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Tue 19th Oct 2010

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PaperLucario commented on Review: Splatoon (Wii U):

So many people in the comments labeling Splatoon as a half-baked game for having a short campaign despite being an Online Multiplayer focused title from announcement and few maps at launch. Splatoon is nothing like actual half-baked games such as Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric, Assassin's Creed Unity, & Halo The Master Chief Collection (The latters multiplayer to this day is still suffering connection problems that an official tournament was canceled last month), that released in near unplayable states, game breaking bugs, or poor frame-rate, and all the post launch updates were just for the sake of correcting the mistakes they should've delayed the game for a few months to fix rather than releasing it holiday season.

Now I agree having some of the modes and maps unavailable at launch until august is a bummer, but I don't think its that bad for the early adopter (in fact, one could consider Splatoon to be like Steam's Early Access games). One way you could take the free post updates adding the maps/modes is to ensure the core game works day 1 (which is surely the case with the review). While another could be the updates as an extra incentive to keep playing weeks after the game's launch if you were really enjoying the game already based on the demo. Of course you're free to think what you want, at the very least you're not paying for them like some season pass.

Splatoon is an Online Multiplayer game at heart, with that in mind it sure isn't half-baked, it's completely playable at launch, however with the small map and mode count with more coming in updates though, Splatoon is more of an Early Access game. It has everything needed to play the basic game, with the devs being able to devote time into the other maps and modes to add in to ensure they work when they drop. If you're turned off by the content amount of maps and modes now (fair enough if you weren't loving the demo), then all I could say is wait till August for the major update (whether it makes the game complete or not). If your uninterested in the multiplayer, then feel free to pass, as I doubt the single player will get much in the updates barring amiibo, but the single player is not what Nintendo's trying to sell with Splatoon.



PaperLucario commented on ​Vote Now and Decide Which Classic Mega Man ...:

I'd vote for Mega Man & Bass, but since its the GBA version, it'll have screen crunch, no thanks. (I get the SNES original was JPN only, but it's not like we've had japan only games on nintendo's digital shops before or anything, wishful thinking, ya know.)



PaperLucario commented on Nintendo Download: 29th January (Europe):

What I'm now interested in is the file size of Trilogy, Galxay 2 was less than 2GB, while Punch-Out was a higher than expected 4.5GB, given the large file sizes of the two DKC games for download (For the systems they're on, 2GB for Return 3D and 11GB for Tropical Freeze are huge), i dread the thought of the combined size of 3, very packed games.



PaperLucario commented on Masahiro Sakurai Explains Why Mewtwo Isn't Pai...:

The two games are already filthy rich in content, it certainly doesn't need to have DLC, unlike the vast majority of games these days. It didn't need to have Mewtwo at all, but we're getting it, as (As Sakarai putted it) if it's like an additional dessert like the clone characters to a full course meal, and for that, it's greatly appreciated.



PaperLucario commented on Ike Joins the Battle in Super Smash Bros. for ...:

Glad to see Ike returning, but with him returning, I kind of not want Chrom to be playable, as that would just be 3 blue haired swordsman on the roster (from the same series mind you). With that in mind if we do get a Fire Emblem newcomer I'd like them to branch out a little, and if the Pseudo-Palutena trophy in the direct is a way of nudging Palutena to be playable, then maybe the Tiki trophy maybe a nudge to ....



PaperLucario commented on Mario Kart 8 Club Nintendo Promotion Offers a ...:

Well crap, I already own all 4 of the NA options, so unless I give the code away or with luck sell it, that means I'm getting a 2nd free digital copy, question is which one (My copy of New Super Luigi U is a disc, so maybe not Mario)?



PaperLucario commented on These Refurbished Nintendo 64 Consoles Go The ...:

I like the look, but thats way too much money to shell out for just a paint job, especially when you can easily find a normal one on ebay for 30 dollars these days. Not even the rare Pikachu ones sell for that much unless it's in the box or comes with a ton of games. Atleast it's not like shelling out $5,000 on a golden digital frying pan.