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Wed 17th August, 2011

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Faruko commented on Review: Hyrule Warriors (Wii U):

@NodesforNoids To be fair, the most "fair" review isnt the one with the lowest score, its another thing if you think that Polygon makes great reviews and you like them.

For me i always go to Destructoid, Escapist, NintendoLife/PushSquare & Eurogamer, if most of them have good scores then theres a high chance i would buy a game i want to

Like i said before, Gamestop gave this game an 8 ! (And everyone knows who bad they are when everything is WiiU related)



Faruko commented on Review: Hyrule Warriors (Wii U):

What i was expecting, 7 its a great score (and 5 its average), im getting it ! more games for my WiiU are never a bad thing.

i have never EVER played a musou game, so it will be a first for me

Gamespot actually gave it an 8 O_o



Faruko commented on Super Smash Bros. for 3DS Thrashes the Competi...:

And this is with the New 3DS releasing in just a month, im pretty sure almost everyone is waiting for that and only those who dont care about it are getting a 3DS now, so those numbers should be MUCH higher (which will show on October 11)



Faruko commented on Review: Fantasy Life (3DS):

Cant wait !! Game looks amazing

The subtitle remind me of "its a beatiful life" by ace of base (yes, im old hahaha, well no that much only 25)



Faruko commented on September's Club Nintendo Reward Details Are C...:

This is just like steam sales after being like 2-3 years on Steam, you pretty much own every possible big game you like and you start to feel that they sucks so much

I own almost every VC that has been on gifts, so i feel thry sucks now



Faruko commented on Fifa 15 Coming to Wii and 3DS on the 26th of S...:

Can you really blame EA (and Ubisoft/Activision,etc...) in all this games not coming to the WiU ? i love my WiiU but that doesnt i cant see the reason behind this, the console just started to pick up steam after almost 2 years on the market, add that the PS4 and (im pretty sure) the XB1 has sold more than the WiiU in much less time and you have a recipe for disaster.

Do not blame EA/Ubi/Activision for not wanting to make a risk a put a game on a console that will most likelynot going to sell enough, blame nintendo for not doing enough effort (at the begining) to make the console less of a risk, creating games takes money by the way

by the way, the can revive the console, they did it with the 3DS not too long ago



Faruko commented on Ubisoft Clarifies Reasoning For The Crew Skipp...:

At the end, and theres no other reason, the WiiU its not powerfuil enough & it has sold less than 10m consoles in almost 2 years

you cant blame Ubisoft for not wanting to support a console on life support, blame nintendo for not marketing the console and not do enough for it (unitll now)



Faruko commented on Video: The 10 Best Zelda Games As Selected By You:

Meh, Link to the past its so much better than Wind Waker and so is Twilight Princess

but still a fair list, even thought i would still rank Awakening slightly higher, besides TP, i would say it has the best story out of Zelda games



Faruko commented on Mercedes Reports a Boost in Interest Since Ann...:

You dont even need to sell more cars, these ads are meant to create new potential consumers, cheap and (so far) reliable. Its the job of the next team to actually sell you the car, but you have already created a potential buyer, if they end up buying it or no, thats a whole other story

I dont have a problem at all with things like this as long as its done very well and feels part of the world they are into.



Faruko commented on Ubisoft Runs Another eShop Discount Bonanza in...:

Saving for Shovel Knight, im THIS close of getting ZombiU (in Chile, its 35 normal) and Ghost Recon, someone care to persuade me of getting ZombiU ? It is worth at this price point ?

JUST when a Steam Sale is going and got my WiiU 2 weeks ago, my wallet cant stand it anymore :(



Faruko commented on Poll: What Did You Think of Nintendo's E3?:

Nintendo was AMAZING, i do consider the "Digital Event" as a whole, but whatever, if thats the case, the treehouse live stuff was just the best thing ever, finally i felt that E3 was for the gamers and not for the media/press itself.

sony/MS did ok jobs too, but this was BY FAR one of the best E3s i can remember

PD: Please Nintendo, do it again, or maybe do the treehouse thing another time :( 1 year its too much



Faruko commented on Reaction: Our Thoughts on Nintendo's Big Day a...:

@kirk i dont get this "In my opinion the "Digital Event" needed to go on for about another half hour with maybe five or six more big games shown, mostly Wii U games", isnt what they have done with the "Nintendo Treehouse live" ?

