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FX102A commented on 7th Dragon III Code: VFD is Heading to the Ame...:

Really hope for a physical European release.

The C$54.99 price in Canada is surprising but considering that that's just under £30 (most of our 3DS games launch at £29.99 to £34.99 in the UK) it doesn't make me that outraged. But I can understand; they tended to be no more than C$49.99 and even that was considered premium pricing.



FX102A commented on Nine Nintendo Titles Pass One Million Sales Fo...:

@RoomB31 Again true, but I feel it is growing.

Again also true, but there are now so many variations of the "JRPG" genre that you have to stop somewhere. At least you can say that Fire Emblem is probably the most "Mainstream" JSRPG around (not counting FF Tactics as its own franchise).



FX102A commented on Miitomo to Include Photo Mode and Pre-Registra...:

I'd hardly call that "much" of Europe in terms of land mass. Probably "Half" at most.

By population, perhaps (btw I'm not counting Russia as it kind of is its own thing across two continents).

I wasn't even remotely interested in this but I may sign up for that Platinum point; though I better not get spammed by Miitomo emails.



FX102A commented on Nine Nintendo Titles Pass One Million Sales Fo...:

@GameCube Touché; then again as true as that is I kinda feel it's evolved into arguably its own genre.

@roboshort Well these days it's seems like almost everything is "niche" unless it sells a minimum of 5 million. I knew Awakenings passed a million but not double that so sold better than expected. I still consider it borderline between niche and mainstream but I'll review.

Maybe "niche" was the wrong word to use.



FX102A commented on Nine Nintendo Titles Pass One Million Sales Fo...:

@Socar Fates has sold just over 500,000 copies since its June release in Japan, which is not too bad for an arguably niche JRPG title (personally I consider Final Fantasy and Dragon's Quest to be the only non-niche JRPGs). I suspect sales to be significantly boosted with its western release, particularly in the States. It'll probably pass a million by then.



FX102A commented on Rumour: Super Smash Bros. Planned as NX Launch...:

I can think of so many franchises that Bandai Namco could be putting together for the NX, though many of them are just hopeful dreams.

If anything, I hope they are new games rather than ports as it would help boost launch sales. Unfortunately outside of the Nintendo faithful, the console wouldn't sell on name alone; it requires exclusive games that would make people jump to it.

Although if it does launch with a Smash Bros, it most likely would be an enhancement (or at most a variation) of the recent Wii U release due to time constraints.

Well I guess my hopes of a 2017 launch have been dashed. Oh well, impress me Nintendo!



FX102A commented on SEGA 3D Classics Collection is Heading to Reta...:

Left out doesn't begin to describe it, first CapcomFighters with the Mega Man collection (in terms of physical) and now this?

Although a few of my faves are missing like Shinobi III and Gunstar Heroes.



FX102A commented on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV: Turtles In Ti...:

@Shiryu I stupidly gave my copy away years ago, though rebought a cartridge a few years back. I may still have the box and instructions somewhere. If I can bring those two together it'd be quite the valuable piece; not that I'll sell it as I love the game too much.

Of course we all remember how the last attempt at a remake went. I wonder how the one being made by Platinum will turn out. Could they find themselves with a lawsuit if they basically just remade Turtles in Time in all but name?



FX102A commented on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV: Turtles In Ti...:

The music for Sewer Surfers, Burry My Shell at Wounded Knee and Neon Night Riders are part of my 16 Bit childhood.

I don't know how many times my cousin and I beat this game. Also loved how only by beating it on Hard did you get the true ending.



FX102A commented on Tatsumi Kimishima Is Aiming To Quadruple Ninte...:

Regarding the whole Smartphone and DLC talk; whilst I remain a non-fan of smartphone games I accept they are now an integral part of the gaming demography. I just hope they don't detract from core console experiences and that perhaps they will offer some paid-for titles. I'd rather pay £5-£10 for an in-depth smartphone gaming experience than a free game where the same amount of cash wouldn't even give me 10% said experience.

As for DLC, I hope they follow the Mario Kart 8 model of sizeable content chunks more akin to the expansion packs of yesteryears. I would have gladly paid £20 for the two packs rather than the £10-£13 I paid.



