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Watch Dogs Will be the Only "Mature" Ubisoft Game on Wii U in Upcoming Lineup

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

"Nintendo customers don’t buy Assassin’s Creed"

Ubisoft is one of a few major publishers — right behind EA — that often incurs the wrath of Nintendo gamers for its sketchy support of the Wii U, in particular. It's partly a result of companies like these making silly promises in the past, some unrealistic expectations from gamers and cruel market realities. Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot is unsurprisingly keen to emphasize the latter as cause for Ubisoft's current level of support for Nintendo's home console.

In an interview with Game Informer, Guillemot explained why both of the next entries — current-gen and last-gen — in the Assassin's Creed series are skipping Wii U, while reaffirming the fact that Watch Dogs is still coming to the system.

It’s very simple. What we see is that Nintendo customers don’t buy Assassin’s Creed. Last year, we sold in very small numbers.

What we see is that they are very interested in Just Dance, very interested by other kinds of games. So what we are trying to do is to focus more on the types of games they are interested in.

[Watch Dogs] is coming to Wii U. It will be the only mature game we publish on it.

There's plenty of logic behind these comments, uncomfortable as they may be; the sales contribution of Nintendo systems to Ubisoft's profits are typically below 5% in the case of Wii U, and have only been higher on Wii off the back of Just Dance sales in recent years. Ubisoft doesn't always help its relationship with Nintendo gamers, however, with examples such as skipping Wii U with Tetris Ultimate — it is coming to 3DS — and holding back a finished game for the system.

Is the absence of more mature content on Wii U from Ubisoft a major loss? Let us know what you think.

Thanks to Ryan Millar for the heads up.


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bouncer0304 said:

If it means we still get stuff like Rayman legends and child of light, then i'm cool with that. I'd rather play games which are fun and unique rather than brown/grey bore fests that i've done many times before.



19Robb92 said:

"What we see is that Nintendo customers don’t buy Assassin’s Creed [...] What we see is that they are very interested in Just Dance"

Just Dance 2014 - 0.28M
Assassins Creed 3 - 0.26M
Assassins Creed 4 - 0.19M

That's a minor difference to base a statement like "they [WiiU owners] are very interested in Just Dance" on. Frankly, WiiU owners doesn't seem to be interested in ANY Ubisoft game.



Laxeybobby said:

I bought both Assasins Creed titles and I only have and ever had Nintendo systems.
I also bought ZombiU.
I understand though that I'm in the minority as most intense/hardcore gamers either don't own a Ninty console or owns one of the other brands for their mature gaming requirements. I however refuse to do this.
I do think though that's a rather sweeping stereotyping statement to be made.



FullbringIchigo said:

probably because the Assassin's Creed game have a long overarching story so if they were going to buy them they would already be invested in another system

it's probably why Mass Effect 3 didn't sell too



Tsurii said:

Ofc no one's buying the friggin' games (at launch)

Sry, but if they think people will pay 70€/$ for something with more than lackluster DLC and MP support, they're just plain dumb

It's a shame that AC will skip the console entirely,tho. Always enjoyed them even tho they're really nothing too special anymore..



marc_max said:

Relasing Watch Dogs so late will also hit sales, have it in mind, Ubi Soft.



ThatFlint said:

Well, Assassin's Creed has been the same game every year since 2007. I'm not going to buy a game that I actually already played three times in the past few years (2, brotherhood and 3). Watch Dogs isn't all that good as I've seen from a lot of reviews, so I'm not going to buy that either. I'm not going to buy Ubisoft games just to keep them making games on Wii U. I have played Rayman Legends and loved it and I bought AC 3, which was a pretty poopydoodoocacapoopledoopledoggiedoodoo port, for my little brother, both on Wii U, but right now there's no reason for me to buy Ubisoft games anymore, even though I probably would've bought Tetris Ultimate if it came out on Wii U. I'd rather go for Bayonetta and Smash Bros. instead of Watch Dogs.



Laxeybobby said:

Good to see Watch Dogs is still being mentioned as coming to the WiiU. Just shame no further info such as a Date!!!
Or some video or WiiU details on the game.



Graeme said:

@19Robb92 agree, I have Assassin's Creed 3 and its just very very boring - why it sells high numbers in the first place on any machine is a mystery



xxAcesHighxx said:

@Laxeybobby I'm absolutely with you buddy. Except for my Vita, I only own Nintendo consoles and as such, I've bought both AC games, both Call of Duty games, both Batman games, Splinter Cell, ZombiU, Mass Effect 3, Resident Evil Revelations... ... the list goes on. I'll certainly be grabbing Watch Dogs too. Oh and while obviously not 'mature' in nature, I also bought sports titles, FIFA 13, NBA 2K13 and NFS: Most Wanted. Thanks for repaying the love EA, Ubisoft!!

Ps, hey Ubi, why no Valiant Hearts for Wii U? I really wanted that.



NauticalCrimes said:

Sales of black flag no doubt lower than 3 because 3 was absolutely awful. I just picked up black flag in the sale and it's quite good. Better than 3 but I wasn't going to buy another AC game at full price after the dull dull buggy and dull AC3.

That said I've preordered WD on wiiu. I hope all the 'extra work' they're putting into it means it will look good and run well. Even AC4BF has serious frame rate issues. Would rather have had lower resolution.

Also lets see some gamepad innovation for WD pls! Heaven knows they've had the time!



mjhopkins81 said:

Oh, look! Ubisoft is bashing Nintendo fans, again.


Aside from "Child of Light," they can keep the rest of their games. The same with EA - if I wanted to play a barely upgraded version of last year's sport's game, I'll buy one from 2007.



Gelantious said:

Grabbed Black Flag just now and have been playing it this past weekend, first Assassins Creed game since the first one I've played. Haven't bothered with the others because that one left a bad taste of being overly repetitive.

But since Black Flag is about pirates I had to give it a try and the whole ship battles n such makes the game pretty good. And the story is rather nice. But it won't make me buy the next one since that looks pretty dull once again, so meh...



Late said:

@19Robb92: I think Just Dance will sell more on Wii U once they stop making it for Wii and people move from Wii to Wii U but it takes time before that happens.

I'm going to buy Black Flag once my hard drive arrives. Not the biggest fan of AC but I'll give it a try.



outburst said:

I've never played an AC game. I'm still waiting for the next Prince of Persia which fathered the AC series. A 2D PoP would be better.



tysonfury said:

That's disappointing, I had never played an Assassins Creed game until I got AC3 on the Wii U, and am totally hooked. Loved it, and AC4, and will now probably have to buy a PS4 just to play ACU.

He's missing the opportunity to introduce their most popular franchises to new audiences. Repeat: I HAD NO INTEREST IN AC UNTIL IT CAME TO WII U!!



tysonfury said:

Mass Effect 3 on Wii U didn't sell because it was the only version of the game where players couldn't bring their previous save games from ME 1&2. For a game that's meant to be played as a trilogy, and where decisions you make influence the outcome in the sequels, it was a lazy and fatal error.



Cosats said:

Releasing Wii U Watch Dogs version so late, whenever that'll be, I fail to understand how this will help sell better that other versions. Unless, they advertise it as the ultimate version with some extra super wow things included (which I think it won't be the case as we are approaching September and not a single word about this version has been told). Next year, they'll come up and say that Watch Dogs didn't sell well on Wii U. And everyone will know why except the Ubisoft guys.



spizzamarozzi said:

I think it was a mistake from UBI to publish an Assassin's Creed as random as the third one for an audience that has probably never experienced the first two. I think it would have been a lot wiser to publish the first three AC in a bundle instead of just the third and the fourth, so people could play the serie from the start and they didn't feel like they were missing anything.

Watch_Dogs is going to suffer aswell because it's been out for a while and most of WiiU owners now know it's not that great.

So it seems UBI is testing us by throwing incredibly unfair challenges like "Buy a game you already know is not as good as you thought!" or "Get hyped for a serie starting from the middle chapter!".



Punished_Boss_84 said:

Okay, I'll just have to take their word about it. They did try harder than some publishers, including the one who boasted "unprecedented relationship."



jenkje said:

Agree with tysonfury. I also bought AC 3 and 4 because it was launched on Wii U and I think they are pretty good. I would never have bought those if they had not been introdused on Wii U. I might buy Watch dogs because it is to be released on my Wii U. Would not have bought it otherwise...



Razzle said:

I have bought AC3, AC Black Flag, Just Dance 2014, Rayman Legends and ZombiU. I really enjoyed all of them, ZombiU being an absolute stand-out (I have never felt so much dread in a game). Ubisoft keep delivering late games though, at higher prices than other platforms. In these conditions they will always post poor results.



FX102A said:

Either Ubisoft is putting a minor spin to support its decision or they think we are all imbeciles.

When you release a game that has already been out for a while on another console(s), offers only token differences and can give no guarantee that it'll get all the DLC & support, why do you think many Wii U owners shy away from their releases.

In truth the only "mature" Ubisoft title they should look at is Zombie U because it was an exclusive title and wasn't released on another console in advance (I know others did see simultaneous launches on Wii U but by then most of us knew we risked no DLC or missing features so we avoided them). Of course, even Zombie U failed to light the charts but it's mixed reviews and survival horror genre was always gonna work against it.

