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bouncer0304 commented on Rumour: Mario Kart 8 Wii U Hardware Bundle On ...:

It will happen. Still too early to do a promo but it will happen simply because Nintendo need Wii U sales to improve (i really like mine and enjoy playing Rayman legends on the gamepad when my sister watches other stuff on tv!). Seen a lot of 2ds love on tv recently so i'm wondering if they'll do a montage of Mario games, with Mario Kart 8 as the main game...



bouncer0304 commented on Nintendo Download: 17th April (Europe):

Excellent demos this week- will be getting those. Epic Mickey on the 3ds was okay but i wouldn't pay anymore than that. I traded my copy in since after the finale, there's not much else to do. If there's a demo try that as it will be more than enough to tell you if it's for you.



bouncer0304 commented on Talking Point: The Logic Behind Game Boy Advan...:

While putting them on the Wii U is nice it's a little silly that GBA games won't be on the 3ds anytime soon. Nintendo should be focusing to get Gamecube and N64 games on the Wii U- that would be better for sales than handheld games. So many people have complained to Nintendo about this (including many ambassadors aswell) saying how daft the whole idea is. Surely the idea was the Wii U would get ds games while the 3ds would get GBA games in the end? The 3ds's virtual console is dying at the moment with no real titles on the horizon. Sony shames Nintendo in that respect- while the Playstation's virtual console is full, Nintendo's is barren which isn't right.
Like many others, if GBA games were announced on the 3ds, then i'd be broke but very happy. I missed that era and would rather give Nintendo money for a download on a console where it's suited best than pay way over the odds for a cartridge which could be fake and faulty. It's a nice perk for Wii U owners but it won't shift any extra units, where as the 3ds could sell more- maybe it's a reason why they want the Wii U to have these games? I only hope that with enough time and noise, Nintendo will listen. Wii U owners, enjoy them and i hope i can join in the fun soon :-)



bouncer0304 commented on Animal Crossing Creator Discusses How Mobile A...:

I think that would be really cool- imagine connecting to your town and realising that it's someone's birthday and you haven't got time to buy a present. Open the app, shop in Nooks and pay using your bells, write a letter with it and then have it delivered within minutes. Reminders and texts would be fun too! Another idea- say the app had a radar and could sense another player around, some phones you can tap them together and exchange information. Imagine if you had a copy of that player who would arrive in your town to play with you! They'd be programmed not to harm anything in town but would make it easier to play with someone else. You could carry three others at the same time and have loads of fun! There would be no friend codes swapped though just to keep it safe and happy.
An app like this could really work well, but for now i'd be happy with an update with some more bugs/fish/art to collect and to be able to put my new neighbours where they like to stop ruining my town- Kiki's done that and i'm very upset as i worked so hard too!



bouncer0304 commented on Nintendo Comes Up Empty at BAFTA Awards:

You know something's amiss when Nintendo have no nominations in the mobile/handheld catagory. Lucky for us, sales mean more than awards and you only need to see how well they sold to see how much they're loved. Still playing Fire Emblem and building relationships- 50+ hours in and still haven't finished the story, side quests or downloaded maps i have. Well sod them- as long as Nintendo keeps producing excellent titles i'll be just fine :-)



bouncer0304 commented on This Is What The Box Art For Mario Golf: World...:

@Melkac Honestly, yes. If you prefer the other one then that's cool, but personally i prefer this one. I just think this one has a bit more character and is more eye catching (not that i should have to explain why i prefer one over the other anyway) but the most important thing is that the game itself plays well and is great fun.
@MAN1AC yes it does have an online mode. From what i've heard, you can customise the game and actually do it so it can be a pure game with no special shots.



bouncer0304 commented on This Is What The Box Art For Mario Golf: World...:

Glad we got that box art as the Japanese one wasn't great. I for one enjoy and still play Mario Tennis. I find it a lot of fun so this will be good for me too. If it has rpg elements then it's a bonus for me. Sadly, i've got Mario Kart 8 on pre-order and chose the limited edition bundle on Nintendo's store so i'll get this later on, maybe for my travel to Disneyland Paris- need something to keep me going!



bouncer0304 commented on Nintendo of Europe Confirms Mario Kart 8 Limit...:

Just pre-ordered it on Nintendo's online store. While Game are charging £59.99 for the limited edition, Nintendo are also including a bullet bill tshirt and shell keyring for the same price and also has free delivery. They also have a £49.99 bundle with the only difference being that it's a normal edition of the game. Here's the link for it:



bouncer0304 commented on Feature: The Big Nintendo Direct Summary - 13t...:

Again i'll echo what others have said by saying how daft it is to have GBA games coming to the Wii U and not GBA. Granted they're trying to get more sales but most won't care and it won't do much for sales. While there are some indie titles coming to the Wii U, there's two major releases between now and end of May and will only be of any interest to the many who own the console but have no internet connection. X reminds me of crisis core's mechanics and Bayonetta 2 looks like it'll be great fun.
In a way, i'm disappointed because they've had all this time yet nothing new has been announced bar the new smash bros character. Again people are still wondering where the account based system is and it really is looking like flipnote 3d has well and truly been canned in the west which is a massive shame. It seems like they haven't done much but we all know this part of the year is quiet so i'm hoping that's the reason.



bouncer0304 commented on Game Boy Advance Titles To Hit Wii U Virtual C...:

I have to say it's pretty silly. True they want the Wii U to do better but truthfully the 3ds is a much better fit resolution wise. GBA games will add a few sales but why not keep the ds games on the Wii U and GBA games on 3ds? Since i share a Wii U and games are still console locked (sigh), when she moves all my downloads would move with her so i can't keep any downloads since it's her console (but that's my situation). Anyway, it just seems daft since the layout of the 3ds is a perfect fit. Many of us are baffled and hopefully, with a lot of noise, they'll include us too.



bouncer0304 commented on Wii Fit No Substitute For Real Exercise Accord...:

Interesting. Several UK studies have stated that Wii fit and the like has helped and someone like myself who can't do too much now due to health conditions has seen some benefit (since i've had the fit meter i've found i've walked more). We all know it's not as good as exercise but it's better than doing nothing. The free step on the wii fit may seem easy but the longer it goes on for, the harder it becomes. When i was fitter, i also found the health coach dance workout pretty good too and truth is i enjoyed that and now wii fit u more than being in a gym- i found it boring, i felt really uncomfortable and gave up my membership as i wasn't enjoying it. What they also need to consider is cost- now it's cheaper to buy a second hand wii plus a few fitness games than a few months pass at the gym and since money is tight, people will go for the cheaper option. Add in a few friends and there we go.
As i said, proper exercise is far better but there have been many sucess stories from people using wii fit, Zumba and the like so it shows they can be benficial. The fact that people are moving is something, and while it won't shed tons of weight, it can help. Truth is, you need to find something you enjoy and do it. As long as it gets you active, that's all that matters.



bouncer0304 commented on Weirdness: New Scientific Research Reveals The...:

We can all laugh about it but i think it's a clever way to teach kids about safe driving. Instead of some boring road safety show (i've saw quite a few when i was younger and they wern't great), it's something kids enjoy and studies show kids learn better when it's something they enjoy. Kudos to the adult who set a good example by stopping and answering texts! The amount of nutters i see when i'm in my sister's car texting or speaking on their mobile is frightening. Maybe this kid is onto something after all!



bouncer0304 commented on Nintendo Still Working On Bringing Game Boy Ad...:

As someone who lost their ambassador status thanks to Nintendo's screw up (too long to explain here) i think Nintendo are just being stubourn. Not having GBA titles is plain daft, simple as that. I wish they'd just release them, even if we never got the ambassador games. The virtual console is laughable compared to Sony's. Three years on and only a fraction of Nintendo's wonderful past games on the 3ds- such a shame :-(



bouncer0304 commented on The Nikkei Reports Potential Nintendo Smartpho...:

I think a direct will be incoming either this week or next week to clarify what's going on. I think an app on smart phones to showcase games or a miiverse app would be great but putting actual games on phones wouldn't work. I'll admit i tried a few GBA games using an emulator (just wanted to see if pokemon was for me as i don't know anyone who plays it and turns out it's not) and the touch controls are downright awful. It doesn't work at all. I've since got rid of it as it now has adware attached to it (thanks to my mobile anti-virus for that) plus most of my games would just delete themselves so it was a waste of time and honestly wouldn't recommend it at all. Anyway, point is that Nintendo games, bar the rhythm games, were meant to be used with buttons. Unless of course they release an attachment for different phones so games can be played. They wouldn't do that, would they?!



bouncer0304 commented on Nintendo Was Dead To Us Very Quickly, States E...:

Um, correct me if i'm wrong, but wasn't "my sims" going down that route? Have to admit i really enjoyed some of those games but that's EA for you. Problem is, once the Wii U shows a good recovery, it'll want to come back. Hopefully Nintendo will tell them where to go!
Truthfully, i'm not interested in hardly any EA games so that suits me just fine.



bouncer0304 commented on Nintendo Confirms Major Reductions In Sales an...:

@divinelite personally i'm intrigued by Hyrule Warriors but i was just saying that they should have listened to the fans, the people who PAY to play these games rather than just assuming they'd want something else, even if you think they're "old relics." Just to clarify, i've never played Star Fox or Metroid and play a vast range of modern games as well as old classics. It's great to want something new and i look forward to the many new ideas that will come but i think they need to look at older franchises and give them another shot. Take Kid Icarus- they took a game which hadn't been touched for a long time and made it into a great experience (bar the hand cramps). If they did that with some other characters, it would help a lot. Nintendo just needs to listen every now and then that's all, even if it means allowing another studio to create something which will do it justice. And no, just to add i don't believe in graphics are god either- if a game plays well and has a good story, then that's good enough for me :-)



bouncer0304 commented on Nintendo Confirms Major Reductions In Sales an...:

Let's face it- those figures aren't great. The Wii U has seen a sales spike but at the moment looks in a lot of trouble. How they could have ever thought that the Wii phenomena would happen again is laughable! There are several things that urgently need addressing:
1) They need to do a proper tour of the Wii U and hold a small talk aswell, showing why the Wii U is the next console. The fact that the Wii's figure has been revised up shows people still don't understand the difference between the two.

2) More demos- The demo unit in my local Game store was updated recently and they're great but they need to include deoms like Mario Kart 8, Smash Bros plus the other titles which have been announced. We know these demos exist as they've been seen at major gaming expos, now let the rest of us see them.

3) Advertising- not many adverts and relying on word of mouth is a bad move. You need to have adverts everywhere. A few promos wouldn't hurt either to entice people.

4) Account system- this is desperately needed. People will not buy unless they know their digital purchases are safe. Even google playstore allows it so why not Nintendo?

5) Listen to the fans- these people play your games and pay a lot of money, so if they want something, then do something about it. Don't instead present a game no one asked for (like Hyrule Warriors). How long have fans waited for a new Metroid, Star Fox etc? These people know what they'd play, so listen!

6) Strengthen ties- third parties can be tricky but they need confidence in the console- truth is, first party titles and indie games won't be enough in the long run. If the damage isn't reversed soon, then Nintendo's next console could be in serious trouble before it's even made.

