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Ralek85 commented on First Impressions: Bravely Second's Demo Comes...:

I wanted to love BD, but the time-loops in the end really killed it for me. By the time they started out, much of the gameplay had already begun to feel rather repetitive, making me repeatedly go through the same-ish scenes, visit the same places and defeat the same-ish bosses was just too much to handle, also it felt like cheap filler. I'll reserve judgement on Seconds, but right now I'm way more excited to play S.T.E.A.M. next year or even Persona Q, once I picked that up. BD might be too familiar after all ...



Ralek85 commented on Talking Point: The Time Is Right For A Nintend...:

@Quorthon I appreciate your passion and I share it.
I just re-read my last post, and it realize it's a bit haphazardly written at times, and some of my arguments don't come across all that well - lost in my (passionate) ranting. ^^

In terms of trophies/achievments, as I said, I don't care for them, and I don't think they are necessary (I don't even think they are beneficial but that is another story).
Why? First of all, your point about them being an industry-wide norms is well taken, but we are talking about gaming here, and the gaming industry is not a traditional industry. Industry-wide norms are beneficial, even necessary, for many industries, where they among other aspects drive down cost substantially as well as limit risk and create redundancy - not for gaming though.
Trophies/achievments can easily be "cut-out", since its all digital. It happpend to Wii ports, to 3DS ports, as well as previous WiiU ports and of course (until 2008) for all PS3/360 multiplatform games. It's not a matter of cost or risk/redundancy, maybe convenience. Also, while standardisation may furhter innovation in some areas, by e.g. providing cheap, quality parts to recombine and experiment with, gaming is a different beast. I think Ubisoft is a great example of this, by now I have no doubt whatsoever, that a lot of Ubisoft designers are forced to work of checklists, for "features" to include in their games, no matter if that game is called Watch Dogs, Assassins Creed, Far Cry or even to a degree the Crew - similarties are just too striking, in basic design choices like open-word, down to some details of cluttered minimaps, and endless collectibles.
People might assume that this is completely independent of the framework one is working in, like having to have trophies, because the platform supports it and it's a "industry-wide norm". I think that is naive, and there is some strong evidence in sociology/psychology to suggest that these kind of frameworks matter in fact a lot, they engender a certain type of thinking, and they help perpetuate it.
Now one could argue, that he likes trophies and it'S good everyone is building their games around it ... the problem is this kind of standardisation, is not cost free. It stifles innovation and creativity by providing answer beforehand as well as setting a kind of scene on which everyone has to work.
It takes extra effort to do your works by-the-numbers (Trophies? We gotta do Trophies guys...) and still infuse them with meaning, with actual design or woth. It's way easier to just add what you have to "Collect 50 XY" to get a bronze, and since you are at it, you probably best place those 50 XY, and you gotta make sure the level design is there to accommodate them ... once you've followed through on that half a dozen times, you are set in your way.
Not good in my book - not for the actual product at least, maybe for the marketing, that may very well be true.
Also, generally speaking trophies appeal to one of our lowest common denominators, gratification (as instant and constant as possible) in an patronizing fashion: Hey, you managed to walk up the stairs and read the tutorial messages ... DINGDINGDING ... that is just anothe reason they should be disliked by reasonable and intelligent people (exceptions, like I said last time, not withstanding, but as Mass Effect proved you can do "trophies" without any framework supporting them ...)
Again, people are petty, and therefore trophies appeal to them, so yes, maybe Nintendo should cave, and follow suit. I understand why they don't, and at least on that I can appreciate their pov.

As for Mario, I think I got that, but I raised a questions in that regard. Do they loose more customers than they gain with falling back on their iconic? I honestly do not know. How many people would stop buying Nintendo games, if they were no longer Mario games, and how many would come in to buy Nintendo games, just because they are no longer Mario games?
I think for a broader appeal - that is what you are aiming at, if I understand you correctly - more than just the mascots would have to change. They might have to go, at least to some degree, "gritty" - meaning maybe violence, toning down the color or cuteness of design, whatever. Now, like I said Splatoon will tell us something about this next year.
I get your point about Nintendo's overall public image being Mario (read "kiddie" right? Let's not beat around the bush here) hurts them in mass appeal, and you might be right, but like I said above, I'm not clear on the cost-benefit here. Again this seems like a fine line for Nintendo to walk, they can't abandon Mario and rebrand, and they probably can't be the same company they were last gen, where all this worked pretty well.

As for Zelda, I think, a remake takes substantially less ressources and the timing is right, there are probably millions of people owning a 3DS now, taht never owned a N64. Nintendo can offer them a excellent game at a fraction of the cost of developing a new one, ALL THE WHILE cashing in on double-dippers and nostalgia (which is a very powerful emotion by the way^^). I'm not sure how this is detrimental, Zelda seems to be getting all the attention it needs (assuming really on track for 2015) and again it's not like remaking MM takes as much time or money as a completely new game anyways. This is not a general approval of remakes, zelda or otherwise, just a case-by-case judgement call.

I never thought about it that methodical but it makes a lot of sense in theory, you come up with an innovation or even several small ones, then you give yourself time to perfect them for another iteration, as well as give the industry at large, meaning developers, time to adapt to it and innovate software along the lines of the innovated hardware. I definitely agree that Nintendo should have taken a more conservative approach when it comes to radical innovation, and are more aggressive approach when it comes to modernize their hardware.

The problem of launch cycles is definitely a severe one, personally I think they should stick it out. The points you make are all valid and I agree with them, but honestly, this a no win sitation and the least troubling to me is waiting for a new major cycle and then come in guns blazing. Abandoning the WiiU within, let's say the next 24 months would alienate a lot of users - me including I'd say. It would create a substantial psychological barrier (aside from the financial one which would also have to be substantial to be "part of the game" once more), esp. to people smart enough to recognize, that the point can only be resync with the cycle all over again in 2020 or so. It would also mean another very risky and substantial investment for Nintendo ... frankly, I doubt they could do it, they would have to well on their way by now, and I doubt they are, though this is pure guesswork of course. It's just they seem ... busy ^^

