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Sat 7th December, 2013

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Razzle commented on Sony Worldwide Studios President Shuhei Yoshid...:

I posted a picture from the credits of Donkey Kong TF, with the words 'Great game, loved it!' and got a warning about posting spoilers....sigh.

Other than this, I think it's a funny community which Nintendo is obviously piling resources into to keep it safe for all ages. I am fine with this, and I think parents would greatly appreciate it.



Razzle commented on Poll: Have Your Say On The GamePad's Role With...:

Off TV play is essential for my household. The wife is always watching something on TV, it allows me to stick headphones in and still enjoy my WiiU. I've also noticed the internet browser is super fast, much faster than my iPad or phone, so I use this all the time. The WiiU Gamepad is an older gamers absolute best friend, I feel like it was made for older gamers with families who need to fit gaming in around other competing interests.



Razzle commented on Feature: Lifting the Curtain on Game Ratings a...:

Typical Australian approach - bog everyone down in red tape so a few public servants with can justify their existence. Wrap the kids in cotton wool so much they suffocate! This is a terrible approach and makes me feel for Indie developers especially. Plus, I am an Australian gamer and I really want to play these games!



Razzle commented on Space Simulator "Space Pioneer" Shoots for the...:


I truly hope so. I would love this to turn out well, and if I see some gameplay footage I will back it. Even if the game is just flying around visiting areas in our recreated galaxy. This would be so cool.

Right now though it is pie in the sky, some artwork and lots of ideas. I just can't put money down at the stage it is at right now.



Razzle commented on Space Simulator "Space Pioneer" Shoots for the...:

It's $60 to get the WiiU version, only available as a physical copy. Why? Something about this seems overly ambitious, I don't see any gaming pedigree from these guys. I'm keen, but need more to convince me.



Razzle commented on Weirdness: New Scientific Research Reveals The...:

I remember doing these science projects in primary school, and it was always tough as a kid to come up with something to "research". This kid has chosen a subject matter important in the wider community (texting while driving), and made it fun for himself to experiment. Clever kid! I think Nintendo games attract the smartest kids, but I am biased.



Razzle commented on NES Remix Update Adds Wii U Pro Controller, Re...:

I am really happy with this, playing with the Gamepad was really putting me off, I find the d-pad akward. I was thinking Nintendo should have released a limited run of NES style controllers to play this game, as an older gamer playing these games with anything but a NES controller is just not right! I will gladly settle for WiiU Pro Controller though.



Razzle commented on Dakko Dakko's Rhodri Broadbent Emphasizes The ...:

I can't think of anything more boring than having 3 systems all doing the same thing. On the other hand, I don't want the system I support (WiiU) to lose out on every big title. You have to make sacrifices I guess to enjoy something unique, I've not regretted my decision for a second.



Razzle commented on Nintendo Was Dead To Us Very Quickly, States E...:

It is a big shame to hear this, but EA have to shoulder some responsibility. When the WiiU launched, I was in the game shop and Mass Effect 3 was $70. I remember looking in the 360 section and you could get the whole trilogy for $60. This made no sense and was a poor decision from EA. I actually picked up ME3 eventually when it dropped to $25 and really enjoyed it, but it was an old game by then (and it was hard to avoid spoilers) and was only worth $25. They are also wrong about WiiU demographics. There is a huge older fan base on Nintendo systems, of actual adults, to say Nintendo is just for kids is ridiculous.



Razzle commented on Mario And Zelda On Mobile Could Bring New Play...:

If you say so, I don't follow the stats but I just checked the Top 150 games on the App Store and there is nothing over $7.99. Most are $0.99. Are you talking about games or other apps? I stand by what I said, a $50 game in iOS is not going to go well.



Razzle commented on Mario And Zelda On Mobile Could Bring New Play...:

Yeah I can see it now. Nintendo will release Phantom Hourglass on iOS for what.... $50? Your average iOS user laughs and goes back to their free 5 minutes of Candy Crush or Clash of Clans. There is no brand loyalty with iPhone games, only a bit of recognition and a cheapening of the Nintendo brand. Damage to your brand is the worst kind of damage, they should remain a specialists gaming company as always. There is plenty of room in the market.



Razzle commented on Nintendo Picks Up Multiple Nominations in D.I....:

A Link Between Worlds was amazing and well deserved its nomination. It is a great example of gameplay which hits the casual market as well as the more enthusiastic gamer. I was hooked on it start to finish and so were others in my household who wouldn't usually get pulled into an 'adventure' game. Play a Link to the Past and you will realise just how much tighter and focused A Link Between Worlds is, it's much better IMO.



Razzle commented on Talking Point: Claims of Wii U Third-Party Dev...:

There is so much PASSION in these forums! Can you feel it? There is no gaming love like Nintendo gaming love. To me Nintendo is a refined taste, like a good wine, which only gamers with real taste ever truly appreciate. I just popped a 1991 vintage called A Link to the Past yesterday, it has matured very nicely.



