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Poll: What Did You Think of Nintendo's E3?

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

It's actually finished, you know

E3 is over, finished, done for another year. It was three days (four if you consider the 'day zero' press conferences) of gaming madness, with information overload and the main console manufacturers, publishers and developers doing the equivalent of jumping around screaming "look at me, please!" for a sustained period. Utter madness, but wonderful for gamers, as we had well-paid executives and game makers actively seeking our attention.

There was plenty to enjoy, it's safe to say, whichever camp you were following most closely. Nintendo, for its part, certainly adopted a rather unique approach this year, once again ignoring the established practice of a large-scale live presentation in favour of its Digital Event, live Super Smash Bros. Invitational and over 20 hours of live demonstrations from the Treehouse team. It was a notable diversion from the standard formula and, of course, the somewhat minimal and cautious appearance in E3 2013.

Though opinions will vary, it'd be a stretch to suggest anything other than Nintendo pushing its message with gusto at the event. Combining the various factors with the extensive press appearances of Reggie Fils-Aime, and two developer roundtables, certainly paints a picture of the company chasing headlines and aiming to make an impact. There were new games, fresh IPs and the Amiibo toy range unveiling to generate excitement, and there did seem to be reasonable mainstream press attention for the latter; that was likely one of Nintendo's main goal. It can be argued that the big N also successfully kept its dedicated fans entertained throughout, with its Treehouse broadcast often achieving similar view figures to the official Twitch E3 coverage.

Those are some brief perspectives, and we have a final look back at E3 on the way, but we want to know what you thought of the event. Did Nintendo get it right, did you enjoy its various events? We also have that most alluring or, depending on your perspective, annoying question — did Nintendo win E3? Don't worry, we'll have answer options for those of you that don't approve.

So, share your views in the polls and comments below; one of the polls is a repeat from our day one equivalent, too, to see whether Nintendo's day two and three efforts swayed your opinion.

Which Nintendo event at E3 was your favourite? (1,195 votes)

Nintendo Digital Event


Rolling Nintendo Treehouse live broadcast


Super Smash Bros. Invitational


Details from the Super Smash Bros. roundtable


Details from the Code Name: S.T.E.A.M. roundtable


I can't choose, I loved them all


I didn't like any of them


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What was your favourite Nintendo reveal? (1,198 votes)

The Legend of Zelda Wii U


Super Smash Bros. reveals and Invitational


Hyrule Warriors




Bayonetta 1 & 2


Mario Maker


Devil's Third


Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker


Xenoblade Chronicles X


Amiibo figurines for multiple titles


Yoshi's Woolly World


Kirby And The Rainbow Curse


Mario Party 10


Star Fox announcement for Wii U


Project Guard and Project Giant Robot


Code Name S.T.E.A.M.


None of the above


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How do you rate Nintendo's overall E3 performance? (1,194 votes)

Brilliant, Nintendo absolutely nailed it


Very good, a solid effort from the big N


I'm not sure


Not bad, but it still could have been a lot better




Terrible, I was really unimpressed


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Who do you think 'won' E3? (1,177 votes)







None of them


It matters not who won and lost, it's the taking part that counts


Gamers were the biggest winners


Bleh, I don't like this question


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User Comments (256)



Ryno said:

Amazing how they got ripped on for not doing a "live press conference" again shortly after they announced it to setting a new bar for future E3's to match.



sub12 said:

Nobody had a bad show really, Sony, Nintendo, Microsoft all were solid.



PaperLucario said:

Nintendo was just brilliant this year, I can't imagine them topping this at future e3s for a long time.



WreckItRyan said:

Nintendo was absolutely brilliant this year. So many highlights. Even if some announcements were vague, they catered their presentation to the majority of the fans.



Blast said:

It was awesome! I wished there was more info on GC VC or N64 VC to Wii U, though. I enjoyed it from beginning to end



unrandomsam said:

Metro Game Central thought Nintendo won which I thought was surprising.

(Then they interviewed Microsoft who stated that Nintendo are the strongest first party).

I think I did prefer Nintendo just announcing stuff when it is reasonably close though. (Rather not have known about such as Revan Blade at all).



Peach64 said:

I thought it was very good, better than I was expecting. We got two fantastic new IPs revealed in Splatoon and S.T.E.A.M which I am utterly thrilled about, and of course confirming that Star Fox is coming when it seemed like Nintendo had given up on it.

I can definitely understand the appeal of the Treehouse segments, but I only watched the Splatoon and ST.E.A.M ones. I like E3 for the announcements, and don't really need extended footage like that.

Overall it was an excellent E3. All 3 console makers showed new IP, brought back favourites, and had great looking footage of already announced games. It's cheesy, but who won E3? Gamers won E3.



Gerbwmu said:

Loved the overall effort Nintendo put into the event. I could always use more info.....especially when they teased news on Metroid, FE, Advanced Wars.......and even with the lack of Star Fox reveal reveal.......but i thought the treehouse additional coverage was brilliant and something i think all companies will copy moving forward.



SecondServing said:

I think all 3 had great E3 showings, but I gotta be real.

Nintendo dominated E3. I loved everything, but especially the Smash Tourney! SO HYPE!



Evenmoresteven said:

I both happy and sad that they revealed Zelda. I felt like since we have such a long wait until it comes out, they should've revealed more. But hopefully they will be rolling out announcements about it. Everyday now I'm going to be staring at my screensaver and patiently waiting...



cfgk24 said:

Perfect E3! Well worth sitting down with that huge tub of ice cream to watch the digital event with. And it really really made me look forward to the colder, darker times of the year later in when we can settle in to play some of these fabulous games!



sasumiofjp said:

I felt Nintendo's presentation was weak, but their overall game line up was excellent



dinosauryoshi said:

Nintendo nailed it. The digital event was much more entertaining than the live broadcasts and the treehouse stuff was really great, giving great insight into the depth of gameplay in the titles. The majority of the games revealed have me really interested. Brilliant stuff.



2Sang said:

I think it was actually a dumb idea not to do a press conference for nintendo, simply because they would have gotten the crowd going like CRAZY. I think the whole direct was nearly flawless with the only complaint being too much time being spent on splatoon.



LazyShell said:

I'm very curious to see if the other companies (specifically Sony and Microsoft) adopt a similar program to Nintendo's Treehouse for next year's E3. As far as E3 went, you gotta pretty good announcements no matter what camp you were in.



Discipledoctor said:

My absolute only complaint is that we didn't hear any sort of VC news. I was really hoping for an update on N64 or third party consoles. But you can't have it all, and I'm pumped for Captain Toad, Mario Maker, Mario vs DK, Zelda, Star Fox, Smash, amiibo, and many more titles..

Also Capcom made that awesome VC announcement and MMBN is finally coming!



SakuraHaruka said:

Although they have changed to digital emissions, the main point remains the same, showing the following games for the rest of the year and the next one.
In this year, they really showed something more than that, and for many people, was the best.
For me, this was very funny, and there were games and news that caught my attention, and then, well, just left is to wait those games and extras.



Silent said:

Nintendo should have shown more of the new Zelda.

and damn No metroid footage.



MoonKnight7 said:

Great showing from Nintendo this year. Also, that still frame of Iwata's face is absolutely priceless.



sub12 said:

Anybody else think that Nintendo prob held back a game or two from being unveiled? My only worries is that the Wii U schedule for this summer is pretty bare bones. 3DS is also kinda hurting.....lots of 2015, not so much 2014.

Don't get me wrong though, great presentation in general, kudos for sure.



Dreamz said:

Splatoon was my favorite game shown, so I was super happy with the coverage it received. Given that Splatoon currently has double the votes that Smash Bros does in the poll, I highly doubt I'm alone in that stance...



Knuckles said:

They had me hooked on the E3 streams for the past 3 days. Great presentations, I was glued to the Smash details.



LtAldoRaine said:

Loved it loved it loved it. I hope the Treehouse becomes a E3 staple, it was a great idea, gives you a lot of insight on the games. Kind of surprising that Nintendo was the first one of the big three to do something like that. The games were great, the Super Smash Bros. Invitational was epic. I was really satisfied.



billychaos said:

I'm looking forward to Splatoon. However, what if the 'EA' effect happens? If anyone can recall certain EA games had so much hype before the release. When it was released so many people tried to play it at once they could not support the server requirements. So many people were disappointed and eventually completely turned away from the game even after the server issues were resolved. I don't think anyone has anything positive to say about that game all because of the server issues during it's launch. It's a shame but it happens. I hope Nintendo properly prepares for Splatoon. The focus is online. If that doesn't function properly during launch, people can quickly lose interest for good.



Artwark said:

I wanted to vote for Mario Maker and Star Fox but darn it Kirby and the rainbow's curse is just awesome!!!!!!!!!!!



SphericalCrusher said:

One of their best overall presentations in a long time. When they finished the initial E3 video, I was a little let down until the announcements kept coming. Plus the Smash Invitational Tournament AND Smash Fest at Best Buy shows they cater to the gamers more than any other company (Blizzard Entertainment right under).



Kaze_Memaryu said:

I don't even know how to measure who "won" this E3, but I can definitely say that Nintendo utterly outdid themselves this time around! Loads of extensive coverage (not just trailers and people praising their tech demos), awesome titles, and a super-cool intro (Iwata Vs. Reggie was SO EPIC!) - I can't remember the last time a game company blew that many minds!



theberrage said:

I'll say it was a "good" e3. I think a surprise release on eShop would have pushed them over the top. Nothing about e3 drove me to turn on my Wii U other than discounts .



Yoshi said:

@billychaos Given that some games like Sim City required you to always be online even for single player, I'm pretty sure this won't be an issue.



NintyMan said:

Brilliant presentation and effort by Nintendo. It was easily their best E3 since 2010. I was eager to learn more about Super Smash Bros. and every new Nintendo game excited me.

Before the Digital Event, there seemed to be a dramatic spike in pessimism toward Nintendo's chances, but that was rightly blown out of the water. If Nintendo does their future E3s like this, I won't be missing the press conferences.



MinecraftGreek said:

I feel like Nintendo does not want to take my money. They didn't announce Wii games coming to eShop, and specifically Metroid Prime trilogy would be a lovely way to say they wanted my money....just saying. I mean some gamecube games too maybe...come-on Ninty, get that eShop and Virtual Console overflowing!



Grumblevolcano said:

@sub12 I was actually going to use that as a reason why Splatoon wouldn't be fine. That communication error problem due to someone leaving before voting is very annoying.



c1pher_c0mplet said:

I thought Nintendo had a brilliant E3 presentation! The games, the development teams, Aonuma, Reggie... everyone and everything was great. And it was made even better by the fact that I didn't have to see nor hear Iwata.



AlexSora89 said:

Voted for "nailed it", and SSB reveals.
Also, can anyone confirm whether the stop-motion skits were actually made by Robot Chicken? It'd be the second time they handle their characters to someone who's used to making adult stuff, after the Skyward Sword prequel comic by Penny Arcade.



Taceus said:

Loved that Nintendo had the animators behind Robot Chicken lend a hand. Don't know how they'll top it next year. Pleased to see Splatoon is 2nd to ZeldaU. Nintendo would've nailed it imho if they very casually revealed a project near the end of day 3, like what Retro or Next Level are working on. Call me gouda, but gamers won.



jahasnell said:

While Splatoon isn't my most anticipated game, I still voted for it as my "favorite reveal" because it was completely out of left field and looks like a ton of fun.



aaronsullivan said:

Sad to see such a low number on the Treehouse stuff. I'm wondering if it was just hard for people to watch it. I found it great. Really solidified my understanding of games and won me over on a couple.

Code Name STEAM is a hard one to understand without the big game play video. Same with Splatoon actually. I mean it looks colorful and neat, but without the thorough explanation I don't think people understand how brilliant it is.

I don't like the "who won" question because I'm a huge fan of Nintendo's style of gaming and I can't give the others a fair shake. I did find the format SO much better than a two hour live stage slog, but I just don't care about so many of the games they show.



OneBagTravel said:

Nintendo knocked one out of the park. Unexpectedly I might add. I figured nintendo's days of E3 reveals would be over but they announced hit after hit. Where were all the 3DS titles though



GalacticMario28 said:

The Digital Event was easily my favorite part of E3. I did enjoy watching a bit of the Treehouse streams, but I was too busy to keep up with more than a few of them. Overall, Nintendo blew my expectations away. The self-aware humor in the skits was a nice change of pace, and the balance of old to new and expected to unexpected felt just right to me.

I think the only thing I don't like about Nintendo's E3 this year is that it sets such high expectations for next year, and it will be hard for Nintendo to live up to those expectations.



realar said:

The number one game for me was Kirby and the Rainbow Curse this year. When I saw it I literally CRIED manly tears. It touched me so deeply being a fan of clay aesthetic games, a fan of Kirby: Canvas Curse, and being the oldest direct descendant of the voice of Gumby himself - Dallas McKennon. It made me so proud of being a Nintendo fan that day.
Smash Bros was OF COURSE next in line, seriously both versions of the game look AMAZING.
Splatoon was a close third, Nintendo making a seriously genius shooter based on a mollusk was definitely out of left field.
Zelda was fourth. It looks beautiful and looks futuristic too, I didn't see that coming from Nintendo. Just a wonderful year for my favorite gaming company, EVER!
Oh, and the Reggie VS Iwata segment will be remembered for the ages.



RantingThespian said:

This was the best E3 Nintendo has had in years! The only negative part was the bland presentation by Kit and Krysta. Other than that, it was pure awesomeness.

Sony and Microsoft didn't stand a chance.



Dolphin64 said:

If it's not a press conference, I think it stinks. Just look at E3 2006, s'mazing just simply s'mazing. Back when they actually did ads. ...Sigh...



MasterWario said:

I still don't understand all the hype for Zelda games, not sure I ever will...
They're always absolutely fantastic games but I never really get too excited about them.



Dizzard said:

I was super duper impressed with Nintendo this year, they really caught me by surprise.

I have to rank my top 6 because I can't vote just one....

1. Splatoon, 2. Xenoblade Chronicles X, 3. Codename: STEAM, 4. Pokemon ORAS, 5. Fantasy Life, 6. Smash Bros Reveals.

Bayonetta 2 and some of the Indies were very impressive too. Also the news that Shin Megami Tensei IV is coming to Europe.

The treehouse live was brilliant too, watching it gave me some insight into games from genres I wouldn't usually consider playing. Bayonetta 1 & 2 looks like a blast.



biohax said:

E3 was cool, the whole treehouse thing is interesting though having some sort of schedule would have been nice. Though I guess then people wouldn't have been there to watch other games that aren't as hyped as Smash.

Would have loved to just hear Aonuma talk about the new Zelda, though I guess we'll have some interviews soon enough.

