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C7_ commented on North America is Getting the Limited Edition o...:

this isn't North America. This is a very small portion of people nearby the Nintendo World Store. That title is incredibly misleading and got my hopes up only to immediately crush them.

Someone needs to tell NOA that literally thousands of people would by this if it were properly available to them.



C7_ commented on E3 2014: Nintendo Won't Bring Live Twitch Stre...:

Click-baity title there Nintendolife. Losing the context changes the meaning. He didn't say streaming to twitch isn't fun, he said:
"We don't think streaming 30 minutes of gameplay by itself is a lot of fun."

Which means they don't believe straight up uploading gameplay is fun. Which it isn't; streams and videos are made fun by personality provided from the person playing, which includes video editing or at the very least a microphone.

A better title would be: "Twitch Streaming not Coming to WiiU: Nintendo Sees Uploading Gameplay by Itself as not Fun"

I'm not a journalist obviously, but the title makes it seem like they flat out dismissed twitch as a viable content platform for games.



C7_ commented on Game Boy Advance Games On The Wii U Virtual Co...:

We had to wait this long for a frankly pathetic amount of GBA games to be released on VC and they're missing vital features? Are you joking??? And the account system is still incredibly terrible; how can they expect me to drop money on old games that are missing core features on a system that doesn't guarantee I get to keep this purchase on future consoles?

A lot of people may be able to wave it off saying that multiplayer was not the GBÀ's strong point, but not only is that not even a good reason to accept the lack of features, it just isn't true. Every Mario Advance game had a multiplayer mode at least in the form of Mario Bros and racing games practically require it to feel like a complete experience. Not even to mention the missed opportunity to make it online within the emulator to finally have something to brag about on that front. What a joke.



C7_ commented on Former Naughty Dog And THQ Head Jason Rubin Sa...:

Look! Another article about a quote from someone who's missing the entire point of what Nintendo does and doesn't contribute anything positive to the discussion!

Wait, the former president of a now dead game company is calling another infinitely more successful company irrelevant? Why is his opinion so important it needs to be posted as "news" because I learned absolutely nothing new or useful from this.



C7_ commented on Angry Birds Dev Calls Nintendo Games "$49 Piec...:

"I made a ripoff of old flash games popular by being the first to release it on smart phones and some sheer luck. Better insult people who make real games because I've acquired a fake sense of superiority for making a game that's fun to play in very short bursts"

Also when did Nintendo say smartphones were destroying the games industry? that's not something any rep would come out and say; maybe that it wouldn't be the same as handheld console gaming, but not that the industry is being destroyed.



C7_ commented on Nintendo Comes Up Empty at the Golden Joystick...:

Been saying it for years, Video Game Awards are for the most part trash. For starters, in at least half the categories voting opened before some of the games in said categories even came out. Also, how can we vote on awards for that year if the year isn't even over yet? Heck, I'd argue that we should be voting for 2013 until at least March 2014 when people have stopped flipping out over the holiday rush.

There's also the very basic issue that people who are voting could not have possibly played every game in every category and therefore would have no idea which one they like the most. Yes, it's obviously going to be biased regardless, but with games it's impossible to have an honest opinion. There just isn't enough time to play all these games as opposed to movie awards that take very little of your time and money to watch everything in comparison.

So don't take any awards ceremony that claims to represent the entirety of gaming seriously when they can't even get their categories in working or acceptable order. I wouldn't really care if Nintendo won awards either way, but this isn't fair for any nominee. I'd rather see a Developer's choice awards where 100's of dev's each representing a separate studio come together and vote on which games they enjoyed more than a bunch of random people who happened across a voting site voting against things they haven't played.



C7_ commented on UK Retailer GAME Less Than Happy With Rivals I...:

"I only did it because all the other kids were doing it"

I'd like to know when this excuse has ever successfully justified anything enough to make it look like they did nothing wrong. Nintendo pushed for a worldwide Saturday released and made deals with all of the stores that could get the games early that they would only sell on that day and no sooner. Breaking the promise, regardless of the reason, is a sign of either incompetence or malice, and if I were Nintendo I would be giving literally every single store that broke it out early a hard time about it. They're businesses, and they should act like it; ESPECIALLY with big chains like GAME.



