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Thu 17th Oct 2013

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DarkJamD commented on Download Sales Continue to Increase to New Hig...:

@joey302 Those weekly ~5€ Xbox 360 AAA and Xbox One indie games sales are big reason why i see VC games too expensive in Nintendo eshop. Another problem with eshop is high pricing for older 3DS/Wii U games in europe and almost everyweek eshop sales are usually only for indie games and mobile game ports. Pricing for new games in eshop is pretty good.



DarkJamD commented on Bravely Second "Tomahawk" Costume Change Confi...:

They could just have altered costume to be indian approved like Thunder in Killer Instinct.

Now we got exclusive class for west so as european i see no reason for complaining before i know what is the real difference between those two classes. or is it just costume for one character?



DarkJamD commented on Talking Point: Online Gaming Can't Recreate th...:

I usually have friends visiting and we play online games from same console so it's pretty much having local and online at same time. I don't actually play COD online when i'm alone but it's fun with friend in splitscreen. (or Gamepad/TV)



DarkJamD commented on Nintendo Removes Infamous Drugging Scene From ...:

In japanese version of Fates story seems to be even more surprising/interesting than in FE games before and now they censor it for EU and USA. We have South Park, Spartacus and Games of Thrones in TV so i don't see why these kind of things must be censored from games only.



DarkJamD commented on Talking Point: Let's Dare to Believe that Soni...:

I don't have my hopes too high. Last time i enjoyed Sonic game was when i played those day stages in Wii version of "werewolf sonic". If new game will be 2D then i hope it's more like Sonic 3 or Sonic Advance and doesn't have homing attack or too long boss fights.



DarkJamD commented on Japanese Games Market Falls To Lowest Point In...:


Not even close. Xbox One power brick has ~1cm more height and 10cm less width/lenght than Wii U console itself and Wii U has two power bricks which combined are bigger than one power brick in Xbox One.

Sure there will be few people in japan who don't have that extra 3cm to put Xbox One in place of PS4 but propably bigger reason is that japanese gamers like to buy japanese products and play japanese games.



DarkJamD commented on Japanese Games Market Falls To Lowest Point In...:

@Freeon-Leon They propably play monthly PS+ indie games until Kingdom Hearts and those two FF games are released. It could be interesting to see what will happen if those games will also be released for NX at same time. PS4 & Xbox One are already halfway their lifecycle at that point and to be fair awaiting greatness has taken too long already.



DarkJamD commented on Poll: What Did You Think of Nintendo's 2015?:

I hope Nintendo fixes their online gaming for NX and also finally have party chat.

Online gaming in games like Splatoon, Mario Kart 8 and Smash Bros doesn't work when using wifi with local operator's routers. Wired connection can be fixed by calling to operator and opening port 4 but there is no ethernet port in Wii U so playing those games is a lot harder than it should be. Especially when there is no problem with multiplatform games ported for Wii U and all PS4 and Xbox One games work fine.



DarkJamD commented on Nintendo NX Doesn't Need To Compete With PlayS...:

I just wish it will have pressure sensitive / analog triggers in controller because without those i don't see much reason to play simulator driving games with it. Having real triggers would also help with some Gamecube games in Virtual Console.



DarkJamD commented on A 'Big' Nintendo Announcement is Coming on Monday:

if it's new nintendo account + reward system then i just hope it works in atleast same countries than Nintendo network premium for WiiU did. There was never Nintendo Club rewards in my country but i collected big digital collection with premium.



DarkJamD commented on Rumour: The eShop is Opening Up in More Europe...:

Last time i visited in Dubrovnik there wasn't that much physical 3DS games for sale and prices was pretty high so this is good news for people living in Croatia and other countries on this list. Eshop propably doesn't show prices in kunas (or any other local currencies) but that is not that big problem.



DarkJamD commented on Mega Man Legacy Collection Gets a Budget Price...:

I understand that they cancelled that cheaper physical version to sell digital version half price (which is pretty much same price as XO/PS4 version) in europe but that limited amiibo version is something we will miss.

Hint: Better not play those remix stages with bright screen in dark room. Those flashing white screens hurt eyes in long run.



DarkJamD commented on There Was Once an Open World South Park Game P...:

Stick of Truth is currently placed #3 of most/best user rated games in Xbox One's marketplace. GTA V was #1 for whole year before Fallout 4, Rise of Tomb Raider and Stick of Truth (backward compatible Xbox 360 game) dropped it to #4 under week after release.



DarkJamD commented on The Game Awards Will Take Place on 3rd December:

To be fair i can't remember any good enought AAA exclusive PS4 titles released this year to get awards but propably they still get something. Ratched & Clank was delayed to 2016 so Nintendo has all best platformers this year.



DarkJamD commented on Review: PictoParty (Wii U eShop):

Hopefully this game will use IARC and be released around the globe. It would be fun to make dictionaries with native language so kids and my friends who doesn't understand english could play this when they come to visit.



DarkJamD commented on EA Will Evaluate "Any And All Opportunities" W...:

Where i lived as kid Nintendo was king. We didn't have that "Nintendon't" marketing in Finland and almost every kid in neighborhood had NES so buying SNES with Super Mario World or All-Stars was common thing. I knew two guys who had 16-bit sega back then so we usually switched our consoles for few weeks so we could try and enjoy games from both systems.



DarkJamD commented on EA Will Evaluate "Any And All Opportunities" W...:

If games are easy to port for NX and Nintendo allows EA Access then i see no reason for EA not to support it. EA Access could actually work pretty well with Virtual Console and some this generation games under same subscribtion. Plants Vs Zombies games fit for both home console and handheld so those could be one of the first games they port to NX.