Razzle commented on A Link Between Worlds Early Japanese Sales Sur...:

I played through Minish Cap right before A Link Between Worlds, and let me just say in my opinion it does not even compare. As a big fan of Ocarina of Time I felt like A Link Between Worlds was a condensed but similar experience - wonderful gameplay and never frustrating. As a fan I was thrilled, but the beauty is this is also the perfect game to introduce newcomers to The Legend of Zelda as you've got the classic story of Hyrule and the Triforce - wrapped up in a friendly and expertly balanced 10-15 hour quest. It doesn't get better.



Razzle commented on Weirdness: Try Not To Squirm As This Doomed Mi...:

Oh man that made me laugh so hard, but there is an issue here. I have to say, the majority of females on Miiverse seem compelled to write 'NO WiiU CHAT' or 'No Anonymous Friend Requests' in their profiles which leads me to believe there are many misguided juveniles on Miiverse thinking it might be a chance to score a date. Whether these women are privately messaged or harassed I don't know, but jeez guys let me spell it out for you: You are highly unlikely to pick up a lady on Miiverse. There is a sad (and hilarious) lesson to be learned here :)



Razzle commented on Sega Has No Plans To Bring Alien: Isolation To...:

I thought the trailer looked cool, and the reviewer specifically remarked in how bringing up the map during the demo was jarring as it paused the game and ruined the atmosphere. Is the Gamepad not perfect for this? It's almost like developers wish they had a second screen to play with! Such a shame.



Razzle commented on Review: Knytt Underground (Wii U eShop):

Great review, I have finished this game (the main 'quest' anyway) and I think everything Tom covers is relevant. The best thing about this game is the gameplay and the sense of exploration - you are given very little guide towards your goal and some quests seem fruitless with no payoff, so you are surprised yet determined to push forth. The mechanics are tight, the puzzles are challenging and music is superb. The biggest letdown is the way the developer breaks the fourth wall and the off-beat characters often use silly language, it makes you feel like you are listening to school children instead of creatures from another world. Also it should be said, once completed this game has a HUGE amount of extra quests for the completionists which would double the play time. I think the best thing to be said is that this developer had a vision for this game which can be felt overall, it is art and it is also a game which is worth experiencing. I congratulate them and hope it is successful.



Razzle commented on Talking Point: New Year Resolutions for Nintendo:

I hope to see further linking of the WiiU and 3DS. I have both and the new joint account is great, but it could be so much more. I hope they tie the virtual console games to both systems, allowing play on either. It's a dream yeah, but I can still hope.



Razzle commented on Site News: How was 2013 for Nintendo Life?:

The sheer amount of reviews your team puts up is impressive, It's only part of what has made Nintendolife my favourite gaming site. Thanks to everyone and I hope your success continues!



Razzle commented on Eurogamer's Game of the Year is a Nintendo Winner:

Well deserved title. It has everything a gamer needs, plus it has shipped complete with no DLC, no Day 1 patch, no microtransactions and a level of polish which is exremely rare nowadays. I have played it through in multiplayer, now playing single player and it's like a new experience. This could not have been made 20 years ago even if the technology allowed it. We are now enjoying the fruits of 3 decades of gameplay making from the teams inside Nintendo, and it's only going to get better!



Razzle commented on Nintendo Download: 26th December (North America):

Hey all, the eShop is up and running in Australia. Top of the page is SMB3 for NES, Castlestorm and a whole lot of great discount games. I just downloaded Castlestorm, it's got local multiplayer with one player on the Gamepad, the other on the TV, my favourite combination!



Razzle commented on Video: Just Look For The U On The Box, Nintend...:

If this ad doesn't work for you it's simply because you're not Nintendo's market for the WiiU. They are unashamedly a FAMILY focused game and hardware maker. This means that yes, there will be a few games to cater to the teenage boys and shoot-em-up loving fathers but it will not and never will be their focus. I want a family game machine and the WiiU is absolutely perfect, this advert shows this clearly. Sales for the WiiU will climb, it just takes families longer to move on from old hardware, but it will happen over the next few years big time.



Razzle commented on Review: LEGO Marvel Super Heroes (Wii U):

My impressions:
I have played extensively through the game almost entirely in two player co-op. The game is a little gem for those seeking a family friendly game or if you just love the Marvel world.

The gameplay is fun although it's pretty basic once you know how it all works. I think it's best enjoyed in the co-op mode because of the team dynamic and the way the puzzles work.

I must add, we have experienced glitches multiple times, some completely break the game (like a puzzle element won't work) and need a restart, some just lock up the game. One level we needed to play single player, because 3 times in a row on co-op a boss fight failed to complete and we got stuck. A shame.

The way you can have a player on the gamepad and another on the TV is great, much better than split screen. Only downside is the gamepad resolution makes it a bit harder when the action is hot, and I would say the framerate dips into the 20's frequently. Still, it's fun and I highly recommend.

The only Lego game I had played prior was Lego Star Wars on DS so I wasn't expecting much. I was very surprised as this game is a massive step up with plenty of content and well worth a purchase.