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onery commented on Weirdness: Sony Fan Creates Petition In Hope O...:

@smashbrawler that's true I grant you that. Imagine if Sony and Nintendo had partnered up all the way back then... Then it would may be a battle between Nintendo, Sega and Apple (with Microsoft opting to concentrate on consumer devices and Apple taking the helm of computing superpower).... lol

Alternative universes are fascinating, aren't they? :D



onery commented on Review: The Keep (3DS eShop):

Finished it and quite agree with the melee/spell system mentioned in the review. 'Course, I did opt to pump my intelligence and go for a mage like character so I don't know if pumping strength would make melee combat more bearable since I'm hitting once every 5-6 swings as a mage character. The spells on the other hand are rather diverse and have great utility for a game of this length. Overall a fun dungeon romp... Now bring Grimrock over too! :D



onery commented on Square Enix Wants To Bring Dragon Quest VII To...:

Square Enix is getting gutless as the years go pass. If this is what they'll do to a franchise like DQ I can only imagine what shenanigans the fools higher up there will do next. For lords sake we associated Square and Enix with quality RPGs but now... now...




onery commented on Wii U Sales Continue to Rise with the Release ...:

Find it surprising when stuff like: "HYRULE WARRIORS HAD A BETTER DEBUT THAN ZELDA WIND WAKER HD IN JAPAN" gets headlines... I mean really now? Something completely new and different having a better initial reception than something old and revamped? Regardless, the up trend for the WiiU is a great positive for Nintendo, let's hope it translates well when crossing regions...



onery commented on Watch Dogs Will be the Only "Mature" Ubisoft G...:

Releasing castrated versions of your 'mature' games on the WiiU with little to no DLC support? Or perhaps releasing the game months after the hype has cooled down? Also that mandatory piece of crap known as UPlay? Once again another article about how the WiiU is given crap and how surprising that crap won't sell well. Surprise!

Well, even if we don't get anything good from Ubisoft, there are other games to play. Given the backlog of stuff I have on my WiiU (which includes Assassin Creed 4 Black Flag funnily enough) I'll be ok with Ubisoft's lack of support. Their main AAA games are starting to have that samey-samey feel anyway.



onery commented on Night Trap ReVamped Developer May Flip-Flop on...:

@S-Miyahon I'd rather a slightly more cooperative environment. I understand the need for exclusives and all but really the back-stabby-stabby stuff of the past we can all do without. It's bad enough indies are getting into bed with the demons that plague the industry anyway.



onery commented on Night Trap ReVamped Developer May Flip-Flop on...:

My thoughts on this: regardless of whether they wanted/needed more support for their kickstarter, it's still a decent gesture to overturn their statements this early on than to stubbornly go about their way till say the last 3 days of their KS. If that was the case, then I'd be all cynical and stuff. Right now it seems like they're listening to their supporters and decided that being a big baby about events 20 years ago (especially since many things have changed) isn't going to help them professionally (see: Areal).

Also to those saying that the project can't go on without Nintendo player's contributions, I'd turn to Shovel Knight's KS results. Of their 300k funds a third was made for the Nintendo systems while the rest for PC/Mac (can't remember exactly the divisions, but I believe it's around that). Not saying that Nintendo player's don't help much but just that I don't believe the Night Trap devs were looking for a windfall from Nintendo players/supporters when they made that announcement.

Regarding Night Trap itself: a overly cheesy 80's film with hilariously (bad?) villians. Probably best played in a group and just laughing everything off. Geeze, the Nintendo of old was pulling straw out of its ass back then to try and get this put towards senate. Bollocks that.



onery commented on Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Multiplayer Will Wor...:

While I am genuinely happy that they did this for NA and UK versions for MH4, I am still irked by the fact that they didn't allow for local cross region multiplayer for MH3 on the 3DS. Was so gutted when I found I couldn't play with my brother. Really these sort of things should be taken into consideration if you're making an immense multiplayer game like MH and not only when problems arise and complaints are fired off...



onery commented on Areal Passes Kickstarter Goal, Yet More Peculi...:

You guys seen their latest updates? One of them was apparently a letter from Putin endorsing the game and the latest is a complete whining taunt of a child who thinks he's getting away with something he shouldn't be...

