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Ralek85 commented on Nintendo Download: 27th November (North America):

@AVahne You notice just now, that Nintendo - more often than not - comes at premium price? Oo This is true for Nintendo games, but not just those. Still, Persona Q being $50 was surprising, I thought it would be $40. Then again Atlus does sales on the e-shop all the time, 2 months from now it'll be $30-35 ..



Ralek85 commented on Feature: Five Reasons To Choose Wii U This Hol...:

@ToxieDogg Well, no, you get sales and you get discounts, which can at times add up to 80% (PS+ can net you like 25% on top of the already reduced sales price) of the original price, no need for '''' .
That is substantial. I don't consider PSN or XBLG fees a 'substantial amount of money': Last time I upgraded PS+ e.g. I paid $36 for 12 months, which comes down to $3 a month. XBLG is even cheaper if you are on the lookout for good offers. On the other hand PS+ offered a 10% discount on Day1 for The Evil Within, just as one recent example, meaning a saving of $6 just for that single item. Personally, I buy all my stuff digital (the only way to take real advantage of the $-€ exchange rate^^), so normally this adds aup to several small and big purchases per month, and several small and big savings per month. Like I said, in my case, PS+ pays for itself - that's at the very least. Free games are just icing on the cake.
That is but one aspect though, more important is the actual quality of the service. XBL beats PSN and PSN beats Nintendo Network. As long as their is no proper chat, voice and party system in place for Nintendo, all the other points are moot to me. Honestly, if Nintendo would ask $3 bucks for a proper system, I'd be ok with giving it to them - it would be worthwhile for me, since I hate having to use an additional device for staying in touch and talking to my buddies while gaming on Nintendo systems. It's just inconvient and hasn't been 'state-of-the-art' when the Wii launched, not to mention the WiiU.
That'S why I dislike the whole "free online" argument. It's true, but it's also very superficial, and I think in the end, when it comes down to the actual tally and experience, not representative of the state of things.
Now I didn't forget about the Premium Promotion, nor did I forget about Club Nintendo. But the Premium Promotion, as far as I know, will end next month for good, so ... yeah it was nice while it lasted, and 10% is not nothing, but like you said, you paid for it by buying a Deluxe WiiU ^^ Too bad it won't apply to all the gr8 games coming in 2015. Furthermore, Nintendo games are just more expensive, I mean even M$ had more to offer than "up to 30%" for digital Black Friday deals .... and M$ is nowhere near close to what Steam and PSN offer on average in terms of discounts (even without PS+ which is not needed for sales - unlike XBLG).
FYI, Sony has also a rewards program, but I think it's just 1% castback (so there are several promotions a year, just like now where you get $15 back if you spent $100 within a given time, which is not bad since it works for preorders, too.).
The same is true for XBL, which offers a reward program that is kind of a fusion of Club Nintendo and Nintendo premium. For any digital purchase you make, you get points, which add up to your rank, rank gets you cashback, on the highest level I think it'S also 10% - and it doesn't end this year ^^. Also there are several promotions at most of the time, e.g. I use my Xbone only for exclusives, so I got Forza Horzion 2, Sunset Overdrive and Halo:MCE. Incidentially, M$ had a promotion, for a $20 cashback, if you bough three $60 games-on-demand within a 2 month period. So, there is that, too!
One thing about XBL and PSN that blows Nintendo Network right out of the water is the fact than any digital game you own, you can share with another system .... I don't think I need to spell out what that means ^^

@BensonUii Not to repeat my argument, but no, I don't think it's a plus: 1) Nintendo's service is plain lacking in features compared to PSN and esp. PS+ 2) e-shop sales culture is terrible and 3) XBLG and PS+ DO over real value, I can assure you, just talking about PS+ discount I get my $36 yearly PS+ fee back, and then some, that is not even considering the free (as long as sub lasts) games or the quality of the PSN service and it's features.
XBLG is a different story, while it is clearly the best service around, there are also less free games, mostly not as good in my book, too, as well as fewer and worse sales, as well as no special discount for XBLG, since you need Gold to even get to the sales in the 1st place. Still, it's also on average cheaper than PS+ to purchase and XL is the best service around, no two ways about it.
One thing about XBL and PSN that blows Nintendo Network right out of the water is the fact than any digital game you own, you can share with another system .... I don't think I need to spell out what that means ^^