As for Disney, it is my belief that LucasArts went way of the reservation long before Diseny came in, in 2012. They were churning out c**p like Force Unleashed, Angry Birds Star Wars, Kinect Star wars and so on. The whole indecisiveness of it all - think about Star Wars 1313. I can't think of anyhthing major or worthwhile since .... Empire at War waaayy back in the day, can that be? Dunno, nothing else comes to mind.
Fast forward to 2014, at least we are about to get another Star Wars Battlefront and I'm not gonna say no to Grim Fandango either. I'm not saying Disney turned them around, no sir, but I can say how it got worse, and Disney is only at it for 2 years so maybe we should wait for Force Awakens and the stuff that follows suit in terms of cross-media and games. I reserve judgment. Marvel provides a longer perspective, 5 years, and they have done right by them (sofar). Personally I'm looking forward to Avengers 2 and definitely some of the others stuff, esp. after GoG did so great against all odds and expectations, and of course definitely GoG2 - I have to praise them for casting Andy right out of Parks & Rec as a witty action hero ... Gotta respect that.
My personal taste aside, those movies are commercial gold mines right now - they might collapse, I can't say, but I doubt it as of right now, and even if so, they already made billions in revenue and by then profit as well I wager :-D No good thing last forever, sofar they are having an incredible run.
I guess my bias against Sony is, that they are devs and engineers themselves, it screams duplicate structures to me - something Sony is very prone too - and this means in turn "streamlining" and well ... that wouldn't bode well for Nintendo. As for the handheld thing, I don't know man, Sony got burned pretty badly, handheld and mobil phones I think, and beyond that the market is just shrinking anyways ... I just don't see Sony going on any kind of adventure of that magnitude anytime soon. That's not even talking about the general state of the japanese industry and the state of public consumption in Japan.

As for the Wii brand I agree, it will not lose them money overall, at least shortterm (reputation cost is hard to gauge), and they might lose the Wii brand, but I think that's really no biggie, probably even for the best. It was always the Nintendo brand (it's not the Wii3DS is it?^^) that mattered anyways. It's actually only the second time I think they stuck with a name - or a variation there of. N64 and GC were also one-timers so to speak after all.

In terms of personal taste, and change thereof, I can totally appreciate your position, also it may be somewhat reversed. E.g. I never could be bothered with Halo, aside from some play session at a friends .. I find myself quite amendable to the Halo:MCE in co-op these days. Also, like I said I passed on Mario for decades (I think the last one I played before 3D land was on Gameboy ..), but I do like 3D Land and World, also it's not like I'm crazy for them. I enjoy them on occasion that's all, I still hate platformers in general ^^ Pokemon is a good example though in the other direction, I loved Pokemon Red/Blue ... never played one again, tried X/Y (got caught up in the 3D hype and ... nostalgia) ... bored the s**t out of me.
On the rest we can pretty much agree :-D Kudos for mentioning ALAN WAKE btw, that game is so underrated and underappreciated. I never played a game with such a hands down fantastic atmosphere, not before not since. I loved Max Payne 1/2, but alan wake is just as much a reason why I'm excited for Quantum Break, and why I got a Xbone as those - maybe even more so.
The scene where you make your way to the radio station in the distance, the police fighting for the life all the while down in the valley, running past all that huts with the radios, letting you listening in on the callers commenting on the sitatuon ... it was just perfect. The sound, the lighting, the shadows ... the forst felt alive. Even the writing was good, and the story decent. A masterpiece (not flawless for sure but still ...)!
Last but not least, I would buy Eternal Darkness HD as well, pretty much for the same reasons in many ways, why I loved Alan Wake.
If you liked those you might enjoy the Evil Within, there is one scene early on (the one in the forest) that basically felt like an hommage to Alan Wake (at least to me). They are different games, but TEW also has a very rich atmosphere (at least in most level, the chuch e.g. not so much) which was the best part of Alan Wake. Man Quantum Break can't come soon enough, I hope it delivers ... and I hope Alan Wake 2 is in books eventually.

PS: You noticed I left my Network IDs? Just in case you missed it.



Ralek85 commented on Talking Point: The Time Is Right For A Nintend...:

@Quorthon First let me say this, and don't take it the wrong way, but it seems I finally met someone more prone to "textwalls" than me ^^
I'd certainly agree that Nintendo should modernize, if that means doing the same stuff as Sony and Microsoft is another question. For example, personally, I don't care neither for trophies nor for achievments. There are some games, which make an effort, creating tasks to earn them, that are worthwhile and challenging (not just repetitive and time-consuming like most), but those seem, to me, few and far between. The rest of the features (I'm just gonna tag them as such, for sake of convenience) you mentioned I would certainly like to see on Nintendo platforms as well. I made the case against praising Nintendo for it's "free online", because of a value consideration in favour of PS+ as well as the more robust and feature-rich online environment created by Sony, and at least as much Microsoft.
Still, like I said, I was surprised by how lag-free, easy to use and overall enjoyable online has grown with MK8, despite it being free. Of course, this is just one aspect of the issue of PSN/PS+, XLive/XLG vs Nintendo Network. It's not nothing though.

As for Zelda, beyond the argument I made before, I would also say, that counting remakes or handheld version in with console ones, is not really justified. In that regard, Skyward Sword was 2011, that is 4 years on 2015, so Zelda WiiU will still be special, at least to me - not to say I didn't enjoy ALBW on 3DS, but it'S just not the same, and Majoras Mask will be a remake, a widely demanded one at that. As for Mario, I'm not a big platform-lover, I played 3D land on the 3DS since I got it for free and to my surprise I liked it quite a bit, that's why I got 3D World, which are basically the only Mario platforming games I played in years. I can't really speak to some kind of oversaturation or inflation of the brand in that regard.
I do have to say though, that I'm not sure what you are getting at with e.g. Luigis (Mansion?) or Captain Toad. Not only are they completely different games and even genres, but they are also different characters, sure they originate from the Mario-verse, but what is the harm? Do you mean they lake gloabal appeal because of that? That completely new characters would fare better?
I'm not so sure about that, but Splatoon will give us a good indication as to whether or not that is something that Nintendo should be paying more attention to.

In terms of E3, the company that had the least to show, in my book, was clearly Sony. Basically all they offered were stuff we already knew, some Indie games, some multiplatform games, TV shows (da hell^^) and yeah, Vita TV if I remember correctly.

I was most excited by Microsoft, but mostly because they just teased stuff, giving my imagination a license to run free, and it certainly did (bought a X1 the weekend after E3). I can't wait to see Crackdown 3 in action - I loved Crackdown 1, to me one of the first true next-gen games of the last generation - same is true for Scalebound (especially after playing Bayonetta 2) and Phantom Dust (if you look at the story behind the publication, or delay in the US and lack thereof in Europe, you can tell, that this is a watershed moment for the X1 ... most people didn't really pick up on that though).

