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DBZ, GTA, MGS & Pokemon are the most exceptional franchises in gaming/anime mankind... I was a James Bond fan? I am? Pre Gen 7 era was good for those games.

Wed 17th July, 2013

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Punished_Boss_84 commented on Super Smash Bros. Slams the Competition Yet Ag...:

@Samurai-Kinopio I think it's due to a myriad of factors. Such as the reduced importance of Japan's console-market, the multiplatform sequel turned exclusive to a platform which never even had Bayonetta before (which causes issues e.g. New platform purchase), not much of a marketing push which led to low interest equaling low shipments and the kicker the market for Bayonetta and certain other games aren't primarly on Nintendo platform(s).

Certain games sell well on Wii U, certain games don't.