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Microsoft: If You're Backwards Compatible, You're Really Backwards

Posted by Damien McFerran

Xbox creator claims only 5% of players make use of the feature

Always online. Games tied to a single console. Indie developers can't self-publish. Just when you thought Microsoft couldn't have made a bigger hash of its Xbox One announcement, along comes the company's head of interactive entertainment Don Mattrick to attack backwards compatibility — something which is dear to a great many players.

Speaking to the Wall Street Journal, Mattrick said:

If you’re backwards compatible, you’re really backwards.

He went on to claim that only 5% of players made use of the feature on their current system, suggesting that it's not as big a selling point as many would have you believe. Backwards compatibility was included in the Xbox 360, but not all Xbox titles were playable.

Given how easy Nintendo has made it to play your existing games on the Wii, Wii U and 3DS, it's clear that the Japanese veteran sees backwards compatibility as a key factor in its hardware. But does Microsoft have a point? How often do you make use of the Wii U's ability to play Wii games? Let us know your thoughts by leaving a comment and voting in the poll below.

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SkywardLink98 said:

I guess I'm in the minority. Then again, only one version of the PS3 was backwards compatible and you needed a certain type of Xbox 360 to emulate Xbox games. Maybe the reason it's only 5% is because only 5% can.



GraveLordXD said:

Calling your machine the xbox1 when in fact its the 3rd installment of the xbox is backwards and asinine and ******* stupid



RupeeClock said:

Dude, I know they are proud of their brand, but be serious.
The original Xbox? It didn't have THAT much going for it, of course backwards compatibility on the 360 was under-utilised.
The 360 had a huge success where the Xbox was unremarkable.

Look at how many people used their PS3 systems to play PS2 games, tons of people had big PS2 libraries after all.

Lastly, he should NOT be calling anyone backwards, especially not their consumers.



6ch6ris6 said:

i have to admit i never used it on my wii cause i didnt have a gamecube.

but i used it several times on my 3DS playing some DS-classics



tsm7 said:

I've utilized the feature in the Wii and the Wii U. This is MS justifying the lack of a feature by putting it down. Also, has anyone noticed, XBOX one is the exact same shape (obviously not size) as the Wii?




Rampage: Total destruction is in my Wii U right now. I even bought new Wii games, like Maramusa and Twilight princess, to play on the Wii U. I will probably get Punch Out!!! for Wii too.



Grayjedi13 said:

This is sad. I had been thinking about getting an Xbox One if it did have backward compatibility as I did not own a 360. Guess not.



originaljohn said:

I've played over 40 hours of Xenoblade chronicles on my WiiU. Plus your new system having backwards compatiblity only strengths your customers decision to upgrade to your newest system.. Idiot



nik1470 said:

Half of my Xbox games are not backwards compatible on my 360! Anyway back to the WiiU yep use it, love it. I love the fact you get the whole menu not just disc support. Think Xbox one and ps4 are less appealing as a result



Philip_J_Reed said:

I read this as "50%," and I thought, huh, that sounds a bit low, but maybe.

Then I noticed it was 5%.

And the comment could only have been made in a fit of madness. With all due respect, Mr. Mattrick, that's a lie.



Placlu said:

The 360 doesn't need backwards compatibility it barley works to begin with because there aren't any must play games on the xbox, very small amount.
Compare that to Wii/DS/PS2 games, yea there's no wonder it was included, even if only a small number of PS3's have it.



TreesenHauser said:

@tsm7 Well spoken!

Let's just put it this way; if it weren't for the backwards compatibility, I wouldn't have been so quick to purchase my Wii U. To say it's not a good selling point is to put the feature down entirely on its own.

Backwards-compatibility is important. It's a trend I'm very thankful Sony jump-started with the PS2 being able to play PS1 games. You know how many of my friends jumped for one of THEM at launch because it could play previous games as well?

And that's why I won't be getting an Xbox One. At least PS4 will offer backwards-compatibility via cloud eventually.



Burning_Spear said:

amusing or laughable through obvious absurdity, incongruity, exaggeration, or eccentricity



jestermx6 said:

I use the backwards compatibility in my Xbox 360 and Wii U. I also used it on my Wii. If i had an early enough PS3, i'd have used it on that too.



MAN1AC said:

I'd really like to know how they got that 5% number. I don't think BC is as important as some make it out to be but that figure is very low.



element187 said:

Microsoft keeps digging the hole deeper... Although to be fair, Sony is forcing BC on its streaming service, which will be VERY lagging, with high latency... yeah no thanks.

As far as used games, Sony was being very cagey on their responses. From what I gather, they will have the technology for disc tagging like xBone, but it will be solely up to the publisher to implement it. Which that means EA will be the first.... and if people still buy their titles, you will see all the other large publishers do the same.



RedYoshi999 said:

I certainly made use of the Wii's backwards compatibility, since I never had a GameCube, and got into some of the system's great games. Granted, I haven't used it much on Wii U/3DS, as I had both a Wii/DS, and felt like I'd played it's games to death (which is why I was upgrading to a new console.) Still, I'd be annoyed to not have it included. Also, there's something about that guy that is just very off but I can't quite place it...



TheAdrock said:

Mattrick should be fired for being an idiot. But... since I have no love for Xbox, please carry on being an idiot!



Auracle said:

Yes. The best way to encourage people to buy your console is to insult them. Makes perfect sense.



MAB said:

WTF! maybe these clowns need to just stop talking from now on... ha ha



nova108 said:

Currently playing through Xenoblade on the U!

With occasional breaks to get pissed at the new daily Rayman challenge.



Midnight3DS said:

<--- Humongous fan of BC. If it's there, I'll use it. Just gotta resell those games over and over, huh?



Smitherenez said:

You know, the xbox 360 can't play most of the xbox 1 games, and if it does play the game it's badly emulated. So most people can't play their games, that's why nobody uses it on their 360. This guy just draws the wrong conclusion.



tasmans11 said:

Microsoft needs to just shut their doors and go work on a new console for the next 4-6 years since obviusly they failed to impress anyone but their own people



tchaten said:

I never owned a Wii and am very happy that the Wii U has backwards compatibility - it is like buying 2 systems in one and I LOVE it!

The Wii never grabbed me because I didn't want a system all about motion - the Wii U is perfect for me and now I get to enjoy Mario Galaxy and so many other great titles.



edhe said:

If the old Virtual Console counts, I've used the Wii U's backwards compatibility, but I haven't gotten round to playing my Wii games (primarily, The Last Story and Pandora's Tower, which I've yet to finish) yet. I'm glad the option is there.



Tasuki said:

Its nice to have but isn't a deal breaker for me. There is an easy solution to this if you are worried about not being able to play your 360 games on your Xbox One and your PS3 games on your PS4, just keep your old systems. Easy as that and people wonder why I keep all my systems.



gavn64 said:

Ehhh.. nintendo life NINTENDO just announced an E3 direct like 20min's ago, cover that not this junk we get it the "ONE" suck's NINTENDO news please.



Trikeboy said:

It is a fact, that without being backward compatible, the PS2 would have had a terrible start. I know so many people who bought the PS2 at launch just because it could play original Playstation games.



Mk_II said:

Way to go Microsoft! Those who've complained about this will be pleased to hear they are just backwards.



edhe said:

As an aside, is anyone reminded of late actor John Ritter when they see pictures of [Don Mattrick]?



Geonjaha said:

5%? He really needs to be more specific about where that statistic is coming from.



8thGenConsoles said:

The reason why most players didn't make use of Xbox 360's backwards compatibility is because the Original Xbox wasn't very popular. Only 24 million people bought the Original Xbox. Now compare 24 million with 77 million 360 owners, that's why backwards compatibility wasn't used much on 360.

Anyway, guys I wrote a blog on IGN. It would be nice if you can read it and leave your comments below.

The title of my blog is: 'If Wii U is not next-gen,then PS4 and Xbox One aren't next-gen either'

Here's the link



GraveLordXD said:

@Smitherenez tis confusion are you saying that the 360 can't play xbox 1 games as in the first xbox or the new xbox which is also called xbox 1 ohh I mean xboxone :/



farfromsleep said:

He's working with some very flawed information there.

1) Xbox BC on the 360 was always flaky at best, and they dropped any kind of support or updates for it shortly after release. If you weren't specifically looking for it these days, you'd be hard pressed to even know it was a feature

2) The original Xbox didn't have the best library to choose from to begin with, so there's not really going to be that big of a demand anyway. I had one, and only really missed OutRun 2 and Kotor really.

and lastly 3) After the 360 launched the original xbox preowned market sank like a stone. You couldn't give games away after the 360's release, and it wasn't long until shops stopped selling xbox preowned entirely. Even if you wanted to play older titles, you'd have had to track them down online. Compared to other systems, where they still sold them years after the fact.