Both M$ and Sony of course showed stuff, we had already seen before. To me, again this is just my personal take, when it came to NEVER-B4-SEEN and ACTUAL gameplay, Nintendo flatout won, there was the amazing Zelda trailer, as well as the fantastic Splatoon introduction. If I put that up against he footage of Let It Die on PS4 for example ... well it is not really a competition.
Looking at Splatoon I certainly agree Nintendo should do way more things aside from their usual Mario fare (like I said I'm not counting Luigis Mansion or Captain Toad towards those).
I can only say I think Nintendo should put a lot more ressources into Intelligent System for example, and really let those guys and gals go to down with stuff like Fire Emblem and Advance Wars. FE:A and SMTxFE are good starts, so is their work with Monolith, but more can be done. I want a sequel to Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn (bundled with remakes and rereleases of those games). I want more Advance wars, I want to see what else Intelligent System can came up with, given the chance. I want them to give more "young" talent a chance to shine and try new things, as they did with said Splatoon, I bet there are plenty of good ideas floating around Nintendo EAD and around it. No argument there, but on the other hand I'm also happy that Zelda is back, that Star Fox is back ... maybe I'm part of the problem that is holding them back I don't know, I want both :-D Zelda and Star Fox are a link back to my childhood on SNES and N64, aside from being great games more often than not, and that link can absolutely not be lost. It would be foolish and I would not appreciate it.
It's a narrow line Nintendo is walking on, especially with it'S limited ressources and gaming being basically it's only leg to stand on ... considering that I think they are doing a reasonable job. Like I said, if all those games they presented at E3 deliver on their promise, in 2015!! not less, I think noone can argue against their 1st-party line-up.

As for e.g. the aforementioned Let it die, it looks a lot like the "gritty ... shooters" you metioned, and Splatoon just looks colorful, looks tactical, looks non-shooter shooter-ish, if that makes any sense. I appreciate you didn't direct your criticism of Nintendo fans at me, because I do appreciate these games, like I said, I already got my order down for Bloodborne and The Order (thanks to a Sony promotion offering $15 credit back^^) and I'm currently playing Halo:MCE also. Overall I think your criticism is justified, there are great dark&gritty games out there, great shooters out there, and many self-prescribed Nintendo fans are way too quick to dismiss them. Often enough it is my impression as well, that these kind of judgment calls are based purely on conjecture ... and I try to call people out on that whenever I can.
Furthermore, that whole notion that the X1 is basically just Halo and Gears, is just as silly, just as Sony is more than Uncharted and God of War.

The thing is, while Nintendo fans should not dismiss these games out of hand, it's also true that there are plenty of companies making these kind of games, so I don't really need or want Nintendo to do the same. Nintendo can do a dark and gritty linear shooter, if they want to, but I really don't see the upside to it, I'm more than happy if they leave that to 343 and Ready at Dawn, they should stick to their guns and do stuff like Splatoon. Again, it's a terrible narrow line I feel Nintendo is supposed to be wallking - thanks to people like me no less - between the old and the new, the traditional and the modern (I don't want Ubisoft style polish on my Nintendo games - despite it being en vogue so to speak - godddd noooo please^^).
I agree it is troubling that the most loyal fanbase seems not really all that open to new stuff, but it's up to Nintendo to make good ideas into compelling new games and SELL them the right way to their core audience. Like I said 2015 will tell us more about how they are doing in that regard.
I think it is interesting that you brought up Devils Third ... I have to admit I myself forget about it occasionally. The truth is, that I wasn't impressed by what I saw. The graphis look alright, it seemed to "wonky" for my taste, what the said about the multiplayer smelled of over-promising and I'm just no Itagaki fan. I liked NG 1, at least the part were you are slicing at people not monsters and well ... that is about it, NG2 was ok, 3 was a mess. I rather play Bayonetta or so. But it goes beyond that, and I see a game I don't really need - not from this dev, not on this system, not with those graphics, not with that style. Maybe if it looked more like MGS Phantom Pain, in terms of graphics, smooth controls and so on, I might be slightly more interested ... I can't say, I'm certainly biased against it for the reasons I named and then some.

As for your points one-by-one ... ^^
1) Yes, that is probably true, although I'm not yet sure about the extent to which this is true, and also if this is really limited to Nintendo (there are other examples where companys "abadon" old properties to branch out just for fans to go nuts - in a bad way - about it), as well if it is more a weakness or a strength. Looking at Pokemon I see a biiggggg seller, one Nintendo can produce at which I assume are comparably low costs. Kind of their Call of Duty, maybe even better, speaking relative cost-benefit here.

2) That is very much true. The best PR job they are doing is Nintendo Direct, (E3 was well done as well) but those are only, or mostly watched by those already interested or invested. They are basically preaching to the choire, to use the proverb, which has to be done of course, but can't be all you do - or all you do well.

3) Also very much true, but ties in with point 1) I think, and it's also not an issue exclusive to Nintendo. There are quite a few Sony franchises people clamor for, but sell badly, the reason for this is simple enough: it's called a vocal minority, and in this day and age of the internet, this phenomenon is more pervasive than ever before.
As for operation Rainfall ... man that is a clusterf***. If I may say a few words on this - purely a personal rant so be warned ^^ First off, the fact that it took them so long, really didn't help at all. At some point people loose interest, esp. if you are reluctant to feed that interest - and boy if anyone is reluctant than it was (and still is in many ways) NINTENDO. Then there was the issue of stock .. I lost interest in Xenoblade due to other stuff coming up, and when I pivoted back it was an offensively expensive game, all the while being a total visual throwback to PS2 (not quite but close enough). That was even worse with The Last Story, when I finally got to play it last year, it didn't really click with me, not as much as Lost Odyssey for example or Xenoblade which was way to easy but still a lot of fun, and I thought it was plain ugly. It is also prohibitively expensive. I might give Last Story another shot if it were on the e-shop for let's $15 .. or $20. Aside from that ... well no.
As for Bayonetta well it'S true but then again, this is not Nintendo or their userbase. Platinum Games are great and sell most really bad - not only on Nintendo platforms. People should be ashamed of themselves, esp. with Bayonetta 2, who has fantastic voice acting and excellent witty writing and a decent enough story (by videogames standarts).
Gamecube and it's gems like Eternal Darkness make me just said ... that's all I can say ^^
Not as sad as Fire Emblem, when I read that Awakening could have been the last entry (if it hadn't sold so well) I really wanted to go around just punch people in the face :-D I hope the fact that they made FE:A more accessible (thankfully that was optional), the fact that it got AMAZING press coverage (it was the game that made me buy a 3DS - import one from eh U.S: no less), as well as the fact that is sold rather well, gives me some hope. That is one franchise that cannot die, not ever.
I hope Nintendo capitalizes on the success that was FE:A, but I already ranted about Intelligent System being underuse some paragraphs above so ... :-D
4. That is true, another PR problem, but also another hardware problem, the WiiU being not powerful enough for public consumption, also another gimmick (yes I said it) in the Gamepad, which is not innovative, but unnecessary. Remoteplay via 3DS would have sufficed.
5. Ups I already just addressed that ^^ /Agreed
6. Yes, but I'd say that is true for now and has no bearing on any future "innovation" they might come up with. In many ways the console industry has grown stale, and innovation is still essential - the problem is, that this can only be judged looking back, and if no one tries, nothing changes, so it is hard to really "blame" Nintendo, the consequences though, are very real and they are negative for them.

