Mario Kart 8

Mario Kart 8 (Wii U)


Wii U


Game Rating

User Ratings: 1,021

Our Review: 9/10


Number of Players
4 (12 Player Online)
Driving, Racing
Release Date

Wii U

  • US 30th May 2014
  • EU 30th May 2014
  • JP 29th May 2014
Mario Kart, Mario
Karting, Weapons, Karts
Controller Support
Wii Wheel
Feature Support
Online Multiplayer

Screenshots (20)

Mario Kart 8 Screenshot
Mario Kart 8 Screenshot
Mario Kart 8 Screenshot
Mario Kart 8 Screenshot
Mario Kart 8 Screenshot
Mario Kart 8 Screenshot
Mario Kart 8 Screenshot
Mario Kart 8 Screenshot
Mario Kart 8 Screenshot
Mario Kart 8 Screenshot
Mario Kart 8 Screenshot
Mario Kart 8 Screenshot
Mario Kart 8 Screenshot
Mario Kart 8 Screenshot
Mario Kart 8 Screenshot
Mario Kart 8 Screenshot
Mario Kart 8 Screenshot
Mario Kart 8 Screenshot
Mario Kart 8 Screenshot
Mario Kart 8 Screenshot


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About The Game

Turn Your Racing Experience Upside Down!

For the first time in HD, Nintendo's Mario Kart franchise comes to the Wii U console, introducing new racing circuit designs and antigravity karts that will have players driving upside down. Players will also enjoy a variety of series-favourite features, including the return of 12-player online competitive play, hang-gliders, underwater racing and motorbikes.


  • The new antigravity feature allows for never-imagined racing circuit designs. Players will speed through courses and find themselves suddenly racing on walls in a haunted mansion or upside-down over Princess Peach's Castle as their wheels automatically rotate and shift into antigravity gear.
  • Mario Kart TV lets players share highlight videos they submitted to Miiverse.
  • Experience a wealth of features that span the series, including 12-player online competitive play. Elements first introduced in Mario Kart 7, such as hang gliders and underwater racing, along with elements introduced in Mario Kart Wii, such as motorbikes and performing tricks in midair, also make their return.
  • Fan-favourites Waluigi and Toadette re-join the cast of familiar characters from the Mushroom Kingdom.
  • Crisp HD graphics and a 60-frames-per-second frame rate offer players the most visually stunning entry in the series yet.