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Ralek85 commented on Exclusive: eShop Publishers Are Dropping Relea...:

"The current age ratings [...] are there to protect children from harmful content"

Well, in theory they are, in practice things are looking quite different:
1) Age ratings are borderline pointless in a digital age, also retailers themselves care little to not at all who is forking over the cash at the register. There have been multiple field tests on this, but from my own experience, I can say, that the big chains hardly care and any small games business simply cannot afford to send home any under-18 or under-16 customer empy handed ....

2) The system was meant to protect children, but it also very much a tool of censorship by now, some of it is due to publishers intentionally censoring themselves going for a rating as low as possible, to prevent any potential harm to sales, and some of it due to the fact that even 18+ content is not free in what can be displayed and what not. If content is marked "adult only" any changes demanded by a ratings board are simply censorship, and nothing else.

3) The system has improved I think in recent years, but it is still opaque and highly arbitrary not to mention that it operates by different yardsticks when it comes to games rather than, let's say, movies. That there is huge aspect of subjectivity to the whole process despite guidelines, goes with out saying.
This makes it hard for publishers to anticipate what content will be "greenlit" and whatnot, increasing transaction cost for access to only one national market.

In short, the system is anachronistic, it's working beyond it's intended scope, with (hopefully) unintended consequences, it in part fails to achieve it original goals by not being enforced, it's arbitrary and even unfair at times, as well es economically harmful.

At the very least, the national systems have to be done away with, in favour of a European one, at best we will find a superior more-or-less-objective globally-accepted standart, that will actually be enforced.



Ralek85 commented on Ronimo Games Explains Pricing for Swords & Sol...:

If the game is as enjoyable as I think it might be (I really liked the first one), then I'm willing to pay $20 for it. Affordable Space Adventure was one of the best co-op games I ever played. It also was one of the most co-op'ish co-op games I ever played. It was short, but it was also very enjoyable and totally worth $20. I played through it in one session with a friend, lasted close to 5 hours. Even in terms of value, that breaks down to like $4 per hour, of high quality and also smart entertainment. I really don't see the issue.
Sheer quality has to be AT LEAST as much a factor as pure quantity. IF The Order had excelled in terms of gameplay, as much as Affordable Space Adventure, and as much as it excelled in presentation, it would have been totally fine at $60.



Ralek85 commented on Fire Emblem If Changes The Traditional Weapons...:

That actually sounds like an improvement at least partially. By directly integrating magic, bows and "dark weapons" (wuteva>) with the standart triangle weapons, the system looks like it's going to be more holistic. I do wonder though, will bows still top flying units, will there still be special weapons e.g. "swordbreaker" axes, and how will this be balanced if there is no more durability? Also, is magic just ... magic then?, what happened to dark/light, and wind/fire/thunder? Is that completely gone?
Depending on how this plays out in the end, this could potentially be more a case of oversimplification being mislabeled as "progress", "evolution" or whatever than actual modernization. I'm sceptical, but I trust IS enough to keep an open mind.
I think worst case scenario would be that we end up with something that feels more like a spin-off than an actual Fire Emblem game .... but still plays fantastic and is a lot of fun.

Last but not least:
"Some ideas are so integral to series franchises that to change them can seem blasphemous"
I really disagree with that statement. The only pertinent question is, which idea is integral to the franchise, and which is not? Any integral idea cannot be messed with, without loosing the essence of the series. That is what integral means after all. You cannot turn Fire Emblem into a real-time tactics game and still expect any1 to buy because .... it's still FE guys! ... No it is not.
So, I would argue depending on what replaces the weapon triangle, any game they make can still very much be a FE game. The triangle is not really integral to the series, it's just something that we are used to by now, and which worked fairly well for a long time. If the replaced the weapon triangle with a mini-match-3-game though .... well, I doubt anyone would feel comfortable claiming any series continuity for such a monstrosity :-D



Ralek85 commented on Reaction: Nintendo's E3 Plans are a Perfect Bl...:

I only care for the actual games. A nice presentation is nothing to sneeze at marketing wise, but in the end, what matters is what I'll get to play in the months/years to come. With Zelda delayed and 3rd party having given the WiiU the cold shoulder for good, things look rather grim imho. Nintendo shifting ressources to mobil does not inspire much hope either in that regard. There is only so much quality output they can produce by themselves after all. Considering how much of that output goes to platforming games of one kind or the other, the whole platform feels really narrow in what it is offering.



