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Fri 17th May 2013

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tasmans11 commented on Exclusive: Zelda's Aonuma: We're Looking Into ...:

@Damo I think people don't want to see DLC for zelda series because each generation Nintendo has delivered great Zelda games with vast amounts of content already without DLC. If DLC were to happen this would make me (and probably a lot of other people) think why didn't they just make the new Zelda game massive like they did with the others? Then start to think it's because they want more money for the "Zelda" experience or because they are having issues with the new plateform. When I grew up I know I loved getting lost and finding my way around dungeons and large maps, and once I had beaten the game I could brag to my friends and feel accomplished. Now if they plan DLC, If I beat the new zelda I won't feel as accomplished, I still know that theres more to come even though I just spent $60 for the game....It will start to be like a payment plan if I want the full "Zelda" experience



tasmans11 commented on Developer Interview: Yacht Club Games - Kickst...:

Hands down kickstarter (i believe) is for the better. Without it we wouldn't have this completely awesome retro game to look forward to among many other projects. People have to realize they take a risk in almost everything they pay for, from not recieving their fries in a happy meal to paying for a game that is horse s***. Not everything always works out as planned but with kickstarter indie developers can at least give their best shot at putting money to good use with their ideas



tasmans11 commented on Miiverse: Super Metroid - Too Taxing For Today...:

I remember back in the day NES and SNES games were hard. very hard. to the point of me going through probably 7 or 8 controllers because I would get so frustrated I couldn't beat a part or get past a boss. But let's face it, back then we turned to our gaming magazines like gamepro or EGM (if any of you remember that lol) to try and find the best suitable way to beat a boss or get past a part, we still needed help we just went that extra mile (or hour) to find/figure it out. It's just easier to find help now a days then it was back then.....but I would say that you don't get the same satisfaction of being metroid now a days as you would have 15 years ago