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Ralek85 commented on Poll: Nintendo's Free-to-Play Experiments - Ar...:

Downloaded them, tried them ... so that I could in good conscience say, that they are a waste of time all around, not to mention a potential waste of money.
Honestly, I think literally burning the cash would be more entertaining ... not that I would ever do such a thing, but still. I'll glady give Nintendo money, even more than I probably should, but only if I get something worthwhile in return.
By all means, suck me dry by exploiting my love/ addiction to Fire Emblem, sell me two games at once, plus another one als DLC, plus probably a bunch Microtransactions, then at least, we are both getting something we want.
These cra** F2P games, I will not support - bynow, I even feel bad for downloading them to be honest =(



Ralek85 commented on Video: Let This Xenoblade Chronicles X Battle ...:

@Yorumi Actually, personally, I want more games like Baten Kaitos ... I'm still not 100% on-board with Monolith's version of a (mostly) singleplayer MMORPG, and let's not pretend this is not structured like one, because it is, just as Xenoblade was, though the story in Xenoblade was actually above average in that regard, plus there were cutscenes.
Therefore, I'm still on the fence about this one, I want more unique jRPGs from Monolith, but not necessarily this particular brand of RPG.



Ralek85 commented on Editorial: It's Not Fun to Criticise Nintendo ...:

@Sonic4life We'll see about that. I think many folks will indeed insist, that the "RPG of the year" is either Fallout 4 or Witcher 3 ... personally, I'm more partial to Bloodborne. Also, I really utterly loved Invisible Inc., though one could argue that that was more like a rogue-like rpg-tactics-stealth game



Ralek85 commented on Shin Megami Tensei IV: Final to Feature Predec...:

@Expa0 Very excited for this as well! But BD ... I got to the whole time-loop thingy, but after fighting through I think two or three of those, I gave up, the whole thing became a drag :-/
I prefer me some FE:A and soon FE:F in addition to SMT, but to each their own! ^^



Ralek85 commented on Preview: Getting Lost in the World of Xenoblad...:

@Fazermint Couldn't agree more. The amount of time spent waiting and searching for NPCs or specific mobs was insane. In the end, it actually caused me to give up on the game. I wanted to love it, but the quest tracker was just so horrible, that I was either left with constantly googling stuff (and even then it was a still a hassle), or play for hours on end without doing much of anything really :-/
The other issue with the game was the lack of challenge as far as the story path was concerend. You basically had to go out and find challenging fights on purpose ...
When I read the paragraphs about hunting for a specific rare drop, I was reminded of the worst rpg gameplay trope there is, and it's just sad, that this kind of "quest design" is still a thing. I know it never stopped being a thing with a certain type of MMORPG, and I guess XBC is just to close to those to really overcome that legacy.

I'm still going to try it at some point though, but I for one am more excited for GIR#FE and FE:Fates. The just seem like more focused experiences to me, and I'm perfectly ok with a game that does NOT feature an open-world setting.



Ralek85 commented on The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Is Rece...:

@JubilifeRival Well, I still have my Wii (incl. TP) around, so if I wanted to play ... I could do so with rather minimal effort.
My N64 is somewhere in the attic, and finding it, the controllers, the games and so on, hooking all of that up ... quite the hassle, not to mention that the analogue picture from an N64 looks like s*** on a modern HD screen.



Ralek85 commented on Free Origin Story and 'Remaster' Update Coming...:

Loved this game! Amazing couch co-op experience (truly cooperative for once, not just playing "side-by-side"), with some very clever gameplay mechanics and really well implemented gamepad use.
Wasn't there some talk about (paid) DLC to expand the game down the road? I mean, obviously, I gladly take new content updates for free, but I would also be more than willing to give them a little something for their efforts - esp. if those efforts would turn out to be rather substantial and just as high quality. If there was one thing about the game I disliked, it was that there was just so little of it!