Overall it was solid, at least this conference focused on the games. I found Sony's presentation this year to be awkward, though Microsoft did well. Really liking the attention they're giving to indie devs as well.

I hope they'll be doing something similar next year, hopefully with some more Splatoon.



Hero-of-WiiU said:

Nintendo did phenomenal, I think they have found there way with there new 'digital' ways of doing thing now. I enjoyed the heck out of the digital event, it was really fun, same for the Smash bros tourny. I only wish that they could have the digital event with the stage show crowd,just to hear the live reactions.




DopeSamurai said:

Nintendo's digital event was my favorite it was awesome favorite reveal? Zelda of course followed by Smash Bros Yoshi's Wooly World and Xenoblade Nintendo's overall E3 performance? solid could it have been better? yes Who won E3? none of them everyone had really good conferences except EA none of them single handedly won E3 in my opinion in the end it's really the gamers who won E3 anyway



Haxonberik said:

I really love all the Splatoon love going around... I feel this may be exactly the fresh shooter and the new Nintendo IP I was hungry for.



sinalefa said:

For me my favorite part of this E3 is that, if there is justice in the world, then Iwata gets to keep his job.

And Kamiya is pushing me away from Sony's camp. I never thought that rumour would end up being true.

One of my favorite E3 in a long time. If next year there is more Treehouse coverage, I will get the week off at work.



RickyWill said:

If a NINTENDO press conference that starts with a Robot Chicken skit doesn't put a smile on your face, I don't know what will.



ikki5 said:

I am pretty sure Sony and Microsoft will copy what Nintendo did this year and have live stream events running through out the E3 days. It brought so much attention.



May_Nyan said:

I think it might be the best Nintendo e3 ever.
I watched the treehouse streams for hours every day
there are so many awesome Nintendo games <3



rjejr said:

Nintendo all the way. (They did have the benefit of the bar being pretty low to begin with, but good is still good.)

My only disappointment is that after 18 months of Wii U games Nintendo still hasn't taken advantage of the U in Wii U's name.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate
Super Mario Universe
Zelda Unsheathed (cool space alien sword in the reveal)
Kirby's Umbrella of Power Adventure
Yoshi's Ukulele Song and Dance
Godzilla Unleashed 2 (isn't that why Project Robot is being made?)

Not a 1.



Ralizah said:

Nintendo NAILED E3 this year. I loved the awesome Direct, of course, but the thing that kept me coming back over the next couple of days was the awesome Treehouse livestream. Xenoblade Chronicles X looked a hundred times better in motion than the cinematic in the direct made it look. I really liked the coverage of Fantasy Life, Bayonetta, and SSB.

Xenoblade Chronicles X, Legend of Zelda U, and Splatoon will make my 2015 on their own if they're not delayed



FritzFrapp said:

Splatoon and STEAM - new IPs in genres not normally seen on Nintendo home consoles - would have been awesome in any E3, but when you also consider all the other great games they revealed, plus the great indie support, plus that Zelda reveal, then it has to go down as one of Nintendo's best ever showings. And it's the way that they showed them made it even better. I think they've found a great formula with the Direct, Treehouse, invitationals and roundtables. I'm very happy.
Well done too to the Nintendo Life team for their excellent coverage.



Technosphile said:

After this I am totally convinced that Nintendo's no live press conference approach is the way to go. Sony and Microsoft's presentations were both awkward, clumsy, and cheesy. I am also at the age where hearing people audibly cheer and whoop at the announcement of a video game (or a developer logo) makes me cringe. I am embarrassed for such people. On the flipside, the thunderous roar for Rockman's Final Smash during the Invitational was awesome, though I think that falls more in the line of "e-sports".

The Treehouse broadcasts were great just as a means to see a lot more of these games than non-attendees normally do at E3. These were so successful that I fully expect Sony and Microsoft to ape the idea next year.

All in all, "winning E3" to me is about generating the most hype, and Nintendo had virtually every headline everywhere after the first day. It was a fun few days to be a Nintendo fan, and a welcome break from Wii U doom articles.



bezerker99 said:

The actual pre-recorded digital event they showed us Tuesday was done VERY well! Much better than last year's video.

And the Treehouse Live was also excellent! Best E3 showing by Nintendo in a long time!!



RedYoshi999 said:

It was a good E3 for sure, looking at the list of announced/shown off games there's quite a lot I want to buy, it's just annoying that most of it is 2015 or late 2014 games, with nothing in the immediate future. Zelda was amazing, but so short and Star Fox wasn't shown.

I loved the humour Nintendo showed at the beginning which shows they DO listen to us. Treehouse Live was also a really cool idea. (What else could make me stay up until 4am for 3 days in a row?) Although it was a bit long, not every game needed 30-60 minute demos. I hope they do it again next year though. I don't even remember why I liked the press conferences!

The Smash Bros Invitational was a neat event too. It was on too late for me to watch live, and then I couldn't sit through a whole 2.5 hours of it lol, but the atmosphere there was amazing.

E3 2014>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>E3 2013



OldWeeDog said:

@nesvc I was just in the process of typing that LOL...

So, yeah.. Where's Majora's Mask 3D? That's the only thing that's missing. That would have been the icing on the cake; for me anyway.



Jlobel said:

Everything was great. I wanted even the slightest bit of news for a metroid game (with online), kid icarus and luigi's mansion. I got one of the three and a lot more. Overall pretty solid



Tritonus said:

Though I'm probably looking forward to LoZ more, I voted Beyonetta 1 as I did NOT see that one coming. We all knew LoZ was coming so the reveal wasn't as surprising to me as Beyonetta 1 being included for free in Beyonatta 2 purchase.



rmeyer said:

Expect Microsoft and Sony to do something similar next year. Nintendo set a new standard for e3



Nintenjoe64 said:

I think Nintendo beat Sony and MS but in reality the only winners will be the gamers.

Hopefully the positive vibes towards all the Wii U games will help its plight. I never expected to see so many games that I might actually buy in one reveal. I think the best surprise was StarFox but Zelda looked reassuringly great, the new IP looked fun and we got Bayonetta 1 after being told our miiverse pining was futile.



Sherman said:

E3's over, now World Cup and EVO later. My productivity has decreased 90% on June.



daveh30 said:

personally, I thought it was all kind of a let down... anything I cared about at all we either already knew about (Zelda, Yoshi, Smash, Amiibo) or is too far off to get excited about now (Mario Maker, MP10, Splatoon, Star Fox) I was really hoping they'd have some big surprise for over the summer to maintain the MK8 momentum. I think Captain Toad (which I was really hoping to see again, either as a stand alone game or DLC for SM3DW) and Smash 3DS (which we knew about) were literally the only things they had I was interested in for this year.



nilcam said:

MS and Sony really lowered the bar for me. The abundance of realistic murder simulators was both boring and troubling. Those games are also the reason I've moved to primarily retro gaming. I was ready to give up on the whole event, and then Nintendo nailed it. They showed so many games with amazing amounts of charm. I chose Zelda as my favorite reveal because I love that series and it is, hands down, the best looking game I've seen footage of during E3. Project STEAM is my runner up as it looks to be a fun and unique strategy game similar to Valkyria Chronicles but with its own personality and approach.



Nintenjoe64 said:

2012 - horrible miiverse presentation and only a couple of games
2013 - better games but most of them nowhere near release
2014 - every anticipated game and an equal number of surprises
2015 - gameplay and release dates of all the cool stuff from 2014



kupocake said:

I definitely enjoyed the coverage this year - the treehouse was a little rough around the edges, but that was totally acceptable. Digital Event was the most exciting obviously, but even as someone who has never played Smash Bros, the invitational was seriously hype-inducing.

And yet, it wasn't an excellent E3 from Nintendo, just a very good one. Oh sure, they "won", but there wasn't anything here that really hit it out of the park. It's odd, because while there wasn't a single game in the DE or even outside it that I wouldn't play, a lot of it felt sort of 'straight to video'. Even a big new interesting IP like Splatoon is going into a space that's big on free to play rather than full retail.

As for Starfox / Zelda... when they show us that little, it's kind of hard to feel 100% confident that they believe the platform still has a future. Like you can imagine them doing a dual release for the Zelda on Wii U and next console, or letting Starfox sink without a trace if the Wii U doesn't turn around...



PanurgeJr said:

The best part about Nintendo's E3 is that, while Wii U isn't getting as much content as PSBone because Nintendo pretty much has to go it alone, that content is absolutely brilliant. Nintendo simply does a better job of producing games than anybody else.



Nintend0ro said:

I hoped to see new Zelda gameplay and at least a glimpse of the upcoming Project Zero. Booooo



Minotaurgamer said:

This was a very boring E3. Just confirmed why I dont care about the industry. I think I'll do fine with my wii u and 3ds for this gen. Not because they are the best but at least they are better than the overblown PCs that MS and sony have.

The only game from the whole E3 that caught my attention was star fox U.... and they didn't have anything substancial to show. just tech demos. sighs The new upcoming zelda looks beautiful. But I'm tired beautiful and quirky bishonen-anime-like zelda. I dont want another skyward sword animesque puzzle-fest. I miss cool zelda like zelda 2, ocarina and twilight princess. Heck even the warriors one looks more baddonkey and less girly.About Hyrule warriors, Looks fun but never played a "warriors" game. I don't know what to think about it.

I thought that xenoblade was dull and boring. only geeks and otakus like that stuff. This new one doesn't look different. I pass. Same with Bayonetta. We all know that game will bomb just like in the more "hardkurr" consoles, so who cares? captain toad, mario maker, the pain gun game and the figurines, steampunk gears of wars, itagaki's perv game...I don't care.

The pac-man in SSB announcement was actually unexpected and I liked but man, so many kids angry because pac-man is in SSB. They are upset because (insert niche otaku game character) is not there! It seems that is OK for Megaman and sonic to be in there but not Pacman. How old are these gamers? 10? some even wanted Goku?! RUFK?!No offense but Pacman is way more relevant and important for gaming than Megaman and sonic and SPECIALLY Solid Snake. Not to mention goku!

And whatever I'll say it: this way people refers to reggie fils-aime like some sort of baddonkey is stupid. Never saw what's so funny about it. In fact, when he talks he looks very meh and nothing outstanding. Oh and that skit at the beginning of the NDevent? that's dumb as hell. Not even Steve Jobs had such a huge ego. Seeing 2 important executives acting like teenagers is atrocious. Leave that to actors not them. I expect more class from big companies not YT teenage skits. Grow up.



Fel09ktl said:

Nintendo delivered. The Digital Event was amazing, hilarious and entertaining. I wasn't bored one second of it. Just watch the other two companies start doing the same thing in a couple of years. Mark my words, it will happen.



audiobrainiac said:

Love Iwata's face in the pic lol! Next E3 I need to see some Star Fox, some Metroid, some Zelda, AND some F-Zero!



netroz said:

Nintendo delivered most that others in my opinion. It was the most public-fun-oriented company. The others felt like "Look what we can do with all our money!!!WOOOWWW!!" Nintendo felt more like "Hey, made you a game!"

I want a mini Iwata figurine LOL!



Rafie said:

You ask Nintendo fans on a Nintendo site who won E3? LOL Of course they are going to say Nintendo won! Hehehe

However, I do agree with those sentiments. The others weren't bad, but they weren't great either. Nintendo just BROUGHT IT!! Too many games that I felt I will actually purchase to have in my home versus renting it. Nintendo games as a whole impressed me more. I'm looking forward to those said titles. Heck there were games that we know are coming that wasn't mentioned from Nintendo. We're getting spoiled here now.



Bolt_Strike said:

Definitely better than usual, there were several exciting reveals from Nintendo this year. The other press conferences didn't even hold a candle.



Link506 said:

@Blast I totally agree. I need more gamecube games and they're getting harder and harder to find, even on ebay.

Why was the last question even put there? We all know the gamers score on all of these awesome games.



Farmboy74 said:

After last years E3, I was worried about how this was going to turn out and listening to Iwata saying please understand.

Looking back on the past three days of E3 I felt that Nintendo have made huge move forwards. The E3 direct video was very good and it showed Nintendo were not afraid to poke fun at themselves.

The treehouse format also worked very well but by last night I thought they had ran out of stuff to show and talk about, might have been better over two days.

The most important thing though is they turned up with games and in turn carried on with the momentum that MK8 has started. Sure everyone knew about Smash Bross and that Zelda would be announced, but Captain Toad, Bayonetta 1 bundled with Bayonetta 2, Splatoon, Star Fox caught me off gaurd and gave me renewed hope for the Wii U.
Another look at Xenoblade Chronicles, Yoshi both looking like very good games. Mario maker looks good but will need community help to thrive.

The only downer for me is that accounts tied to hardware did not get scrapped. The easy solution would be to use your club Nintendo Account.

Who won E3? It was us the gamers and the people who brought the Wii U @ launch and had to bare witness to what happened in the first year and half. My library of Wii U games is going to only get bigger and bigger.



brandonbwii said:

I'm going to probably be the only one to say this, but Devil's Third and Mario Maker were the best announcements.



TTGlider said:

Devil's Third really surprised me (I had seen the rumors but didn't give them much thought). I am so happy to see it exclusive to the WiiU. I do hope it has a meaty (8 hours+ with some replay value) story mode though, as the multiplayer seemed to be the focus of the demos. Honorable mention goes to Captain Toad, which honestly was one of those games that seemed obvious to us Nintendo maniacs but you never know what fan feedback Nintendo will deliver on.



TheLordAndrew said:

Asking who won E3 on a Nionly nintendo fans read? Honestly though, Zelda U and the metroid tease made this E3 possibly the best in a while.



Stubborn_Monkey said:

It was good. It could've been better, (especially if it had more Zelda Wii U in it.) but I am satisfied with what I saw. The Robot Chicken skits were actually pretty funny, and while the Iwata vs. Fils-Aime fight went on for a bit too long for me, it is good to know that Nintendo keeps making fun of itself at the biggest event of the video game industry (remember when Miyamoto appeared on-stage wielding shield and sword at the Twilight Princess reveal ten years ago?). Reggie's speech about that "having fun" is what's matters to Nintendo was somewhat corny and PR-ish, but I like to believe that the Big N has that kind of philosophy deep down, on its core.

The Treehouse staff livestream was also a good idea, as it was to bring some of the developers of the games to have a closer look at them; and the Smash Bros. Invitational was alright, too. All in all, a good show.

I don't like the question about who "won" E3. I don't like to see it as a competition. Each developer has its own offers and each one of them should be appreciated on its own right. I like Nintendo, it's what I'm interested in; but I wouldn't say Nintendo "won" E3 just because I'm not interested in what others had to show.