This year, the Wii U has a cracking line up and i really hope it'll be enough to put it on top. This is the last for the Wii U- they need a cracking E3 this year as a bad one could lead to the console having a very early bath. If by he end of this year it's still not doing well, i think Nintendo will bring working on their next console forward (they have already stated in the past when a console's released they begin work on the next one)- they could even now be gathering data and compiling a back up plan! I still want a Wii U, love the games i've seen for it and REALLY want it to kick donkey but this year will be the test. The 3ds has done it before and we all know Nintendo is at it's strongest when on the ropes. I only hope this time they can fight back well and not lose too much in the process....
Please watch the profanity — TBD



bouncer0304 commented on The 3DS Was The UK's Top-Selling Games System ...:

Great news :-D Glad my two 3ds's contributed to this lol! Seriously, this is fantastic news and i hope it will continue this year.
As for the Wii U, they need to focus on it now more than ever. With MK8, Bayonetta 2, Smash bros, Zelda and X things are looking up. I predict this year it'll do very well and will make a comeback like the 3ds has done. All it needs are the right games, tons of promotions and lots of adverts like the 3ds had and it'll be back in the game. I predict that by the end of this year, the Wii U will be doing just as well as the 3ds. I just hope now they don't abandon the 3ds...



bouncer0304 commented on Review: Super Mario Bros. 3 (Wii U eShop / NES):

If this had been awarded less, i would have been shocked :-D As for the screen flicker, yes it is slightly distracting but was there in the original. At least this time around i won't have to get angry if the game freezes or blow on the cartridge- now that makes me feel old ;-)
As much as i enjoyed the allstars version on the wii, i love the NES version too much and am glad i can finally play it again as it was originally intended. The only thing i wish they'd done was allow a full screen on the 3ds version- i'm aware there was a border in the original but it seems a little too small on the xl. Then again if that's the only thing i can complain about it just goes to show what a great game it is, 20 years later (how many of our current games will be remembered 20 years from now?) The first game i ever fell in love with and the one which began my video gaming journey- i owe so much to you. Infact, i think i'll go and play it now....



bouncer0304 commented on Eurogamer's Game of the Year is a Nintendo Winner:

Slightly surprising but a great choice. When i get a Wii U (next Christmas at he earliest- hate saving) that will be one of the first games i'll play. The good thing is when i do get one i'll be spoilt for choice!
Nice to see though that they're choice hasn't gone to a generic shooter or the game with the most photo realistic graphics. It makes me wonder when some gamers forgot that games are meant to be about fun and not about how many kills you can get. Probably in the minority but that's just my opinion.



bouncer0304 commented on VGX Award Ceremony To Include New Footage of a...:

I wonder if it'll be an update trailer about Zelda? Long (hook)shot i know but you never know. Could be an unannounced game though which would be exciting. I think though they may also show a games collection trailer for next year to show the Wii U is still kicking.



bouncer0304 commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Resilience Against W...:

Next year the Wii U is looking great. The fact that games like Bayonetta 2 have some saying that it should be on their system goes to show that these games are wanted. The major problem is advertising. In the UK there are very few adverts for the Wii U- Windwaker had some which was great but other Wii U games had no adverts which is a bad thing. They need to start doing these adverts now. I don't know why Nintendo UK had their advertising budged cut, especially since they need it for the Wii U. They need to reduce the 3ds adverts since the 3ds is on a roll and put extra resources into the Wii U.
They also need a proper UK tour which doesn't consist of three English towns and cities like the Unleashed tour. I remember going to Cardiff one Christmas to play Mario Kart Wii and the second professor Layton which was brilliant. They need to do a showcase and a demonstration showing why the Wii U is the next console and reasons to upgrade. Offer money off vouchers and competitions to sweeten the deal. Really push it and explain to people that the Wii is no longer being produced and that all the latest games will be Wii U only but emphasise that the Wii U can play Wii games after a console update. Once people fully understand that the Wii is dead then they'll upgrade.



bouncer0304 commented on Packaged Physical Release of Wii Sports Club M...:

Hate to say it but more than likely it will happen. They need a game to hook people and this will be it. I think though those who bought digitally will be offered something extra. Not sure what but it has to be something otherwise people will be upset.