C7_ commented on Rayman Legends And Splinter Cell Blacklist Bot...:

Maybe next time when you delay/release it you should make sure it doesn't coincide with the release of GTAV, to be shortly followed by 2 entirely new consoles and a crap ton of games that come with them. As much as I love them, 2D platformers are never at the top of people's lists if they have to prioritize.

Would it have sold better if it was released for WiiU back in Feb/March? Probably not, but they cannot honestly say that this kind of delay was a good strategy.



C7_ commented on Microsoft Wants You To Know That Its Surface T...:

Microsoft promoting something that is generally illegal as a feature without letting the people who they're advertising to the conditions in which it is generally considered legal?
I wonder if Nintendo will bother trying to take them on.



C7_ commented on EA Executive: Shigeru Miyamoto is 'Falling Dow...:

Implying that Steve Jobs was even interested in gaming and that mobile gaming in its current state is comparable to dedicated gaming consoles. He's only saying this because gaming on your phone is much more receptive to cancerous in-game transactions because you only game for 5-10 minutes at a time and dedicated gaming systems generally hate paying for content they thought they purchased.
Hilariously arrogant defaming of someone whose work inspired and captivated millions just to pretend to be ahead of the game.



C7_ commented on Bethesda: The Time For Convincing Publishers A...:

Coming from someone whose company hasn't released anything to any Nintendo console since 1988 and clearly had no intention of starting again anyway. We're ignoring the fact that a touch-screen UI such that the gamepad can provide would be perfect for the majority of their games; they clearly don't care about what other not-traditional play methods can offer.

He's complaining that they weren't approached correctly? You know what I think happened? Nintendo outlined how they do quality control, which involves telling the developer to go home and try again when the game turns out to be glitchy, and Bethesda has a history of releasing glitchy games . Not wanting to spend the long months optimizing for unfamiliar dev environments they probably preemptively decided they weren't going to support something like that.
A long time ago.
They clearly had never had any intentions of supporting WiiU, and they're just complaining that they weren't treated like royalty to justify it. No one is actually shocked that Bethesda wasn't going to support WiiU, nobody will be shocked when the next elder scrolls or fallout will be buggy on release, and nobody will be shocked when the next generation rolls around and Bethesda announces they have no intentions of supporting Nintendo's console because they weren't addressed correctly.



C7_ commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Low-Key Approach to ...:

@Kirk Okay, so Editing to put in points that you didn't actually make the first time and delete points that you can't defend isn't being dishonest now? Cool. Now I know you're not worth my time.

I'll just close and say again, the issue isn't the hardware of the screen, it's the problem with stretching only one. I have already said, yes, it would be possible to make the bottom screen widescreen. I'm saying it would be bad to give the player to have it on widescreen because it would have serious gameplay problems in games, which I have given an example of, and therefore there would be no good purpose into giving that player that option rather than to frustrate them.

You've proven to me that you're capable of making claims without actually knowing what the system looks like on the inside, how it's built, or how it plays, and then pretending that you do in order to defend a design that you cannot possible claim with any degree of honesty is better than the original design because you don't and can't know the things I just listed. You've also proven that you aren't willing to read the issues with your design that I bring up, nor are you willing to defend your design, and then when you finally do either one of those things, you go back an edit your posts to make points that you didn't make that I couldn't have possibly seen and get rid of problems that I've pointed out. So have fun faking professionalism on something you know nothing about by yourself now, because I'm done giving a liar anymore of my time.



C7_ commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Low-Key Approach to ...:

@Kirk Now I know you didn't read my example, so now you're being dishonest on two levels. I put effort into showing exactly why you can't give the player the option to only stretch one screen, and your response is "yes you can." You're missing the point. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt in the the screen underneath is actually a rectangular screen and not altered to better fit other components in, because neither of us know that. I'm saying there's gameplay issues with stretching the bottom screen, not hardware issues. You're completely ignoring that, and thinking I'm saying "That's physically impossible," which I'm not saying. So yes, I DO know what I'm talking about on the topic of screen size, you seem to have no idea what I'm actually saying.

