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Mon 22nd November, 2010

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TTGlider commented on Wii U Version of Watch Dogs to Miss Out on DLC:

What I'd love: better framerate than PS360, gamepad based mini games plus an interactive map while also supporting off screen play, and a couple exclusive missions or an exclusive area (maybe like 30 minutes total of exclusive activity), and all previously released DLC.

What I'd accept for full price: framerate similar to PS360, a static map on the gamepad, all the DLC (at least single player) rolled up.



TTGlider commented on PES 2014 Will Not Be Dispensed On Wii U:

This is a message no one will read. I just bought PES 2013 on Wii for a super cheap price. It is awesome. I don't know if it's the type of game I'd buy on day one, but it is really well made with some cool physics and awesome replay tool. I hope it does come back at least once on Wii U and supports the same awesome wiimote nunchuck control scheme.



TTGlider commented on Review: BrickBlast U! (Wii U eShop):

"Don’t get me wrong as I have no problem accepting criticism I just feel that this review was more one person’s opinion and doesn’t really represent the gaming communities best interest. "

What is this, satire? A review is one person's opinion. The reviewer isn't supposed to guess the audience's opinion. So let me get this straight: in YOUR opinion, the gaming communities "best interests" are met by buying you game. Is that about right? What an amateur reply, Mr. Statusphere. Yeah, I really hope Nintendolife "gets on the same page" with you. That's exactly what I want from reviewers. To "be on the same page" as the game developer as to the game's rating and review.... what a joke.



TTGlider commented on Watch Dogs Wii U Release Dates Confirmed:

I'm really looking forward to this. If it has the DLC included, that would rock. If it has an exclusive mission set, that would be incredible. If it just runs at a steady 30 FPS, I'll probably pick it up.



TTGlider commented on Armillo Patch Rolls Onto Wii U to Fix Framerat...:

Hmm, the framerate still isn't what I would expect given the seemingly modest poly count. Also the game pulls you from bright to dark to challenge stage to boss fight with little thematic connection. And deaths sneak up on you out of the blue with the camera far back. But, there is some creativity here, I'll keep at it.



TTGlider commented on Project CARS Wii U Delay Was To Ensure It's As...:

So they say it's not "a conspiracy" (by the way, I think the Nintenolife writers should disclose if they bought in to the profit sharing scheme that Slightly Mad originally had, as writing coverage of the project while having a stake in its sales would be extremely questionable), as in it's not a shift in resources so that the PS4 / One versions can get out for the Holidays. That can only mean that squeezing it all the way down to Wii U is involving numerous compromises. Which actually, I'm OK with if it can keep a perfect 30 FPS. Excellent frame rate plus releasing as a packaged box (instead of eshop only, which I fear there's still a chance of) will probably lead me to a day one buy. I do have a soft spot for tilting in racers.



TTGlider commented on Dahku Creations Announces Departure From Game ...:

I like the way Dan Adleman put it, and that was that every game has an audience, even if that audience is the programmer's friends and family. I think that's a good attitude. Nevertheless, smaller games like Guacamelee, Steamworld Dig, Stealth Inc, Fez, etc, have set an extremely high bar for what a small team can do. I think many of the 'indie' games we see here on Nintendolife are more like 'hobbyist' games. For me and my money, the world has moved way past where I will pay even a couple dollars for a hobby project that's anything less than brilliant.



TTGlider commented on New Project CARS Screenshots Race Into View:

The original launch for this game included the opportunity for fans to buy in to a profit sharing scheme. I believe that Nintendolife should disclose if the author or editor of future articles on this game have any stake or participation in this scheme.



TTGlider commented on New Project CARS Screenshots Race Into View:

I want to get this game, and if it hold 30s FPS, I probably will. But posts with PC screenshots are completely worthless to me. Aside from the blade hanging over our neck that the game has been pushed back and may be cancelled soon, it is not an exaggeration to say that the difference between these screens and what we might see on Wii U will probably be the same difference as between a good PS3 racer and a mediocre PS2 racer.