Ralek85 commented on Editorial: Nintendo's Release Date Quirks in N...:

I think the issue is a frustrating one. In today's world, with modern communications, and digital content on the rise, one would expect to be able to play a game in the EU, at the same time friends in the U.S. do /and vice-versa/ ... with about the same content, and at roughly the same cost, but alas, that is not the case.
One could argue, that small or niche developers/publishers like Atlus, could have a hard time to make sure such a unified approach can be established, but Nintendo is not small or niche (not yet at least).
This whole problem is further aggravated by the fact, that Nintendo insists on region-locking it's products (even handhelds these days), thus making it impossible for customers, with the will to spare some extra effort and cost, to overcome their arbitrary release "strategy" by way of importing those games.
I mean Microsoft and Sony, not to mention basically all PC-based publishers, manage to uphold a more or less unified release schedule as well, don't they?
It's just frustrating to spend months reading about a game, you literally cannot play, despite it being already done, and localized, simply because Nintendo cannot be bothered to make it available to you. It's hard not to feel offended, or at least neglected. A couple of days, or even like 2 weeks, are one thing, but months on end ... that's a different story.
By that time the game is finally available, chances are you will already have been utterly spoiled as far as the story of the game goes, or any eastereggs or such, if it is a game like Devils Third, chances are your friends in different parts of the world, will have moved on from the MP already (is the MP region-free? not sure tbh) .. leaving you wondering: WTF?
The fact that Nintendo's release schedule has been rather thin for some time now, does not help either. If there are rather few games to play, it would feel all the more pertinent, to have access to as much of the available content as possible - without arbitrary borders of time and place.
Again, it was a weird practice a decade ago, but now, with the internet, and digital games, it's simply annoying.
I remember the hype around FE:A, people agonizing about every bit of information and praise out of Japan ... and then the Europeans going on to agonize about the substantial amount of information and praise out of the U.S.. If you didn't want to get spoiled and if you did not want to feel annoyance that this amazing game was just out of reach by design, you basically had to stop reading online publications concerend with gaming, and cutting yourself of from most of the english speaking discussion online.
As a European with an imported 3DS it was kind of ... weird, with people being torn between taking my 3DS and giving the game a go, or being like "DON'T talk to me about this, it's still 2.5 months away!".
The worst part though, is that it seems to me that this source of frustation is an aritifical one, created by Nintendo themselves, for no apparent reason I can fathom.
I understand that seperate efforts with specific demands go into game releases in different region .. sure, but again, every other major developer/publisher manages to sort this out just fine 99% of the time.

In the end, it's just another instance where Nintendo sets itself apart from the rest, not with creativity, or polish, or design, but with failure on an issue, that may not be 1st order important, but that matters, and that should NOT be an issue AT ALL.



Ralek85 commented on Nintendo Is Making Female Characters Cover Up ...:

@Kirby_Fan_DL3 Yeah, just that. If you aware of that, then why argue that "it's not like anyone wants to see a 15 year old in practically nothing".

Afaik, the legal age of consent is 13 in Japan. A girl can get married at 16 - assuming she has her parents permission. All of that is not even particularly uncommon for that part of world. The age of consent in e.g. China is 14. South Korea is 13, as well.

So ... "not [...] anyone" is a bold statement, to say the least.



Ralek85 commented on Project Guard and Fire Emblem Fates Provide Od...:

@TheAceofMystery That is not mutually exclusive. They never confirmed that it is not coming to the NX. I mean by now, the logical assumption is that it is going to be another TP situation.
Either that, or the NX will go years without a Zelda game ... which seems more likely?, esp. after the mess that was the WiiU launch.



Ralek85 commented on Yes, Fatal Frame's Lingerie Outfits Have Been ...:

I'm confused, wasn't there an actual water-based mechanic in this game (do more dmg, get more dmg - or something like it)?
Bathing suits would have made some sense then, no?
I think the right move would have been to not put it in, in the first place ... it's not like one act of hypocrisy can neutralize a previous one.