Ralek85 commented on Parent Trap: Splatoon Is The Perfect Family Fi...:

I really like the core gameplay experience, but the overall focus on pickup'n' play worries me. Personally, I do want to play with my friends, I want to talk to them, I want to be competitive.
I don't want to watch my friends die, because I can't tell them "turn around", and I don't want to play against them, side by side with randoms because the game decides to shuffle us around every other round.
Maybe this will change once the additional promised modes roll out, but for now, the online framework as it was described is a severe disappointment ... to put it lightly, worst of all though, it is no surprise by any means.
As the game stands I can see myself playing it for a couple of days, then pick it up from time to time again, without ever getting really invested. Frankly I'm no longer sure that's worth $60 to me, esp. not with the extreme competition in the arena shooter segment out there.
I think I more likely get back to Destiny after 6 months hiatus for some Trial of Osiris action. That might be TOO competitive for me, but I already got the game, so no further investment necessary.
Nintendo needs to find better ways to engage the more family-oriented game as well as the more competitive oriented gamer. Splatoon is fresh, fun and unique, and maybe that is enough to carry it through, but for me the framework where this will take place matters just as much as the actual content, so ... I'll be interested in the reviews, it's no longer a preorder though.



Ralek85 commented on Nintendo Outlines 2015 Software Plans, Star Fo...:

That is really slim pickings considering neither of FE are going to be coming west until next year.
I'm definitely going to pick up Star Fox of course, and I'm also going to look at the Projects .... games, but that's about it. I doubt Devils Third will be able to compete with all the action/shooter offerings later this year. It might unique enough to be matter, but I'm really not at all sure it will be good enough :-/

@AyeHaley Hopefully not for N3DS exclusives ... just look at the DSi exclusive "list", also, Nintendo has no ressources to waste on N3DS exclusives. You might get another "exclusive port", maybe even an exclusive game down the road, but don't expect more. You got it for the stable 3D effect, for which I'd like to upgrade as well - still on the fence about it though :-P



Ralek85 commented on Fire Emblem's Two Versions Will Offer Very Dif...:

@firstnesfan I'm sorry, I'm not only up to speed on Pokemon. I played 'X' for a couple of hours, but it was not my thing anymore. The only ones I played both version of were the originals, Red and Blue. Red and Blue were basically the same game, so .... I see your point.
Nintendo already stated that after the first few intro/tutorial missions (first 6), FE:IF will not be the same games twice, not to mention that the 3rd campaign will probably something else entirely. If all they do is basically offer a couple of different characters in one version vs the other version, than I'm totally with you, but from what I've read, you will actually get to play both sides of the story this time - meaning also the invading forces/ bad guys for the first time. The difficutly will be different, since resources will be more limited with Nohr and so on. Last but not least, I'm not sure about the prices, but I read this on USG:
"The retail and digital versions cost 4,700 ($39.25, probably $39.99 in the US), and the DLC will set you back another 2,000 yen ($16.70, probably $19.99). Then there's the third storyline, which will be the same price as the DLC, but released at a later date. Finally, you can pick up the game's Special Edition, which nets you all three storylines, an art book, and a Fire Emblem 0 sample card for 9,250 yen ($77.26, maybe $79.99?). "
So assuming the third DLC will be as much as the first (two^^), that adds up to a (regular) price of $80. If Nintendo is true to their word, this will net you 3 FE games - 6 Missions, which does not sound so bad. Worst case scenario to me is that I just get this: One original campain, an alternate and more difficult version of that campaign + another original campain for the price of two camapaings ... not to mention all that in an incredibly short window of time by any Fire Emblem metric. To me that has value in itself (assuming the quality doesn't take like a historic dipp for some reason Oo).

