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I am toop.

Male, 16, United States

I have been playing Nintendo games as young as I could walk and talk, with Donkey Kong Land 2 my first game. I was given a Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance SP, and DS at young ages. Ever since I got my Nintendo Wii one Christmas, I began collecting titles from many Nintendo franchises!

Tue 23rd July, 2013

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Obito_Sigma commented on Nintendo Download: 1st October (Europe):

It's interesting to see the big difference between HappyHomeDesigner of Europe and North America. It must be because of the New 3DS (that was my reason to vote), but it might just be due to the lack of sample size. I should wait until more votes come in before constructing a conclusion.



Obito_Sigma commented on Mario History: Super Mario 3D Land - 2011:

Super Mario 3D Land was the first game I played for my new shiny 3DS around the Holiday season. I knew right away that it would be a masterpiece! I absolutely loved playing this new platformer wherever I went. This was a great start to the new generation!



Obito_Sigma commented on Minecraft: Story Mode is Heading to Wii U:

I'm hoping that Wolf Among Us will join this game. I only got to watch gameplay of the first two episodes, but I stopped because I hoped that I would gain a much better experience if I played it myself sometime in the future.



Obito_Sigma commented on Crunchyroll Wii U App Can Now Be Used Without ...:

I would to use this, but the Internet Browser is the only application that would allow me to play anime without closing out Splatoon. Plus, there's dub and hen- hens. Yup, hens and chickens. Don't forget the roosters too. >.>



Obito_Sigma commented on Nintendo President Satoru Iwata Passes Away Ag...:

I can't believe it. And it's been two years since you have been appointed CEO. The day you had become CEO (~E3 2013) was the day I started to take Nintendo seriously and dedicate every day of my life checking up on Nintendo news and games. Thank you for everything, Iwata. RIP in Peace. ;(



Obito_Sigma commented on Cube Life Update To Bring Local Multiplayer An...:

Wait, this is coming in August?!?! Ugh... I guess that I'll hold up until then. I just can't handle the tool durability and drop frequency. I spent most of the game just farming for leather armor and pork. Plus, I remember mining five pieces of stone only to end up with a broken pickaxe. I'll be sure to hop on when this update comes. It is a very beautiful game!



Obito_Sigma commented on Video: Here's Your Handy E3 2015 Wii U And 3DS...:

This E3 would have been a lot more exciting if they didn't tease Star Fox at last E3. That would have been the perfect way to get me started. However, Metroid Prime isn't exactly what I was looking for, and I felt that we already had enough Paper Mario and Legend of Zelda on the 3DS. Plus, neither Animal Crossing game is what I really want, but Home Decor looks fun to mess around with for 20 hours of gameplay tops. The sad part is that Home Decor, Yoshi's Whooly World, and Star Fox (the only games that REALLY interested me) were already revealed long before E3.



Obito_Sigma commented on Review: Don't Starve: Giant Edition (Wii U eShop):

This game has so much content that it is ridiculous for a $15 game. There is so much to explore and craft even without the RoG DLC. I love how you constantly have to stress about everything in the game: food, sanity, Winter, hounds, darkness... Food can spoil in the game and is really scarce to collect unlike any other sandbox game. Some may wonder why it's called "Don't Starve" since there are so many things other than hunger that could kill you. However, it's the main stress of trying to get the food that causes you to run into so many problems. This is a highly recommended game and possibly the most thrilling Indie game that I have ever played. 9/10 from me!