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Tue 11th March, 2014

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jariw commented on English Version of SplatNet Website for Splato...:

@Quirky Turf War is also a place to fill slots on new gear. I've seen lots of level 45+ with empty gear slots in Turf War.

If you get a couple of bad losses in Turf War, try exiting the lobby and rejoin a new lobby. That might join you with players a different playing style (Turf War matchmaking is based on playing style) and/or a different skills.



jariw commented on Review: Nova-111 (Wii U eShop):

@shani No, I don't think it's that comparable to Affordable Space Adventures. From what I've played from Nova-111 so far, the Wii U game that it remind me of the most is Steamworld Dig.

Affordable Space Adventures is very much its own thing.



jariw commented on Talking Point: Star Fox Zero's Delay Could Be ...:

Why does the article compare the current Wii U sales numbers with the lifetime sales of the Wii? Wii sold 67M after 3 years.

@PlywoodStick According to Wikipedia, the lifetime Dreamcast numbers are 10.6M? What numbers do you have? The Wii U figures in May was 10.5M. And the Japan Wii U sales alone are much more than 100,000 since then.



jariw commented on More Than A Million Super Mario Maker Levels H...:

@SuperWiiU Many uploaders get passed the 10 upload limit quite quickly, and the requirement to get 20 uploads isn't particularly difficult. Why would auto-deleted levels on the server affect the statistics regarding number of uploads? Even if a level is deleted, it has still been uploaded?



jariw commented on Guide: 9 Tips for Playing Runbow:

@13AM_Alex Any word on when the update for the lags when running on secondary HDDs will be out? I'll try to move it to the console storage instead, even though it's not an optimum solution for me. Great game, BTW!



jariw commented on Some Western Splatoon Players Would Prefer Not...:

BTW, terrible that NintendoLife link to a Kotaku article as "news". Kotaku is just filled with click-bait articles, and NintendoLife wants to go that way as well?

As many has commented already, lag goes both ways since Splatoon is P2P. The biggest problems I have had with lagging players has been with the (regional) Splatfests prior to the 2.0.0 update.

Most matches I play (rank A/S players, mostly level 35+ players) usually are 6-7 out of 8 Japanese players. I think the reason why many Japanese players are good is because they play the game a lot.



jariw commented on Review: Super Mario Maker (Wii U):

@multicoloredyoshi The toolset is not a "statement on how limited it is", since the purpose of Super Mario Maker isn't to recreate games that are already available. Super Mario Maker can combine gameplay elements in ways that no Super Mario game currently available has done. You're comparing apples and tomatoes.



jariw commented on Splatoon Version 2.1.0 Update to Fix Some Bugs...:

@gatorboi352 The matchmaking was bad enough during the last Japanese Splatfests, when America was also a sleep. And probably since many S and S+ ranks skips random ranked now. The user base has probably been split enough now, with random ranked, Private battles and Squad Battles..



jariw commented on Review: Runbow (Wii U eShop):

Great! I saw some gameplay footage of the full game (having briefly played the promo demo), and it's a game where everything seems to be done right. And all currently available reviews praise the game. Looking forward to the European release!



jariw commented on Splatoon Passes Half a Million Copies Sold in ...:

The WW Splatoon sales figures are a bit confusing, when discussing July. The 1.6M units was the WW sales figures for Splatoon June 30, in Nintendo's financial report. It would be very close to 2M by now, since the demand for this game is stronger in Japan than in the US.



jariw commented on Poll: We Want Your Views on Splatoon Version 2.0:

I'm a bit confused about these connection issues people are experiencing. Are the players experiencing connection issues really using wired internet on the Wii U? Nintendo made quite a bit of changes to be more picky about stable internet connections in the 2.0 update, and I surely appreciate that. Turf War, and Ranked and especially the Splatfest are much more fluent and enjoyable now. I only encountered one player with lag during the whole Splatfest.



jariw commented on Here's Exactly What's Changing In This Week's ...:

@FragRed You can set Private Mode to play in 1vs1, and you can team up with that 1 friend as a 2-player team.

@Iggly I think that's one of the best changes in this update. If a less popular side wins the majority of their matches, there should at least be some theoretical chance of that side to win the Splatfest.



jariw commented on Splatoon's Big Update is Coming on 6th August:

@Plainsville According to the current info, they seem to make some drastic changes to the Underpass stage. (Removing the tree at the start, moving the side corridors, adding structures to the deep middle part, and more.) personally, I've never experienced any major issues with that stage, and it's brilliant for tower control. Arowana Mall however...



jariw commented on Video: New Japanese Splatoon Advert Teases New...:

@Zach777 I think it's a mix of on-disc and DLC here. The data mining leak only listed 10 available stages, and this shows 2 more stages. The leak also didn't list the bucket or the straw hat. But Rainmaker seemed to be on-disc. My personal guess is that most of these new things are from the August update.



jariw commented on N-ZAP89 and Octobrush Weapons are Next Up in S...:

@MikeW They might continue to update Splatoon with new content for a year for all we know, and we might never even know when the "final" content update arrives. All we know is that there will be a "big August update" with party matches. The more you wait, the more uphill the battle will be to become really good at Splatoon.

@rjejr Since you're so interested in time zones: NoE tweeted about the weapon at 12:00, London time. NoA tweeted about the new weapons + the Splatfest at 1 PM, Redmond time. That's a 1 hour difference between the NoE and NoA marketing departments.



jariw commented on Splatoon Has Inked 1 Million In Sales Since It...:

@Yorumi I'm confused about your posts about the "lack of depth". If you feel you play all matches in the same way, why don't you change your way of playing? Almost every match I play is completely different in Turf War (I probably get matched towards painters with fairly low K/D), and my primary aim is to always win every random match. The only map where I feel any kind of repeatable scenarios is the Mall when there are many chargers, and sometimes Port Mackerel when all are good level 20 players. The ranked battles is a different thing, but those compensate in intensity. And the "unbalanced weapon" thing is even more confusing... The weapon set vs. gear vs. map rotation is where things really get deep IMO. I'm still not at A+ 99, though.