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Lifelong Nintendo fan; current owner of a Wii U and a 3DS XL as well as a semi-retired Wii. Former owner of an NES, Super NES, Nintendo 64, Game Boy, Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance, Game Boy Advance SP, 3DS and Virtual Boy.

Thu 7th May, 2009

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JJtheTexan commented on Video: This Hyrule Warriors Launch Trailer Aim...:

Picked this up today. Lots of mindless fun. Tons of Zelda fan-service. Surprising amount of variety and gameplay options. Great in short bursts, sort of like a racing game without online competitive play. I'm really enjoying it!

My only complaint so far is the lack of English voice acting during cut-scenes and in battle. I'd much prefer that to reading captions while I'm slaying hordes of moblins.



JJtheTexan commented on Nintendo Region Locks Consoles To Get More Har...:

Nintendo sells more hardware by introducing new iterations so frequently (with handhelds, anyway). Region locking is more likely a combination of Nintendo's institutionalized paranoia over piracy, and its desire to discourage importing games. If the 3DS wasn't region-locked, Nintendo could have a shortage of Super Smash Bros. for 3DS carts in its home market because of overseas importers. Of course, digital downloads make this practice even more ludicrous.



JJtheTexan commented on Nintendo Advert Confirms November 21st Launch ...:

I'm of the opinion that Nintendo hasn't announced a release date yet because... they literally do not know when it will be ready to ship. I would be surprised if it releases before the first week of December, at the earliest. This is possibly Nintendo's biggest game ever in terms of physical memory size / programming, and to some extent as far as importance to the company's future goes. They will not release it until it is ready... but they absolutely cannot miss Christmas. That would be a disaster.



JJtheTexan commented on September's Club Nintendo Reward Details Are C...:

Nintendo of America doesn't seem to care about its Club Nintendo fans any more. I've got almost 2,500 coins and nothing worth spending them on (I already own all of these games except the notoriously mediocre NES Play Action Football).



JJtheTexan commented on Mario Kart TV Update Allows You To Check Up On...:

I like that I can see which friends are online, but on the "Show all friends" page, it literally lists all my Nintendo Network friends — not just those who own Mario Kart 8. I think most of them do, but surely not every single one!



JJtheTexan commented on Project CARS Wii U Delay Was To Ensure It's As...:

You all realize that we, the Nintendo Life community, make up a very small minority in the gaming world — hardcore Wii U owners — right? Every time a Wii U game is delayed, or cancelled, or completely skipped over, it's not a big conspiracy against Nintendo or its fans. It's f***ing BUSINESS. Wii U has sold like s***, PS4 and X1 are selling at a far faster rate, and PS4 and X1 owners spend more money on games. It's simple math. Developers and publishers are businesses, not charities.

If Nintendo didn't do such an atrocious job of marketing and selling the Wii U, and had the install base of 15 million or so that it should have by now under ideal conditions, we wouldn't be having this conversation because Slightly Mad / Bandai Namco would have plenty of motivation to get the Wii U game done on time. As it is, there are barely 6 million Wii Us in the world, and Project CARS will be lucky to sell 100,000 copies on the platform.

What do they owe us? Crowdfunding or not, it's BUSINESS. Quit taking it personally.



JJtheTexan commented on Nintendo Download: 28th August (North America):

Holy buckets. One of the best weeks for us in a long, long time. There will be quite a few additions to my wish lists for purchase later.

(The quality and quantity almost make up for the horrendous decision to port Donkey Kong Jr. Math instead of, you know, ALMOST ANYTHING ELSE.)



JJtheTexan commented on Talking Point: The Wii U May be Best as One of...:

The biggest obstacle preventing Wii U from becoming a strong "second console" as was the Wii is its price point. It's far too expensive for the vast majority of gamers to plunk down $400 for an Xbox One or PlayStation 4, then another $300 for a Wii U that plays far fewer games that interest them. (I'm assuming here these consumers chose X1 or PS4 as their primary console because they want to play pew-pew FPS and true new-gen adventures like Destiny, Tomb Raider, Grand Theft Auto, etc.)

Wii U must get down to the $200 level the Wii saw fairly early on before that's even a consideration for most gamers.



JJtheTexan commented on Square Enix Announces Limited Edition of Final...:

Square Enix execs have said Bravely Default far exceeded their expectations in the west and made them rethink future marketing of JRPGs overseas (from Japan, that is), so I'm cautiously optimistic we'll see this in the Americas and Europe / Australia. If they have any reason to hesitate, it's the modest support for Monster Hunter games outside of Japan. May end up being download-only, but hey, I'll take it!



JJtheTexan commented on Donkey Kong Jr. Math Arriving on the Wii U Vir...:

@WaLzgi @Neko_Rukiafan well, I'm also including MSX (lots of VC titles in Japan, zero brought West), Nintendo 64 (promised to us by Nintendo in 2011), Master System, Genesis / Mega Drive, Neo-Geo, arcade, PC Engine / TurboGrafx-16, etc. Not to mention the sudden death of Game Boy, Game Boy Color and Game Gear ports to 3DS.

If they would at least hurry up and bring over the remaining Wii Virtual Console games, I'd be happy. Running Wii Mode is a hassle.