Ralek85 commented on Talking Point: The NX Hype Will Ramp Up as Nin...:

@PeterAndCompany Why?
Nintendo will have to push the WiiU, 3DS and their new mobile venture pretty darn hard to stay relevant into 2016 as it is. I think the article is actually understating the issue of Nintendo fading out of the conversation, and with attention spans unlikely to grow (ever again I'm afraid), they will end up in a pretty tough spot, where "scream[ing] the house down" might not even be able to do the trick anymore.
I mean, I can see good reasons, why theoretically they shouldn't do it, like giving them time to build a proper launch(-window) line-up for example, also, launching in the middle of a cycle is always a bad idea, as 2-3 years down the line, they will once again be outclassed, but this is not about optimization, this is about survival - not necessarily financial survival, at least midterm, but survival as a relevant brand.

I mean it took Nokia less than those two years (until e.g. 2017) to go from relevant to basically non-existent as far as the public perception went (or really, lack thereof). I'm not saying, that this is the same situation, but it goes to show how quickly decline can become irreversible, even with the backing of an honest to god giant like Microsoft, further down the line. Once you are out of the game, it's incredible hard to get back in - if nothing else, that is the lesson to be learned here.



Ralek85 commented on Nintendo of America Distributes The Legend of ...:

I just got a couple of codes, and I'm going to give it a shot. I liked ALBW, but I was really annoyed by several of their decisions regarding Tri-Force Heroes, like region-locked multiplayer. Maybe the demo will convince me, that it's worth all the bother.



Ralek85 commented on Nielsen Game Rank Lists the Most Anticipated G...:

Not really surprised by the lack of Xenoblade, well, maybe that it is obviously less intriguing to many than Devil's Third. Other than that, Xenoblade was always going to be major niche title, but nothing more.



Ralek85 commented on First Impressions: Taking A Shot At Fatal Fram...:

Sounds really good, looking forward to it. There are not enough games like this these days, and I'm glad Nintendo decided to bring it West. These are the type of games that make a WiiU worth owning, in addition to your Zeldas and Marios that is. Thy help a lot in making the system unique, and sadly, there are just never enough of them around :-/



Ralek85 commented on Talking Point: Star Fox Zero's Delay Could Be ...:

Frankly, I'm glad it got delayed.
First, it wouldn't have changed anything for the WiiU in terms of it's commercial success. StarFox is not a huge seller, at least not huge enough to make a real dent in the WiiU's bad fortune.
Second, the game was obviously rushed. It looked rather mediocre to say the least, as far as visuals go, and the gameplay itself looked more like a product of a prototype stage (which it probably more or less was) than a final consumer AAA product. So, it did not look to be up to the standards of either Platinum Games or Nintendo, and generally speaking, I know PG can deliver a smokin' StarFox game, given enough ressources ... meaning first and foremost time. It would be a shame if they underdelivered just to meet the christmas deadline. StarFox fans waited long enough and deserve the best possible game!
Third, well, this may sound harsh, but for anyone who sports any other platform besides the WiiU, any WiiU game is just icing on the cake this holiday season. X1/PS4 and PC are still pretty darn packed with releases, including some of the biggest hitters in the industry, so it's nice to have a couple of games to look forward to in "Q1 2016".

In the end, I'd rather have a great StarFox game, than the WiiU selling a couple thousand more units ... I have zero doubt that about a year from now, the NX will be about to be launched and the WiiU will be all but forgotten - except for the small number of brilliant games it produced. Hopefully, StarFox will be counted among those then!



Ralek85 commented on Updated 'Roadmap' Infographic Shows Nintendo's...:

@tysonfury First, I'd say hold on to it a while longer. If the next 12 months do nothing for you ... well, no idea, you might be to old indeed, no clue ^^
Those next 12 months will see the release of several defining games for this generation - one way or the other. On another general note, the PS4 excells in terms of performance, at least sofar, not in terms line-up VS WiiU/X1.
Look at the X1 with games like Forza, Quantum Break, Sea of Thieves (finally a RARE game that looks the part), RARE replay, Halo 5, Sunset Overdrive, Crackdown 3, Scalebound (more Platinum Games is always good) + all the multiplatforms like Metal Gear Solid, The Division, Witcher 3 and so on. WiiU also got a bunch of great exclusives, already out or to be released within 12 months, like Zelda, Xenoblade, GIR#FE, Star Fox ...

