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Wed 26th Jan 2011

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Chris77 commented on Guide: Everything You Need to Know About Super...:

@Weedy I went to purchase this for the GAME download code - had it in my basket last night at £31.99, only to find this morning they put it up to £39.99! No thanks!If I must pay that then i may as well go straight to the eshop. They obviously thought they could make a few more quid out of people. Probably trying to work out if they can charge you more before sending your code knowing them.



Chris77 commented on Watch Dogs Will be the Only "Mature" Ubisoft G...:

It's a shame, but perhaps there are a few words missing. Nintendo customers don't buy AC games at full price. As a case in point, I bought AC3 (less than 12 months after release) at £4.99. I've just bought AC4 (less than 12 months after release) at £9.99 in the digital promo. I have a great backlog on the Wii U so why would I pay £40 when I know inside 12 months it will be far far less



Chris77 commented on Skylanders Trap Team Tablet Starter Pack Poses...:

This must have been on the cards for a while. It must be a concern for Nintendo, but I think a bigger one for MSFT and Sony. Why? Because Skylanders are doing what EA will do and push more and more to tablets. An iPad mirrored to the TV with a gamepad thrown in for the annual FIFA will suffice a lot of people. Add in COD and in a couple of years this will be a major player in terms of volume and revenue. Nintendo has a fall back in that it hasn't given in to its franchises on other platforms, but they do need to figure out how to stay relevant. I'm sure they will, but I think the Wii U slump is coming the way of the other two, well, it might already be hitting MSFT.



Chris77 commented on EA Explains Why It's Abandoning Dedicated Hand...:

This is also a forerunner for all the home consoles. When the major third parties think they will make more money in tablets then you'll see a drop off in all console support. Eventually that's going to hit Sony and MSFT harder than Nintendo. The annual franchises will saturate the consoles - if they haven't already - and profits will drop. Developers like EA will claim it's because the market is shifting to mobile where they will then focus attention. To a degree they are right, but the annual releases - with not much extra - for £40 is a huge part of the shift. The home consoles will then either be faced with a sub-par experience, or they will subsidise the publishers to get something on their platform. It might not look good for Nintendo now, but they have such a golden stack of IP, and a nice pile of cash, I think the long term looks very different. I do however wish Nintendo would make some decent sports games!



Chris77 commented on Parent Trap: Amiibo Charts A Fresh Course In T...:

undecided on these, but if they offered custom amiibos of your mii then I think there would be an immediate family purchase. £25 for your custom made mii with the ability to transfer your mii game data. a free wii u app could help you build the necessary models and transfer data to a central server. that said I will probably end up getting a couple anyway.



Chris77 commented on Rumour: Mario Golf: World Tour To Offer Additi...:

So long as its a full release and not just a gimped couple of courses so you feel you have to buy the DLC content then its good. Pikmin is a good example of DLC done right. I'm also hoping that MK8 has downloadable courses at some point. 32 courses in the original game, and then download retro courses etc.



Chris77 commented on Nintendo Download: 27th March (Europe):

On a roll with 3D World at the moment, but SMK and F1 for me. £20 seemed a bit of a gamble, but £10 is a no brainer. Kind of think the original price should have been £15 and they would have shifted a lot more units. SMK on the gamepad will be very nice!



Chris77 commented on Nintendo Download: 31st October (Europe):

Wii Fit U for sure, will be ordering the fit meter as well. Might take the RE:R 3DS as I sold my card of that before I had an XL. Would be good to have it on the go. Never played AC, but at £12 I might have to give that a little go.



Chris77 commented on Don't Worry, Those Early Pikmin 3 Downloads Ar...:

I might take advantage of this now it's cleared up. Although a hard drive might be required sooner rather than later. This, w101, wind waker, plus a few eShop games like duck tales and I'm still under percent through lego city. Brilliant.



Chris77 commented on Amazon UK Lists Wii U at £199.99:

I wondered if this was some kind of experiment to establish the final retail price. Zavvi and Shopto listed it at about £280 so they could be gathering stats on pre orders at certain price points. I think Nintendo have concern that they said with the Wii price they felt it sold so well they'd priced too low, but with the 3DS they obviously got it too high. They could compare 3DS preorders to those who followed through with actual purchase to get realistic sales prediction figures at certain prices.

As to whether Amazon made a mistake, it does happen, but I seriously doubt it was a blunder. If it was then they'd have priced the black and the white one the same (like Shopto). also the release date was put at a date that no one believed. If it had been put at a date in the final quarter then I think that would have given a bit of the game away to the competition exactly when it will launch. finally by placing it on the black one only, where speculation is that it may not launch at release, amazon can pull the plug and say to anyone who pre-ordered that their supplier now got it wrong and the unit is unavailable therefore they don't honour the low price. If they'd done this to the white one - which is confirmed as a launch colour then they would get a lot of people calling their bluff on it.

I actually think the black one will launch (supply permitting). Looking at the nintendo japan site after E3 there was a lot of info and pics of both colours. Possible it would be Japan only I suppose. At any price i don't see any way they launch without the gamepad, it's the major USP, so not including one would be suicide.