When I mentioned moderate success, I meant simply one thing: not a overall loss - economically or reputation/image-wise. 2015 will tell, esp. about the latter.
Nintendo will survive I agree, they still got the money, and the IPs, and untapped ways to monetize them - amiibo could just be the start, looking at Marvel I'd say the sky is the limit here. As for the WiiU being replaced, I don't see it lasting as long as the PS4 and X1. It started early and was underpowered to begin with, it is also a PR desaster that can never be fully undone. On the other hand, launching early again is also another bad option for Nintendo ... I have no good answer here, but it's probably going to happen ,they might not have a choice.

As of for Apple and Disney I was only half-serious there, but I have to disagree. I'm not sure they would gut Nintendo - Disney I mean. I mean did they gut Marvel? So far they didn't, at least not that I can tell. Quite to the contrary, look at Marvels' resurgence, basically we got a Marvel brand entertainment empire by now. And then they greenlit stuff like Guardians of the Galaxy? Even for us comic geeks that was "out there" - I mean I love the Marvel Cosmic Universe, "Operation: Galatic Storm" being one of my early and all-time favourites, but a movie about a tree and a talking racoon? Really? Wow, even walking out of the cinema after having seen Avengers I would have said, not gonna happen or ... it's gonna bomb. It did happen, and it turned out pretty darn good if I may say so.
Nintendo may be a different story, I don't know, but clearly Disney knows how to make the most of Marvel - in a good way - same for Pixar (sofar I think). In many ways Nintendo fits better with Disney than Marvel did, at least Nintendo was never censured by the Comics Code Authority ^^
I think Disney got the money, the PR machine, the experience and understanding of the marketplace as well as the infrastructure to actually take Nintendo to the next level.
I could be wrong of course .. ^^
Sony is an option for sure, but they are bloated already as company, short on cash to throw around and too concerned with being "one of the cool kids". At least for now, Nintendo would be probably be better of being 3rd-party - to Sony maybe then ^^



Ralek85 commented on Talking Point: The Time Is Right For A Nintend...:

@Quorthon MK8 isn't barren, at least in my experience. Anyways what I meant is, that it worked really smoothly for me, actually more smoothly than some other big releases on other systems (looking at Halo, Drive Club and so, even Destiny ended up having at least 2 extreme laggy players in about 9/10 crucible matches I played).
If people don't use MK8 online, despite it being a great game and having a good online mode (some annoyances like missing party-join/chat aside), it's hard to blame Nintendo. I'd say the same goes for SSB, the way you describe it. Nintendo can't and probably shouldn't force people to play online, or to use a variety of characters or so on.
I don't want MK8 turned into an always-on experience (once you played the game you realize for no good reason basically) like Destiny, even if it helped online player counts.

Your point about Mario and Zelda is well taken, but the thing is many people want these games, these games tend to be high quality, and more often than not they sell rather good - so there is little incentive to not make them. Sony also has it's go-to franchises, Uncharted is just, one, there is a new God of War in development, and we already got another Infamous. The Order is a new IP, and I'm looking forward to play it (actually I already got it ordered), since I really like the style and the setting, and I loved Ready at Dawns God of War efforts, esp. Ghost of Sparta. On the other hand it is another "mature" dark&gritty 3rd-person-cover-based shooter, more or less in alleys and linear from what I can tell - really nothing new, quite to the contrary.
I think Nintendo cannot be blamed here, Splatoon looks hand down fantastic, and more important unique and fresh - way, way more so than The Order or even Bloodborne. It's one of the most refreshing things I've seen all year in gaming. Open-Word Zelda might also be something we have not seen before, we'll have to wait and see on that. I definitely appreciate Captain Toad, since a AAA/Retail puzzle game is rare, and Toad is also an inspired, wholly unique game. 'X' is probably at least as originally as any other open-world RPG out there, bei it DA:I or stuff in development like FFXV or Witcher 3. If Xenoblade is anything to go by (or Monoliths past in general) it can stand toe-to-toe with all of those, and still be very much it's own game. Actually I'm more sceptical towards FFXV; graphics look great, but that didn't help the FFXIII gameSSS one bit in terms of acutally quality.
I'm also curios about Miyamotos current projects, Robot and Guard as well as Star Fox.
Anyways, before E3 I would have completely agreed with you, Nintendo was painting-by-the-numbers, but as of now, I can't really see it. Everyone got interesting and unique games in his portfolio, Sony is more on the indie side of the spectrum with stuff like Rime, Abzu, Tomorrow Children and son, M$ will certainly impress with Quantum Break, Crackdown 3, Phantom Dust (if the original is anything to go by) ...

As for Reggie, I don't know, I never paid that much attention, to me it was just "buy us, we are the best (value/performance) .. whatever". I didn't take his meaning literal, it's just advertisment to me. Everyone does it, it doesn't matter if it's Reggie or Phil Spencer or Andrew House - I doubt anyone takes them really serious, they say what they have to say, it's not really about facts, it can't be, because three systems can't be the "best place to game" at the same time ^^

As for management, Nintendo is certainly a special case, it's a Japanse company, way more so than even Sony, and certainly different from M$. I have no idea, if a new "headcoach" (to use a sports metaphor, if a team plays bad, you replace the coach, not because it is his fault necessarily, but because it is his reponsibility and it's way easier and cheaper, than to replace a rooster of players^^) would mean things were to get better automatically. Like I said Nintendo is struggling for it's new place in a profoundly changed marketplace, they can't abandon who and what they are, neither should they btw, but they need to adapt to survive without loosing what made them successful in the first place.
That's a tough challenge, one not only Nintendo is facing, and there doesn't seem to be a magic formula any of those high-paid CEOs can come up with.
I don't think a phone would be a good idea, for the reasons I stated above. It could be done, but it would mean that Nintendo would have to change rather drastically, and they would definitely need a partner in such a venture. Doing it by themselves is absolutely no option in terms of the mobile phone market - that in itself would mean the company had to face some serious reorientation. I always thought Apple-Nintendo-Disney could form a real bad-ass entertainment/delivery conglomerate - beneficial to all of them .... might be one option ^^
I think 2015 will be quite telling in many ways. We'll see if the WiiU can be turned into a moderate success, how Nintendo fares with large-scale HD development beyond established borders like SSB/MK, we'll get to see how amiibo does, as well as the New3DS, how much innovation they have left with stuff like Splatoon and Star Fox ... it will be quite interesting to observe :-D