And you do have to defend your design when you claim it's better than something else. You're criticizing Nintendo's design by putting your own out there, and I'm criticizing your design because you don't even know what the issues with the original design are. You have to defend your design because you're claiming to know better. If you can't defend your design, you don't know better. This is ignoring the fact that you can't know better, because as I've repeated so many times, you don't own it. You can't use the "Well you don't own mine" defense against me, because yours doesn't exist and you're claiming that your non-existent model is an improvement over something you know nothing about. I don't have to try either model to say you cannot possibly have any idea which one actually feels better.

So please, say I have no idea what I'm talking about again so I can see if continuing this stream of comments that are admittedly barely even relevant to the article is worth my time or if you're gonna continue pretending to be on a high horse with your fingers in your ears.



C7_ commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Low-Key Approach to ...:

@Kirk IMMEDIATELY going to insulting the responses. Bravo sir on not actually addressing most of the points I bring up and still pretending to be so much an expert on a system you know very little about enough to treat everyone else as people who have no idea what they're talking about.

No, you can't just give the player an option to stretch the bottom screen. Games are designed with a constant screen size in mind; this is why the XL has similar proportions with regards to the screens as the 3DS does. They don't just make the top screen bigger, they make BOTH screens bigger. This like saying you can shrink the top screen and make the bottom screen bigger with no visual reprocussions. Let's just take M&L: Dream team as an example. The giant battles are design to hold the system sideways, keeping a constant size of the characters between screens. How could one accurately judge distances when characters suddenly grow or shrink when they move between the screens? They can't without trial and error, and that makes the game itself unenjoyable.

And no, let's not assume anything. That's entirely my point; you don't know how bad Nintendo's design is on any other level besides your personal opinion of what it looks like. You're assuming that it's uncomfortable when you haven't actually touched the thing, and then assuming your changes are good or even possible. How about you actually address my points rather than assume things?

"The difference is I don't like Nintendo's design because it's flawed, or more precisely it's just bad, and you don't like mine simply because I don't like Nintendo's and you feel the need to defend Nintendo even when you don't really know any better."

You ASSUME that it's flawed, it's your opinion that it's bad. It's not a fact, and you can't back it up with objective points. You're the one altering a design to have at least one objectively worse problem because YOU'RE the one who can't possibly know any better because again, you don't know what it's made of nor have you actually held it. This isn't random defending of Nintendo due to fanboyism; I don't like the visual design myself, but I'm not gonna pretend to be an expert on a console I know nothing about just to be dishonest and claim it's uncomfortable.



C7_ commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Low-Key Approach to ...:

@Kirk Except you haven't actually held it and Nintendo's tested this design with hundreds of people and therefore you have no idea if you've improved it or are just making it more uncomfortable.

Games designed with the 3DS in mind that use both screens would NOT benefit from stretching only the bottom screen, as it would make the bottom visuals suddenly change size when they moved between the screens. You also have no idea what its internal bits look like, nor do you any idea as to how this design saves costs and therefore you cannot claim that you can just make everything the same thickness as the thinnest part.

On top of this, putting buttons closer together can actually make people with bigger hands (or even normal sized hands) get cramps, and again, since you haven't held one for any amount of time you cannot back that this is an improved design with any amount of honest certainty. How about you wait until it comes out and people actually share their opinions on the design before you pretend to be an expert on how comfortable something you haven't even touched is.



C7_ commented on Nintendo Featured In Nine Categories At This Y...:

Would like to know why we're voting for yearly awards when the year isn't even over, specifically. Nintendo's got a great line-up this winter and there are still two consoles that will release with entire launch libraries before the year is over.



C7_ commented on Wii U Name Isn't To Blame For Poor Sales, Says...:

The fact is that the consumers I run to often DON'T know it's a new system, but just another peripheral for the Wii that improves its functions. He's right that the main issue is games, but the other important issue is that they've pretty much failed in marketing in their target audience has no idea what a WiiU is. If they had called it a Wii2 they would've solved a lot of the problem, but if they had continued with the same bad marketing they'd still be in the same place.



C7_ commented on Sonic Lost World Deadly Six Edition Announced,...:

Can we not separate it into different versions and put everything that was made during development in the main game like it's supposed to be?
I'm all for bonus content, but any gameplay that's made before the game is released (especially if it's available for purchase on launch day) should be sold with the main game.and not as some sort of promotional stunt. This is identical to the issues with Day One DLC only forcing a superior collector's edition instead.