TTGlider commented on Vblank Entertainment Provides Sales Threshold ...:

I bought it and beat it on Wiiware a while back. Outstanding game that was meant to be on a Nintendo platform. I'm glad I had it when it came out rather then waiting two more years for a hypothetical WiiU version. I like how he calls out the filthy pirates, too. They really do need to understand actions have consequences.



TTGlider commented on Parent Trap: Amiibo Charts A Fresh Course In T...:

This op ed does identify two of the biggest concerns about the product as we know it so far. And this article is also fairly optimistic- or at least neutral. I have big reservations that having the product activate as an AI character, and training that AI character's moves, and then taking your AI to a friend and having his AI character play your AI character, will be in any way as interesting as actually being able to play as the virtual version of your plastic toy is- ala Skylanders. The process of putting on a new Skylander, seeing it come to life on screen, then losing all health and taking it off the portal with the big 'whoosh' is very satisfying. Given some of Nintendo's other comments about the competition, I wouldn't be surprised in the least if they've never even played Skylanders to know what is satisfying about the experience. But hey, the reader is in the GamePad, and that results in certain design constraints- fine. The other big red flag is that these characters are being branded as the 'Smash' line. As the article perfectly describes, will anyone really buy a Smash Mario, an MK Mario, a third-game Mario? And if he did, would he really be happy that each character only did some limited subset of something in each different game? Because that is the whole hook of this idea- that the figurines work in multiple games. At this point, I'm having flashbacks to the eReader. Now then... team up with Activison and Disney and show us a Mushroom Kingdom themed iteration of either (or both, though I prefer Skylanders) in the same fashion as Hyrule Warriors, and prove me wrong.



TTGlider commented on Review: 2048 (3DS eShop):

This is a ripoff of Threes, and that deserves to be repeated. It's true that lots of games riff on eachother, but this literally came out weeks after Threes hit it big. 2048 is an easier Threes, and people liked that (that it was easier) There's a fantastic write up from the makers of Threes that say they actually considered during development the ruleset that 2048 uses, but decided it was too easy and not interesting enough to play.



TTGlider commented on Devil's Third Developer Discusses Its Unique A...:

This looks awesome. It's a total day one buy for me. I like not only the premise but the idea of Nintendo doing more collaborations (or bailouts…whatever) outside of their usual style of games. Unfortunately I think there's a chance this won't be out even next year, but it will be fun when it finally does get here.



TTGlider commented on The World's Largest Video Game Collection is S...:

This didn't sell for the final price. I don't consider it sold until money and product have changed hands. There is zero chance someone will pay 750K USD for this lot. That price is too high per game, and as noted, the bidding patterns and jumps in bid increments scream fraud. He might be able to work down the list of bidders and get 80-90 K for it.



TTGlider commented on Poll: What Did You Think of Nintendo's E3?:

Devil's Third really surprised me (I had seen the rumors but didn't give them much thought). I am so happy to see it exclusive to the WiiU. I do hope it has a meaty (8 hours+ with some replay value) story mode though, as the multiplayer seemed to be the focus of the demos. Honorable mention goes to Captain Toad, which honestly was one of those games that seemed obvious to us Nintendo maniacs but you never know what fan feedback Nintendo will deliver on.



TTGlider commented on E3 2014: PDP Shows Off its New GameCube-Styled...:

The triggers on these look much more ergonomic than the triggers of the original GC pad (for my hands, at least). And the colors on the Yoshi one are really slick. I might have to pick one up (especially for Wii N64 Virtual Console)



TTGlider commented on Exclusive: Shantae And The Pirate's Curse Is A...:

I'll pay attention to this, but to be honest, after playing and loving Switch Force 1 HD on the WiiU, I couldn't quite bear to buy the second one based on the pixel art. Maybe that's hypocritical as many games of the 16-bit days are still fun and worth some cash today, but it seemed more like a quick port than an artistic decision. And the art in Switch Force 1 HD is outstanding (as is the level design).



TTGlider commented on Interview: Image & Form on its SteamWorld Dig ...:

I appreciate the gentleman's candid and complete answers. I will certainly keep Steamworld Dig on my WiiU watchlist. If it is somehow the definitive version of the game (e.g. the HD graphics of the PC and PS4 with great second screen features and touchscreen elements), it will be a must buy. If it's just a crossport to prime a new platform for the sequel (ala Swords and Soldiers 1 HD, Toki Tori 1), I'll be more price sensitive.