It's a pity as one of my fave 3rd party titles was Ref Steel 2, and Ubi game and proof they could create a stellar game if they built it from the ground up for the Wii (even though that didn't light up the tills either).

Sigh, I honestly don't know what to do anymore, guess I'll just keep on truckin and hope for the best.



FragRed said:

All these publishers are simply going to wait until Nintendo announces their next home console from now on I think. The Wii U has not been the hardcore system Nintendo and the publishers had hoped for. It'll be interesting to see if Nintendo tries again with the hardcore audience with the next system.



ajcismo said:

I also have bought AC3 & 4, and Zombie U. I swear the video game industry goes out of its way to punish its own consumer base.



XFsWorld said:

@mjhopkins81 Wth, Ubisoft is not bashing Nintendo fans.

But Ubi is right, rated M games don't appeal to WiiU fans. Glad I'm picking up the PS4 next month.



CaviarMeths said:

Rayman probably would have been a better example, but yeah, this guy seems to be the first major exec with one of the Big 3 Western devs that understands that the Nintendo audience is fundamentally different from the Sony/MS audience.

The 3DS, the Wii U, and the Vita all have an audience that doesn't really care about "mature" games (which is a dumb way to describe them, but whatever), but all three have a type of game that sells well to its audience.



Cia said:

We're interested in GOOD games. Not unimaginative bleak-fest like Assassins Creed or casual games like Just Dance. Our standards are simply higher than your average gamer's. Sorry, Ubisoft... imagination is the key, and Rayman or Michael Ancel are pretty much the only ones in your league doing in right (for us).



WiiLovePeace said:

I bought AC IV on Wii U, didn't play it much though. Looking forward to Watch_Dogs on Wii U, whenever it arrives.



BertoFlyingFox said:

I just hope WiiU gets all the UbiArt games that release. We got Child of Light but no Valiant Hearts for some reason. I'd like to see more of these made and I hope they release on the eShop.

As for AC, I bought BlackFlag on WiiU and that game has pretty much been my endcap to the AC series. With the story being splintered across different platforms, I'm not surprised most WiiU owners skipped them.

As for WatchDogs, I did something I never do and bought it on impulse for PS4. Personally, it isnt very fun and I'm planning on trading it in. If the WiiU version does something more entertaining with the hacking sections then I may get that version.

I dont care what Ubisoft does from here with their "mature" games, I'm just glad I got ZombiU out of this deal.



XFsWorld said:

@tysonfury Yep, I agree. The WiiU did introduce me too the Batman games. I never had interest in Batman games until I bought Batman Arkham City. I bought it because of the way it was advertised for WiiU. Now I'm looking forward to Arkham Knight



xxAcesHighxx said:

@XFsWorld Speak for yourself buddy. Sure, I'm in the distinct minority, but Mature games (or 18's here in the UK) on Wii U certainly appeal to me.



XFsWorld said:

@CaviarMeths Well if a GTA game, or Bioshock, or a Resident Evil game came to Vita, people would buy it . It's just the Nintendo fans that don't care.



Iggly said:

Mature games are fun, but there is people like me who usually got no money on them so we usually prioritize on games we really want first. Thus not buying the Mature games because they're not top priority. Though there are people who priotize Mature games as their top priority, but I'm not really one of those people as there's quite a lot of games coming out that I'd rather play.



smikey said:

I own all the ubisoft games on wii u (even the very bad ones) haven't even opened a couple of them (including AC 4) & I'll buy watch dogs too but as ubisoft well know late / poor ports will never sell as well as other versions of the game if they did a port of a ps4 game & put it on ps3 but took out half the features & charged the orginal price (when ps4 version was now half price) it would still sell badly!

I'm not a ubisoft basher their company they can do as they like, & in general Nintendo consoles don't always move the so called mature games that well hpefully games like devils third ( that i'm really looking forward to) & bayonetta might change perception a bit
they're a mature titles & published by Nintendo not publishers fans have a grudge against.
If they succeed the ubisoft argument is dead in the water if they both bomb too no one can really complain about missing out on the so called mature games.



RedBlueSpot said:

I bought every Assasins Creed on WiiU.
Those games are superior to their other counterparts thanks to the Gamepad.
This makes me sad :/



Prof_Clayton said:

Whenever I see an article on EA or Ubisoft, I don't care much anymore. They always hide their true intentions behind magnified facts.



MrGawain said:

I've tried to like Ubisoft games, I really have. But they're really dull clones of their 3 game engines. all the cloned Assassins, Computer hackers and what ever the Far Cry dudes are all do that same MC Hammer running man move. If they're cloned from Rayman they all float in the air. And the Just Dance games... exactly.

Is it because Wii U fans don't like Mature games, or is it we don't feel compelled to buy substandard product any more?



OrangeCluster said:

Since they don't want my business I'll just skip Watch Dogs, Ubisoft never ceases do disappoint me.



Socar said:

I'm willing to bet that even if Nintendo made the Wii U ten times powerful than PS4 or ONE with an affordable price, Devs will still not make more games for the Wii U because of its gamepad being the important part of the system which most of the devs hate so much.



Trikeboy said:

That game on my shelf must be lying then. It said it is Assasins Creed but we don't buy them apparently.



Captain_Gonru said:

I would once again point out that ACIV wasn't even on some store shelves. My local Target (hardly a no-name brand) never got this, Arkham Origins, or Deus Ex in stores, only online. Kinda hard to move product when it isn't there.



Boxmonkey said:

By the time Wii U gets Watch Dogs released the game will only be £20 on the other systems. No way will it sell at full price then.



MarvinTheMartian said:

Am I the only one who's seen the flawed logic in Guillemot's statement?

He states the Nintendo aren't interested in AC type of games but will be bringing WD to the Wii U. So what makes WD so different to AC that Nintendo fans will buy it? They are both M rated games with big open worlds.



Gerbwmu said:

ZombiU is a great game to me. I love the constant state of nervousness and paranoia that it fosters while playing. 700K maybe not the sales they wanted but honestly it is good numbers compared to the consoles sold and I hope Nintendo considers financing ZombiU2

AC3 was a game that most people (even the hardcore AC fans) seemed bored with so I never picked it up

AC4 is an ok game. The ship battles are probably the best part but it isn't the type of game that is going to hook me into buying more from the franchise since I hadn't played any of the others.

Child of light is a great little RPG and I've really enjoyed it and it makes me wish Valiant Hearts would have come out on Wii U. I would have bought it day 1. The UbiArt engine is gaining a reputation for providing great games and I hope, since they already have games on Nintendo using it, that they continue the eShop support of any future games.

I'm not gonna trash Ubisoft. I realize they are a business that wants to make money. If they make a good game for my Wii U I'll buy it. If not I'm sure I'll have plenty of other games to play.



Ichiban said:

Cant say i really blame Ubisoft for their decision. Most Nintendo fans only seem to want Mario, Zelda, and Pokemon these days.



doctor_doak said:

haha! love it! Sounds like something i'd say! "Our standards are simply higher than your average gamers!!" It's true though Nintendo fans demand interesting/innovative gameplay mechanics over flashy cinematics, absurd budgets, and gratuitous violence..

If Michel Ancel weren't involved in Ubisoft, I couldn't think of any reason to be interested in ANY of Ubisoft's games. They are a pretty awful company when all is said and done, one which mainly creates generic blockbuster tripe games for fratboys, and they treat PC gamers like absolute garbage.

If only they did more games like Child of Light, Beyond Good & Evil and From Dust...



FragRed said:

@CaptainToad I think the reason Watch Dogs is coming to the Wii U is because they promised it a port way back when the Wii U was still being supported by third party developers.



MarvinTheMartian said:

@XFsWorld & @AcesHigh73

I'm in complete agreement with Aces. There are plenty of people who want 18 rated games on their Nintendo systems and a number of reasons why the ones available don't sell that well.

One - getting lazy gimped ports.

Two - And as @Cia has put it, if you're used to getting a higher quality of game why would Nintendo fans then go out and buy lower quality with bugs and rubbish support.

Three - Not getting the better third party 18 rated games. If GTA was available I'm sure it would sell rather well.



Stu13 said:

If only we had a nice cache of indie developers to provide us with worthwhile experiences so that we didn't need to rely on AAA rehashes from Ubisoft. Oh, wait...



Jazzer94 said:

Most people in the comments section always gloss over the fact that Ubisoft actual bothered to try supporting the Wii U and what did they get in return crap sales all round not one game breaking a million not and most not reaching half a million. I can't see why they should be hated for dropping most support Rayman Legends was a fantastic game didn't sell even though I saw posts constantly saying I'll buy the game most didn't this is the result.



Chris77 said:

It's a shame, but perhaps there are a few words missing. Nintendo customers don't buy AC games at full price. As a case in point, I bought AC3 (less than 12 months after release) at £4.99. I've just bought AC4 (less than 12 months after release) at £9.99 in the digital promo. I have a great backlog on the Wii U so why would I pay £40 when I know inside 12 months it will be far far less



Einherjar said:

I would have made a joke with taste in games and not buying AC, but its not even worth it...