After the Digital event, we got all the big games on that stream for about 6-7 hours, and the same today, and they have been showing big games, talking with developers, etc...



Faruko commented on Reaction: Our Thoughts on Nintendo's Big Day a...:

@PJR0cks Sorry if i care about shovelware games :( im clearly not good enough to be able to see what games are good and what are bad !! please enlight us with your knowledge !!!

Meanwhile ill keep playing MK8 (from the WiiU i just bought) and if i get tired of it, ill just turn on my PC and play Wolfestein, Dota 2, Battlefield 4, Starcraft 2, TF2, etc... :)

And all those amazing PS4/XB1 games Sony/MS showed ? i can play them on my PC, with better graphics and controls :)

win-win for me



Faruko commented on Reaction: Our Thoughts on Nintendo's Big Day a...:

It was an amazing conference for people who didnt had a WiiU imo (PC gamer here by the way), they showed A LOT of exciting things, very diverse too... Yoshi, captain toad, X, Splatoon, Smash, Zelda, etc... In fact qfter it ended i called the local game store and bought a Wii U, yes, this conference made me pull the trigger on that, it was THAT good imo

And not to mention i loved the treehouse stuff, livef that Nintendo didnt do a single one stuff, we actually got around 1 hour of X on !!!!

These are good times :)



Faruko commented on Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D Swings In At Nu...:

What an awful week, everything that its not a 3DS its dead in Japan, the 3DS its hitting aroun 12m LTD, but it will never reach the DS numbers (wich sold more than 100k for about 2 years EVERY WEEK)

when i say that it will never reach the DS numbers its not a bad thing, its just that the 3DS its doing great (even better if you see those Vita numbers and that Japan its a hanhelds land) ! but its a long shot from the monster that its the 3DS



Faruko commented on First Impressions: Donkey Kong Country: Tropic...:

In my opinion they made a great choice considering the WiiU position, they need to sell that thing, and DKCR sold A LOT MORE than Metroid games (somewhat like the 3 prime games combined) and considering that, DKC should be a good decision to push the WiiU sales. DKCR 5.5m sales, ALL Prime games combined, around 5.m

I would love a new Metroid game, but as of now, Nintendo needs to grow a base

And besides, not since the SNES DK has been on the spotlight, im happy with this, we had 4 METROID games BEFORE a REAL DK game, let DK shine a few more years before "freezing it again"

All the people that want metroid games, do not understand the place where the WiiU is, im not saying that Metroid wont sell a console, but to be honest it wont have the same impact as a DKC game, this game its just about making the "all audience pack" (how i say it) even bigger, 3D World, Pikmin 3, Mario Kart 8 and DKC



Faruko commented on First Impressions: The Legend of Zelda: The Wi...:

I know the WiiU its hardly next gen graphics (and believe, with my PC even the PS4 and One arent really impressive... they are hardly next gen graphics) but with the hardware they have they just do magic, i cant believe they are doing this graphics with such an old hardware, it does means that when you know how to develop a game, even if you have some hardware restrictions you can do things that are beyond beatiful

i dont have a WiiU, but with that they show in E3, im deff getting one on christmass (hopefully with a price reduction too)



Faruko commented on Feature: What We Expect From Nintendo's E3 Direct:

We really REALLY need a 50 or so price reduction, with the PS4 coming at 400, 350 its such a bad spot to be for the WiiU, 300 (or 275 if Nintendo somehow does it) should be a damn awesome price, more so with the idea of the WiiU being a "companion" console for the PS4/XDone



Faruko commented on Evidence of a Functional 3DS Flashcard Emerges:

It took them 2 years to crack it ? now thats interesting... you dont know what kind of "trick" Nintendo may pull in the future...

Brick my console now that i can afford games doesnt seems like the best idea



Faruko commented on Dying Light Set To Skip Wii U:

I dont like games skipping WiiU (not that matters to me, i have a PC too...) but Techland ? who cares about Techland, it WILL be a "Get X place, Kill that / Get this, Go back to X" game...

I dont care about Techland they have 0 CREATIVITY, awful developer