As far as specific recommendations for the PS4 go, I suggest trying the best exclusive out there, meaning Bloodborne. I would also second the recommendation for Witcher 3 (not if you have a proper PC though). If that is not your cup of tea, you might want to try Arkham Knight, or if fantasy is more up your alley, Shadow of Mordor, Alien Isolation for Horror, Drive Club for racing (no Forza/Horizon, but still) and Diablo 3 for all the hack and slashing you could need (I don't play it myself, but I know plenty of people who do). If remasters are not out of the question, GTAV and TLoU are highly recommended, and I guess the upcoming UC collection as well, esp. 1 and 2.

Having said that, I would suggest looking into indies, the second area besides performance where the PS4 is really doing pretty good these days. Check out Galak-Z, Resogun, Helldivers, Don't Starve and some others. Unfortunately, I can't really offer any "secret tip", since the PS4 library is not yet big, and I lack any insight in your personal taste.

Last but not least, I think the Ps4 will turn out ot be a pretty great device, with games like Horizon, The Last Guardian, UC4 etc., but it will take some time to get there, and despite all that, it will not be another PS2, it probably will never be that again :-/



Ralek85 commented on Brave Tank Hero Rolling Onto The 3DS eShop On ...:

@cfgk24 My thoughts exactly. That game was one of my most played Wii games overall. It was simple, yet highly gratifying and a total blast with a buddy. It's a shame that there is no 3DS version of it, and that the game did not get expanded upon. Online play, pvp, more tank types and so on ... I would have loved that. Maybe someday though ... =/



Ralek85 commented on Review: Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising (Wii...:

@Tops Dito! I think it's probably going to happen, but probably not for a long while, looking at other Intelligent Systems VC games. I have no clue whatsoever as to why, since the game is clearly localized, licensed, ported and all that, but then again NoA is not afflicted by logic, so there is that.



Ralek85 commented on First Impressions: Trying to Believe in Devil'...:

Nothing that was ever shown for this game suggested even remotely that it was going to be a good game. I'm curious as to why Nintendo picked it up, since they could have gone for so many different things. Maybe it's one those so-trashy-it's-cult kind of efforts ... but honestly I doubt it.



Ralek85 commented on Feature: The Biggest 3DS Retail Games of 2015 ...:

Still bummed out by the fact that The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes is apparently one or three players only :-/ I might still get it though, depending whether it is fun to play alone (I assume so), or whether I'm able to come up with a third player (I doubt that).
I'll also keep an eye on Yo-Kai Watch of course.



Ralek85 commented on Poll: What Do You Want From Nintendo's NX Plat...:

@AdanVC A good baseline for judging comments like this, is asking a simple question, something along the lines of:
"Did he kinda have to say this?"
If the answer is yes, then caution is in order, because chances are, the statement might be only superficially true.

Like say, Iwata could hardly say, they would abandon the WiiU and 3DS in late 2016 ... so kinda had to come up with something else. Now, I don't think they will abandon it, but I think their support will look something like this:

  • More DLC for MK8, SSB and Splatoon
  • More VC consoles games
  • Some kind of cross-buy/cross-porting initiative, esp. for indies, similar to the Vita/Ps3/Ps4 situation, where there was still quite a lot of content, just very little exclusive

The NX maybe just a third pillar then, but it will be the pillar seeing all or the majority of the first party support and (hopefully finally) of the third party support as well. That would kinda be a mission accomplished scenario ... not scaring people away from the WiiU/3DS prematurely, not flatout lying about the company's commitment and getting the NX underway.



