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dadajo commented on Review: Pokémon Link: Battle! (3DS eShop):

@Neko_Chan Look up Pokemon Conquest. It is a strategy rpg similar to Fire Emblem's style but with pokemon. That one got high review scores. One spinoff that I love that some people love also and some hate is the mystery dungeon series. Awesome dungeon crawler from the ones I played. (Have not played the new one on 3ds yet). You would be surprised what you can dig up with a franchise. Yes like most series the spinoffs if not awful are at best meh but there is always hidden gems that are just as good as the main series.



dadajo commented on Capcom Is Aware That We All Want A New Mega Ma...:

When I was a kid the only reason I ever got to play megaman was because my dad got me the anniversary collection on gamecube. Now after owning some on nes and the rest on virtual console I can happily say so far I have beated 4/6 games. (1 and 4 are hard for me and I never really took the full amount of time needed to beat both of those). If they ever did make a anniversary collection I would buy it and I think it would help younger children like me back in 2004 to get into retro games. The only problem is now they are available on the virtual console. But Capcom if you ever do this please make it available for the wiiu.



dadajo commented on Video: What Could Super Mario Galaxy Look Like...:

I miss Xenoblade first time around so I absolutely would buy it the day it came out if it were to come out in hd. But I just thought of something. Nintendo make something like Super Mario Allstars 2 where you remake 64, sunshine, and galaxy 1 and 2 with wiiu graphics and hd from 3d world. (One can dream right?)



dadajo commented on Sega Has "No Plans" To Release Sonic Boom In J...:

Now I am a little scared this will be nothing more than a show tie in game. Hopefully it will just end up being a regular Sonic game, but if it is only getting a Western release and only being released because of the show of the same name is what makes me worried they will put in minimal effort.



dadajo commented on Pokémon Bank Goes Live in Europe and Australia:

Meanwhile in America...


This has been another exciting comment about how Pokebank has not been released here yet.
In all seriousness though this is good. This means the world wide release is coming soon. I am guessing it will come on Thursday or Friday in time for the new games on the eshop.



dadajo commented on Review: Angry Birds Star Wars (Wii U):

Really 40 dollars? I don't care for angry birds to begin with and I think of it as one of the most over rated games ever. (Obviously it is good enough to have a audience just why is it as popular as it is?) If I was desperate I would just get this on my phone though for a buck instead of a console. Seriously what were they thinking?



dadajo commented on Review: NES Remix (Wii U eShop):

Now if only we had snes remix... If I had a update ahead of time I would of saved up to buy this but now that Christmas shopping is over I'm basically broke for right now. Hopefully I can get a eshop card this Christmas? It looks awesome.



dadajo commented on Sony's President of Worldwide Studios Actually...:

I love the fact that the freaking president of Sony can look past the brands and actually love the industry as a whole. As gamers it is sad to see people be so mean to each other just because of their choice of brand. This obviously does not mean you can not have preferences (Like obviously mine is Nintendo), but it would be nice if we could all get along. Though this is old news this still makes me happy to read.



dadajo commented on New Pokémon Movie Screening In Cartoon Networ...:

Though I'm not a big fan of the anime anymore (Watched all of it up to best wishes. I just could not stand the new characters.) I'll probably watch this just because usually the pokemon movies are really entertaining. On a unrelated note am I the only one who thinks that movie poster looks boring? I mean it is pokemon make them be fighting, have tons of pokemon on it, or have explosions.



dadajo commented on Weirdness: ABC News Tells Us All About How the...:

Sigh, this is why the playstation brand works well in that sense since they just add a number to the end and you can tell the difference. I love my wiiu but if it were to get a new name like wii2 I think it would be for the best. Also, though I was not even alive yet I think there was probably also confusion from going to the nes to the snes. Similar names hmm?



dadajo commented on Kamiya Doesn't Think Bayonetta 3 Will Ever Hap...:

This is a problem all fans struggle with. Do I want something completely new and unfamiliar or do I want the same thing and what I know how to play? The problem with the latter is there can be minimum effort or does not rise to the fans expectations. The problem with new things however is that you don't know if you will enjoy it or not. This is why (from what I hear) Wonderful 101 is probably failing in sales right now cause even I'll admit that even though I'm interested in that game, tons of other games like pokemon x and y, sonic lost world, mario kart, etc are coming out and I want to buy those more for being familiar fun.



dadajo commented on Petit Computer Looks Set for the 3DS:

Though I don't know a thing about programming it was fun scanning those qr codes to try out games people made. It is amazing what people can make with such limited space. (Reminds me of the nes days)



dadajo commented on Game Designers Reveal How Super Mario Bros. 3 ...:

WTH? Can we just go one day without somebody saying Nintendo is doing business wrong and need to do this? This would be a horrible idea and could potentially ruin the original game. (At least I have it on nes and gba. Try making that free to play lol)



dadajo commented on Pokémon: The Origin Anime Announced, Mystery ...:

Though the anime is going to show as one episode (at least that is how I read it) I really want to see a pokemon anime with a character other than Ash. The regular pokemon anime got old a while ago and if they could bring in new characters for even a 10 episode season run it would be a nice change of pace.



dadajo commented on Metroid Prime Trilogy Now Available At GameSto...:

Now that I'm thinking about nintendo should add some of these games on the eshop. If you can download a full wiiu/3ds game why not ds/wii games? They could charge what they want but make it cheaper than the actual copies out there and make a fortune. (Look at Earthbound and how that turned out.)