C7_ commented on GameStop Defends Xenoblade Chronicles Pricing,...:

It's not competitive pricing if you're the only one selling it. You aren't competing with ANYONE on the sales. Competitive pricing usually means that you're trying to sell it for less than the competition (which doesn't exist in this case) in order to gain more sales.

This is price raising because you are the exclusive seller and therefore DON'T have to price competitively.
This is called a monopoly, the exact OPPOSITE of competition.



C7_ commented on The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD Dated f...:

So uh.
Any information on the price that isn't just a store placeholder?
Because my purchase doesn't rely on when it's released, but at what cost a game made HD in the team's spare time comes to me.



C7_ commented on Wii U Hardware Still Being Sold At A Loss:

Anyone who expected Nintendo to do a price cut just doesn't understand that lower prices don't sell consoles. Games sell consoles. There would be no reason to do a price cut because there's a drought in games for the system that is only now starting to be fixed. If they did a price cut only the very few people on the fence who were paying attention would bother; everyone else would still see it as a console with no games.

And we've known they're selling at a loss, but it's a very small loss that's made up by a single sale of a retail game. This isn't exactly news, and it doesn't stop being sold at a loss until years after release when the tech gets cheaper.



C7_ commented on Video: Rejected CGI Zelda Film Discovered Online:

The style miss-matches the seriousness of what appears to be a twilight princess setting and a pixar film rip off. The animation was really solid, but the character design was straight out of the Uncanny Valley.

Not sure if I'm glad this was rejected.



C7_ commented on Pikmin Keyrings Arrive as Club Nintendo Europe...:

I want to know why NOA decided that Pikmin 3 was the game where they would be completely outdone by other regions when it came to release and promotion. Europe got the plushies, a discount, a wonderful 101 promotion, and got it over a week before USA. Normally it's the other way around, but I just want to know why NOA are putting so little effort into promoting this.



C7_ commented on Masahiro Sakurai Rules Out Story Sequences For...:

... THAT'S the excuse? that people uploaded the cutscenes onto youtube? So what?

If that's the case, you might as well not put story in anything ever because it may be uploaded onto youtube within days or even hours of release. And on that note, most people know not to spoil themselves by looking up cutscenes anyway.

Either their's another reason and this is just a bad cover-up for it or this is simply more proof the Nintendo has no idea what the point of video content of their games is, or how to properly deal with it (psst, it's free advertising and you should leave it alone unless it is sincerely violating laws or youtube's ToS)

EDIT: Also character customization that alters gameplay was confirmed, which is terrible for the competitive scene unless it is handled miraculously well. So there's that.



C7_ commented on UK Gamers Can Download Pikmin 3 Now By Picking...:

The US gets it a single day if you preordered on a specific weekend for full price, UK gets it a week in advance with a decent discount and then suddenly another two days in advance with a promotion with the Wonderful 101 where they save yet more money.

Thanks, NOA. I've only been waiting for this game for upwards of six years and in the final weeks you fall on your face in comparison when it comes to promotion. They didn't even make a US version of the awesome Pikmin 3 marketing cartoons; they're just tweeting random 15 second gameplay clips uploaded on a website I've never heard of.

I guess I can't complain too much because UK often times is the one that gets left behind, but this wait is killing me.



C7_ commented on Nintendo Comments On EarthBound's Inflated Pri...:

@H_Hunter You have quite a history of negative comments here. Earthbound's been critically acclaimed as one of the best and most unique RPG's out there for quite some to even the most biased and harsh critics. Contrary to what you may think, the graphics in this game have aged fantastically because they fit the game almost perfectly. You meanwhile are posting comments about how you hate various Nintendo titles for no reason while saying the WiiU will fail when the PS4 comes out on a Nintendo-oriented site. Why do you even come here if you hate these games so much?

On a separate note I really do hope they start changing the VC prices on a case-by-case basis; I'm not paying $5 for some random high-score NES game with no incentive to get a high-score anymore (wrecking crew, balloon fight, etc.), but I'd happily shovel out cash for games with a lot more replayability like the adventure games that still hold up to this day. Earthbound is more than worth the $10, but if they do the case-by-case thing by saying "$8 is the minimum, and great games will have a higher charge while the other can never go below $8" I will be sincerely miffed. They're already handling WiiUVC quite poorly and while Earthbound is certainly a step in the right direction but they need to offer more incentive to use the service.