FX102A commented on Natsume Is Selling Vintage Factory Sealed Stoc...:

Some of the 3DS games interest me but the shipping costs to the UK are the killer.

It'd be a nice thing to own that Lufia II but beyond what I'm willing to play plus being sealed, truly one for collectors rather than to play. At least I got the DS game.



FX102A commented on Book Review: The 200 Best Video Games Of All Time:

If Metroid Prime isn't in the book then I officially declare it null & void and mere Kleenex material.

Before I get pounced, Super Metroid is equally jaw droppingly amazing in every sense but for me personally, it was that Prime moved the series into a form everyone thought wouldn't work but not only pulled it off, but to degree of glory far exceeding anyone's expectations.



FX102A commented on PlatinumGames Will Celebrate Its 10th Annivers...:

@arronishere @TheLastLugia I too felt it stood out for the wrong reason; I thought they'd try to forget about it and not include it (Kind of like Sega and Sonic 06). Then again that would be disrespectful for the team that worked on it. Plus I heard the same team worked on Transformers Devestation so it seems they obviously learned from their mistakes.

Then again I am biased as I'm not too keen on the show and would probably paint over it if I had one of those cards.



FX102A commented on Super Famicom: The Box Art Collection Is Getti...:

Like above, I will be ordering the standard version. Double the price for the outer box doesn't appeal to me; plus storage on the bookshelf would be tougher.

I do look forward to this, loved the Super Famicon artwork the Japanese boxes had.



FX102A commented on Freedom Planet 2 Announced and in Development,...:

Totallay unexpected but totally psyched. The original was my "Why Haven't I heard of this until Now!?" game of 2015 and my runner up of the year.

So glad this has done well enough to seemingly develop into a franchise; potential more 3rd party amiibos?

Wonder if a physical edition may also be developed; heck I hope they create another opportunity to acquire physical copies of the 1st as part of a double pack.



FX102A commented on A Version of the Pokkén Tournament Arcade Con...:

@abe_hikura Thats good to hear. I use Hori's Fighting Commander pro 3 on my PS3 & PC for 2D games and retro titles.

I am searching for a 360 type pad for a load of Japanese shm'ups I recently bought but so far no luck. At least the 360 controller with transformable d-pad is good enough.



FX102A commented on A Version of the Pokkén Tournament Arcade Con...:

Somewhat surprised so many people complain about the lack of analogue sticks without realising what the controller has been designed for. I'm not even a fighting game fan but I've read up and talked to several people who are and generally all the most popular "fighting" pads have either just a d-pad or a low micro-switch equipped 8-way stick.



FX102A commented on A Version of the Pokkén Tournament Arcade Con...:

I really hope this is compatible with other Wii U titles. 2D games like NSMBU, Freedom Planet, Shovel Knight, Ducktales, plus VC titles would play beautifully plus the wired nature means no battery concerns.

Probably will import just to make sure I get one in case no PAL release.



FX102A commented on Nintendo Download: 10th December (Europe):

As much as I'd like to support Fast Racing Neo, my mixed history with racing games, general aversion to purchasing digital releases at full price and that the Christmas run-up has proven very costly buying gifts for everyone; means I'll have to wait till the New Year before giving it another thought.



FX102A commented on Xenoblade Chronicles X Earns Modest UK Chart P...:

Contributed to these sales but yet to enjoy it as my Nintendo Store order has yet to arrive. Plus I got to work late today!

Actually seems there may have been a screw up in deliveries to my entire region; my local indie store have yet to receive their copies too.

At least it gave me the weekend to reallocate 700GB worth of data from one hard drive to set it up for mu Wii U.

Until I discovered it uses a firewire connection and I now need to find the adaptor that came with it.

After 3-4 years of waiting (when was this title first announced again?) it seems everything's tryinb to keep me from it.



FX102A commented on Sega Slashes Full-Year Net Profit Projection B...:

@Artwark Wow! Seriously, Wow!

I don't know what's worse, your complete lack of understanding of the Japanese Job Market or the general obliviousness on the "ease" of getting any sort of decent employment.

