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Thu 17th October, 2013

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DarkJamD commented on Nintendo 64x64: Perfect Dark:

Only N64 games better than this are Mario 64 & Ogre Battle 64. I played this game with my friends for years. After that i've had my best spitscreen FPS years with Time Splitters 2 (gamecube) and Perfect Dark Zero (Xbox 360).



DarkJamD commented on Mario Kart 8 Still Competing in Nordic Region ...:

One big reason why Tomodochi Life doesn't sell here is a language barrier. There is no Finnish translation for 99% of Nintendo/Xbox games. Mario games usually sell well in here because they don't usually need translation.



DarkJamD commented on Interview: 4 Corner Games Tells Us Why It's Go...:

@4CornerGames This runner game sounds great. I really hope that we will see this in european eshop someday.

I'm not familiar with HTML5 but could it be possible to use mirroring to have the same stage running in both TV & Gamepad screens and just add players seperately to both screens without sacrificing 60fps gameplay?

It would be nice to play endless classic and endless double against friends.



DarkJamD commented on DFC Intelligence Lowers Wii U Lifetime Sales F...:

@zeldagaymer93 I don't know what surveys you read but example when looking IGN's survey it points that 12% of their users are going to own Wii U before end of this year. Next year there will be lots of great games coming out so the numbers should be so much bigger after next 12 months.