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Wed 10th July, 2013

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Rin-go commented on Official Hyrule Warriors Screens Show Ocarina ...:

I haven't played any Dynasty Warriors games despite the very first, which was a beat 'em up like Street Fighter. But it seems to me that fans of the series have explained a thousand times that if you up the difficulty then the game becomes much more tactical. Or that the trailers use the lowest difficulty in order to show off the moves of the characters. But comments about button mashing keep appearing and people keep explaining. Quite annoying. I hope the reviewers are aware of the difficulty settings. Otherwise it will all come down to button mashing, which doesn't seem to be fair.



Rin-go commented on Shigeru Miyamoto Discusses Future Cross-Platfo...:

I recently came across an interesting point about cross-buy. It's that the only VC games in common between the Wii U and 3DS are NES games. It seems the 3DS isn't powerful enough to emulate SNES and GBA games, that's why cross-buy would be kinda worthless. I think cross-buy will only be possible once the next gen systems launch.

I don't really want a system that is both a home console and a handheld in one. I like that both systems have a different focus and therefore give you different experiences.
I understand it that way that there will be two separate systems that have a similar built, so that the same engine can be used for several games across both platforms. Just like what @Josaku stated.



Rin-go commented on Free Copy of Bayonetta Comes as a Separate Dis...:

How are they not tied to the ID?
My Wii U broke and I had to send it in. I could redownload everything, because purchases are tied to the ID.
I probably wouldn't be able to redownload things from the Wii Channel, but redownloads from the eShop are very much possible.



Rin-go commented on Poll: What Did You Think of Nintendo's E3?:

As was pointed out to you, this are just the games shown on the Digital Event. Even more games were announced and shown in subsequent events.
Educate yourself, before you try to educate the "fanboys".



Rin-go commented on E3 2014: Nintendo Hopes to Share Metroid News ...:

Well, Metroid Prime was released as a trilogy, doesn't that mean it is essentially finished? I haven't played the games myself, so I don't know if a 4th part would be possible concerning continuity and whatnot. But I think that it would be better to not just make Prime 4, but build on Metroid Prime and evolve it. Whether it would carry Prime in it's title or not is another thing.

They just do what they do. Also there is technically a Mario game.



Rin-go commented on E3 2014: Hands On With Nintendo's New Online S...:

The thing is there is not enough information to determine any of that. From what we know, it doesn't seem like a big franchise, but that could change once we know more about it.
But it seems to be quite popular, so that is a good thing.



Rin-go commented on E3 2014: Hands On With Nintendo's New Online S...:

You have an opinion, good. But that is all it is. You have no claim on objectivity or anything, you are just full of yourself.

When the 2DS got announced, you made your own and when people where criticizing it, you insisted that yours was better.

You think you are some sort of guru, but you are not. And you probably never will be. You are just full of yourself.



Rin-go commented on Nintendo Hosting Two Big Evening Presentations...:

Some people make it seem like it's some kind of Direct-like presentation, but isn't it a Q & A?
And going from having a presentation for a 3DS game to "They don't care about the Wii U" is ridiculous. Just crazy.



Rin-go commented on Talking Point: For Better Or For Worse, The Wi...:

When people talk about the Wii you often read comments about how games forced motion controls on them where a simple button press would have been preferable. Now with the Wii U, if the GamePad isn't used for anything other than off-TV play people say that they could very well just scrap it. I don't get it.

Also, with these topics there is often the notion that they don't even know what to do with it. The thing is though, if you develop a device you have to know what usage you want out of it. There is testing and all this involved. Some of the prototypes might have been much different from what became the actual GamePad. So I would think some concepts were developed long before release.



Rin-go commented on Review: Mario Kart 8 (Wii U):

I would say there is no dual screen multiplayer, because the player on the GamePad could have an advantage over the one playing on TV. The GamePad player can look at the TV and see what the other is doing, while the one on the TV may not necessarily be able to look at the GamePad. That's probably why the screen is also split on the GamePad, so that no one will have an advantage.