I think the most import point though is this, you will get a full game for the full price. All this is, is the option to get another full game at half price and then again. I actually read comments those last weeks that went something like this: "I stopped playing FE:A because the DLC was just to much and to expensive, and this is even worse!" .... To any such notion, all I can say is this (to quote Arche)r: "I have literally no response to that". :-D



Ralek85 commented on Fire Emblem's Two Versions Will Offer Very Dif...:

All three obviously, basically this rolls 3 games into one @the price of less than 2, not to mention that we are getting A LOT of Fire Emblem in a short window of time, normally that much FE would have probably meant a period of ... like 5 years. I doubt anyone into FE would really complain about this. I certainly don't.



Ralek85 commented on Xenoblade Chronicles X Paid-DLC Details Emerge...:

Well, that sounds pretty measly for about $17, I think I'll pass. Other than that: "Each of these support quests has six variations and they cost 300 Yen each, which is about $2.50."

You know ... cheats used to be free, and I'm still not sure I'm ok with monetizing them, I think that this is actually worse than probably overpriced (contrast to e.g. MK8) Day-One DLC (no matter if On-Disc or not, makes no difference anyways).



Ralek85 commented on Social Networks Go Into Meltdown Over Apparent...:

Twilight Princess can be played on the WiiU and it can be bought at a reasonable price. I found it to be one of the weaker Zelda games, not to mention one of the more recent ones :-P Also, considering it was a GC/Wii game, it would have to be a N3DS game, and even then we would probably be looking at a signficant visual downgrade, just as with Xenoblade, so, I don't really see the point of it.
Nevertheless, while all of this is true and while this whole streetpass thing sounds pretty iffy to put it lightly, it's not out of the realm of possibility. Personally, I doubt it though :-P



Ralek85 commented on Poll: Is Splatoon a Blockbuster That'll Help R...:

@steamtrain I definitely will get the game. However, I will also use VC while playing it (at least when playing with friends^^) :-P I think most of my disappointment stems from Nintendos continued failure to bring together their traditional fanbase with players of ... let's say more diverse tastes. I know a lot of my buddies will be turned off by Splatoons visuals (personally, I think they look great and refreshing, and I'm willing to take them over the standard shooter grey/brown any day), but I'm positive the lack of VC will disqualify the game entirely from any consideration, since to them it reads simply: "Casuals Only". It doesn't really matter if it's true or not, but it will definitely shape their perception in such a way, and I'm also sure that they are not unqiue in that regard.
This leads me to believe that Nintendo is missing out on a number of players, like a part of (former) TF2 players, who you mentioned already, and who I could totally see enjoying Splatoon as well.
I had hoped that Nintendo doing a "shooter" would offer an unique opportunity for them to go beyond their "traditional" crowd, offering the quality and creativity they are famous for, combined with all the features and the convenience most players today are accostumed to. I guess that will have to wait some more ...



Ralek85 commented on Poll: Is Splatoon a Blockbuster That'll Help R...:

@MasterBlaster Yes, indeed, but that is why you need optional VC. People who have the ressources and are willing to make the effort, will always "have" voice chat. That is why the hurdle has to be as low as possible.
I will setup voice chat with my friends as well. It's just so much more involving and fun to play a game like this being able to properly communicate with teammates, esp. when playing wirh friends.
I'll feel somewhat bad for having an unfair advantage over anyone missing out on that option with his team, but honestly, the game looks to great to miss out on, but I have close to zero interest in playing it as a temporary mute. So yeah ... Nintendo should make it easy for people to level the playing field.