It all adds up to no great surprise that they'd get the results they did. It doesn't make them in any way conclusive, however.



3Daniel said:

Its nice to have but isnt a dealbreaker for me if its not available. Tho Dokapon Kingdom isnt going to play itself!



blackknight77 said:

I disagree I think backwards compatiblity is a huge selling point. I use my 3DS to play DS games and my Wii to play GCN games. If i had a Wii U I would use it for Wii games as well since the color saturation is improved.



Yosher said:

I love my backwards compatability, even though I never sell my old consoles and could practically play all those games on my old consoles.



Shiryu said:

I voted "No and never will" under special circumstances worth noting: I ->DID NOT<- make the transfer from my data to the Wii U.

The Wii is hooked up right next to the Wii U, I still play VC and Game Cube games from time to time on it (and still need to finish a few Wii games I didin't have time to play). Backwards compatibility on the Wii initial models was very important to me because I had a huge GC collection at the time and it's now even bigger. So i'm really happy they kept the Wii U back compatible with the Wii. If they had made it also backwards compatible with the Game Cube, I might have transfered all my data to the Wii U. But than they would not be able to make money selling us GC ISOs on the Virtual console, right?



AcesHigh said:

I'm just pretty sick of even reading about how out of touch MS is with gamers. I'm not just a Nintendo gamer but all other platforms. Though Nintendo is definitely my favorite hardware and software manufacturer. And there's a reason. Nintendo is VERY much in touch with their consumers. And they are humble and very open with the public.

I was just watching a GameTrailers TV episode where Geoff Keighly flat out asked this clown if the XBOX One requires online connection to play single-player games and he flat out said, "No. Gamers don't have to worry". Well guess what? You DO have to be connected every 24 hours AND you need to be connected to verify that the disc belongs to your account. I'm sick of the dog and pony show, the attitudes and smoke and mirrors of Western developers. Thank the maker we have Nintendo.

And, yeah, I definitely use backward compatibility. In fact, I bought The Last Story, Xenoblade, Kirby Collection and Metroid Other M JUST to play on my Wii U. I really hate people like MS cramming bull$hIt down people's throat. This will be the first console that I will have not purchased since... well, ever. SO not interested in this VHS tape deck. This piece of garbage will end up being the worlds most expensive door stop in less than a year.



JohnG said:

I play more Wii and eShop games than Wii U games but maybe that says more about Wii U software up to now!



Rafie said:

@WiiURockz You spent too much time glorifying the Wii U and really didn't touch on its faults as you did with the 2 new consoles that hasn't even been released yet. So your blog on IGN lost its credit, in my opinion.

Also, how can you say the Wii U's graphics are slightly better than the 360 and PS3's where it's damn near virtually impossible to tell the difference with the naked eye?! Dude you got to be more impartial. While I agree on offering new innovative ways to entice game experience is next gen, so does graphics and game play. Well structured blog, but lost me with bias!



Handy_Man said:

The main reason why Microsoft claims that backwards compatibility on the Xbox 360 wasn't used all that much was probably because they usually never even bothered to advertise it in the first place, let alone mention it.



Romeo said:

oh man, he knows nothing and just randomly throws untrue numbers around to justify their incapability

i use it, and i will continue to do so for many games



SDDMN said:

I think a lot of people used backwards compatability to play the games on the system they have hooked up so they don't have to use the system the games came out on. That would be one of the most valid reasons for having BC.

I may not have used the Wii U BC yet, but I have definitely used the Wii's, how else am I gonna play GCN games when my GCN isn't hooked up?



Midnight3DS said:


I'm one of those people. When the PS2 news started popping, I wasn't really that excited, but when I heard I could play my beloved PS1 games on it, I was sold. Turned out to be my all time favorite console.



chiefeagle02 said:

Definitely not regretting erasing Windows 8 and installing Ubuntu on the laptop I got last Christmas now.

I don't have a Wii U, but I do play GameCube games on my Wii, DS games on my 3DS, and PSOne games on my PS3 (as soon as I finish Portal 2, I'm starting the 2D Final Fantasy games). So yeah, backwards compatibility is an important feature for me when considering a system.



makleod99 said:

This has been stated above, but the success of the Xbox 360 has dwarfed the original Xbox. The catalog of older Xbox games is small, so it makes sense that only 5% would utilize the service. The 360 would command a much higher rate, guaranteed.



Ryno said:

Oh heck yes I use backwards compatibility for my PS3 (that includes both PS2 and PS1) and the Wii U.



MadAdam81 said:

I bought GameCube games and played them on my Wii, such as the Animal Crossing and Mario Kart GC games. I tried playing two Xbox games on the 360 - one worked well, the other didnt work at all. If I bought an Xbox One, I would want to play all my XBLA and some disc games such as Skyrim.



Buduski said:

Right now im playing Pikmin 2 (wii) on my wii u just to get hyped for when pikmin 3 hits the market, so if backwards compatibility is wrong Nintendo please don't be right.



8thGenConsoles said:

@Rafie Dude you missed the point I made in that article,you missed it completely. I wasn't being biased, I just used people's stupid logic to prove a point. I believe that all 3 consoles are next-gen, but if you really believe that Wii U is not next-gen, then I can come up with arguments as to why the other consoles are not next-gen either. That's why I spend so much time glorifying the Wii U because I'm defending the Wii U from haters and people that are ignorant. I'm trying to prove that Wii U IS next-gen, so there's no reason for me to say anything negative about the Wii U. Get it?

Wii U is a little bit more powerful than PS3 and 360 so the graphics on Wii U can be slightly better if developers make the effort to make Wii U games look better. You cannot judge the Wii U from lazy ports at launch. Wait until future Wii U games are released and you'll see that Wii U can produce better graphics.



GraveLordXD said:

@Smitherenez ohh I see so xbox 1 being first xbox, xboxone 3rd xbox

Lol and people are confused over the wii u and wii, which is my point being that the name is backwards in of itself not only their thinking of backwards compatibility or the fact it supposed to be a gaming console and not a damn tv reciever. Ok I'm done sorry



sonicfan1373 said:

I love how some people pull statistics out of nowhere. I also love that this is coming from a company whose major selling point for their flagship operating system is that it supports legacy applications.



ShadJV said:

This is ridiculous. There are two reasons BC is barely used on the 360. 1) There isn't a lot of classic games on the original XBox. 2) The system didn't support all titles for BC. The 360 HAS a good library. Denying BC on the XBox One cuts these out of the picture. Instead of being able to play hundreds of games on it at launch, it can only play the launch games. If gamers want to upgrade, the either must keep their 360 or not be able to play their 360 games. Not including BC is backwards, the system can't do something the previous system could: play 360 games.

They lost a potential sale here. I have plenty of 360 games I'd rather not render obsolete. Hopefully they wise up and change their opinion, it's not too late to implement the feature, though my hopes aren't high.



TrueWiiMaster said:

Wasn't backwards compatibility something they added to the 360? As in, when people first bought it, they couldn't play their old games anyway? And isn't also a bit buggy sometimes, in addition to it not being universal? And that's all on top of the fact that even with the original Xbox online play was huge, and Microsoft closed down the servers for all Xbox games, making many games obsolete.



AVahne said:

It's hilarious how he quotes ONLY his own console for the lack of BC use in gaming. Last time I remembered, Xbox didn't have quite as many games worth playing again on 360 and the list of BC games on 360 was very low anyway. This generation, it seems to be both Microsoft and EA that are extremely backwards. Sony's not doing BC either, but they're at least not making idiotic statements.



indienapolis said:

I own a fair number of XBLA games, so this is a major deal breaker for me and beyond that, this is a disturbing trend next gen. Thankfully Nintendo had a way to transfer WiiWare and VC. I hope consumers don't just accept this and I hope Sony comes around with some kind of PSN solution.



th3r3ds0x said:

They had to make the 360 backwards compatible with Halo 2. I know several people that wouldn't have gotten their 360 until Halo 3 came out had it not been for backwards compatibility. The folks at Microsoft are starting to strike me as being a little clueless. I was pretty excited about the next Xbox until this week. It's gonna be Nintendo and Sony for me this Gen. Ill be sure to pick up a spare 360 when prices drop so I can keep playing my existing library.



Kaze_Memaryu said:

Actually, I would say he has a point... well, half point.
Nintendo is well-aware of its loyal fanbase, so they use backwards compability to boost interest for people who like the new console, but not the current line-up.
Microsoft, on the other hand, is much more profit-orientated and less sensitive on the fanbase, so it would be a problem if they had to build a custom dual-laser drive that reads both DL-DVD and Blu-Ray Discs. Instead, they focus on new features to attract new consumers - primarily non-gamers. No backwards-compability also boosts interest for remakes of last gen.

