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dadajo commented on Review: Typoman (Wii U eShop):

@Kirk In my opinion Limbo is a slightly below mediocre game. My first complaint would be length and even though I got this game on sale I felt kinda ripped off by it. Like you said replayability is important and so for short games like Mega Man 2 and Super Mario World that is not an issue. The problem is that I don't feel compelled to play Limbo again. The gameplay for me was frustrating with it seeming like the only way to move forward was go die and correct your mistake. Over and over again. For some people this is totally fine but I got annoyed by it.
I could argue my side more most likley but after beating the game awhile ago I have honestly forgotten some of my annoyances (One of them was some type of control issue on PC but yeah I can't remember at this moment). I will say though the art style is really good and there was enjoyment to be had just for me the frustration overshadowed it. I personally just didn't like it but I'm totally fine with others thinking it was good or great. We all have opinions.



dadajo commented on Nintendo of America Confirms Holiday Season Ma...:

@Grumblevolcano To be fair it is not the typical game a casual Gamer would expect Nintendo to make. Though I do agree that they should advertise it I don't think showing it at a mall event where families go to try the demos out is going to sell much more copies. (Basically families who go to these things are not the target market for a game like Xenoblade).



dadajo commented on Nintendo of America Confirms Holiday Season Ma...:

@dkxcalibur I live near Portland and have gone to some. For me where I just happen to be in the mall and just stop by it is cool but I wouldn't make a effort to go there just for it. Like the article says it is just playable demos of Nintendo games which you can already get (and if you really want to play these demos usually a GameStop would have them). I will say though if you have kids or younger siblings who like Nintendo it can be entertaining to see them play these since it is usually their first time playing. I just wouldn't go for the sole purpose of going there.



dadajo commented on Feature: A Pokémon Retrospective: Generation ...:

I love generation 3 but that probably because of a lot of nostalgia (first Pokemon games with Firered and Emerald). Still the additions (like abilities) are so important that saying these games ruined Pokemon is silly. Critically I would say they are not the best at all (Hoenn did have to much water. I'm sorry but it is true) and not being able to transfer past Pokemon sucks. I still find more enjoyment though through Hoenn than Sinnoh and Kanto though.



dadajo commented on Super Mario Maker's First Major Update is Now ...:

@Kirk If I used the glitch to make the level hard or for a player who does not know not be able to beat it yes I would be a jerk but I didn't do that. I basically created a horror themed level for Halloween and when a person went through the pipe they came out on the other side right above spikes. The invisable blocks stopped them right before they hit the spikes. They were impossible to avoid (as in impossbile not to land on the invisable blcoks) and I actually got some nice comments from people saying it was a clever way to use the glitch that did not at all hurt the player for not knowing. After the spikes ended, it transitioned naturally to the next part of the level. It was impossible for a player to die or get stuck and the whole section lasted for three seconds so I would not consider that a jerk move. Obviously when the update came out if a person played the level they now could not beat it so I deleted the level from the servers and reuploaded it with that area fixed.
I am happy they fixed the glitch since more than likley more harm than good came from it. It was more sad to see my levels not be playable but I already fixed them and reuploaded.



dadajo commented on Super Mario Maker's First Major Update is Now ...:

They removed the invisable block glitch. Makes sense why but I felt sad deleting the two courses I uploaded with it. I don't want to be a jerk and have impossible levels online.
(Note- my invisable blocks were basically going through a pipe and landing on some right above spikes.)



dadajo commented on Yo-Kai Watch Will Be The Next Pokémon, Claims...:

I'm really curious about this 95% market share is. The games are still going well and the last I checked the anime was still popular enough.
Either way best of luck to it. I don't know if it could beat Pokemon but who knows. Just remember Pokemon has beaten Digimon, Yugi-oh, Bayblades, Bakugon, etc.
I played the demo and was not super impressed but if it good enough reviews I'll check the full game.



dadajo commented on Zelda Fans Vent Anger At Nintendo of America O...:

Sigh really people are mad about this? It is a little secret NOA decided to add it is no big deal. (It is out if the way. It is not like a person in the story says it). Also, it is a silly game so why you honestly get mad they made a simple joke? Finally, when I see this I think the translation team had fun with this which is awesome. It gives games like Splatoon its own uniqueness.



dadajo commented on Apparent Prototype of Unreleased N64 Game Foun...:

Things like this make me wonder how much of videogame history is hidden. Either way like all games that are found I hope they release a rom of it online for free so others can try it out and go through the files.



dadajo commented on Nintendo Download: 22nd October (North America):

I'm curious how Gravity Falls is. I have not seen any reviews and I'm really cautious with lincence games.
I will most likley try out Fatal Frame but at my college you have to buy rights to the WiFi for home consoles (not portables strangley but I'm guessing the WiFi sees those as phones) which I refuse to do so I'll have to wait till I get back home.



dadajo commented on Review: VoxelMaker (Wii U eShop):

It looks cool but besides it being faster (most likely) to create something I don't see what makes this stand out to something like Minecraft creative mode.



dadajo commented on Video: Speedrunner Sets New World Record for S...:

Is it even possible to beat this? It is perfection and only best the previous by milliseconds. I don't like saying something impossible but eventually there has to be a wall seeing how this game is just programming.



dadajo commented on Dutch Retailer Lists Standalone Splatoon Squid...:

The three packs with exclusives annoy me so hopefully Nintendo is splitting them up. Specifically with the retro three pack I only want Duck Hunt and Rob right now but my only option is buying them with game and watch.



dadajo commented on The Pokémon Company Sues Fan for Copyright In...:

Seems a little extreme. If he made the posters to sell obviously he should not of done that but a cease and desist was all that was needed and if they were really set with their ways with him paying up at least give him time to pay it off.



