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mastermp2 commented on Talking Point: Mario Kart 8's Diverse DLC Sets...:

Kinda weird that there is no mention of amiibo. Wasn't the point of amiibo to unlock stuff in different games?

That being said, maybe DLC unlocked by amiibo wouldn't be profitable since that would mean that once you buy an amiibo, you will have the ability to unlock DLC for upcoming games as well at no extra cost.

So basically this DLC can be bought without amiibo?



mastermp2 commented on Talking Point: A History of the Sexualisation ...:


You are right when you say that "If a guy is shirtless, he's not exposing anything explicit", but they are also..... sometimes... in "underwear" (Ex: Randy Orton or the Rock). You can practically see the shape of their genitals.

It seems that if a guy shows how strong or "hot" he is by showing his muscles, nobody says it's sexualisation of a man, but if a woman shows how fit she is, everybody panics and stuff



mastermp2 commented on Talking Point: A History of the Sexualisation ...:

So according to the internet,

A man can be practically naked (ex: He-man, Conan the Barbarian, WWE wrestlers,etc) or have skintight suit (ex: Superman) nobody says anything

But a woman shows some skin, everybody loses their mind



mastermp2 commented on Masahiro Sakurai Outlines the Challenges of De...:

That delay is gonna be good for the game. The game froze once during E3 (Wii U version) in the treehouse friendly match between the invitational champions and I think that twice during SDCC (3DS version) during Bowser's final smash

Nintendo is one of the best companies in terms of quality. Almost none of their games that I had played have had any bugs so far



mastermp2 commented on Brinstar Confirmed as Classic Stage for Smash ...:

@Tsurii897 ZZS looks cool but I sort of agree with you. Some characters like Palutena, Zelda, Robin and Lucina, don't look as great as they should be. I would have preffered Samus model from Other M. She wasn't skinny on that game. As for Lucina and Robin, something closer to the reveal trailer, like Semi- celshaded graphic style



mastermp2 commented on New Japanese Law Bans Child Abuse Images, Yet ...:

"Children" is the keyword

Most anime girls are either "Teenagers" or "adult". The problem is that just as in real life, some people don't always look their age (specially, small people, like I don't know, Ellen Page). How many times have you seen a movie in which you later find out (to your surprise) that the actor/actress, has like 5 or 10 years more that the character they portrait?



mastermp2 commented on Nintendo Download: 29th May (Europe):

Having played Batman Arkham Asylum and Batman Arkham city (I have yet to play Origins) I have to tell you, they are amazing games and the definitive Batman experience

If you are interested I suggest buying Batman Arkham City since it comes with all the DLC



mastermp2 commented on You'll be Able to Play as the Girl Villager in...:

My alternate costumes choices
-Samus military outfit and haircut from Other M for ZZS
-Rosalina's fire flower look from 3D World with ponytail
-Lucina as an alternate choice from Marth
-Samus fusion suit
-Mario characters sports outfit (from strikers, and tennis)
-Mario with a cape (Super Mario World)
-Samus' orange outfit from Zero mission's result screen for ZSS
-Samus' white training outfit from Fusion result screen (Japan) for ZSS
-Fox's look from Star Fox assault (to be honest his best so far. Looks pretty mature for the character's age and experience)
-Little mac's pink training suit
-Doc Louis suit for Little Mac



mastermp2 commented on Reaction: Mario Kart 8 Accused Of Poor Sales P...:

That journalism is definitely racist, since he or she just proves that there's always someone looking for an excuse to criticize something for racism.

Anybody remember the Cheerios commercial?. There was nothing wrong with it, it was a normal family in a normal setting. Actually it was very cute since the kid was basically is trying to take care of her dad's heart

Well somebody found it racism because "How could it be possible for an African-American to have a child with a Caucasian woman?".... what is wrong with these people?

The same goes for sexual-ism or whatever the word is. A woman in a TV/movie or game has big breast, they start complaining that they sexualize the character. ........She has small boobs or average, nobody says a word

But good god if a muscular guy is practically naked (I'm looking at you He-Man, Stallone or Schwazenneger) there's noooooooooooo way that's sexualization of a character

These kind of complains just show that they are racist and/or - whatever is the word for the sexualization thing - themselves



mastermp2 commented on Ubisoft Makes Little Mention of Nintendo in Pl...:

One problem that I see with third parties is that they are basically selling 100$+ games which might turn off some people that have noticed, while Nintendo doesn't do that (and I hope they won't)

Take for example Batman Arkham Origins. I was very interested in buying it for the Wii U since I'm a huge Batman fan and I loved the Arkham games, but after they basically said that there was gonna be a "Season pass" which included 2 DLC missions (one of them was a mission in which you played as Bruce Wayne during his ORIGIN story which was his training with the League of shadows if I recall)+ a lot of alternate costumes, I said "no", since this should have been included in the game in the first place as unlockable stuff. Plus no multiplayer....?

I waited I few months and I got it for 15 in Steam with the "season pass". Take that Rocksteady.... you could have gotten more from me but you screwed up

These companies are abusing the whole DLC/season pass thing

The worst offender in this was 2K with Bioshock infinite. Don't get me wrong. it's an amazing game, I love it, but for a game that is very story/art driven with an amazing world and characters, I was expecting - like any other similar game like that, that I have played in the past like the previous Arkham games - some things like unlockable art gallery or concept art, you know, the usual stuff. I started playing and collected the voxophones, and I found weird that It didn't had the gallery or anything but I thought to myself, "maybe it will unlock AFTER I beat the game, like Metroid Prime did". I finished the game and .... nope, that's it.

