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Mon 21st January, 2008

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RonF commented on Sony Pictures Is In Negotiations With Nintendo...:

An animated Mario movie is a non brainer. That said, I am little suspicious on the part that Nintendo would give Sony the license to sell merchandise. This would be probably be almost as valuable as the movie so it makes little sense to me.



RonF commented on Wii U Version of Watch Dogs to Miss Out on DLC:

Months after the initial release and with all the hype behind, this went from a must buy to a may rent title. I appreciate that Ubisoft is, at least, giving some bones to the Wii U owners but they are not helping the sales releasing delayed or incomplete games.



RonF commented on Nintendo 64x64: Doom 64:

I never finished Doom 64. I was so used to play Doom with the keyboard and mouse that I wasn't able to adapt to the N64's controller.



RonF commented on Sony: PS4 Is "Welcoming Back" Wii Owners Who S...:

The only kind of people who have a Wii as a single console and would be interested to play Playstation games are those who are also PC gamers. I am very pleased with my PC and Wii U and, as much as I enjoy some Sony games, I have no interest in purchasing a PS4 as it will not add much to my game experience.



RonF commented on E3 2014: Devil's Third Confirmed As Wii U Excl...:

As much as I like Nintendo's new attitude financing exclusive games from 2nd party producers, this particular game seems rather weak. In particular, the graphics are much worse than anything else I've seen on the Wii U.



RonF commented on E3 2014: Ubisoft Admits to Holding Back Comple...:

At least he's very candid about the situation, which is the least I ask from a company such as Ubisoft. I have played Splinter Cell: Blacklist and Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag and I greatly enjoyed them. I just brought Zombie U and I plan to purchase Child of Light and ACIII. If they stop supporting the Wii U, I will certainly miss their games.



RonF commented on Nintendo Finally Confirms Call of Duty: Ghosts...:

@SCAR392 The ps4 and the Xbone have so much memory that it is possible that they will use textures too large to be handled by the Wii U. That said, I have no doubt Treyarch, with enough time and money to work on it, could do a Wii U port that would look closer to the ps4 than to the ps3.



RonF commented on Nintendo Finally Confirms Call of Duty: Ghosts...:

@SCAR392 You misunderstood me. I don't have any other console but a Wii U and I would love to see Activision add more features in the port in the same way Criterion did with Need for Speed.

My argument is that, as the CoD's sales in the Wii U will likely pale compared to the 360 and ps3 versions, Activision has little incentive in spending money to make a better Wii U port. They will use the same code of last year, which is more less in par with the 360 and they will not place any further investment in optimize the engine to the full capacity of the Wii U. As I think Black Ops II's graphics were already good enough, I would rather have the DLC to play over a somewhat better graphic engine.



RonF commented on Talking Point: It's Time for Nintendo to Drop ...:

Region looking is particularly bad on handhelds. Whenever I am travelling on Europe, I find very annoying to be unable to buy a game to the system I am carrying. The problem is somewhat mitigated by the online shop but Nintendo could be a little more friendly to their travelling customers.



RonF commented on FIFA 14 Details Announced, Wii U Version Not I...:

I am more of a PES fan but I am baffled by EA Sports not supporting the Wii U. It makes so little sense as development wouldn't be too costly and I cannot believe that any previous bitter interactions between EA and Nintendo's executives would be a problem when it is time to make some cash. Particularly because EA has not been doing great for the past few years.



RonF commented on Nintendo of America Announces Impressive Downl...:

Interesting that there were so many digital sales of games released last year originally only on retail. Perhaps Fire Emblem's higher percentage of downloads is not only the result of retail distribution problems but also a shift towards online shopping.



RonF commented on Reaction: Our Thoughts on Nintendo's 3DS Direc...:

It was a great 3DS show. My only criticism is that I agree with Nintendo the 3DS is doing great and, because of that, I would concentrate my marketing efforts on the Wii U. I hope they are saving the best to E3.



RonF commented on Expect More Conduit News Before The End of 2012:

Despite the uninspired level design, I kind of liked The Conduit as there weren't many quality shooters by the time it was released. In the other hand, I hated the artistic direction and humorous tone of Conduit 2. Considering, many HD shooters will be ported to the Wii U, I guess HVS will have a hard time to sell a sequel.



RonF commented on Slightly Mad Reveals Project CARS Wii U Features:

As the controller has a camera, they could also implement some sort of head tracking to show lateral view in the TV screen. Anyway, this game seems to be a great alternative to Forza or Gran Turismo in a Nintendo console.



RonF commented on Resident Evil Revelations Producer Says Series...:

I wonder if Capcom knows how many of the action oriented public is looking for a Resident Evil games. The problem with HD games is that the high development costs turns all publishers very adverse of taking risks. Perhaps I would be better served if Capcom moved the series permanently to handhelds.



RonF commented on Indie Developer Phil Fish Says Japanese Games ...:

He offered no insight or crontructive criticism. He was just rude.

I know his game, Fez, is attracting some good previews but I lost my interest on it. I definitely have better things to do than giving money to people such as Mr. Fish.



RonF commented on Talking Point: The Inevitability of Digital Re...:

I brought a 3DS just to play Fire Emblem, among other Nintendo games. However, I am much more interested in the Vita distribution mode. The convinience of not swapping discs or cartridges is precious while I have far more games than space to storage them and I am sick of physical media becoming defective after a while.



RonF commented on Interview: Camille and Kennerly - The Harp Twins:

I liked the performance and I was really impressed with the arrangment. I didn't liked the video though. The ruins are cool and the twins are very pretty but the director could do better with such good elements.