Mr-DNA said:

I can't wait for Yves' inevitable "SEE? We told you Wii U owners don't buy mature games!" when W_D tanks. It'll have nothing to do with the fact that everybody bought it for every other system imaginable and found out that it was all hype. I don't know anyone who's played it who didn't find it to be a huge letdown. Which is a shame, since I wanted to try it, but I already bought a ticket to the Ubi hype train before. (Zombi U)

If Ubisoft crafted games half as well as they concoct their self-fulfilling prophecies on Wii U owners' buying habits, they wouldn't have to release these statements.



unrandomsam said:

@Jazzer94 What Ubisoft did was with their pricing model made sure that if they couldn't succeed nobody else could. Totally unacceptable quality for the most part. (Rayman Legends being the exception). But compare Deus Ex with stuff like Splinter Cell or Assasins Creed.

I happy they are gone. (Positive viewpoint).



doctor_doak said:


Zombi U was a low-risk/high-reward investment for UbiSoft. Do you remember that it was actually a game called 'Killer Freaks From Outer Space' at E3 in 2011?? So Zombi U was actually in development less than a year because KFFOS was scrapped after E3 2011....It was a low-risk gamble on the Wii U being a roaring success at launch that failed.

If they really wanted to carve an audience on the Wii U for themselves, they should've spent more than 9/10 months making a half-hearted exclusive launch title for the system..



Mochtroid said:

Ubisoft has it all wrong.

Their games in general are just not system sellers. Not that their games are bad, but no one is going to buy a Wii U for a game they can play on another platform they already own. It has nothing to do with Nintendo owners not being interested in their games. Hell, I own nearly every game they've put out on Wii U EXCEPT "Just Dance". And now they want me to be stuck with only that option?

I give a huge middle finger to Ubisoft



FragRed said:

@CaptainToad It worries me that with the game only have mere months left before the year ends to see a release, that Ubisoft have yet to show anything for it in terms of gameplay on the Wii U. But if they did cancel it, I think it would have been said by now. I certainly don't see it happening after this statement in which they make such an announcement of it happening.



PinkSpider said:

Who the hell are these nintendo fools that prefer dancing games to cool stealth action games.... :/



wombatkidd said:

Maybe ubi would sell more of their multi platform games on the Wii u of the Wii u version wasn't always clearly the absolute worst version of every game and actually had effort put into them to make them good.

Performance issues on games that work fine on less powerful systems, releasing basic patches late if at all, no dlc support, missing modes sometimes for no adequately explained reason especially when those modes are on less powerful systems. It just goes on. And it's not limited to just the AAA releases either. Just dance is mixed for 5.1 on other systems and is stereo on the Wii u.

They did this to themselves.



JusticeColde said:

@Jazzer94 Did you forget the result of the Legends delay? Not only did the "audience" that asked for multiplat not buy the game, but they put it up against major titles which outright doomed the game to fail. The Wii U gave Legends its best sales and best review scores.

All the Ubisoft hate starts at that delay and it only gets worse, especially when they trash other games like League of Legends for "Not trying hard enough to make money."



ben- said:

Wow.. well, ubisoft fail to sell any games at all in Japan on any system, in contrast to Activision, so just maybe, since Nintendo fans clearly prefer Japanese made games, nintendo owners also have similar tastes to Japanese gamers who see Ubisoft games for what they are.. crap.

Sad that wii u doesnt get Destiny, not sad at all for the lack of Ubi games..



ben- said:

By the way, I remember watching the tree house at E3. I think Nintendo gave Ubi a place fo rJust dance right next to Bayonetta 2, which shows what Nintendo think of Ubisofts " Nintendo does not like mature games".



mastermp2 said:

@tysonfury You are totally right. I didn't buy Mass Effect 3 at launch because of that. Then a few months ago on an Origin Sale a bought the trilogy and after playing the first 2 I feel in love with the series and decided to buy Mass Effect 3 on Wii U



TruenoGT said:

I know it has a small, but dedicated following on Wii U, so it's too bad to see it not continue for those fans. I've personally never tried or been interested in the series because a) I'm not big into realistic looking games which emphasize killing, and b) the lead character design looks kind of like a douche with that hood.



Ryu_Niiyama said:

Port issues aside what did they expect. it was the fifth game in the series and the story was supposed to be one large story arc. If someone was a Nintendo only gamer I don't think that would be an exceptional draw. If someone played it on other systems unless the wiiu was their only next gen system I cant see a large number of them switching to wiiu only ac. Honestly the true test is going to be Unity. The fact that they are making a last gen game as well makes it look like they aren't as confident in last gen gamers upgrading either.

Watch dogs was the best test for WiiU reception I think. It was a new IP that had been hyped to pieces, it has an AC feel for those looking for a psuedo-sandbox game and It could have had the potential to use the gamepad in an interesting way. However with such a delay and more first party games on the way for the holiday season I think Ubi missed the boat.



Troggy said:

We don't buy Assassin's Creed because (With the exception of Rayman Legends and Child of Light) most Ubisoft Wii U ports have missing features and DLC. Between that and holding back a finished game, I think Ubisoft is EA 2.0 right now.



Jazzer94 said:

@JusticeColde Not buying Rayman Legends because of the delay was a stupid decision the game was an amazing experience regardless and just sent the wrong message to developers about what will sell on the system.

@unrandomsam Having fewer choices is good, great logic there.

@doctor_doak It is very clear that most of Killer Freaks from Outer Space assets were moved to Zombi U but yes the game was rushed doesn't explain why every other game they've released has tanked.



audiobrainiac said:

What are they talking about??? I've AC3 AND AC4, ZombieU, and plan on getting WatchDogs and Splinter Cell Blacklist. Starting to rub me the wrong way Ubisoft. Maybe, we need some time apart...



Mega719 said:

I officially buy Assassins Creed on Wii U this seems really baised since they don't even release the full version of the game with DLC,how do they expect it to sell? And after months of hiatus THIS is what they tell us about Watch Dogs? Where's the footage? This is another reason their ports don't sell,zero advertisement



SetupDisk said:

It makes perfect sense. I bought basically all of Ubisofts Wii U games except Just Dance, Raving Rabbids, that crappy Marvel game and I think there was also maybe a one more that was just about shovelware. I enjoyed them all but I am in a small minority.

Some of those games have sold in the low thousands. I wish Nintendo would buy the rights to ZombiU and get Retro to make a sequel. That would be mindblowing.



khululy said:

Ah more proof to support the claim that the game industry is blinded by greed and want all the profit they can squeeze out of it with as little investment as possible... "Who cares if people want it... we make games for share holders not gamers."
That is the vibe I get from these so called "triple A" games ( tripple A meaning outstanding quality not retextured polished versions of previous installments) It is sad that many companies have stooped so low.



ikki5 said:

hmmm.. maybe if they didn't keep shafting the versions, people might buy them more.



Captain_Toad said:

And yet there's no sequel to ZombiU whick sold pretty decently upon launch......

...whatever, you better compensate for this Ubisoft and I'm not just talking about a yearly Just dance on the Wii or the rabbids (well maybe the rabbids...if it's good like Rabbids go home.).



Pokefanmum82 said:

I bought AC4. Having a hard time with the first part. Me personally, I'm looking forward to Bayonetta 2 and Devil's Third. But I still like Just Dance games too. Plus I'm also thinking of buying Batman Arkham games too. Are those not mature games.



LetsGoRetro said:

@Tysonfury @jenkje

It does not matter that you guys had that experience, frankly. Ubisoft isn't saying "We dont think even one person got turned onto the series by us putting it on wii u"

They are saying they are not profiting from doing so. I dont think theyre lying for the fun of it, or to really stick it to nintendo fans. They are a business and their goal is to profit. If they dont profit then they cant afford to pay the staff to maket these games. We all know what happens then.

Ubisoft had put its foot in its mouth a couple times but its a poor move to villainize (not talking about you two here, just what ive read) a conpany that really, really tried to support this console with MULTIPLE releases.

"So WHAT we dont buy the games! Keep financing and making them for us!"
I see your point, as it is kind of unfair to you as someone who has beens supporting the company to be lumped into a category of gamers that doesnt show support, but thats more a victimization by the wii u owners, not ubisoft.



Mega719 said:

@Pokefanmum82 don't expect Wii U to be the definitive system since Warner Bros is another 3rd party that abandoned the system with non family friendly games because they don't sell despite the last two games being quite watered down on Wii U. The final entry is only played on the other 8th gen machines



Genesaur said:

Well... I bought Ass Creed IV on Wii U. And I'm sure I wasn't the only one. Then again, maybe they're right, as I very much doubt that I'd buy another title in the series. I didn't like Black Flag that much.



GreatPlayer said:

Many Wii U gamers are kids and their family - games with unnecessary violence are not suitable to them.



ricklongo said:

I got Assassin's Creed 4 last year, enjoyed it a lot, but frankly I wouldn't buy a new entry this year. It's really not the kind of game I'd be willing to play on a yearly basis. And truth be told, what I liked most about that title was the open world exploration; the actual stealth mechanics were more often than not quite a drag.

Either way, it's a sad reality. I'll get Watch Dogs, but I'm not optimistic about its chances on the console as such a late port.

The one Ubisoft game I'd like to have seen on Wii U this year is South Park: The Stick of Truth. I feel like it could sell well on the platform.



accc said:

I might've bought them if they didn't do such a terrible job porting them.



