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Male, 29, United States

I live with my partner of 9 years, and we can't wait to marry. I grew up in Washington state moved to Pennsylvania and are now back in Washington state. I enjoy reading (mostly the fantasy genre) and playing games (I love JRPGs). I'm an open book, so if you want to know more just ask.

Sun 19th May 2013

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Volendral commented on Review: SPIKEY WALLS (Wii U eShop):

I've said it before, I don't care that he spent two seconds on a crappy game, if people want to buy it, fine. What I care about is that it's a blatant rip-off of another game. If you are going to publish crap, at least let it be your own crap and not someone else's with a different skin. I am so sick and tired of all the unoriginal game clones out there. Where people think, "Oh, that game is doing good, let me steal the entire concept but make it look slightly different and I'll cash in on it." It's disgusting and pretty pathetic.



Volendral commented on Nintendo Provides Some Context to 2013's Tomod...:

Just reading through many of these comments gives me such a heavy heart. Can't people just be happy that others can be happy, even if it means those other people are doing things that they, themselves, would never do? I am reading so much hate and outrage from people, all over what others do in their own privacy.

Who would it really hurt if this game allowed for same-sex coupling? It would just be a feature that would be there, and if you wouldn't want to do it don't do it. It wouldn't be something that is shoved down your throat (unlike heterosexuality is constantly doing in the majority of games).

I wish Nintendo would have included same-sex couples. I would have gotten the game then. I would have loved to have my life reflected like that in the game.



Volendral commented on Guys, This Is How You Make A Live-Action Zelda...:

People who are bemoaning the violence need to realize that there has been death in Zelda games, lots of it. What did people expect? Dark Link to hold up an imaginary bow, pretend to shoot, and then say "You're suppose to lie down now, you're dead!" and then throw a temper-tantrum when they didn't? Or maybe he wasn't even suppose to try to kill anyone, maybe Dark Link is not evil at all, just misunderstood, so in reality he's supposed to let everyone go. Seriously people, if you want a realistic Zelda movie, you have to expect violence.
So yes, if a Zelda movie was ever made, I'd expect it to be more around the likes of the LoTR movies.



Volendral commented on Microsoft: If You're Backwards Compatible, You...:

If I had the original XBox, I would have made use of the backward compatibility of my 360, but I had no interest in any of the original XBox games, so I didn't feel a need to buy any of the old games. And that's the only reason why I didn't use the 360's backwards compatibility.
If I bought the XBox One, and it had backwards compatibility I would use it. (But I never would buy the new XBox because of the idiotic things MS did with it.)