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bouncer0304 commented on The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds Off...:

I wasn't going to but since i have 12000 stars why not? The only other things i want is the Mario Kart 8 soundtrack and the Club Nintendo tshirt that's currently on the Japanese club. And maybe the build it Mario if i have enough. But yeah those first two i hope come. Give us those and i'll be VERY happy indeed!



bouncer0304 commented on Club Nintendo in Japan is Full of Delightful T...:

There's a very good chance that the Mario Kart 8 sound track will make it over here as the last four have. To be honest, that is what i REALLY REALLY REALLY want. Since the cut off date is March 31st to register codes, i think these may come after that date.
The only other thing i'd want is the club Nintendo top and maybe the Mario Pop up book. But if i could only choose one, it would be the sound track. Talking of which, any news on the Smash Bros one? Not heard a peep since it closed.



bouncer0304 commented on Majora's Mask 3D Glitch Unlocks Fierce Deity L...:

Saw this a few days ago. With the mask and fishing rod glitches, they crash if you try and enter somewhere or try and use the fishing rod. However, i am tempted to try that one glitch as i'm finding the horse race neigh on (sorry!) impossible to win!
Have you seen the one they do discovering little easter eggs too? Some really nice touches. Just goes to show how much care has gone into this remake.



bouncer0304 commented on Amazon UK Delays Some Shulk Pre-Orders to Late...:

I've been super lucky to get all of this wave from Nintendo's online store. They've really shaped up after the Mario Kart 8 farce last year and now seems the most reliable place to get them! Mine came at half 7 last night and all look great. I know how lucky i am and can only hope those with orders will be fulfilled sooner rather than later.
I know some don't like the idea of amiibo cards but i think this'll be the only way that everyone gets the characters they want. Sad but at least it's a solution.



bouncer0304 commented on Pokémon Shuffle Available to Download Right N...:

My impression is i like it but i think that while the Asian market may he prepared to cough up money for it, i think Nintendo will see that the West will not. NO WAY am i paying for ANYTHING in this game. It's not worth it. I think, while it's cute and does help those like myself who have no idea about Pokemon types, it should have been a paid game. I do like the odd match three game and like the strategy involved here but i don't like how much they charge for them. Prices are too high.



bouncer0304 commented on Reaction: Satoru Iwata Holds Off on Major Anno...:

Personally i just want a proper account system and hopefully whatever replaces Club Nintendo will do just that. This being Nintendo means nothing is straight forward.
It's good to see that amiibo cards will be produced and hopefully they'll be available in abundance. I think these should have been available sooner to give people a choice. Personally i'm still collecting the Smash Bros amiibos as i like them but for other series unless it's a ltd edition then the card will be just fine for me. Also i've built my amiibos up on Smash so having a card i can swap info on is good for me.
As for there being no major announcements, i think it's a good thing. I do think a Nintendo Direct is incoming soon though even if it's to clarify what's happening with Club Nintendo. I hope flipnote 3d comes out soon too- i'm no artist but i have an idea i'm wanting to do.



bouncer0304 commented on Weirdness: BAFTA Appears To Have Clean Forgott...:

Shocking. Then again BAFTA seem to have ignored Nintendo for a good few years so its no surprise. Quality of games is 10 times more important than awards anyway. I'd rather play a game which is engaging and unawarded than a game which has multiple awards and is poor all round. That also goes for games on other consoles i have too.
I'm also confused- why have they not got a seperate mobile catagory? It's now clear that both need their own catagory. There are some quality games on tablets and mobiles which go unsung because these games are lumped together. Hoping they'll be separated next year but not holding my breath...



bouncer0304 commented on Live-Action Netflix Series For The Legend of Z...:

I remember a while back a fan made film was told to cease production. They did release a trailer but nothing more. Could it be that Nintendo had the idea pitched to them made them make sure that any fan films being made like that were stopped for this very reason?
The fact they will work closely with Nintendo shows that this time, it should be done properly. Comparing it to Game of Thrones is really risky though as it's a huge success. I know some are being put off by the family audience target, but it could work- Merlin is one example. Originally pitched as family drama, it ran for five successful series and won numerous awards. Atlantis is another example- people said it wouldn't work but has been a surprise hit. Doctor Who got revamped and is aimed at a family audience. As long as the writers don't treat the kids watching it as idiots and can appeal to adults too, then it could work well. It reminds me of that April fools joke IGN pulled with that Harry Potter tv series- the trailer was done so well that if it had been real i think it could have worked really well. Never say never!
I'll be keeping my eye put for this and see where it goes. If Streetfighter can be done successfully as a series then this could be too. We'll just have to wait and see...



bouncer0304 commented on Review: The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D ...:

I never played it so i'm cautiously excited. Reason being is that OOT was hyped up and while i did put 50 hours into it, i didn't love it. I can fully understand why at the time it was hailed a masterpiece and why it deserved its critical acclaim but i wasn't head over heals for it. I have read MM manga which i enjoyed so hoping i'll enjoy playing the game too.



bouncer0304 commented on New Fire Emblem 3DS Title Set For Battle in Ja...:

Wonder why Mario Maker is delayed? Could be adding more content which is always a good thing. As for Fire Emblem, i really hope it's out this year. Finished Awakening last night and loved it. Didn't realise it was so close to completion! Excellent news though!



bouncer0304 commented on Poll: Which Current Generation Nintendo Soundt...:

Has to be Mario Kart 8. Still hoping for a club Nintendo release after the May DLC. Also looking forward to the Smash Bros Soundtrack which should be coming soon.
I think maybe that's part of the reason why Club Nintendo may be going- over the years people have wanted items but can't because you get so little stars for each game. For example- to get the 3000 stars needed for the Link Between Worlds OST, if each Nintendo game was £30, you're looking at spending £360 to get enough stars to be able to afford it (without game surveys obviously). In that retrospect, it's not good value for money. I'd prefer to buy the sound tracks and other items i wanted, maybe like a catalogue like they used to have in the US?



bouncer0304 commented on Weirdness: These Push Guards for the New Ninte...:

As soon as i saw where that slot was, i wondered why there was nothing protecting it. It should have been built in with the console as it wouldn't have ruined the look. I wouldn't be surprise if this wasn't intergrated with later versions of the handheld. Then again it's a neat little money earner so it could be a good idea to keep it as is.



bouncer0304 commented on GameStop Cancels European Rosalina amiibo Pre-...:

In the UK, April's wave of amiibo seem to be exclusive to Game as nowhere else is stocking them. The first four i got but Wario and Ness sold out when released the next day before i checked it just after 10AM. Since it was one per order, it shows just how little of each amiibo they produce which is silly. I'm hoping they'll release more soon but i'm refusing to pay stupid amounts to any ebay seller to get it now. I got the others by being patient and i'll get these too in the end.



bouncer0304 commented on Reminder: Club Nintendo New 3DS Ambassador Pro...:

Three rounds of emails and got nothing. While i couldn't afford to buy it anyway, i think it's wrong that this offer wasn't extended to ALL club Nintendo members as they usually are the most loyal Nintendo fans. Hope America gets this opportunity too as it would be terrible to leave those fans out.



bouncer0304 commented on Nintendo and GungHo Online Entertainment Annou...:

@Shadowkiller97 that is a good point actually. If there is no new core Mario game this year though then i don't think it'll be such a bad thing but as we've seen before Nintendo reps has been misquoted in the past so it could be the opposite. I'm intreagued by the new badge app and this game so i want to see them released but i don't think Mario Maker is to be sniffed at. Maybe a Nintendo direct will reveal all in the next few months or E3 at least.



bouncer0304 commented on Nintendo and GungHo Online Entertainment Annou...:

@Shadowkiller97 i've seen it on their twitter feed as well as MVC, Nintendo everything, Kotaku and others. They're basically the same story but not much info in each. Then again this is Nintendo so anything could happen or it could be a mistranslated like when it was circulating that Miyamoto was retiring lol!

