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Mon 12th Nov 2012

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bouncer0304 commented on Reminder: Club Nintendo Closes in Europe on 30...:

Did mine Sunday night as i knew this last minute rush would happen. Got the three 3ds themes, Super Mario World and a wallpaper which i can't seem to download. No big loss to be honest as it wasn't that great. Feels very odd not to have any stars left. In the last year i've had some cracking stuff from Club Nintendo so i will miss it and glad i was able to have what i wanted from there- even if it did take a while to reach us. I'm grateful we got all those OSTs as the USA never did which is sad
Goodbye Club Nintendo- may your reincarnation fix all the bad bits people disliked and may you rise again as something lovely and new we all truly adore.



bouncer0304 commented on Major 3DS Games Are Heading for Discounts in t...:

Star Fox is great news as recently it's been very hard to get hold of cheaply. This now indicates that the 3ds is ready to wind down like they did with the Wii titles before they finally let it go. Now i know why they've held off reprinting certain games. Expected New Leaf to be added since HHD is out this week too. Bit odd leaving that out.



bouncer0304 commented on Rodea The Sky Soldier Special Edition Now Avai...:

Asked NIS America to cancel my pre-order of he Wii U ltd bundle. I really hope the normal 3ds version comes up otherwise amazon it is. I just don't need two special editions really. Unless i just sell the spares but that's a last resort.



bouncer0304 commented on Club Nintendo Adds Some Snappy Coaster Sets in...:

So for 500 stars more, you can get an OST?! If it was 2500 for a set of four with one design each then may but 2500 stars for one design and TWO coasters? No thanks.
We all know what will happen to the unused stuff like this- it'll either end up as part of Nintendo's store's christmas sale like the Animal Crossing cd did or they'll become part of the new loot crate style thing they're supposed to be doing. Either way, they'll be used up.
What an odd price NOE have for their stuff. Australia have them for the right price. Definately something i won't miss when club Nintendo closes that's for sure!



bouncer0304 commented on Mario Kart 8 Soundtrack CD Club Nintendo Rewar...:

@liljmoore Hopefully whatever replaces Club Nintendo will be fairer to all. Either that or Nintendo will just add stuff onto online stores after the EU one closes in September.
All i'll say is keep an eye out near Christmas. I bet you that some Club Nintendo items will return on the UK website and hopefully other online stores will be set up by then. I only wish i could afford more on the online store...



bouncer0304 commented on Mario Kart 8 Soundtrack CD Club Nintendo Rewar...:

@EllenJMiller Last Christmas, they put the old Animal Crossing OST on as a sale item for £1.99 and that was an exclusive Club Nintendo item so i imagine so. Maybe they'll test he water to see if items like that would sell? Keep an eye out because i imagine they'll reduce physical item stars before it closes.



bouncer0304 commented on Video: Disney Magical World 2 Looks as Charmin...:

Yay! Loved the first one and nearly all new worlds too. Even Alice in Wonderland seems to have an overhaul. I'm not a huge fan of Frozen but have no problem with it being included in the game as it's a big favourite. I 'm more excited to see Wreck it Ralph included personally as i don't see much stuff with it in- hoping for a new world based on it! Seems a shame Big Hero 6 isn't there but i can see that being DLC. Very excited for it.



bouncer0304 commented on Animal Crossing Director Talks More About Happ...:

That's reasuring about HHD. The cards seem to be used if you want a certain character but outside that it seems a full game which is great. I wonder if it runs on real time or not. For once i hope not as i have so many games to complete lol!



bouncer0304 commented on Nintendo UK Marketing Boss Shelly Pearce Leave...:

I wish her well in the future but this is probably a part of the reshuffling going on. Splatoon has had tv advertising and i've seen it three times in the pas week which can only be a good thing. Hopefully whoever replaces her will shake things up as they need to badly.



bouncer0304 commented on Exclusive: Slightly Mad Studio Head Ian Bell S...:

When the website for this game opened, they clearly stated all the home consoles and PC after the vote. In fact, Wii U came second in the pole and was only just beaten by PC if i recall correctly. No "maybe" about it. If memory serves me well, they were even bragging about how great two screens were because the gamepad could work as a back window with a mini map on the top screen to compensate.
Bottom line is they promised something and can't deliver it. Why promise it when they didn't have the dev kit in the first place? I'll be first to admit this is not my kind of game but i feel gutted for those who put money in that were lead to believe there would a Wii U version as well as PS3 and XBox 360. People who backed it with those consoles should ask for their money back as they've been mislead. Slightly Mad Studios promised this on those consoles and failed to deliver breaking their promise. If they have any decency left, they'll now just can the game and move on. Stop leading people on and do the decent thing.



bouncer0304 commented on Nintendo Download: 28th May (Europe):

Getting the special tshirt set of Splatoon with the green Inkling from Nintendo store so i chose the theme (it would be rude not to!) Also, i'm not deleting the testfire demo in case they have an added bonus. Some games do if you've played their demo. I doubt we will but it's always worth a shot!