Ralek85 commented on Review: Chat-A-Lot (3DS eShop):

It's a shame that Nintendo is so utterly lacking in this regard. There ought to be chat, voicechat and a proper partysystem on the WiiU as well as the 3DS. For being all about playing with friends, these areas are stunningly underdeveloped/non-existent. Miiverse and WiiU Chat are just terribly inconvient for any immediate communication purpose between two or more friends. It's really hard to understand what Nintendo is thinking they're doing here ....



Ralek85 commented on Feature: Five Reasons To Choose Wii U This Hol...:

I think the free online argument is rather filmsy. PS+ as well as XBLG not only give you access to online multiplayer but also to sales and discounts, as well as 'free' games every months, esp. with PSN that is quite a reasonable proposition value-wise. Actually, PS+ makes a lot of sense as long as you buy most of your stuff online, and like indie games, no matter if you are keen on the online multiplayer part or not. It pays for itself.
XBLG is a less attractive package, but it is already somewhat improved, still ways to go though to catching up with PS+. Nintendo on the other hand plain out s***s when it comes to sales, discount and free games. There are some cool promotions via CN from time to time, but the same is true for XBL rewards and Sony. As far as online/e-shop goes, I don't see Nintendo coming out on top in any kind of long-term comparison, except for people who don't buy e-shop games/ only retail games.
I guess some people could find the off-tv gameplay useful, but I also think that for the vast majority, myself included, the only reason to own a WiiU are the exclusives, simple as that. Frankly though, the WiiU is cheap enough to be bought as a secondary system, don't miss out on the likes of GTAV or Dragon Age:I ... would be shame.



Ralek85 commented on Feature: The Wii U is Two Years Old, But How's...:

I think the exclusives make it a worthwhile system, even more so considering the expectet line-up for 2015. I really loved Bayonetta 2 (great value thanks to the inclusion of the original Bayonetta), as well as Mario Kart 8 . Pikmin, Zelda WW and Pikmin are also worthwhile, and I'm definitely getting SSB and Captain Toad. The real reason for me though, is still Splatoon and SMTxFE, games I would not want to miss out on.
Having said that, the WiiU is a 2nd or 3rd system for me, not a primary one. At this point there is nothing Nintendo could do to change that, at least I couldn't think of anything.
There are shortcomings in the system software, the lack of party/chat system, always-on friendlist, join via friendlist, party-join, as well as general stuff like lack of online for games like Mario .... some of that stuff is pretty annoying and seems really unnecessary. We'll see where Nintendo will be going from here, but like I said it is a great, probably the best, 2nd or 3rd system - like my Bone it's just for exclusives though :-P (not that there are many multiplatform games available anyways).
I think ironically the system actual quality right now, esp. considering games, is really not well reflected by the sales as they stand. Personally, I like Bone best right now, the interface is superior to the PS4 as is the performane of Xlive (despite some Halo troubles for some apparently). The games catalogue is easily the best out of the bunch sofar, with amazing recent additions like Forza Horizon 2 and Sunset Overdrive (very upbeat games, that often even feel Nintendo-esque) as well as the amazing Halo MCE.
Aside from a slightly superior multiplatform performance and Infamosu: 2nd son (maybe KZ for some), there is nothing on PS4 right now, that is worth the investment. Makes me question the whole games-sell-systems line-of-argument :-7



Ralek85 commented on The November Club Nintendo Rewards Are Now Up ...:

I might get Metroid, not that keen on it to be honest, but it's better than letting the points go to waste entirely ... Starship Defense is great, but I already got that, when it was avaiable last time. Overall rather slim pickings once again :-/



Ralek85 commented on Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker Evolved From a ...:

I wonder if were are getting close to hitting an actual physical barrier in terms of cuteness. I mean this game looks gorgeous, the animations are adorable and Toadette is as capable as any kitten ... Where can we still go from here?

