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Mon 22nd Nov 2010

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TTGlider commented on SmileBASIC Releases on the North American 3DS ...:

The Dijkstra comment is basically trolling- when it was originally made and when it was reposted here. This software is incredible and one of the most worthy projects on Nintendo's store. It's basically certain that this is going to turn on some young people to a new and useful skill that they wouldn't have considered before. Way to go smileboom for keeping this software going!



TTGlider commented on Miiverse Gets a Major Web Redesign, and Introd...:

An official site with the purpose of selling more content should not itself have ads for toothpaste! CHEAP! How much could this possibly earn Nintendo in revenue? The ONLY ads I would tolerate would be for games/movies actually being sold within the store.



TTGlider commented on Review: Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer (...:

Should have made a friggin actual Wii U AC. HD graphics, ability to share the town with siblings / significant others like the earlier ACs. Bigger village, more dialog, new furniture. WHY didn't they just do that???? NO STUPID MARIO PARTY GAME, EITHER!



TTGlider commented on Shovel Knight: Plague of Shadows Update Now Live:

Something about the update isn't quite right. It didn't detect I had cleared the campaign, despite the fact that my first file has a big orange CLEAR! on it. I had to run the "Secret Code" to unlock the new campaign. My guess is the code was actually cooked up as a quick workaround while the debug the issue with the supposed automatic unlocking after completion.



TTGlider commented on Review: Devil's Third (Wii U):

Basically all of the reviews now out for this game make a point to describe its troubled development process. This brings the overall tone and score (when assigned) in to question. I think (really, I'm sure) reviewers get caught up in an industry-wide narrative for some games, and the narrative for this one was it's going to suck, and suck hard. I'll probably still be buying this day one.



TTGlider commented on Updated 'Roadmap' Infographic Shows Nintendo's...:

They really, really fumbled over the Devil's Third release in America- the E3 silent treatment, and the clarification later. But looking past that, assuming Mario Tennis doesn't get bumped in to Jan - Feb, this is a great selection of new WiiU games to play over Christmass break. In 2016, add Zelda and SMTxFE, plus a surprise or two most likely, and I think the WiiU can retire with a fairly good amount of original Nintendo-published games to its credit. (many missed opportunities, yes, but overall not a disaster with some awesome nerd-audience success like W101 Bayo2, Star Fox, Xeno 2, more)



TTGlider commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Dismissal of Chris P...:

Thoroughly disagree with the slant of this op-ed. And yes, saying any kind of smack talk about one of the most successful developers (Sakurai) within the company would be reasonably considered off limits for a Nintendo employee. Among other boneheaded things he said. He was obviously a liability to Nintendo, and they're better off now. By the way, the author of this makes no allowance to the fact that the employee may have already been on warning for earlier transgressions.



TTGlider commented on Chris Prangar, Nintendo Treehouse Staffer Who ...:

The actual content of his comments in the interview made home come across as a real turkey. But regardless of the content of his comments, it's not surprising at all that Nintendo would release someone for commenting on any such issues publicly and of his own volition. If he didn't realize that was a likely possibility, he was a fool. He will learn from this. Hopefully some of the kids reading this also learn from it and apply it when they enter the workforce.



TTGlider commented on Chris Pranger From Nintendo Treehouse Discusse...:

What a tool. I thought Xseed was thrilled with Last Story's sales? And surely Xenoblade sold better? Here's a crazy idea: use some of the money from mom's playing Wii bowling to pay for Xenoblade. Condescending idiot. And anyway, now you're doing a sequel and everyone knew all along WiiU was a dumb name. Accept reality.



TTGlider commented on Review: The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth (Wii U e...:

The number one thing I want from a WiiU Nintendolife review of a multiplatform game: how is the Gamepad used. There have been hundreds of reviews of Binding of Isaac the game for years now. I want to know how THIS version is, specifically if and how the gamepad is used. This should be MANDATORY on WiiU reviews, even if it's just one sentence.



TTGlider commented on Exclusive: Project CARS "Simply Too Much For W...:

There were some awesome realistic-style racing games on the PS3/360. I don't think that the WiiU is really that much less powerful than a PS3/360 that it simply couldn't run something like Codemasters Grid. That's all I was hoping for from P Cars Wii U. Be evidently they've been having a great time simulating the wobble of an antenna and the thermal expansion of a tire, and that's become central to the game, and therefore the Wii U isn't up to the task. Oh well! They should have cancelled it with the 360 and PS3.



TTGlider commented on Negative Reception For Devil's Third Is Due To...:

The video NL posted of themselves playing showed some really sloppy playing, like advancing past enemies that weren't killed yet. Yes, I would believe that this is a game that is more fun as you get more skilled, as many games are, and that it's skill requirement may be subtle.



TTGlider commented on Review: LEGO Jurassic World (Wii U):

Is it possible the Lego games peaked around the time of Batman 2, LOTR, and Lego City Undercover? I'm just not sure any of the newer games have topped those 2012ish era ones.