Ralek85 commented on Rumour: Nintendo Isn't Bringing Devil's Third ...:

Well, opinions ... among other things, I dare say. In terms of "Another Code R", the game never made it to the U.S. afaik, and the Wii is region-locked.
Donkey Kong Country, Mario Strikers Charged, NSMBW and to a degree even Monster Hunter Tri are really quite the opposite of diverse, unique games/ hidden gems.
Xenoblade and The Last Story, I mentioned myself, but they were not the rule, but the exception, also, by the time they came out, most people I know hardly paid any attention to the Wii anymore, if they hadn't sold it off altogether already. It's a shame I know, but I can hardly blame them, seeing as those two games were a very, very long time coming, esp. in North America.
As for the rest, I agree, although MP3 was really not my favourite, despite the actually cool pointer controls. Still, the numbers where just not there for me. I did not, and am not saying, there was nothing outside of the traditional Nintnedo fare on the Wii, but I stand by my assessment: A gamecube'esque library, it was not.



Ralek85 commented on Rumour: Nintendo Isn't Bringing Devil's Third ...:

From what I've seen sofar, the game does not look that great, so it might be understandable. I still think Nintendo should make more of an effort for 3rd party games in general though, but also for a more diverse portfolio of games on their systems. This goes double for NoA, I mean we all remember Xenoblade and The Last Story ... and the Wii was not exactly a platform rich in quality and diverse content.
Actually, it was quite a massive step back behind the gamecube, where one could find gems like Baiten Kaitos, Skies of Arcadia LEgends (a port but still), Eternal Darkness, Luigis Mansion, Battalion Wars, MGS Twin Snakes, Killer 7, Time Splitters, Rogue Squadron, Viewtful Joe, Resident Evil, Metroid Prime, Beyond Good and Evil, Prince of Persia, F-Zero, and so on.
No way the Wii or the WiiU could compete with that, not even combined I think.



Ralek85 commented on How Fire Emblem amiibo Interact with Fates:

@Koopa-King I'm wondering the same thing, but I think so, since by the time the game comes west, Roy will have been out for quite some time, thus I guess he will be part of the game here, and get patched into the JP version as well - or get patched/ spot-passed into both ^^



Ralek85 commented on Talking Point: Raw Power Isn't Vital to Ninten...:

The Wii managed to capitalize on a singular moment in gaming and tech, thanks to perfect timing and great design. As far as consoles go there is no "Wii"-business-modell, because there is no more market for that modell.
Also, the market has changed dramatically since then. I can't remember there being actual articles with complex charts about components used, incl. info on frequencies, shaders, bandwith and so on, in gaming articles during the Wii area. This things (unfortunately) matter a lot more today, than they did like 10 years ago.
Last but not least, a system less powerful than current gen consoles, priced at about $200, will still be only like $100 less than the occasion sales price of a X1 or a PS4 "slim" - by the time the NX is released anyways. Not to mention that porting major games to the NX will be hampered by any need to adapt to new architecture and any need to down-port while keeping the core game intact.



Ralek85 commented on Rumour: Nintendo NX Won't Be As Powerful As Pl...:

"It's possible to do great works or forgettable works with almost any technology." Yes it is, but that is completely unrelated to my point. And yes, it is true that we had open world games on the last-gen consoles, and that the WiiU, in terms of performance is roughly equal to those (PS3 and 360), and thus ... yes, Zelda looks to take advantage of that, once it is finally released, to create open-world'esque gameplay.

That was not my point though, since frankly, I'm not per se an open-world/sandbox kinda guy. I'm currently playing Arkham Knight and despite manifold improvements, Asylum still feels like the better game. It definitely was a more focused experience, less diluted by pointlessness and filler (AK is still a great game though).
Anyways, my point was more about the possibilities afforded to designers by technology, of which graphics is really just the most obvious and thus common aspect. Open and seamless large scale worlds are but one aspect. I already pointed to stuff like A.I.. After all, let's not kid ourselves most enemies in games are dumb. Good A.I. is not smart A.I. as in beating Chess Grandmasters, good A.I. is fun A.I. An A.I. that adapts, that changes things up, that reacts without being reactionary - something that feels not scripted, but also not like it knows more than it should in context of the game (ignoring a fog of war for example).
Good A.I. is not the A.I. we see in games like FE (I love that series to death though) or MK (it's called rubber-banding for a reason) ... Ninty would have their work cut out for them here for example.