C7_ commented on Purchase Pikmin 3 And Receive A 30% eShop Disc...:

I would prefer this much more than the ridiculous "One day earlier if you preorder the digital version Pikmin 3 on two days from specific gamestops" promotion we're getting.
Especially since Europe is getting it a week earlier than the US to start!



C7_ commented on Ubisoft Will Only Make Games That Can Be Turne...:

This isn't something a company should admit...?
It's pretty much flat out admitting that they're more interested in exploiting franchises until the consumer stop buying them until they work on new ideas. Not to mention now they're designing the first game with the second one in mind, which is NEVER a good design philosophy. You plan for it to be a stand-alone game, but prepare yourself if it's enough of a success for a sequel. You never start the first game thinking it will definitely be the the first in the series; it raises the chances of intentionally leaving parts out or leaving the story unfinished.



C7_ commented on Soapbox: Why We Should Expect More From The Le...:

@CowLaunch I'm glad you resorted to insulting my intelligence instead of actually rebutting my point, as that mean's you have nothing more to add and I've already shut down everything you claim to be evidence and that leaves you with a childish attitude and an opinion that I can't possibly contradict because it is just an opinion. Ad hominem does nothing against the things that I'm actually saying, nor would it if it was anything more than your opinion that I wasn't intelligent enough to notice things that weren't a problem anyway.

On top of this, I've already pointed out that Pikmin 3 was in fact not going to be developed for Gamecube, but you've shrunken your point to something that can not be disproved but have no evidence for. It could have happened that at some point immediately after Pikmin 2's release in 2004 Miyamoto said to himself that he planned to make another Pikmin game for Gamecube, but there are no quotes and no evidence for that, nor is there any proof what-so-ever that such a plan was set in motion. Again, the first actual mention of Pikmin 3's development was in 2007, so you've narrowed it down a point that you can't prove, but I can't say didn't happen only just that it's incredibly unlikely. You've essentially made your own argument meaningless.
Sunshine had the illusion of being large because it was designed within an arena rather than being linear, therefore multiple objectives and paths can cross and create several things to do within a small space without having to render hundreds of different things down the line. If you can honestly tell me that the largest level in sunshine, which would probably be Pianta village, is anymore than a fraction of that level's size I'd have to say you're completely and objectively wrong.

Yes, I would be referring to more recent consoles because the audience has in fact changed since 1995. And yes, we can agree they are in the minority.

But again, we've come to a point where it is your OPINION that none of the games I mentioned are epic games, in which case I COULDN'T have said you were wrong because it is your opinion. I just have to disagree to you just subjectively labeling several games as unepic because a lot of people would consider Bayonetta 2, Mario Kart, Project X, and Donkey Kong to be fantastic looking games worth investing in a console for. So no, I haven't said 'you're wrong,' you've just backed yourself into a logical corner far smaller than your original points that I can't, nor do I want to invade in. Essentially there's nothing left that I care to talk about because I just wanted to call out how absurd your Gamecube claims were and how a list of games with potential doesn't constitute "Nothing in sight." And I have done just that.
It's actually hilarious that you mention the ontological argument here because the only one here claiming that something could've happened because there's no evidence against it is you.



C7_ commented on Soapbox: Why We Should Expect More From The Le...:

@CowLaunch It's actually not the original definition of unfinished, because as I said, that implies that it was incredibly buggy and massive portions were cut out of the game. A dungeon was cut-out and the triforce collection game was bland, but other than that I didn't even notice the game was short, and it worked perfectly fine. And like I said, show me a game that hasn't had anything cut out of it. You can't because that's just how big game development works; things get cut to make time for other things to release better, it's not "unfinished" because it didn't meet your expectations of what a full game is. And no, they weren't glaringly obvious because I played the crap out of the game and didn't even notice where the dungeon would be because they did a good job of doing other things with that island related to the overall game. A game that is clearly unfinished is Sonic 06, or even the lack of Stop n Swap in Banjo Tooie because you can actually find and see the things that were left out, which in WindWaker you would've been completely unable to do had the developers not come out and said "yeah, there was supposed to be stuff here and there" and instead the only thing you could actually say about the game was that there was a sound file of Jabun that went unused that implies we missed a cutscene with him, and the pacing was very unusual.