TTGlider commented on Animal Crossing Series Director Explains the a...:

Blah blah blah, bunch of hot air. Give us an HD animal crossing on the Wii U with inventory and pattern drawing on the gamepad, a nice way to share a village with a child / spouse / sibling, and some miiverse trading. Everyone wants it, you know we want it, and yet you give us a dumb party game shell to sell toy figures. Stupid.



TTGlider commented on Australian Rating Confirms That ZombiU is Shuf...:

ZombiU is a cool game, I like it! The fanboy in me is sad the WiiU lost another exclusive. But, it will always be remembered as being first published on WiiU (nevermind that the original concept was a 360 game with aliens)



TTGlider commented on Exclusive: Get Revved Up With the First FAST R...:

Great, flashy, video. The game will probably be great, but I was hoping to finally see some of the actual game in play, not a slick trailer. Granted, the information progression of concept art leaks, to in-engine renders, to slick trailer footage (this), to actual gameplay footage, is the normal video game PR tactic. I was just hoping to skip a set there since we've been waiting for this for so long.



TTGlider commented on ​Tomonobu Itagaki's Devil's Third Will Lay W...:

AWESOME! Day one purchase for me. I love the retro mini map icons. HA! This game will probably be incredible, and completely unlike what people expect from a game Nintendo publishes. Anyone that played Ninja Gaiden on Xbox should have high anticipation of this game. YES!



TTGlider commented on Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories Heading to Wii...:

It's awesome to read about a new Natsume console game, and on WiiU! I'm up to speed on the developer backstory, and my take on it is there are even more games to enjoy! Farming with a relationship tree... it's not that hard of a concept for different teams to take in unique directions. And Harvest Moon has had so many twists and turns over its entire life, that it's tough to say what elements a "true" HM game must have. My only hesitation with this if it will have a heavy dlc/free-to-play vibe given it's cross developed for mobile.



TTGlider commented on Nintendo Download: 28th May (North America):

1001 Spikes has a terrible audio bug on WiiU. I wrote a detailed description of it for Nicalis and even recorded a video of it for them, and they didn't respond to either message, let alone patch the issue. It's really disappointing because the concept of the game is great.

EDIT EDIT EDIT — just redownloaded the now-patched version, and the bug seems fixed. They also added off screen play-- cool! 1001 Spikes is back on my recommended list!



TTGlider commented on Exclusive: Slightly Mad Studio Head Ian Bell S...:

So I wonder, what did this guy think every time Nintendo Life posted coverage of P Cars over the past many months? Did he ever consider writing in to the editors to say the game barely worked and was an afterthought and that there were no guarantees? And as for Nintendo Life, why did they trumpet what was essentially a hypothetical with so little substantive proof of existence? I guess this site is journalism, except when it isn't.



TTGlider commented on Project CARS Studio Boss Admits to Problems Wi...:

What I'm feeling right now... closure. P Cars will never come to WiiU. I had held out hope for years now, but it's clear that the most obvious conclusion about the delay was the correct one. They realigned the game's development to PC+PS4/XBOne and figured they could cobble together something on WiiU down the road, but at that point (this point), they'd already sped way past what the WiiU could handle and reworking it backwards to fit N's console would be like practically making a whole new game. Casually speculating that maybe the game will come out on N's next console is the next closest thing to saying it's cancelled on WiiU.



TTGlider commented on Video: Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric Blame Could L...:

The reality is the problem starts with Nintendo making an underpowered console. Almost all cross platform ports (while they lasted) ran a little worse on WiiU, when they should have run decisively better than the 360/PS3. The second problem was an only partially successful attempt to shoehorn an XB One game on to WiiU. The third problem was that the game design is somewhat generic and stale, although the concept visuals looked awesome.



TTGlider commented on Ronimo Games Explains Pricing for Swords & Sol...:

Although I think it's highly likely this will be ported later (and maybe with new content), I do believe their comments that the Gamepad is a substantive and useful addition, and I don't think $20 is out of line these days, especially since they didn't do crowd funding beforehand. I'll be buying it Thursday.



TTGlider commented on Devil's Third:

Am I crazy to think info on this has gone silent to allow room for Splatoon's launch? If so, I really want to see this ramp back up again around mid summer, once "the ink has dried" a bit.



TTGlider commented on Weirdness: Nintendo of America's Splatoon Mess...:

A Canadian ranting about his exchange rate issues... yes, that's the way to get the ball rolling. Although I am skeptical that this game should come out at "full price" (whatever that may be for you), I have to give it a go. I've wanted Nintendo to make a competitive shooter for going on ten years. So far the product seems extremely creative if not a bit slim, but as I'll be buying the game digitally instead of retail (a departure for me, but appropriate for this style of game where a lot of the value is from online play, anyhow), I'm more accepting of promises of DLC down the road. As for the event, yes, it's very Nickelodeon, for sure. Most of the "events" they cook up are, I assume because research tells them that's their key audience. But hey, we did get Bayonetta 2 + Playboy.