I would like to see a major change at Sega too or some sort of event that would see them managing to recapture some of their past as well as good revenue. But nothing along the lines where hundreds of not thousands of people find themselves out of a job.



FX102A commented on Europeans Will Be Able To Download Xenoblade C...:

I gotta remember to buy myself an external hard drive to transfer my eshop games so I have space for these packs.

Does Nintendo have a list of suggested models or just that they recommend an externally powered one? Also does it need to be FAT32 formatted?



FX102A commented on Video: Remembering Bubsy The Bobcat, The 16-bi...:

I had Bubsy on the SNES and I loved it. For years I had this memory of an enjoyable 2D platformer with catchy music, nice graphics and humourous death animations.

Years later I went back and realised how blinded I had been by nostalgia. Whilst not awful in my opnion, the physics of that game were seriously messed up from the fall damage, floatiness and insane running speeds combined with one hit deaths. No wonder they made them funny to watch!



FX102A commented on Feature: Our Top 10 Wii U eShop Games - Third ...:

Shovel Knight, Freedom Planet and Shantae are al there. All is right with the world. Guacamelee is also great.

I guess I do like my pixelated, side-scrolling goodness. Although I'd gladly play modernised graphics versions of all 3.



FX102A commented on Nintendo Download: 19th November (Europe):

Typoman had an interesting premise and the demo was decent. But I am just not desperate to play it. I'll wait until that point comes or pick it up when it's on sale in preparation for that point.

Looking at my past, I rarely ever feel desperate to play download titles.



FX102A commented on Video: Get a Closer Look at the Lovely Stella ...:

Looks lovely but I gave up buying their launch editions as it was just too expensive for what basically became shelf pieces due to the stupid region locking on the 3DS.

Also NISA Europe tends not to offer these editions for their EU releases of Atlus' games; apart from Persona Q but I think Nintendo may have had a hand in that one.



FX102A commented on Cybernator Creator Talks Destructible Environm...:

As already said, the Western version was butchered story wise with all cut scenes and character portraits removed.

When they re-released it in an enhanced form on PS2 I was excited, until I learnt they totally screwed it up by removing the strafe ability.



FX102A commented on Final Fantasy Explorers Will Have a Collector'...:

I'll keep an eye out for more details but Monster Hunter style games have never gone down well with me, ended up feeling like a constant grind.

Also, despite loving JRPGs, Final Fantasy is the one series I've never really had a good relationship with; though maybe it's cos I missed out on its heyday during the PS1 years.

@GoldenGamer88 That Agnes figure is currently where it belongs; inside the box and on a shelf inside a cupboard. That thing was just an abomination, like Resident Evil 5's statue level awful.



FX102A commented on Beenox Won't Be Working on Spider-Man Games An...:

Considering their last game ended up on more "Worst Games of 2014" lists than I expected, this doesn't surprise me too much.

Almost every time I watched or read a review of it, somewhere reference made to Spiderman 2 the game and wondered why the studio that did that game wasn't tapped for another go.

Then I learnt it was Treyarch; this unless this is a franchise swap between studios I doubt we'll see them make another one any time soon.



FX102A commented on Nintendo Download: 6th November (Europe):


My apologies, I usually hate Caps-typing but those sort of comments are a MAJOR annoyance for me during these download updates.



FX102A commented on Fire Emblem will be Getting an Art Book for it...:

Udon, call up Nintendo and start formulating a localisation deal!

If they can release books of the Shining series, the majority of which never came out in the West, I can only see this not happening if Nintendo act stubbornly.



FX102A commented on Nintendo Shares Suffer Major Drop as Investors...:

And that's exactly how I like it. Let's not taint beloved franchises with such cursed mechanics and bring out something new from the start.

As said already, investors tend to be fickle, impatient beings who will gladly chuck everything out the window whenever they are presented smooth something unexpected or different. I'm just glad Nintendo hasn't caved into their demands so far to basically pimp out their franchises.



FX102A commented on Sega: Recent Sonic Games Haven't Been "Accepta...:

The problem is this is like the umpteenth time they've said something along these lines. Sonic 06 was meant to be a "return to form" and look how that turned out!