I'd think the most true part of it was the 14th, And as UK releases are a Friday, I'd say either September 14th, or December 14th. Of course if Amazon was actually right, then i look forward to getting one on July 14th!



Chris77 commented on First Photo of New Look Wii Console:

I wonder if this is in preperation for the Wii U. This could extend the Wii brand to casual gamers who wouldn't buy a Wii U (not for a long time) and never owned a NGC. So from a marketing point they would try to eek out a low price Wii to casual customers (wii fit/sports etc) and then have the Wii U as the premium. That way they try to keep a foot in both camps until the Wii U really takes off. I think there is little doubt that if you cared about the gamecube, you already have a wii. no doubt there will be plenty of stock of the old SKU's through to next year.



Chris77 commented on UK 3DS High Street Price Drop Round-Up:

I think i paid about £180 on launch day. I'm surprised the drop is so much, but as I've played it nearly everyday since launch, taken it on four overseas trips and the wife had stolen my DSi, I'm OK with it. Looking forward to the 20 free games, and all the goodness that is on the way in the final quarter. I've checked Amazon a few times today and it's been nice to see the 3DS climbing towards the top of the all format video games list. Currently only Wii Zumba is holding off the Blue and black 3DS respectively with OOT in 4th. I paid a price I was happy to, and now others are paying a lower price they are happy to. I just want the system to be successful so we can get years of great gaming out of it. When the system is very popular I'll be pleased I was on this ride from day one, even if it cost me a few more quid.



Chris77 commented on Investors Urge Nintendo to Develop for Smartph...:

I could see Nintendo spinning up a small division - kept seperate from the core franchises - which could develop new IP for existing mobile platforms. That way the development doesn't get in the way of the core Nintendo audiences, whilst being forced to stand on it's own two feet from a commercial view. I don't think that many companies really make that much money by releasing games on these platforms. I don't see Nintendo putting Mario on an iPhone, not in the traditional platformer sense at least - and I don't think they should.



Chris77 commented on Reggie Demos Kid Icarus AR, Skyward Sword and ...:

@Infernapeking well I gess MSFT and Sony do give away stuff, but more on the fact they usually make a loss on the sale of each console they sell for the first year or two. Nintendo make money on hardware from day 1. Maybe thet means they can do stuff like this? I wonder how many people in the audience will buy a 3DS since they got given OOT?



Chris77 commented on Japanese Gamers Put Off by High Price of 3DS:

@JesusSaves True, I forgot that. Hopefully the eShop will take care of that one. I actually originally bought a DSi hoping to be able to download original GB games on it. Took me a while to find something good on the DSiWare .The GBmicro size make it such a non-issue to transport extra.



Chris77 commented on Japanese Gamers Put Off by High Price of 3DS:

I got one at launch, but if I didn't - I'd be straight on Amazon (UK), A black 3DS for £159.99, and Streetfighter, Pilot Wings at £19.99 each. Other launch games are also down a bit too. Those two plus 3ds - face raiders/AR etc and an eShop next week for under £200, i think thats good value.



Chris77 commented on As Predicted, Wii Drops to £99 in UK Today:

Amazon UK have both the Sports resort pack and MK pack for under £100. I can see a few XBox or PS3 owners picking it up at this price just for Mario Kart. The new pack looks to me like it's firmly aimed at gamers who may "dismiss" nintendo, but everyone loves MK. At that price I can see a fair few picking it up.



Chris77 commented on 3DS eShop's May Launch to Ensure it Beats Wii ...:

I don't see why everyone thinks it's running late or has to be there on day one. Surely Nintendo's initial objective is to sell out the console stock. That will happen without Mario or Zelda, and it will happen without the eShop. Plus if you've just shelled out for a system and at least one (probably more) 3D game, you're not so likely to go and spend money online as well. Secondly I think the update is bound to be more than just the shop. My bet is they knew the system would be hacked as soon as its out the gate. So delay an update until it's out in all regions and has a good little run in market - then update to break the hacks. An update which has little other benefit is likely to be ignored, but an update with the eShop is something people are going to want, so more likely people are to take it and thus get ahead (for a day or two) of the hackers.

My two cents.



Chris77 commented on Nintendo Announces Official 3DS UK Launch Line-Up:

I haven't played Street fighter for years, and was weighing up that with DOA, so I guess thats made it for me. SMB, Lego star wars and ridge racer might be worth a look in case there isn't anything good to follow in April. I'll wait on the reviews of pilot wings though - looks nice, but not sure if it's just an extended demo. What happened to Steel Diver? I thought that was a shoe in for day one, not that I'm too fussed.



Chris77 commented on Europe's 3DS Launch Line-Up According to Games...:

I think nintendo are just giving the launch limelight to third parties. They only have 900000 to shift in Europe so why waste that boost with LoZ or Mario. I'd say Zelda appears around easter along with some more hardware stock. Gives third parties like capcom a chance to get some good early sales and proves the 3ds is a good platform.



Chris77 commented on 3DS Too Full of Gadgets to Make a 3DS Lite Pos...:

Not that you'd announce plans for a smaller version in 12 months, but I can see a lower unit price without the cradle. Original ipods shipped with wall chargers, and docks. I could see this ending the same way, down to just the unit and USB charging, with the other stuff optional purchase.