Ralek85 commented on Talking Point: The Time Is Right For A Nintend...:

@Quorthon Well, I wouldn't say they don't know how to appeal to anyone, but I do agree with most of your assesment otherwise. I'm not sure I would take that grim an outlook, the recent game announcements look promising, and they seem to be willing to evolve and adapt - up to a point. You mentioned Zelda, and from what I can tell, they took some hints from the industry at lare when it comes to open-word for example. The e-shop is a hopeful sign, too, so is online in MK8 and SSB. Splatoon as well, provided it runs smoothly and features voice-chat. All in all I think the WiiU can be profitable to them in end, as well as give them the experience they need to mostly close technical gap with the next generation - if they choose to.
I think more so than this, the next generation will be crucial for Nintendo. They either become even more of a niche onto themselves or they can re-establish themselves as a major provider of electronic entertainment. At this point that is anyone's guess, they have been slow in changing their ways, maybe that is not for the worst in the end, but they will have to make a significant jumb with whatever comes next - it'S just not as significant a jumb as I would have thought it will be like 2 years ago, or even 1 year ago. If they can keep going at a steady pace in that direction, and get the timing right and are willing to take a leap of faith at the end of the line of this generation ........



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@Hikingguy I share your sentiments about Nintendo, and honestly, I don't know what they should be doing next.
One thing though, I think, would make sense for them to do - and I've been saying this for years - is to test the waters.
What do I mean by that? For example, think about the 3DS or the New3DS ... I wonder why they never try to see how far they can push consumer spending. I would have loved to see a kind of "premium" 3DS being offered for more discerning users, maybe Nintendo fans in their 20s/30s, with a more sizeable disposable income. Stuff like an OLED screen with proper black levels and high contrast. I also got a "phat" Vita, and the screen is just lovely, I always wish I could play Luigis Mansion and 3D Land and Fire Emblem using the Vita screen ... everything just pops thanks to vivid colors and high contrast, with deep blacks - it's not just the resolution. The Vita has also a excellent DAC build in and really shines as a music player with a good pair of headsets ... if it were less clunky a device I would never willingly use my old Iphone for music on the go.
I was saying the same about amiibos recently, why not have two lines, a "standart" ("toys") line and a "premium" ("collectors") line, they could have paired with one of the big makers like Figma to create amiibos which I would be totally willing to pay $40-60 bucks for, not because they are amiibos (maybe in time, sofar it would be just a bonus), but because they are lovely designs of some of my favourite characters, some of which are among the most iconic in not only gaming but pop-culture. Quite a few of them had little to no merchandise at all sofar, so there is a completely unsaturated market out there for those kind of items.
I ordered - against by better judgement - Marth and Ike amiibos, because well, there is not much else for Marth and Ike, and I love the games and I love the characters, but I would have vastly prefered to be able to get an amiibo like the new Lucina Figma figure, even if it would have been 5x as expensive. Anyone more interested in the simpler toy-like design and the amiibo functionality (I wouldn't recommend buying $50 collector items for kids to play with^^), could still buy those, everyone with the cash and the willingness to invest a bit more, could do just that and get his moneys' worth.

This way Nintendo could also gauge the interest in such commodities, and get a better feeling for their new audience, because often I feel they still operate as if it were the 90s ... many of us who grew up with their stuff in the 90s are no longer restricted by our allowance, and we still love Nintendo all the same :-D I feel Nintendo is not tapping that potential so far, which is a shame for both sides.

Another thing that might be worth considering for the future is a return to high end performance (as far as consoles go). That would certainly help with third party support and WAY more important with public perception. Again it is not the 90s anymore, people care (even if they don't understand it all) about fps and resolution and all that. There are sites like digital foundary, that fuel this "attention" to technical aspects also. This is not the general public/consumer that cares, but the "core" gamer ... that would be bad enough for a dedicated gaming system, but those type of consumes are often opinion leaders. They influence huge number of other, less discerning users, in their decision making. Mabye Nintendo should aim for at least rough parity with the competition in the future, and less for being the cheapest one around. The marketplace has changed ... this cannot be ignored.
Also, people, esp. loyal Nintendo fans, used to say that graphics don't matter, but come on ... I remember seeing peoples jaw drop when they saw the Zelda Trailer ... We want Nintendo to make great games, but we also want them to make games that look and sound great, it's not about photorealism, it's about visual appeal, and about scale: Gorgeous open-world Zelda? Yessss please!
The Wii was the right device, at the right time. I don't think the same is true for the WiiU ... expectations have changed, the consumerbase has changed.
If Nintendo wanted to recapture the WiiU crowd they might be best served by going mobil and 3rd-party. I don't see any other way, if they don't want to do that, they either have to come up with something entirely original overthrowing the established order, or they have to duck it out with the other players, betting on their strengths while leaving themselves as little as possible open to attack.
All that involves considerable risks, short-term as well as long-term (we have seen repeatedly how development cost on high-end AAA can spiral out of controll), but I don't see any alternatives. Nintendo is generation experience now with HD development, they have alot of experience in-house with hardware and software development, they know how to keep costs in check .... The WiiU is clearly a timid step in this direction, too timid I'm afraid, but I hope they draw the right conclusions and go all-out with whatever they come up next.



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I didn't plan on getting any, but I think I'm gonna get Marth and Ike for the sake of it. They're cheap enough, if there is ever a more suitable (and probably pricier) figurine available, I might just give the amiibos away to my cousins or so - not much of an investment anyways :-D



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@Hikingguy I don't think I missunderstood then. The Iphone launched in 2007, and even 1st gen had basically a home button, volume control and power button, that's it. Since then touchscreen became the state-of-the-art input for basically any device competing for the new smart phone market. There very few exceptions like Blackberry, but one could argue that they had a bit of a different target audience, and that sticking with their designs didn't really do them any good. The Xperia play launched in 2011 and you are probably right, it faced a changed landscape of tastes and preferences, but my point was this: It's 2014 now, and it would still face the same changed landscape, even more so I'd say.
You brought up Nokia's fall from grace, but the same is true for Nintendo. Last gen they were king, the Wii ruled supreme in sales, but so did the NDS. While the 3DS is doing fine, it's still not doing as great as the NDS did. Part of that is due to the change in perferences, the rise of smartphones and tablets for entertainment and gaming. All of that has gotten more prevalent, not less. There is no shift back towards physical input or devices designed around gaming, to the contrary many game designers, look at Mistwalker or S-Enix, have shifted to adapt to these changes.
I don't doubt you would buy one, heck, I might buy one, but what I doubt is that we are in any way representative for the larger population. I got a WiiU, form what you are saying I gather you got one, too, that doesn't mean the WiiU is a success story, or anything of the kind.
Nintendo today doesn't have the brand appeal it would need to make this a success outside of a somewhat niche sector, which might most likely not be enough to drive a phone of all things to success.
Successfully entering the phone market, esp. if you plan to turn it around in terms of preferences in use and design, has a somewhat high entry-barrier. Not only R&D and advertisment, but you are facing a number of tech companies like Apple, LG, Samsungs, Lenovo and so on, who operate on comparably huge economies of scale, that Nintendo can hardly match - not without taking very substantial financial risk with just one new device.
Judging from Nintendos past actions, that seems unlikely, meaning the would stick to operating on a smaller scale, minimizing risk, but driving up cost substantially ...