PinkSpider said:

Nice to see a high percentage for splatoon, my mate (an xbox gamer), dislikes nintendo, moans about the same I.P all the time. Sees the announcement for splatoon and instantly says it looks sh#t. Really can't win with him....



DiscoGentleman said:

@PinkSpider Too many gamers are fickle like that. Extremely biased and rude. Microsoft is just as guilty as Nintendo is at rehashing games that sell/fans want, it's just that Nintendo has a longer history.
Make Splatoon ~dark~ and ~gritty~ and turn the Ink & Squid concept into some kind of blood shadow demon thing, realeased on the Xbone and your buddy would've went nuts for it.



creative92 said:

Presentation with Robot Chicken was great! TreeHouse streaming was fantastic!

I'm sure the others will follow suit and try to claim it as their own. Just like with xbox "avatars", and playstation all-stars, etc.



CanisWolfred said:

I like the last poll. For better or for worse, I feel like I can say Nintendo "Won" E3 without even a hint of irony.



BoobooMama said:

I'm willing to admit when other companies "won" E3, but Nintendo just set the bar again. They had a presence throughout the whole event, and the Treehouse streams just got me even more hyped. They really made it for the fans this time, which is awesome!



noctowl said:

I understand why, but when xbox shows off assassins creed and call of duty I don't think to myself "man I need an xbox" because it's multi-platform. I don't own X1 or PS4 yet, so I only judge on exclusives. Nintendo and sony won on that front, while Xbox was very meh.



LuckyTJ said:

Smash bros, sunset overdrive, LBP3, starfox, evolve, far cry 4, yoshi yarn, uncharted 4, ect. BEST E3 EVER!!!!!



IronMan28 said:

MS had a decent conference, with that cool game from Kamiya. Sony had some decent stuff to show. Nintendo blew me away, though, that was their best E3 since 2010, which was an excellent one.



joeb1kenobi said:

i have multiple friends who transitioned from thinking WiiU was garbage to going out and purchasing one either for themselves or for the entire family after the release of MK8 and the amazing show this year. Bravo Nintendo! It was a 1-2 combination punch that absolutely changed the fortune of the WiiU for the better!



AJWolfTill said:

Can't stress how great the Tree house was. Nintendo found a way to give their fans the same exposure as everyone who actually went to e3. So many titles I was impartial too are now extremely exciting prospects.
Devil's Third, a game I would have ignored due to the Team Ninja link, actually looks like it could be really interesting, Hyrule Warriors looks so much more fun than I was expecting and now that Bayo 1 is being bundled in, it would be rude not to invest in that game.
Got a bit bored of all the Smash and Xenoblade coverage after awhile because I was already dead set on getting those.

I'm thinking Fatal Frame and Shin Megami X Fire Emblem are much more likely to come out at Tokyo Game Show as this is where the Japanese audience and fans of Japanese style titles are going to be looking.



unrandomsam said:

@AJWolfTill No they didn't if they had uploaded the playable stuff to the eshop that would have been the same. (Then expired it). Watching and playing are two totally different things.



IRNBRU115 said:

Just gonna say one thing. The opening fight was one hundred time better than all the other companies E3's put together.



Gold said:

Nintendo won E3 IMO, but Microsoft's and Sony's were solid 8/10. But when Nintendo brings out a new Zelda, you know they are going to win E3.



ariwl1 said:

I think Nintendo absolutely nailed it this year. The direct had very few lulls to it, and all the new games were great. The steady stream of demos throughout the show were much appreciated and the Smash tournament was an awesome gesture.

I can't say they won all of E3 since I didn't pay attention to Sony and MS and can't properly compare, but in terms of my personal satisfaction they won it all.



worldstraveller said:

it was a good E3 Nintendo this year, the games that caught my attention was Splatoon, Captain Toad: Treasure Hunter (and I don't even own a Wii U, though I'm interested as PS4, need a job first before I buy them) and Fantasy Life (this one I want it almost as bad as Bravely Default and Disney Magical World - Nintendo Europe, please localize it).
E3 in general to include would be Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix and Yoko Shimomura and Hiroyiki Nakayama from Square-Enix Presents and the Nintendo events.



jasonbra said:

Nintendo did the best of the 3 I think. Sony in second and MS way behind.
I do question if Nintendo should have done a live show this year. If they did it in front of the Brawl tournament with that crowd. It would have been crazy. That place would have exploded over the Zelda reveal.



DragonbornRito said:

Luigi Death Stare won E3.

No, but seriously, I'm not trying to show bias here when I say Nintendo won as far as the console devs go. Last year, they got last place. Only the most blind of fanboys would disagree. This year, they got some unexpected steam from fairly lackluster showings by Sony and MS and rode that to the moon and back. Hit after hit after hit. There was not a single game shown during the Digital Event that I don't want. As a matter of fact, I NEED to find a copy Xenoblade Chronicles now. XCX looks so good.

But seriously, here's my list of newly revealed games I'd want from each showing (that are exclusives, that is; if they're coming to PC, I'm getting them on PC):

Uncharted 4 (One of the only first-party non-Nintendo series I enjoy.)
Bloodborne (From Software, what can I say?)
and that's seriously it.

Scalebound (Although it just looks like Platinum's Monster Hunter clone.)
and that's all. Ori and the Blind Forest, as good as it looks, will be coming to PC.

Splatoon (Quite possibly the winner of "Game I Never Knew I Wanted But Now I Want the Most")
Mario Maker (Community-created Mario levels on a daily basis? Yes please!)
Fantasy Life (Was skeptical at first, but now a day-one buy)
Captain Toad (I actually said "I'd play an entire game of this" during SM3DW)
Mario Party 10 (Playing as Bowser is fun? #Exactly!)
Yoshi's Wooly World (Looks like an amazing co-op game)
Kirby and the Rainbow Curse (More Canvas Curse, awesome)
Zelda U (No explanation needed)



Marshi said:

Who "won" e3 is such a narrow minded and absolutely subjective question. I own all 3 systems now. Halo 1-4 announced for xbox one,next day I buy an xbox one and im actually loving it more than my ps4 right now,so clearly I loved the microsoft press conference. But then uncharted 4 was announced at the playstation press conference,and no mans sky looks incredible. So ofcourse I enjoyed playstations presence. And who can forget the most amazing 30 seconds of e3? That unbelievable and jaw dropping zelda u teaser. Bayo 1 coming with bayo 2. Splatoon. Mario maker etc etc. Yep, nintendo were incredible this year. But saying who "won" is like making you choose your fave child. Or your fave part of xmas. There isnt a clear choice,it depends on the person you ask



Obito_Sigma said:

Nintendo killed the competition. Ubisoft and EA were incredibly boring. Sony didn't show anything special that couldn't be announced via Twitter besides Uncharted 4 and Little Big Planet 3, which were already predicted. Microsoft had the same games as they always do, with a little surprise from Halo.

Nintendo won without any competition. They surprised everyone with a hilarious presentation, Zelda U becoming Sandbox, a million new games from our favorite IPs, Pac Man becoming a Smash Bros character, a new program utilizing figurines for their extra cash and our collections AND games compatibilities, and most of all... Splatoon.

Splatoon is love; Splatoon is life.



Hy8ogen said:

@minotaurgamer I thought that xenoblade was dull and boring. only geeks and otakus like that stuff. This new one doesn't look different. I pass. Same with Bayonetta. We all know that game will bomb just like in the more "hardkurr" consoles, so who cares? captain toad, mario maker, the pain gun game and the figurines, steampunk gears of wars, itagaki's perv game...I don't care.

Honestly you should just give up gaming and find a new hobby. Apparently you don't enjoy it. Seriously if the variety that Nintendo is providing this E3 does not excite you, I don't think anything will.

Also, just because people like the stuff that you don't does not make them geeks or otakus.



unrandomsam said:

@Nintenjoe64 Yeah but announcing stuff ages in advance makes no real difference to knowing 2 months in advance or less. (Not going to be any quicker the stuff is released. As long as it is shown a bit an advance.)

They gave a firm Summer Release date for Smash 3DS and delayed that.



Th3PlaidHatter said:

They did everything that everyone waanted, except maybe for a complete merging of 3DS and WII U accounts (and VC games). However, 1 thing put them way over to "INCREDIBLE!" for me.


Totally out of nowhere, unexpectred, and looks amazing.



Marshi said:

@MinecraftGreek Yeah thats one thing id love for nintendo to do. And I may be wrong,but I cant see it being hard to put a wii game on e shop seeing as the wiiu has a wii built into it. Yes I know there is wii mode and all wii games work on wii u. But has anyone tried finding a copy of metroid prime trilogy? The last story? Xenoblade chronicles? A shadows tale? They are rarer than rare making a rare game they rarely make!



MoonKnight7 said:


"I still don't understand all the hype for Zelda games, not sure I ever will...
They're always absolutely fantastic games but I never really get too excited about them."

You answered your own question. Zelda games are always fantastic. That's where the hype comes from.



Uro said:

Smash is lower only because we already knew a lot about it, it's a few character vs a hole new IP/game, a really intresting one, I'd say



ThreadShadow said:

They previously talked about new partnerships and acquisitions. I would have liked to hear something about that.
Zelda Wii U, Capt. Toad, Mario Maker, Hyrule Warriors, Yoshi, Projects, New IPs, Star Fox, and promises of new 2D and 3D Metroids were wonderful.
Would really like to know what Retro and other 2nd party developers are working on. Also a teaser from Sakaguchi would be cool.



Action51 said:

Nintendo suffered it's worst year financially and for their public image these past twelve months. They had a floundering home console, lost the respect of the prime teenage male gamer demographic, and had people calling for their C.E.O to be fired.

What did Nintendo do at this E3?

They went BIG and it seems to have paid off!

Riding on the success of the recent Mario Kart 8 release, Nintendo gave us a digital event full of surprises and laughs, a tournament that I think even surprised Reggie and the Smash community, and several days of fun, casual, friendly Treehouse coverage that felt like a cool place to hang out with gamers and game designers interested in having FUN.

I don't think anyone expected this E3 to be this positive for Nintendo.



JaxonH said:


Actually, not to rag on Sony, but I thought their conference sucked as far as new exclusives go. There's a solid lineup for PS4, but all of them are mutliplats that were previously announced. I think the ONLY games that were announced that I didn't know about already, were Little Big Planet 3 and that Final Fantasy PSP remake. Even for new multiplat announcements there was only a GTAV port and Rainbow Six Siege. Still, ZERO Vita announcements and only one new 1st party game. Pretty lame if you ask me.

MS on the other hand- I thought they did substantially better. As far as brand new exclusives announced, I'm stoked for Crackdown 3, Phantom Dust, Halo Master Chief, Killer Instinct 2 and Scalebound... yeah!

Nintendo was off the charts though. Unprecedented- that's the only word I can think of. I'm looking at all the games coming to Wii U, and I can't help but get a chill up my spine...

Pushmo World
Wii Sports Club
Shovel Knight
Hyrule Warriors
Bayonetta 1
Bayonetta 2
Captain Toad
Super Smash Bros 4
Mario vs DK
Yoshi's Wooly World
Xenoblade Chronicles X
Zelda U
Watch Dogs
Sonic Boom
Kirby and the Rainbow Curse
Mario Maker
Star Fox
Project Guard
Project Giant Robot
Mario Party 10
Devil's Third
Shin Megami Tensei x Fire Emblem
Project Cars
Fast Racing Neo
Call of Duty Advanced Warfare (we all know it's coming)
Amiibo Figures

And while 3DS may not have a whole lot on the way, I'm still really excited for Super Smash Bros 3D, Pokemon Alpha Sapphire/Omega Ruby, Final Fantasy Explorers, Sonic Boom, Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate and S.T.E.A.M.

And let's not forget that Nintendo confirmed we will in fact see a new Fire Emblem or Advanced Wars, AND a new 2D Metroid AND a new 3D Metroid. Best. E3. Ever.



SparkOfSpirit said:

In my opinion, that was their best E3 so far. They deserve as much congrats as can be given.

It was a good show!



jjmesa16 said:

For the biggest reveal I put Splatoon because we already new Zelda was coming next year and we know a lot about SSMB. Splatoon was new and I was probably my favorite game from E3. Don't he me wrong, the new Zelda game looks gorgeous, I'm just a little more excited for Splatoon and SSMB. Plus I think Zelda will be a big part of next year's E3.



Senate_Guard said:

Absolutely loved how Nintendo handled this year's E3!

The Digital Event was a much more relaxed, entertaining time than the awkward, more formal approach to the pre-recorded presentation from last year. I think this is the future of E3, and its for the better.

Amazing job Nintendo!



Moshugan said:

The Zelda reveal was PERFECT.
There was just enough to fuel massive speculation and get our inner children really imagining! It just hinted at so many features in the game without making anything explicit.
I can't wait!!



Faruko said:

Nintendo was AMAZING, i do consider the "Digital Event" as a whole, but whatever, if thats the case, the treehouse live stuff was just the best thing ever, finally i felt that E3 was for the gamers and not for the media/press itself.

sony/MS did ok jobs too, but this was BY FAR one of the best E3s i can remember

PD: Please Nintendo, do it again, or maybe do the treehouse thing another time 1 year its too much



NodtheThird said:

Nintendo has a great lineup of first party games. But they need to figure out a way to get 3rd parties to make games for the system. Else the number of release a year will be slim.



Ecto-1 said:

I felt like the games presented looked great and the presentation (the humor, pacing, ect) was brilliant! That said, there was a reoccuring theme that seemed to run through all three console manufacturer's presentation that I thought was a bit troubling: "coming 2015." From the sounds of it noone is getting too many great exclusives this year.



Yurius said:

Best E3 from Nintendo ever, the Treehouse was great you can see a lot of people playing the games and with the devs coming in too. I've watched Microsoft and Sony's E3 and both were really boring for me specially Microsoft's, heck you can even see some of their demo games vacant as nobody was interested to play them.



Gabjazz said:

I won a lot for watching an amazing event from Nintendo, I'm really thankfull that such a great company as its nintendo exists!!!



FilmerNgameR said:

They used robot chicken animation and Reggie battled with Iwata in the matrix so they win E3! LOL



ShadyKnights said:

To me, E3 is like Christmas. I really love Christmas cause fun and often unexpected presents are given and received and it's really a time for chilling and hanging with your friends and family in a positive light. Unfortunately it is difficult to do this with the gaming community because most people here tend to be difficult to deal with when things are going okay for everyone, much less when there is excitement for one's preferred platform going around. Regardless, I return every year to try to share the hype.