AyeHaley said:

Ubisoft can go bust.
I still feel dirty buying AC3 and 4 on friggin Wii U. Why did I support them?
Please watch the profanity — TBD



Mega719 said:

When i check the reviews for recent Ubisoft games on all platforms PS3 and Wii U always have the top reviews because they have the necessary polish and for Wii U features that make it a great port. AC4 was the most realistic and best mature game any 3rd party has ever given us (at least in my opinion) 3rd parties always try to make 8th gen games look their best which always cause lots of technical issues hindering it's success. I'm not joking even the most anticipated games don't get good reviews on PS4,X1,or even PC



MarvinTheMartian said:


You are someone else who gets it. The majority of the time the bigger game companies like Ubi and Activision will look at profitability on whether they develop/port games for said system. With EA it looks a little more political but it's still about their profits. The smaller game studios like Platinum who care about creating great games, will look at other factors though.

This is why I despise EA so much. They little care if their games are any good. Their interest is how much profit it will make them.



Mega719 said:

@GreatPlayer i have to disagree if gamers (like myself) have been following the console since it was first revealed it was clear Nintendo is fully representing the mature audience even to the fact that where themselves are publishing a lot more M rated games. Even Wii U's launch titles were mostly Teen to Mature games.(Not saying it to you) but i find it really stupid that people call the Wii U "is for kids" clearly showing they have no knowledge of the system



VoodooTrumpet said:

Whilst I did enjoy AC4 I think most people are burned out on the Assassin's Creed franchise at this point. A lot of people checked out when Desmond died.

They're flogging that dead horse into the ground. Their new AC for the PS4 and Xbone will sell fairly well considering the dearth of games currently available for the system but after that it's going to be a sharply declining trajectory for the series.

The French Revolution was playing it safe too--far too similar to the past two games. If they really wanted to do something interesting they would have taken it to feudal Japan or ancient Egypt, etc.



Caryslan said:

@CaptainToad Watch Dogs is likely so far in development, it's simply not worth it to cancel it at this point. Might as well bring it out, make whatever money they can off the WIi U version, and lessen the losses they would take.

If they cancel it now, they gain nothing.



CrazyOtto said:

They stated this in a very unprofessional manner, I'm not buying any more Ubisoft games.



Warruz said:

I really wish Rogue would work its way over. I have my PC for Unity, but I don't have a 360 or PS3 for Rogue.



XCWarrior said:

Whatever Ubisoft. Make a good game, it will sell.

I expect Watch Dogs on WiiU to sell less than 10K worldwide. Possibly less than 5k worldwide. It's not like the game received great reviews from gamers.... review sites were paid to give it the 8s it got. 6s from actual players tells you a lot more about what its like.



Zyph said:

What a way to put it. It's not that Nintendo gamers don't want AC titles. It's just that most sales were raked in by PlayStation and Xbox (and we all know why). To add to that, they delayed Rayman Legends back then and now with Watch Dogs. So I really think they're partly to blame for Nintendo gamer's current attitude towards them.



JusticeColde said:

@Jazzer94 I didn't mention those who decided not to buy because of the delay, I said the "audience that asked for multiplat" that barely bought the game on other systems and the fact that it was put up against a bunch of other big title games upon its release.

Ubisoft has been acting quite unprofessional lately which doesn't help matters much at all. People are already declaring them as the new EA.



Pod said:

Assassin's Creed III is on sale for pratically nothing on eShop right now, and isn't selling at all, according to the eShop chart. People are buying Mega Man instead.

I'm fine with not getting anymore of that series, and I'm fine with not getting any other "mature" titles if what passes for mature at Ubisoft is stuff like Watch Dogs.



ricklongo said:

By the way, I would really like to know the figures for Child of Light on Wii U, especially compared to other platforms. I get a feeling it did well, which shows that not only family games can sell for Ubisoft on Nintendo consoles.



Pod said:

We probably would've been interested in Rayman Legend. Had it come out inside the Wii U release window, as promised.



Akazury said:

This just goes to show that ubi lives in an bigger dream bubble then Nintendo does



Wolfgabe said:

Its a pretty poor move on Ubisoft's part. Its a big middle finger to the people who did buy AC on Wii U in the first place. Ubisoft just doesn't seem to get that that we do want games like Assassins Creed what we don't want are late overpriced ports with lackluster support. Admittedly I don't have much hope for the AC franchise now since its going the route of Call of Duty. They had better not come crying to us when Watch Dogs Wii U bombs



Wolfgabe said:

Its a pretty poor move on Ubisoft's part. Its a big middle finger to the people who did buy AC on Wii U in the first place. Ubisoft just doesn't seem to get that that we do want games like Assassins Creed what we don't want are late overpriced ports with lackluster support. Admittedly I don't have much hope for the AC franchise now since its going the route of Call of Duty. They had better not come crying to us when Watch Dogs Wii U bombs and Nintendolife please stop using Ubisoft's sales data in this. It hardly fair considering they have hardly released anything on Wii U at all this year



TrueWiiMaster said:

Having played Assassin's Creed for the first time with AC3 on the Wii U, I can say I'm definitely a Nintendo fan that's not that interested in Assassin's Creed. That said, I would be interested in Tetris, a franchise that began with Nintendo fans, and I was interested in Valiant Hearts. For future reference, I'm also interested in Beyond Good and Evil 2. Just because Ubisoft's biggest franchise isn't popular with Nintendo fans doesn't mean they don't want other Ubisoft games.



Legromancer said:

people, it is Nintendos job to create an audience for mature games on its console. Really, it is. That is why Sony and MS still creates FPS and TPS by first and second party studios. Without Halo for example there wouldn't be a willingsness for third parties to bring their franchises to this consoles. Because, well the audience for these type of games was there from the beginning. It's that simple.
Emily Clarke (was that her name?) wrote an article about that toppic.



Jazzer94 said:

@JusticeColde Well then your point is irrelevant Wii U owners didn't buy the game either difference is other Ubisoft games actually sell on the other consoles. Rayman just showed that whatever they put on the Wii U won't sell so why bother trying?



Bizzyb said:

@Jazzer94 Maybe more people would have bought their games if there were some form of parity. They always cut out some feature or removed content. Not to mention they NEVER talked about the Wii U versions in previews. Never once mentioned how they were taking advantage of the gamepad or system hardware or anything. You'd be hard pressed to know Wii U versions even existed

Look at Watchdogs. We still have no idea when the game is releasing or what it's doing different on Wii U. They put put the bare minimum of effort into the Wii U versions and expect them to do well.

People say "they tried", but did they really? Just releasing the game doesn't count as really trying in my book.



larry_koopa said:

It's hard to argue with this. My girlfriend is certainly a Nintendo customer but she buys all her Assassin's Creed games on her 360. We enjoy our Wii U and play lots of things with "Mario" in the title on that system, but generally everything else she buys for her 360 and I buy for my PS3.

I don't really understand why people are so upset by articles like this. If hardly anybody buys an Assassin's Creed game on the Wii U then why should Ubisoft waste their time and resources making the game for the system. If you care about the Assassin's Creed series then you more than likely bought and played those games on other systems before the Wii U came along because they weren't available for the Wii. If you're one of those customers then why would you all of a sudden start buying the games on the Wii U instead?



Dogpigfish said:

AC3 & 4 are the last ones i'll buy. Not because of the Wii U support, but simply because I have no interest in the new ones. I would buy Rogue if they put it on Wii U, but I cant buy it for my last gen ps3. Unity is not my thing and I don't care to play the game of LLes Miserables.



Mega719 said:

If they bring a platformer like Rayman to every platform except Wii U then i officially hate them as this clearly shows they no longer care about Nintendo gamers unless they make them money and it just contradicts what they are saying here. And again where's the Watch Dogs FOOTAGE we still know nothing about how this version plays and where it lays on the graphical scale. We can't just expect everything Ubi says represents the final game. Plus they refer to us as "customers" showing they only care about profits not if we love the game



sketchturner said:

I think this is a sensible move on Ubisoft's part. I think I'm a pretty typical Nintendo fan, and I don't buy Mature games. I like being able to play my games while my kids watch, and I don't want to fill their heads with the kind of violence, sexuality, and profanity found in games like Arkham City, Assassin's Creed, Deus Ex, Watch Dogs, or Bayonetta 2.



TwilightV said:

Good to see some people are finally opening their eyes to what kind of company Ubisoft has become, instead of just pretending they're incapable of any wrong like some deluded person.



Mega719 said:

@Kodeen there's a difference. In 3rd parties case it's just an excuse to abandon a manufacturer's products. Despite Wii U being a great console to experience all of Ubisoft's games they aren't making them because of the little profit Nintendo platforms give them now. I'm pretty sure Far Cry 4 and both Assassin's Creed games would have made it to Wii U if the system was a good seller. Watch the system make a ton of sales then Ubisoft brings the next AC games despite what they are saying here



River3636 said:

I've gotten Child of light and some work out game, and Zombie U from UBisoft on the Wii U. UBisoft 's games are not all that ( child of light was great). I was looking forward to Watch Dogs but since they pulled an EA . UBisoft can lick hyena saliva.



AJ_Lethal said:

Of course nobody will buy your games on Wii U if you treat it like an afterthought. Ubi.



Dixie_kong said:

@Diddy_kong I think I'm in the minority of people who only started playing the series when AC3 came to the Wii U. I bought it, was super excited, and then I ran into a bunch of performance issues. That's when I switched over to Xbox.

