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dadajo commented on Hackers Discover Unused Animations for Custom ...:

Honestly if these later became cheap dlc I would buy it. I know Sakurai has no plans after Mewtwo but I hope that Nintendo keeps updating smash wiiu and 3ds every now and then with or without Sakurai. As long as it is cheap and does not break the game (as in unfair characters). Do what you did in Mario Kart 8 and release 2 packs with a few characters and stages in each one. I got a full game so I wouldn't mind buying more stuff for it.



dadajo commented on Weirdness: Hands Up If You Knew About the Supe...:

I don't remember where I learned this trick but I do know it. I did not grow up with the nes (because I am 17) but most likely I learned it from a YouTube video where it was just mentioned. It has worked on the 3ds virtual console version as well as the original nes version for me.



dadajo commented on Rumour: Cave Story 2 Teased at PAX South and C...:

Cavestory is my favorite game of all time and a squeal has always crossed my mind as a possibility. I am on both sides whether I want it since I love Cavestory. At the same time though part of me does not want it since Cavestory was so special as a single game. I would get it though totally and try to actually go in with an open mind if this was ever true.



dadajo commented on Rumour: Terraria is Making Its Way to Wii U an...:

Loved the PC version of Terraria so if it came out on 3ds or wiiu I would definitely get it. (Figuring it gets positive reviews). If no one has played Terraria get it on Steam. It does not take to much to run (from my experience) and it goes on sale all the time for 2-3 dollars.



dadajo commented on Talking Point: The New Nintendo 3DS Could Be a...:

The only version of the new 3ds I wanted was the standard one and since that is not coming to America I was thinking I could just import a European one. NOPE! I remembered that Nintendo is the only company that still has region lock on their systems. ]:l It is like Nintendo is afraid of money. But yeah I'm not going to get a new 3ds XL, or at least not right now. Maybe in the future when more things become exclusive on it and I have more money to spend. It is funny how the exclusion of the same system but at a different size totally changed my opinion of getting a devise though lol.



dadajo commented on New Exploit Makes The 3DS Region Free Without ...:

For those wondering why the link was not included it is because the website is the gateway 3ds site and he does not support piracy they have going on there. I tried this last night with the Japanese copy of Pokemon black and it unfortunately it caused an error (not serious just an error has occured amd goes back to home screen) and didn't boot up. I asked him through twitter about it and it won't boot D's games. This is really cool though. It will be fun to finally play games exclusive to Japan for once. I really don't get why Nintendo has not done an update to remove the region lock because this is obviously now an easy switch. (Also the Pokemon transfer app recognizes that I'm using a Japanese copy of the game and let's me transfer over Pokemon so the system already knows that there is a game in just doesn't play it.)



dadajo commented on Nintendo of America Issues Non-Statement on th...:

I realize it might be a better market decision but when they only showed the xl my interest in the device plummeted. I can't use the xl versions of these systems since they are so big that it is hard to put in my pocket (Kinda defeats the point of being a portable system). Also it sucks that now we are not going to get the face plates. Maybe in the future I will go get one but for right now I am sticking with my regular 3ds. A second circle pad and the one exclusive game Xenoblade is not worth it for me right now.



dadajo commented on Little Mac's amiibo Appears to Have Actually B...:

Crazy that means I got one of the last few. After Christmas Gamestop put Little Mac back in stock on the website and I purchased one with a gift card I got right away. Actually just received it in the mail two days ago in the mail. (Came four days early :) ).



dadajo commented on Smash Bros. 2v2 For Glory Exploit Makes Pac-Ma...:

I'm surprised no one found this sooner figuring how many people are playing this game. I think this is funny but it is funny offline where it only affects people you know and are having fun with. Online this is a real d-bag move to pull. I wonder now how many people are going to choose pacman now in 2v2.



dadajo commented on Poll: Which is the Best Pokémon Game?:

My top five are-
5.X and Y
4.Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald (Have not beaten OR since I got it for Christmas so I still have no idea if it is better than the originals though so far it is amazing.)
3.Black and White
2.Heartgold and Soulsilver
1.Black 2 and White 2- This game had the most content out of any pokemon game while also having Black and White's story and region making it the best one for me. Really fifth generation as a whole is really underrated.