As for this not being Zelda, but Toad: I'd say that was the right way to go about it. Probably a way better fit for the little guy than for Link, also Toad deserves more attention. He is the good spirit of the Mario worlds after all.



Ralek85 commented on Feature: These Are The Mario Kart 8 DLC Packs ...:

Cool ideas, but what I really want is for them to fix the Battlemode, aka at the very least provide an arena map pack (no matter the price at this point). This would do wonders for my enjoyment of the game, and it's longevity.



Ralek85 commented on Super Smash Bros. for Wii U Pre-Purchase and P...:

Good news, Nintendo finally catching up with the rest of the pack on this front. On the other hand, it's not that big an issue with games of around 17GB. Halo with 60 gig though .... different story. Anyways, I get all my games digital, so this makes me happy, esp. considering future releases on this wonderful little machine (Splatton 1st day Midnight play sesstion INC) :-D



Ralek85 commented on Nintendo Outlines Confusing amiibo Save Data L...:

I get the technical limitations, what I don't get is the point of it all. If you put aside the data storage support for one game, these end up being what? Rather expensive, "physical" DLC for a handful of games, with not particularly inspiring content to boot (so far)?
It would have made sense to have e.g. Link and being able to build a virtual "persona" within the toy. Adding stats from games like SSB, MK, Hyrule Warriors, the upcoming WiiU, and having those feeding into another ... for example unlocking a WiiU costume by having a specific set of data from one/all the other three games present.
THAT would have been pretty cool, and would have create a form of long term commitment to these toys, esp. if you could take them with you to a friend, and have all these "DLCs" readily at hand.
Again, at this point, with such severe limitation, I do not so what it is all about. There is no Skylanders/Disney Infinity application for this - so why bother (Not that personally I'd care for either, but I do get why it's popular).



Ralek85 commented on Nintendo Highlights Huge Indie Line-up for Win...:

Gunman Clive (3DS?) and S&S2, depending on the platforms it'll be on, and to which it is most suitable, also definitely the new Steamworld game.
The rest I either already have, don't care for, or don't yet know :P



Ralek85 commented on Mario Kart 8 Software Update Will Unlock amiib...:

Well, another -better than nothing- situation. Not the most meaningful use, and certainly not the most creative. I hope this will only mark the beginning of an ongoing effort to bring some actual game-related use to these toys.
If this is just meant to be a cashcow for Nintendo with it's younger demographic, that's fine by me, too, but it won't be my cash ^^



Ralek85 commented on Preview: Using amiibo with Super Smash Bros. f...:

Am I really the only one who thinks that they do in fact look the part of a $1X plastic toy? Some of the designs are alright, but other than that, purely for display purposes, none of these seem even remotely must-have.
I will say this so, for the price they are asking, it certainly seems like a fair offer, and could have been far worse. Still, if the functionality doesn't end up being rather convincing, I'm gonna pass completely. It would feel like a waste of display place, one era, where any non-aesthetics based argument is completely immaterial to me. Once again, I wish Nintendo would provide some kind of "premium"-line, for those of us willing and able to spend a bit more on the objects of their desire.
Cheap is fine, only-cheap on the other hand, is disappointing.



Ralek85 commented on Nintendo Download: 30th October (North America):

Wish they'd put something really spooky like ZombiU up for sale, since I still need to get that. Pretty weak, considering the Halloween sales Sony is running ...
Anyways, nothing exciting here, probably not until SSB in a couple of weeks.



