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Wed 2nd Jan 2013

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Cosats commented on Poll: Did The Nintendo Direct Comeback Fire on...:

I don't like the fact that I have had to guess what the Japanese president of Europe was saying at certain times. I also didn't like the British guy. I would prefer young TALENTED PRESENTERS with normal English accent since it must be 100% easy for non native English speakers to understand the presentation in all of the European countries. When we say European Direct let's not forget that people from Greece, Italy, Spain, Belgium, France, Germany and so on are watching.



Cosats commented on Review: Yoshi Touch & Go (Wii U eShop / DS):

"It's the type of game that gives the impression that it was an experiment that never had the opportunity to blossom into something more substantial - at the time of its original release" <<< THIS IS SO TRUE



Cosats commented on Feature: Five Key Reveals We Want in 2015's Fi...:

I would also like to remind you that CLUB NINTENDO is limited to ONLY a few countries in case you forgot (for example in Europe Club Nintendo is available in only 10 countries out of 50)

So, whatever the new scheme of promotion it should NOT be tighted to Club Nintendo as there will be millions of users left out.



Cosats commented on Review: Shiny The Firefly (Wii U eShop):

@Spoony_Tech Hyna's secretary here. It's more expensive maybe because developers for downloadable games in the US do not pay a single cent for Parental's rating. In Europe, unfortunately a developer has to pay twice, PEGI that covers almost all european countries and Germany's equinelant PEGI.



Cosats commented on Weirdness: Super Smash Bros. for Wii U Fans Fi...:

This is the second time Nintendo Life implies that Nintendo does not include online level sharing. Am I the only one who remembers that Nintendo themselves have said that this will be included at a later update?



Cosats commented on UCraft Wii U Beta Plans Outlined as New Traile...:

If anyone is reading posts on Miiverse you'll see that many posts ask the question constantly if a Minecraft game will be coming to the Wii U. I think, if it's a well made game, that it has potential to get good sales.



Cosats commented on Wii U System Update 5.3.1 Resolves Mario Kart ...:

@BarryDunne I would mind and many others I think would mind paying 50 euros for a so-called best online service, especially considering that playstation plus has many problems too. Free online on Wii U is a bless fow what it offers and free online in general should be the only way. (Just adding my opinion)



Cosats commented on Review: Watch Dogs (Wii U):

Also, if Watch Dogs is getting a 6/10 then using this logic, Assassin's Creed should get a 5 and Zombi U a 4. Readers, please give a try to this game without thinking it is made by Ubisoft. It really deserves your attention. Thanks.



Cosats commented on Review: Watch Dogs (Wii U):

Reading the comments I am glad that most of the readers who have bought Watch Dogs on Wii U understand that this is not a 6/10 game but it is closer to an 8/10 game. Well done NintendoLife readers.



Cosats commented on Review: Watch Dogs (Wii U):

I bought the game and I think that the Ubisoft team has done a nice port. The game does have few issues (frame rate slowing down) but other than that everything seems good, in fact, way better than this review tells us. Certainly, this is not a 6/10 game. It deserves a little more.



Cosats commented on Review: Super Smash Bros. for Wii U (Wii U):


You may want to change the part of the review that says: "Once you do have a masterpiece saved, meanwhile, stages cannot be easily shared — there's nowhere to upload them, and nary a QR code to export. Locking stages to the console on which they were created is a needless, confusing restriction."

Nintendo has officially announced that an update will be available where everyone will be able to share their creations.



Cosats commented on I ♥ Virtual Console: Monster Party Is The Wa...:

Just a reminder: NOT Children all over the globe get themselves ready to don horrible costumes and harass their neighbours for candy as Halloween is not celebrated . The answer is simple: Halloween is celebrated in only 16 countries out of the 200 countries that our globe has



Cosats commented on Watch Dogs Will be the Only "Mature" Ubisoft G...:

Releasing Wii U Watch Dogs version so late, whenever that'll be, I fail to understand how this will help sell better that other versions. Unless, they advertise it as the ultimate version with some extra super wow things included (which I think it won't be the case as we are approaching September and not a single word about this version has been told). Next year, they'll come up and say that Watch Dogs didn't sell well on Wii U. And everyone will know why except the Ubisoft guys.