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Fri 5th Mar 2010

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Ryon commented on Combat Core Is What You'd Get If Super Smash B...:

This has alot of potential.
reminds me of Power Stone mixed with Custom Robo really.

Regardless if the characters had more details on them or better textures I think i'd like this game more... or bigger stages, and maybe even multileveled arenas like PS.



Ryon commented on You Can Now Use Your GameCube Pad On Your Wii U:

I just got mine in the mail today (thanks nintendo life for telling me about it)

it works perfectly on smash bros. my gameplay is no longer hindered by that stupid classic controller.

I feel as if its brought new life to my Wii U. (not like it needed it)



Ryon commented on Review: Kirby's Dream Land 3 (Wii U eShop / Su...:

The first time I played this game the graphics threw me for a loop, I didnt know what i was looking at , it looks so great, so real and lush. I was baffled. I like this review Because I was really wondering how this version was on VC.



Ryon commented on Talking Point: The Download or Disc Dilemma:

Personally, Because of the nintendo ID restriction, im forbidding myself from purchasing any game thru the eshop. I'll keep physical discs for games I love. and Demos for everything else.



Ryon commented on No Updates Planned For Resident Evil: Revelati...:

You know honestly. My only complaint with RER, was the shadows.
which is a very pity complaint on my end. But everything is so well polished and perfect. They had to sacrifice something, I feel with better shadows It would have been perfect.



Ryon commented on MapleStory: The Girl's Fate is a South Korean ...:

wow! This game seems like a must play for me. so sad It may not come out of korea. regardless the PC game is ok (more annoying than anything else) the DS game was interesting more than PC. 3DS would be better.



Ryon commented on Gearbox: Future of Aliens: Colonial Marines in...:

honestly, the bad reviews from the game, and bad gameplay videos i've seen completely turned me away from it. during the time i found out about the game i saw the Alien movies, and I was excited, but now. I dont care.



Ryon commented on The Croods: Prehistoric Party!:

It heavily reminds me of Crash Bash on PS1. I like good party games, from the looks of this, its only worth a hour of good gameplay then repetition sets in.



Ryon commented on Pandora's Tower Will Be Invading North America...:

Im in the US, but I played/Beat the European version.

Definately an emotion driven game, It'll pull at your heart strings, and by the time you finish the game, Everything that they didnt tell you during it, till make sense.

Definately one of the best games of our current time.



Ryon commented on Fan Feedback Prompted Capcom's Resident Evil: ...:

I think the entire thing is Bogus, Capcom is a company you just can not trust, no matter the franchise.

I own the 3DS version, I LOVED it. Seeing it in HD will be nice, But I really do NOT want to shell out more cash to the same company that breaks its promises. To a game I already beat. I dont play online so I'm not losing anything.



Ryon commented on Pandora's Tower Finally Heading To North America:

I beat the game with the Pal version.
One of the most heart driven games i've EVER played. Im glad its coming to the US , but honestly compared to the PAL version WHAT CAN YOU LOCALIZE?! I hope they dont change any voices or anything cause the english VA's did an excellent job, really top notch.



Ryon commented on Nano Assault Neo Developer Lavishes More Prais...:

See this is the different in the games.
majority of wii games released THUS FAR, have been ports of other games from other consoles. there not made for the wii u , from the ground up.

This company PROVES that the wii is a excellent system, if people took time to work on the games.



Ryon commented on Streets Of Rage 4 Almost Happened, But Sega De...:

I've seen this years ago (the beta). It looked really restricted compared to how Fighting Force (another SOR4 idea that had its game title changed during production).

It looks to blocky, like many dreamcast games. If they made it now. It would have to be fast and furious.



Ryon commented on Capcom Not Looking To Bring "Late Ports" To Wii U:

Thats completely bogus and NOT capcom like.
Capcom LOVES to port over old games onto new consoles. This is just there way of politely saying that RE6 will not come to Wii U.

I wish it did come to Wii U.



Ryon commented on Monolith Soft: We Want To Be Like Bethesda:

Imagining a HD version of Xenoblade, would be nothing less than epic. Far better than most games in the market. I've been a fan of Monolith Soft for years since Baten Kaitos. I love there work. I'm excited for the future.



Ryon commented on Reggie Fils-Aime: Wii U Is "Much More Graphica...:

in my opinion this was a smart move on nintendo.
currently nintendo has very modern chips where as PS3 and Xbox have older chips from 6-ish years ago.

Any game that comes out now, and even in the near future will have 720 as a standard resolution, and majority will be released with 1080p, which will be the standard in several years. So nintendo can still keep up with the new games with out any loss, since the Wii U runs Native 1080p. (tested it using the "Wii Channel" very awesome)

PS3 may be more powerful as well xbox, but in the long run developers will still develop games for 720 and 1080p,for several more years.

all this 720p 1080p nonsense makes you wonder what the heck i'm rambling on about well, if nintendo can keep up with that, then it is definately more than powerful enough to keep up to even the newest consoles.



Ryon commented on SEGA Declares Wii U Graphical Capabilities to ...:

its graphics are perfect.

the Wii U is most likely to be using modern day chips, instead of 5 year old chips that the PS3 and 360 are using.

Which in turn would make it more powerful. being able to render the same graphics with less work.

and since 2160p resolution is not offically supported by any one company or consumer. Any games released in the future that support 1080p, will find a nice warm home on the Wii U.

I'm Excited.



Ryon commented on Rhythm Thief Producer Aims to Revive Music Games:

how do you revive something that isnt dead?

also i hate those music games except DDR. DDR feels more right when its not full of american crap.

I LOVE DDR1 with the original dance , techno, music stuff.



Ryon commented on Sakaguchi - 'Certain Ideas' Missed in The Last...:

Im in America and I already beat the European version.
And it got to a point where the game was so beautiful, I'd accidentally pick up my PS3 controller when playing.

The efforts they put in to make this game look great, with the higher resolution textures. shows off extremely well.

Unlike most RPG's, I love this one, I got closure in the end.



Ryon commented on Rumour: Nintendo Considering Alternative Names...:

Ultra Super Mario Bros Wii U 2

I loved the original idea of Revolution, It sounded like something wii all waited for. Then the name change and sadness ensued by many fans. Never the less our love made us buy them.



Ryon commented on Konami Dissolving Hudson Soft:


I want another Blood Roar!! Damn it. Hudson has always been one of my favorite gaming companies. I'll cry rivers with them leaving!



Ryon commented on Rumour: Official Legend of Zelda Series Timeli...:

ok honestly.. that explanation of there is totally bogus.

i'm gonna have to ask what about Zelda 1, and Zelda 2 for the Nes. shouldnt those be first in the story time line?

and why does he keep changing age and height so much?