Well, guess was...... the art/music gallery is in the SEASON PASS along with 2 extra "chapters" and a challenge mode that has 4 maps..........

Why wasn't that in the original game?. Batman games had the art gallery / Batman encyclopedia and combat challenges in the first place..... with some extras as DLC if you wanted to buy those later

Videogames companies are changing the way they make games. They release a buggy/incomplete games that they end up fixing with patches after launch and the rest of the game is basically DLC

I was gonna buy Watch Dogs on Wii U but after hearing the whole Season Pass thing, I'll wait. They will drop the price on the e-shop it a few months or a year. In the meantime I'll play some other amazing NINTENDO games such as Mario Kart 8 and Smash Bros



mastermp2 commented on Feature: Time For a Super Smash Bros. New Chal...:

Voted for Zero Suit Samus. She was my second playable character in Brawl (first is Marth). I love that they boost her abilities up, although she didn't need the rocket boots since her chozo blood + training in Zebes made her a super athlete with superhuman strength and speed, they look cool

Can't wait for Winter 2014



mastermp2 commented on Yoshi, Sheik, and Zero Suit Samus Confirmed as...:

In the next Nintendo Direct:

"Hello everyone... This is Satoru Iwata from Nintendo, bring to you "Directly" the lastest information about Nintendo. In the next trailer we will show an upcoming Nintendo game, please take a look"

Then we see little Mac punching a huge sandbag and hitting it really hard but without moving it too much. Just as he is leaving the Gym.....


The sandbag flies out the gym

Captain Falcon stand behind Little Mac and says "Show me your moves"



mastermp2 commented on Game Boy Advance Games On The Wii U Virtual Co...:

One of the reasons Nintendo is so behind is because they lack workforce. They don't have enough people to work in the Nintendo Network/eshop and games at the same time. They said it themselves, that they were looking into expanding, by mergers or by acquisitions of new studios to work on their franchises



mastermp2 commented on Senran Kagura Bursts Into The UK Top 40 While ...:


Good point. While I like FPS (like, not love) I play them for the gameplay aspect not for the blood and gore. It's kinda sad that people just go for them for the violence aspect

I like beat 'em ups like Final Fight and Streets of rage, but i also like games like Ninja Gaiden 3 Razor's edge, not for the gore and violence but for the challenge and gameplay

Senran Kagura Burst has some T&A factor, but.... Is that worst than violence?? No

It is a shame that some countries make this such a taboo subject

Interesting fact: according to something I read on the net, Japan is one of the countries with the lowest violent crime rate, while US is the opposite..... Coincidence???



mastermp2 commented on Senran Kagura Bursts Into The UK Top 40 While ...:

Their "excuse" is basically that this type of niche game won't sell in the US. So to release it while keeping low cost, they go digital only.

Also compared to Japan or Europe, sex is a tabou subject in the US, while violence is not (ex: You can't release Final Fight with females as enemies, but you can release Mortal Kombat......??????)



mastermp2 commented on Missing Guild 01 Game Weapon Shop De Omasse Is...:

Looking at the comments I guess this is a Text Adventure like the Ace Attorney series.

The article could use a brief description of the game

I love when "japanese only" games get localized. This brought us the amazing Fire emblem and Phoenix Wright series



mastermp2 commented on Miyamoto: Retro Studios is High on The List of...:

"However, Nintendo still sees it as an important IP, and proved that by including the series in Nintendo Land."

Metroid IS one of Nintendo MOST important franchises (case and point: Internet reaction after the Nintendo direct revealing that Retro was working on Donkey Kong instead of Metroid. Also was the 3rd franchise in the Smash trailer)

Actually I think that Metroid is pretty much Number 3 right now (First one being Mario and second Zelda)

Nintendo's triforce is as follow:

Mario= Wisdom= Miyamoto's wisdom in awesome level design and game mechanics

Zelda/Link= Courage= Great story telling that makes you feel like a brave hero in an adventure. Excellent world and quests along with great art and music

Samus= Power= Power to prove that Nintendo can appeal to hardcore audiences with powerful HD graphics and hardcore gameplay and intense action.

Star Fox and Donkey Kong used to be extremely popular back then but recently they have lag behind. Don't get me wrong the Star Fox's GCN games were good and all, but they got mixed reception. On the other hand Donkey Kong only has a few Barrel and Konga games on GCN.

While Pokemon is also a big deal, I think that it's WOW factor has slowed down recently. F-zero is sort abandoned too, and Kirby has a game almost at the end of Wii



mastermp2 commented on Feature: Resident Evil's Most Nightmare-Induci...:

What about Resident Evil 0?

The leech monster scared me a few times. One of the most memorable was in a room, a little after the piano puzzle. In the room you get a tablet of some sort, but while you are exploring the room you hear the door (a metallic one) being hit. When you go out...... BAAAM, the leech monster is there. EPIC

There are also other cool moments in Zero, like the refrigerator in the train, and some other leech monster encounters.

One epic moment in RE 2 that I must mention is in the Game B of Leon (I think). You try to open a door, the door animation starts, but suddenly a zombie appears in from of you.... EPIC