Overall this E3 was completely saved by Nintendo for my personal enjoyment, but was doing fairly poorly over all without them in general. Microsoft did focus on many games, but they played it safe and didn't really try to do anything extra exciting really. They had good games, and they kept the beat pretty stable, but it was clear they were still wincing from the backlash angry fans gave them last year so they couldn't make the step to wow or surprise them for fear it would just bite them again. Honestly I felt the removal of the Kinect was the saddest thing about their E3 presentation. I mean I hate how they use the thing, but I feel the Kinect has potential to be a real wonderful addition to gaming if it were properly implemented into something meaningful. But Microsoft isn't willing to do anything with it so, sadly it fades into obscurity. I mean I don't care about it as it stands now, but if it's innovation, whether it comes from Microsoft, Sony, or Nintendo, I'm all for it. I just wish they had the balls to stick with it and prove that their initial love of the Kinect 2 was validated.

The structure of their show was good though. Showing what's coming out this year and next, some indie games, some larger budgeted games, that's about it. Nothing bad, some excitement, but nothing that I would call great really. Plus the audience was not even trying to be excited, save for Master Chief announcement, which was spoiling the mood.

EA was almost bland personified in their presentation and actual quality. It was mostly "Here are games coming out. Mostly sequels, but whatever." They didn't seem excited about their own offerings save The Sims 4 which actually sounded a lil interesting to me, though most of the Sims games do even if I don't play them. The games looked nice, but there wasn't that sense of seeing something I didn't expect, or excitement so that left me dry. Plus there was a lot of talking during between the games and it was mildly maddening to me, but in general, it was unnecessary for what they were going to show. Basically filler really.

Ubisoft had a pretty fun conference over all. They kept talking playful and to a minimum save when explaining games that would benefit from said explanations and they kept things about as serious as a press conference about videogames should be. Some new games, some sequels, some that we saw last year, but very effective in what they needed to do.

Sony had the weakest of the conferences over all. Mostly due to the hype built around them from last year's ending, but still. Too much talking, poor attempts at joking, distracting moments with sound dropping, the focus on this years games being exclusive DLC for third party games on the PS4. I mean when did that become a good thing to talk about? I hated hearing that from Microsoft and when they finally stopped talking about Sony starts. Either way, for people who like hearing about that, it was there and if people feel that is a viable reason to have a PS4 or validates them owning it, great. They spoke to them quite effectively. For those who want a bigger indie console, Sony seems to be focused on putting as many indie games on their console as possible before Steam Machines launch. They seem to be relying heavily on the indie crowd to provide them with the diversity that the larger industry tends to avoid. An interesting way to round out their console, but nothing really to wow the masses. Then they started talking about TV, movies, and streaming services and, while that is fine to talk about within the span of 5 minutes, it absolutely murdered the flow of the event with how much unnecessary detail they went into with this. I'm fairly certain 20 minutes were used to speak about these services in detail. Yes some of that was also about playing old PS1-3 games, but the pacing was terrible and you could feel the audience start to hate hearing these guys talk after a point. They ended it all with an Uncharted sequel which pleased many I hear.

Overall for them though, the disruption in the middle of the presentation, information and game pacing wise, was too detrimental o the overall affect and left people feeling as if nothing was really announced. This is exacerbated by the fact that not many new games were talked about during Sony's conference and I don’t recall any Vita games being mentioned at all. The actual majority of games that I recall were indie games while the Playstation exclusives were notably more anemic (going by what was shown during the presentation of course).

These four really didn’t do much to tell the consumers that this was the glory of the “next gen” consoles. Even if Ubisoft did a good job at their conference, nothing was really done to show gamers that this gen was really starting with a bang. Which is fine really, I don’t recall any gen starting off amazingly well. Generally it takes a couple of years for the steam to start the train rolling down the tracks. Remember how long it took the PS3 to actually look good? Thing was an overpriced George Foreman grill that played games until Uncharted, Heavy Rain and Metal Gear Solid 4 dropped. Then suddenly it’s amazing. Well that and a steep price drop. Next gen usually has growing pains, but the problem is with how Microsoft, Sony and third party games painted this current gen. Last year we were more or less promised a slew of games to be released with the XBOne and PS4, however they have run into the same snag Nintendo ran into. Ironically people accused Nintendo of learning nothing from the past and now Microsoft and Sony have very few games for their respective new consoles while Nintendo is picking up steam as they will likely do next year. However, the awkward thing about this is, the third parties that left Nintendo still haven’t produced for the other two consoles which makes their complaining and show boating look all the more impotent and juvenile. The buzz that surrounded last year that many games were to befall the new consoles was snubbed out and it really was leaving for a rather dull feeling E3 for the first day.

Nintendo started off their conference with a playful jab at their consumers, fans, and the whiny personalities of the internet in general that showed not only do they listen to their fans, but they can give and take a joke as well as anyone else. The fight with Reggie and Iwata was more of that, and this set the stable for Nintendo treating games as a fun medium to provide entertainment. Their focus was on delivering a fun and engaging bid to the consumer that they were supporting the Wii U with all their gusto and the fans should as well. Keeping announcements after the DE and during the Tree House was also a very good way to keep people excited and interested in what Nintendo was going to announce next and what else were they going to do to increase the hype.

For whatever issues or technical faults that may have occurred during the Tree House, the overall robust feel of the everything provided a more packed sense than either of the other console and game makers. There have been more people, from what I've seen, converted to Nintendo after this event than converted to Sony or Microsoft which I think is an important deal. And unlike Sony's last minute statement that seemed to win over everyone last year, Nintendo seemed to win everyone over with their entire conference. And unlike Sony last year, it was based on games that are being announced and not a promise that the status quo won't change.

The question of who won I think people take way too seriously, as they do with everything videogame related. If people aren't being venomously attached to their console of preference, they wish to attempt a wise mature statement of "the gamers won" when really that's just a copout statement in a feeble attempt to not start an argument. The proper way to answer this is to base things on facts. I personally feel Nintendo won last year, but facts dictate last year that more people were more moved by Sony than Nintendo. This year I personally feel Nintendo won and I have heard more statements about people being moved to get a Wii U than an XBOne or PS4 after viewing all of the conferences at E3 or at least after viewing Nintendo's event. So, logistically, I believe it is safe to say Nintendo won. Now do they get a big prize? Not really, now they have to deliver on the goods lest this hype train derail. But for now, they have the most positive hype about them than the console and game maker competition and the most they've had in years without any of the big names going out of their way to damn their attempts of doing things different just for the click bate. Now positive news is the click bate.

If there was anything that I'd say is disappointing this year is the gamers really. After nearly two years of Nintendo Directs setting the stage for informing Nintendo fans of what they're working on (hell the new Zelda game was first announced on a Direct and not E3 event), people still act as if E3 is the only place to hear new Nintendo and if something wasn't announced during E3 that it either isn't in the works or will never come to fruition. This is exactly why the Robot Chicken jab at the very being was so appropriate. Nintendo lays out a list of fresh new games, and some of the most complaints I see are "Where's Majora's Mask/Metroid/Gamecube Games/Wii games in virtual console/HD Remakes?!" Petty small minded, complaints about things that really don't belong in E3, especially for Nintendo considering how they can get info about these games out. E3 should always be about new titles. It honestly baffles me that Microsoft used it to talk about the Halo Master Chief collection, but that I suppose can be excused since the series is fairly old now and people who might want to experience the first game in classic and updated styles can now do so, but Sony's remastering of GTA V and The Last of Us is downright insulting to bring up here. These games currently exist, but the same people that liken every Mario and Zelda game to one another will be the same ones praising these games when we all play Mario and GTA for the same reason, cause it's fun.

But back to my point of gamers complaining. This E3 was about setting a hard number of many games to come to the Wii U this year and a taste of what's to come for next year. Everyone and their toothless grandma has been screaming and stomping on their Bob's Soap box about how Nintendo absolutely needs to sell more Wii Us and when they do things to sell the console, now people are screaming "What about me?! I want to hear about this right now this very second!" Well spoiler alert friends, there are roughly 12 more directs between now and next E3. Each Direct is like a mini E3 event and we get more info from them on many and more specific info on select games than we do from E3 which is more just announcement heaven. More Zelda videos will be seen later, it's not necessary to see them now. Same with Star Fox. Showing more takes away from the newer IPs that people ask for, but never support. The important thing to take away from this is Nintendo hears you and they will deliver only when they are ready. And honestly, how is that unreasonable? Why rush a product you want really badly? Why not just let them take their time to do it right, then salivate over it for the oncoming years?

This year at E3 Nintendo talked about 28 new games (18 games for Wii U and 10 for 3DS [not including remakes on either]) exclusive to them being released this E3. Sony talked about 16 (5 PS4/3 10 Vita [same rules as Wii U]) and Microsoft talked about 10 that were exclusive to them. Not all of either of them are releases for this year, but Nintendo practically has to make their games on their own and they’re still pushing out more than the other’s. At least for announcements so far.

Microsoft did good, EA did okay, Ubisoft did very well, Sony did poorly, Nintendo did excellently. It’s dumb to complain about what you’re not getting when you’re getting more now than ever and are very likely to get what you want later on down the road. E3 is not the only means by which Nintendo gets it’s information to the gamers, if you feel something was left out or not expounded upon enough, wait till a Direct about it shows up and you’ll likely hear much more about it ala Mario Kart Direct.



KO-Cub said:

So stoked for the games already. Just can't wait anymore. I must get that Smash Bros, I must get that Metroid, I MUST GET THAT LEGEND OF ZELDA WII U!!! MY BODY IS REGGIE!!



theBluntKnight said:

It's funny how as recently as a month ago there were armchair experts saying Iwata and reggie should be fired. And now that E3 is done and dusted it's clear that Nintendo absolutely killed it.



SLitz1979 said:

@Peach64 Hey there. I enjoy reading your posts, and usually agree 100% with what you have to say. And we have very similar taste in games. Wii U friend me?



HAL9000 said:

I loved the Treehouse live coverage. It gave viewers a much more in depth look at the upcoming games and made me want to buy several that I was on the fence on beforehand. The treehouse crew really expressed their love and enthusiasm for gaming and it was infectious. Thank you Treehouse and Nintendo! Best E3 ever.



Nintendo_Ninja said:

Nintendo crushed it this E3. Between the killer Digital event, the awesome smash tournament, and the fun treehouse coverage, there wasn't much that Nintendo didn't accomplish!



TwilightAngel said:

Well now we know now iwata will not get fired this year, cause of amiibo that idea will print money for nintendo.



theexxs said:

@ShadyKnights I probably took around 10 minutes to read your comment, I agree on a lot of your points, and I have to say, that's the best analysis about this year's E3 that I have read so far!



Windy said:

I thought Nintendo did quite well with the opening presentation until I watched the XboxOne presentation. They killed us guys. Just killed us. Not only were the games very impressive announced they just seem so compassionate about their cause. Their online service is unmatched and Nintendo keeps moving backwards with it Online features. Nintendo didn't give one tidbit about how they might improve online gaming.XboxOnes future lineup smokes what Nintendo is bringing to us. I will still stick to my 3DS but please come on Nintendo take a little pride and do some truly wonderful instead of re-hash after re-hash. Sorry I was hard on ya but seriously you need a kick in the pants and to fire whoever is in Charge of the VC.



Giygas_95 said:

I can't really say because I missed a lot of it. However, I do wish more of Zelda and Starfox had been shown. Wouldn't have minded some Metroid news either...

As far as the reveals themselves go, I didn't really get excited over much, but that's just because I don't really get excited about games I won't be able to play for another few months or even years. I get excited closer to release which is actually a blessing because it means I don't mind waiting a long time. Now, a Metroid or F-Zero announcement might have gotten me a little excited, but maybe next E3!

Also, that picture of Iwata? He looks like he's about to burst out laughing.

Edit: I went back and watched the Nintendo Direct. I loved the Reggie vs. Iwata fight. So funny...and I loved how they were sort of making jabs at us basically. Like when the guy said "Give us Mother 3!" and "Where's Starfox?!" Man, they have us pegged! I think that was a much more interesting approach than just having someone stand on a stage, talk, and show trailers.

And I like to think the Reggie and Iwata's fight was without any CG or stunt doubles.



IceClimbers said:

Nintendo knocked it out of the park this year! My jaw dropped when I saw the Robot Chicken animation intro, as it shocked me that Nintendo would team up with them. Funny intro too. The Reggie vs Iwata scene was epic and was a fantastic way to introduce Mii Fighters in Smash and amiibo figures.

Treehouse Live was absolutely brilliant. Seeing demos of the games and the Treehouse team having fun was really cool. Very entertaining.

The Smash Invitational was beyond epic and the hype from the crowd was insane. That moment when Mega Man used his Final Smash will go down as one of the best E3 moments of all time.



Henmii said:

Biggest surprises:

Zelda getting serious again (big overworld, freedom)
The awesome Iwata vs Reggie fight

Biggest dissapointments

I would have liked more Zelda
Starfox still not a solid thing
No Metroid
Most games being 2015
Very little 3DS games

The treehouse thing was pretty fun (from the little snippets I have seen), though it steals the thunder a bit of the media-coverage I guess.

If Nintendo want to improve the whole E3 experience, I think they should also offer the demo's as Wii u downloads. So that we can try them out ourselves. I would love that!



Nintendofan83 said:

@Peach64 You are a great barometer of how successful a Nintendo product is lol. You're a tough critic but I respect and understand that. I also bet you own a crap load of Nintendo stuff and have been a loyal fan for years. I don't stray away from the original IP's much but I'm quite excited for Splatoon and the fact it finished second to only Zelda in the specific game announcement vote has me convinced that the Wii U's best days are ahead. People will always buy the original IP's but profits will be dictated by these new IP's and I hope both are successful. The Zelda trailer hurt me. Just hurt me. Can't stop thinking about it lol. Microsoft and Sony also did well and if I was in the market for a second console, I would have to really do my research because both showed great stuff this year. Overall, E3 was mint.



GC-161 said:

After watching the Digital Event and experiencing in person the Super Smash Bros Invitational, this is the first time that I was 100% confident that Nintendo had won E3. So much so, that I didn't even bothered to read what ANY editors in the media had to say in the matter. I didn't need anyone to confirm it for me. I just knew it was so.

Let's hope that they can knock it out of the park next year.



odd69 said:

Hmm i dont know, Its going to be a Nintendo year for me, its been a while since i had one of those so I'd say they did the best, got me excited about owning a WiiU unlike the Ps4 which is still 'meh' minus the indies i get to buy, I think all three platforms are neck to neck with the "Indie" games thing which is music to my bleeding ears.



HappyHappy said:

I felt Nintendo won E3 mainly because of the big three Nintendo showed a lot more gameplay for upcoming games compared to Sony and Microsoft who mostly showed CGI trailers.



