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United Kingdom

Sun 17th Nov 2013

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DangaiohDark commented on Putty Squad:

Is this game still coming to wii u and if so when? I would buy this no problem.



DangaiohDark commented on Poll: What Did You Think of Nintendo's E3?:

Well that was a waste of time. There was no 3rd party AAA titles like dead island 2 or rise of the tomb raider, just what most people already knew. Splatoon looks interesting though and so does devil's third. Whats the two titles Ubisoft have for wii u I wonder, maybe ghost recon online and an assassin's creed? or even zombiu 2.



DangaiohDark commented on A World of Keflings:

Not seen this on the europe eshop yet. Is it even out yet or is this a typo and should be in coming soon section instead of out now.