dadajo commented on Nintendo Invests in New Lobbying Firm to Tackl...:

Though I am not in support of piracy at all there was one part of this article that makes me worried about this. The part where it said it could expand to other forms of media. If this other forms of media includes youtube and other sites on the internet then I am really worried about this.



dadajo commented on 3DS Homebrew Hacker Makes Progress on New Nint...:

After this comes out and people have tried this I may just use my old 3ds to download this channel. Should be fun to see what people can come up with and if you can use import games then that would make me happy.



dadajo commented on Video: The Trailer For E.T. Documentary Atari:...:

I own ET for the atari 2600 and it is not that bad. I mean it is not good by any means but it is playable and far from the worst game I have ever played. Also I love how they made the trailer so dramatic and made it seem like ET was the main cause but really ET was only a factor to the bigger picture of the crash of Atari. Plus the landfill is not even filled with ET but many other games and all they did was really get permission to dig in a well documented landfill burial.



dadajo commented on Review: Comic Workshop (3DS eShop):

Looks pretty cool. I like drawing just for the fun of it even though I am horrible at it and don't plan on sharing my work at all. I most likely will eventually get this but for $8 it will have to wait.



dadajo commented on Cave Story 3D to Arrive on 3DS eShop in North ...:

As a person who has played the dsi, 3ds retail, and the 3ds download I have to say the best version without a doubt is the 3ds download one that is available now. I played the 3ds retail version when I borrowed it from my library and though it is fine it is missing features that the cheaper download one has and also the 3d graphics don't make this game super appealing to look at. I mean they are neat and all but they actually make the game harder to play.



dadajo commented on Nintendo Direct Confirmed For Japan on 11th July:

Yay... I live in the Pacific time zone so I get the honor of waking up really early to watch this. Does anybody know if Nintendo Life will have a article with the livestream or will I have to find this somewhere on the internet?



dadajo commented on Interview: Bertil Hörberg Jumps Back Into the...:

I can't wait for this game! I absolutely loved the first one and despite it being short the level design made the game so much fun that I kept on playing anyway. I hope if there is time to add it that maybe another character will be added since the duck mode was so awesome.



dadajo commented on Twitter Hashtag Brings Bunches of Well Wishes ...:

Sigh I saw comments on IGN saying they wanted Iwata to die. Even if they were most likely trolling this makes me so mad that people are that insensitive to another person just because they are the rival console. I am so thankful that the Nintendo Life community is so more thoughtful of not just Nintendo but all video games in general.



dadajo commented on Download Sales On Nintendo Formats Have Treble...:

If I can I try to avoid getting things digitally on a nintendo system. The fact that it is tied with the system really scares that if my system was ever lost or stolen I would not potentially get the games back.



dadajo commented on GameStop Plans to Close Around 120 Stores in t...:

At the mall near my house there are two gamestops. It will suck people will lose their jobs but there are so many so close to each other it is almost as bad as Starbucks. ( there are only 120 closing but still)



dadajo commented on Review: Pokémon Link: Battle! (3DS eShop):

@Neko_Chan Look up Pokemon Conquest. It is a strategy rpg similar to Fire Emblem's style but with pokemon. That one got high review scores. One spinoff that I love that some people love also and some hate is the mystery dungeon series. Awesome dungeon crawler from the ones I played. (Have not played the new one on 3ds yet). You would be surprised what you can dig up with a franchise. Yes like most series the spinoffs if not awful are at best meh but there is always hidden gems that are just as good as the main series.



dadajo commented on Capcom Is Aware That We All Want A New Mega Ma...:

When I was a kid the only reason I ever got to play megaman was because my dad got me the anniversary collection on gamecube. Now after owning some on nes and the rest on virtual console I can happily say so far I have beated 4/6 games. (1 and 4 are hard for me and I never really took the full amount of time needed to beat both of those). If they ever did make a anniversary collection I would buy it and I think it would help younger children like me back in 2004 to get into retro games. The only problem is now they are available on the virtual console. But Capcom if you ever do this please make it available for the wiiu.



