itself, they are artificially created by Nintendo, as basically any other shooter out there, has options to deal with either of those aspects. I'd say that is more than just fairly standard.

Getting back to Star Fox, because that is the issue I was trying to get at ... if Star Fox has optional motion controls, that is great. If it has motion controls that let's you do stuff you could not have done before, or do stuff in a superior manner, more precise and responsive, and maybe even more accessible, that is great. BUT if it's just motion controls, for the sake of motion controls, and if those are forced onto the player either by being the only option available, or by intentionally crippling traditional control schemes, than ... no, that is not at all great and I see no rational reason to support it.
Controls are essential, and if one scheme is to replace the other, it has to be better by all accounts. If it is not better by all accounts, make it optional and let players pick. If you say, "can't do that, because ...", you should think long and hard, about that "because". I remember the whole "mouse v stick" debate, when it came up with games like UT3 ... there are plenty of sick thumbstick gamers out there, no doubt, but for the majority, that debate has long been settled. Sticks are used not by choice, but by necessity, at best, by convenience! The same goes, if one looks in the direction of motion controls ... Just saying.



Ralek85 commented on Feature: Nintendo Franchises We Want to See at...:

"offering up an epic on-rails experience which uses the GamePad's motion controls to immerse the player like never before"

If I recall correctly, motion controls were part of the 3DS version of Star Fox 64. Unfortunately though, not only did they totally break the 3D effect, but they were also (imho) less precise and responsive than the "traditional" control scheme.
I don't want to start the whole "gimmick" debate all over again, but if Star Fox were indeed designed around the gyro/motion controls, then this would not be "never before" seen and certainly not any more immersive, not to mention precise or responsive (not entirely unimportant in any shump^^).
It would most likely be shoehorned in for the sake of just being there ... pretty much the worst reason there is.
Anyways, I hope a week from now, I'm still as excited for Star Fox WiiU as I am today. Please don't sacrifice the game on the "new experience" altar :-/
Splatoon is a "new experience", even if one plays with motions controlls: off. It's not the tiniest bit dependent on any Gamepad feature, since the map and the superjumb could have easily be realized without it as well. It's the gameplay that sets it appart, not the hardware ... as it (mostly) should be. I had really hoped that this was pretty much Nintendo learning their lesson right there, despite their insistence that Splatoon was made only possible by the gamepad.



Ralek85 commented on Feature: Nintendo Franchises We Want to See at...:

@whodatninja I'm with you on that one. I only really loved the Metroid Prime games, the side-scrolling Metroid games were fine, but not really my cup of tea, not to the same extent at least.
Also, and maybe more importantly, the side-scrolling "niche" is pretty much covered by indie games by now, which do a fine job of it by themselves.
On the 3D end of things though, I can hardly come up with any game - indie or otherwise - that does what the Metroid Prime Trilogy did. It's still pretty much unique in many respects even today, and as such, it deserves some kind of continuation on the WiiU in HD. I would prefer (at least optional) pointer controls once more though, over the whole gamepad/splatoon aiming thing, which really didn't work for me nearly as well (I play Splatoon without the motion controls). Pointer worked very well for MPT and gave the whole thing an immediacy I really enjoyed and which went very well with the first-person perspective of the game. I don't see why they should willingly abandon a borderline perfect control scheme, assuming another MP were to surface for real.
Make it happen Retro Studios! :P



Ralek85 commented on Poll: We Need to Talk About amiibo - Where Do ...:

@PanurgeJr I mostly agree, but that was a fair argument 6 months ago. It is not today. I didn't have that much of a hard time tracking down Marth and Ike, but despite having preordered Lucina and Robin, I still don't have them, and potentially I will never get them ... so for some reason, the situation might not only have stagnated, but maybe actually gotten worse (at least in some regions and with some amiiboo).
So ... while I do understand how they made conservative estimates about the demand for e.g. the aforementioned Marth and Ike FE-based amiiboo, I do NOT understand why they made the same mistake again with Lucina and Robin - maybe even worse of the mark then before at that, actuallyOo
Mostly, we are talking good old plastic toys here, and I'm having a hard time believing that manufacturing could not have been ramped up within the span of about half a year or so, should the decision have been made. Maybe I'm wrong about it, I never worked in manufacturing, but half a year is not nothing.
I don't get that feeling that NIntendo addressed the stock shortage issue in any shape or form whatsoever, which frankly puts me off quite a bit and makes me loath any further investment :-/



Ralek85 commented on Splatoon Storms to Top Spot in Japanese Charts...:

First real new Nintendo IP in ... what? A decade probably, and people are lining up to take a look? Who would have thought Oo

In other news:
"12. [XBO] Psycho-Pass: Mandatory Happiness (5pb., 05/28/15) – 4,593 (New)"

Never expected to see a X1 game list here, but then it IS psycho-pass. Anyways, I hope Splatoon sales stay strong, and that it also did/ does well over here. Last but not least, plz bring that psycho-pass game west ... someone!