And even though I dislike Ubisoft, from a business perspective I understand why they'd make this decision. (But they might have more sales if they put more effort into the Wii U versions of their games...)



rbmoura85 said:

Most of the comments here pretty much confirm ubisofts words hehe

I used to think somethings similar, that these games are repetitive and uncreative...but then i discovered the wonders of playing on the hardest difficulty, because it makes these much deeper. You need to think strategically and creatively to overcome the challenges. So, this is my suggestion for you guys to experience these games.



marck13 said:

Dear Guillemot,
Start treating Wii-U-owners as full customers again, don't bring us cheap ports and try harder to keep promises, not like you did in the past, and we will buy your games again.
My preorder for WD on Wii U still stands.



larry_koopa said:


I remember all too well how disappointed you were when you constantly ran into performance issues with your Wii U copy of Assassin's Creed 3. How many times did that thing freeze on you or else utterly fail to leave the loading screen? Good thing you have a boyfriend who then went out and surprised you with a 360 and a copy of Assassin's Creed 3 that actually works.

It's funny to think that both of us were Nintendo-only gamers until the Wii U came out. Now you spend the vast majority of your time on your 360 and I spend mine on my PS3. Who'd have thought that 3 years ago?



AJWolfTill said:

I own Rayman Legends, AC 3 + 4 and Zombi U. Ubisoft's releases on the Wii U helped give the lineup a great deal of variation.
Assasin's Creed III was obviously going to sell better on the consoles with a 7 year install base who had previously seen every entry in the franchise.
Assasin's Creed IV on the other hand was the first major multiplatform release on PS4 and XBox One coming out at a time where there was very little else to play on the system. The Wii U on the other hand had Deus Ex, Wind Waker and Sonic Lost World all released that week.

It seems counter intuitive to cut away one of the only opportunities Ubisoft has to expand the existing playerbase but on a purely statistical level it makes some sense.
It will be a great shame to lose the support Ubi has given the system.



kereke12 said:

See this is the kind of attitude that keeps gamers away from Nintendo. In yet Nintendo just sits there and do nothing at ALLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



whodatninja said:

"Nintendo customers don’t buy Assassin’s Creed"

That's right, we have taste

Seriously though, Ubi sounds more and more like buttheads with every article.



Ryno said:

That sucks for the few Nintendo gamers that like Assassin's Creed games. I stopped playing those games after Revelations so no loss for me.



BakaKnight said:

Well... at least this time I see a possible truth in their statement.

I only bought AC3 long ago discounted and didn't like it, it wasn't "bad", but didn't catch my attention and definitely not made me wish to buy more. If most nintendo gamers feel like me then they are totally right in aiming at the Wii U differently ^_^;

Actually I'm kinda glad of this situation, I don't care for AC, but Ubisoft have some gem franchises almost forgotten in the dust; kinda hope they gonna give them a shoot on Wii U.



GreatPlayer said:

@Mega719 I did not say the console is for kids. I am saying that violent games are not suitable for kids. Research has shown that explosure to violent games diminish empathy and decrease helping behaviors. I can give you a reference if you need to.

By the way, when you say "mature" games I think you mean games with violence. But... aren't Mario games supposed for "mature" gamers like you also? I see mature games as having a deep gameplay, suitable for veteran gamers.



Excep7ional said:

Are you guys surprised? I mean, I see it all the time. "We don't care about M rated games, keep that mess off of Nintendo systems!" Is what I see coming from the majority of the Nintendo fanbase. It's a shame that the small minority who actually care to play those types of games can't, unless they get another system, which sucks because not everyone has the money to do so. Now that Ubisoft acknowledges this, you guys get upset?



GreatPlayer said:

If you want Assassin Creed or similar games, you can still play it on your PC. Steam goes sales much quicker than an equivalent game on Wii U. Ubisoft probably spent more energy optimizing the game for PC anyway than for Wii U.



Yurikun said:

At this point I just don't care anymore.
Bayonetta 1&2 with Hyrule Warriors coming in the next few months I'm good. Still playing Xenoblade Chronicles and Mario 3D world.
I am looking forward to Xenoblade Chronicles X and Zelda U next year. I bought AC3 and AC4 also I think once the price drops to $9.99 in 4 months I'll pick Watch_Dogs up. I do want to play that.(the idea of playing though this "Mature" game and never firing a gun appeals to me for some reason.) I mean come on that pisses me off more than it being a crappy game. Where is the value in these 3rd party games? Nintendo titles from 2008 are still $30 what about Xenoblade that thing almost set me back $70. Give me a game that has a good story and gives me value. AC games do not provide value to me. I'd rather play Scram Kitty and Mighty Switch Force at least those interesting.



AVahne said:

Maybe people will buy them if ya stop giving us poopiedoodoocacapoopledoople ports ya little pieces of doggiedoodlepoodlepoopiefoopiedingdongydoodledoo!

Sorry, been watching too much anime lately, BUT I'M KEEPING MY WORDS.
Keep your words all you like, but leave the profanity at the door please — TBD



ToniK said:

Well I bought both AC3 and 4 and absolutely adored Black Flag. 100%'d it like a boss. Also bought Splinter Cell and Zombi U. I guess I'm in a minority. Great releases apart from occasional frame rate issues. Sad to see Ubi joining the Wii U abandoners camp.



Hy8ogen said:

@Ichiban As much as I want to disagree with you, it seems like it's true for Ubisoft's case. However saying Wii U owners only buy Nintendo games is not entirely true though. I believe there are quite a few 3rd party that sold quite well.

@ToniK I love ubisoft games and I've bought all of them on the Wii U. Sadly it seems like Ubisoft will no longer support the Wii U, which is a shame because I really liked the extra gamepad feature. Oh well, time to save up for a PS4 I guess.



Conocotarious said:

@ToniK yeah, I hear ya. I supported 3rd parties - especially Ubi - like a boss, and they're jumping ship. But it's their loss, not mine. While I enjoy Ubi's games, it's certainly not enough to make me buy a new console.



StephenYap3 said:

@bouncer0304 Hear hear

Pretty much Rayman is the only reason I'll remember Ubisoft for at this point. I'll only buy Assassin's Creed as the NFC figure from the first reveal trailer of Rayman Legends. lol



tovare said:

I was pleasantly surprised at the game experience of AC3 and AC4, I though modern games wasn't even close to the story telling of text adventures. I feel more badly about Ubisofts decision now than before the sale I also plan on buying Watch Dogs. ... it will take me at least a year until I complete all of them. In addition I also have Child of Light, Rayman Legends, Splinter Cell Blacklist, Your Shape Fitness Evolved and ZombiU to play. If Ubisoft doesn't reconsider before 2016, I'll consider getting another device for modern AAA adventure games or se if someone else has a good release out.



bofis said:

It's sad, because they basically screwed us over with Rayman, even if the WiiU version remains the best, definitive version and best Ubisoft game on WiiU period



Darknyht said:

I am interested in the games, but not $60 interested in them. The lack of true DLC support automatically lowers my interest, and I suspect that it pushes anyone that loves the series (and owns another console) to purchase it on that console.

My current plan is to pick up Assassin's Creed: Black Flag when it hits the $20 price point on the eShop. AC3 was reviewed too poorly by the reviewers i trust and I still have a bitter taste of the glitchy collectibles achievements on the first (and only) one I've played.



TwilightOniAngel said:

And that's how i stop buying ubisoft games for any platform. Man ubisoft has turned into EA great.But thank god were still getting just dance 2015 right guys?



TromboneGamer said:

On another note, you can't tell me that I wouldn't buy another Red Steel. Perhaps that's not an "M" series of games, but you have no idea how much people would love another installment. It really is unfortunate Red Steel 2 didn't get the attention it deserved. Now I sound like a broken record. Thanks Ubisoft.



MikeLove said:


You paying $30 or $70 for an old Nintendo title doesn't prove their worth. It just shows that Nintendo keeps the prices of their games jacked up to an unreasonable level to squeeze every dollar out of consumers that they can get.

If I sell you a ham sandwich for $50 a year after I made it, does that mean you are buying the best quality sandwich you can possibly get? No. It means you are getting played.



Finntendo said:

I like Ubi games. I watch vids on youtube about all the funny glitches their games have and it's cool to see those on your own while playing. Because glitches are the thing that Ninty's own games are missing :/

To be serious, releasing games later than to the other consoles doesn't really help the selling....



Bender said:

That statement is a lie, I've bought Assassin's Creed games... Now I am disinterested in them since they are never any different than the last ones...



Yurikun said:

This analogy does not hold water, when a game is good it keeps value high for people who see value in it.
When you make a sandwich it rots and decays. A video game does not decay over time. Its either rotten at launch or its great. Why do you think retro games are pricey. Do they have the best graphics no, are they fun well put together games, in most cases yes depending on the title.
I didn't name a specific game but for a brand new game that cost $60 to be on the shelf for 8 months and you can watch the games value go down it's a turn off for me.
Brand new it's $60 4 months later it is $50 6 months later you can pick it up in the bargain bin for $15.
You wont find Mario Kart, Legend of Zelda or Kirby in a bargain bin 1 year after release.