Ralek85 commented on Bayonetta 2 Kicks Into The Top 10 in UK Charts:

Not as bad as I expected, unfortunately still pretty terrible considering it's the last big WiiU exclusive not made by Nintendo left for a good while. I wonder if there is a meaningful number of people, who are going to pick up a WiiU for SSB, if so I would hope, that quite a few of those might be picking up Bayonetta 2 further down the line. It gotta be a similar target audience, or not?



Ralek85 commented on Poll: Buying Bayonetta 2 - eShop Convenience o...:

Haven't bought a retail game in years, and since my WiiU is an import, retail wouldn't have been much of an option anyways. Too bad the WiiU has no gamesharing capabilites like the X1 or PS4 ... it's great to be able to pay in dollars as an European, but being able to split even that cost with someone else makes basically any release about 23€ on Day1 which is just unbeatable, even considering PC prices. Well, "luckily" I use the WiiU only for exclusive and there are not THAT many of those :P
Bayonetta is well worth the price, two fantastic games for the price of one, and at least you get the digital deluxe promotion cashback! ^^



Ralek85 commented on Talking Point: Platinum Games Has Secured a Go...:

I just finished Korra on the PS4 and I don't feel like it was a disappointment. Honestly, I think many reviewers expected a Bayonetta 2 like game set in the Korra universe, which given the limited time and ressources poured into the project, was unrealistic to begin with. Also, the minor matter of $15 VS $60 pricetag ... anyways the game looks great, very much in line with the show, it runs absolutely smooth and once you got everything unlocked the fighting is quite entertaining for a while. The game got Korra fans covered with a lot of stuff taken straight from the show, from Naga to Spirit-Jinora to Wind-Ball-riding ^^ It's worth the price of admission if you are fan and if you know what to expect.

I agree with the rest of the article though, looking forward to Bayonetta in a couple of hours. I think PG is very luck that they get to build a fanbase on all three platforms. I'm very excited for Scalebound, it'S still one of the reason I got a X1 and I can'T wait for them to finally (please God!) announce Vanquish 2. The got a great legacy on WiiU already, but beyond that, they already got a great legacy in the industry.
Let'S hope they'll met the commerical success they deserve sooner rather than later - it's been a long time coming!



Ralek85 commented on Feature: The Biggest Wii U Games of 2014 - Fal...:

That is a very good point about the bubble we live in, something to keep in mind, and it's certainly true. But I think the point about your co-worker is equally valid in that regard, since many of those gamers who live in said bubble are likely to influence a whole host of other people, like friends and familiy etc., in their gaming habits.
By the same token those people are by and large influenced by the gaming media and their opinion, be it NL, IGN or PewDiePie ^^ In that regard those things matter, albeit in a more indirect and sluggish fasion, so to speak.

As for the X1, it is the same for me basically. The only reason I got one, was for the exclusives, most of all the likes of Quantumbreak, Scalebound and Phantom Dust ( I have no idea why M$ is remaking that particular game, but I'm all for it ^^).
This year it's also going to be Sunset Overdrive and the Halo Collection, maybe Forza Horizon (I'm no big racer, but the demo was really enjoyable). I got it earlier this year, mainly for Ryse to be honest, which I enjoyed a great deal in SP as well as MP. I'm a total sucker for Gladiator/ Spartacus and so on, you know 'sword-and-sandal' movies/shows, and I know no other game except Ryse that comes close to feeling like those... and Ryse comes darn close despite it's undeniable flaws. I also got Titanfall, since it was cheap and ain't half bad either, and DR3, which I couldn't get into sofar, not really.

Exclusive-wise the X1 didn't fare half bad sofar, better than the PS4 anyways, though that might change next year ^^ Pretty much the same for the WiiU. It's only for the exclusives and right now, there is just not much for me personally. I mainly have it for MK8 and probably SSB, though I'm not all that into 2D beat'em'ups anymore. What really sold me on the system, was the E3 presentation for Splatoon and Zelda, and of course the knowledge that a cross-over between two of my all-time favourite franchises SMT and FE, by two of my all-time favourite developers was in the works :-P I do hope, we'll get one entry into the mainseries on WiiU also. I loved Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn, loved them!