"I didn't say Pikmin 3 was in development for time frames which are impossible, I said it was meant for an earlier period."
In this case these are synonymous statements, because the earlier period you mention is Gamecube, which going by even the most basic understanding of the development time of games, is an impossible time frame for which the game was in development. In fact I'll even add further to the point that the New Play Control series with Pikmin 1&2 came about because they were messing with new controls they could implement with Pikmin 3, similar to how this HD remake came about from messing with art styles and it happened to look a lot better to them. So no, this was clearly not originally planned for Gamecube.

It doesn't matter if that's not what YOU play Mario for; the 4-player is one of the biggest draws of SM3DW so intentionally excluding it to make a false point about the Gamecube being able to handle it is absurd. Even so, the levels are actually a lot bigger than what the Gamecube could probably handle anyway without doing some absolutely massive loading tricks and cutting off portions of the level, which would again ruin one of the main points mentioned in the developer direct of the game that he wanted people to be able to essentially compete for faster level times. That's like saying "Excluding the bigger levels, visuals, and gravity, Mario Galaxy was clearly capable of being run on and N64." Even if that statement were true it wouldn't be Mario Galaxy anymore, and similarly cutting those things out of SM3DW would make it a totally different game.

And you seem to also be under this fallacy that single games sell consoles. The only community of gamers that will buy consoles because of a single game is Japan (which I would argue would be very much interested in Monolith's project); every other community will wait until a proper line-up is at least announce and you seem to be implying that they should drop everything to focus on two games which you have obligatorily labeled as "console sellers." Every single game release contributes to console sales, especially the big franchises that I listed. Your average Zelda fan will not slap $300 down to just play HD Zelda, nor will a fighting game fan do that for Smash bros, but if there are tons of other big hits out there they're more willing to justify the price, and that's literally every game I listed coming out.

So no, denouncing an entire list of games to make a point about how there are no games in sight will not further your point, it'll make you look intentionally ignorant in a conversation where I expected you to know things.

The only thing I will give you is that yes, I read that incorrectly. It's completely irrelevant to our posts, but sure you can have that. He meant that they should've had WindWaker on the 3DS and OoT fully remade on WiiU. I'll still put forward that that is an absurd statement, because as I said in another post the Zelda team is working on 2 other entirely new project, and improving a GameCube game with simple, stylized visuals would be a more realistic project for a divided team like this rather than having to redo every aspect of OoT because if they HADN'T done the 3D game they would've had to change literally every model, texture, and rework the entire engine. I'd also like to point out that the reason they're able to add the faster sail for better pacing was because of the WiiU's stronger rendering capabilities; something which the 3DS lacks and therefore we would actually just get an identical game but in 3D.



C7_ commented on Soapbox: Why We Should Expect More From The Le...:

@CowLaunch I'm sorry, what?
It wasn't "unfinished" it just didn't meet it's original intentions in the design doc because of time constraints. Unfinished implies that they just cut off massive chunks of the game and it is incredibly buggy, which it wasn't. In fact show me a game that had nothing cut out of it during production before you call a game that had a single dungeon cut out unfinished.

I'm going to call you out on your other claims too. The first mention that Pikmin 3 was in development from Miyamoto was in 2007, over half a year after the Wii had been released and therefore any projects for a year before its release would have been developed for the Wii. I've been nearly religiously following Pikmin 3's development since it's been announced and am dissapointed it's taken this long, but I'm not gonna say it's been in development for time frames that are impossible.
If you honestly think Super Mario 3D World could've been on Gamecube then you clearly have not watched videos of it. The HD looks fantastic and the GC couldn't even come close to the disc space required to make a game look that fantastic, nor could it even dream of running smoothly without some massive optimization tricks with some of the levels they've shown off.

And apparently having footage and trailers Wonderful 101, Bayonetta 2, Smash Bros., Donkey Kong Country, Pikmin 3, SM3DW, Sonic Lost World, Mario Kart 8, Project X, and announcing a massive HD Zelda title as well as Yarn Yoshi and a massive amount of eshop titles in the works justifies the statement "doesn't appear to be anything in sight." Yes they're sucking at marketing right now, but you can at least make valid claims.