Maybe they should take a page out of Galaxy Trail's book. One mechanic I would love to see them return with is the Rush gauge from the DS games; albeit with perhaps a smaller gauge that recharges more slowly. But at least it helped you keep up your momentum whilst Sonic 4 just had me suddenly stopping due to an obstacle, enemy or trap that you almost need clairvoyance to avoid.

Sonic Colours was also pretty good, gotta finish that.

On a side point, is there much visual difference between the 30 FPS Generations on PS3 and the 60FPS on the PC version?



FX102A commented on A Teaser Site for Xenoblade Chronicles X Has J...:

Got my orders in, can't wait to play it. I'll basically be dropping anything I'm playing at the time to play this.

I sure hope the hype following on from the original won't leave me disappointed from overhyped expectations.



FX102A commented on The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes Misses O...:

Not really too surprised. Many of Triforce Heroes previews talked of the singleplayer being a bit "weak" and is likely to have turned off many buyers (including yours truly).

As for Guitar Hero, perhaps the poor record of 3rd parties with DLC was a deciding factor with many dual console owners deciding on the PS4 or XOne versions.

As for Just Dance, the market for these games as practically entrenched in the "lower tech", younger audiences who feel the simplicity of the game with the Wii remote is good enough (although the U version can use the remote) despite the SD graphics. So no real surprise there.

Must say little surprised to see Mario Maker holding on in the UK and MK8 having a minor resurgence, yet glad to see it.



FX102A commented on Nintendo Download: 29th October (Europe):

Yay! Freedom Planet! Didn't expect till early November. Hope that small cut scene bug they found following the U.S. release has been patched.

Project Zero LE is on order and its shelf spot is reserved.

@Splatburst Wow, there is so much questionable optimism and speculation in that sentence I don't know where to begin (although the emoticon does make me question the truthfulness).



FX102A commented on Aonuma Talks the Legend of Zelda's 30th Annive...:

Obviously his words can be taken in so many ways. Although I do hope the game remains a Wii U game if it ends up being a dual release I have to make sure I don't do the same mistake as last time and buy one copy for each platform.



FX102A commented on The Wii U's Broad Audience Means Star Fox Zero...:

I can see his points and I do agree in part. This obsession with cramming all this big budget AAA releases with Q4 releases, regardless of if they are ready, has had a negative impact on the games industry in general.

On the other hand, it is no secret that sales do go up during the Christmas period and exclusive titles can help shift units. Although I don't think Stat Fox is one of those titles that will shift much outside of the Nintendo Faithful.



FX102A commented on Review: The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes ...:

I admit I haven't even tried the game yet but the fact that it's multiplayer focused completely erased almost any interest I had. Splatoon made me realise that. As good as the game was, it just didn't do it for me.

I guess that's why I haven't been excited in any way for this game since it was first announced.



FX102A commented on Yes, Fatal Frame's Lingerie Outfits Have Been ...:

The only "good" reason I can think for them doing this is that the main character is under 18 (is she? I need to check) and portraying her in highly suggestive, lingerie style clothing can be considered "sexualising if minor" to some so it could open an incredible large can of worms.

On the other hand, if this is related to NoA's supposed attempt to aim for a T-Rating then that just sucks; maybe we're lucky and I their Marketing building gets buttered sewage rebound that causes all their toilets to overflow into their offices and meeting rooms to make them realise that they have completely lost the plot when it comes to their more mature fans and niche products.

Still getting the game though; I'm not really one for playing games in out-of-place outfits. Then again, even lingerie is more believable than a freakin skin-tight space suit!



FX102A commented on Review: Project Zero: Maiden of Black Water (W...:

@617Sqn So is the inability to keep the Tin Triangle flying or that we have to remain Dam-buster-less for a few years.

Just because it's nothing serious doesn't make it any less annoying for someone who enjoys looking at cover art; especially since many other publishers seem to have found ways around it.

In fact EVERY problem on this website is a "First World Problem". It's a video games site! They're hardly a vital element to human life.