Same goes for physics based gameplay, which can be really fun and most importantly it's never stale. I still remember the gravity gun in Half-Life 2 very, very fondly. As far as physics go, it was still a somewhat limited device, but it was till a huge step forwards in terms of simple "point-n-shot". You could really interact with the world on a level that felt much closer to reality than before. It made the world more palpable - something beyond a simple backdrop or framing for shooting stuff.

Most importantly though, all these elements can and should be combined whith each other and with "traditional" concepts, and no, not every game has to have all these elements incorporated. For example, a Mario 64 sequel could greatly benefit from a large-scale physics-driven open world, without giving up on the traditional strengths of the franchise, like it's brilliant level design and simple controls ... (and I'm not even much of a platformer fan ).

Anyways, like I said at the very beginning, power is about much, much more than graphics.



Ralek85 commented on Rumour: Nintendo NX Won't Be As Powerful As Pl...:

Well, that is surprising. I would have assumed the system to be at least on par with the other two, as well as build around a similar architecture. I mean how else are they going to entice 3rd-parties to once more start porting their games?
It's also disappointing because I had hoped to see more complex games coming out of Nintendo in the future, large-scale, seamless world, physics based gameplay, good A.I., etc. "Power" is not just there for graphics after all =(



Ralek85 commented on ​Fire Emblem Fates Birthright Edition Is The...:

Which one? Definitely both, eagerly awaiting the third path Bring it on! Anyways, FE not only surviving, but really taking off, is the best thing to happen during this whole Nintendo generation. I couldn't be happier about this, definitely going to be there for Fates Day1!



Ralek85 commented on Talking Point: The Pros, Cons and Questionable...:

I still think a holiday 2016 launch is where it's at, but these rumors got me thinking ... July or summer in general is tradtionally rather barren as far as new major releases go. It's also the time of the year when the hype trains for the rest of the year are getting readied and prepared for boarding, thanks to E3 and also Gamescom.
Assuming all the logistics would work out for a summer release, and Nintendo would be brazen enough to try a summer launch, they could not only do so unopposed as far as their software goes, but they could also capitalize on any hype they build at E3 and Gamescom without much delay.
I think I would be interested to see how such an approach would play out in the end. It would be quite unique to see something entirely new being shown off, only to be sold mere months (assuming they put it post-Gamescom, which would be smart) or even weeks later. In other words people might still be excited and emotional about it, without much time to rationalize the hype away.
Depending on the stuff they have to show, and the hype they can thus generate, this could indeed work out for them. On an even more emotional level, it would reinforce the feeling of something "fresh" happening, something that is unfamiliar but exciting ....
Still, I doubt it ^^



Ralek85 commented on Rumour: Nintendo NX Shipping This Time Next Ye...:

@Nintendofan83 Reggie all but announced the NX already at this year's E3. There is really no doubt in terms of a 2016 launch. I mean there could always be some kind of issue coming up, causing a delay into 2017, but I think that is unlikely forgoing any extreme external factors!



Ralek85 commented on Nintendo Download: 2nd July (Europe):

Wow, that's actually impressive, AW2 and FE, didn't expect to see those ... I wonder when (and if =( ) those will ever come to NA. Sacred Stones took for ages to show up over here ....



Ralek85 commented on Talking Point: The Mystery of Devil's Third an...:

At this point, no "mature"-themed game is going to make a difference anyways, so they might just have decided to cut their looses, while still giving a little something to their established installbase.
I would be fine with the game being digital only. It's the future anyways, and that obsession with retail is only hurting the industry. Whole games get lost in the process because noone is willing to take the gamble on spending any money on actually publishing those underdog games. By comparison the cost of digital publication is minimal, and so is the risk. Also, there is no such thing as stock shortages, retailer exclusive deals, and all the other ugliness that can happen with those low-profile retail games.
If a game is sucessful digitally, you can still release it physically at some point, to please the diehard collectors. It has been done before after all.
Anyways, this game is not going to sell great, no matter the advertisement budget, and at this point the fate of the WiiU as a platform is sealed anyway, so I think any further investment by Nintendo should be on the conservative side, into stuff like MarioMaker, Starfox etc., not this. Games that will turn a meaningful profit for them, money they can put to good use going forward. Any investment into expanding installbase, is a lost investment, so they would be smart steering clear of those.