@steamtrain I see your point, but it doesn't really compute with my own experiences. I think there are a number of different scenarions where VC comes into play. One could just be good old fashioned trolling, but that aside (that why it should be optional, meaning at least featuring a "mute button" of some kind), there is the actual "communicating" with fellow players, which in my humble opinion significantly enhances the enjoyment one can get out of a competitive game, esp. if it is one at least as much concerened with tactics than it is with "twichting". There is also the "trash talk" one, with friends or the occasional "mature" stranger one can meet (which I admit is rare, but not impossible). Nobody wants to have 12 years old russian kids screaming in their hear hours on end ... that much is obvious.
I stand by what I already mentioned above with regards to @MasterBlaster, there is a number of people that will use VC anyways, if the game provides for it or not, not only will this affect the gameplay as well, but it also unfair, not to say inconvenient.
Genereally speaking, there is something to be said for "tactile understanding", for sure, but how often does something like that occur, even more so with matchmade strangers and how complex will any gameplay that relies solely on that "low level" communication actually grow? Last but not least, I feel there should always be an option for "trash talk" with friends, simply because I never recall any event where i was doing couch play in the last 20 years or so, and we all just said there in silence playing along for an extended period of time. Maybe I'm a unique case in that regard, but to me, VC is one aspect that makes online with buddies more "back in the day"-ish ....



Ralek85 commented on Poll: Is Splatoon a Blockbuster That'll Help R...:

I'm still unclear on the whole concept of being in favour of not having an optional voice chat in a competitive team-based online game like Splatoon. I fully understand that not everyone wants to make use of voice chat (esp. not always in any situation), but so what? As long as it's optional just don't "opt in" or "opt out" depending on the way it is handled.
I'm opposed to any kind of permanent enforced voice chat, but honestly I can't recall any game that did anything of the kind .... ever. The whole notion of "I don't need/ want it, so nobody else needs/ should have it either" is pretty obscene.

Other than that, I think it will be a splendid game and I'm certainly looking forward to it alot. I don't think it will make any differences to the WiiU fortunes though. Therefore it will - unfortunately - not turn out to be a big seller, since it will probably move little new units and it will only appeal to a fraction of the WiiU userbase, who - despite bein very vocal about it - has next to no interest in Nintendo doing something different or "innovative" in terms of software.
They can pull off a brilliant game like SM Galaxy and still, it will be outsold by the next 2D NSMB by huge friggin margin no matter what. Frankly I'm surprised they still even try to pull something like this, by now they really should know better.



Ralek85 commented on Pandora's Tower And Sin And Punishment Coming ...:

Are Wii game still coming to NA or was that basically a one time thing, like NDS games ... which are apparently back for another "run". Nintendo is terribly inconsisten, maybe they should only release games for one legacy console, but at least have a steady stream of releases for that console, covering all the essentials ....
Now we might get a couple of N64 and NDS games, but I doubt it will end up being anything remotely comprehensive, esp. considering the WiiU might not have that much time left anyways.



Ralek85 commented on Nintendo Download: 2nd April (North America):

So, now we get NDS games once more, hopefully more than one this time around, also, N64 games, which is cool and all, but whatever happened to those Wii games? They started out great in January ... but since then?



Ralek85 commented on Opinion: Splatoon Is to Shooters what Mario Ka...:

I hope the Mario Kart comparison does not extend to they way the online systems are set-up. For all the brilliance Mario Kart has going on within the gaming session itself, it has a lot of crap going on in terms of it's framework, not to mention the useless battlemode.
What worries me about this game, is that it seems like a perfect candidate for people who enjoy teamwork and cooperation, yet they forgo these elements in favour of ... I don't even know for what purpose or reason.
Maybe the assumption is most player will work together based on their inherent ability for telepathy, maybe not, who knows.
Anyways, the utter lack of communication in this game leaves really only two bad choices for me ...

... either simply playing it "casually", where everybody is doing his or her thing, hoping for everybody else to pay attention and trying to work together as good as they can while basically flying blind, so to speak. The issue with this for me will be, that I'll most likely lose interest fast, since I don't find these kind of "playing next to each other" approaches all that engaging.