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@Hikingguy "if anyone could do it, Nintendo could" - I'm not sure I even disagree with that sentiment, but like I said, I don't think Nintendo can, which then could very well be read, as no-one can - not now, not in the near future.
As for the "whole touch screen craze", I'm not precisely sure what you mean, but if you refer to gaming, it's probably not really offer, seeing as the WiiU Gamepad, the (New)3DS as well as the Vita still (occasionally) support, or more like enforce it. For mobil phones it is most definitely not offer, and I don't see any signs that indicate that there is movement back towards physical input any time soon, if ever.
I think for a phone, a touchscreen, esp. a multi-touch one, even more so once they can detect "analoge" pressure, makes a hell of a lot of sense. For most games though, a touchscreen is not a good choice.
And right there is one of the basic contradictions here, you want a sexy, small, lightweight device, with a big, bright, colorful screen, with ease-of-use, uncluttered by inputs eating up space, all the while "tainting the design". On the gaming side of things, you want something ergonomic, comfortable to hold in both hands for extended period of times, you want it to have physical as well as analogue inputs that are comfortable and easy to reach ... Sounds like conflicting design goals right there, at the most basic level of ergonomics and haptics.
"Nintendo would need to appeal to more than just people who play games" - that is exactly what I meant by PR nightmare. You are right, Nintendo would have to appeal to broad spectrum of people, but as of right now, they are extremely bad at doing just that. They fail to appeal to a broad spectrum of gamers, not to mention people in general. In some ways I guess that is a blowback of the Wii area, but still, Nintendo has created a kind of "stigma" for themselves, you know what I mean, technological obsolete, riddled with idiosyncratic design choices and aimed at children.
I just don't see how they can turn this around, and get a broad coalition of trend setter to go all crazy for one of their phones.
Maybe they could create the ultimate "child-friendly" smartphone/gaming device, something combining the advantage of an iphone with a gameboy, but also build to make parents feel comfortable: sturdy, not to expensive, quality games, ease-of-use, useful applications, build-in contnet filtering as well as good parental lock and supervising system. That could make some sense, but like I said, I don't see wallstreet yuppies and jay-z buying Nintendo smartphones, not now, probably not ever ^^



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@Light "proper team work" being the operative term here. I definitely agree, and I think(/ hope) Nintendo understands this, despite a certain lack of experience in team-based competitive online games on their part. SSB gave me hope though ... I think they will utilize the Gamepad mic/speakers for it.



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One of my most anticipated games for next year.

@Spoony_Tech I completely agree, but I think Nintendo recognizes this - at least this time around. Wasn't there some news, that they are "thinking about voice-chat" for Splatoon some time ago?
If it's not in, I just have to use an additional device for voice chat with friends - like with Mario Kart .... Would be quite the bummer, but not necessarily a deal breaker.



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@Hikingguy Absolutely, but that was my point, IF Nintendo can come up with the next "iPhone", then sure, they can succeed big time. The question therefore is this: Is there any reason whatsoever to believe they can?
Honestly, as I said, I don't see any reason to think they can. Quite to the contrary I see many reasons they cannot. The appeal of the iPhone went far beyond "mobile phone", "pocket PC" etc. ... it was and is a lifestyle product, it was as much about form as it was about function. Do you have any indication that Nintendo might be able to create a versatile, high-tech life-style product? They cannot even create a high-tech life-style gaming device in the eyes of most consumers these days. Isn't that a huge part of the problem of the WiiU? It's either unknown, or perceived as a toy, or perceived as a inferior technical product (contrast to the competition). The PS4 is sexy, the WiiU is not.
For crying out loud the WiiU doesn't even manage to implement a proper friends/party-application for the WiiU, what makes anyone think Nintendo can even remotely do this?
Nintendo is good at what they do, that is making great games for systems they designed for that purpose. They flat out s*** at making "entertainment systems".

Anyone thinking they can create the "next big thing" by fusing a mobile entertainment system, with a business application suite with a communication center, making all of this sexy and cool, as well as advertise it the right way .... all I can say is this, really? why?

That's like saying ... sure they s*** at driving golfcarts, but wait until you give them a space shuttle, they will blow your mind.



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The problem is that Nintendo is terrible at creating versatile devices, free of idiosyncrasies. Could they create a handheld, in design close to a phone, which some capability for communication like phone, text and internet? Sure, why not.

Could they create something to rival Apple, Samsung, LG, Lenovo, Xiaomi and all the others, all the while creating a strong gaming platform reminiscent of the Gameboy line? Most definitely not, that is a task beyond (not only) Nintendo, maybe if they partnered with one of the aforementioned, for an infusion of know-how, experience and captial ... but even then, this seems like a herculean task at best, more like a pipe-dream really.

Also, all experiments in this regard were by and large unmititgated disasters sofar, that is not even accounting for the fact, that the PR for such a device would be "challenging", to say the very least - probably more like a nightmare.



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I gotta say, I was impressed by their confidence and how at ease they seemed, that's either some great acting right there, or they really feel they can truly deliver on their promises in a big way. I think that does bode very well for Zelda, probably even for Star Fox, although I'm way more sceptical about the latter still.



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Oh plz no, that's exactly what I was worried about. SMTxFE was one of the major reasons I bought a WiiU in the first place.
Not just that, SMTxFE is basically the only Megaten-ish, FE-ish quality home console game on the horizon. I already got a WiiU now, so there is nothing to do about that, but still, that would be a major, major blow to it's appeal with me, esp. since we were all sceptical due to no showings at E3 AND TGS and they told us, "all is well underway".
I hope this is really just a rumor, else I'm devasted :-(



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@Omarpixel9 A or another? I'm on my 3rd Deathadder, with regular use mine tend to break down almost precisely after 2 years - right in time for warranty, except once. Still haven't found anything that fits my palm better though.

