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Wed 2nd January, 2013

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Cosats commented on Review: Super Smash Bros. for Wii U (Wii U):


You may want to change the part of the review that says: "Once you do have a masterpiece saved, meanwhile, stages cannot be easily shared — there's nowhere to upload them, and nary a QR code to export. Locking stages to the console on which they were created is a needless, confusing restriction."

Nintendo has officially announced that an update will be available where everyone will be able to share their creations.



Cosats commented on I ♥ Virtual Console: Monster Party Is The Wa...:

Just a reminder: NOT Children all over the globe get themselves ready to don horrible costumes and harass their neighbours for candy as Halloween is not celebrated . The answer is simple: Halloween is celebrated in only 16 countries out of the 200 countries that our globe has :)



Cosats commented on Watch Dogs Will be the Only "Mature" Ubisoft G...:

Releasing Wii U Watch Dogs version so late, whenever that'll be, I fail to understand how this will help sell better that other versions. Unless, they advertise it as the ultimate version with some extra super wow things included (which I think it won't be the case as we are approaching September and not a single word about this version has been told). Next year, they'll come up and say that Watch Dogs didn't sell well on Wii U. And everyone will know why except the Ubisoft guys.



Cosats commented on Nintendo Download: 14th August (Europe):

@S3OL Why on Earth do you think it's ridiculous that people are buying Rayman Legends physically or digitally? I think it is ridiculous that YOU think it is ridiculous that people are buying this awesome game.



Cosats commented on Nintendo Download: 31st July (North America):

Please, be aware that X-Type + has a severe crashing bug that somehow escaped from both the developer's and Nintendo's tests. The developer already contacted Nintendo. Better buy it after a confirmation is announced that everything is working properly.



Cosats commented on 3DS System Update 8.1.0-18 is Now Live:

Since all icons can change position why don't you arrange the icons in a way that the 1st page is only Wii U games, the 2nd page downloads and so on. What's the point of asking for folders when wii U already has a much better way of organizing your icons?



Cosats commented on Tomodachi Life Climbs UK Charts Yet Again as M...:

Wouldn't be nice to have the charts lists you mention in a proper manner, i.e. 1. (Game X) (last week's position) (weeks on chart) - 2. (Game X) (last week's position) (weeks on chart) - 3. (Game X) (last week's position) (weeks on chart) etc. etc.



Cosats commented on Mario Kart Month: Mario Kart's Best Weapon Isn...:

ANNOUNCEMENT: EnjoyUp developer is celebrating the good start of Abyss on Wii U and he's giving 5 UNEPIC games for the next 6 hours.Check ABYSS Miiverse Community for details.

(PS: Sorry for the off-topic post but I thought it would be nice to know for anyone who might read it. Thanks)



Cosats commented on Capcom is Holding a Weapon Design Contest for ...:

It says on the terms: "If a Canadian resident wins a prize, that person must also answer correctly within a 5 minute time period a mathematical skill-testing question without the benefit of any calculating devices before the prize will be awarded". Why Canadians have this additional rule from all the rest of the world?



Cosats commented on Feature: The Big Nintendo Direct Summary - 13t...:

The European President seems to be a very nice guy but I think that he should be limited to just a quick greeting in the beggining of the Nintendo Direct presentations. For Europeans that English is not their native language it takes double the effort to understand Mr. Iwata. The American presentation sounds so much better. This needs to be addressed maybe by providing English subtitles or hire someone that has a better pronunciation.



Cosats commented on Wii Karaoke U Doesn't Censor Explicit Lyrics:

There is a greek word for this article I am afraid.

the practice of claiming to have moral standards or beliefs to which one's own behavior does not conform; pretense.
synonyms: dissimulation, false virtue, cant, posturing, affectation, speciousness, empty talk, insincerity, falseness, deceit, dishonesty, mendacity, pretense, duplicity