Kosmo said:

I'm nt interested in AC games since I personally find them boring. Rayman was meh, and ZombiU was great though. But if they feel that way, I guess they don't WANT to sell games on the Wii U either.



biggerkevo said:

No one is gonna by watch dogs either! They released it to late and there will be no DLC! I won't buy it either! Ubisoft YOU SUCK!



TromaDogg said:

Interesting comments here. I'm also interested to know how many sales of AC4 were physical copies and how many were people who took advantage of the offer to download it on PS4 for only £10 if you already had it on PS3, seeing as a lot of new PS4 owners last Xmas would have had little else to play.

I know ZombiU was a pack in deal with some Wii U Premiums at launch but AC4 was also packed in with some PS4s at a time when PS4 was in massively high demand. I wonder if Assassins Creed Unity will do quite as well? Rayman Legends didn't do very well on Xbox One, will Ubi deny Xbox One owners of 'non' mature games going forward?



markybbop said:

well im not happy about it. I think its a joke and a poor excuse. the wiiu is starting to sell better, these third party companies should be helping nintendo rather than ditching us



tovare said:

@FullbringIchigo I really want mass effect 3, but it's disc only. I'll eventually cave in and buy a copy, but I'm stil hoping it suddenly appears on the sShop



MasterGraveheart said:

Let's see, Ubisoft. You released AC3 on a major delay (unavoidable due to the launch of the Wii U, but you still could have thrown in some bonuses), then you launch AC4 /without/ the option for the bonus editions, making the other versions much more appealing. If AC doesn't sell on Nintendo, it's your own fault.



PokeTune said:

And of course there's a bunch of the regular Ninty fanboys acting as if Ubisoft is doing some kind of evil by not supporting a dying, console that won't bring them in any money. Seriously, some of you need to grow the hell up.



Phle said:

Well, I didn't buy Assassin's Creed 3 or 4 cos I haven't played the first ones. I didn't Buy Mass Effect 3 because I haven't played the first ones. I'm still trying to find a copy of Splinter Cell Blacklist, I don't have space to download the game and I haven't found a place to buy it. It's on high priority. I'm also planning to get Watch_Dogs. I bought ZombiU. I think you need to ask the owners/gamers why they didn't buy Assassin's Creed before you jump to conclusions. What I won't be buying is Just Dance and that platformer I never remember the name of because I hate platformers! Yes, that's right, I also hate Mario platformers and I will never buy that either. Not all Wii U owners are the same.



SanderEvers said:

Next they will say Watch_Dogs doesn't sell on Nintendo consoles.. because of the fans.


Not because they annoyed the fans by delaying it. For NO reason.



TheWeird said:

Strange comments from Ubi, as it seems almost everyone on here seems to have one or more Ubi titles. I think I have most of them, loved ZombiU actually. I even picked up Splinter Cell in the recent sale as I was bored, and it's, y'know, OK. Only AC3 is notably bad, but it's not great on any platform, because of the poor choice of setting, and dull storytelling. Loved Child of Light and bought that full price day 1.

Even though I have a decent desktop PC, I picked these up because I love playing on the gamepad without the TV. It's literally the killer feature for me, I can play while my wife watches telly, or chilling out on sofa or in bed. My PC is much less comfortable to use.

I wonder what the "attach rate" is for Ubi on WiiU though? I bet as a percentage of user base, they sold a lot of copies - problem is the user base is too small to support these massive releases.

It's hard to understand the low sales figures quoted - I guess they only count full price "launch window" sales really, but I bet Ubi's recent back catalogue actually sold pretty well as budget or discount releases.

Also there were rumours a couple of months ago that Ubi have a fully completed Wii U exclusive (i.e. not Watch-Dogs) that they are sitting on, waiting for a larger install base to justify a release. Wonder if this is completely canned now?



Ichiban said:

@Hy8ogen yeah youre right, i believe Sonic Racing Transformed done quite well on wii u.
I do hope Bayonetta 2 does well though, being a mature rated title. Which I have a feeling it will



WindWakerLink said:

I'm super curious on how much they will be selling Watchdogs on Wii U for. I like they will take stuff out of the game and still sell it for full price. T_T Lame.



Manaphy2007 said:

still buying the wii u ver of watch_dogs and i just bought AssCreed 4 ($16 new) for wii u and a vhs c adapter ($7.77 new), paid the remainder with my card, i actually won an amazon gift card on Listia dot com, i had 24,000+ cradits and now i have over 80+ credits left, was it worth it? kinda but i wanted the $25 amazon gift card but i guess i settled for $15, actually i didnt know i would win but i did. Listia is like ebay only free, some auctions offer payed shipping but the majority of them are free shipping originally i had 48,000+ credits, half of that was used on an semi-old camcorder (2006) in good condition, which is why i bought the adapter, bought the tapes for it (5 for $3, originally it was $2 cuz it was an auction +$6 shipping but the seller made some discount deal and i paid $3 but he did warn me that it would take more time to ship and seller is in the usa). anyways i just hope the wii u ver is not gimped, imma wait till someone says something about the wii u ver before i buy.



IronMan28 said:

I bought ACIV on Wii U, in spite of it missing some features. I didn't get 3 because I heard it wasn't very good. I have 2, Brotherhood, and Revelations on my PS3 because that's where they are. Not all of us don't buy AC...



capitalism said:

Hey Ubisoft, maybe if you spent the same amount of marketing dollars on your Nintendo games and included all the features and DLC that the other versions get then maybe your games would sell better on the system. Just a thought.

I bought Zombi U, Splinter Cell, Assassins Creed 3, and Assassins Creed 4.

And Assassins Creed 3 was a badass game. Yes it had some glitches, but overall it's probably my favorite Assassins Creed. All you guys who are bashing it are on drugs..



MikeLove said:


You do understand that it is Nintendo themselves which keeps the price of the game high, right? It's not an indicator of quality, it's a calculated move to keep the price artificially inflated to increase its perceived worth.

All other new release games, movies, CDs, books, etc all experience a great price decrease within 6-12 months after they come out. This is the normal way of doing business. The fact that several first party Nintendo titles carry the same price tag 3-4 years after they release as they did when they were new does not mean they are of highe quality. It just means that Nintendo wants to make as much money from the consumer as possible.



Link41x said:

I would be surprised if Watch Dogs still came to the system, and even if it does, it will sell poorly and Ubisoft will just turn around and blame us again...



Yogsoggoth said:

So Zombie U sells 700,000 copies
Just Dance sells 280,000 copies

So Ubisoft learns that Wii U owners only want Just Dance? Think about it for a moment, Ubisoft's best selling Wii U title was an exclusive rated M game, and they think Wii U owners don't want M titles. The logic escapes me.



electrolite77 said:


Yes they care about profits. They're business. Like Nintendo for example, a hugely profit motivated business.

Do some of you not know what businesses are?



River3636 said:

Well so far no more games from EA and now UBisoft . My boycott expansion keeps getting bigger.. These companies are stupid cuz I am a Multi console kinda of guy. UBisoft is no loss.I would prefer my games on WiiU ,Raymond legends was just ok.



hYdeks said:

wow, Watch Dogs is still un-released for the Wii U?!? Holy crap, whats taking so long?!?!

Nintendo fans go for Nintendo games and games PS4/One/PC fans wouldn't dare touch, thats why Nintendo is kinda in there own category

@River3636 yes, don't buy Watch Dogs on Wii U, that'll REALLY teach UbiSoft a lesson (not to make games on Wii U....would you like that?) Personally, I own it on Xbox One and it's a great game, just not the game changer everyone was fantasizing about



AverageIrishGuy said:

This is the exact reason I play on Nintendo consoles. Because they are fun. All the XBOX and PS4 franchises are literally just the same game each year with a different cover. Nintendo games are fun, and personally, I couldn't care less if EA or Ubisoft don't bring games to the Wii U. Games are made for having fun, and Nintendo games are pretty much the only games that do that for me.



khululy said:

It's not the problem that they care about profits but caring about profits more then delivering products is a bit... it feels like a baker selling you half baked or burnt bread at full price. And Ubisoft has been having some weird business schemes towards their nintendo and pc user base lately that tends to bad for business in the long run.



Caryslan said:

This is why I own both Playstation and Nintendo systems. It's the best of both worlds. I get all the awesome third-party games on my PS3, and I have my Nintendo systems for Nintendo's franchises.

Both platforms have thier share of fun and enjoyable games. Personally I don't care if Ubisoft ditches the Wii U, I own a PS3 to play their games. Although, I don't buy many Ubisoft games anyway.

Although, I do feel bad for Wii U only owners. They really got screwed here. And for some reason, Ubisoft has ditched the 3DS, which kinda makes me mad, given how popular the system is.



DarkKirby said:

Cut the PR manure Ubisoft and just say that you've given up on the Wii U but already ported Watch Dogs (if you even release that), but don't plan to port any other games because you see it as too much of a financial risk.

I fully understand not porting to the Wii U as a business decision and can't fault them for that but I don't understand why everybody doesn't feel patronized when companies and other public figures and media outlets act as if their consumer/reader base are idiotic kids who are easily fooled.