TTGlider commented on Mario Kart Month: Nintendo Life's Team Shares ...:

Battle mode is very boring and why can't the map be displayed on the TV for all to see easily? The speaker item doesn't come up enough and coins are too plentiful. These are my only substantive complaints so far. Otherwise I'm in love with this game… 9/10 quite comfortably.



TTGlider commented on Review: Scram Kitty and his Buddy on Rails (Wi...:

I've been absolutely loving this game. I agree that the secondary screen commentary is a bet of a gimmick so far. But the 'feel' of playing this game is very unique, and lately that's exactly what I've been looking for; something really fresh. This is a pendulum parody shoot-em-up! I'd give it an 8 and it would be a 9 if it had a more traditional tutorial and slightly prettier backgrounds.



TTGlider commented on LostWinds Now Available For Wii to Wii U Transfer:

This is great news, if it works. I think of it as karmic payback for buying (and enjoying) Coaster Crazy Deluxe.. a darn cool game. But I have the same question as those above: how does this impact all the other data I've already transferred. But maybe I'll give it a shot and hope it works as it should (additive to the data already transferred).



TTGlider commented on Review: Flowerworks HD: Follie's Adventure (Wi...:

After buying this and Blok Drop U, I'm not buying another game on release day out of "goodwill" or "showing support for WiiU". The mention of the gnomes is funny. They are indeed "photorealistic" which is completely bizarre set against the extremely primitive, grid based overworld. And how such a simple overworld isn't able to scroll smoothly very perplexing.



TTGlider commented on Nintendo Download: 17th April (North America):

I just bought Flowerworks. Absolutely terrible tutorial that doesn't even say what buttons for some of the instructions. No way to use the wiimote for single player (unless it unlocks after the tutorial). And no way to 'b out' or press start to get back to the main menu?? Really?



TTGlider commented on Unepic Gets a Fresh Update for Wii U:

D Pad and zoom in on screen… two small but good updates to a solid game. I picked it up last week and other than some humor which I have a feeling is lost in translation, it's a darn solid wacky wacky uncover the map style game.



TTGlider commented on Wii U Pro Controller Lasts 80 Hours On A Singl...:

Really, really, really disappointed that this will not be emulated as a CCP in Wii games. The ONLY technical answer I can "accept" is that a very few games (Mon Hun Tri) require both the Wii Mote and CCP during game play. Which Nintendo could have worked around here by just requiring a Wii Remote to be active at the same time as the Pro Controller.



TTGlider commented on New La-Mulana Trailer Compares Old With New:

This is a nice idea for a trailer and they executed it effectively, especially when the old version was inset over the new. La Mulana is an instant buy-- I can't wait to add this to my small buy high calibre WiiWare collection!



TTGlider commented on Review: Johnny Kung Fu (3DS eShop):

The game has a great look and idea. I'd like to try it for myself still. I've bought a couple UFO retail Wii games (Domino Rally, Geon Cube, and Ultimate Shooting Collection) that I thought were OK.



TTGlider commented on Gearbox Interested in Bringing Borderlands 2 t...:

I'd go bonkers for Borderlands 2 on Wii U. Guaranteed buy from me. I wouldn't mind (and might prefer) if they didn't do anything more dramatic than move interface elements, as he mentioned. I find his comments encouraging.



TTGlider commented on Review: Pandora's Tower (Wii):

Really want this to come to the US. Xenoblade was great but a bit much for me to chew through. Last Story is already pre-ordered, but I see merit here, too, and would like to experience it. 14 hours is FAR preferable to me than 40, 60, or 100.



TTGlider commented on Review: The Kore Gang (Wii):

About half way through this game on a leisurely play through. It's janky but charming. If you found fun in Mushroom Men or Death Jr on Wii, you'll probably enjoy this. Some really nice art in Kore Gang. And a really bad (completely manual) camera. But eh... still glad I bought it.