DangaiohDark said:

Well that was a waste of time. There was no 3rd party AAA titles like dead island 2 or rise of the tomb raider, just what most people already knew. Splatoon looks interesting though and so does devil's third. Whats the two titles Ubisoft have for wii u I wonder, maybe ghost recon online and an assassin's creed? or even zombiu 2.



Kirk said:

Well I'll try and sum it up:

  • Microsoft 39 games
  • Sony 42 games
  • Nintendo 12 games

Nintendo did have some solid titles and a few greats in there but it's not like most of Nintendo's games p*ssed all over everything Microsoft and Sony showed to make up for having less than 1/3 of the titles on show. In fact some people might even argue that a few of the games Microsoft and Sony showed did exactly that to everything Nintendo showed; p*ssed all over them (the likes of Rainbow Six Siege, Metal Gear Solid 5, Uncharted 4, Batman: Arkham Knight, Dragon Age: Inquisition and The Witcher 3... for example). Maybe not me personally, because I think Zelda was my game of the show based on what I saw and what I know of the Zelda pedigree but that's just me.

Also; before you start saying things like "Microsoft and Sony just had shooters" and "100% of Nintendo's titles were exclusives unlike Sony and Microsoft" or whatever... Actually break down those percentages into numbers, using the total number of games each company had as your starting point, and you'll see how these things actually work out in reality when your FAN bias is taken out of the equation e.g. Nintendo might have had 12 exclusives but Sony actually had more, 15 exclusives when you do the maths, for example.

Nintendo did however have the most purely entertaining presentation at least (comparing Sony's and Microsoft's conferences with Nintendo's "Digital Event"), imo, which is a +1 solely in terms of it's E3 show. Same goes for the Treehouse Live stuff and Smash Invitational etc, which gives Nintendo a couple more +1 points, solely in terms of it's E3 show.

Hopefully you get what I'm saying here.



appel said:

I think the E3 was exciting for Wii U owners, with a lot of new good new titles. However, I only own a 3DS and not a Wii U and I feel Nintendo's E3 was disappointing for 3DS owners. Besides Super Smash Bros, STEAM and Gunman Clive 2 the future line-up for the 3DS looks weak.



Rin-go said:

As was pointed out to you, this are just the games shown on the Digital Event. Even more games were announced and shown in subsequent events.
Educate yourself, before you try to educate the "fanboys".



Kirk said:



Nintendo showed AT LEAST 27 more games after the "Digital Event" to match at least Microsoft's number of games shown in their presentation, never mind Sony's number...

27 additional games, more than twice what they showed in the entire "Digital Event", that can stand toe to toe with the likes of Rainbow Six Siege, GTA V, Far Cry 4, Rise Of The Tomb Raider, Battlefield Hardline, Destiny, Alien: Isolation, Assassin's Creed Unity, No Man's Sky, Uncharted 4, Metal Gear Solid 5, Batman: Arkham Knight, Dragon Age: Inquisition, The Division, The Witcher 3...

Go educate YOURSELF.




Kirk said:


What I said was to do the numbers before people start making claims like "100% of Nintendo's titles were exclusives unlike Sony and Microsoft" as though this somehow means Nintendo beat everyone else outright because it had the highest possible percentage of exclusives at it's "Digital Event" and that somehow is indicative that surely it MUST be the outright winner etc etc etc.

Basically, Nintendo had all exclusives at that "Digital Event" but when you get the actual numbers and compare them, let's even imagine/pretend for a second that Nintendo had 18 exclusives and Sony "only" had 15, then ultimately overall Nintendo's lineup still totally and utterly pales in comparison in basically every single way to the other guys.

Nintendo had a decent show, imo the best and/or most entertaining "presentation" along with the follow up stuff too, but at the end of the day the other two companies presentations basically obliterated it in all the ways that ACTUALLY matter and WILL ACTUALLY matter over then next year or so until next E3 and indeed beyond; which is in the overall number and quality of upcoming games that were shown and the continued support from BOTH first and third party for their platforms.

Hence why I closed with: "Hopefully you get what I'm saying here."



Tender_Cutlet said:

Nintendo "won" because Microsoft and Sony didn't have a killer app either. Zelda wasn't a "reveal", its development has been common knowledge for almost 2 years. Only reveals [unexpected and new announcements out of left field] were Amiibo, Splatoon and Captain Toad.

Ridiculous asking this website who won - bet 99% of us members didn't watch the Microsoft or Sony presentations - reflected in the numbers who voted partially for Nintendo.

Overall I thought E3 was a very average offering this year that will not stand out in hindsight against a year with a big new console or IP reveal from any of the big three.



Kirk said:


Which just proves to me that a game like Bayonetta simply isn't going to be a system seller because when even Nintendo Wii U owning FANS aren't voting for it in a poll like this then you know that basically no one [not literally no one] who doesn't own a Wii U is really going to give a sh* and certainly not pick up a system for it.

This is kind of game where you just know Nintendo Wii U FANS are going to complain that it's all our fault when it doesn't sell because we don't buy them, without really understanding that games like this aren't really the games that most gamers care about in the first place and that most gamers aren't actually buying consoles for.

When this game doesn't sell in huge numbers it's not certain gamers faults for not all rushing out and picking it up after they've been asking for more titles. It's that this is simply a niche kind of game that only certain gamers care about in the first place, coming out on the lowest selling console this generation, a console where it's core audience isn't even the type of gamers that might be more inclined to check a title like this out in the first place, and that's all there is to it.

If anyone wants a game like this to sell in decent numbers then they're going to have to market it to as big an audience as possible and promote it to high heaven imo.



Plutonian said:

Maybe you're right, but maybe not. The original Bayonetta came out on PS3, so there could be a lot of Sony fans that might be interested in picking up the system for the second installment. I don't know why you're focusing on Wii U fans and saying that if Wii U fans aren't excited about it (which I don't agree with and that's my next point) then it won't move units. If you want to sell units then you need to release a game to appeal to the people that have not yet purchased the system, not necessarily to current Wii U fans and owners. So you are right that the game should be widely promoted. Lastly, the fact that Toad (a game that I had no idea was coming) got more votes than Bayonetta (a game that we have been hearing about for over a year) got more votes in a poll to determine “your favorite reveal” does not indicate that Wii U owners are not excited about it. The game could sell poorly, or it could sell well. All I do know is that this poll portends nothing.



Tender_Cutlet said:

About four 'core Playstation fans are gonna spend £200 on a WiiU to play the sequel to Bayonetta. Let's be realistic. The rest would sooner upload embarrassing baby photos of themselves onto the internet.



BertoFlyingFox said:

Nintendo absolutely devoured this E3, there was just constant info/gameplay coming out of their showing. But really, a lot of the games shown for a 2015 release across all platforms were amazing. It's going to be a great 2015 for gaming in general.

As for what's releasing in 2014, Nintendo and surprisingly Microsoft had a lot of games I was interested in. While Sony's 2014 release schedule was lacking for my tastes.

And the saddest part of all of E3 for me, the Vita being ignored while they focus on PSTV....apparently Sony doesnt want to remember the name "Vita" ever again.



Pj1 said:

I heard about announcements Sony made at E3 and I was impressed, Nintendo as usual did a great job but there's a part of me that thinks Nintendo are holding stuff back for their own 'directs' I was annoyed with a feeling that the game cube adapter for Wii-U wasn't talked about for Europe and one of the biggest announcements that they could have done would have been game cube games coming to Wii-U VC and DS titles coming to the same console. I think these announcements will come in due course, just got to be patient. I was not surprised by the Zelda announcement though but the Star Fox announcement was a surprise, however I felt really confused with the appearance of Zelda Williams entering the stage with a Majora’s mask and that the title wasn’t announced as a remake for 3DS or in stunning HD. Also Super Mario will be 30 years old next year and I am really looking forward to see what Nintendo have in the pipeline to celebrate that one! Overall a good E3 for the big N.



Genesaur said:

@Kirk Well, I dunno. I'm buying it day one, for sure. Bayonetta 2 was my reason for wanting a Wii U since before there was much of anything released for it. I'd only just bought the console, last month, but Bayonetta 2 has remained my "reason" for buying it.



mookysam said:

I think the Treehouse coverage was a stroke of absolute genius. Extremely engaging, informative and showing actual detailed gameplay. It even sold me on games I wouldn't normally be interested in. I hope more companies have rolling coverage like this next year.

I couldn't select a favourite reveal. Nintendo had a very strong showing. Zelda is of course very exciting, but Xenoblade X's gameplay demo at the Treehouse really impressed me too. That world was enormous!

Who "won" E3? I think Nintendo had the best show versus the other two platform holders traditional conferences. Nintendo showed lots of gameplay and lots of exclusives. Across the board it seems as though 2015 will be a stellar year for gamers.



Emaan said:

It was an amazing E3 for Nintendo this year.

I loved the Nintendo Digital Event, especially the Reggie vs. Iwata opening.
Nintendo displayed their unique charm that no other company can match with their presentation, and that's why I love them.

The Smash Bros. Invitational was also a great idea and awesome to watch. Nintendo is really connected with their fans.

The new Legend of Zelda looks amazing. Splatoon looks excellent and highly creative. Captain Toad, Yoshi, and Kirby all have new incredible games coming.

It's a good time to be a Nintendo fan~



Sherman said:

I've been telling my friend, a Nintendo hater, that Nintendo won E3. He said "Well, Nintendolife is full of Nintendo fans, of course they're gonna say Nintendo won E3!". And then I showed him a bunch of other sites pointing at Nintendo as the winner....


Kotaku poll

Chosen by the people in a site with a fair gamers diversity... he's speechless now! And the beautity of it, is that in the poll they have a "Playstation E3 experience" image XD



Kirk said:


Well all I know is that in this case the poll suggests/reaffirms to me that Bayonetta probably isn't going to sell in particularly impressive numbers and it isn't going to be any kind of "system seller". Of course I didn't actually need the poll to come to that conclusion because I was/am pretty certain of that already.

You can of course claim I don't "know" those things but that's just semantics.



GC-161 said:

@Kirk Dude, dude.... Nintendo won E3. That's all you need to know.

That's what the poll says. It's the same poll that you're using to come up with that crow-eating prediction about Bayonetta bombing. See, you can't dismiss the numbers that say Nintendo won E3 and at the same time use the numbers from the same poll to give your spin some hint of believability.



Kirk said:


Well, overall, Nintendo did have the best E3 show, imo too, but I don't think that's really what's important here in the grand scheme of things.

It's awesome when the company you like has a great E3 show and it has become customary to want to see one of them clearly "win" E3, that's why we have polls just like this, but usually when we think of a company "winning" E3 it also points to what that means for the future too in terms of "winning" the overall console war for at least the next year and maybe a bit beyond with a large selection of genuinely world class truly compelling titles.

Go and do a count of how many big world class truly compelling games Nintendo has coming for the rest of 2014, even including all the ones revealed at E3 that helped Nintendo "win E3" this year...

Nintendo may have won E3. It did have a cool "Digital Event" and kept things going with the Treeshouse Live and Smash Bros Invitational etc but it had around 12 games based on that recent pie chart (a few more if you count a couple that were [barely even] announced after the main video presentation) but it's lineup was still roughly 1/3 the size of the competition and while Nintendo had a couple of genuine systems sellers in it's lineup those other guys had tens of system sellers each.

So, Nintendo may have "won" this battle but imo it's still clearly getting it's *ss handed to it in the overall war and to me that is the biggest worry because when the gamer and consumer has around 12 Wii U games to choose from in total and only a couple are genuine truly compelling systems sellers as compared to another console which probably has about 12 genuine truly compelling system sellers even without all the other games, well I don't think you're "winning" much.

Maybe that's where your friend is coming from...



WanderingPB said:

@Rafie i concur taking a poll about the winner of E3 on a Nintendo site seems a bit superfluous but then again there are a few of us that can actually take a step back and look at the whole picture and see how gamers in general truly won this year still in the end the polls entertainment value is going to be high! LOL!

Choosing a winner ends up being purely subjective no matter how objective you make it sound. So even though gamers won in the end in my biased opinion i voted for Nintendo because that's just me



GC-161 said:

@Kirk - So what you're really concerned about, is really about doing the whole penis measuring thing, right? Who had the bigger d*ck, here. MS? Sony or Nintendo?

Well you see, Nintendo didn't win because they had the biggest, throbbing dong to screw you with. Instead, they won because despite having a regular size penis, they were better at making SWEET LOVE to you. And that's why they won.

So yeah, that's pretty much it. It's not the sword, but the swordsman what matters.



Kirk said:


It's not about metaphorical "penis measuring". It's about ultimately having the best and broadest gaming experience possible on your console. Nintendo has some awesome first party games but then the party's basically over. It honestly needs all these truly massive genuine system selling third party titles that are coming to the other consoles imo or else comments like mine from people like me are simply not going to stop. The ONLY way Nintendo could even hope to overcome the lack of all those massive games coming to the other system is if it somehow magically managed to put out out something like twenty Zelda quality games of it's own in the next few years to make up for not having those games and that is, quite literally, impossible.

Nintendo has a smaller penis AND it's got less "moves"...but at least it's probably wearing a rubber.



Sherman said:

No, my friend is Nintendo hater. He'll always say Nintendo sucks, no matter what. He only likes Smash Bros because he used to play it, but everything else he don't know automatically sucks for him.
What you said, @Kirk, is that Nintendo won E3 but with a lot more words than I did XD
I never said Nintendo is winnin the war, I (and everyone else) said that Nintendo won E3, that's it. BUT, with this win I think Nintendo is going in the right direction, why? Becouse of how Nintendo won: They listened to people, they did what people wanted, they delivered the way people wanted. Great games, great demos (E3 and all USA), great shows, streaming all day long, great conferences with all the creators. I'm in México, and even I got free special Miis from Nintendo at my Plaza! Robot Chicken!! Nintendo was fun as hell!! And overall they did send a very loud message: "Goog things are comming", and what you are failing to do is to read between lines. I do it, and I read "... Nintendo can deliver, what we showed you is just the beginning".



Scott123 said:

Kirby rainbow curse looks like it could be played on a DS
Captain toad:so lazy could of just been DLC
Mario maker:looks ok
New zelda:looks amazing
new star fox:probaly out in 2016

No 3rd partys
No F-Zero
no metriod
NOT even a mainstream mario game




Kirk said:


Well, to be fair, Nintendo actually showed a few games on 3DS at this years E3:

Smash Bros, Code Name S.T.E.A.M and Pokemon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire off the top off my head.

Two of which are bonified AAA* system sellers and the other at least sounds kinda interesting.

*AAA in the sense that they are top of the class game experiences "AAA quality" as opposed to having budgets in the tens or hundreds of millions or whatever.



GC-161 said:

@Kirk - But according to you, it IS about trying to find out who essentially had the bigger penis at the party.