This, however, doesn't mean it's a good idea at all. As it stands, the XBox360 had quite a few quality games, with the Halo games standing at the top. Not using the general purchasing power of the Halo fanbase is really ignorant.



Tasuki said:

@LDXD: The way MS is promoting is its a media center and the one device you need for your living room hence why its called Xbox One. I dont see what the confusion is with the original Xbox since that one was only called just Xbox.



SetupDisk said:

Oh man, what a blank blank. Microsoft has been shooting themselves in the foot since the unveil.



Wii_Win said:

Ninty kinda IS screwing up the Wii U, but it seems that they are screwing up a whole lot less than microsoft.
This generation might be Sony's to win again...



Knux said:

BC actually is useful because you can play your older games on your new system or handheld while you are waiting for new games to come out. I have so many seventh generation games to play that it's not even funny. The reason I'm not holding it against Sony with the PS4 is because of the new system architecture, which is a legitimate excuse.

But Microsoft is just not including BC because they are being cheap while pulling sh*t out of their a**. Thank you Microsoft for making me not wanting a Xbox One more and more.



ouroborous said:

yea right, as if nobody ever is going to play an xbox360 game on the xb1.
only reason i didnt play xbox games on 360 was because they never made all of them compatible and the few that i wanted to play were never added to the list



ouroborous said:

and whether you use the feature or not, it is definitely a selling point no matter what this guy from microsoft says.



Rafie said:

@WiiURockz I didn't miss the point of the blog. You could have clearly mitigated your points on the Wii U without taking credit away from the others. That's where you lost me. I'm all for Nintendo, but making the others look inferior makes you look like a fanboy. WiiURockz, you don't have to defend Ninty...the time is coming for them to truly shine. Trust me it will. We all are playing the patience game here.

Now about the graphics...yes the Wii U is a bit more powerful, but its yet to be seen that the graphics exceed that of the 2 last gen consoles. That's all I'm saying. I just want to point out that I'm not attacking you and I thought that your had substance. It was just too biased for me. Mind you that you're going on a site that is for all games, so when some people see that you're bigging up the Wii U and downplaying the others...they'll lose interest in reading. I have all systems and will definitely have the PS4 at launch with MS following after a year. The Wii U will rise. No doubt!



sadsack777 said:

all I can say to this if u think like me Microsoft and EA are there to grab as much money from this xbox 1 sorry I thought it would ave been called xbox 3 lol any way lets just see if we are all wrong



HawkeyeWii said:

hmmm, well that looks like 5% alright. yep.
It's official, Xbox's creator is out of his mind. Nice statistics there bud.



DrMonk said:

I've used it on Wii U for Metroid Prime Trilogy, Wii Fit, Guitar Hero, Super Mario 64, and Fling Smash.

And I've used 3DS backwards compatibility for Pokemon Black/White 2 and Rhythm Heaven at least.

Seems like from the poll results it is more like 5% don't use it! But maybe there are less titles on 360 that One players would want to go back and play?



rjejr said:

Speaking of idiotic comments, any follow-up on that EA twitter guy? You know the one. I kept waiting for EA to say they had been hacked, or an apology, but it never happened.

For those who want to know why NL is covering MS - it's a main competitor in the US market (not so much in Japan I hear). The WiiU will sell this holiday in a direct inverse proportion to the PS4 and X1 so the more bad news for X1 the better.

Also more directly affecting WiiU gamers - MS seems to be clamping down on piracy via running roughshod over it's consumers, and EA is changing it's online pass system on the PS3/4. SO, part of the EA vs. Nintendo issue may be Nintendo's not wanting EA online passes on it's system. No online pass, no EA games on WiiU or 3DS. Just a hunch, E3 should shed some more light on this w/ the EA presentation.



Einherjar said:

nd there i was, thinking that microsoft youldnt dig their grave any deeper But to be honest, there is a reason why backwards compatibility will play an ever lesser role...the games of today wont be remembered in future generations. As simple as that. No one wants to play "the golden age of Call of Duty" simply because it doesnt exist
But i regularly, maybe even more than modern releases, play nintendos classics or games from that era. Thats why im a huge fan of the VC.
So, no problem mister microcash, your fans dont want backwards compatibility because: a) what fans after that conference ? b) Your exclusives are played a couple of months after release and are then completely forgotten



shinesprite said:

"He went on to claim that only 5% of players made use of the feature on their current system"

Maybe in the last month, but these things matter a lot more at the beginning of a console's lifespan.

As for me, I'm officially playing DKCR in Wii mode, but lately, the Rayman Legends Challenges App has been more aggressively cutting into my gaming time.



mjhopkins81 said:

When I bought my first Gamecube, I did so because it was bundled with classic Zelda games.

When I bought my first Wii, I did so because of the Virtual Console.

When I bought my first PS3, I did so because the PSN had come out with classic Final Fantasy games.

I am the gamer who would rather play classic games that stand up to the test of time, and have excellent replay value.



RancidVomit86 said:

You guys keep calling him dumb but you know what's dumb? That you are hung up just on a name. A name that isn't hard to understand the meaning behind at all. As if adding a "U" to the end of your consoles name was such a superior idea.



sadsack777 said:

sorry to say iam not a fanboy of Nintendo its just that Nintendo don't grab as much as the rest they have games for all my family as well as me



Dizzard said:

I don't have a Wii U, but I have a 3ds and I always use the backwards compatible feature.



Peach64 said:

@mjhopkins81 None of those examples are backwards compatibility though. I've bought loads of digital downloads of old classics, and I've bought many HD ports, but I very rarely play an Xbox disc in my 360 or a Cube disc in my Wii.

It helps give new console owners something to play for the first 10 months, but if they really wanted to play previous gen games that bad they probably wouldn't have just forked out on a new machine. It's extremely dumb to come out with a comment like this, but I think he's right about it not being important. The only consoles that have ever really been backwards compatible are the PS2 and the Wii, up to now. It was nice to have in the 360 because most 360 owners never had an Xbox, and it was nice in the Wii because most Wii owners never had a Gamecube, but how many people buying that thing are not going to have a 360?



BakaKnight said:

My 3DS became my best trip partner also thanks to the backward compatibility and once I'll got the WiiU I won't have problem connecting all the consoles as it will take easily the place of my Wii ^_^

Sure, more games come out, less you use such function, but it is a never ending thrill to have a keep growing collection of games you can keep using on your most recent console instead than need a continue switch to old systems (which is really uncomfy with home consoles).

I really don't understand Microsoft... apart what I already said, backward compatibility is also a great way for catch the attention to new customers that never owe a 360 and therefore could consider its whole library as "launch titles", why missing such a strong point? Cause it's backward to have backwards compatibility? It doesn't make sense to me @.@;



Philip_J_Reed said:

Actually, I would say he has a point... well, half point. Nintendo is well-aware of its loyal fanbase, so they use backwards compability to boost interest for people who like the new console, but not the current line-up.

Hmm? My concern isn't with anything but his 5% statistic, which I know first-hand is false. I'm not thinking about Nintendo or any outside factors at all...I'm reacting to his comment that backwards compatibility is a concern for only 5% of Microsoft customers. He doesn't have a point there at all. It's bunk.



Blue_Yoshi said:

Well considering I already got a Wii I might as well use up that memory rather than the Wii U's, if the Wii U played Wii games automatically and not get forced into a "Wii Mode" I would probably make more use of the feature.



GraveLordXD said:

@Tasuki there is no justification in the stupid name, it's dumb! And its not all in one if it was it would play 360 games and xbox games this to me is just as much a gaming console as my cell phone



brucelebnd said:

he's probably right, at least concerning his target audience.

most XBox fans play games like Madden, FPS and stuff like that. those kind of games don't really have any replay value. they're obsolete once the new one comes out. the majority of Xbox fans don't really play games that you want to play again.

shenmue 2, jade empire, panzer dragon orta, and some other are pretty good games but since most Xbox fans are more or less the "booyah" sort that really appreciate great games. so 5% sounds about right.

MS knows it can lose 5% of it's fans.



brucelebnd said:

if you own a nintendo system, you have great games that you will play again. that isn't the case so much with the Xbox



crazyj2312 said:

I like backwards compatibility for its convenience. With handheld games especially since I still feel like playing old games but I don't want to lug around more than one system with me (and if the VC could get some GBA games then lord have mercy I'll be set). With home consoles it's pretty great too since you don't have to keep changing the systems you're playing on if you want to play a last gen game and you can give away that old system for some new junk

and while I guess you could say digital downloads of old titles can compensate, it's usually done with the company trying to get you paying for a game you already own. which I wouldn't mind if it was a long since out of print game from like 10 years ago, which is why I don't mind forking over a few bucks for ps1 classics or gamboy color games on VC but when it's a game like AC3 which came out not too long ago I'd be a bit peeved if the only way I could play it on my new system was via a digital download I had to pay for.