... the "playing in cooperation with each other" approach would mean I have to find people to play with -outside- the game, set up communications -outside- the game and then play an unbalanced match, by bestowing upon myself a signifcant advantage over the other team, which that team cannot match (at least in most cases). That's not at all appealing either, since having a fair match is just as important as having a well coordinated one. All that is assuming that something like "group/party join" is even a possibility. If it works like MK, playing with friends (on the same team) might not even be possible ... in which case, the whole point is mood since my interest would just drop to plain zero :-/

Other than that, this is one of my top5 hyped games of this year, unfortunately much will hinge on the framework in which the actual gameplay happens, if things go bad, I might just have to skip it entirely, since gameplay itself, no matter how brilliant and polished, is just not enough.



Ralek85 commented on Langrisser Re:Incarnation Tensei Is Hitting Ja...:

I'd love to see a localization happening, the 3DS to me, thrives on these kind of niche games. I'm not buying one to play shooter, racing or sports games, but Nintendo games like ALBW, FE:A etc. and these kind of games. Each one by itself might not set the world on fire in terms of sales, but looking at the system as a whole they add up and they play an important role in keeping the system relevant.



Ralek85 commented on Nintendo's Implementation of Cross-Buy is Surp...:

Nintendo's account system is still pretty messed up ... I think they would have done well to just copy Sony's approach + allowing for multiple accounts on the 3DS (in contrast to the Vita, which is really one of the systems' most egregious flaws in my book).



Ralek85 commented on Fresh Bravely Second Details Highlight StreetP...:

Well, that's nice and all, but if the second half of the game is once more just 90% padding and content recycling (in it's most extreme form), I'll pass.
Enjoying one half of a game is just not enough these days ...



Ralek85 commented on Guide: Getting The Most Out of Monster Hunter ...:

"The key point is to try and avoid jumping online right away. Build yourself up and really learn how to play first."

I'd thought about getting this together with a friend, but if I more or less have to spend a dozen or more others in singleplayer, before coop becomes really viable, I'm not sure I'm interested anymore.



Ralek85 commented on Yusuke Hashimoto Outlines His Desire to Contin...:

@Desy64 Was there ever a "long" PG game? I felt Infinite Space was really lengthy, but it was also quite different from the other PG games in almost every aspect, down to it's actual genre ^^
Mad World, Vanquish, Bayonetta 1/2 etc. were all short but sweet and really "arcade" games, all about perfecting one's skill and chasing highschores.
I would be all in favour of PG doing something more substantial for Bayonetta 3 though. A longer game, more story, more characters and so on. I really loved Cereza/Bayonetta in Bayo 2. She was stylish and witty, humours and utterly likeable. While the story was thing I like the way it was told. I think they could very much build on that!



Ralek85 commented on Review: Ace Combat Assault Horizon Legacy+ (3DS):

@Kilroy Well, I certainly would say the same thing if a PS2 or PS2-look-alike Ace Combat would be released today (which is kinda what happened here, I guess). I would still kinda wonder why anyone would want to play this (assuming that it is not in any other way otherworld superior).
I for one don't go back to those games, just I don't go back Forza anno 2005, not because the game is bad, but because it's not better and it's looks comparably terrible.



Ralek85 commented on Launch of The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask N...:

Made me laugh at least ^^ I mean it's as good an explanation as any. I don't think though, that it only affects Nintendo's PR people (can't be many of those and probably just interns anyways), but most of it's departments. There is good "stupid" and bad "stupid", but Nintendo definitely owns both sides, afterall it's basically what makes Nintendo Nintendo.

Anyways, the whole thing is really not that news worthy and gets blown way out of proportion, and I'm not just saying this because I just saw the rest of Holocaust Night Will Fall (although this is an excellent film to put s**t into perspective). People have been re-selling games, consoles and game-related merchandise and accessoires forever, and as long as there is someone willing to pay the price, rare and collectors items will continue to fetch prices that seem unreasonable, but just aren't for the individuals involved.
If those commodities were available in larger quantities they wouldn't really be "collectors" items or anything of the sort anymore, just alternative designs. Maybe they should be, I don't know about that, but honstely in many ways I'm glad they aren't. If everyone were getting one of those, I'm not sure I would still like to have one, but that is just me.
I guess what I'm saying is, that I really think we need to stop talking about this, if only because Nintendo has enough negativity flying around without the media going around creating more of it out of thin air.