EDIT- Just found this:



bouncer0304 commented on Nintendo and GungHo Online Entertainment Annou...:

@Caryslan You are indeed correct. I think Miyamoto must have meant no core Mario game then when he got asked a few days back. Totally forgot about those titles. Still i'd like to see this one released outside of Japan. I wonder if we'll get a Nintendo direct later on with this and the badge app being released? Then again we're still waiting for flipnote 3d and GBA games on the 3ds, unless they pull a dirty trick and only allow the new 3ds to download it? Hope not but this is Nintendo...



bouncer0304 commented on Nintendo Maintains Its Vague Rhetoric on amiib...:

I'm now on the hunt for Donkey Kong, Kirby and Yoshi. Not too worried about Mario or Peach as they'll be around for a while especially since Yoshi and Kirby have games out next year plus all of those unlock MK8 costumes (my Samus looks like it's been drinking though as it's tilting to one side lol!). This is why i've decided to pre-order the rest of them so i can cancel if i decide i don't want any more (i just want to collect them). I want to avoid a repeat of this time especially with ones like Lucario, Roselina and Shulk which will be extremely popular and probably the first to go. I'll save a bit every week and it'll pay for them before i know it. Last time i checked Nintendo's online store still had Link, Pikachu, Marth, Wii Fit Trainer, Mario and Peach if you're after any of those. Ordered Link and Pikachu a few days ago as i wasn't prepared to miss out on those. Will i collect them all? Probably yes because who doesn't want nice looking toys which you can use and display 😁 I'm now lucky to be in a position to afford to get them all. Will i buy duplicates and sell on for a profit? No, unless it's a defective model of course 😉 At times like this i miss ONM as they would have run a comp to win them all sigh



bouncer0304 commented on Rumour: Villager, Marth & Wii Fit Trainer amii...:

These were the first three i pre-ordered. People laughed at me when i first said it but now i know i did the right thing. Chris Scullion was right on the money when he said those would be the first ones to sell out. Already ordered Captain Falcon as quite frankly i don't want to take a chance. I may even order little mac on top now as again i predict that those will be the next major shortages...



bouncer0304 commented on Learn With Pokémon: Typing Adventure Now Cost...:

Gone so quick. To be honest, my local Argos had it for £4.99 a few weeks back. My sister and i only bought it for the keyboard but i've tried the game and it's not too bad. It works on my tab 3 and my sister's i pad so that's good.



bouncer0304 commented on Nintendo Download: 20th November (Europe):

So they're giving that Sonic theme for free too? Nice. Will download that. Watchdogs is having a laugh though- no doubt Ubisoft will say players haven't supported the system blah blah blah. I'll pick it up when it's going at about £10 which by the looks of it won't be long.



bouncer0304 commented on Loot Crate amiibo Details and Pricing are Conf...:

I think some will be disappointed that it's a US exclusive but to be honest, i watch Ashen's videos every month and for what you get most of the time it's far too expensive for what it is. You do get some cool stuff but quite a bit of it looks like junk. The price for the amiibo ones though is very high and no wonder it's limited quantities :O



bouncer0304 commented on Mario Kart 8 Software Update and DLC Available...:

Just updated now and it's still says ver. 2.0 and everything's still locked. Got the latest update for the Wii U so at a loss. In the UK so is it because i have to wait until 2PM?

EDIT: That's weird- turned the Wii U off and on again and it says preparing update. Hmm...



bouncer0304 commented on Gallery: Gorge Yourself on These Assets For Th...:

If that box set is more than £45 then they can forget it. I remember the last one Game did- awful, just stuffed into a box and many people complained about how over priced it was! The truth is that the game is £30, the pin badge probably £5, Poster again that big sell at about £5. It does not cost an extra £10 to produce a cardboard box and steelbook cover. Even at £45 it's still making a profit.
I'm super excited for this game but i may see what Nintendo store add on as well. I tell you now- not only will they do this but they'll add extras as well. They seem to have got their act together after the whole Mario Kart 8 farce going by peoples comments so i may wait and see.