dadajo commented on Video: What Could Super Mario Galaxy Look Like...:

I miss Xenoblade first time around so I absolutely would buy it the day it came out if it were to come out in hd. But I just thought of something. Nintendo make something like Super Mario Allstars 2 where you remake 64, sunshine, and galaxy 1 and 2 with wiiu graphics and hd from 3d world. (One can dream right?)



dadajo commented on Sega Has "No Plans" To Release Sonic Boom In J...:

Now I am a little scared this will be nothing more than a show tie in game. Hopefully it will just end up being a regular Sonic game, but if it is only getting a Western release and only being released because of the show of the same name is what makes me worried they will put in minimal effort.



dadajo commented on Pokémon Bank Goes Live in Europe and Australia:

Meanwhile in America...


This has been another exciting comment about how Pokebank has not been released here yet.
In all seriousness though this is good. This means the world wide release is coming soon. I am guessing it will come on Thursday or Friday in time for the new games on the eshop.



dadajo commented on Review: Angry Birds Star Wars (Wii U):

Really 40 dollars? I don't care for angry birds to begin with and I think of it as one of the most over rated games ever. (Obviously it is good enough to have a audience just why is it as popular as it is?) If I was desperate I would just get this on my phone though for a buck instead of a console. Seriously what were they thinking?



dadajo commented on Review: NES Remix (Wii U eShop):

Now if only we had snes remix... If I had a update ahead of time I would of saved up to buy this but now that Christmas shopping is over I'm basically broke for right now. Hopefully I can get a eshop card this Christmas? It looks awesome.



dadajo commented on Sony's President of Worldwide Studios Actually...:

I love the fact that the freaking president of Sony can look past the brands and actually love the industry as a whole. As gamers it is sad to see people be so mean to each other just because of their choice of brand. This obviously does not mean you can not have preferences (Like obviously mine is Nintendo), but it would be nice if we could all get along. Though this is old news this still makes me happy to read.



dadajo commented on New Pokémon Movie Screening In Cartoon Networ...:

Though I'm not a big fan of the anime anymore (Watched all of it up to best wishes. I just could not stand the new characters.) I'll probably watch this just because usually the pokemon movies are really entertaining. On a unrelated note am I the only one who thinks that movie poster looks boring? I mean it is pokemon make them be fighting, have tons of pokemon on it, or have explosions.



dadajo commented on Weirdness: ABC News Tells Us All About How the...:

Sigh, this is why the playstation brand works well in that sense since they just add a number to the end and you can tell the difference. I love my wiiu but if it were to get a new name like wii2 I think it would be for the best. Also, though I was not even alive yet I think there was probably also confusion from going to the nes to the snes. Similar names hmm?



dadajo commented on Kamiya Doesn't Think Bayonetta 3 Will Ever Hap...:

This is a problem all fans struggle with. Do I want something completely new and unfamiliar or do I want the same thing and what I know how to play? The problem with the latter is there can be minimum effort or does not rise to the fans expectations. The problem with new things however is that you don't know if you will enjoy it or not. This is why (from what I hear) Wonderful 101 is probably failing in sales right now cause even I'll admit that even though I'm interested in that game, tons of other games like pokemon x and y, sonic lost world, mario kart, etc are coming out and I want to buy those more for being familiar fun.



dadajo commented on Petit Computer Looks Set for the 3DS:

Though I don't know a thing about programming it was fun scanning those qr codes to try out games people made. It is amazing what people can make with such limited space. (Reminds me of the nes days)



dadajo commented on Game Designers Reveal How Super Mario Bros. 3 ...:

WTH? Can we just go one day without somebody saying Nintendo is doing business wrong and need to do this? This would be a horrible idea and could potentially ruin the original game. (At least I have it on nes and gba. Try making that free to play lol)



dadajo commented on Pokémon: The Origin Anime Announced, Mystery ...:

Though the anime is going to show as one episode (at least that is how I read it) I really want to see a pokemon anime with a character other than Ash. The regular pokemon anime got old a while ago and if they could bring in new characters for even a 10 episode season run it would be a nice change of pace.