dadajo commented on Splatoon 'Octoling' Modder Could Cause Save Da...:

That is really sad. I don't mind modding or hacking into consoles (I actually have tried some other people's work and it is awesome what you can do) but if something gets messed up it is whatever. The person accepted the risk and if the risk messes up their saves, consoles, etc. it only effects them and they accept responsibility for it since it was only them. It sucks that it is not the case with this hack.



dadajo commented on Some Western Splatoon Players Would Prefer Not...:

I get home late at night since I have the swing shift at work and when I do I play Splatoon online. I have not had any connection problems personally and if anything playing against Japanese players (which are the only people I play against usually in the middle of the night here in Oregon) has made me a better player. I like the huge communtiy feeling to with Splatoon when I play with players around the world. During Splatfest (the most recent one was my first one) everything seemed a little dead for some reason without those players.



dadajo commented on Video: Metroid in Unreal Engine 4 is Shiny and...:

Out of all Nintendo's popular franchises Metroid is really the only one that makes sense going the more realistic graphics route because it is not as cartoony. (Not saying that is bad at all just the only franchise Nintendo has that has this type of art style). Kind of odd that the maker of this didn't choose some sort of space map. I figure they just downloaded a random map online that was public domain but surely there had to be a space map they were allowed to use somewhere.



dadajo commented on 3DS Homebrew Hacker Turns to YouTube App As La...:

I really don't see why people are freaking out about this. This is the most harmless hack you can do and I would argue does things that the 3ds should already have with custom themes and region free. There have been worse hacks I have seen that actually allow pircay and in pokemon's case go through the files and make cheat mons. It sucks Ironfall was taken off the eshop but I feel Nintendo will put it back up soon with a new update. The 3ds is four years old now so this was going to happen eventually so we should just be thankful the guy who figured it out is against piracy.



dadajo commented on Video: You Can Turn Boss Weapons Against Their...:

I don't see this being as big of a deal of using a boss weapon against them since you can do it always in Wily Castle stages during the rematches. That is how I always beat Metal Man. (1-2 hits depending on the difficulty dead using his weapon on him).



dadajo commented on Hands On: Here's What The 3DS Version Of ​Te...:

I hope the controls are not awkward. I loved the PC version of Terraria and would love to have it on the go. I actually have the smart phone version but that version uses touch controls only which I have never been a fan of and I don't have a vita yet.



dadajo commented on Chris Pranger From Nintendo Treehouse Discusse...:

I'm just going to throw this out there and say maybe making the systems not region locked might help.
In some ways I agree with his points like Captain Rainbow where as interesting as that game looked I doubt it would make its money back. On the other hand though remember when NOA still refused to publish Xenoblade for forever in America despite it doing well in other regions and english voice acting already been done in Europe? Mother 3 can't be to hard now with digital distribution (I understand not releasing it when the gba was dying but now fans have translated it and I bet would be happy to give Nintendo the translation for free). Heck digital distribution now makes it so all you need is subtitles and the people who want that game can buy it with little risk to the company.
I understand Nintendo is a company who wants profits and not all these games will be million sellers but there are a few extra options to keep it cheap. Especially with digital distribution now or not region locking the system the game that is already made can still come out to the minority who want it.
(Also I remember reading somewhere Nintendo didn't want to bring smash 64 to the states since they thought mascot fighters would not do well in other regions. Can you imagine how bad that would be if that happened?).



dadajo commented on Disney Infinity Sales Struggling To Maintain M...:

Kinda makes me wonder how long in general the toys to life genre is going to last. Don't get me wrong obviously Infinity 2 sold well enough to warrant a squeal so I don't think that like tomorrow the whole genre is going to crash but with there now being 4 big competeitors with amiibos, inifinty, skylanders, and Lego I feel eventually the market will get to oversatuarated. Then again I'm not a Economist so what do I really know.
All I know is I'm buying for sure more amiibos eventually and even though I doubt I will get the games any Portal legos for dimensions would be cool to have and Mabel for infinity figuring she won the character poll. It is funny I'm not even a collector of figurines but these few have managed to hit me in the right spot.



dadajo commented on Mighty No. 9 Delayed Until Early 2016:

It is better to delay the game I guess but ugh Inafune. This whole thing has been super shady with you and Comcept. My biggest thing is rather than being honest you release the Red Ash kickstarter (and there is a ton of shady stuff just in that kickstarter) trying to get money from your fans before announcing the delay and then right at the end (of the Red Ash kickstarter) announce it will get funded anyways by another company.
This is my question though. Since the game was not going to have online features (to my knowledge) originally why not do a Shovel Knight and release features after the game's release (for free of course). That way you hit your target date and when the new content in ready to be patched in (and if it is a good game) the fans would be excited that a game they have is getting more content, you guys fulfill your promise, and the game gets a little extra push in publicity thanks to sites like Nintendo Life saying Mighty No. 9 is getting more stuff for free. Everybody is happy and the end.



dadajo commented on Nintendo TVii Service Ends In North America On...:

Used it once and it crashed on me. Never bothered to use it again. I'm sure some people liked it and it is not like I was waiting for the day it would die. For me it is the removal of a button I never used and never had any use for.



dadajo commented on Donkey Kong Nearly Missed Out On Pixels Stardom:

You know that feeling you get when you are watching your favorite show and they mention the place near you live? I have that feeling right now since one of my favorite websites mentioned the Oregonian lol.



dadajo commented on Devil's Third is Being Published by Nintendo o...:

@97alexk Do yu mean people commenting Nintendo going 3rd party or it doesnt make sense people would make those comments to begin with. Either way I have already have seen the comments. It is just people not reading articles to see Nintendo is not even publishing the PC version. I'm not saying their comments will make sense just saying there will be comments.