Ralek85 commented on Review: Ace Combat Assault Horizon Legacy+ (3DS):

@SuperWiiU Good to know, it's still an Ace Combat game though. All of those I played, played pretty similar to each other. Actually, I would be lieing if I would say I could tell them apart only from memory.
Anyways, all I was trying to say is, if a game goes for a realistic style, even if it plays like an arcade game, it should look the part. It's a different story if you go for the "Pixar"-look, or go for cell-shading or any such thing ... the 3DS is ill-suited for "realisitc" looking games, it works way better with the "stylish" ones, just as it is more suited to 2D assessts than to 3D assessts.



Ralek85 commented on Review: Ace Combat Assault Horizon Legacy+ (3DS):

I played Assault Horizon on the PS3 back in the day, and I enjoyed it quite a bit, but after having played it this way, I see no way to return to it in this form.
These kind of action-y 3D games make me long for a Nintendo handheld with smartphone level tech, even from a couple of years back. I don't mind this level of grahpics in games like Fire Emblem or even a 3D game like MK, but in something like this? I'm sorry, but no thanks. This is just really off-putting. Any game that goes for realistic, non-cartoony or otherwise artistically inspired look in a 3D engine has to do better than this ... or at least be an exclusive with gameplay so unquestionable great, that anything else can be ignored.

I gues if you are a diehard Ace Combat fan, or if you have no access to another system, this is may hold enough appeal though, sounds like it can be enjoyable if you don't care for it's lack of superfical values :-D



Ralek85 commented on Review: IRONFALL Invasion (3DS eShop):

Sone decent gfx for a 3DS game, but other than that, utterly unimpressive. Well, I guess, if you don't have any other system in your possession and crave some TPS than it will fit the bill.



Ralek85 commented on 3DS Flashcard Users Playing ROMs Online Report...:

"Naturally, there are some stating that they simply use their flashcard for convenience, only dumping ROMS from their own copies so that have their whole library with them on one cart. Be that as it may, that's still technically against the rules, and some - not all - in the ROM hacking community seem spooked enough that they'll be staying away from playing these copies online."

That was fine by me for last gen, when having roms was the only alternative to be carrying around dozens of gamekarts. Know it just sounds like a weak-tea excuse for piracy. If you want convenience, visit the e-shop, trust me it works just fine (which maybe the reason folks don't seem to be getting banned from the e-shop :-P )
Other than that, well done Nintendo.



Ralek85 commented on Gallery: It's Time For Another Influx of Xenob...:

I'm sorry, but that video with the quests looks very, very generic MMO-ish Oo Something I already very much disliked in Xenoblade ... I reall hope they can do way better than the infamous "find and kill 10 rats" quests. That's the stuff of nightmares, that's not content that's occupational therapy after all. MMOs need to move beyond this, and some indeed already have, but RPGs should have been beyond this for some time now :-/
I really hope this is doesn't end up some fancy offline MMO.



Ralek85 commented on Satoru Iwata Shares Confidence in Hitting Targ...:

"before emphasizing the range of games on the way in 2015"

Well, I'm very excited for 2015, but surely, even Iwata must realise that at this point the chances for games to make a meaningful difference to the overall performance of the WiiU is basically zero. If there was still a chance for this to happen, it was last year, but even MK8 and SSB couldn't make a real difference in the end.
The market is all about momentum and the WiiU has no momentum. I think it is great that they keep supporting a system that failed to perform for them, but I hope Nintendo is not in any kind of denial about what's going to happen. They should take what they feel are necessary steps to keep their customers happy, but they should focus on what's next. And before anything else, they need to understand what went wrong, and really that something did went wrong.