You don't care about who gave a better performance. You don't care that Sony or MS' conferences were the usual boring by-the-numbers crap. With a bunch of company employees cheering and clapping at the back of the room to make it a little bit less of a drag. You only care about who showed more cgi for more than an hour.

Nintendo used 47 minutes to win E3. The others wasted hours telling us that 2015 is gonna make that PS4/X1 worth owning.

See, lets continue using that penis analogy. Because it fits what your trying to say here. If you don't mind, that is.

The PS4 needs a big penis, for the simple reason that they have a huge hole to fill in their library of games. You look at the PS4's million seller list and only 2 (two) from that list are exclusive to the console. The rest of them are multiplats. Games that you can play elsewhere.

Is it ANY wonder that you find PS4 pestering developers about porting this PC/WiiU/X1/360/Vita/3DS/anything-with-a-CPU game to their console? Is it any wonder that they pee their pants when they get yet another remastered last-gen port? It's because they're HUNGRY for games. Poor things.

So yeah, Sony had to show a lot of games for them at E3. But they're gonna have to wait until next year to get most of them.

At least with Nintendo, Wii U owners have great amazing games from NOA, NAO. As in today.

But the fact is, Nintendo won E3. Period. End of story. It's history now. We can move on now and talk about what Michael Pachter thinks about Nintendo going 3rd party. And when Splatoon is going to end up on the X1/PS4, yadda, yadda yadadda.



GC-161 said:

@Kirk -

It was you who brought up "Hey guys, Nintendo didn't really win because their repertoire of games at E3 was smaller than what Sony or MS had at their conferences (see, its really all about measuring ducks thing with you).

I told you that its not the size of the penis (unless you own a PS4 and have a huge hole to fill in terms of having games on it), but how they went about using what they had at the show.

Nintendo did a marvelous job with not just the Digital Event, but also by including the Treehouse segments. Because they allowed developers to speak directly to the gamers. Without any of the artificial BS seen in the other conferences. With the wall-to-wall cgi and the on cue cheers and applause. No, it was just the developers showing actual gameplay. Telling you what to expect.

Nintendo won E3 because they broke with the old rusty mold and were able to inspire not just their target audience, but anyone else who's into games.
Please stop with the profanity — TBD

^^^ I hope calling a penis a penis isn't considered profane.



Kirk said:


Well if you want to take whatever things that aren't REALLY that important here and use those as misdirection to get away from the real issues then cool:

Nintendo won E3 (see; not even in quotation marks)...and I never said it didn't.

We're not all better off for it in ANY way, shape or form, for neither the rest of this year or the future beyond that.

But take the victory, run with it and ignore the bigger picture and far more important issue here for as long as you need to...

Because the main title of the article wasn't actually "What Did You Think of Nintendo's E3?" as opposed to "Who won E3" (which was only one small part of the overall article and rightly so imo) at all; was it...

I thought Nintendo's E3 was actually pretty good but it didn't solve any of Wii U's problems at all imo.



GC-161 said:


So now I'm the one spinning things?

I am just paying you with the same coin, dude. Dancing to the music that you brought here. So don't complain that someone else is going to play your game.

You came here to try and do the whole Debbie-Downer routine. Post after post you tried to dismiss the notion that Nintendo won E3 and that it didn't mean anything at all (go back and read your posts). And you did it by saying that Nintendo didn't show as many games as Sony and MS did. Which is why I threw the measuring d1cks thing at ya.

In regards to what Nintendo winning E3 means, it means that we get to have a little fun with it. Especially when we have fun with those detractors who just hate it, absolutely HATE it when they see Nintendo fans with an ear-to-ear smile.

EDIT: So you added stuff to your previous post? Well let me reply to it using the same post.

"But take the victory, run with it and ignore the bigger picture and far more important issue here for as long as you need to..."

^^^ Yeah that's like saying "Hey, you won the lottery? Well, don't celebrate yet. Because let me remind you that in the bigger picture, you're going to have to deal with relatives & the government trying to steal that money away from you. And you could actually get killed for that money". So yea, lets consider not celebrating anything at all, will ya. Your favorite team winning the championship? Lets not celebrate that. Because there are other issues to deal with. People are going hungry in Africa. NO FUN ALLOWED should be our motto.

"Because the main title of the article wasn't actually "What Did You Think of Nintendo's E3?" as opposed to "Who won E3" (which was only one small part of the overall article and rightly so imo) at all; was it..."

^^^ Oh Dat SPIN. You have a great future at Fox News, my friend.

"I thought Nintendo's E3 was actually pretty good but it didn't solve any of Wii U's problems at all imo."

^^^^ Of course. Winning E3 isn't going to solve all our problems either. I remember when Nintendo said that the only way to save the Wii U was by winning E3. Oh wait, no they didn't say that.



Kirk said:

Read the title of the article (Who won E3 was only ONE of the things raised)...

I REALLY don't have to indulge you on this point any further than I already have.

Nintendo had a very good E3 and it did basically nothing to fix the Wii U situation going forward for anyone other than FANS imo (but FANS like you have been satisfied with the Wii U since before the system even released as far as I'm concerned so Nintendo didn't EVEN have to win ANY E3 in that respect).

End of.



TySoN_F said:

It made me hopeful for the Wii U's future! So many great games either being revealed or being shown off. Seriously, I didn't get anywhere near as excited with Sony's or Microsoft's events. Maybe it's just bias or wanting to see the underdog win but Nintendo took it in my book.



GC-161 said:


I rather read your posts, which is what I'm replying to.

You said winning E3 means nothing and that MS, and Sony had more games at E3. I replied to THAT.

So if you're going to try and run away from your own posts and point me toward the title of the article, that's fine. I'll still reply to your post and what you posted.



Kirk said:


"winning E3 means nothing and that MS, and Sony had more games at E3."

Basically true; yup. Although not exactly what I said originally.

I don't have to say anything else really. It says it all. Where exactly are you confused here? LOL

It's a pity THIS bit in my very original post obviously totally went over your head though: "Hopefully you get what I'm saying here."

Ultimately; here's how it breaks down down, again (Just for you):

Nintendo had a great E3 show, the best E3 show actually, although statistically it didn't actually beat anyone at all in terms of the stuff that actually counts (you know, little things like the overall amount and quality of the games coming to the system in the future for example. Hence the concrete objective numbers and stats) and ultimately it didn't and doesn't actually address any of the bigger and continuing issues with Wii U either as I see it.



Shambo said:

@Andxej Yeah, missed that one too, was really hoping to see some more of it!

Nintendo nailed it though, with little pieces of extreme hype, slowly hyping new titles, bringing fan service for Captain Toad, Bayonetta,... Showing of further development of Hyperule Warriors, "X",... Getting an over the top third party cancelation as exclusive,... The self-referential humor... Treehouse made you feel involved in the crowd... It was amazing!

Could'nt really pick a favourite announcement, I loved almost all of them extremely much, but Splatoon being a NEW announcement, not leaked, and totally looking fun, it's my pick. Even though the Zelda title alone -let alone the image of the open field- made my jaw hit the floor so hard, both should've been broken.



Williaint said:

@rjejr "My only disappointment is that after 18 months of Wii U games Nintendo still hasn't taken advantage of the U in Wii U's name.
Super Smash Bros Ultimate
Super Mario Universe
I completely agree, there isn't enough U's in the titles. Smash Bros 'ultimate' suggests the final incarnation, nothing can be better than ultimate. It's 'Jumping the Shark'.
'Super Mario Universe' will probably happen (Whether it's a compilation game, or an actual SM64/Sunshine/galaxy-esque game).
I could see a "Yoshi Ukelele and dance", if his/it's popularity increases again...
Kirby's Umbrella Curse... Look out for that one.
I'm glad they didn't reveal a new Mario game for this, or next year (Mario maker doesn't count; I hope they confirm a Super Mario World skin).

I'm disappointed there was no "Wario & Waluigi: Uber Heist" or "Ultra Bounty Hunters"... I'd love to see a co-op game with Waluigi : )

Nintendo may have won E3, but I disagree that there IS a competition. This is basically a fan-based opinion.
The treehouse really elaborated on some of the games, which made me more excited about Giant Robot (make a stupid robot, then make your friend play as it)
@Shambo I know how you feel about the LoZ U Trailer. I sat gawk-eyed with my jaw wide open for the whole thing, especially when Aonuma explained it. I'm sure the map and item systems will work excellent with the G-Pad (like in Windwaker HD).

Nintendo Predictions FOR THE FUTURE:
Captain Toad's treasure trek will not be a full-priced game, but about $20, very similar to Super Luigi. It's going to have to be released a month earlier, than Smash Bros Wii U (unless you get some kind of discount from buying Smash Bros...)
Hyrule Warriors... Well, it will definitely appeal to Warriors fans, and have some appeal to LoZ fans, so it may be worth my time. I'll get it if it has a decent review, from a few websites.
It looked like a few of the games like Splatoon or Mario Maker, could come out this year... Of course, they would probably be overshadowed by Smash Bros....
Amiibo? There's no doubt it will sell. To Kids, collectors, and anyone who likes the idea... or is mildly interested. It would make a simple and easy gift, Maybe more personal than an eShop card.



Dpishere said:

@JaxonH Lists like that make me excited to be a Wii U owner! So stoked for Xenoblade Chronicles X since the original wii game is one of my favorite rpgs, bar none. S.T.E.A.M. is looking like a purchase as well even though I don't normally play strategy rpgs, I just like the way this one looks!



GC-161 said:


This article asked for our opinions on the recent events held at E3. There is no one way to interpret it all. We can only offer our own impressions. Thus why they even asked for 'em.

Now the reason why I took you to task here, was because you came in throwing numbers to try and dismiss the fact that most believe that Nintendo won E3. In the same post, you also tried to preempt any potential responses that would challenge what you had to say. So of course, I went into "challenge accepted mode" at that point.

It was crystal clear to me, that you came here with a particular agenda. I dunno why you expected no one to challenge on it. You can point at the headline all you want. My posts centered on your posts, not the title of the article.

Nintendo didn't win E3 because of the number of games they presented at the event. They won because they made it clear that their focus on FUN remains as solid ever.

And more importantly, Nintendo didn't lose because they didn't "save the Wii U" at E3. Which would still be up in the air, considering the headlines that Zelda U got.

Anywhoo........... LOL



Shambo said:

@Williaint I literally kicked my table away to move closer to my tv as fast as possible. The only thing missing here was an audience, like when Twilight Princess was first shown, making grown men weep in joy. Nevertheless, goosebumps all the way! The more they release in 2014 still, the better. As long as they prefer 'apoligising for the delay and thanking us for our patience' to releasing unfinished games, that is.

I really hope you're right about Captain Toad, as long as it gets the same physical release Luigi U got.



odd69 said:

Umm i watched all three, my opinion is still Nintendo had the best overall E3 ,I am quick to point out all the shortcomings of the Big N, but i cannot find a single thing to complain about when we talk on the subject of E3 2014



LuigiTheGreenFire said:

This was not a good E3 for Nintendo or any one honestly. Nintendo's E3 2010 Conference was outstanding. Everything since has been pretty meh for the most part.



JaxonH said:


Yeah STEAM does look fun. But as Nintendo fans we have insider knowlege on how great of a developer Intelligent Systems is. Non-Nintendo fans who have never played an Advance Wars or Fire Emblem, they won't understand why we're so hyped for the game. I mean, don't get me wrong it DOES look good in and of itself, but knowing how great Int Sys is at strategy gameplay is what really ups the hype level to maximum velocity.

Tell you what though, that Yoshi's Wooly World might be one of my most anticipated games now. I wasn't expecting it to be that good, because Kirby's Epic Yarn played way too slow, and was super easy. But it's not what I was expecting. It's faster paced gameplay similar to DKC Tropical Freeze, and it looks like it actually has normal platformer difficulty, with a LOT more platforming action than Epic Yarn. Basically, it looks like the best dang Yoshi's Island game I've ever seen, with an incredible yarn art-style and co-op. Mark my words, I know a good game when I see one. Look at Yoshi's New Island (which was actually a decent game), and then look at how good Yoshi's Wooly World looks. Ya, TOTAL HYPE!



JaxonH said:


Yeah STEAM does look fun. But as Nintendo fans we have insider knowlege on how great of a developer Intelligent Systems is. Non-Nintendo fans who have never played an Advance Wars or Fire Emblem, they won't understand why we're so hyped for the game. I mean, don't get me wrong it DOES look good in and of itself, but knowing how great Int Sys is at strategy gameplay is what really ups the hype level to maximum velocity.

Tell you what though, that Yoshi's Wooly World might be one of my most anticipated games now. I wasn't expecting it to be that good, because Yoshi's Epic Yarn played way too slow, and was super easy. But it's not what I was expecting. It's faster paced gameplay similar to DKC Tropical Freeze, and it looks like it actually has normal platformer difficulty, with a LOT more platforming action than Epic Yarn. Basically, it looks like the best dang Yoshi's Island game I've ever seen, with an incredible yarn art-style and co-op. Mark my words, I know a good game when I see one. Look at Yoshi's New Island (which was actually a decent game), and then look at how good Yoshi's Wooly World looks. Ya, TOTAL HYPE!



3MonthBeef said:

Looking the reveals poll you can almost see why third-parties aren't too keen on bringing big name titles to the Wii U. Nobody would likely buy those, but instead rather by a friendlier version. Splatoon is the perfect example of this, such high marks for a new shooter IP. Just an observation, not railing.

Also its smart that Nintendo at least is branching into other categories. They have their audience friendly shooter (which is smart). They have their JRPG with XCX (Xenoblade Chronicles X). They have their sexy action brawler in Bayonetta double check. If Nintendo can keep Bayonetta and X on their roster permanently then they will have games in each genre to serve as their starter platforms to showcase to developers for future consoles or gaming strategies.



2Sang said:

@Dreamz Oh I'm not saying it looks like a bad game, even a game that I won't get. Rather, I think they did the same thing as they did nitnendoland a few years back. Great game, sure to sell, but let's give the other games a chance to have the spotlight and save the excessive gameplay footage for the treehouse. Again, this is a minor thing, as it was the only thing about the entire direct I found negative, and it's not even the game itself but rather their approach to it.



golemoy said:

~40% New Zelda
~20% Splatoon
everything else got 1-9%
Now it's obvious everybody is excited about the next zelda game, but dat Splatoon game doe! It got incredibly positive reception and already has a huge fanbase. It was announced couple of days ago and theres already loads of fanarts on the web (some are inappropriate but whatever).



Action51 said:

@LuigiTheGreenFire - Were you in quarantine for the last few weeks?

You know we're talking about E3 2014 that just happened like a few days ago right? The E3 where Nintendo really impressed many people and made fans feel good about owning Nintendo platforms again, right?

