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Thu 3rd Apr 2014

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Gabjazz commented on Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS Online Braw...:

Stupid game ! I'm disapointed already this happend to me and now I can't play any online mode at all. I don't really know how long I was banned I just see like a million minutes that I can wait and that is stupid. Agggg !! I'm going to sell this crap as soon as I can! I was so excited....



Gabjazz commented on Iwata Cites "Same-Generation Hypothesis" For S...:

I stopped plaiying video games like in 2008 I think the last game I played was ocarina of time or banjo kazooi one of those I can't remember. After that I dedicated my life to music and then skateboarding. So I didn't played melee or those pokemons. I just liked the red, blue, yellow versions and I thought the next generation of Pokemon were so fake! Now I come back gaming in 2011 and I started playing nintendo last year. I already have smash for 3ds and ill get it for wii U. ill check out those Pokemon series to see if they have some similarities to some of the first entries of the series. I have Pokemon Y and I didn't like it, I'm not really playing it. Too much 3d for me and the controls sucks, the guy moves to fast or too slow :/



Gabjazz commented on Guide: How to Beat Everyone Else in Mario Kart 8:

It easy to say it but to do it it's another story!! I have been trying and is not possible !!!! How is he doing it !! I was tryin the one at wario when he jumps and land on the corner of the other ramp to do the low trick and it just impossible to get in the corner !! Ahhhhhhh



Gabjazz commented on Mario Kart 8 DLC Coming In November, Features ...:

Are you tucking kidding me ??? This is going to be AWESOME !!! I have tears of joy in my eyes now !!!! Great !!! Fantastic #OperationPlatinum I love you so much Nintendo !!!!!!!!!!!AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH



Gabjazz commented on Poll: Is Online Co-Op a Major Miss in Hyrule W...:

For me online play really matters. because I don't have friends that play video games, so I have to go online always. I don't really feel a game is funy when not played with someone else, it gets bored after a while playing with the com. So I will decide skip this game and save the money for bayo 2 and smash



Gabjazz commented on Feature: The Biggest Wii U Games of 2014 - Sum...:

@Hy8ogen I will get, day one: bayo 2, smash bros wiiu-3ds, project cars and maybe captain toad maybe. And after release ill see how hyrule warriors looks like, I'm not sure about that game ill like to play a demo first it doesn't look soo cool for me.



Gabjazz commented on Digital Foundry Pins Down Mario Kart 8's Resol...:

Wow how nice comments community !! I'm really amazed nobody got dissapointed since I went to other sites and I saw it full of trolls celebrating as it was new year jajajaja no trolls here that's very good !! I'll stick to this site more often see you all in the race !!!! I'm glad l will be playing Mario Kart 8 next week with all of you guys !!!!!



Gabjazz commented on Here Are Plenty of Lovely Hyrule Warriors Scre...:

This game looks good I'm getting hyped about this. I have never played one of this warriors games so this will be my first entry to the series and it would be a great experience being a Zelda one. I'll preorder this one too.



Gabjazz commented on Japanese Retail Sales Struggle as Just 76 Unit...:

Well to be honest I dot like the ps4 even thought I have not played it but I had the ps3 which bored me a lot the only games keep me playing two yrs ago were cod and FIFA. Yeah I know FIFA is a waste but I think cod still more descent. I change to Nintendo consoles last year and I think it's way more fun and I liked those Mario games and to be honest I never played such a great game like Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze in a Sony console. I don't hate Sony but what I hate is that people talk trash about Nintendo when actually nintendo makes extremely fun games, that's my problem !
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