Ralek85 commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Approach to Transfor...:

Why try to fix what ain't broken? I'm very much bothered by the notion, that something needs fixing just because it's old. It's not just Nintendo, who are struggling to do this, but other developers as well. They just manage to stay ahead of the issue by providing enough distractions in the process, like spectacular graphics, sex and violence in hitherto unknown detail and other shenanigans. Nothing e.g. EA/Bioware did with any of the Dragon Age games "fixed" or "innovated" on the BG-formula. All it did was dumb it down, pretty it up and go all GoT on it - so, of course it sold, but as a game it was poorer for it. Some people were angry, but mostly, people just realized they were no longer the target audience and they moved on to other stuff, which coincidentally ^^ managed to show up just in time on platforms like kickstarter.
I think Nintendo is sitting between two stools right now, and thus it's message is all muddled - trying to pander to the old fans, but also trying to move on, innovate for a new audience and gain new supporters. It's a lot easier to focus on just one of those two things, and if Nintendo wants to keep doing this, they have to up their game. We all know they can do it, they managed it before. Just the jump from 2D to 3D was a showcase for their ability to truely innovate, totally beyond any gimmicky controller and stuff like that.
I think the real issue here is that they have moved on as far as their creative potential goes. They are betting on the NX big time, and I'm looking forward to see if that pays off. I don't expect any more great experiments for the WiiU - well, Zelda aside of course, but we have yet to wait and see how much of an experiment that really is.



Ralek85 commented on First Impressions: Getting Into The Spirit Wit...:

I haven't been able to get back into Pokemon since the days of Red/Blue. I took a final stab at it with X and Y, but it just doesn't work for me any more. Naturally, I assumed this was just another reskin of Pokemon for a new generation, and I therefore dismissed it out of hand.
This article makes it sound rather interesting though. The combat seems to be quite different from Pokemon, and also fun, most of all though, it has this "Attack of the Friday Monsters!"-ish aesthetic and mood to it apparently, which I really adore. I'm a fan of much of Level-5's work, despite some disappointing games, so I think I might actually keep this on my radar now. When I played AotFM, I was actually sad when it was over, and I was lefting wanting more of it, or really, more of something like it, with a bit more complexity and options to it, but with the same kind of charm. This might actually just be it.
Thanks for the great article!



Ralek85 commented on Nintendo Isn't Talking About NX Because It Doe...:

@rjejr I just made basically the same point about the "gimmick" issue, therefore /agreed.

But yeah, they made strong indications in regards to the NX being a "home console", but well it does not mean it's not going to be "different". Mabye it will be a new home console plus a new 3DS, as both platforms are obviously winding down right now. Mabye it will indeed be the long rumored "fusion" device ... who knows. I doubt it will be less powerful than the WiiU though If we assume that, and we assume it'S supposed to run for longer sessions than a Gamepad with the original battery, it's probably not just ah .... console/handheld deluxe Nintendo gaming-"tablet".
Frankly, I think it will be like the WiiU, just that the handheld will be integrated much deeper and basiaclly work as the gamepad ... it will be optional though, as to drive down cost, but it would make sense. It would mean easy backwards compability and they could still service the handheld market that has been doing so well form them despite some obvious downturn. But yeah, it's just speculation, although not an unreaosnable one I think ^^



Ralek85 commented on Nintendo Isn't Talking About NX Because It Doe...:

I'm worried that he places so much emphasis on surprising everyone and keeping that "surprise" from being copied, since that implies that 1) the system is build around another "feature" or gimmick, that can still surprise people and 2) that it's indeed just a gimmick, since if weren't, it seems unlikely the competition could just simply copy it with a adding a small piece of hardware or software, as was the case with motion gaming or 2nd-screen gaming.
I don't want to read too much into it, but this seems to indicate that they are indeed chasing the "Wii" moment.