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Tue 18th December, 2012

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sweetiepiejonus commented on Review: Xenoblade Chronicles 3D (New Nintendo ...:


This title is not like many others though. Some may not be into the type of game but even if you aren't it is a nearly flawless game. The handful of negatives are massively outweighed by the positives.

I hope a demo will be available so everyone will realize they need this game. If you don't you are missing out.



sweetiepiejonus commented on Prepare Thyself, Azure Striker Gunvolt Will Be...:


Well that would be nice. I won't disagree with that but honestly I'm not just being a fanboy here. The game is as smooth and fluid as some of the best platformers. I've not encountered even the slightest bit of slowdown and have over 20 hours logged so far.

I don't know the ins and outs of design and how difficult it would be to have 60fps but I know this is a budget title that runs like what you'd expect from a full price title.



sweetiepiejonus commented on Review: Code Name: S.T.E.A.M. (3DS):


I know but I'm not telling you that you can't score a game too low. If you think it's a 6 then it's a 6 for your not so in depth review, and there is nothing wrong with that.

Some of my favorite reader letters in Game Informer are the people who rant about scores of reviewers.

I personally think the whole numbers grading should be done away with. But some people don't like to actually read reviews so I know that won't happen.



sweetiepiejonus commented on Two Tribes Co-Founder Doesn't Think He Would H...:

I won't lie. I haven't bought it for Wii U...yet. I did buy it on Steam at a major discount so I feel like I should support it on Wii U because it really is a fun little game.

It's a shame that Two Tribes is having trouble because they do have some brilliant minds there.



sweetiepiejonus commented on Review: Code Name: S.T.E.A.M. (3DS):

Definitely getting this. Even if I wasn't a huge Intelligent Systems fan this is my type of game.

Wonder if they could tweak the game in an update to add a fast forward type button for enemy turns. Not a deal breaker but I can see it becoming an irritant.



sweetiepiejonus commented on Copyright Owner of 'Trollface' Image Explains ...:


Yes but that is your ideals. Unfortunately reality is different. I disagree on the no one should be able to copyright the troll face though. Just because it's accepted as a meme by the interwebs doesn't make something public domain. The truffle shuffle is still the property of whoever owns the Goonies name, not the Internet. They can sue the pants off anyone they please if they tried to make money off Chunk gettin down.



sweetiepiejonus commented on Dragon Fantasy: The Volumes of Westeria Advent...:


I understand where you are coming from and actually agree to an extent, although I welcome the Metroid and Castlevania inspired titles because every once in a while we get a gem...but this game isn't that. It isn't just some huge studio masquerading a big budget title as "indie" it is indie and is definitely worth a look if you enjoyed rpgs from the 8 and 16 bit era.



sweetiepiejonus commented on Nintendo Download: 26th February (North America):

I have been wondering what will happen when Donkey Kong finally gets released. I think traffic on this site may fall immensely. Then again we do have Amiibos to complain about so we should be okay.

This week also makes me sad. Remembering how Rare used to be awesome. What the heck happened?



sweetiepiejonus commented on Review: Excave (3DS eShop):


I don't see anything wrong with that, but not really what I was getting at. I actually was curious what you thought about that since you mentioned it.

My thoughts are if I get around 10 hours or so for 5 dollars I'm definitely satisfied. I've played even less time on some budget titles and still was glad I made the purchase.



sweetiepiejonus commented on Review: Excave (3DS eShop):


Well basically any dungeon crawler I can think of is repetitive. That should go without saying but From the Abyss just didn't have a whole lot to it. But don't get me wrong I actually did enjoy playing it for a bit as well.

I was planning on checking this out anyway but nice review Dylan. Sounds like it was pretty much what I expected. I have too many dungeon crawlers and rogue like types in my Steam backlog but wouldn't mind one for on the go.



sweetiepiejonus commented on Amazon UK Delays Some Shulk Pre-Orders to Late...:


I know Gamestop isn't the most popular place here but I preordered online and I admit I was a little nervous but they called me the day it came in and I couldn't go that day and they said they would hold it as long as I needed not the usual 48 hour window deal. So they've been reliable for me.