RonF commented on Nintendo Considered a 3D Screen on Wii U:

I am glad they decided to go without 3D or HD. Because of the small screen, there is no reason to go 720p, as a lower resolution will provide enough density to satisfy most costumers. Regarding 3D, I never cared but it seems to be a fad anyway, considering it is not doing so well at the movies nowadays. They need to keep the cost down and concentrate to support two controllers per console. That will be more useful.



RonF commented on Netflix Reaches Wii Shop Channel in UK and Ire...:

It is a good service, the software works nicely but the selection is average to good only. Still, it is very worthy of the price. I have been using it for a few months in Brazil and I'll recommend it to my brother who lives in the UK.



RonF commented on Review: Fortune Street (Wii):

I am interested. However, it is likely I will mainly play it online. Considering it is a long game, I wonder if the AI will take the place of any dropped player in an online match.



RonF commented on Feature: Fun and Frights on Nintendo - Part 2:

Many of the so called survival horror games don't strike me as real horror but rather as action games with horror themes. As such, I find difficult to regard a great game, such as Resident Evil 4 as true horror. The first chapter on the village is creepy but it soon becomes cheesy and I find difficult to take it seriously.

Still, there are some good horror games in Nintendo consoles. The panel already highlighted Gamecube's Eternal Darkness and I would add the excellent Wii's Silent Hill: Shattered Memories.



RonF commented on Nintendo Explains Lack of Online Play in Star ...:

I believe Nintendo also don't have many developers with expertise in online mode, after all, they haven't released many games with it. Their team is probably spread all over 3DS and Wii U projects and thus it would take too much time to take care of StarFox 64 3D, while Nintendo knew they have to release as many titles as possible.

I hope they are hiring more help as developing games with HD graphics and online mode demands a lot of work Nintendo and usual rate of releases will not feasable without a large staff.



RonF commented on Rumour: Nintendo Preparing Dual Analogue 3DS R...:

I would love a redesign with dual analogs, a bigger screen without 3D, and a significantly better battery life. However, I don't believe this will happen as Nintendo would have to admit that the basic concept of the 3DS was flawed and they would loose a lot of confidence from customers and investors.



RonF commented on Talking Point: What If Nintendo Became a Third...:

When SEGA launched the Dreamcast already hurt by the poor performance of the Saturn. Nintendo is suffering a set back after the best years in sales ever. It is a completely different situation.

Being a platform holder is too advantagous, as it gives Nintendo the power to plan its own future and, furthermore, additional cash by taking 11% in any retail sale and 30% in any digital sale. The 3DS will probably do fine, but it will never came even close to the DS, as the casual market moved to iOS. Nintendo will probably will retain profitability even in a reduced portable gaming market. Even in this scenario, it wouldn't be smart to release its franchises in another platform as it would cheapen and reduce the appeal to its own platforms.



RonF commented on First Photo of New Look Wii Console:

A new model with a significant price cut is a good move. However, they should change the box in such way to avoid confusion with the earlier model.



RonF commented on Feature: The Future of Nintendo Gaming - 2D or...:

It is a matter of audience. I find 3D platformers more interesting than 2D ones. I have no problem playing them, in fact, I am a much better Galaxy player than a Super Mario Bros. player. That said, a lot of people have trouble playing in a 3D environment through the 2D representation of a TV set and using the kind of controllers we have. As the Wii an the DS reached a wider audience than the hardcore, it became obvious that 2D platformers were more accessible. I have a few friends that have a lot of fun dying in NSMBW (that was basically what they were doing) but couldn't even orient themselves in Galaxy. It seems that Nintendo is finally getting the idea.



RonF commented on Talking Point: Wii U - Revolution or Evolution?:

Well, did Nintendo had a choice? The casual market is moving to cheaper software and the even easier interface found in iOS's gadgets. In other to keep relevant, they introduced an unique 3D experience in the 3DS and now a novel tablet/TV experience in the Wii U. I don't think they should be worried with Microsoft and Sony regarding the casual market but rather with Apple, as it shouldn't be difficult to offer a similar gameplay with the iPad and Apple TV.

As they are loosing the casual market, they are trying to get a better hold on the hardcore. Nintendo is counting in their old fans (us) as well as some new converts recruited from the casual market during the Wii/DS era. To appeal to this market they need third party support, reason why the new controller sports the regular number and positioning of buttons of more traditional devices. It is well established that most hardcore third party developers are uncapable of thinking outside their limited view and provides adequate controllers to anything they are not used.

Will it work? I don't have faith in most of the third party developers to really use the Wii U controller in any meanifull way as I believe it is a very traditional industry with very little space to inovation, despite the fact it is considered a creative medium. As such, I don't think the Wii U will appeal to the hardcore market outside Nintendo fans. The big question is how much of the casual market captured by Wii will be retained by the new console. I don't know the answer but a compeling marketing support and meaniful software will be necessary at launch. We will have to wait and see.



RonF commented on Fils-Aime: "Wii U Welcomes Publishers' Online ...:

It will work like the PC. Each publisher will be reponsible for its own online structure. Nintendo may opt for a centralizing registering server or may even left this to each publisher. It might works nicely.



RonF commented on Pachter to Operation Rainfall: "I Agree":

@waltzElf: these games may not big sellers but that is not the point. Nintendo's image is what is at stake here. If this camapign gets a little more of publicity it may become a PR's hell. The problem is that Nintendo explicity told last E3 they were going after the core audience. By refusing to releasing these games, they are contradicting their message and thus harming their own plans.

I don't expect much of Pandora Tower but I think NOA could keep face by releasing only one of the three games.



RonF commented on Operation Rainfall Responds to Nintendo's "Nev...:

It seem that Nintendo is carrying outl its master plan of alienate their hardcore fans before releasing Wii U, which should get them back again. I don't understand why they are doing it, but it is pretty obvious that this is the plan.