Ralek85 commented on Talking Point: Limitations on Stock and Advert...:

@Nicolai I understand the difference, but at least to me, it makes more sense the other way round ^^ At least, I would assume that the people who are primarly interested in the financial reports, as you say, are not the various kinds of stakeholders, certainly not consumers and probably not most employees, but shareholders.
Most stakeholders are probably more interested in long-term viability of the business they are invested in than any kind of short-term up and downs. Most consumers are probably in general not all that interested in the year-to-year accounting of a company they bought a product from.
Any such short-term measure seems more likely to be geared towards those who, at least tendentially act and think short-term. Not to say all shareholders do any such thing of course, but maybe more so than other stakeholders.
I didn't go to business school though, this just what I think makes most sense, from a layman's perspective that is of course.



Ralek85 commented on Talking Point: The New Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo ...:

What troubles me here most is the pace at which Nintendo is currently operating. The article made many good points, but I cannot help but feel that some if not most of those changes are close to half a decade late.
That might not sound that bad at first glance, but we are barely at the beginning of this generation, and Nintendo is still catching up to basic features established last generation, and, as it is Nintendo, they are not just "copy & pasting", but trying to "reinvent", slowly and cautiously, those features for their own purposes. Certainly, the should try to adapt what works for them, make necessary changes, keep their legacy alive and craft a new outlook for them, as they see fit, but all of this takes for what feels forever.
We don't know what this generation will bring in forms of new trends, I don't what success virtual reality, augumented reality, cloud computing and so on, will have, but it seems questionable to me that the industry will just stay the same and wait for Nintendo to sort itself out. Nintendo is already late to the party in major areas which will affect their business long term, like digital distribution (building an ecosystem), indie games and providing services, not just products (most obvious example being PS+) and more.
That damage cannot and will not be undone, certainly not this generation, and most likely not next generation either.
Ever more games seem to be moving into the online space, even exclusively and persistently. So far Nintendo seems slow not only to welcome "MMOs", in the broadest sense, but also e-sports and gamestreaming, as well as the whole social media aspect in general.
Now alot of those don't interest me personally, but I know that there are a great many consumers out there, who are eager to be able to share videos and post screenshots to facebook and whatnot, even MMOs seem to be becoming more popular on consoles with each passing year. The WiiU seems illequiped for this, basic issues rear it's head instantly, like how to handle communication between players. Each game is left to it's own devices with no systemwide standard being accessible to developers. Nintendo is also, thanks to WiiU's architecture, completely out of the loop of the PC-Console feedback-loop contentwise, which is tragically something that Nintendo cannot fix and by the time they might be able to, it's probably going to be to late to make any meaningful impact.

I think Nintendo needs to pick up the pace quite a bit, I understand this means there is more room for mistakes to be made, but frankly even at their slow pace, not every decision was a golden one as it is. Maybe they need to start by making some changes to their corporate structure as well, to speed things up in a meaningful way.
Many of those issue to not actually relate directly to game making, but to the enviroment in which those games are played and experienced. I understand Nintendo is all about linking this areas in meaningful ways, but maybe they should not try to reach for perfection on every conceiveable level, just there where it matters most. I think businesswise this would make a lot of sense for them.
At least until they really got their feet under them once more. I think all in all Nintendo with it's wall to the back, is Nintendo at it's best, but there should be some middle ground here :P



Ralek85 commented on IronFall: Invasion, Nintendo Anime Channel and...:

Well, I'm surprised and actually glad to see that so many people seem to be interested in Ironfall. I'm not sure why people are that interested, but I hope it does well for them and Nintendo. I think I'm gonna quench my shooter thirst with The Order a little later this month, and I still got some Halo MCE to play as well.
Ironfall just doesn't look very appealing to me in terms of controls and graphics, but I understand that it might fill a voide on the 3DS for som. Diversity is always good!