So just to be clear, we're not talking about E3 2013 from last year, there was a new 2014 E3 a few days ago that I believe you might not have been aware of.



Kirk said:


I saw the article and the title question was a perfect opportunity to reiterate my views that I had expressed in a few other articles too and that remain consistent: Nintendo had a very good E3 show, the most entertaining out of the three, but it didn't really fix anything that ultimately matters in the long run imo and as someone who's still not been compelled to buy a Wii U, like tens of millions of other people in the same boat, I feel that's the bigger issue that needed to be somewhat more effectively addressed at this years E3 rather than there being a couple more cool games to appease current Wii U owners and little more.

The stats were put there for a good reason and that was simply to show that my "opinion" was actually a bit more objective as opposed to often the slightly biased ("Nintendo had more exclusives than the other guys", "The other guys only have shooters", "The other guys never showed anything new", or whatever other stuff some people will have claimed) of most other people in here. Also I made sure to pre-clarify some things that I knew some people were going to use to challenge my points incorrectly using those very same stats; I knew someone would say "But Nintendo had all exclusives" (ergo Nintendo beat the other guys in that way) or whatever, after just glancing at the graphs, when the fact is that this is a totally FAN thing to say without actually looking at the reality when you break down those percentages into real numbers, which is regardless of Nintendo having 100% exclusives it didn't actually have any more exclusives than the other two guys (or there was a difference of maybe one two titles across them all), as just one example.

So, the numbers and graphs where there to show the objective reality behind the "showmanship" but I also wanted to make sure certain stubborn FANS didn't go off and abuse those same stats to actually argue that somehow they prove Nintendo had better this or more of that etc, which is inevitably what some people have done, when that's not actually true at all.

Nintendo had the best "presentation" as it were but it didn't walk out of this show having addressed basically any of the real issues I think it really needs to address at least at SOME point.

That's the thing I want to keep making sure isn't getting glossed over or ignored here, by all the FANS or Nintendo (if by some random chance it happens to see any of my posts), because that ultimately won't "fix" anything as I see it and ultimately I don't care how happy any of you might be with what you've got if I'm not fully happy with it.

It's like Nintendo stuck a couple of cute fluffy dice and some shiny new rims on a battered old Ford Escort and everyone is expected to think that car is now set to compete with a couple of new Mercedes Benz' that have even fluffier dice, shinier new rims and a sun roof already.

E3 is now over. Nintendo did a great job during those four days. Now, what is it going to do about the next four years to make this a more compelling machine beyond the FANS, to people like me for example, because that still hasn't been answered...?

I also really don't have to ask that/those same questions of either Sony or Microsoft because I have no doubt that those guys will have delivered most of the games, services and features that most gamers these days want by the time this generation comes to an end, because they've both done precisely that for the last few generations (unlike Nintendo), and that's the difference here.

So have your E3 victory and your moment but I want something a little more meaningful personally.

Basically; despite all it's efforts and very entertaining E3, Nintendo ultimately still didn't/hasn't done enough to convince this gamer that I'd be fully satisfied if I actually bought a Wii U and I'm happy to remind it so (in my own little way of leaving my various comments saying as much around the Internet)...



Dpishere said:

@JaxonH Yeah Yoshi's Wooly World was definitely my favorite game shown at the show, right next to Xenoblade. Though I haven't yet played Kirby's Epic Yarn I did hear criticism with its relatively low difficulty and that has partially kept me from playing it so far. Looking at the trailer for Wooly World I have to agree that this game seems to have a solid challenge and looks to control incredibly tight! It looks like I great co-op game to play with my bro too!



LuigiTheGreenFire said:

@Action51 I was merely stating my opinion. I was underwhelmed. There is nothing wrong with being open minded. I like Nintendo a lot, but I am not blind. They still have a long way to go.
Just because a lot of Nintendo followers liked E3 2014 doesn't mean I have to. The only things that piqued my interest were Super Smash Bros. 4 and The Legend of Zelda and even those were underwhelming.



ShadyKnights said:

Hey man, you’re using that word bias improperly. You see, fans pointing at the exclusives and quality products that can only be found at Nintendo is indeed less bias than you poo pooing them for not having the games that you want. It is also more bias for you to come here with a sense of righteous duty to keep the fans from getting too rowdy for your tastes and enjoying the victory that they and the bulk of the internet agree upon.

Electronic Entertainment Expo. The purpose is to entertain. Nintendo did this better that their console and game maker competition. By a land slide. Company business does not entertain, nor are your points about what Nintendo “needs to fix” relevant or even accurate. So long as they provide a product that enough people want for them to make money off of, while pleasing said customers, they’re doing what any business needs to do to survive. My 2000 Plymouth Breeze may not be as great as my dad’s 2013 Buick, but damn it, it gets me from point A to B and she does so smoothly and carries what and who I need her to.

As you said, they had the best presentation. There, they won E3. Done. The only reason you’re arguing with GC-161 at this point is because you keep injecting your personal opinion into what Nintendo is “doing wrong” and what “needs to be fixed” when your opinion is crap man. Not trying to down play your intelligence or anything, but what the hell do you or I really really know about what any company needs to do to be successful? All this follow the crowd, do what everyone else is doing, BS is just high school politics. And I’d thinks someone who tries to sound as reasonable and intelligent as you are trying to would realize that popularity contests are not a bench mark for success. Nintendo is the nerd/geek of the gaming industry. Sony and Microsoft are the preps and jocks. I’m pretty sure we all know who ends up doing the best at the end of the day. Popularity doesn’t beat actual quality and that’s what Nintendo has been and is pushing heavily.

Your likening their event to slapping new rims on an old car is also another personal opinion of their product. A bias statement meant to make the Wii U seem inferior or less than high quality when it is the new console of Nintendo. Not their N64, or Gamecube. They’re not selling the Disk Drive, they’re trying to sell and promote the Wii U. Again, your likening the other consoles to fancier cars to get people to see them as something new and luxurious as well, is also a very bias statement. Yes, they are more premium hardware machines, but to be more neutral about it, you’d have to classify all as new and that Sony and Microsoft merely are higher end cars of different brands than Nintendo’s car. You try to back pedal this statement by calling what they have shinier rims and fuzzier dice, but you’re terribly mistaken in your analogy in these additions.

Games are not additions to the car, they are the gas and locals. Currently you can drive further with Nintendo’s new car than with the competition since they have more coming out now and likely more quality later. Nintendo’s games are known for their longevity so you’ll likely be driving much longer on one tank than with the competition, hence the hype. The fact that they’re offering more refills means you can go even further and see more exotic locals while doing so, hence even more hype. The competition hasn’t really offered to take anyone any place really new or very far, for hardly any time this year. And the indie game locals are almost all going to be on the Wii U as well so the reasons to drive the other cars become less and less viable. You have a larger array of diverse locals and distance in these places you can drive with Nintendo coming soon and later. I don’t quite get how you would not want to drive that car unless you just want to go to very specific places faster later, but to each his own.

You keep speaking on Nintendo needing to make the Wii U compelling when making games for it is all they need to do, to accomplish this. Third party helps but the importance of it really has gone downhill more than people think. What point is there is getting one particular machine for games you can get on something you already own, your computer? Graphical fidelity? Well if you care about that, you can upgrade your graphics card or your rig in general and you can easily outpace the higher end consoles at less than the price of said consoles. They very obviously made the Wii U compelling with their games. Doing well at E3 is the best way to make their console compelling and winning it helps doubly so. Look at how well the PS4 has done with about as many, if not fewer, higher budgeted games at and nearly a year after its launch than the Wii U. The hype after E3 last year had 90% minimum to do with that and to deny such is just ignoring the truth.

Again, you trust in Sony and Microsoft because your bias is to their games. They provide what you want and you trust they’ll not let you down. Yet in the same lecture, you also chide Nintendo fans for trusting that Nintendo will do the same and call their feelings bias to belittle them. You claim that most gamers want what Sony and Microsoft provides because they’re popular, yet Nintendo games consistently out pace these games by the numbers. This is a fact, not a bias opinion. There are numbers to heavily prove this. So to say that most gamers want Sony and Microsoft’s offerings might actually be less true than you believe it is.

And while Nintendo hasn’t proven themselves to you, I’ve seen many and heard many more gamers who were blown away, begrudgingly convinced, and/or outright converted to them for next year at the soonest. Convincing just you is not the point or the goal. It’s a bonus, but the other thousands, if not millions who will be getting a Wii U as a primary or secondary home console will be consolation enough I’m sure.



Dreamz said:


Maybe I'm misinterpreting what you're trying to convey, but how is Nintendo supposed to fix their major issue (severe lack of 3rd party support) with a convention that's designed simply to build hype for upcoming games? It's not like they can somehow build help build support for something that isn't there. The only thing that's really going to fix the 3rd party support is pushing more console units, which MK8 and SSB seems to be addressing currently (as well as the plethora of other interesting games like Zelda, Splatoon, etc).



Kirk said:


I don't think Nintendo can fix the severe lack of third party support at this stage but I think it could have shown very clearly that it had at least fixed basically every other complaint anyone has had about the system since launch, and there have been quite a few that to this day go ignored imo, and I think that's the best they could have done to at least get all those people still on the fence to jump on board and even a large chunk of people that might not have even given the system a second look up to this point. It's all the additional things it could have announced but didn't that I think is where Nintendo missed an opportunity at this E3.

For example, here's a few things I think it should have been announcing on top of the 12 or so games it officially unveiled (in any kind of actual visible real form):

  • Another price drop of maybe $50
  • A proper unified account system that gives people the chance to buy one copy of a game and be able to play it across both Wii U and 3DS where possible. Certainly with all the VC titles and many of the eShop titles too.
  • A Wii U model with proper storage. Say something like a 250GB-500BB hard drive
  • Including the new improved battery in every GamePad from now on by default
  • A permanent price drop across the board on the VC titles to maybe half of the current price
  • Introduced some kind of subscription service similar to Sony and Mircrosoft that gives gamers access to a couple/few free games every month at a small monthly fee
  • Introducing an option for people to download a patch that enables CD/DVD/MP4/AVI and Blu-Ray (if possible) playback on the console
  • Announcing it was at least developing new proper full games in most of these classic franchises that continue to go ignored on Wii U and ideally showing at least a logo and maybe a couple of screenshots (so it's not just words): Wave Race, 1080 snowboarding, Pilotwings, F-Zero, Earthbound, Punch-Out!!, Animal Crossing, Metroid, Fire Emblem, Wars, Pokemon...

Note: You can say that's a lot of games, maybe even an unreasonable amount to expect Nintendo to announce, but it's still less than the total amount of games both Sony and Microsoft showed at E3 this year and without that valuable AAA third party support the onus is squarely on Nintendo to make up for it as I see it. It just needed to assure people like me that at the very least all those games aren't simply going to continue to be ignored on Wii U. To be fair, it did say a couple of those games are coming at some point but if it doesn't even have a logo for them yet then you know that basically nothing is really happening on that front for years to come most likely. Also, it's now had over a year and a half to start getting the ball rolling on all of this stuff so as unfair as you might think it is of me to expect all this stuff from Nintendo, it's actually had plenty of time to get most of it sorted at this point in time.

Outside of the lack of third party support I believe those are many of the reasons why people are simply still not interested in picking up a Wii U and I know this because I am one of those people and those are the kinds of reasons why I still don't have one.

Pushing more console units is basically exactly what I'm on about because that's the only real chance Nintendo has at selling this outside of the hardcore FAN circles and turning this situation around imo and just a few new games and Amiibo isn't going to be enough at this stage as I see it, those announcements are just catering to those people that already own a Wii U once again, but with a bunch of other stuff I think it actually could have at least got a bunch of stragglers and those more core gamers looking twice and E3 was as perfect a time as any to announce all that stuff.

Imagine Nintendo's E3 with everything it already had plus all that stuff I mentioned above...

Can any reasonable objective person in here actually turn around and deny that not only would it have obliterated the competition in terms of E3 but it would have basically addressed pretty much every main complaint anyone ever had and still has about the system, that it could plausibly address at this stage (I mean it can't suddenly make it as powerful as the other consoles), and that it could have reasonably done any more to give this console the best chance of success possible going forward from this point?



Kirk said:


"So long as they provide a product that enough people want for them to make money off of"

All I'm trying to do is tell people like you what I personally think Nintendo needs to do, as I see it, to take your words and make them more than just hollow meaningless nothings and given that I'm one of those people who still hasn't snapped up a Wii U yet I think I'm in a much more objective position to be able to say what might be causing that situation than people like you for sure and what Nintendo might be able to do to address it, from the perspective of someone yet to be convinced I have to have a Wii U.

You think Mario Kart 8 and Super Smash Bros are the titles to do that and I'm telling you that at the very least they aren't when it comes to this gamer. Those two titles and basically little else simply isn't enough...and I unquestionably expect that to be true of multiple tens of millions more potential customers just like me.

Let's just imagine for a second that all the people who already own a Wii U are perfectly happy with their system at this point, so this isn't about Nintendo continuing to please and appease it's current consumers because that job is already done and is continuing to be done, and therefor it really does come down to appealing to and getting in all those additional consumers that don't own a Wii U for whatever reasons and maybe finally starting to get back into the black...

Might adding all the people just like me to the list of Wii U owners actually be enough for Nintendo to make a profit for the first time in three years?

It's certainly something to think about.



timtimdaunholy said:

this was a good e3 but if they could have been amazing if they actually showed star fox and announced metroid



ShadyKnights said:

So out of everything I said, you pick one sentence and respond to that outside of the context of everything I said. lol You remind me of my cousin now. Okay fine you didn't say anything rude or nasty so I shall respond in kind.

You are misconstruing the important factor in those sales. These were at a time where Wii U didn't really have many games out for it that the public had not seen before and during its long drought of few new releases. As I said, its popularity was fairly low. The argument that many so called journalists and anti-Nintendo fanboys have been throwing around at Nintendo's launch titles is that they could have and did play many of those games on the PS3/360 which ignored the fact that these games were not playable at all on the Wii. Ironic than the same people who probably squeed all over the remake of Halo 1-4, The Last of Us, Ratchet and Clank, and GTA V are the same people who didn’t like a remake of games that they already played coming out on a new console really… As I said, the games are what is important and Nintendo didn't really have many new games for the console to release at a steady enough interval to appease those who haven't adopted early. And really, the first year or so is for early adopters while the following years are for the masses.