While it is an appealing product, it has still ways to go in terms of online functionality I think. Xbox-Live is the yardstick I measure any online service by, and the PSN, while lacking, made some great strides forward. The WiiU though, despite improvements, still lacks some basic while vital features.
I think Nintendo will get it right eventually, but I can't say I have all that much sympathy anymore, for them taking so long :-/ It all seems rather clunky and inconvient to me. I mean the NNID is progress, but it's just one minuscle step in the right direction and it really took 'em long enough .... sigh Patience is a virtue, I know :P



Ralek85 commented on Feature: The Biggest Wii U Games of 2014 - Fal...:

Don't get me wrong, I wasn't serious about that, in fact, I'm not even in favour of that "New 3DS" of theirs. Splitting the userbase is seldomly a wise approach, splitting the userbase by making features exclusive that should have been there in the first place, like the 2nd analog stick or something to improve viewing-angles in 3D ... Also, it's still unclear to me if there will be ANY 3rd party support for exclusives games. God knows, Nintendo cannot support another system all by itself in any meaningful way. But who can tell at this point, what else they'll come up with.

I don't really disagree with anything you said, but I would point out, that it is not so much about what kind of losses they actually can soak up, going by the hard numbers, but more about the perception of their situation in that regard. Customers as well as shareholders are more often than not unimpressed by any such facts, also the PR battle in terms of turning the WiiU into anything short of a failure is already lost.
And truth be told, the biggest risk Nintendo is running at this point, is that of becoming kind of insignificant in the eye of the public. I have to keep remembering myself, but not every gamer today grew up on Nintendo, and even among those who did, plenty moved on to acquire different kinds of taste. Tastes that Nintendo is reluctant to serve right now, and probably never will.
Nintendo can't afford for the mindset of "Nintendo is doomed" to become set in stone, since such things are pretty darn hard to overturn, and can become self-fulfilling prophecies all to quickly. One thing a new console would achieve, is a chance to reshape the conversation. That doesn't sound like much, but it could be crucial.

As for SMTxFE being right on schedule, I read that as well, but honestly, what else are they going to say? :-P
I mean they do need games, just looking at the release schedule for the rest of the year ... my PS4 will be busy with Shadows of Mordor (which is actually surprisingly good and shortens the wait for the final Arkham game considerably), Alien Isolation, Evil Within, Legend of Korra and maybe Lords of the Fallen, flanked by Forza Horizon and Sunset Overdrive on X1. All that is just the preparation for the November onslaught though, which will also be quite packed.
The Nintendo schedule seems far less .... exciting and is certainly far less impressive in sheer numbers of high profile releases.
They are not cancelling any game any time soon, not officially. Anyways, if the game is right on schedule it will be only a matter of month until we finally see some footage. After all, they need to get some PR going for it, preferably some hype. That is not going to happen with zero information and footage! ^^



Ralek85 commented on Feature: The Biggest Wii U Games of 2014 - Fal...:

@JaxonH You mean Nintendo homeconsoles? After all the PS3 lasted 7 years, the 360 even 8 years, I think.
We'll see I guess, I mean the situation is not exactly normal with Nintendo bleeding cash, quarter after quater now. It's also their first foray into HD development, the impact of which was clearly felt and is continuing to do so.
Not exactly sure history will necessarily repeat itself under these circumstances. I for one would be surprised if there wasn't anything in the works for 2016, maybe a "New WiiU" ? :-P

As for SMT x FE being confirmed for the west, that is great news. I actually didn't know that. I checked online and the only thing I found was an announcement in Japan (japanese) for EU/NA markets. That was almost half a year ago. Still, it is something, I guess.
Actually it's basically one of the very few life-signs of the game since January last year, when it was announced, meaning we are going on almost 2 years of radio silence. Normally that is not a good sign for any game in development, that's probably why I'm a tad bit anxious about it, despite everything ^^



