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Sat 17th Mar 2012

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Vallu commented on Review: Rodea the Sky Soldier (Wii U):

The Wii version is much better. Not only because of controls, but the overall game is just well crafted compared to this. It actually has backgrounds, good framerate, it looks beautiful and the camera seems much better, level design and overall gameplay is just much more fluid. Wasn't the WiiU version just a port of the 3DS version while the Wii one was the original creation of the game?



Vallu commented on Video: The Game Theorists Explain Why We Shoul...:

I feel like Miyamoto was just joking and pointing at himself because he created the koopaling characters, not meaning that he is their mother in the fictional Mario world. People are taking this too seriously.



Vallu commented on Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS Online Braw...:

This is why I only play in friend rooms, if I get banned on with everyone, I wouldn't be able to play on friend rooms... My friend left a game once because it was lagging so much he couldn't continue and got this glitch and now he can't play with me on friend rooms, it sucks.



Vallu commented on Stats Suggest That UK Kids Are More Likely To ...:

Mobile games are made to trick people into buying ingame add on content. Console & Handheld games are made for people to enjoy them and have a great time & experience. See the difference?

I've tried mobile gaming but I just never see the idea of playing those games. I've never had fun and I've never had an epic experience playing a mobile game. I understand using social media apps on a mobile phone, but bying an expensive touch screen just so you can get ads and "Buy this buy that" screens thrown at you? Just no. Most of the mobile games are pay2win too, which sucks.



Vallu commented on Mario Golf: World Tour's Flower Pack DLC Is De...:

DLC is cool but I don't like the idea that DLC makes playing the normal courses and getting better scores in the game easier. Like Gold Mario being good for farming coins and getting mulligans & equipment. The DLC characters also seems to be better than the reguar ones. And like Rawk_Hawk said, DLC also makes unlocking stuff in the game a bit easier. Please, no more pay2win stuff...