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creative92 commented on Analysis: Assessing Why NX Needs to Take Over ...:

The NX needs to be as powerful or more than the Wii U to replace it as the new home console. While iPads and Android Tablets can mimic the home console games, they don't always match those type of caliber games. So either, we really do get a new super NX that is the next home console, or a partial dumbed down version of one. Just like the 3DS is new, but essentially runs N64 & GameCube games.

For those who skipped out on Wii U, oh well, they don't know what they missed.



creative92 commented on Nintendo Remains Bullish Around the 3DS and It...:

Although it came out earlier than the xboxone and ps4, by the looks of it, I don't think they'd reach this many units sold anyways. 3DS will stay on top here.

Also, with development costing so much for the new consoles, and less on 3ds, I can still see the 3ds being a popular platform to develop for.



creative92 commented on Video: Fan Recreates Stunning Build Of Ocarina...:

Looks nice, but once a game starts to look "real" and "life-like", stops being fantasy like and fun to be honest. Basing game play on real world physics defeats the purpose of it being a fantasy game. I used to play "Cruisin World", nice tracks, bumping and colliding with other vehiches, jumping off ramps and you keep in modern racers, everything is just boring, sure the cars look "crisp" but all the fun game play is gone.



creative92 commented on Somebody At Ubisoft Really Doesn't Like Mario ...:

I get that they don't like it because it's a "real" car, but who cares, it's free and looks like one of those power wheels that four year old's drive anyway.

He should be worried about how people will react to their $60 game having micro-transaction dlc. At $60, all dlc should be free. If I pay 99 cents for a cheap mobile game, then I would expect it to have micro-transaction dlc.



creative92 commented on Poll: What Did You Think of Nintendo's E3?:

Presentation with Robot Chicken was great! TreeHouse streaming was fantastic!

I'm sure the others will follow suit and try to claim it as their own. Just like with xbox "avatars", and playstation all-stars, etc.



creative92 commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Innovative E3 Approa...:

This is way better than the traditional conference. The regular conferences are just too overly scripted and are more of a cheesy sales pitch now from some guys at the top of the podiums telling us to buy their games.

This Treehouse approach is great, actually giving players a glimpse into the game content and letting us become more engaged.

But E3 still sucks for 1) Not letting the public attend anymore, and 2) Every game mentioned is delayed...(until the next E3...and even then add another few seaons). Don't show me something that is still 1-2 years away from release. If E3 is during early summer, the latest releases we should see are for content from now until the "winter" holiday release.



creative92 commented on Talking Point: Is There A Future For The Wii U...:

What they should do is allow for multiple wii-pad use. It could be used a lot better in search and destroy type games with other players, poker games, football games.

I think they were afraid it would canobilize the 3ds if they did so.

Besides that I like the game pad, they should continue using it.

I would love to see it used for a battlefield type game where you can instruct your troops on where to concentrate the battle and move your scouts around etc. I would love to see it used for Star Wars Battlefront. If I were piloting a starship, I could easily use the wii-pad for the interior cockpit controls.



creative92 commented on Iwata Accepts Responsibility For Poor Financia...:

You can't just quit during the "hard" times, that would be irresponsible.

Plus he's like the only CEO that actually plays and uses the products he sells. That is very important to the creative process in the development for gaming systems.



creative92 commented on Nintendo Confirms That Smash Bros. Isn't Lined...:

They always say 'spring' and then push it back to an E3 announcement and then drop the ball that it won't be coming out till next winter or some other time. They always do this, i'm starting not to like E3 cause of this. They always use the event to prolong a game release, and then only to announce at the event that it will again be released "later".



creative92 commented on Soapbox: Even With The Arrival Of PS4 And Xbox...:

The problem I see with PS4 and X1 is that the gameplay is overall the same. Gran Turismo 6-10 and Forza 5-10 are going to be about 98% I would say. Look at all NBA, NFL, NHL sports games, it's the same overall. I'm betting in a year from now, Playstation and Xbox will yet again cherry pick all the best Nintendo features, put it on their systems, and then people will call it "innovative". Since back in the day they have copied everything from the joystick on the controller and triggers to having avatars.

I'm honestly disappointed in the next gen so far with the twins, I had heard that they were supposed to produce images and graphics as good as James Cameron's Avatar movie. So far all I really see, is a higher capacity for less image compression. It's like watching the same movie on Blu-ray vs DVD. Sure it looks more slightly crisp on blu-ray, but it's still the same movie. Therefore the graphics, like on AC4, are the same on both new and legacy systems, the new systems simply offer it with less image compression. It's like saving a jpeg image at 80% vs 70% compression, the gap is not that huge a leap really.

I would say the real major improvement will be on producing better physics and particle effects, which is fine and all, but thats like saying I am going to the movies not to watch the actual movie, just the big explosions. It's losing focus on actual gameplay. That is going to make these systems stagnant.

More memory allows for players online as well, but whether I am playing with 8 people vs 16 people, it's hard to tell the difference between 8 vs 16 players at a certain point.

And with all that memory and processing power not being entirely focused on generating the game on screen, is disapointing as well. It's operating separate multiple os systems that honestly not all people will be using.

Overall though, its about games and gameplay, were it not for Nintendo, I would be worried about the road that PS4 and X1 are taking games toward.



creative92 commented on Talking Point: The GamePad and its Role Defini...:

Well they could go the Sony route, Playstation 2, 3, 4 and let me guess...5, 6, 7.

Even the controllers are 90% the same in terms of design, which unfortunately I have never grown accustomed too. I like having a joystick in the top left area, and I like a cross pad that is not broken up into four pieces, my finger nails get caught in them, and just now on ps4 they have added real trigger like buttons that are curved inward. Even the buttons feel odd, cause my finger nails get caught too, and the overall controller is not really comfortable. The xbox controller is more ergonomically contoured to a persons hands and easier to rest on for long periods. The pro controller even took notes on it.

So far though, the gamepad is my now my new favorite controller. the screen is super handy to have at your finger tips. also, my hands are not as cramped in together when holding a traditional controller.

If you play Wii Party U, you can see the many uses for strictly the gamepad touch and gyroscopic features.



creative92 commented on Performance of Batman: Arkham Origins Wii U Ve...:

People forget that Sony and Microsoft are powerhouse companies that come from the PC domain in hardware and software. Nintendo is NOT in the PC, Tablet, TV, and Smartphone business. Can we really fairly compare Nintendo against these two?

I purchased Batman AO and am having a great time with it. People put way too much of an emphasis on things like "textures". Do lower rez "textures" affect gameplay? No not really. If they bug you, then go with a PC then, and forget the other PS4/XBOne/PS3/360.

I went with the Wii U version because at least Nintendo is introducing alternative ways of gameplay, the traditional controller is great and all, but how much more can it do except add more buttons.



creative92 commented on Review: Call of Duty: Ghosts (Wii U):

I would give it a score ranging in the 8's.

Now if the game falls below 360/PS3 standards in comparison, then I would question the publisher and the efforts THEY put into it. The Wii U has four times the ram available than these two systems, and therefore is more than capable of handling more data.

Overall, regardless of any system, the COD brand can feel like another copy of previous iterations, but again, what else would one expect? It's the same overall story about fighting in wars, and it has the same FPS mechanics that all FPS games share. Regardless of this and if you are aware of this, this game can still be fun, as I had with it.