I'd rather they make the game without the KS funds. Since they've been 'pooling their resources' together, it shouldn't be too hard to keep on going until they have an "early-access copy" to suck money from Steam naives.



onery commented on Poll: Which Is The Best Legend Of Zelda Game?:

Have to say I've a soft spot for Link's Awakening DX for the GBC and Ocarina of Time for the N64 as these were my first introduction into the universe... however the vote eventually goes to OOT (though I really really love Awakening) as I just have too many nostalgic memories exploring the hell out of that damn world. The Shadow Temple and it's boss stands out clearly in my memory more of a sort of nightmare and the first time you beat the game... dat feeling... can't ever recapture that.



onery commented on Retail Promotions Prompt Tomodachi Life to Con...:

I find the game a nice relaxing break from normal games. Been playing Shovel Knight lately on my 3DS and when New Game+ breaks me (and it frequently does) I take a more relaxing detour through my island laughing at silly randomness. Then I head back into brutal platforming (or whatever game I happen to be playing... which reminds me that I need to finish Prof Layton's last game...).



onery commented on Guide: Forming Your Own StreetPass Meet-Up Group:

Excellent article, however I would like to ask the best ways you would go about marketing/making your event known. So far I tried making an event myself and well... the two things I learnt from that experience was that drumming up interest is hard and that facebook sucks especially for event management.



onery commented on S.T.A.L.K.E.R. and Metro: Last Light Developer...:

I admittedly went into this not knowing much about the STALKER series or Metro Light; but after reading some info on what's going on, I'll have to take a step back and wait a bit now. I didn't realise most of the stuff they showed in the pitch video was from a previous game and that some of it were even cherry picked from a premade Unity post-apocalyptic set. Not that I mind too much on certain assets being premade, but to not tell it out straight does ring a bell as fishy.

I remain slightly hopeful that this project is legitimate, however unless we hear more from the team behind this project, I cannot in good conscious recommend anyone dropping money in this project until more information is given. It's a definite issue with Kickstarter what with people trying to con/take advantage of others; but with sharp eyed members of the interwebs we can hopefully reduce the incidences of such heinous activities...

PS: I did feel something off with the rather low funding goal of USD50000 and little to no information given on projected spending plans... but I figured I give them the benefit of the doubt, that is until all this news of basically possible fraud.



onery commented on Shigeru Miyamoto Discusses Future Cross-Platfo...:

Cross-buy for certain games: yea sure. Make sense in particular for Virtual Console games where the 3DS hardware is capable of running most of the older catalogued items available on the WiiU. Surely we don't have to purchase Super Mario Land 3 (NES) twice for the WiiU and 3DS right? It's not as if they have specific differences for their respective ports so cross-buy yea.

However, something that'll make more sense would be a unified a/c system where games compatible to both systems can be installed in either at any given period of time after purchase... and yes I am talking about the Apple ID system. Say what you want about the iOS and its games, Apple have made buying/installing games so convenient (and cheap) most people wouldn't blink an eye to getting them. Seriously it's always been this way; less complexity == more people being able to use the system. While we're at this, maybe we can do away with region lock? Whatever reason you can give for it, I am and will forever be irked off at the whole Monster Hunter 3 issue (which looks to continue with 4) where my copy (US) can't play with my brother's (UK as he's living there at the moment).



onery commented on Nintendo Needs To Cut Wii U Cost To Capitalise...:

'News' like this are stale and just plain tiring to hear regurgitated over and over like a week old yogurt salad that just won't stop coming up.

When it comes down to it, yes of course a price drop may shift more units; but conversely it is games that ultimately sell the console. Holding titles hostage or just plain not developing for a console is effectively like hitting the switch on a life support machine and going, "It's alright, if the patient shows sign of recovering we'll just plug it back in."

All I can say is, thanks to E3 I'm more than enough excited for WiiU's future prospects, with or without Ubisoft support. I'm sure a decent PC rig will suffice for that anyhow... and they wonder why sales on WiiU go down when the games they do release on WiiU (exception of course to ZombiU, though I wouldn't count on Ubisoft even for that) generally have better counterparts in terms of optimization and support elsewhere... it's like they have children running the boardroom there; though that's rather an unfair statement... Children nowadays are generally better educated after all.



onery commented on Talking Point: Mii, Myself and I - The Argumen...:

Miis are part of Nintendo's effort to allow us to take part in our games. From the inclusion of the Mii characters in Mario Kart Wii to Disney's Magical Kingdom and of course the very entertaining Tomodachi life, it's probably safe to say that our miniaturised counterparts still have more to show what with the possibility of custom Amiibo figurines, the World of Keflings (if it's still coming to the WiiU) and various other future titles.

I for one enjoy having an avatar I can put into a game and have him/her rambling about either helping out or just causing mischief. With the inclusion of custom Miis in Smash Bros, this has added another level in which our Miis and by extension ourselves can participate in the fights of Smash. While I'll still be sticking to Pikachu and trying out the other new characters, I will admit that I'm looking forward to having my Mii wield a spanking sword to cut down opponents.

Also, to those saying Miis don't fit in the game... aesthetically I would say they snuggle in just fine with Kirby and the other cuddly counterparts... with some exceptions of more bizarre Mii creations. Mechanically, they're provided with 3 fight styles that fit in with the Smash universe. While that's probably not a lot of diversity, bear in mind that this is ultimately a Super Smash Brothers game, not Mii Fighters the video game. So I feel having those 3 sets to manoeuvre are fine really.