dadajo commented on Metroid Prime Trilogy Now Available At GameSto...:

I want this but if I do get it I refuse to get it at gamestop. It just does not feel right for them to do this.
EDIT- Also I already got all 3 primes so it is kinda pointless for me to get it anyway but gosh dang it I still want it. :D



dadajo commented on Video: Rejected CGI Zelda Film Discovered Online:

The characters look like they were from a Barbie movie. (I have a little sister and had to live through some of those lol) It looks cool besides that however, but I feel like I love just because it is a Legend of Zelda movie. (PREWTY PWEASE NINTENDO? MAKE A ZELDA FILM PWEASE!)



dadajo commented on Kirby's Dream Land 2 Listed For North American...:

About time. I got the kirby dream collection so I already have this, but I may get this just for the fact of playing a portable game on a portable system. (That is the main reason why I bought the first kirby)



dadajo commented on Capcom Employee Outlines Details on Mega Man L...:

Lol I also get so depressed when talking about this game. Not just because of how it was cancelled but how Capcom just out of no where said f you guys it is all your guys' fault and cancelled it. I know a few people that were always on the forums there and just to blame fans for your problems in really low Capcom. You are not the same as you once were and now all you care to do about megaman is to release the old games and sell merchandise for what is basically your guys' mascot. The best news I heard forever was when the blue bomber was announced for smash and I watched it live before school (Pacific time zone :D I get to watch all the nintendo directs before I go to school) and was happy the whole day just thinking about a character in a fighting game. You have fans who care about megaman and will throw money at their computer screen to see him get a new game.



dadajo commented on Capcom Employee Outlines Details on Mega Man L...:

Though I never played a Legends game this was the main reason I bought my 3ds day one. I so badly wanted to try it out and the thought of cheap trial version for early access made me want it even more. Sadly it got cancelled and then the 3ds price drop happened, and I was left feeling really sad that I bought the 3ds (even with the free 20 games). Now of course the 3ds is one of my favorite systems, but this game I feel still has a chance at the market. Capcom should of released the trial on the eshop. That would of shown how much interest was in the project and if no one bought and they had to cancel it; it would of not hurt so many fans so much. But then again Capcom only cares about money now as any big corporation would, and if releasing 5 million versions of Street Fighter 4 makes them money fine. I don't have any interest in that and I won't buy it.



dadajo commented on SpongeBob SquarePants: Plankton's Robotic Reve...:

I grew up playing battle for the bikini bottom and played it recently and thought it held up well. It is like a Super Mario 64/ Banjo Kazooie game which I love. Also with 5 players they can do so much with the game. Think if they made it like battle for the bikini bottom but in the style of super mario 3d world . I will keep a eye out for this game and see the reviews.



dadajo commented on Feature: The History Of The Famicom:

@LavaTwilight Yeah I meant it as a joke so sorry if it was misunderstood. It would be horrible if the nes had kinect controls. Also, the technology can be argued not even here yet for the simplest controls imagine it in the 80's. Lol Just remembered Hey you Pikachu. That was in the 90's and failed lol.



dadajo commented on Feature: The History Of The Famicom:

@LavaTwilight I don't know for sure, but I heard to make the famicom more westerinized (if that is a word lol) they made it look like a vcr, and made things like rob to make it look like a toy to equal more sales. I don't know about the removal of the mic though. Can you imagine if it was like the kinect where there is voice commands. Mario jump! Mario dash left! No not right!



dadajo commented on StreetPass DLC System Update Finally Hits Nort...:

Well that came out of no where... I am happy it is finally available so I can finally not feel sad for completing everything, but Nintendo really should of at least mentioned these games were coming on a nintendo direct.



dadajo commented on Still No Word On Scribblenauts Unlimited EU Re...:

This is getting ridicoulous. The game should of been released already. I think 5th cell, nintendo, wb, or who ever is delaying this game are just afraid of money at this point. I live in the usa and I have this game, but there are also games europe got the america never got and america got some games that europe never got. I really hope that nintendo reveres region locking since that is the main obstacle at this point for many gamers from getting the games they want.



dadajo commented on Your View: The Issues of Collecting and Owning...:

The fact of the digital games even having a chance of being lost always worries me. I always personally get a physical copy unless the downloadable one is tons cheaper.
EDIT- Also it would be nice if I could keep my downloads regardless of what I use (similar to itunes) once i lose my 3ds that is it.



dadajo commented on Capcom Teases More Mega Virtual Console Releases:

Understandable. I was just curious. I think everybody has those games that everybody seems to love that they just don't like yet can acknowledge they are good games. Mine are some of the retro rpgs. I can't stand the grinding in some of them and this is from a guy who raised more than 50 level 100 pokemon. Thanks for replying.



dadajo commented on Xbox 360 Sales Set to Pass the Wii's in the UK:

I personally don't see what the big deal for the 360 is in the end. (Less exclusives, you have to pay for online, and breaks more easily than the other consoles) It is tons better than the original xbox, but compared to the ps3, wii, and pc I don't see why everybody got it. As long as you enjoy the console though in the end I guess that is all that matters.



dadajo commented on Game Gear Mega Man Could be Destined for the 3...:

Sigh I have heard no good things about the gamegear megaman games. I will defiantly wait for reviews before purchasing. On another note if any Sega megamn game was to be made for the virtual console release then it should be megaman wily wars on the genesis. Think of it like super mario allstars with the first three megaman games. Plus at the end you get to go through new stages and bosses with ANY weapon from the first three games.