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17, male. c:

Male, 18, United Kingdom

Hey guys! I'm a 17 year old male born and bread in the UK. I love gaming and I enjoy reading and traveling. I love to meet new people and always up for a chat! :)

Fri 29th Mar 2013

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SuperSah commented on Asda Stores No Longer Stocking New Wii U Syste...:

@Macarony64 Lie on sites?

Evidence is in hardware sales charts. Wii U dropped by 1/3 last week. It's proof Wii U isn't doing its greatest. When games come out for it, maybe it'll pick up, but right now, it's not doing so hotly.

One week on the up doesn't mean it's picked up speed. It dropped a week after Pikmin 3 released.

So there you go.



SuperSah commented on Nintendo: Wii U Fire Emblem Would Need To Sell...:

I don't think they should risk it just yet. The console's install base is so low it's not worth it right now, and to get them kind of sales, they'll need to massively appeal to the casual crowd of gamers too.

I think it's a series better suited to portable play anyway.