bouncer0304 commented on Reaction: There is a Positive Angle to Nintend...:

I think those who are cancelling pre-orders are over reacting. Yes it did go down for an hour and some sort of communication but it showed something really good. They extended it by an hour where some would have said "tough wait until Friday." Also an hour offline is nothing these days. Remember Sony and Microsoft have had much longer times offline so the fact it was resolved in an hour is a good sign that problems will be resolved quickly. It was also very late on Saturday here in the UK so the fact it got resolved so quickly is great and shows that they are dedicated in keeping the game going regardless of what time it is in any region.
I for one am glad this happened because after the problem, it ran once again flawlessly and i even got one last game in litterally seconds before the cut off time which was nice. They can learn from this and improve even more. Also out of four testfires, only one had major problems. With so many people on it was bound to go awry somewhere. The fact that it handled so many players so well can only mean that come launch it'll play online just as well as Mario Kart 8. Come Friday i'm confident it'll run really well and we'll all have tons of fun.



bouncer0304 commented on We Have An Inkling These Amazing Splatoon Shir...:

@ShanaUnite That's a neat touch. Only just noticed that. Hoping for a release here as import tax kills any reasonable chance of getting it at the moment sadly. All we need is for this and the Splatoon gun to be released here and the rest of the cosplay is really easy to do. I'm doing that for my local charity shop the next time we have fancy dress and i can't wait!



bouncer0304 commented on More Club Nintendo Goodies Coming To The Europ...:

Finally the Mario Kart 8 OST! I do want the trophies but honestly i'll take the OST and goodbye coin. In truth i think every CN member should be sent that for free as a thank you for their loyalty. CN is down at the moment too.



bouncer0304 commented on Review: Paper Mario (Wii U eShop / Nintendo 64):

@jjmesa16 I too enjoyed Sticker Star but disliked how obscure some of the answers were without giving you a hint until a certain amount of failed times. Apart from that i had a blast and made even better by the fact i won the game from Nintendo's twitter comptetition at the time.
My gaming jumps from the NES to DS Lite so there's loads of games i missed first time round. I'll pick this up when it comes to the EU eshop in the near future. I have to add though how much i've enjoyed playing the Wii game so far. Many don't seem to like it but me and my sister (who doesn't game as much as me) both like it.



bouncer0304 commented on Kirby and the Rainbow Paintbrush Fails to Brea...:

That's sad news. I have to say i enjoyed the Puzzle amd Dragons demo after a few goes and it clicked. Been playing it all weekend and i'm actually enjoying that's it's harder than othrr Mario games. What annoys me is that i don't seem to be getting many items to help transform alies at all but i think i've been very unlucky with that. The demo should have had both games and an extra for playing the demo like Theatrhythm Curtain Call did.
The major problem though is that there's been zero advertising with both- no tv adverts, no paper inserts and only an email if you're on Nintendo's email list. This is extremely poor and no wonder they're both so low.
I get how they want Splatoon to do well but ignoring these releases is a bad move. That goes for CodeName STEAM too. They need to advertise all their games and not just a select few otherwise how are people supposed to know what's coming out?



bouncer0304 commented on Nintendo Suggests That Additional DLC for Mari...:

I think there'll be one more DLC pack to address the battle mode and add extra tracks based on past designs. They've clearly heard people don't like it so that could be the last addition. Don't use it myself but do want it for those who enjoy the mode.



bouncer0304 commented on Tales of More Super Smash Bros. amiibo Pre-Ord...:

Have to say how lucky i am with Nintendo's online store. I've had zero problems and they've always arrived safe and sound. I did have them pre-ordered at Game too but i cancelled as soon as i was sure they'd gone through saving myself quite a bit. I'm annoyed that Nintendo haven't sold the Splatoon ones seperately as i've had to go to Game for those but they won't until they sell out of the sets i suppose. Yes they're £4 more but what can you do? I do have that awesome bundle though with the tshirt and green inkling so i'm happy. I do want the Yoshi ones but i want to complete the Smash Collection if possible first then see if i fancy any other ones.
I just realised- Ganondorf is number 41, plus Dr Mario, Olimar and Bowser Jn makes it 44 yes? That means that there's only 6 main characters left after this besides MewTwo and Lucas (and any other dlc) which will be released later on. THANK GOD FOR THAT! I adore my amiibo collection (yes i have them all so far due to saving and selling my junk on ebay) but i'll be relieved when they're finally over. It makes me wonder if Nintendo will release a special ltd edition which contains every amiibo when all the Smash ones come out as a last hurrah then discontinue them.
I do feel for those who missed out due to places over filling orders. Game has the right idea now only allowing uk orders (took them long enough) and we can only hope others decide to follow suit. I hope you can get the ones your missing in the future but this whole amiibo thing hasn't been handled too well. Thank god the Animal Crossing Happy Homes app will be using cards- imagine if those had been figures too :0



bouncer0304 commented on Hacked Passcodes Leaked For 3DS eShop Microtra...:

Used them already and passed them onto my local streetpass group who are also grateful for them. While i like the game, i don't like how much money all the balloons would cost to buy which is about £15. Going by how the difficulty ramps up during each of the kings requests, getting the diamonds would take an awfully long time. Add in diamonds for different items and power ups and it gets expensive fast. Also, if you want to complete a certain region you need diamonds to slow the selection down, which, going from experience, still takes luck and a lot of diamonds. You also need to keep replaying levels to get stronger pokemon due to the jump in levels of the kings request so in the end it feels like you have no choice but to buy diamonds just to progress which is wrong.
I usually wouldn't say this but i really hope everyone who has the game uses these codes and show GameFreak and Nintendo that we're not interested in pay to progress games. It would show them that people in the west simply are not interested and would much rather pay outright for it. They've both been super quiet about the profit of this and shuffle and i think it could be because over here it's simply not making anything back.
They have three options- scrap these codes and make new ones, take off any items and Pokemon people have gained early (which is highly possible) or they'll just release the list as a "thank you for x amount of downloads" to cover up the fact that it was a leak. Hopefully it'll be the latter as i bet you many people have used these codes by now and to cut that many people offline would be a disaster. This is why the badge centre hasn't been released here as it relies too much on micro transactions. The only way they could release it here would be to make it a paid streetpass game and change the formula. The chances of that happening are next to none.
Again usually i don't like cheats but when they launch a pay to win model like this, they deserve it. NO GAME should ever be like this and i hope this sends a clear message to Nintendo and Game Freak- just give us the complete games!



bouncer0304 commented on Fire Emblem: If Special Edition Bundle Sold Ou...:

More than likely it'll be sold as a complete set. Maybe a special edition with the DLC 3rd path as an added bonus as well as the art book. I love Fire Emblem Awakening but not fussed on two seperate releases. Hopefully Nintendo will see sense amd just release a 2 in 1 like the Puzzle and Dragon games we're getting. 2016 feels so far away.....



bouncer0304 commented on Nintendo UK Has Picked Its New PR Agency, Spla...:

This can only lead to good things. Mario Kart 8 had moderate advertsising on tv but nowhere near enough as it should have. Have to say though i did see two Monster Hunter 4 ads on mainstream channels two nights on a trot which surprised me. The Wii U needs all the ads it can get. Maybe even re-advertise Mario Kart 8 and the DLC prehaps? Would make a great move especially with the summer holidays in 2 1/2 months which isn't that far away.



bouncer0304 commented on Akihiro Hino on Why Fantasy Life 2 is Not Comi...:

Let's just pause for a second. This title is currently Japan only. In Asian countries, smartphones are now the most popular way of gaming. When titles like this have been released over here, they usually come on the 3ds. Two famous examples are Kingdom Hearts recoded and Puzzle and dragons. This decision is reflecting their market and not ours.
Should this and the new mobile Professor Layton come over here, i'll bet they'll be converted to 3ds games. They only have to look at Pokemon Shuffle- yes it's been downloaded 3 million times but Nintendo have refused to say how much it's made to date. Why? The main reason is because there's a strong chance that people haven't spent anything on it and they don't want to show it's losing money. People are getting wise to the fact that they have to keep spending to win and after a while, it's no fun. Same thing with Pokemon rumble world. This could be why the badge centre hasn't been released here yet as they could see that this type of gaming simply doesn't work well here in the west. Other mobile companies are learning too- yes candy crush is still being downloaded but people are now getting wise. As soon as it gets too hard and the only way to succeed is to pay to win, they'll delete it and get something new. The amount of requests i've had on facebook for these types of games has plummeted because everyone is sick of getting them.
I think this will do well in Japan but over here? If it is release as a mobile game, it'll sadly bomb. Hopefully they'll have the sense to release it as a complete package over here but if they're determined to keep it mobile only, the chances of this coming to the west is slim at best sadly. Not played the first game but to leave so many people down is a shame. All we can do is wait and see to see what Level 5 will do in the west. We can only hope that they'll see how well the 3ds is doing here and change their mind.



bouncer0304 commented on GAME Launches UK Pre-Orders for Splatoon amiib...:

I've done the same as a few of you- pre-ordered at Game then when Nintendo's store open up orders i'll go there. Saves £4 a figure that's for sure!
Game have done a great service in stopping overseas orders of amiibos and while it took far too long to do so, i think Nintendo must have said something and from now on this'll be the case. I was the one to tweet them about Forward2Me and they then said on twitter that all those in the USA who use forwarding service addresses will be cancelled manually. Good. It does suck for them but each territory has their own stock allocation so to take away from ours is just plain wrong. To think loads of people were bragging on reddit this morning but not any more!
I was dreading ordering them this morning and yes while the website was very slow, i could order them no problem. I hope Nintendo's store does decide to to put that Splatoon pack back up- to do so few is very silly indeed. Ah well at least i got the green squid and tshirt bundle inky size. That tshirt looks awesome!