I'm not sure if MS is going to charge much for digital 360 titles you already own but who knows



SCAR said:

Ya. This predicted number is a little low... I'm downloading all my Xbox 360 games on day one, because I have like 20 digital copies of some good games.
He's completely wrong. He took a past result in a completely different situation(Xbox not being as popular as Xbox 360), and figured it would be the same twice over. He probably had to state that as a solid use rate, because they have no other number to base it off of besides Xbox to Xbox 360. It's just protocol to not make up numbers.



RetrogamerFan said:

They do say you can prove anything with statistics, but I'm really surprised by the lack of interest he seems to think there is in BC.
BC is always a selling point to me. 3ds > ds > gba, wii u> wii >gamecube



crazyj2312 said:

also the games announced really didn't capture my interest you know, so while I wait for a game that does what the heck am I going to do with the xbox one? watch a lot of tv according to the presentation...which defeats the purpose of it being a game system if I'm not playing it >.>



bizcuthammer said:

Almost everyone i know with a game console has used the backward compatability feature at least a few times. I use it a lot... In fact, if 3DS and Wii U weren't backward compatable, i likely wouldnt have got either at launch, since i traded in my DS and Wii to help pay for them, but kept the games. I still play pokemon heartgold and white on my 3DS, while on Wii U just today my wife and i fired it up to play Wii Fit Plus together, and over the last week i've played smash bros brawl and mario galaxy on it as well.

You're the one thats backwards, xbox. I've never come across a console as anti-consumer as you. Have fun coming in third this gen.



Burning_Spear said:

A lot of Nintendo fans freaked when GameCube compatibility was dropped from the Wii. People even complained about Wii U not having GameCube compatibility! This guy is seriously out of touch with what gamers want. He can quote his 5 percent, but I guarantee not having 360 compatibility will hurt XBox One.



Sean_Aaron said:

I'm sorry but that is irretrievably stupid. There is no reason why any games console with an optical drive shouldn't be backwards-compatible - even more so if we're talking downloads! I can imagine if every time someone bought a new iPhone or iPad they had to purchase new software there would be a lot less people buying software for those platforms.

And they wonder why they're playing catch-up in the mobile and tablet markets...



bizcuthammer said:

He must be using 360-only statistics here... Which is probably accurate. I never used BC on my 360... You know cause everything on the original xbox sucked except for the two halo games.



Best_ said:

I play Resident Evil Wii Edition on occasion because it is so damn good! I've also been wanting to play the Conduit series, which I missed btw, so I picked both games up last month and I have been enjoying them in1080p on my WiiU. Games that I missed on my Wii--I can gladly buy them now and not have to set up my original Wii, because I can just play them on my WiiU in Wii mode. I don't understand why MS cannot see that, but then again, I'm probably just one of the 5% that do so.



thepitt said:

What about people whom do not have the Internet, might lose it or don't have access 24/7 to install, activate and check games? Companies assume gamers all have access to the Internet when a rather larger percentage of at least American households do not. I don't want a video game console that depends on "being online" for any reason.



bonham2 said:

I use backwards compatibility on all of my Nintendo systems. I kept my Wii to play GC games (on my small TV) and I play Wii games on my Wii U all the time. I'm especially happy that I could move my digital content onto my Wii U. That would have been really bad if it was non-transferable (that's my biggest disappointment with the Xbone). I never really used BC on the 360 and rarely use it on my PS3.



RoryLee said:

So this is the system that does everything? XBoxOne, we do everything but that.



KnightRider666 said:

Don Mattrick is is the only one who's backwards, d0nkey backwards. What a dumbd0nkey! I really hope Microsoft folds this time.



MonsieurRosbif said:

I'm sorry but with his greasy hair and side parting, the guy looks like a child molester. STAY AWAY KIDS!



kereke12 said:

So....To Microsoft i have to be backward to play backwards games....REALLY COME ON!!!
That's like saying you have to be stupid to play backwards games....thats what im guessing...Anyways Who Cares about what Microsoft says(sorry microsoft fans) Of Course i use Backwards compatible on Wii and 3DS, just right now my wii is acting up, thats why i need a wii u....."SCORE ONE 1 FOR NINTENDO"



Einherjar said:

@sadsack777 Absolutely. But many devs seem to forget that. Also, the current copyright system prevents such a conservation of old games for the most part, which is really a shame.



TwoSmoove said:

He is kind of right, at least about the Xbox anyway. Nobody I know (myself included) has used it at all. I do however use BC on my Wii U, Wii, 3DS, and DS Lite (for Pokémon related stuff). If the 3DS could only play 3d games, Zelda would have been the only playable title I had when I got my system which would have sucked. I think the 360 has a decent library of games that this wouldn't be an issue.
Even if people don't use it much, it would have been nice to have the option.



sweetiepiejonus said:

Dear Lord. I was a big fan of the 360 and might have planned on getting the new one...until I read this. 1. Backwards compatibility is very important to me 2.) I am now being insulted by some geek because I like to continue to get enjoyment out of my old games without having the hassle of unhooking 1 device to connect my old device to play again

So Nintendo is the only company that provided this feature for their fanbase. So the people (trolls, professionals included) who insult Nintendo's practices and how they treat their fans definitely have a point according to this dingdong. Good job Microsoft you just lost a potential buyer.

Forgot to add that I actually did use the backwards compatibility on my 360 as well. All this time I didn't realize I was doing it wrong.



Mqblank said:

I have got both Xbox and X360 as I have always prefered them to Sony. After a comment like that they can go stuff the XOne up themselves! Unbelievable comment!



Bragoon said:

I have always used all of my backwards-compatible systems for just that purpose as well as for playing new games. Maybe it's not us who are backwards, but Microsoft.



link3710 said:

Only reason I got a Wii U was because my Wii broke about three years ago. Now I get to play Kirby, Skyward Sword, Xenoblade, Last Story and more. It also gives the console a much much better launch library.



GraveLordXD said:

This isn't even as a big deal as the other BS you gotta pay a freaking fee to play used games seriously wtf!
All in one my stars they should have just installed a bill validater like they have on coke machines so I can just stick my dollar bills right in or a spot to swipe my credit card, every xbox1 (xboxone for the sensitive folks who care about Microsoft and their BS ) should come with a teddy bear your wallet can hug when it's all empty and sad
And nintendo is backwards lol any respectable gamer wouldn't support this nonsense but that's just my opinion



P-Gamer-C said:

He means for the big consoles the wii u doesent have any games so of course you would go back to the original wii games the xbox and ps3 dont go through bad droughts like nintendo systems because of good third party support i have played barely 7 hours of old xbox games on 360 and that would increase the price over 100 bucks



Ren said:

of course thats true when going from an sd to an HD system (like VHS to DVD difference, why go back?) on 360 it made sense, even the WiiU i'd understand people using it less (assuming WiiU had some good games of its own, when it does we'll forget about Wii Games).
BUT the 360 has fantastic games and lots of them, and they are already HD and plenty fancy, it's ridiculous to call that based on the state of gaming that long ago (what, 8 years?!). I've lost interest in it JUST on that alone, because I'm still just starting on many of the good 360 games, I won't toss it now. Pretty silly; If there was something more enticing than Skype on offer I would agree but so far it looks about like a faster 360. WiiU suddenly looks like a contender again.



Jayvir said:

I think I've used the BC on my PS3 more than I've actually played PS3 games simply because I never had a PS2 so I finally had access to the huge library. Without BC, I never would have played those games.



mjhopkins81 said:

@Peach64 While digital downloads are not, in fact, examples of backwards compatibility, they are examples of people using their consoles to play games from previous systems, rather than to play current gen games.

Secondly, as far as consoles are concerned, yes - the PS2 and Wii are the only two backwards compatible (to the previous iteration) of the console systems (the PS3s compatibility with PS1 titles should really be counted, as well). However, if we were to include handhelds, there are myriad examples of backwards compatibility. The Gameboy Color could play Gameboy games; the GBA could play Gameboy and GBC games; the first DS could play GBA games; the 3DS can play DS games.

Currently, Nintendo and Sony are the only two companies that really have the back catalog to warrant backwards compatibility.

As far as XBOX is concerned, all of their "franchise" games are largely replaceable - they release a new version with slightly updated graphics and content almost annually - that they won't offer backwards compatibility really speaks more to the fact that they don't need to offer it.



GraveLordXD said:

@P-Gamer-C you must have just started gaming yesterday if you think that other console don't go though big droughts every single console has unless you from another planet and know something I don't .
And you would rather your gaming console to have a bunch of useless garbage that will increase the price like tv junk than to be able to play all your good classic games so you don't have all kinds of systems hooked up to your tv, I can watch my football games with out it games is a second thought to them



Rect_Pola said:

Thanks to Wii U's gutting the Wii in transfer there are two type of Wii U owners who had a Wii before. Those who transferred and BC the hell out of their Wii U because why keep a wiped Wii when the successor has your saves and DLs; and those didn't transfer and still use their Wii directly.



fortius54 said:

I do not have the Wii U, but I know out of this next generation of systems I will definitely get one. Why? When my Wii goes out, I can play all of those games on it. Microsoft is just being Microsoft.