Ralek85 commented on Feature: The Biggest Wii U Games of 2014 - Fal...:

@SamirMalik I'm no lawyer, but why would it? It is their material, isn't it? If anything, it was used and translated without their permission. If memory serves, it is normally the companies, holding the rights to material in question, shutting down those translation efforts, not the other way round.
Furthermore, I doubt anyone who worked on it voluntarily, would be upset about Nintendo making use of it, to give as much people as possible (legal) access to it.

@JaxonH I'm not really worried about the game being cancelled, if anything I would be worried about it being "cancelled" for the West ^^
But no, I meant more in terms of quality, since many of those previous japanese cross-over games, most of which sounded great on paper, didn't really manage to life up to their potential, and also in terms of progress and release.
I probably had hoped for the game to reach a level of quality, on the scale of a proper fusion of SMTIV + FE:A + HD, and doing so rather sooner than later, allowing for the WiiU to be picking up some of that momentum and great PR that the 3DS managed to achieve last year with those two seminal titles.
Honestly though, that was a tall order, of course, and mostly wishful thinking on my part.
I had hoped that maybe they were further along than they obviously are ...and that they might be able to share something at TGS at last (it is a rather japanese project after all), but that sadly, wasn't the case.
I still think, it is going to be a great game, I do have faith in IS and Atlus after all, but I guess, like you said, it's release might still be ways off, thus probably not going to have much of an impact on the WiiU's future.
2016 ... is a long time away, especially in terms of the WiiU's lifecycle. I might be wrong about it, after all nothing is set in stone yet, but I don't see the system's lifecycle extending that much further into the future than that.
I hope, if that should come to pass, that the game will still be localized for us poor sobs outside Japan, and serve as a proper swan song for the system^^ Maybe I'm overly pessimistic about this, but right now anything more than a 5-year-lifecycle sounds like an incredibly tall order.
On the other hand, it might be for the best!



Ralek85 commented on Nintendo 64x64: GoldenEye 007:

I have no idea how much time me and my friends spent with this one ... must have have been hundreds of hours. It was 4-player couch play at it's very best.
I think the only other console-fps-mp-game that worked equally well for me, was Timesplitters on the PS2, couple of years later. I remember we put the Multitap to go use then, making it a worthwhile investment all by itself.
Still, Goldeneye was first and it was brilliant, I'll never forget it.
Thanks Rare!



Ralek85 commented on Feature: The Biggest Wii U Games of 2014 - Fal...:

@ZenTurtle It s***s that we didn't get to see anything of SMTxFE during TGS. I worry about that game =(
As far as a new FE on WiiU is concerend, I hope they just build on the foundation of Radiance and Dawn with some of the touches of Awakening. Day 1, no questions asked.
I don't feel their ressources would be best spent on remakes at this point though, just bring it to VC using the fan-translation (obviously not gonna happen but one can dream for Nintendo to evolve).



Ralek85 commented on Koei Tecmo Europe All But Confirms Fatal Frame...:

As expected ... still sad though. But I doubt any sane person would have expected anything else, so the disappointment should be limited. I think it's decent, that they didn't leave people hanging with some kind of vague vestige of false hope.



Ralek85 commented on Nintendo 64x64: Banjo-Kazooie:

Makes me feel the loss of Rare all over again. Truly one of the finest studios there ever was. BK is a classic and timeless piece of gaming joy, and just one of many they crafted over the years ... Best of all, I can say with some confidence, that for once, this holds true even accounting for quite a bit of nostalgia.



Ralek85 commented on Review: Hyrule Warriors (Wii U):

If it weren't limited to couch play, I'd probably have gotten it. I'm not interested in playing this solo, not ever. Maybe the next one then - pass.