bouncer0304 commented on Nintendo Comes Up Empty at the Golden Joystick...:

Ah sod them. The 3DS is on fire right now and that's all that matters. It's appauling that it didn't win anything but Nintendo can take comfort that they have some of the best selling and top quality games this year. I'm proud to be a 3ds owner and by looking at next year's releases, the Wii U will be joining the 3ds glory at last.



bouncer0304 commented on GAME Issues Update to Backtrack on Musical Che...:

Either Nintendo let slip and it's actually meant as part of a special edition or Nintendo has decided to keep it for themselves for their online store. As cool as it is, it's not worth the extra £5 Nintendo will charge for the game (they charge rrp which is daft). Maybe Nintendo is bitter about the early release Game did (while wrong Nintendo should have just released X and Y and the 2ds on the Friday) and decided against it and kept it for themselves. I remember getting the spirit tracks tin three days early since it was near christmas and Game sent it really early.
Problem is now tha Nintendo has their own store they won't want others to have stuff like this to take away custom. If it's a choice between getting the game for £5 less and getting the game at full rrp and having a bonus, it'll all depend on the bonus item. If it's a nice figure then yes but if it's only a poster or a keyring then they can sod off. Looks like people will have to choose between a cheaper game or free gift from now on.
The only other explination is that it'll be an exclusive item to those who bought the game and register it with club Nintendo. I hope it's that but i have a feeling Nintendo are going to use it as a pre order exclusive on their store. Sad.....



bouncer0304 commented on Extended Nintendo Network and Miiverse Mainten...:

Hmm, seems interesting. Either this will make way for the much anticipated update for both systems or will just be there to fix loopholes, possible gaps where hackers could exploit etc. Personally i'd like to see account based and not console locked, along with a miiverse for the 3ds, flipnote 3ds and introduction of gba games, but i'm not expecting too much though. I do think we're due a Nintendo direct though so it may all link in.



bouncer0304 commented on Dan Adelman - Nintendo is "Very Much Aware" of...:

They seriously need to do this ASAP. Back in March, because my 3ds died, it was out of warrenty and couldn't do a system transfer, i lost everything including my ambassador status. While i was lucky and got something back, i still lost a lot. If there had been one account, it would be a different story. This needs to be done as a matter of urgency. A lot of people won't download until then.



bouncer0304 commented on 3DS System Update Goes Live, Doesn't Really Do...:

My sister had hers yesterday and did mine today. I'm wondering when the Wii U has its second update the 3ds will aswell and it'll contain the network for the 3ds plus flipnote. All speculation but kinda makes sense to do it all at once.



bouncer0304 commented on Atari Founder Nolan Bushnell Claims Nintendo "...:

I'm fine with the 3ds as is. My phone can do everything else i need and my 3ds is for gaming. I don't agree that a gaming only handheld is bad as it does exactly what it's meant to do- play games. If i want to take photos or watch a youtube video, then i go to my phone. Simple as.



bouncer0304 commented on StreetPass Relay Issues Reported in North America:

One thing people forget to do when they use the cloud for nintendo zone (which also stores the last streetpass hit i've been told) is to add it to their internet connection list. I didn't the first time and realised that was the reason i wasn't connecting. Now i've done it and once a fortnight i go for a cuppa in my local whetherspoons early in the day and go from there (i also download new leaf items too). I can't say if that's helped but i've been getting more streetpass hits. One thing i have noticed is that i meet my sister even when we've connected in the morning and she's not with me which means i pass her three times a day. Weird but handy when we have lots of pieces to swap.



bouncer0304 commented on Super Mario Bros. 2 Available On The 3DS Virtu...:

What they need to do now is announce super mario bros 3 for Wii U and 3ds like USA. I'd buy it on the 3ds no questions asked!
EDIT: just had a thought- why not do a NES package for smb 1-3 on the Wii U and 3ds? I'd buy it tomorrow!