C7_ said:

"We didn't include backwards compatibility because it would require us to put expensive and outdated tech in our system, but instead of acting like adults and stating that the inclusion of backwards compatibility would add an extra $100 onto the price tag, we're gonna be cool kids from the 90's and insult our competitors for including a feature that help their consumers and justify it with a statistic that couldn't possibly be accurate that I clearly pulled out of my ***!" (censoring myself because I think this site has a node cursing policy)

There are so many things wrong with this system if it sells any copies at all it'll because the consumer wasn't informed enough or by some miracle people stop caring about their privacy and ability to play games without anti-consumer restrictions.



biglittlejake said:

Yea, I beat Twilight Princess and intend to get Skyward Swords. I also do have Harvest Moon Magical Melody which I played a few times. I think backward compatible is a big selling point for a new console.



Zodiak13 said:

I don't use BC a lot but I do occasionally. My son on the other hand is all over my old game collection, plays a ton of GC on the Wii and gba on DS and DS on 3ds.



hYdeks said:

Why is it everything Microsoft does and says is incredibly stupid? Yea, I use the backwards, of course I do! I love playing classic games, I don't play a game once through for the achievements than trade it in or let it collect dust I don't like anything Microsoft has done after the first Xbox, because they are obviously stupid and obviously to what REAL gamers want.



TheRegginator said:

Only 5% of 360 owners used backwards compatibility because not all games worked and the original Xbox didn't have that many good games to offer anyway. 360 backwards compatibility on the Xbox One would me very popular.



Williaint said:

I loved the Wii's backwards compatibility with Gamecube. The GB and DS systems are great. Now, I have so many Wii games that I still love to play, it would be a complete WASTE not to have them available on Wii U. Unless you want 360 owners will have to simply invest more money into it. ... Which I guess is their very blatant plan...



Intrepid said:

No one has really used backwards compatability for Xbox games because most were either not compatible/not good. So when they say only 5% of people use that feature, it is their own fault for making it that way, and they shouldn't act under the assumption that no one uses it because it doesn't matter to people.

"If you’re backwards compatible, you’re really backwards."
This is what I really hate about Microsoft and Sony. Not only will they insult Nintendo, but they (at least Microsoft) are now essentially insulting their own fans for enjoying a feature that is so integral to console gamers. If they don't want to include BC in their console, that is their decision, but don't insult people by calling them backwards. That is just low, and is not fitting for a company to say. It's arrogance is really telling of their maturity.



Kyloctopus said:

According to the poll above, 5% don't plan to use backwards compatibility with the Wii U.



ikki5 said:

and... they are dumb, I was debating getting the new xbox...then it was revealed and it made not so sure, now this.... I don't have an Xbox 360 however there is a few games I would like to play that are for the 360 however not really enough for me to buy the system, the xbox one might have brought enough for me to buy it (of course if it is not over priced) but it would take away some of the point of me wanting to get it, to play the newer games as well as the older games that I wanted to play.



Captain_Balko said:

The statement is more than absurd. 5%? WHAT?

Okay, personally I haven't used the backwards compatibility feature on my Wii U because I've got my Wii still set up (just to a different TV) and feel that I'd like to justify having it still, so when I want to play Wii games I play on my Wii instead of my Wii U. However, I think it is very likely that I am the minority, and that many people put their old systems away (or maybe in some cases trade them in) when getting a new system if backwards compatibility is possible with the new console.

Oh Microsoft... Shooting yourself in the foot must hurt, yes?



WiiLovePeace said:

Personally I have not used the Wii U's backwards compatibility, nor do I ever plan to. I have two Wii systems still hooked up & I don't get rid of my gaming systems ever so I have no use for the Wii virtual mode in Wii U. BUT I definitely played (& still play) loads of Gamecube awesomeness on the Wii backwards compatibility, so I'm extremely thankful for that, as I never had a Gamecube back in the day. So I can easily relate to those who do use the Wii U's backwards compatibility.

I do believe he's talking out of his butt though for sure



OptometristLime said:

@RupeeClock you nipped this one in the bud as far as I'm concerned.

I guess this just means Microsoft is eight years behind with their market research; which is why they should be watching their competitors (Nintendo) instead!



BetweenTheTrees said:

backwards huh. i find myself remembering games i used to play and wishing i could play them all of the time. and with nintendo i can.



ivanmata said:

Where on earth did he get those percentages? I'm guessing he got them from Xbox users (did the 360 have backwards compatibility?). This tells you how their games do not have any replay value at all. I wouldn't want to have the old console connected all the time to play older games, and we also have to consider the people that do not own the previous console, which is the reason the virtual console was created.

I bet if they did a study with nintendo owners they would find out that a large number of them do use backwards compatibility, because the games have a huge replay value.



Kaze_Memaryu said:

What I was trying to say is that backwards compability isn't much of a marketing point for Microsoft - they want to sell their new stuff, and charge for old stuff by remaking it. And since XBox360 had a really inconsistent backwards compability, I suppose he had his weird number from there.
Most X360 owners really didn't care for XBox games since it was the first HD console. They wanted new games. But now, Microsoft might be taking the wrong route.



NintyMan said:

No, just say no to this. Just because a new console can still play games from the past console doesn't make it backward. That's terrible logic. It may actually make those older games look and perform better. And how did he come up such a small percentage as 5%? I would think there would be a bigger percentage than that.



marck13 said:

1st thought: BS!!!
2nd thought: Well if they have Games for their Systems in the quality of the Pop-Songs of these days OF COURSE NOBODY THINKS OF EVER PLAYING THEM AGAIN after a year or two.
3rd though: THiS is why i'm a happy owner of Nintendo quality products. They simply seem to care a little more what the User like and might want.



evanescent_hero said:

And early PS3s. And the Wii U. And literally every single one of Nintendo's handhelds (save the DSi). One of the biggest selling points of BC for me, and for many others, is that you can trade in your previous console, which makes the new console a bit cheaper and saves room under your TV. I dunno about you, but I don't wanna swap out my Wii for my GameCube every time I wanna play Wind Waker or Prime, nor do I want to have a GameBoy Color, GameBoy Advance, a DS, and a 3DS to play all my handheld games. Nevermind that BC allows for such things as Pokémon data to be shared from one generation to the next, the Advance Shop in the Zelda Oracle games, or Wii games having a GameCube controller as an option.

I know people who skipped the Wii but bought the Wii U. I was grateful for the GBA's backwards compatibility; it meant I could play GBC games without needing a big clunky GBC, much less needing to actually find one. I traded in my GCN for my Wii because the Wii could play GCN games. You may never use BC, but you're the minority. It is a selling point to many people, and it is important to many people.



ArkOne77 said:

When the software is dookie and has low replay value or nostalgia, I can see why no BC is feasible for this airplane hat and MS/XBOX in general.....
BTW, That pic is awesome. He looks like Mr. Roger's brother showing off a new VHS Unit shortly after Betamax tapes were phased out!!!! Maybe he should leave Microsoft and work for Home Shopping Network or QVC



klautrec said:

I can't believe a company like microsoft can bring words like "Legacy" on their conference, and don't give support to their old consoles. I think I get the deep concept of the Xbox One, and it's not about being a all-in-one device, it's about re-writing the Xbox brand. I love my 360, and i'm not getting the new one, I don't share their visions for my future gaming experiences, I hope Nintendo never do something like that talk about social when you can't even borrow your REAL friends game to play, The Xbox One is a sad news for every gamer.



timp29 said:

This is a website of passionate gamers for the most part, which is probably a good snapshot of your gaming markets outside of the 'casuals'. I see from the poll that our 5% in no way reflects the microsoft opinion.

Designing a modern gaming system without backwards compatibility isn't just backwards, it's lazy.



NESguy94 said:

Of course only a few people used the 360 to play XBOX games. You couldn't transfer your data to the 360 and not all the games were supported. I know a lot of people who used the WIi to play Gamecube games though.



Yoshis_VGM said:

Just looked at the survey results.

82% is much larger than 5%.

Just another attempt to bash Nintendo, that's all, because he knew that Nintendo would be the only company this gen to use backwards compatibility.

I feel bad for you Xbox 360 owners upgrading to the One because you have to get rid of ALL of your 360 games. Upgrading to a Wii U allowed me to keep all of the awesome Wii exclusives.



MitchVogel said:

There ya go, Microsoft! Directly insult your customers and call them "backwards". That'll reel'em in!