Rin-go commented on Nintendo Lifts The Lid On Its Plans For E3 2014:

You can often read about how they are "stuck in the past", "should go with the times" and things like that, but when they try to interact directly with the audience through the internet and events it is considered to be better to be "conservative" and have a press conference, just like the other two.



Rin-go commented on Koichi Hayashida Explains Absence of NES Remix...:

I don't think he said that the 3DS isn't powerful enough, just that what they wanted was easier to do on the Wii U. If they had a specific concept in mind, why not go for the device that makes that concept possible?

And why would it need to be on the 3DS anyway? The 3DS could get remixes based on handhelds.
First people want more games for the Wii U and then it's like "Why isn't it on 3DS, too?!", but if it would be on 3DS, too, it would be like "Guess, they don't want to sell any Wii Us" or "They've given up on the Wii U".



Rin-go commented on Preview: Mario Kart 8:

Was that opening paragraph really necessary? Is it not possible to write about the subject at hand without constantly putting it against the Wii U sales situation?

And I didn't know the N64 Rainbow Road was that popular.



Rin-go commented on Advance Wars Bringing the Battle to the Wii U ...:

Actually what @Gold and @Kifa write seems to be true. And it should really be spread as common knowledge. I didn't know about it either, but it is really interesting and good to know. That's probably why GBA games were released as Ambassador rewards and would not be charged for. They are an inferior product in a way, because you don't have all 3DS features available.



Rin-go commented on Nintendo Planning to Offer "Flexible Price Poi...:

I find the "Finally" comments kinda funny. Not just in this case, but overall. Because we don't even know since when some things were planned. They could have worked on some things even before the Wii U launched.



Rin-go commented on Satoru Iwata Admits The "Wii U Isn't In Good S...:

Yes, this would be the biggest challenge. It being too simple or too complex could lead to exclusion. It would probably have to include some tutorials for beginners or generally tips. Perhaps similar to Art Academy? Miiverse could also help through feedback.



Rin-go commented on Satoru Iwata Admits The "Wii U Isn't In Good S...:

We only have that one quote, though, without any context.

I don't think I would be all that interested. I know I'm not now. But I would prefer it to be a new IP. It would be nice if it took the Pokemon approach, being simple enough for inexperienced gamers, but add depth for skilled gamers.

They could add things from different franchises. Kinda like Animal Crossing has clothing, but this new IP could use items and the like.



Rin-go commented on Satoru Iwata Admits The "Wii U Isn't In Good S...:

I'm not really that familiar with the matter. I only know what I have read in comments. But I guess I do know enough about it to get a better picture overall.

Yes, inaccurate information is spread quite frequently. It's not only about the hard drive but also about losing all downloaded software when the console breaks. I had to send my Wii U in, but I could download all the software again, because it's linked to my NNID. But it keeps spreading, no matter how often it gets debunked.

@Yorumi #121

That comes down to preference. Simple as that.



Rin-go commented on Satoru Iwata Admits The "Wii U Isn't In Good S...:

Sorry, but I don't really buy that the Wii U doesn't sell because of the "lack" of power or features. The 3DS lacks power and it also seems to lack features compared to the Vita, yet sells better.

It gets pointed out how some game was supposed to save the Wii U, but didn't. But as far as I remember people were actually refering to the constant influx of games starting with Pikmin 3. Every of the major releases contributed to sales, even if only by a small amount.
Software sells hardware.

Many want a "hardcore" system and high sales. I don't think the "hardcore" could sustain the game industry, though. Casuals are needed for high sales. The 3DS and Wii U don't have the casual instant hit software that the DS and Wii had, so they might not come even close to the numbers of their predecessors.

There were so many comments about how storage should have been larger pointing to the other two next gen now current gen systems. But the games for those consoles seem quite large and I would assume their hard drives will probably fill up fairly soon. But as far as I know you won't be able to connect an external hard drive to them. In this regard the Wii U has actually the better value, but it seems most merely look at numbers.



