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Tue 18th December, 2012

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sweetiepiejonus commented on Talking Point: Market Expectations Remain High...:


Agree 100%. I do have some reserved confidence in DeNa. Record Keeper is pretty sweet for a free to play game and if they do premium games I imagine the quality is going to be a big thing. I can't see Nintendo allowing their brand to be tarnished by cookie cutter mobile games with pallette swaps of their characters. But who knows I could be 100% wrong.



sweetiepiejonus commented on Unity on New Nintendo 3DS Will Utilise Latest ...:


Yes that is exactly what I said and the point I was trying to make. I totally was not trying to say we have no idea what the new hardware is capable of and how impressive the first exclusive title for New 3DS is. I was specifically saying mid Gen wii game = 3d world. Really



sweetiepiejonus commented on Nintendo Highlights Increased US Hardware Sale...:


That is a great point. There obviously is some interest or these titles wouldn't even chart if this system is such a 'failure' as it's being labeled by some.

So wake up Nintendo! Start churning out some titles and people will buy more consoles which will sell more games.

Someone correct me if I'm wrong but people keep talking about sales of the actual consoles but I recall reading somewhere that most companies don't even make profit from the systems but instead the money comes from games and accessories.



sweetiepiejonus commented on Nintendo Highlights Increased US Hardware Sale...:


Fair points but I never actually said anything about Wii U. But almost everything you said was personal opinions and generalizing and speaking for an audience (who may agree with you). I was talking about the people who associate "failure" commercially with the awful buzzword and I hate even quoting it...'epic fail.'

My point was, and feel free to show the numbers that contradict me, the definition of failure is if it doesn't make a profit. Do we actually know those numbers? If you love it or don't like the system I couldn't care less, and as I said your views on available titles are opinion not fact.



sweetiepiejonus commented on Nintendo Highlights Increased US Hardware Sale...:

Some people seem to equate a commercial 'failure' as being bad. That is not necessarily the case. Games, systems, movie etc can be absolutely brilliant and still 'fail' with consumers. On the flip side there can be financial 'sucesses' that are totally...blah.



sweetiepiejonus commented on Feature: Key Nindie Developers and Publishers ...:


I don't blame Jools. It's not like anyone can say anything for sure yet. It's going to be something new and there may be an adjustment period but once it gets going I don't think people realize how good this could be.

I do realize the potential for shovelware but the potential outweighs that for sure. Yeah you will get some guy who builds a shooter that is about as bare bones as can be (and try to charge 9.99 for it) but I can still find gems on steam...with a little digging sometimes but they are in fact there.



sweetiepiejonus commented on Playtonic Releases First Animated Footage From...:


What do you mean? When did I ever say anyone didn't have the right to express opinion? I asked a question then made a statement. Unless he or she owns this website why would you think you can tell said website what they can or can't say? That is not just expressing an opinion.



sweetiepiejonus commented on Reminder: Xenoblade Chronicles 3D Out Now for ...:


It is super easy just as Miibot says. And yes you can just copy and paste folders when you eventually get one. Honestly 32 will last a while. I just recently went under 300k blocks and I have most Atlus titles, Xenoblade, Animal Crossing, Fire Emblem, STEAM, Alpha Sapphire plus some more I can't remember and a slew of 3dsware and Virtual Console games.



sweetiepiejonus commented on Reminder: Xenoblade Chronicles 3D Out Now for ...:


Yeah, here's the thing. I play my copy on my 3ds not on YouTube. That's kind of a silly argument and doesn't even make sense.


No doubt. I have been reading about this constantly and how impressions were saying the same thing but I am still amazed seeing and playing it myself how good it is. Monster did an incredible job and I'm excited to see the right developer build a game from the ground up.



sweetiepiejonus commented on Code Name: S.T.E.A.M. Update Goes Live to Spee...:


I would have loved to have a fog of war type feature like in rts titles.

Like have a minimap that is black til you uncover it. Or maybe like at least a radar to give you an idea where baddies may be lurking.

Also I'd like to have a kill counter for each character you can view on screen during the mission. Hope some of those things can make it to a sequel.



sweetiepiejonus commented on Review: Etrian Mystery Dungeon (3DS):

Great review Morgan.

I've always been a bigger fan of the 'rogue-lite' types and the Mystery crossovers always deliver. Guess I am just not hardcore enough.

I expected this to basically be a Pokémon Mystery dungeon that actually has some challenge. Definitely a day one purchase.



sweetiepiejonus commented on Bandai Namco Celebrates the 20th Anniversary f...:


Hearts was the only one I knew about. It's a shame but I can understand the business side of things.

I just wish more publishers would take risks on localizing titles like Xseed does. I have them to thank for plenty of quirky or niche titles that the "big" studios won't bother with.