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Sun 8th December, 2013

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Excep7ional commented on Watch Dogs Will be the Only "Mature" Ubisoft G...:

Are you guys surprised? I mean, I see it all the time. "We don't care about M rated games, keep that mess off of Nintendo systems!" Is what I see coming from the majority of the Nintendo fanbase. It's a shame that the small minority who actually care to play those types of games can't, unless they get another system, which sucks because not everyone has the money to do so. Now that Ubisoft acknowledges this, you guys get upset?



Excep7ional commented on Fantasy Life Offers Multiple Ways to Connect W...:

This game seems pretty cool. I have to admit I didn't much care for it when it was announced but now looking at it again, I just may have to make this a purchase.

@Spoony_Tech How is Overclocked? I have been looking to buy a Shin Megami Tensei game, but I don't know if I should try Overclocked or IV first. Whichever one will be my first.



Excep7ional commented on Super Smash Bros. Seizes Gamescom Most Wanted ...:

@Hy8ogen SNK play more has renewed the KOF license. Not sure if they are still recruiting more people to work on the game, but it has been confirmed (for a while now) they are indeed working on a new KOF game. This time with 3d models. Whether or not it's in the same vein as in Guilty Gear Xrd (actual 3d models on a 2d plane) or Tekken. Either way, it's being made.



Excep7ional commented on The Trending #WiiUDroughtAid Shows That, Actua...:

@droe2001 Lol dude, relax. We all know the drought is on all consoles, but that still doesn't change the situation for the Wii U. Plus, it's expected for the other consoles to be lacking games when they literally just came out. Last time I checked, the PS3 started off slow as well with the games, correct? Look at it now. Same with the 360. The reason why the Wii U drought is catching attention is because it has been like two years now, and they suffer from barely releasing anything. I'm pretty sure the Wii U will get a lot more games in the future (hopefully) but dragging the other consoles in the mud won't make the situation any better.



Excep7ional commented on Cyber Gadget Unveils Gigantic Joystick Periphe...:

Wait, this is real? I though this was fake for some reason. I honestly can't see why anyone would get this. The only game this would be used for is Street Fighter, and anyone even remotely interested in that game probably already have it for consoles.



Excep7ional commented on This Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Box Art May Get...:

Not really liking this. It just looks kind of boring, no flare at all. The hype around this game is pretty amazing though, it makes me want to give this game another try. Tried Freedom Unite on the Vita and didn't get pass the first couple of missions because I was bored to death.



Excep7ional commented on E3 2014: Monolith's X Becomes Xenoblade Chroni...:

I can't hold all of these feels right now, this game alone got me more excited than anything I have seen during Sony's conference, except for MGSV: The Phantom Pain. No knock to Sony or Microsoft of course, but Nintendo won E3.



Excep7ional commented on Sonic Boom Titles Given New Names and Gameplay...:

I'm a big fan of Sonic, so it was a little weird for me to see and hear some of these differences, but if it's a good game then that's all that matters. As long as they make the story interesting with some nice gameplay then I'm all for it. I just hope the 3ds version doesn't get the short end of the stick this time.



Excep7ional commented on Mario Kart Month: The Developers Who Tried To ...:

Yeah I have to say that Crash Team racing was far superior to any other kart racing game in my opinion. The tracks were better and the gameplay was very fun. Not to mention that games adventure mode where you can drive around in the world to the next race track, finding hidden keys to unlock extra stuff in said world, etc. I wish they would make a new one, but since it has aged so well I just may download it onto the vita or my PS3. Game is a pure classic.