Rin-go commented on Dakko Dakko's Rhodri Broadbent Emphasizes The ...:

Really nice interview. ^^
The lack of comments is interesting, though. If he would have said the opposite there would be over 200 comments by now.

I agree with him about unique hardware.
Imagine the Wii and 3DS were never developed. Imagine the Wii U, PS4 and XOne had each a different feature. Either motion control, a gamepad or glasses-free 3D. Doesn't matter which console had which. How exciting that would be! Multiplats would all have to be adapted to the different features and we would get lots of unique exclusives.

Great comment. ^^ I agree.
Instead of wanting to turn the Wii U into the other two consoles, why don't they just get one of the other two? Or both if they appeal more to them?



Rin-go commented on Mass Market Price And Mario Kart 8 Will Revers...:

I think they should give away the console with MK8 and 50$. Then the install base would be so great that we would get plenty of software.


On a serious note, though, local multiplayer in Smash for WiiU will likely be much more convenient than for 3DS, because every player would need his or her own 3DS. So for those who are mostly interested in playing it local getting it for WiiU would be the preferable option.



Rin-go commented on Talking Point: The Wii U's 'Relevance' Is Abou...:

Do you sit in the head of other people? I find it tiring how people base things on assumptions without having any evidence.

@JaxonH #211
Great comment. ^^ I fully agree with you. I actually wanted to write something similar.

Like @JaxonH said, many of the potential consumers probably don't look into things too much. They see software or a feature that looks interesting and decide based on that. Because if the Wii U doesn't sell because of the account system and things like that, the XOne should sell even less, what with the reveal fiasco and the everwatching eye.
It seems to me that many just take something they don't like about the Wii U and then apply it to all consumers. To do that one would have to make a market analysis first.



Rin-go commented on Iwata Accepts Responsibility For Poor Financia...:

@Yorumi #129
I don't get it either.
What I like about the Wii U is that it is the way it is. I don't want them to sell out to some everchanging trends for a few more sales that might never happen. Like you said in another comment, it's better to cater to the audience they have than to go after an audience who probably won't be convinced anyway.
I think it is their strong point that they offer a different experience to the other consoles.



Rin-go commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Wii U Struggles Brin...:

It's always surprising with these kinds of articles that some seem to know exactly what is going on inside a company.

I agree.
And who would then take responsibility for failures. The fans?
And which fans should they listen to anyway? It's not like "the fans" all have the same opinions.



Rin-go commented on Satoru Iwata Explains Reduced Projections and ...:

It's not about no games and no advertisement, though.
Games sell systems, yes, but people are like "Release that game and then it will sell millions of consoles" despite "that game" having extremely low sales in the past and not being considered a "system seller".
And advertising doesn't consists of spending a huge amount of money and see if it returns eventually. The other two seem to operate on "spend then earn" and this isn't really the way to go. I think with more software there will be more hardware advertisement, because there will a greater library to advertise for that could entice different audiences.



Rin-go commented on Talking Point: Claims of Wii U Third-Party Dev...:

I agree with those who say that it's also a matter of sales. I have a theory that those 3rd parties sell well which are similar to the 1st party offerings. And this can be applied to the other two consoles, too, because those two also have 3rd party games that don't sell too well.

I wished that 3rd parties would just say that after analyzing the market they see that porting to the Wii U wouldn't earn them money. I don't know if 3rd parties couldn't do something like pre-orders to see the demand? Those would have to be binding, though. Otherwise pre-orders would get cancelled and sales would turn out much lower.

I think the Wii U could be the get to console for budget conscious 3rd parties. There are reports on the other two being much more expensive to develop for, so we will see how this turns out.



Rin-go commented on Talking Point: Claims of Wii U Third-Party Dev...:

Would better hardware, being easy to port to, charging for online or proper accounts really result in more 3rd party support?
What would happen if the Wii U was to get every 3rd party multiplat? Quite a few people probably wouldn't even bother getting another console. And what would that mean for the other two?
The Wii U will likely be fine with 1st party and exclusives. But what about the other two?