I hope there aren't that many soft headed people who eat this crap up.



tanookisuit said:

This is no surprise. Since the N64 they have created a system of self sabotage in the false name of creativity that as repeatedly on consoles bit them in the ass every time. The 64 with its carts and Sony abusing it as the kiddie box that sticks kind of to date. The GC it did with the purple box and goofy pad and lack of caring to support online. The Wii with the generation old hardware and motion, and a cruel network of codes and games bound to hardware with poor framework, and now with Wii U another gimped box with a spendy tablet. They had a market of diverse gamers they wrecked into an entire couple generations of kids to adults now that grew up on buying Nintendo for Nintendo because nothing else came out groomed for their software and buying another system or a PC to get the rest. They put themselves in the spot they are now, even when they were handed the keys to the door to fix it thi generation by third parties they still went the route of hardware made for their needs alone. Its no surprise AC, Mass Effect, Need for Speed, Call of Duty, Batman and the others sell like a 10th of what the other versions do because they drove off the base of Nintendo fans to other systems to get the fix. Those who hang around and complain are mainly hold outs, fanboys who dont see it, and 30-40+ year olds who grew up in the 8-16bit era and wish theyd do the right thing again.



jasonbra said:

Unfortunately for them Watch Dogs wont sell well at all on the wiiu. The hype for the game is long gone.I didnt buy any assassins creed game on the wiiu, but didnt buy anything past AC2 on the ps3. Im done with the franchise. If they would put out ZombiU2 id pick it up day 1.



SetupDisk said:

What's with all the bashing of mature games? Madworld was one of the best games on wii. Bayonetta 2 looks awesome. Saying M rated games are trash is just as ignorant as saying Nintendo is for kids.



gameboy1975 said:


Come on dude, you know the answer to that question you posed at the end there is a resounding no. Outside of your Rayman example, just look at Splinter Cell (which apparently sold like $#1% EVERYWHERE. And considering that the Wii U audience were the ones to get shafted the most with that title, why aren't they calling out PS & MS gamers for that flop on their systems? Ones that they catered to, gave all the DLC, timely patches & have a robust userbase.

And to be fair, it's not ust Ubi that come up with this bull$#!%. There's companies like Capcom who focus the lion's share of their development on Sony & MS and have had more than their fair share of flops & hits to their bottomline. DMC, Bionic Commando,Lost Planet & others surely weren't Nintendo fans fault, but that didn't seem to stop them. Hell Zak & Wiki which looked like a "kiddy" point & click game with limited budget I beieve pulled in darn near a million copies. That in itself is a small victory for them you would think.

And what about Square who have been grumbling of finances? They also focus most of their CONSOLE efforts on the other 2. So surely those games like Tomb Raider & FF either tanking or not meeting expectations surely cannot be thrown at the feet of Wii U fans. Though titles like Kingdom Hearts & Final Fantasy seem like games that are tailored to the Wii U audience or would plug a hole which may yield good returns for them.

THQ is another. Focused on the other platforms, pulled support from Nintendo & it's fans, talked ish about Nintendo yet they're defunct, Ip's stripped from them, not relevant (at least at the moment) & Nintendo & it's base are still moving. All without having to feeling the burden(s) of pity or remorse for them & their predicament considering that they had done the same to Nintendo & it's fans when they were semi-important.

The facts of the matter is that Nintendo gamers get all the blame, crap & broken promises thrown their way, late/buggy/glitch filled hand me down afterthoughts of ports & whatever else thrown their way that they wouldn't DARE impose on the other bases (who's money or affinity they clearly think is superior or appreciate more). And yet when games flounder on the other fanbase's system they don't bat an eye. No, instead they just keep plugging away & happily sucking the dangles of the other bases as to not enrage them. And NEVER talking down to them as they seem to do Nintendo fans. Double standards if I've ever seen them.

And speaking of double standards, it's always funny (in a looking at monkeys behind glass act up sort of way) how some will jump on Nintendo players for not wanting to support these guys for their practices & apathetic tone towards them, but will empathize,sympathize or flat out ignore & not call out other bases when they do similar things & attitudes. They don't get a game or DLC at the same time as others? Boycotts, threats of harm etc are cool & not as demonized. Nintendo goes out of it's way to get an exclusive? It's wrong, downplayed, anarchy & disparaging comments ensue. Sometimes this happen with some of the same folks here who knock Nintendo fans & quick to belittle them over such actions.

To sum it up, people know Nintendo has flaws. I for one hate who the advertisement (or lack thereof) of The Wonderful 101 was handled as I feel that the title deserved so much more just off the top of my head as an example. However, there's absolutely NO shortage of opinion pieces, stories, videos or whatever pointing out Nintendo's faults. That's been a point of emphasis for well over a decade. This is about Ubisoft today though. The same guys who have screwed up with not just Nintendo payers, but PC, female gamer & others as well over the years. So instead of coming to whiteknight these dudes & milk their dangler because it's a chance to knock Nintendo fans, look at it as unbiasedly as we do when we see Sony & MS frown upon the practices of a Capcom or EA. Then mayne we can talk.

P.s. Sorry it got long winded. I barely post & maybe it just flowed



JaxonH said:

@CaptainToad ya but those AC games weren't exactly gimped. If those games qualify as gimped than you can literally label any game as gimped. The only possible allegation you could bring against them is perhaps the frame rate (AC3 even had DLC) but there are plenty of other games with way worse frame rate issues that sell quite well on Nintendo platforms. So obviously Nintendo fans have no qualms with specs as long as it's a game they want to play. There just aren't enough fans into these kinds of games.

If more Ninty fans bought AAA, we'd see a noticeable shift in quality. I think 3rd parties like Ubisoft suspected their AAA games wouldn't sell on Nintendo platforms, and sales just confirmed that suspicion. Once the launch window games flopped , all remaining games in development were then put on low priority and features were removed, as a last ditch effort to minimize losses.

It's not anyone's "fault", it's just the reality that different fanbases hold different preferences, and obviously you can't expect the one fanbase that prefers colorful unique games to match sales of third-party consoles, no matter how good the version released is. That's unrealistic.



River3636 said:

@hydeks their is some merit in you're thinking, but what do you suggest? I never really like UB soft in the first place but I did buy some games



Minotaurgamer said:

It's true that normally Nintendo users have different expectations when it come to games but also that normally we have a higher quality bar than the others. Even the most mediocre games from Nintendo are well crafted and we know that we'll have a good game while 3d party games tend to be slopy, gimped and incomplete on nintendo users. The assasin's creed games are good on the wii u but sincerely, if you have a wii u and a twin HD console (PS/XB) you will end up buying in the latter because it has more content and has less tech issues. Nintendo users have less tolarence to that.

Third parties are not like they use to be. They know that in order to grab a huge segment of Nintendo users they have to work harder and not make half-donkeyed products, something they can get away with the others. They will find an excuse to not make games for us because we are not important to them.

The only solution for them is to us stop playing first party games and only buy theirs and that's absurd. That's why they propagate rumors and viral gossips about Nintendo making smartphone games and the exaggerated low sales so Nintendo stops making hardware, became a third party and slowly fade out like it happened to Hudson soft and will eventually to sega.

So you can go and F yourself Ubisoft. Yes we are much harder to please but if you are so coward to take the risk and challenge yourself, then I don't want your sloppy seconds stuff in my consoles. Go and give that to the XB and PS users that jump at everything that has boobs, blood, hollywood scripts, beige graphics and so on even if the product is shallow and mediocre.

We Nintendo users deserve much better.



QuickSilver88 said:

Man there are really so many intracasies to the Ubi situation. First off how are 700k+ sales of a new IP on a new system bad? If Zombie2 could make the same jump as Red Steel2 did then it would sell well on an expanding base in 2015.

Rayman is an awesome game made for WiiU and should have been released on time as a exclusive. It would sold well and done better than it did multiplat. Still if you like fun, whimsical 2D platformer buy this game.

AC series has really been up and down over the years. Anyone who has plsyed it knows FPS is choppy at times in congested areas on all platforms. With that said AC4 on WiiU is a high quality port of what I consoder the best game since AC2. Technically it is greatly improved over AC3 and has all features (minus dlc). The render engine is better than ps360 using higher res textures and better effects.

Splinter Cell.....boy it bombed on all systems sales wise. Which is too bad because it is an excellent game and is the best campaign/story SC game in a long time. I played it on X360 and enjoyed it so much I picked it up for $16 on WiiU and am playing it again. The WiiU grafx engine is really nice. Looks bett than ps360 and has no screen tearing. The online was always poopoodoodoocacapoopledoople and the load times are terrible.....but it is still a quality solo game and well worth the low price.

So Ubi is a mixed bag on WiiU and in general. Their sales on games like Splint Cell and Rayman really struggled on all systems and those were quality games. The frustration comes with the half donkeyed commitment. They showed some promise on WiiU and their handle on the tech improved a lot if you look at AC3 vs AC4. WD coukd be a quality port but of what, a so so game. If we woul djust get BGE2 I would be happy at this point but many of their games are worth while at the greatly reduced prices they can be had fow now.



AJ_Lethal said:

@JaxonH: it's not just the sloppy ports; it's the lack of DLC and the BS delays, sum it the powder keg of Nintendo fanbase and you get a freaking disaster.

Basically the Nintendo fanbase does not like to be treated like second class gamers; they don't forget so easily.



Caryslan said:

You know, I wish some people would take the high road and not turn this into a "lets bash Sony and Microsoft." fest in the comments section.

Contrary to popular belief, there are fun, creative games on both those systems and not every game on those platforms is a holly-wood cutscene, M rated beige shooter with blood and boobs.

