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Tue 3rd June, 2014

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Grimlock_King commented on Review: Meme Run (Wii U eShop):

Here's some advice to all gamers. Stop buying crap and they might stop making crap. I see too many people buying certain games and praising how good it is. When in reality it's a steaming pile of crap. Alot of you are to blame for these type of games enjoy :).



Grimlock_King commented on Sharp Gearing Up to Supply 'Free-Form' LCD Scr...:

I've seen bendable screens on youtube 2 years ago. They would roll them up like a fruit roll up with no loss in picture quality. Awesome if Nintendo plans to use these type of screens. My guess it's for their new unannounced handheld system and home console.



Grimlock_King commented on Video: The Top 10 Mario Platformers, As Select...:

I agree 100% Super Mario World is the best Mario game ever. I remember when I first played it at a store before launch I was completly blown away. Then I bought the SNES with the included SMW at launch. It was the first video game console I purchased with a summer job money. And it was one of the best experiences I've had as a gamer.



Grimlock_King commented on Anouma Confirms Majora's Mask 3D Has Been In D...:

Three years for a remake of a game I got and still own on N64. Instead why not take three years and create a new franchise? I like Nintendo alot but they are so stuck in their stubborn ways. They depend too much on Mario and Zelda that the focus is diverted from creating something completly new.



Grimlock_King commented on Review: Shantae And The Pirate's Curse (3DS eS...:

I am defineitly getting this game. This will be the first Shantae game I play and am looking forward to it. Who would pass up tight controls, metroidvania progression and colorful pixel graphics. I also thought it was going to cost $15 but $20 is fine by me. People complain about the price while some of these people buy worse games for more. :p