Ralek85 commented on Talking Point: Limitations on Stock and Advert...:

@Nicolai Interesting, I'm not sure though that it was really all "planned" from the beginning. It seems just as likely that they made some wrong judgement calls about demand last year. This kind of "fake profits" like you call them are just the logical accounting consequence of those judgement calls down the line. If it was intentional, it might have been a shrewd move for them, but I don't see any way to know for sure one way or the other.
Anyways, the result is the same, and as you say, it's not a "trick" one can repeat ad infinitum.
Btw, are you sure you mean stakeholders? I think in light of your argument shareholders might make more sense, dunno.



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@BenAV Like I say, I see your point, put the grinding is not forced on anyone by any means, so it's not a dealbreaker for me.

The music is not amazing per se, it's just a cut above the average FE synthesizer music in previous games, at least in my book. I wouldn't pay $200 for the OST, that's for sure.

I'm sorry to hear the stroy and characters didn't capture your imagination. I felt it was average at best, but then again, I never though much of the stories FE games told. Like I said, they were generic and cliched, but they worked to convey some sense of place.

I like FE for the gameplay, pure and simple. It's even more pronounced for Advance Wars. I appreciate the characters and the lighthearted tone of the games (DoR aside of course), but I would never play a Advance Wars game, or even a FE for the story, probably not even for the characters, though I do really liked some of them.
Those games are no Danganronpa or Baldur's Gate, that's for sure, so that aspect means very little to me.

If the story was the main issue, the next one might be a completely different "story" so to speak ^^ I don't think FE:A sold due to any change in narrative or the personalities depicted. It was better PR than ever, strong word of mouth/ reviews, high quality as always (depending on your views^^) and never before seen accessiblity ... so reconsider before you decide to give up on the series :P



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@BenAV Interesting. I was never big on the story in FE, it was always just kinda there, mostly muted in the background, nothing to write home about really - basic and cliched.
Mostly I enjoyed the banter between the characters and I can't say FE:A was a disappointment to me in that regard.

I agree about your dislike for grinding, but I assume you're talking about the DLC then? Outside of the DLC there is only limited possibility to do so, and actually several other games before have featured similar ways to just that, if one chose to (if only by way of e.g. arenas).
One simple solution would be to either stay clear of the DLC completely or just don't use any of the grinding possibilities. I agree on principle, that I would also prefer for them not to exist in the first place, but disliking a game, because it offers optional approaches (you don't have to take by any means) seems a bit misguided honestly.
If it were up to me, the DLC at the very least would have become accessible only after the campaign was finished, but that is really nitpicking on my part.
Overall I think FE:A was probably the best one yet in terms of content, polish and mechanics. They put so much stuff in there, even adding to it via spotpass and dlc ... just incredible. Music was also at it's very best for a FE game, and the game was the most accessible yet, while still delivering top challenge on Lunatic(+, eventually).

Any criticism I have pales in comparison to the positive aspects of the game, and, last but definitely not least, it friggin SAVED the entire franchise from oblivion. For that very reason I hope with all my heart that the continue down that road, because let's face it, the game has to sell or the franchise will day. FE:A sold, and if they can keep this up I'm ok with some DLC and entirely optional ways to grind (also helps making it accessible btw, without killing the challenge at the core of the series, since again optional^^).
The new one look very good from the little footage we've seen, I especially liked the eastern (less middle ages this time apparently) influence on the character design. Another Day1 for me for sure (if only to support the franchise, but I doubt I won't love it - same is true for STEAM btw, despite this looking to be really just "easy" :-/)



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Weren't there supposed to be more Wii Games being released? I hope this won't turn into another NDS situation ... Nintendo is king of disappointment as it is, they shouldn't fuel the fire for no good reason whatsoever ;-/



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"-We need Atlus, XSeed or Nisa to confirm a localization NOW even if the game was just announced."

@BenAV "Especially because I was severely disappointed by Awakening" Care to elaborate why? Being "severly disappointed by FE:A is certainly a rare opinion (for some one apparently into sRPG games).