As for Captain Toad, I gotta say, at first I was indifferent but this is really looking better and better with each piece of footage. I was worried that the content might just not be there, but for $40, it's hard to resist. I'm a sucker for these kind of puzzlers, I just hope there is at least some challenge to it. Anyways, if the reviews hold up I'm definitely going to get this Day1.



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Another victom of vertical video syndrome. Everyone talks about Ebola these days, while legions of young men and women around the globe fall prey to the vicious disease that is VVS. What has the world come to ...



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@AVahne I didn't mean to imply that. My bad then, but I gave you an answer to your question - or my opinion on the matter: Because they can.
Nintendo games come at premium, it doesn't matter if it's at retail or at digital. So why shouldn't other publishers, publishing a title exclusively to a Nintendo system, take advantage of the situation and also sell at a premium?
I assume people still bought SMTV (at least I did, since there was actually a cool cross-promotion with FE:A), so they probably thought, that since it's the same system and basically a very similar niche and therefore similar customerbase, they just go ahead and keep at it.
Maybe there is a completely different reason behind it, I dunno. Sounds reasonably enough to me though, why would anyone sell at a cheaper price than they absolutely have to without loosing any significant number of customers (which they'll catch anyways down the line when the price drops). Maybe there is simply a number of Day1 customers, totally fine with $49,99, so they sell at $49,99.
Is that theory enough for you, or still too "random [and] long-winded"?



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@AVahne So? I said this does apply to Nintendo games, but not only.
Of course it is their choice, but are you saying then, the system they publish on is not being accounted for when setting the price? You said it yourself, they did the same for SMT4. P4G on the Vita on the other hand was $39,99.
Atlus opted to ask for a premium on the Nintendo handheld once again ... because they could and it made sense to them.



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@AVahne You notice just now, that Nintendo - more often than not - comes at premium price? Oo This is true for Nintendo games, but not just those. Still, Persona Q being $50 was surprising, I thought it would be $40. Then again Atlus does sales on the e-shop all the time, 2 months from now it'll be $30-35 ..



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@ToxieDogg Well, no, you get sales and you get discounts, which can at times add up to 80% (PS+ can net you like 25% on top of the already reduced sales price) of the original price, no need for '''' .
That is substantial. I don't consider PSN or XBLG fees a 'substantial amount of money': Last time I upgraded PS+ e.g. I paid $36 for 12 months, which comes down to $3 a month. XBLG is even cheaper if you are on the lookout for good offers. On the other hand PS+ offered a 10% discount on Day1 for The Evil Within, just as one recent example, meaning a saving of $6 just for that single item. Personally, I buy all my stuff digital (the only way to take real advantage of the $-€ exchange rate^^), so normally this adds aup to several small and big purchases per month, and several small and big savings per month. Like I said, in my case, PS+ pays for itself - that's at the very least. Free games are just icing on the cake.
That is but one aspect though, more important is the actual quality of the service. XBL beats PSN and PSN beats Nintendo Network. As long as their is no proper chat, voice and party system in place for Nintendo, all the other points are moot to me. Honestly, if Nintendo would ask $3 bucks for a proper system, I'd be ok with giving it to them - it would be worthwhile for me, since I hate having to use an additional device for staying in touch and talking to my buddies while gaming on Nintendo systems. It's just inconvient and hasn't been 'state-of-the-art' when the Wii launched, not to mention the WiiU.
That'S why I dislike the whole "free online" argument. It's true, but it's also very superficial, and I think in the end, when it comes down to the actual tally and experience, not representative of the state of things.
Now I didn't forget about the Premium Promotion, nor did I forget about Club Nintendo. But the Premium Promotion, as far as I know, will end next month for good, so ... yeah it was nice while it lasted, and 10% is not nothing, but like you said, you paid for it by buying a Deluxe WiiU ^^ Too bad it won't apply to all the gr8 games coming in 2015. Furthermore, Nintendo games are just more expensive, I mean even M$ had more to offer than "up to 30%" for digital Black Friday deals .... and M$ is nowhere near close to what Steam and PSN offer on average in terms of discounts (even without PS+ which is not needed for sales - unlike XBLG).
FYI, Sony has also a rewards program, but I think it's just 1% castback (so there are several promotions a year, just like now where you get $15 back if you spent $100 within a given time, which is not bad since it works for preorders, too.).
The same is true for XBL, which offers a reward program that is kind of a fusion of Club Nintendo and Nintendo premium. For any digital purchase you make, you get points, which add up to your rank, rank gets you cashback, on the highest level I think it'S also 10% - and it doesn't end this year ^^. Also there are several promotions at most of the time, e.g. I use my Xbone only for exclusives, so I got Forza Horzion 2, Sunset Overdrive and Halo:MCE. Incidentially, M$ had a promotion, for a $20 cashback, if you bough three $60 games-on-demand within a 2 month period. So, there is that, too!
One thing about XBL and PSN that blows Nintendo Network right out of the water is the fact than any digital game you own, you can share with another system .... I don't think I need to spell out what that means ^^

@BensonUii Not to repeat my argument, but no, I don't think it's a plus: 1) Nintendo's service is plain lacking in features compared to PSN and esp. PS+ 2) e-shop sales culture is terrible and 3) XBLG and PS+ DO over real value, I can assure you, just talking about PS+ discount I get my $36 yearly PS+ fee back, and then some, that is not even considering the free (as long as sub lasts) games or the quality of the PSN service and it's features.
XBLG is a different story, while it is clearly the best service around, there are also less free games, mostly not as good in my book, too, as well as fewer and worse sales, as well as no special discount for XBLG, since you need Gold to even get to the sales in the 1st place. Still, it's also on average cheaper than PS+ to purchase and XL is the best service around, no two ways about it.
One thing about XBL and PSN that blows Nintendo Network right out of the water is the fact than any digital game you own, you can share with another system .... I don't think I need to spell out what that means ^^



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It's a shame that Nintendo is so utterly lacking in this regard. There ought to be chat, voicechat and a proper partysystem on the WiiU as well as the 3DS. For being all about playing with friends, these areas are stunningly underdeveloped/non-existent. Miiverse and WiiU Chat are just terribly inconvient for any immediate communication purpose between two or more friends. It's really hard to understand what Nintendo is thinking they're doing here ....