Varia01 said:

Backwards compatibility is one of my favorite features of the Wii U! There are a number of Wii games that I love playing; even TODAY! There is Metroid Prime 3, Metroid Other M, Twilight Princess, Mario Kart Wii, and I was going to get Sonic Unleashed (Wii), but I couldn't find it, plus I wanted to make sure it was a unaminous decision among my dad and my bro (Who of which wanted Injustice: Gods Among Us, and I want to them to be happy. I actually enjoy Injjustice). I hate how the Xbox One will lack backwards compatibility, because there is also of number of 360 games I like playing (Sonic Generations, Batman: Arkham Asylum, The Force Unleashed, etc.). That maybe the one thing I will 100% DESPISE on the Xbox One: the lack of backwards compatibility.



P-Gamer-C said:

Sure every console goes through droughts but not like the wii and wii u the last big first party title that came out was 1 and a half years the wii u is working on 7 months that never would happen on a sony or even a soft system and on pc there is always somthing to play



satya said:

this defines the ignorance of corporate mentality for you. As some companies are actively trying to stop second hand sales and also disregard the retro gaming market simply because these people are driven by cash and not the total package of what alot of gamers are about.

I really do find that most modern day games are not as good as alot of the real classics and being honest i feel the retro market is what keeps me inspired in the game industry.



Vallu said:

Backwards compatiblity is a must have for new consoles. What's wrong with microsoft anyway? I'm glad I'm a Nintendo fan...



GraveLordXD said:

@P-Gamer-C dude I've been gaming on pc all my life I love pc gaming trust me , pc has the worst droughts this is how I can tell you haven't been gaming to long no offense, sure wii u isn't perfect we all know that and we all know Nintendo is working on some great things and hopefully wont rush anything out just because of a bunch of cry babies
This is why I love Nintendo and PlayStation because for the most part it's all about the games everything else comes after



P-Gamer-C said:

They could add back compatible but it would be expensive the wii u is still using ancient power pc ark while the next gen consoles when to x86 [the new standard] i used to care about back compatitbility on ps3 then i realised i only play the old games barely if at all because of all the new games that were coming out



GraveLordXD said:

@P-Gamer-C "git rid of all your games you could just keep your 360" smh at you lol yeah so If I game on 3 different consoles in 3 different generations I would have 9 ******* consoles hooked up to my tv's just to play my game library ok bro



FritzFrapp said:

Unbelievably crass statement by Merrick. And he's surely biting the hand that feeds him. The statement infers that the 360 and thus his own customers, who are buying 360 software right now, are backwards or in some way inferior.
Commercial suicide.



YorkshireNed said:

It's a baffling statement. I use my 3ds to play DS. I use my Wii to play Gamecube. When I go Wii U, I'll carry on with my Wii games. It's not my main problem with the new Xbox, though. It's the creepy notion that the hi-res camera, the microphone and the motion detector and the internet connection all have to stay on - yuck!



Ryon said:

Backwards Compatibility is a MUST for this coming generation.
If the PS4 and Xbox One, don't have it.

I may skip the next generation because of it. Wii U baby. wave of the future!



GumbyX84 said:

The only reason I don't use backwards-compatibility is most of my game collection isn't supported or doesn't work right. Maybe if they actually put effort into BC with the 360 that number would be higher. I know many people who used BC with the PS3 and Wii (those models with the feature anyway).

@Frapp Agreed. IMO, this is as bad as the guy that started the "always-on" PR fiasco.



P-Gamer-C said:

@LDXD Oh the 80's i see i thought we were in 2013 well if you are having trouble your doing it wrong how many games do you buy



P-Gamer-C said:

BC is a must if you have nothing to play on the new stuff the wii u is the perfect example so in those cases it is a must if you havent got any decent software in 7 months



GraveLordXD said:

@P-Gamer-C lol you really want to take it there? What exclusives has pc got on the way good one's? The only thing I can think of is Rome 2 TW and face it if it wasn't for steam pc gaming would still be stagnated, many game to buy yes many exclusives no just like wii u right now



UnseatingKDawg said:

What a dunce. "Only 5% of gamers make use of the feature." Well, no wonder. Not every single Xbox title works on the Xbox 360, and you need a friggin' hard drive just to play them. I guess I really am backwards then - I've been using it since my Game Boy Advance SP.



AddDavey said:

I've used the backwards compatibility of the Wii, Wii U, 3DS and even the DS, in fact earlier today I was playing Professor Layton and the Spectre's Call on my 3DS.



GraveLordXD said:

@P-Gamer-C and if you are a true pc gamer like myself with all these great games why would you want Nintendo rushing out the games I don't that's for sure I rather them take the time to get it right I have other games to play because I game on other systems so either you're hating on Nintendo or just game on Nintendo and upset that they don't have games to play right now



P-Gamer-C said:

You did it [took the bait] you attacked the gaming master no real pc gamer would ever attack pc it's league's ahead of consoles i own all except the wii u have a nice day



Zodiak13 said:

@P-Gamer-C 7 months? Lego City Undercover is great, and MH3U are both a lot of fun and those were out a few months ago at the latest. I agree not ALOT of games are around, but you exagerate a bit much.



P-Gamer-C said:

I hate on nintendo yet have a wii and a 3ds and if those directs show good wii u titles i will purchase it too smh -_-



P-Gamer-C said:

I went to your profile yet i see no gaming profiles lol do you really play anything or is it just talk



Pierceton said:

@mch let alone Nintendo makes affordable products unlike other companies. I think it's OUYA for me this time around besides the Wii U I bought at midnight night one!



P-Gamer-C said:

Srry 2 nintendo 3ds one small and an xl i hate them so much i want more games from them smh



StraTTtheRipper said:

that guy is so lame...I can't stand him for some reason. I made use of the BC for my 360, Wii, Wii U and my 3DS. I would think that most people would, especially when places like game stop have a deal to trade in your old system for a new one. I got $100 credit for trading my old 3DS for the XL. All I can say about the X-Box One is....good luck trying to sell that. It doesn't seem like a good idea for casual gamers...only hard core fans that HAVE TO HAVE the latest hard ware right away.



GraveLordXD said:

@P-Gamer-C lol whatever I guess you're referring to me,yes pc will always be ahead of consoles in the graphics and performance department , but the wii u actually can do some things pc cant. And thats why its relevant smh hehe



P-Gamer-C said:

T hat guy is lame lol but the xbox1 seems to be marketed to non gamers as well its to early to tell if it will sell or end up like the wii u



DePapier said:

I don't get my regular news from this website anymore and I understand that Nintendo news are scarce since Nintendo keeps its secret tighly locked... But may I ask an explanation on why we have Microsoft news on NintendoLife? Doesn't NLife Ltd have a sister site (Pure Xbox) for that, or maybe that site isn't has successful as NintendoLife to generate comments within expectations?
I can't believe my favorite troll from back in the days was actually right...



P-Gamer-C said:

LDXD Can we be friends and stop this bikering i like nintendo but i feel there handheld is more relivent than there home console i feel the wii u came out at the wrong time i feel nintendo wanted lightning to strike twice [it didnt] i feel nintendo doesnt really care about the wii u i feel nintendo has lost its drive and hunger to be number one not base its succes on gimmicks but based on the best third party support[nintendo and super nintendo] and there first party titles.



Epicnessofme99 said:

Backwards compatibility making you backwards? I don't understand, I guess he said this to keep people from bashing Microsoft's choice of doing this...again. With the Xbox 360 it was backwards compatible, however it only worked for a few games, backwards compatibility isn't a must have but it's very nice to have especially to free up space in a game room.



GraveLordXD said:

@P-Gamer-C yeah man we are cool bro we can't all agree on the same thing that would be boring lol, the main thing I do agree with you on is that Nintendo did release the system to early to try and get a head start the games just aren't ready yet, I just find that their is more potential in the wii u than the wii off screen play and couch co op is great IMO
And you like the hand helds but look how long it took them to change that around with the 3ds and they will do the same with wii u I'm sure



Tornado said:

Big deal for me--if the Wii U had not only Wii support but Gamecube support too, like the Wii, might buy one. That it doesn't is a big reason I'm not springing for one, probably anytime soon.



DePapier said:

@WiiURockz I read your article, very interesting.
On PS4, 3. Buying games through your smartphone is something Nintendo is also planning through Miiverse, and I would be surprised if we see this on Wii U before the PS4 and XBoxOne launches. (+typo now instead of "not": "but it's NOT something that hasn't been done already.")
I'm gonna say this again before June 11, and I'm especially talking to Nintendo fans: don't be surprised this Holiday season if first-party Wii U games have better graphics than third-party PS4One games. I got that next-gen Need For Speed on my Wii U, that Forza whather on One can't lie to me.



