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Make more survival horror games =)

Male, 22, Ireland

I am a college student who moonlights as a pokemon master. I love my 3DS and Wii U!

Thu 20th December, 2012

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AceTrainerBean commented on Splatoon Fashion in Animal Crossing: New Leaf,...:

I am so hyped for Splatoon but wow that trailer/song did nothing for me although it's probably not aimed at my age group. The thing is though there are so many game/tv/movies that have cheesy songs that stay in your head but this one is just kinda cringey,



AceTrainerBean commented on The Latest Miiverse Update Has Users In An Uproar:

I love Miiverse, I use it a lot and I see absolutely nothing wrong with this. If anything it will clean up the dashboard and you can still click for more posts from your friends. Some people just fear change. You should never say no to increased loading speeds =P



AceTrainerBean commented on More Club Nintendo Goodies Coming To The Europ...:

I had been saving and yesterday I spent my coins on digital content such as the console theme, A Link to the past (Wii U), Pikmin Shorts HD, and The Mario kart folder/bookmarks. I now want to kill myself... UGH I BLEW MY STARS TO EARLY, I SPLATOONED MYSELF.



AceTrainerBean commented on Nintendo Hoping That Splatoon Will Tempt Lapse...:

@Heng-Yu I pre ordered it with the amiibo after playing the global test fire. It is really fun and I love the customization aspect. I really like the color and the style but I can understand how art style can decrease your interest in a game for example I can't play Kirby Wii U because the claymation is really offensive to my eyes XD



AceTrainerBean commented on Three 3DS HOME Themes Available Now From Club ...:

Guys there is a free MH4U weapon gallery free theme in Europe don't know if this was already reported but if so I missed it. Check the theme shop. I just downloaded my console theme . Goodbye Club Nintendo and hello new rewards thing that I have been too lazy to read about.



AceTrainerBean commented on Video: The Game Theorists Tackle That Vital St...:

I don't mind his videos sometimes I agree with them and sometimes I don't but I am always entertained. His theory's are just a bit of fun and can in some cases add a extra layer to the games. It's just a bit of fun, he is clearly passionate about games so I don't know why people hate him for having the same interest as them. I wouldn't really call myself a fan of his videos but if there is nothing to do and I see one suggested I will most likely watch it.



AceTrainerBean commented on Pokémon Rumble World Available Now, as Ninten...:

I like pokemon shuffle it is fun to play when you have a few mins to spare and I have not spent any money on it. I enjoyed pokemon rumble on the 3ds but in comparison this free to play version is garbage. It just kinda looks unfinished, the environments (Which were never that great in the rumble series to begin with) seem a bit bare bones and it kind of annoys me how some bits are in 3D and others are not. Gameplay wise it is just more of the same which I know some people will love but I wish they would mix it up a bit. I know you can't really complain about the quality of a free to play game but this seems like a step backward from shuffle in my opinion. That being said I can't wait for the next main series game of Pokemon <3



AceTrainerBean commented on Sonic Team Boss States That There Are No Plans...:

Oh god... I think they just need to let a bunch of fresh minds work on a sonic game and see what they come up with. Sonic used to be something I would be excited to play but now most of the games that have Sonic in the title are trash. I hope one day Sonic returns back to his former self...but right now I can't see that happening.



AceTrainerBean commented on Reaction: Pokémon Shuffle Isn't Quite Microtr...:

Been playing the game a bit more since my last comment and It is fun. I am grateful that these type of games never appealed to me. If the game hadn't of been pokemon themed I would have never looked at the game. I can however understand why some people would be upset, as a child could spend lots of money on this. Although it does make me think what kind of parent just lets their kid have access to their credit card... I won't spend money on this because i would never want to play it that much but If I did want to play it more often I would not spend money on it out of principal. I hate free to play games because they seem unofficial, I hate constantly being asked to purchase items. I hope that this is just a once off for Nintendo/gamefreak or at the very least that these kind of games don't take precedence over their regular amazing games. On another note I do think that Nintendo have done a great job with DLC as they are adding to an already full game for a reasonable price which in turn gives my old game a new lease of life.

@Amiibo Lol you summed me up exactly XD MH4U is amazing!



AceTrainerBean commented on Pokémon Shuffle Available to Download Right N...:

It's actually pretty fun but I would never spend money on this game. Time will tell how weather it is the good kind of free to play or the bad kind. I have yet to play the good kind of free to play game... Nothing worse than a pay to win game.



AceTrainerBean commented on Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate has Shipped Over 3 M...:

I am so happy it is doing well! I fell in love with MH3U on the Wii U/3DS and I could not figure out why this game was not more popular. MH4U has really improved everything that was established in MH3U (I know that MH3U is not the first game in the series) I think that MH4U is really accessible to new comers and you should defiantly check the game out.



AceTrainerBean commented on Hyrule Warriors 'Ganon Pack' DLC to Bring Fres...:

I got so excited by the other DLC when I bought the season pass that I didn't even notice that this was included. I am so excited Hyrule Warriors is doing DLC the best way. It is affordable and meaningful DLC that adds to a already full game.



AceTrainerBean commented on New Nintendo 3DS Launch Sales in the West Surp...:

I am so happy I upgraded it has completely changed how I hunt in a portable monster hunter game for the better. I didn't even realize I was missing a C stick but my eyes have been opened. The super stable 3D is also amazing for playing on the go or online as the sweet spot is large enough for excitable movement. The speed improvement of the CPU is also awesome as it means that miiverse is actually usable on the 3ds as it only takes seconds to open. I highly recommend the New 3ds it is a genuine improvement and the new cover plates rock! =)