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Mon 6th Oct 2008

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chrisy commented on Nintendo Download: 14th August (Europe):

@OrangeCluster Child of Light is ace. It's a platform-RPG, with gorgeous artwork, a haunting soundtrack and characters that insist on talking in rhyme. It has an interesting cast-interrupt mechanism with the fighting. It's really good, just buy it



chrisy commented on Feature: Nintendo Life's Quirky Wii Memories:

After refreshing the old "stock updates on various online stores" pages for a few months, eventually I caught a Wii available at Woolworths. Ordered on-line for store pick-up, and drove down to the store early one weekday morning before work (not entirely sure how I managed that given that the store was in Letchworth and I was working in London at the time). Anyway, it being just after the store opened, there was barely anybody about and I went to the collections desk to procure the Wii I'd ordered. They went to get it. And I waited.

I waited some more.

They came back, looking slightly confused and saying they couldn't find it. I gave them my number and they promised to look into it and call me. They did call me, saying they thought somebody must have swiped it, and refunded me.

I was back on the stock alert pages that day. Eventually one came up at Amazon, which I ordered. Unfortunately the courier was HDNL, and they left no card to say they'd been and there was no evidence that they'd bothered trying to deliver anything. I forget how I found out, but I remember calling their depot trying to collect (as some people said they had done, despite HDNL not offering this "service"), and they insisted that I couldn't pick it up, even though it was easier for me and would have saved them some time too. I contacted Amazon who arranged re-delivery. On the day it was supposed to come (I'd booked an emergency day off) I got an email saying HDNL had now "found my parcel" (I didn't realise it had been lost) and would deliver it. Thankfully it did eventually turn up on the denoted day.

I've never had such a traumatic experience trying to buy anything since.



chrisy commented on Feature: The Desire for Physical Media:

I'm firmly in the physical camp, having a tangible product makes me feel I own the game and have paid something for it, which makes me want to play it more. I can see advantages to digital downloads, but I'm too paranoid of losing digital purchases, or the service going and not allowing me to play the game even if I have my own backup. Digital downloads actually make pirate versions look more attractive

Also digital versions don't tend to be any cheaper if the same product is available in both formats, which is ridiculous given the amount of money that must be saved from the materials, manufacture, distribution etc.

I bought an MP3 album from Amazon the other day (because they had an offer on). Ended up writing to CD, printing my own inlay for the jewel case. It probably cost me more in the end (factoring in time etc) then the proper boxed version, and ended up looking like a dodgy copy I'd got off Knock-off Nigel, because of course they don't provide digital copies of the case artwork, I've also missed the little booklet and any information/lyrics/pictures in there. For an extra 20p (had there not been an offer on) I could have got the full physical product with all extras, and ripped it to MP3 myself for digital playback. The best of both worlds, only disadvantage being having to wait a day for delivery - which can be mitigated by going to a physical shop.



chrisy commented on First Photo of New Look Wii Console:

this is obviously a move to make it a bit cheaper to produce, presumably they are going to keep selling the wii alongside the new wii u - and it would look bad for the wii to have gamecube compatibility when the wii u doesn't!



chrisy commented on Review: Monster Hunter 3 (Tri~) (Wii):

I've taken the plunge and pre-ordered this (with Classic Pro) after all the positive reviews.

>Damn, that sucks about the text. It'll probably be well-nigh unreadable
>on my CRT.

I might have to delay playing it until my shiny new LCD turns up.



chrisy commented on WiiWare Games Now Available On Amazon:


I noticed in Tesco the other day that there are now different denominations of Wii (Nintendo) Points Cards, not just 2000 pts.

Looks like Nintendo are extending the options for buying stuff from the Shop Channel, which can only be a good thing.



chrisy commented on WiiWare Announcement Blowout - Bubble Bobble, ...:

I am utterly flabbergasted at the number of people here who haven't heard of Rainbow Islands.

It was either the predecessor or successor (I forget which) of Bubble Bobble, but was a totally different game - a vertically-scrolling platformer where rainbows could be fired and used as both weapons and bridges.

The third game in the series was Parasol Stars, which involved beating people up with a brolly. I wouldn't be surprised if nobody had heard of that (fwiw it was pretty good though), but Rainbow Islands is a classic.