P-Gamer-C said:

LDXD There are alittle different sony and soft are going to blow the doors off at e3 and the microsoft want to deliver on that old promise back with the original xbox to take over the living room can they do it from what i saw it is a definite possibility if they can deliver the games most consumers are not interested in the wii u its going to be like mission impossible to save this thing can nintendo rise to the challenge ?



Pichuka97 said:

Maybe only 5% of people play backwards compatible games on 360. I don't because my original Xbox works just fine and also because the original Live doesn't work anymore anyway. Not to mention, the 360 only plays a few of the original Xbox's games any way and thats without side effects. I would play old Xbox games on my 360 but stupid Microsoft had to discontinue it's online service because it was limiting the 360's online service. Yeah right!



StarBoy91 said:

"If you're backwards compatible, you're really backwards"
Stamps FAIL sticker on Don hard



8thGenConsoles said:

@Rafie Thank you for your feedback. I need to say one more thing: I wasn't really downplaying the other consoles, it's just kinda how I feel about them. Those consoles are not as impressive as people make them out to be. I will give PS4 credit for the specs and share button, that's it and i'll give Xbox One credit for the specs and the fact that Xbox has blu-ray now. Nothing else about those systems is impressive to me.

And yes I need to defend Wii U sometimes from haters and ignorant people who lie about Wii U or they only tell one side of the story. People who don't know better will believe those lies and will continue to spread it all over the internet. People deserve to learn the truth about Wii U and that's why I'm willing to defend it sometimes. And trust me, Wii U will have games with better graphics than current gen consoles in the near future, it's just a matter of time



GraveLordXD said:

@P-Gamer-C Microsoft is a lost cause for me for obvious reasons ps4 I'm for sure looking forward to but its all about those exclusives if I can get the same games on my pc I don't need them that's why I like PlayStation also because they put games first unlike Microsoft who wants to make a tv vending machine



bunnyking said:

...And Microsoft takes a dump on the XBOXone's chest.

A massive dump of inhuman proportions.



brokenfang said:

Wow, its so bad at this point even the fanboys have fallen silent.

So now we know the results of the upcoming "console wars"

Xbox One (R.I.P.)

At least Sony still has shot to stay in the game. MS on the other hand... I'm truly shocked at how bad this console sounds.



dizzy_boy said:

It would have been more sensible to say they're not including backwards compatibility to cut hardware costs, but this is brainless co -operate bs that seems to be rotting the industry at the moment.



Chunky_Droid said:

The 360 couldn't emulate all Xbox games properly, anyway. There's more to it than what he's saying, but why pour tonnes of resources into something they don't believe their fan base will use anyway?

Nintendo see it as a selling point, and most people I know utilise the feature, so it makes sense for the Wii U to do it.



Volendral said:

If I had the original XBox, I would have made use of the backward compatibility of my 360, but I had no interest in any of the original XBox games, so I didn't feel a need to buy any of the old games. And that's the only reason why I didn't use the 360's backwards compatibility.
If I bought the XBox One, and it had backwards compatibility I would use it. (But I never would buy the new XBox because of the idiotic things MS did with it.)



Rafie said:

@WiiURockz Specs is one thing. I'm more about what the console can do to enhance my enjoyment. The Wii U does that for me and I most certainly believe the PS4 will do the same. I like the fact that you can have one of your friends log on into the game you're playing and getting past a difficult part for you. That is really cool and innovating because it hasn't been done yet.

I know Nintendo is getting some slack, but I hold firm that tunes will change when the holidays come around. Then people will look back on these negative articles and laugh. Good blog and my apologies if I came off rude. Can't wait to see some Wonderful 101, Bayonetta 2, Smash Bros, etc on Direct on the 11th! It's gonna be hype!!!



P-Gamer-C said:

For xbox1 y use ddr3 ram thats 3times slower than whats in ps4 and it has a ram hungry os 3 actually but we wont have to wait for the games to look better than the old ones on either system thankfully



ToastyYogurt said:

Doesn't the 360's backwards compatibility only support about 10 original XBox games? I'm actually surprised that anybody uses that feature on the 360 at all.

I may be one to never sell my console, but there are people that will sell their console to subsidize the cost of the new one, and many will only do that if they can still play their old games.

They should at least push out an effort to be backwards-compatible. The difference in CPU architecture may not allow hardware emulation, but software emulation could work, albeit be a little iffy.



Ruthven said:

I love backwards compatibility… I’m not going to throw away may 30+Wii games just because I have a shiny new Wii U… Still wish I could play all my Classic GCN games (from the disk) though



jkvasn said:

Yes, because i'd rather play Wii games than most of the few Wii U games that are out right now.



Ruthven said:

I would even pay another $150 on top of the Wii U price to beable to play all my GCN games (Wii U Retro (tm))



sinalefa said:

Well, it was the only way I could play Luigi's Mansion, Viewtiful Joe 2, among others. And then Xenoblade, The Last Story, etc. Not to mention each and every one of my 15+ DS games.

Not including BC will mean people wont be as quick to sell their old system, hence they wont be picking the new console anytime soon. And if they are expensive you will need all the money you can get.



XCWarrior said:

What a moron. 5%? Well on that poll, we're sitting at 83%. That's a big difference.

Love backwards compatiblility. Use it on my DS, 3DS, Wii and now Wii U. And guess what buddy, PC has AMAZING backwards compatbility.

Oh Microsoft, trying to convince us that we want a Xbone. Sorry, we don't.



P-Gamer-C said:

Willing to play the gc games for an extra 150 if you are willing to throw money like that on old outdated games get a pc smh



Giygas_95 said:

I've made quite a lot of use of the Wii U's backward compatibility. Been playing DKCR, and I plan to play through Metroid Prime on MP Trilogy. Also there's my list of VC games that I had on the original Wii so I personally use the feature a lot.



andrea987 said:

@Rafie I agree 100% on the need to be less bias and more balanced in our support to any console we prefer (I'm actually a Sony and Nintendo fan, equally), but you can't say there isn't a noticeable difference in graphics on Wii U games. I've got both PS3 and Wii U versions of NFSMW and Trine 2, and I can tell you that the U versions are looking much better. And we're at the start of the U's life, it just proves that if devs are not lazy the advantage IS there.



Stark_Nebula said:

If you ask me, I'd say backwards compatibility was a 7th gen perk. Sure, PS2 and Wii U are part of it, but not many people use them for their backwards-compatibility. The only console truly worth having for backwards-compatibility is the Wii, since a GameCube component cable runs for over the cost of a Wii on ebay.



Rafie said:

@andrea987 I wasn't aware of the Trine 2 and Need For Speed games. They all look the same to me. I did do a side by side of Assassin's Creed 3 and it looks IDENTICAL! There's a YouTube vid of it as well. You're right though, the devs just need to step it up and work. That's what happened this past generation. The devs did all of their work on the 360 version and ported them every where else. This time they're forced to work on each of the system's they want the game on because they are all completely different!



Zombie_Barioth said:

I think a better question would be why bother using GDDR5 over DDR3. Yes, its faster but then only GPUs actually use it due to the cost, so why the unnecessary expense?

The PS4 uses an APU so the only thing I can think of is maybe the rumors that they're cross-firing the integrated GPU with a dedicated one is true, in that case it makes sense to use GDDR5 knowing the APU would be using a few GBs. Of course thats assuming their not just useing the integrated GPU by itself.

As for Mattrick's statement, you could say the same thing about their view on things.

I defenitiely won't refrain from buying a console just because it lacks backwards-compatibility, but I certainly use it a heck of a lot. I like the fact that I can play a good chunk of my game library just between my PS2, Wii, and 3DS despite still having my old consoles. Too bad they removed PS2 compatibility from the PS3.



Rod64 said:

Maybe because most of the 360 owners had the console just for shooters and FIFA and didn't had any original Xbox games...



triforcepower73 said:

Backwards compatibility is 90% of what I'm using my wii u for. I just got the last story and playing it for the first time. I absolutely love it!



sweetiepiejonus said:


"Our" games? You claim that you are a Nintendo fan but ya know I tried to ignore my suspicion that you were a fanboy in disguise after our last discussion but it's kind of apparent now.



Dpishere said:

@WiiURockz Nice blog on IGN! It is a shame when even professional game developers are not immune to becoming fanboys of a particular company or system and after seeing that comment from the EA employee, who is to say there aren't more developers who hold a personal grudge against Nintendo with no other reason than the fact that it is less powerful than the other systems? Developers need to realize that next-gen is here, and like it or not the Wii U is a part of it.



FilmerNgameR said:

I'm currently playing Sonic Heroes and Shadow the Hedgehog on my Xbox 360.Backwards compatibility is SO useful!



dadajo said:

I always use the backwards compatibility if the console has it. A lot easier to put it into the console than either A.) Look for the right console or B.) Getting the cords all set up. I still keep my old consoles, but I usually move them to the other tv in my house.