C7_ commented on Soapbox: Why We Should Expect More From The Le...:

... This is hilarious.
You honestly said you'd prefer YET ANOTHER Ocarina of Time remake rather than an HD windwaker with more features. Which, by the way, has been confirmed to have more features, and we have no idea what those are. You listed 4 features that we know of, and indeed there are more than that. Better inventory management for a start, and an improvement on the triforce collecting aspect as well.

I'd also like to point out that this game isn't even necessarily for fans of the game. It's a side-project that the Zelda team took up when they were messing with art styles for the new game. They just decided to make this a full project, which means that they don't want to make a huge deal out of remaking LITERALLY EVERY ASPECT of the original that you're talking about. They're still devoted to the other 2 Zelda's (yes, that means the team is working on 3 zelda games at the same time), which means that the remake will not be getting the amount of attention the hardcore fans want out of it. So no, it is not acceptable to EXPECT a fully orchestrated soundtrack out of this. More likely they're just doing this to promote the Zelda series to new fans while pleasing the old ones.

Edit: And no, we don't have a price yet, so it is not fair to assume that it is going to be $60 until they actually release it. and if it is $60, I will be both astonished and incredibly disappointed with Nintendo.



C7_ commented on Miyamoto: GamePad's Touch Screen Primarily Use...:

I'm in a situation where off-screen play is preferable to using a television, but on the rare occasions where I do use My TV I like it when games use the gamepad for the simple things rather than making up some mundane task to do with it that the game would work without. Multiplayer is great with it to.

So pretty much every developer that said they weren't going to port to WiiU because they said they wouldn't know how to take advantage of the gamepad are liars and just said that because they wanted to keep a decent relationship with nintendo but didn't want to admit to development costs or idiots because they couldn't figure out that most people would be fine with them just promoting off-screen play, simple menu navigation, or just encouraging the use of a pro controller.

And for those of you who say we're better off without it; why does every new generation console stress second screen compatibility? The Gamepad is a step in the right direction and when used properly can add a lot to a traditional experience. Had Nintendo not put in a gamepad and just made an HD Wii even LESS people would be buying a WiiU because it would've done NOTHING NEW.



C7_ commented on Pachter: Nintendo Has Lost Its "Mojo":

He's not news. This is not news. He's an analyst who shouldn't even be talking to the public, yet does because of people continually using his quotes for click bait.

What he says is irrelevant to Nintendo or the industry and he is not an insider; just a troll with an opinion and a voice because of sites like this.

Stop. Posting. His. Crap.



C7_ commented on Fan Campaign Starts for Princess Zelda to be G...:

The last thing Nintendo needs to do is take game-design advice from random people who just want to get rid of a weak role for women in games. Would playable Zelda be a cool mechanic? Sure, but Nintendo's not just going to add it in for the sake of being progressive in the eyes of their fans. The new Zelda game was actually almost ready to be shown at E3 this year but didn't quite make it. This far into development they aren't going to do something that big.

And as the so-called "damsel in distress" she's actually been one of the most helpful characters out there. Take Sheik or Tetra; two versions of Zelda that help you and are only taken because that is how the plotline has to play out. Not even that, she's still and incredibly helpful character when she is kidnapped, like in Twilight Princess, the Windwaker timeline games, at various places during Skyward sword, a Link to the Past, and even during the ending battles that have happened many times between Link and Ganon. She's not the typical Damsel in distress; she's a powerful character who does everything she can to help her people while in a bad situation. To tell the developers to change core gameplay and plot midway through development just because a bunch of people completely misunderstand the cliche they're trying to fight is madness and stupid ignorance. The damsel in distress is assigned to characters whose only role is to motivate the main character to rescue them, but Zelda means so much more than that because she's an important ruler of her kingdom and possesses power that no one else in the game does. She's important to the main character not as a love interest but as a means of preventing the world from stumbling into the hands of evil, which Nintendo understands and has intentionally made her role reflect.

Would I enjoy it if Zelda was given a playable role? Maybe, but the game would have to be designed from the ground up with it in mind in order for it to be up to the Zelda series' quality standards. Pushing a change on Nintendo like this (which if they do end up doing this, it wont be because fans demanded it, because Nintendo doesn't take design advice from fans) is just silly.



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I agree, but because he's Phil Fish and he used the words "special and precious" this doesn't at all feel like a compliment.

