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I blog, but am not very good at it. I like music but not dubstep and I am kind of a video game freak. Sorry.

Wed 19th Dec 2012

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bunnyking commented on Time: Nintendo Is "Stumped" By The Wii U GameP...:

With respect to Damien, I don't think you are a Nintendo fan, I seriously doubt that any of the journalist here besides one or two of you are Nintendo fans at all.

I see way more Nintendo hate coming this place than even youtube.

It's all good dude, grab yourself a beer but at the very least stop hating on nintendo, it's the reason we are at this site.

It's all good on your part if you don't like me either, I just would like to go online at Nintendolife and not have my experience suck. I mean look at the XBOXone site, I bet those guys are having a better time there than fans of Nintendo are having here, even though that system needs to die a thousand deaths.



bunnyking commented on Time: Nintendo Is "Stumped" By The Wii U GameP...:

I spent the last two weeks watching E3 clips and reading the XBOXone's blogs and it's amazing how much people are doing PR control for Microsoft. There are even whole websites and magazines articles in Times, News Week and the New York Times trying to damage control and spin what went down on E3 and the backlash XBOXone is receiving.

I'm OK with people talking trash about the Wii U, there will be a few games coming in 2014, I'm fine waiting for.



bunnyking commented on EA Has No Publicly Announced Wii U Games Plann...:

Isn't this old "news?" We are already over it. After seeing XBOXone's conference, I'm even happier with my Wii U. I am also going to be even more happy when I own both a Wii U and a PS4.

And I will be even more happy when I have Destiny for the PS4. Then I will be ultimate happy.



bunnyking commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Biggest E3 Challenge...:

@WaveBoy I agree. Nothing stood out, even Halo looked pale in comparison to Destiny's artwork.

Ryse looked like a God of War Rip Off.

Like I said earlier, Panzer Dragon and Forza stole the show for me. Everything else looked like a graphics demo, I am hoping PS4 to show me some goods. I want to see Destiny, it is honestly the only game selling Next Gen for me besides X.

I hate to say it but Killer Instinct looked like dookies... It hasn't aged well and the graphics look like the arcade version in higher Definition.



bunnyking commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Biggest E3 Challenge...:

I'm watching the XBOXone's Press Conference and its OK. It's nice to see what is coming out this year.

There are a few games that seem pretty cool though most of them seem rushed, it's like any other console at launch. I have yet to be impressed The two games that look good are Forza and the Panzar Dragon game.

They are the most promising ones, it hasn't sold me yet. I think PS4 said they had 40 games, so I'm waiting on their conference, and June 12 I'll be checking out Nintendo's E3 Booths.



bunnyking commented on Ian Livingstone: Nintendo Should Have Their IP...:

I think it's a good idea but It'd have to be an exclusive deal, and what would that do to sales of Nintendo's consoles?

Maybe Nintendo knows what it's doing by having exclusive franchises. Especially since PS and MS gaming libraries are about 95% the same games. While Nintendo's has a lot more exclusives.



bunnyking commented on It's Still Not Known If Batman: Arkham Origins...:

I'm not buying anything that doesn't offer the same experience as other consoles.

You skimp on DLC just because it's easy and MS paid you off.

What is hilarious to me is that I plan on buying a PS4 us Nintendo fans usually own more than one system. Skimp here feel the pain later.



bunnyking commented on Warren Spector: Underestimate Nintendo "At You...:

A lot of us Wii U owners already know how good it is now that the initial launch period is over. I'm pretty sure it will get a price drop and in just two weeks we will have our hands on Mario Kart.

Of course I will still get a PS4.



bunnyking commented on Ubisoft Reveals E3 Lineup:

@RoadShow I don't know if you've read the news, EA has stepped back from their comments and the Wii U bashing that was happening just a month ago has stopped with a new target to bash, the XBOXone.