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I think the free online argument is rather filmsy. PS+ as well as XBLG not only give you access to online multiplayer but also to sales and discounts, as well as 'free' games every months, esp. with PSN that is quite a reasonable proposition value-wise. Actually, PS+ makes a lot of sense as long as you buy most of your stuff online, and like indie games, no matter if you are keen on the online multiplayer part or not. It pays for itself.
XBLG is a less attractive package, but it is already somewhat improved, still ways to go though to catching up with PS+. Nintendo on the other hand plain out s***s when it comes to sales, discount and free games. There are some cool promotions via CN from time to time, but the same is true for XBL rewards and Sony. As far as online/e-shop goes, I don't see Nintendo coming out on top in any kind of long-term comparison, except for people who don't buy e-shop games/ only retail games.
I guess some people could find the off-tv gameplay useful, but I also think that for the vast majority, myself included, the only reason to own a WiiU are the exclusives, simple as that. Frankly though, the WiiU is cheap enough to be bought as a secondary system, don't miss out on the likes of GTAV or Dragon Age:I ... would be shame.



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I think the exclusives make it a worthwhile system, even more so considering the expectet line-up for 2015. I really loved Bayonetta 2 (great value thanks to the inclusion of the original Bayonetta), as well as Mario Kart 8 . Pikmin, Zelda WW and Pikmin are also worthwhile, and I'm definitely getting SSB and Captain Toad. The real reason for me though, is still Splatoon and SMTxFE, games I would not want to miss out on.
Having said that, the WiiU is a 2nd or 3rd system for me, not a primary one. At this point there is nothing Nintendo could do to change that, at least I couldn't think of anything.
There are shortcomings in the system software, the lack of party/chat system, always-on friendlist, join via friendlist, party-join, as well as general stuff like lack of online for games like Mario .... some of that stuff is pretty annoying and seems really unnecessary. We'll see where Nintendo will be going from here, but like I said it is a great, probably the best, 2nd or 3rd system - like my Bone it's just for exclusives though :-P (not that there are many multiplatform games available anyways).
I think ironically the system actual quality right now, esp. considering games, is really not well reflected by the sales as they stand. Personally, I like Bone best right now, the interface is superior to the PS4 as is the performane of Xlive (despite some Halo troubles for some apparently). The games catalogue is easily the best out of the bunch sofar, with amazing recent additions like Forza Horizon 2 and Sunset Overdrive (very upbeat games, that often even feel Nintendo-esque) as well as the amazing Halo MCE.
Aside from a slightly superior multiplatform performance and Infamosu: 2nd son (maybe KZ for some), there is nothing on PS4 right now, that is worth the investment. Makes me question the whole games-sell-systems line-of-argument :-7



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I might get Metroid, not that keen on it to be honest, but it's better than letting the points go to waste entirely ... Starship Defense is great, but I already got that, when it was avaiable last time. Overall rather slim pickings once again :-/



Ralek85 commented on Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker Evolved From a ...:

I wonder if were are getting close to hitting an actual physical barrier in terms of cuteness. I mean this game looks gorgeous, the animations are adorable and Toadette is as capable as any kitten ... Where can we still go from here?

As for this not being Zelda, but Toad: I'd say that was the right way to go about it. Probably a way better fit for the little guy than for Link, also Toad deserves more attention. He is the good spirit of the Mario worlds after all.



Ralek85 commented on Feature: These Are The Mario Kart 8 DLC Packs ...:

Cool ideas, but what I really want is for them to fix the Battlemode, aka at the very least provide an arena map pack (no matter the price at this point). This would do wonders for my enjoyment of the game, and it's longevity.



Ralek85 commented on Super Smash Bros. for Wii U Pre-Purchase and P...:

Good news, Nintendo finally catching up with the rest of the pack on this front. On the other hand, it's not that big an issue with games of around 17GB. Halo with 60 gig though .... different story. Anyways, I get all my games digital, so this makes me happy, esp. considering future releases on this wonderful little machine (Splatton 1st day Midnight play sesstion INC) :-D



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I get the technical limitations, what I don't get is the point of it all. If you put aside the data storage support for one game, these end up being what? Rather expensive, "physical" DLC for a handful of games, with not particularly inspiring content to boot (so far)?
It would have made sense to have e.g. Link and being able to build a virtual "persona" within the toy. Adding stats from games like SSB, MK, Hyrule Warriors, the upcoming WiiU, and having those feeding into another ... for example unlocking a WiiU costume by having a specific set of data from one/all the other three games present.
THAT would have been pretty cool, and would have create a form of long term commitment to these toys, esp. if you could take them with you to a friend, and have all these "DLCs" readily at hand.
Again, at this point, with such severe limitation, I do not so what it is all about. There is no Skylanders/Disney Infinity application for this - so why bother (Not that personally I'd care for either, but I do get why it's popular).



Ralek85 commented on Nintendo Highlights Huge Indie Line-up for Win...:

Gunman Clive (3DS?) and S&S2, depending on the platforms it'll be on, and to which it is most suitable, also definitely the new Steamworld game.
The rest I either already have, don't care for, or don't yet know :P



Ralek85 commented on Mario Kart 8 Software Update Will Unlock amiib...:

Well, another -better than nothing- situation. Not the most meaningful use, and certainly not the most creative. I hope this will only mark the beginning of an ongoing effort to bring some actual game-related use to these toys.
If this is just meant to be a cashcow for Nintendo with it's younger demographic, that's fine by me, too, but it won't be my cash ^^



Ralek85 commented on Preview: Using amiibo with Super Smash Bros. f...:

Am I really the only one who thinks that they do in fact look the part of a $1X plastic toy? Some of the designs are alright, but other than that, purely for display purposes, none of these seem even remotely must-have.
I will say this so, for the price they are asking, it certainly seems like a fair offer, and could have been far worse. Still, if the functionality doesn't end up being rather convincing, I'm gonna pass completely. It would feel like a waste of display place, one era, where any non-aesthetics based argument is completely immaterial to me. Once again, I wish Nintendo would provide some kind of "premium"-line, for those of us willing and able to spend a bit more on the objects of their desire.
Cheap is fine, only-cheap on the other hand, is disappointing.



Ralek85 commented on Nintendo Download: 30th October (North America):

Wish they'd put something really spooky like ZombiU up for sale, since I still need to get that. Pretty weak, considering the Halloween sales Sony is running ...
Anyways, nothing exciting here, probably not until SSB in a couple of weeks.



Ralek85 commented on Bayonetta 2 Kicks Into The Top 10 in UK Charts:

Not as bad as I expected, unfortunately still pretty terrible considering it's the last big WiiU exclusive not made by Nintendo left for a good while. I wonder if there is a meaningful number of people, who are going to pick up a WiiU for SSB, if so I would hope, that quite a few of those might be picking up Bayonetta 2 further down the line. It gotta be a similar target audience, or not?