Wait why is he getting article space on this site? He has nothing to do with Nintendo, which he has repeatedly made abundantly clear.



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I don't think anyone would want to see Nintendo fail despite all of the big game journalism sites enjoying views from posting "nintendo is doomed" articles. It would take a lot more than the failure of a single console to knock Nintendo down, but if by some very unfortunate turn of events Nintendo were to be run out of business everyone would immediately become aware of how much they actually do for the industry.

WiiU will be successful, but I think they've long since lost their chance to make it the big hit console of the generation.



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Will probably only buy this on console. Not because I hate PC's or anything, it's just I'd much rather have a controller and a guarantee that it'll work flawlessly rather than the issues that may arise form a PC version.

That being said, I'm looking forward to see what this turns into!



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I got my OUYA, and honestly the only thing I was looking forward to was the controller and the N64 emulator. My N64 controllers have long since kicked the bucket and I still can't play a lot of my favorites. The controller is very much crap, made out of tacky plastic and pointless metal bits, an unclear touch screen and held together by magnets, and the N64 emulator is actually terrible. I feel like a tool for buying into the hype.

But yes, the advertising the fact that it comes with emulators is a terrible thing to do. Especially if they don't make it completely clear that it is in fact illegal to emulate if you don't own an original copy of the game. Nintendo should definitely retaliate against this.

...and release more games on 3DS and WiiU VC.



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A. Rayman Legends could've worked as a system exclusive that would drive console sales had they released it as an exclusive.

B. Microsoft has a policy where companies can't release multi-platform games first on other consoles.

C. Delaying the game was an even worse idea because now it'll have the same problems that Origins had where big games are coming out at the same time (skyrim, Zelda, Battlefield, and more in origins case. GTAV and entirely new consoles are coming out around the same time as legends)

So no, I'm still not giving this any grounds as a good business decision. And it's not honesty if they lie about reasons for 4 months.



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Why are you posting his crud? His job is to guess professionally to investors, and he is not supposed to be in the public eye, but because gaming press like Gametrailers and apparently now this site like using him for click-baiting he's made money off of being an analyst troll in the public eye. Almost every prediction he made this year at E3 YET AGAIN was wrong and the few that weren't were flat-out obvious just like last year and just like his nonsense predictions at PAX that the Xbox One would be a rousing success that would sell 75-85 million consoles and would be subsidized to a cheaper price. We ALREADY know half of that isn't true, and that he was literally pulling everything he knew about the One (then named the Durango) out of thin air.

What this man says isn't news, it's rubbish given false credibility by a desperate branch of journalism still in its infancy. Do not make this problem worse by supporting someone who makes guesses for a living to people despite knowing very little (if anything) more than they do.



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They've already announced that they're going to partner with microsoft, which probably had something to do with XBox One's cancerous DRM.
Point is when WiiU starts getting first-party support EA will start porting yearly installments to it as well.



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It's like he doesn't understand how businesses work. Good reason, but that would be entirely counter-productive.

Also what makes his opinion 'news' anymore than the hundreds of other people who also have just blindly stated this?



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Industry analyst predictions are not news, they're opinions meant only to be seen by investors. Pachter is paid to help those playing the stock market and to put his personal opinions in with it, and his guess is only slightly better than anyone else's despite the fact that he's shown an immense amount of ignorance time and time again. If he truly believed in everything he said, he would stop being paid to make guesses and play the market himself.

As it stands, these statements are just that; guesses by a man paid to guess. All the facts he brought up are common knowledge, and the rest is how he rather troll-baitingly interprets them (as he normally does). They are in no way news, and continually posting his 'work' on here only gets peopled riled up over nothing. Please stop posting it, as every single time I see this I immediately think "pointless controversy for free site hits" and this is in no way relevant to what will actually happen to the industry, even if he somehow turns out to be right.



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Good news: in order to function, the inserted card needs to be identical in size to the rom on it or else it wont work. Meaning if it's a 2gb card and the game is less than that, it wont work. On top of that, the rom can't be altered in anyway either, and because of this it's also impossible to load multiple roms on it to select from. So yes it's far from usable.
But I mean this stuff is unfortunately inevitable, and at 2 years into it's lifespan with it still being not really a viable substitute to just buying the product this is a good sign we wont see any rampant piracy for some time.