I know people are mad at Ubsoft, and rightfully so. But we don't need to jump into the mud ourselves. Making comments like that is no better than people running around saying Nintendo is "kiddy!"

Also, stop with the whole "we have taste" nonsense. Ok, you don't want gimped ports on the Wii U and you like Zelda and Mario games. How does that make you have better tastes than a Playstation or Xbox owner?

All three systems have great games, let's all try to remember that.



kyuubikid213 said:

Assassin's Creed III was my first Wii U game. I loved it. I thought it was great. Then, after I beat the game for some reason, the bugs and glitches became more prominent.

I get the feeling Ubisoft tried harder with Black Flag, but it doesn't look as polished as ACIII.



HAL9000 said:

Zombi U was a great game and sold 700k copies. How is that NOT profitable?!

Rayman Legends should have been an exclusive as PROMISED. It sold the best on Wii U (only being beaten by PS3 which has a massive install base).

Nintendo gamers want parity (not gimped ports) - then we will open our wallets.

I have cancelled my Watch Dogs pre-order (it wasn't that good of a game anyway from the reviews and it is coming way too late for me to care) and will spend the money on indie games.



CaPPa said:

I don't buy the Assassin's Creed games, not because I'm a Nintendo gamer but because they are s#*t. I hated AC, AC2 and AC3 (I gave it a chance to see what the ships were like but regretted spending $15 on it); so I wouldn't bother with any more of the series.

I did buy Zombi U, Splinter Cell and Rayman Legends though.

I think the PS3 version only overtook the Wii U one after it hit a price drop.



ben- said:

@gameboy1975 Nice post man.

I find capcom the funniest. THey make a great deal of the money which subsidizes the ps3 and xbox flops from Monster Hunter on the 3ds. It is beyond a joke.



AJ_Lethal said:

"Also, stop with the whole "we have taste" nonsense. Ok, you don't want gimped ports on the Wii U and you like Zelda and Mario games. How does that make you have better tastes than a Playstation or Xbox owner?"

As somebody stated above, there's no parity between PSXB and Wii U when it comes to 3rd party games. Wii U versions of AAA games usually have features cut and priced at a similar price as their PS/XB bretherns (in the best case; remember the Deus Ex fiasco?)



JaxonH said:

@AJ_Lethal I agree with that. No one likes feeling like they're of a lesser priority. But I was buying all these games before they started getting gimped, and it didn't make a split a difference because they weren't selling before they were being gimped. My point being, yeah they're treating us like lesser gamers and sure they're losing some sales because of it, but the games weren't going to sell much more than that anyways and the support still would've been pulled regardless, so I don't know why some people like to pretend that if the games were all full parity they would somehow be selling in numbers that would no longer be negligible.

This was going to happen one way or another anyways. Granted, by gimping those last games in production to minimize losses, they have effectively pissed off a lot of Nintendo gamers, many of which don't even play M rated games but stand on principle, and are now hesitant to buy ANY game by those developers, even the colorful ones made with care and attention. This only further spans the divide between Nintendo gamers and third-parties, and it may have finally reached a point where it's irrevocable.



Grimlock_King said:

I honestly don't care about watch dogs or assassins creed. On any system, so they proved nothing with their statements.



Phaelisker said:

I only own Wii U. First time I played AC3 or AC Black Flag is on Wii U. I skipped a generation of consoles, meaning I stopped playing games during the PS3 and Wii generations. I liked AC games on Wii U and I like Child of Light. I will buy Watch Dogs on Wii U. I will not buy new Xbox or PlayStation 4 anytime soon. I still play my PSX and PS2 though. I like Nintendo games.



eichs22 said:

Oh ok. I thought i purchased and played through Assassins Creed 3 and 4 on Wii U...but I guess I didn't. Weird...



Pahvi said:

I know that I've never played any Call of Duty or Assassin's Creed games, and if I did, I'd play them on PC. Just to give a data point in counter to one of those who added their data points.



onery said:

Releasing castrated versions of your 'mature' games on the WiiU with little to no DLC support? Or perhaps releasing the game months after the hype has cooled down? Also that mandatory piece of crap known as UPlay? Once again another article about how the WiiU is given crap and how surprising that crap won't sell well. Surprise!

Well, even if we don't get anything good from Ubisoft, there are other games to play. Given the backlog of stuff I have on my WiiU (which includes Assassin Creed 4 Black Flag funnily enough) I'll be ok with Ubisoft's lack of support. Their main AAA games are starting to have that samey-samey feel anyway.



tysonfury said:

Another point worth making - Assassins Creed has been a long established franchise on xbox and PS (starting with the woeful first game). Its reputation with gamers has been built up over time. Ubisoft can't honestly expect to introduce a new franchise to a whole new market in two years and expect it to sell the same numbers. This sounds like an excuse to me.



Porky said:

@HAL9000 Probably 'cause you bought it dirt cheap via discount or online retailer? It actually hurts Ubisoft by most of you all waiting for a price drop and not buy their game at full price, so number of sales is irrelevant here.



Reverandjames said:

Wii U owners should boycott the release of Watch Dogs if Ubi are gonna do this. It's not a very good game anyway.



SKTTR said:

Bought ZombiU, Assassin's Creed 3&4, Rayman Legends, Child of Light, and Cloudberry Kingdom on Wii U. Even Splinter Cell and Rabbids Land are on my radar now that they're on sale.
Not interested in Just Dance or any game that sells well because it's appealing as a birthday present for kids and casuals throughout the year. (I never played it because it doesn't seem to have deep or very good gameplay. When I want to dance, I just dance.)

From all those Ubisoft games on Wii U I like AC3&4 the best. Atmosphere, content and exploration being the main quality factors in the series. The few performance differences in the Wii U versions are like a trade-off, for the better part actually, as long as I can use the GamePad for map view or off-tv-play. It's weird that people prefer Assassin's Creed on other consoles. Brand loyalty maybe? I know Assassin's Creed III had some freezing issues (or was it the unstable Wii U system at launch?) But it's all been updated and I haven't encountered major issues since.

As with any other developer, as long as they make good games I will buy them, but in my age I only have time and resources for one home console... and that is always going to be the one with Zelda on it.

Anyway, good luck to Ubisoft! Thank you for your support!



Jmastab said:

I'd give Watch Dogs a chance on Wii U but I need to feel somewhat confident in it. There still hasn't been any footage of the game in action on Wii U. I may not of bought any of the M-rated Ubisoft games but I did buy both No More Hereos games (full price) on Wii which were published by Ubisoft. I just hope Watch Dogs is great on Wii U and will change Ubisoft's thoughts of releasing M rated games on Wii U.



Kisame83 said:

@tysonfury made all the worse when you consider that Mass Effect Trilogy edition launched on the other consoles at nearly the same time. I understand that game pad support for all three would take effort, but what a wasted opportunity. I honestly would have bought it, and I own it and most of the dlc for 360.



BassLostie said:

Assasins Creed 3 and 4 are less expensive for PS3/XBOX360.

That's another reason for Wii U owners not to buy them.



MeloMan said:

I still think it's mostly because Nintendo doesn't do a good job advertising it's 3rd party games. But I guess that's just a staple of Nintendo. While I can't argue them putting their own 1st party games in the spotlight, if Nintendo (IF that is) they want to so called "win back" the 3rd parties, then feature them as hard if not harder than your 1st parties. Most people already know they can count on Nintendo for the Marios and Zeldas, but people don't know, or have little reason to care, that 3rd party games "are" on the system. Not a hopeless situation by any stretch, but you'd think Nintendo would've learned something by now...



millarrp said:

Doesn't phase me much. I've lost significant interest in the AAA titles that have yearly installments (regardless of platform) quite a while ago. Not enough improvements from year to year. The last time I did show interest was EA's tiger woods games on the Wii since there was noticeable improvement in content, controls, and visuals.



Berezau said:

I hadn't bought AC on any platform until AC3 (and then AC4) on the Wii U; and I have been a big player of BF4, past CoD, and various other titles on PC.

Guess I won't be buying AC on the Wii U now - Ubisoft is right. Can I just say to them though, I'm glad I bought Watch Dogs on the PC for $23 though, because it has proved to me that Ubisoft are full of hype but not a lot of substance; it's a good game but not THAT good at all. Also, can Ubisoft learn how to make their game engines run well in 3D... I know they can do it in 2D with Rayman and the like, but they sure as hell seem to struggle with everything else, even with a high end gaming PC.



Jllanos22 said:

We are not mindless zombies how buy the same game every year. Nintendo always do new things so it's time you do the same ubisoft.



millarrp said:

I'm curious what the attach rate (ratio of games sold vs potential customers) is compared to other consoles. That would tell if the percentage of interested customers is actually lower compared to other consoles or if lower sales numbers just simply resulted in a poor return on investment.



Mega719 said:

They are talking about their announced lineup which before they told us about finished Wii U games they won't release until sales improve. So technically they may have Mature titles on the way like Far Cry 4 (yes i know that's dumb logic). It weird how he said "It would be the only Mature title we publish for it" as if Ubisoft never published a M game on Wii U. Man i really hope sales improve we are missing out on too many games



Marioman64 said:

maybe if you put the first few Assassins Creed games on any Nintendo system I would get all of them, don't like playing things starting with number 3 or 4... derp

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