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Fri 9th May 2014

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kupocake commented on Poll: The Tricky Issue of Retail Games as Down...:

At present, I'd be mortified to see Nintendo go the download only route too often, because they do not remotely understand how download pricing should work. Whatever planet their RRPs are from should be used as target practice by Peter Cushing.



kupocake commented on Splatoon Global Testfire Demo Includes Discoun...:

"That means you'll be able to download the full game on May 29th for just £31.49 - a neat saving of £-6.49 over the full cost of £25 you'll pay if you buy from anywhere but the eshop. Because why would you buy from the eshop?"



kupocake commented on Analyst Thinks Nintendo Is Already Winding Dow...:

Honestly, I think it's being winded down to an extent. There will be key terms refocussed on ensuring that the next wave of consoles launch with strong software. This could mean that stuff like a new 3D Mario skip the platform for the sake of the next one.

But anyone who says "Zelda U has been delayed, it's going to be released on the NX" loses all credibility with me. It's such a two-bit leap of logic that assumes far, far too much about the nature of a platform we know nothing about other than a codename, that probably isn't even going to be in our hands until late 2016, early 2017. It's bad enough that people say it in comment threads and forums, doubly infuriating to see someone spouting such nonsense and getting paid for it.



kupocake commented on New StreetPass Mii Plaza Games Incoming, Along...:

The biggest problem I have with Mii Plaza as it stands is that due to the low pass limit and the fact that Miis leave when you quit even if you've got unplayed games, I feel like I have to commit a whole chunk of time to it everytime I load it up. More games aren't going to improve that situation! I may be tempted if the VIP lounge address those issues though.



kupocake commented on Shiny Charizard Distribution Coming to GAME in...:

@QuixoticRocket Oh, I've never recieved any funny looks or anything. But I am 28. I always imagine the exchange going like this:
"Hello, welcome to Game, how can I he-?"
"Uh, ok sure, how many do you need?"



kupocake commented on Weirdness: BAFTA Appears To Have Clean Forgott...:

2014 wasn't 3DS' best year... and some of the titles on the other side of the fence sounded pretty good (80 days particularly). Still, think this boils down to a lack of due diligence on the judge's panel. Just aren't enough 3DS owners on it.



kupocake commented on Nintendo Download: 12th February (Europe):

3D Fantasy Zone is joy, and that's a nice price.

Bored people: search for "Plaleaf" in Animal Crossing's Dream Suite and hopefully my town is still there. Never did finish the whole town properly, but I did make patterns for an Opa-Opa dress, Space Harrier shirt and a Fantasy Zone-themed flag that are kind of neat! Also, my town theme rocks.

No, I don't know why.



kupocake commented on Nintendo Download: 8th January:

Purchased a £25 eShop voucher via Paypal for £20 in November, got a further £5 from the DDP.

Will probably be 2016 before that £30 gets spent in a half-decent Nintendo eShop sale.



kupocake commented on Play & Win: UK Mario Kart 8 Tournament this Sa...:

"You must compete using a UK Wii U and therefore have a ‘GB’ flag after your name in the final rankings to claim a prize."

I take it there isn't a way to restrict this at a Tournament level? Because if you're in twelve races with an incredibly good French gatecrasher who pips you into second place every time, the fact that you should have come 1st in all your races won't be reflected in the final scores?



kupocake commented on Hardware Classics: Sega Master System:

Great write up. I feel like we've skipped a little detail on why there was sustained success in Europe though (you can join the dots in the article, but it's not exactly implied or stated) - the SMS had plenty of third party support in Europe because Nintendo's policies didn't extend there (whether this was because of laziness or EU laws would be interesting to know).

Makes you acknowledge how clever a proposition the Game Gear was too. Develop a game for the most technically impressive handheld on the market and you'll be able to super-easily port it over to the budget console and open all those European wallets.



kupocake commented on Matter of Import: Opa-Opa Returns In Fantasy Z...:

Monday 21st July being some kind of cute-em-up commemoration day? Quick, someone write a Parodius article to go with this and the Twinbee review!

Sad that this is surely the release least likely to ever make it to the west



kupocake commented on Poll: What Did You Think of Nintendo's E3?:

I definitely enjoyed the coverage this year - the treehouse was a little rough around the edges, but that was totally acceptable. Digital Event was the most exciting obviously, but even as someone who has never played Smash Bros, the invitational was seriously hype-inducing.

And yet, it wasn't an excellent E3 from Nintendo, just a very good one. Oh sure, they "won", but there wasn't anything here that really hit it out of the park. It's odd, because while there wasn't a single game in the DE or even outside it that I wouldn't play, a lot of it felt sort of 'straight to video'. Even a big new interesting IP like Splatoon is going into a space that's big on free to play rather than full retail.

As for Starfox / Zelda... when they show us that little, it's kind of hard to feel 100% confident that they believe the platform still has a future. Like you can imagine them doing a dual release for the Zelda on Wii U and next console, or letting Starfox sink without a trace if the Wii U doesn't turn around...



kupocake commented on E3 2014: PDP Shows Off its New GameCube-Styled...:

Oh dear... I mean, I have to buy the one that matches my peach pink wiimote, but the whole "stick a gamepad into the bottom of your wiimote" thing was always such a naff solution.

Shame that Nintendo didn't communicate their plans beforehand so the maker could have made these compatible with the four player adapter.