Ichiban said:

Currently playing Twilight Princess and DK Country Returns on my Wii U actually.



TheAdza said:

I wish my PS3 was backwards compatible. So many games I cant play any more since my PS2 broke.

I never bothered trying to get the BC to work on my 360. I didn't have many original xbox games any way.



shinpichu said:

I'd probably be more willing to perform a system transfer from my Wii to my Wii U if the Wii U had gamecuby controller/accessory posts.

I do play DS games on my 3DS a whole bunch though.



Noend said:

Backwards compatibility isn't required when you don't make timeless games.
In the case of xbox he is correct because who wants to go play bland shooter number 1-4 when bland shooter 5 is on the new system.



P-Gamer-C said:

The ps4 looks like it will have a stronger gpu and xbox will have a slighty better cpu with a faster clock it is useing 3 os



AugustusOxy said:

Makes sense with xbox, considering they stopped making games for it the moment the fricken 360 came out, and it wasn't like the original xbox had a huge library of repayable games.



P-Gamer-C said:

I have the first xbox it had some good games on it my personal favs shenmue2 kotor ce



Zombie_Barioth said:

Again, yes that may be true but not even high-end gaming PCs use GDDR5 in place of DDR3 for system Memory, its expensive and runs hot. So then why stick it in a $400-$500 console? Either Sony plans to use it for the APU which might explain the faster GPU (and the claim that its 50% stronger) or they just needed a new over-priced part to use.



P-Gamer-C said:

Im not debating current pc standards for ram and system memory sony is putting in better ram than soft get over it we have to wait to hear about the other details but this is a huge advantage already



b23cdq said:

I'm almost at the point I thinkthe OUYA will do better than the X1... I never thought I'd think one of the big three would place fourth.



Meaty-cheeky said:

Backwards thinking!!! I played Burnout 3 on my Xbox 360 lots of times. I guess me playing Pokemon Black & White on my 3DS also makes me backwards thinking.

Well you know what I think Micro$oft (F*** You!!)



paupau said:

I don't understand why people whine about how Xbox One and PS4 won't have BC. There is a good reason why they have no BC - because of the big change in the architectures and considering that at least in the case of PS3, the change of architecture is a HUUGE positive.

Wii U on the other hand has BC because the hardware is still very much compatible!



cyberman67 said:

Oh dear, Microsoft. I can play games from 5 console generations on my Wii. Nintendo - and the other companies involved in the virtual console eco system - are not only in for easy money. Systems like the virtual console are a chance to provide access to "old" games which are often important steps in the history of video game consoles. I would't have the chance to play some of these games without this option. What about you, Microsoft? Well, of course, you might don't have a legacy like Sega, Nintendo, Capcom or Konami ...



Zombie_Barioth said:

I'm not debating anything, just pointing out that its really strange that not even $1500+ PCs use GDDR5 yet a console will. Who knows, maybe Sony just got a good deal on it, perhaps in exchange for backing it like they did blu-ray. I just hope this isn't a sign they didn't quite learn their lesson from the PS3 like they claim they did.



Lobster said:

The reason I never bought a DSi is because it lost its GBA slot. Backwards compatibility is huge to me. It would be crippling if the Wii U could only play its current selection of games, for instance. You think we have a bad library now? At least we have access to everything on the Wii! Where would we be without that? I've never actually used Wii mode but I intend to, I just bought Xenoblade Chronicles earlier tonight, in fact. As for my 3DS, most games I play on that (from the slot) are actually DS games I either missed or that have come out since launch.

So yeah, I use backwards compatibility. I have all my life. Not including it is one of the stupidest things I can think of, even stupider than all the hoopla they are causing over used games.



DreamDrop said:

Eh whatever, it's not like PS4 and Xbox One (regardless of BC option) will be flying off the shelves, they'll suffer just like the WiiU.



chrisy said:

Hmm, he's just called everybody who uses Windows backwards. Way to go Microsoft!



Araknie said:


Mattrick's a lady of the night.
Plus, i'm playing Dragon Quest Swords and Samurai Warriors 3 on my Wii U, and they are Wii games.



OGGamer said:

@MANIAC911 There is no way to know that it's 5% .MS is just pulling numbers out of their rear end in order to defend their stance.
With games like Ikaruga , sin and punishment 2 , DKCR, Tatsunoko vs capcom, Metroid prime trilogy, xenoblade chronicles, the list goes on I'm glad that nintendo's wii and wiiu have backwords compatibility. GTFOH microsoft



FantasiaWHT said:

Personal experiences only - I'd say if you look at the current (not including Wii U) generation, yeah, probably only 5% are CURRENTLY still using backwards compatibility (To GC, PS2, Xbox). But that's not the real question. The real question is at the beginning of a system's life cycle, how many people use it? Speaking as somebody who used to sell video games for a living, a lot of families especially care about it.



RonF said:

He would have an easier job of convincing me to buy a XBox One if he didn't kind of insulted me first.



banacheck said:

backwards capability is no biggie seeing as it only plays last gen games, PS4 will play PSOne,PS2,PS3 full backwards capability. Which will carry over to every other console, thats how backwards capability is done.



Dolphinsquared said:

5% of the consumers only justifies why the original Xbox games are not worthy for backward compatibility. But I'm sure the Xbox 360 games make people want to play them again on the new entertainment console. (And yes, it's no longer considered a gaming console on my book).

People can say Nintendo does not know its fanbase by claiming content ID on YouTube, but I think Microsoft takes this too deep with the game restrictions and not including backward compatibility. Look at the number of people wanting to play franchises like MvC3 and Halo. That would only make people not want your console that's only an add-on to the TV system, and that add-on could have been developed years ago.



KingMike said:

Not to sound like a fanboy comment, but from what I remember the original Xbox didn't have a whole lot of great exclusives (games not available on another console or PC), when I actually asked.
Though I don't have a 360, I got to say the game library certainly had me far more interested in considering one than the original console did.



MeloMan said:

True enough backwards compatibility is not mandatory, but it does keep gamers from being forced to keep both previous and current gen hardware to play games of yesterday and today, or even force people who have current gen to seek out the old hardware and software. I read the message as this: "To keep the cost down for our new Xbox One, we are willing to trade in some convenience to the gamer". A win for them, a loss (albeit to him a "small" one) to the gamer. To each their own.



business-scrub said:

Yeah, only 5% used it on 360 because Xbox games were god-awful. If you did the same poll for the Wii it would be vastly different, probably closer to 50% and even closer to 100% if you count the VC.



Token_Girl said:

I wonder when that data was collected. Sure, how many people are playing original Xbox games at the end of this generation? How many people payed gamecube games on the Wii in 2012? It's different in the beginning of a new console's life though, I'd think. Being able to sell the previous gen system at a decent price helps soften the blow of the new console's release price. The old system's backlog also makes the initial release draught easier to bear.

I can totally buy that the cost it would add to the system to put it in may not be worth it, but I'm skeptical of the 5% number in the beginning of a console's lifecycle.



Drobotic said:

Microsoft:Backwards compatibility sucks!Let's get rid of it!
Wii U increases in sales



LeVideoGamer said:

It's funny that he says that. The only thing I've used my Xbox 360 for in the last 4 months is to play Street Fighter Anniversary Collection.

The very slim chance of me buying an Xbox One has become no chance.



P-Gamer-C said:

@paupau Finaly someone gets it wii u is still using power pc that has been used since i think the gamecube i think of course it would be bc



Marioman64 said:

hey xbox, no one used your backwards compatability before because you needed to shell out tons of money to havethe proper harddrive add on for them to run AND not all of them were supported




BestBuck15 said:

Backwards compatibility can be a massive bonus especially if you didn't own the console, like the way Wii was backwards compatible with Gamecube, because a lot of people didn't own a Gamecube for some insane reason because it was far better than PS2 and Xbox but such is life. I can only speak for myself I don't play Gamecube games on Wii I still use my Gamecube and I won't be playing Wii games on Wii U I've a Wii for that.



P-Gamer-C said:

@BestBuck123 GC only sold around 20 mil so most people didnt have your thought process and the next gen consoles have very different arc wii u is still using power pc nintendo has been doing that since the game cube over a decade ago



mralloverit said:

Well then, I guess I must be quite backwards as I'm currently using my Wii U to finish up Twilight Princess and Metroid Prime 3.



Gameboy123 said:

I never had an original Xbox, so I was very disappointed to learn that there's ,like, three games you can download on the 360 Marketplace, and none of them were that fun-looking to me (Except Fable 1). Also, I didn't know that you have to have a hard drive that costs around 100 dollars to play them! Thanks for telling me AFTER I downloaded Fable 1, Microslop. Xone will be the next water cooler, because that's what people will use it for!

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