The general response to this would naturally be to show me Sony's sales figures, but as I said, Sony is popular. Sony is the prep of the video game industry right now. And last year's final E3 comments from them are what sold so many consoles as fans wanted to prove a point by not buying the XBOne since Microsoft was rude and disrespectful as hell to them. So they jumped ship to Sony. Again, this is a fact. Before E3, people hated both Sony and Microsoft due to botched press releases, but Sony managed to shine brighter by appearing as if they listened to the players. I remember how before E3 people were sounding despondent as if they would have to go to Wii U this gen and ignore the other two.

So Nintendo has been running a loss for now is not what I would call great, but sometimes companies must spend money or be willing to bet a short term loss for a long term gain. After all many analysts can tell you that the Xbox brand has been an anchor to Microsoft since or before the 360 yet no one points fingers to how that company will die off this gen or should release the next Xbox to replace the financially failed 360 or XBOne, so showing Wii U poor sales and Nintendo losses really doesn’t prove a point. I find it silly how people look at a couple of years of losses and feel that just breaks down 30+ years of stacks upon stacks of profits. They have pretty much stated that they are banking on their games to push their systems which is why E3 and their directs are so important to them and why they have been pushing the quality of both lately. Their methods are different than the competition and they have had losses, but let’s wait and see how things are between this and next E3 as "winning" E3's does produce hype and good PR and helps push consoles as well as new games.

And I know you weren’t speaking to me, but your list of things that should have been announced is mostly pretty ridiculous and petty complains man. I’m not trying to be nasty or offend, but it’s really bad when you think about it and contradictory in places.
A price drop is not necessary at this point, nor is it reasonable to ask for or expect. With many Wii Us, you get bundled at least 1 game now. A good one at that. Not to mention it already received a price cut in its first year now you want to bleed more money out of them? Why not ask Sony for a price cut? The XBOne and the Wii U are the only current gen consoles that cut their prices, so why not demand that of Sony instead? That’d actually be reasonable since the other two did already, but to ask for more is just greedy on the side of the customer.

Actually, Reggie did speak to IGN about a unified account system and he said they are looking into it and are interested in it, but he can’t really speak on anything just yet. So likely that will happen later on down the road.

Okay you cannot ask for a price cut, then demand more storage. Again, so early in the console’s life is not really apt or necessary either. Not to mention they allow for the consumer to use whatever external hard drive to up to 3TB on the Wii U and you can get a 2 TB at my Micro Center for about the price of a new game if not a little more. So if you have memory problems, just buy or use your current external hard drive. They as much as said that before the Wii U released. In a way, it’s cheaper for the consumer since they don’t have to pay for the extra in storage HD space up front, but when they need it. Win win for company and customer I see.

The battery life argument is ridiculous. The gamepad generally last about 4 hours of game play, some have reported more, some less, but that’s the average. If you are playing your game longer than that, you can always hook the gamepad up to its charger. I do so. If you are sitting too far away from your wall socket to do so, then get a USB adapter for it. I got one to play my Wii U in my car when the power went out two summers ago. Played Arkham City off screen mode. Good times. Yeah more battery life is a nice boon, but it really isn’t the problem people make it out to be. And it is rechargeable and isn't AA batteries either so I think people should calm down on that point.

The VC price cut is something I would say is fair depending on how much cut are we talking about. I do get these games are old, but essentially they pay for more VC games to be released. But news about old games really isn’t something that belongs at E3 when they can just toss it on Direct.

Why should Nintendo emulate what would be very bad for them? Nintendo does not have enough third party games to support such a system and even if they did, they’re games are many classes above others so the subscription to play said games would likely be higher to reflect this. If you’re going to get Mario Kart 8 for free, you’re going to pay more for it than what you may to get Sleeping Dogs or inFAMOUS 2. Also, they are the only console that does not require you to have a subscription service to utilize their online in any way. In fact, with the Digital Delux Program, you get a gift card for the eShop for so much money you spend on the eShop so essentially you do and can get free games. And not one offered, but what you would actually want. Also there is the Club Nintendo where you just register the games you buy and maybe answer a survey if you want and you get points to get collectables or to get some games as well. So there are two free options to get games that they offer while Sony and Microsoft want you to pay as your only option.

Playing DVD/Blu Ray/music on the Wii U is not important at this day an age. It’s 2014, not 2006. There are multiple devices that do this already in many homes. Nintendo has stated that their focus is on being the place to play games. Playing DVD/Blu Rays/ music is not playing games so they wouldn’t focus on those things. Also this is what separates Nintendo from its competition. They are a gaming focused console. This is not a negative in any way, nor is it something that needs to change.

Did you even watch the Digital Event and the subsequent days after E3? Again this last point is exactly what that Robot Chicken parody was about. That self-important, snide, attitude that Nintendo is just letting games go by the way side and that they are ignoring their fans. The Wii U is not even 2 years old yet. How are any of the games you mentioned being “ignored” by it? The people at Nintendo mentioned they have an interest in 2D and 3D Metroid game. Animal Crossing is on the 3DS and will likely come out on the Wii U soon enough. They obviously haven’t forgotten these franchises and just don’t want to put anything out about them until they have something they feel confident about. That’s not unreasonable or anything that needs fixing. It’s better to talk about games when they are going to actually be released and there is something serious to be seen rather than just a mention about them that may never come to fruition. Gamers don’t like being lied to and after last year, where that’s pretty much what publishers were doing left, right and center, to do so now would be more harmful in the long run than good.

Nintendo is not pushing to be the only console that people buy like Sony and Microsoft are. And the fact that they showed the most amount of games that you can only get on their console is how they plan on selling it. You going on about your feelings on how you, as someone who likely has no experience or deep understanding of this industry, feel would make Nintendo do well when all the fact you have to go on is anti-Nintendo hype that spread only because it was fashionable to talk trash about Nintendo and speak praises about its competition. Well now that we have a E3 with all three consoles starting off in the same position again, Nintendo is the talk of the town when the other two were in the best position to stay in the positive conversation, or at least easily stay ahead of them. For how well PS4’s are selling, Sony has to talk about how Wii gamers ran to PS4 rather than how effective their E3 was. For how insanely popular the 360 was, the XBOne is still flinching from fan response of last year. For how dogged Nintendo was for the past 7 years, they came out with a decisive victory by doing none of what you, couch analysts, or even professional analysts suggested they should do. They did so by speaking on what the actual fans wanted: New games, some old IP being revised, letting them know they do listen, and inviting them more into E3 so they can experience the games they usually miss or don’t hear about.

Most of your arguments stem from many people’s misunderstanding of what actually makes a console war, a console war. One of the big tag lines for Sega was “Genesis does what Nintendon’t”. The original console wars were started by how gaming on this console was different than that one. This started by technological differences between the two, but once technology became stronger, Nintendo focused on a different way to play. For as ridiculous as people may like to call Nintendo’s ways, the other companies, who are doing oh so much better than them mind you, are trying to adapt everything Nintendo does into themselves in a haphazard slap stick way that is very rarely meaningfully used. N64 controller breeds the analog controller for the Playstation. Wiimote breeds sixaxis, the Move, and the Kinect. Gamepad breeds touchpad, and smartglass. The dual analogs were definitely a smart adaptation and change of pace, but the rest have been just been adding the innovative additions without the innovations with them.

This is why there are doom and gloom articles about the death gaming consoles because Sony and Microsoft are so similar to computers at this point that there is very little reason to get them over a PC. Rather than complain about how Nintendo didn’t do enough or say that their victory will surely end in defeat, if you really want them to do well, why not be excited for what they did without the triple A industry and hope they do well and add the fuzzy dice and rims that you’re asking for later. Cause that stuff surely isn’t important for the Wii U itself, but just fun little addition to please a minority rather than the fans, who actually matter.



ShadyKnights said:

Man if you’re responding to what I said, it’s in poor taste to do so by editing the response I am responding to. The first sentence and your link on comment #251 were the only things in your comment until after I responded to you.

Owning or not owning a product does affect your objective stance on any matter. Being objective does. Owning it merely grans one perspective in the matter. If a person is going to be bitter about something, or won’t give it a chance, then they themselves are actually not objective. Objective people try new things and make up their minds on the experience based on the perspective they now have. Objective people also do not look at something based on what they want, but what is there, and judge it by that. To judge the Wii U based on the XBOne or PS4 is improper. You judge it based on the Wii. You determine if it is a good console on its own merits, based on the improvements it has on its predecessor. It having what you want is only a concern if you buy it. If not, and you know they’re not going to give you want you want, why constantly complain about it? All you’re doing at that point is wasting people’s time and annoying many in the process just so you can feel good about whining. Not saying that’s what you’re doing, I’m saying that’s really what it looks like and why people have taken issue to your words.

I have a family member who’s a big Sony fanboy, had a friend who still is one, and have a friend who is a Microsoft fanboy. I can speak as pleasantly to them about their console, hear them verbally filate the things they love and laugh and chat with them because I take a neutral stand point in it all. I’m just in it for fun, innovation, and games. I have decided not to get a PS4 or XBOne this gen so far because I don’t appreciate how Microsoft disrespected its fan base last year or how Sony lied to everyone then back pedaled in an interview that a lot of people seem to have missed, like a day later. I don’t like companies lying to me or disrespecting me so I don’t get their products. That is not to say I ignore them outright though as I often watch what’s happening on their end of the gaming sphere, but I feel their games are all bleeding into one another and the variety I hear so much about looks the same to me. Plus I’ve yet to see any serious difference from my PS3, to the PS4 quality wise. But, because I do not own or play the games or the console, I always submit to those that do and are because their perspective is better than mine. I only make statements about factual things that I know of from said companies, or when explaining my perspective of why certain features may or may not matter to me. To consider yourself and your way of thinking as a majority is also a bias statement. Though you are not trying to be, your words come off as more bias than you think man.

Now, I don’t recall writing that I believe Mario Kart 8 and Smash is going to convince you, or likeminded people, to get a Wii U. Honestly I don’t know what would be good enough for you, or likeminded people because I’ve heard and read so many similar arguments and demands on what Nntendo needs to add to get them on board, watch Nintendo add them, then watch and heard a bigger list of nitpicky things roll out. Not saying that you are of this type of person, but the arguments are similar and it seems more like you wish Nintendo to become more like Sony and Microsoft to get your sale.

Personally, I’m more inclined to thinking games like Devil’s Third (Cannot wait) and Beyonetta 2+1 will be games to turn more heads as well as Mario Maker since I’ve seen enough Kaizo Mario to know where this is going. Fan made New Kazio Mario U 2016. I’m effing calling that. People want smart and mature games. Not M rated games, but mature ones. It’s like how I tell my friends Rugrats, Angry Beavers, Dexter’s Laboratory, and Rocko’s Modern Life are very mature cartoons despite them being made for children to watch. It’s the layers upon layers of humor, references, innuendos and such that allow for something to be enjoyed for every age for different reasons that makes something mature. An M rating just means only adults can enjoy it as kids may not get the references and such. Maturity is about broadening one’s horizons. Kids stay in play pens. Just sayin.

I am saying, however, that Nintendo is putting forth a more diverse line up than you are giving it credit for. This isn’t about Nintendo needing to broaden its horizons at this point. Now it’s about you and people like you broadening yours. Ninja Gaiden 3 is on the Wii U. Need for Speed is on the Wii U. Beyontta will be joining with two games. Mass Effect 3 is on the Wii U. Devil’s Thrid will be on the Wii U. Tekken is on the Wii U. Arkham City and Origins is on the Wii U. Xenoblade Chronicles X is coming to the Wii U. These are darker, grittier games. They also have the diversity of their first party Kirby, Zelda, Mario, Splatoon, and so on that is for the more light hearted visually and tonally crowd. That’s diversity. Sony and Microsoift don’t have diverse games in near the number of Nintendo. Oh yeah there’s Project Sparks and Little Big Planet, but that’s it. You can get Disney Infinity on the Wii U as well as Skylanders. Can’t get Hulk on it for now, but I’m willing to bet you’ll probably be able to use Nintendo characters via Amiibo on it as well for the Wii U which makes up for that loss in spades. Heck even I might consider getting that if you can have Samus fighting alongside Ironman….

Nintendo has shown the meat they’re willing to bring, yet you and your kind complain about the vegetables on your dinner plate that you don’t like even though you haven’t even tried them or you won’t even have to eat them because you can play whatever you want. Every nay sayer’s immediate response is “I want more than Mario”, get more than Mario then complain “Not kiddie games! Something mature!” we have a roll out of mature games and it’s “I want these non gaming features and lower the price” and when they don’t do that, the nay sayers have the nerve to act like Nintendo isn’t listening. Disgusting and disgraceful.

Also, you are speaking as if you are in the majority and Nintendo fans are in the minority. That actually isn’t the truth. Most people are just waiting till announcements they want to hear come out to get the system or until they are surprised by something that steals their attention and warrants an earlier purchase. Most people are reasonable like that. Only very few make demands about things that aren’t gaming related to be stuffed into their gaming console because most people just want to play the games. Again, I have seen more people moved to get the Wii U once X Y Z game announced at E3 dropped than for PS4 and the XBOne. After all, the other gamers are nice to get, but Nintendo also wants people who are not gamers to join the world of Play. And judging by how well their E3 was received, I believe they reached more people in general than the small group you speak of.

As far as staying in the black is concerned, Nintendo may be taking losses with the Wii U, but they’re still quite solid footed. Getting Wii U sales in the black would be a more apt term. Sony on the other hand has lost considerably more money than Nintendo outside of the gaming sphere. I’d be more worried about them than Nintendo. Not trying to start anything, just looking at the overall numbers.



Kolzig said:

Hoped to see some reveal of Fatal Frame 5 as I'm really worried they will only keep that gem in Japan like they did with the fourth one which fortunately was saved by some awesome fans that did the fan translation subtitled version of it for Wii.

Overall the E3 went fine for Nintendo, good amount of games shown and absolutely best was the Bayonetta reveal that the original comes with the second game. Also the vista view reveal of Zelda Wii U was just simply majestic.

Here's hoping that they keep evolving their business in the near future and we shall soon get region free software update to Wii U and 3DS, a non-hardware locked account system and Gamecube, Sega Saturn and Gamecube games to the Virtual Console. Cross platform purchase should implemented as well. There's no shame in "copying" Sony for that cross platform thing, Sony has copied so much stuff from Nintendo in the past that it's just returning the favor in a way.



MasterWario said:

@MoonKnight7 That still doesn't mean I "understand" the hype.

I dunno, maybe it's just that I understand Zelda games will take their time to get here. I hardly cared at all for Wind Waker HD when it was announced (I have beaten that one before), but now that I have it, I'm thoroughly enjoying it.

(Actually now that I think about it, the only Zelda game I actually looked forward to getting was Skyward Sword.)

Maybe I'm just weird.



Derpscout said:

It obviously Nintendo has the most votes since this website called Nintendo life.That's not fair!That's cheating!

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