JJtheTexan commented on Donkey Kong Jr. Math Arriving on the Wii U Vir...:

Now Nintendo is trolling us. This is a TRAVESTY. There are HUNDREDS, if not THOUSANDS of great games that should be on Virtual Console right now, and we're getting this worthless piece of garbagepoo?

I complain about the lacking quality in Virtual Console on Wii U every chance I get, with a Club Nintendo survey. They are definitely going to hear from me about this garbage.



JJtheTexan commented on Zen Studios States That Wii U Pinball News is ...:

I think the critics need to give Zen a break. They have absolutely no obligation to support Wii U any further, but they do support it for the fans. Obviously the other consoles take precedent, perhaps because of easier development — but I think the more likely explanation is that they have MUCH larger install bases and generate more revenue. Simple as that.

I own both Zen Pinball games for Wii U and 3DS and love them. I'll keep supporting them as long as they continue to bring their A-game to Nintendo platforms, even if it takes a little longer.



JJtheTexan commented on Poll: Is Online Co-Op a Major Miss in Hyrule W...:

Come on. Nintendo SUCKS at all things online. The default assumption with any Nintendo console game should ALWAYS be, "This game will have limited or no online functionality" unless specifically noted otherwise.
I think this is due in no small part to Nintendo still producing games and systems for Japan first, where things like local multiplayer and getting 30 StreetPass hits a day are commonplace. Online competitive play (or even co-op) is largely a Western preference. We (as adults) live much farther apart and are less likely to have friends over for local multiplayer than gamers in Japan.



JJtheTexan commented on Nintendo Goes Download-Only With The 2014 Club...:

The biggest problem for me, as a Platinum member and heavy buyer, is that I already own ALL of those games except three, and those three are titles I was never interested in to begin with. I guess I'll take Game & Wario because it's there, but geez I already had to settle for the somewhat similar Wii Play U as my freebie with Mario Kart 8 since I already owned all three of the other free choices. :/



JJtheTexan commented on Sony: PS4 Is "Welcoming Back" Wii Owners Who S...:

If I ever do buy a second current-gen console to compliment my Wii U, it will be a PS4. I am already very interested, though, in the PlayStation Vita TV, and I plan to pick one up probably early next year. I can get caught up on many of the Sony and third-party franchises that way. But I have so many Wii and Wii U games in my backlog pile, I don't know that I can really make room for an entirely new disc-based console!



JJtheTexan commented on Poll: Which Is The Best Legend Of Zelda Game?:

Other posters may have said this, but I think you really ought to combine the original and remake titles: Ocarina of Time and Ocarina of Time 3D, for example; Wind Waker and Wind Waker HD; Link's Awakening and Link's Awakening DX.



JJtheTexan commented on HullBreach Studios Bringing New RPG, Tomeling,...:

This needs to stop. Seriously. "Percy's Predicament" looks like garbage. "HullBreach Uncloaked" looks like the CG stuff we made in the lab when I was in high school... IN 1996. This tripe looks WORSE than shovelware. I'm all for Nintendo opening up the eShop to indie developers, but I mean come on already — it shouldn't be a freaking testing ground for mom's basement devs who just want to be able to put "game published on Wii U" on their resumes.

I have no idea what the gameplay is like, and I don't care. I know graphics aren't everything, but literally every screen shot I've seen from this studio looks bleeping awful. For crying out loud, there's more production value in "Funky Barn"!



JJtheTexan commented on Atari's "Corporate Comeback Strategy" Includes...:

This recent story in Wired will tell you all you need to know about the "new" Atari:

Quick summary: Atari is going all-in on mobile, free-to-play and freemium, repurposing its classic titles as "social" with in-game payments, and an absolute stance against ever publishing on consoles again. "Games, of course, will still be part of Atari’s future. But this time, Atari is targeting the mobile and online gaming markets, not consoles. In other words, says Chesnais, 'no boxes.'"



JJtheTexan commented on Review: Pac-Land (Wii U eShop / NES):

@ToxieDogg beat me to it — this game has one of the worst control schemes EVER. Though it does predate Super Mario Bros. and the controls actually mimic the arcade version, which was just three round buttons — jump, move left, and move right.



JJtheTexan commented on Don't Worry, Nintendo Hasn't Forgotten About T...:

Talk is cheap. Nintendo is sitting on a gold mine and they're going after it by using a pickaxe instead of an industrial drill. I've said it many times — Nintendo's mistreatment and neglect of Virtual Console is inexcusable and the most-easily remedied problem with the Wii U and 3DS.



JJtheTexan commented on Don't Worry, Nintendo Hasn't Forgotten About T...:

Talk is cheap. Nintendo is sitting on a gold mine and they're going after it by using a pickaxe instead of an industrial drill. I've said it many times — Nintendo's mistreatment and neglect of Virtual Console is inexcusable and the most-easily remedied problem with the Wii U and 3DS.



JJtheTexan commented on Grezzo Seeks New Employees Asking If They Want...:

My take-aways from this:

1.) If the job listing really does refer to Majora's Mask 3D, they haven't even started development and we're likely 18 months or more from release.
2.) It probably isn't for Majora's Mask 3D.

Nintendo has gotten a lot better at listening to fans, but I don't think this is coming any time soon, if ever. We do enough remakes nobody asked for, like Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D, though.