Ralek85 commented on Nintendo 64x64: Bomberman 64:

Only really played the multiplayer, if I remember correctly. Anyways, together with games like Fifa and Goldeneye, me and my friends were wasting tons upon tons of hours on it. It was great fun with 3 buddies. Good times!



Ralek85 commented on The Keep Begins Its 3DS eShop Quest on 11th Se...:

@aj_fowl Right, I actually played that one, too, since it was basically the same thing, just in the Doom setting. If I hear "Doom" though, "DoomRPG" on my iphone is not the first thing I think of, esp. since most people never ever heard of that in the first place. ^^

I'll look into The Quest though, thanks.



Ralek85 commented on Nintendo Download: 4th September (North America):

Pitiful week once again :-/
At least I'll get to try Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call, although I'm just as baffled as ever by that limited number of use and NNID only approach to demos. It takes a special kind of institutionalized dullness, to come up with something like that.



Ralek85 commented on Sorry, Contrary to Rumours the New Nintendo 3D...:

Nintendo is by far the most restrictive of the 'Big Three', region-lock being just one aspect. Ironically, it is not Nintendo, that catches flak for this, but M$. I guess the potential for restrictions is always more harrowing, than their very existence.



Ralek85 commented on Shin Megami Tensei IV's European Release Pushe...:

I'm confused, what is the "European version" anyways?
I though it was not to be localised? Are there any changes made to the game at all? Something due to censorships laws or licensing or anything like that?
I assumed they would basically just put the U.S. version on the various EU e-shops ...



Ralek85 commented on Guide: New Nintendo 3DS - Everything We Know S...:

I think you summarized it quite well for the most part, I just want to add two or three more points.
First off, to me the DSi was the very definition of a stop-gap hardware measure. It introduced DSi Ware, as a way to bridge the gap to it's successor the 3DS, which released almost precisely 2 years later, and it's e-shop platform. Aside from that I don't see any added value in the device, esp. considering the loss of the GBA port.
Your point about most games being playable on all 2/3DS-family (gosh^^) systems, is completely on point. It's just feel that there is an impression being created here, that the New 3DS will give you access to an additional library of games. I think that is misleading, and will not really materialized, besides literally a handful of games. Maybe more games will be made available than I expect, and maybe the marketing will focus on other aspects ... we'll see.
In regards to the 360 redesign, I wanted to add, that I'm not certain how the cost per unit changed overtime, but considering MS had to deal with a rather massive RRoD problem, and respective returns, I think it is fair to assume, that many of those changes were made to addres that issue, in turn keeping failure rate and returns low, and thereby also lowering overall costs.
The DVD drive though, is an interesting story, since basically any and all piracy on the 360 was, for the longest time, depended on the ability to hack the firmware of said DVD drive. Aside from natural fluctuations in suppliers, that probably played a major role in any changes made to that particular component.



Ralek85 commented on The Keep Begins Its 3DS eShop Quest on 11th Se...:

@Manaphy2007 Of course I know about EO, and I like it quite a bit, but it plays quite differently. I played EO1 back in the day, and I've got EO4 on my 3DS, but haven't had time to get really into it. It is a bit grind-y for my taste.

@Raptor78 Well, there is certainly something to that, considering it is also an ID Soft game, but on the other hand O&E is no fps, and Doom was not turn-based ^^ Although the implementation in O&E allows for some rather fast-paced playing, despite being turn-based. I can't really put my finger on it, why I liked it so much, but I really did. I'm still royally pissed that O&E2 never made it to the NDS, or anything besides mobile really. I would have even played an IOS version, if there had been one.



Ralek85 commented on The Keep Begins Its 3DS eShop Quest on 11th Se...:

Reminds me of Orcs & Elves, which was easily one of my favourite NDS games, played through it in one sitting ...
Unfortunately, not many 1st-person-dungeon-crawlers since then managed to capture my attention the same way, I'll wait for reviews then.