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FX102A commented on Game Jam Tasks Developers With Creating A Zeld...:

Whilst Link was originally meant to be kind of a blank slate for the player, hence his name, I personally think Link has evolved enough naturally over time that he basically developed into his own character and thus Male (his inclusion in Smash Bros is one thing). It still surprises me that Ninty continues to allow us to name Link in the Zelda games and I hope for the day he has a voice and personality in a future title.

That said, there's nothing wrong with Nintendo creating a completely new female character and make her the star of a future Zelda game with Link in a secondary role. I'd love to play that.



FX102A commented on Sega Producer Explains Exactly What Went Wron...:

Ok time to say something controversial:

Screw focus groups and screw people's opinions. The majority of people (just like the general public when discussing politics) don't know what they want or even what's best for them. The aim is simply to create something good and then convince the people they need it.

Obviously there is the risk of creating crap and convincing people they need it too, but it's two sides to every coin.

It's like every time there's a sliver of hope that Sonic could finally crawl out of the pit on some genuine good ideas, they change it all round and end up throwing him down again.



FX102A commented on Please Don't Hate Japan For Getting More Amazi...:

I just have the three Ace Combat themes at the mo (at 80p each they were a steal) but I would most likely jump at a few of these.

And I never even owned a Sega system!

Surprised we've yet to see a SNES, N64 or GC theme yet.



FX102A commented on Review: Metroid: Zero Mission (Wii U eShop / G...:

Being pay day and the fact that I need to get me some eShop credit anyways, I might pick this up. Playing on the Gamecube GBA Player with the Hori SNES style pad is cool but the Wii U Gamepad is just so comfortable for these 2D games.

That and it's an amazing game.



FX102A commented on Swedish Newspaper Questions The European Relea...:

The funny thing is, this game introduces the first male playable character and yes, his clothes rip off in battle leaving him flushed and embarrassed, bare chested in his undies (well according to the Japanese Trailers).



FX102A commented on Nintendo Download: 12th March (Europe):

I'll be picking up all the Mighty Switch Force's plus some of the 3D Sega classics; whilst tempted by Zero Mission, seeing as I own the cartridge and a GBA player for my Gamecube, I question if it is needed. If only the Gamepad signal would reach my bedroom, then I definitely would.



FX102A commented on Poll: Which 2015 Nintendo Blockbusters Should ...:

I personally think Nintendo should offer all unlockables by Amiibo as DLC, perhaps released after the amiibos. Mainly because there is some unlockables I would like but I don't want to spend the extra money for the amiibo itself (as nice as they are I am sticking to selected series for my amiibo collection to keep it manageable and affordable).



FX102A commented on Speedrunner Conquers Super Mario 64 in World R...:

@Espy No you're not the only one. I don't really rate speed runs involving glitches very highly (though I'll commend the skill involved in attaining the glitch).

To me, it's kind of like winning at a sport by exploiting a previously unnoticed gap in the rules, yet it was never intended to be allowed.

I'm always more impressed by those who are able to complete speed runs when constrained by the rules and boundaries set (and imagined) by the game's creators.



FX102A commented on Fans Are Translating Dragon Quest VII On 3DS B...:

They said the same thing about Bravely Default and what did it sell in the West after Nintendo localised it? Like 700,000+?

Oh wait this is Square Enix we're talking about, the company who dubbed 3.4 Million sales in 5-6 months as a failure.



FX102A commented on Weirdness: An amiibo Fan is Living the Dream W...:

Really should have gone with a 3D cel-shaded image for the back card. Still it's a great job and a sign of love for the series from its creator.

Personally I'm not a fan of Toriyama's character designs, which basically means I've completely skipped Dragon Quest.



FX102A commented on Feature: Five Remastered Games We'd Love to Pl...:

Whilst I love JRPG's I'm not a fan of when they take grandiose home console JRPG's and put them to the small screen.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3D may play very well (heck I have preordered it) but I highly doubt it'll be able to recreate the jaw dropping, awe inspiring moment when the piano intro kicked in when I first played it, nor the mixture of satisfaction, happiness and tears I had during the ending theme song. Not with the 3DS' speakers at least.

So I went with F-Zero GX cos we need one and I think short, sharp and very very fast races would work on a portable in 3D.



FX102A commented on The Legend of Zelda New Nintendo 3DS Cover Pla...:

"Don't worry about your data running out, you can survive one day at work without mobile internet."

That's what I said to myself this morning!

What's worse, the only reason I used up the Internet was because my phone switched from wi-fi to 3G last night when on YouTube.

Oh well, I doubt the black one would have looked best on my Ambassador 3DS; plus I got the Xenoblade one on order so don't feel toooooo bad.



FX102A commented on Xenoblade Chronicles 3D HOME Theme Emerges, Fr...:

Well I preordered the game bundle. A tad expensive at £53 but I was planning on getting the game eventually and I really wanted the Faceplates.

The lack of selling the faceplates alone means either Nintendo really wants to push this game or it prevents large numbers being bought by scalpers (or a bit of both).



FX102A commented on Club Nintendo in Japan is Full of Delightful T...:

Hope that MK8 CD makes it to Europe before the whole stars catalogue ends. Already picked up 4 CD's from there. I only wish the Smash one would have made it as I couldn't really afford to get both games at the time.



FX102A commented on You'd Better Get a Bigger Micro-SDHC Card for ...:

The original release remains my favourite game of the last generation. Would like to buy this just to own it but I fear if I wait for a price drop it may go out of stock first.

Either way, definitely will go physical. Tends to be cheaper and I just like having something tangible in my hands. Kinda feels like it's got value (even though it's the data inside that's the real value).

That and shelves of games gives me more satisfaction than a hard drive.



FX102A commented on Review: Mega Man Battle Network 2 (Wii U eShop...:

I own all but this one. The series had it's quirks but I just loved it. Hope to pick em up and play them again.

My only gripe was the use of the English voice actors in the DS re-release of 5. They sound way too old for the characters. Thankfully the GC game kept the JP voices.



FX102A commented on Nintendo Download: 19th February (Europe):

Like almost everyone else, would have bought Kirby's adventure if it had been a 1st week sale.

I guess it's zilch for me this week as I already picked up SMTIV on sale not too long ago.



FX102A commented on The Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses...:

The 25th Anniversary Concert of 2011 was nothing short of stunning. A night to remember. By luck I was able to attend the first Symphony of the Goddess concert and whilst it was very good, it kinda felt of more of the same with a few extras but lacking that special oomph (lack of Aonuma, Kondo and Z. Williams was noticed).

In a nutshell if you haven't been to a previous one or you simply adore Zelda music to the highest heavens, you'll most likely have a great time.



FX102A commented on New 3DS HOME Themes Confirmed for Majora's Mas...:

I want all three of those Ace Combat themes but I want a physical copy of the game so I guess I'll have to shill out the £1.50 or so for each one.

Digital has its pros but for me personally, they're outweighed by having a physical copy (of course the best would be having both).



FX102A commented on Review: Mega Man Zero 2 (Wii U eShop / Game Bo...:

@JaxonH I can see both of your arguments but perhaps a little history first.

Basically, we in Europe were historically shafted big time in past generations with waiting times of up to 6+ months after U.S releases and in many cases no release at all. Yet we pretty much just sat down patiently with a bit of a grumbling.

In recent times, whenever a game gets released in Europe first before the U.S., many American gamers are quick to cry "foul" for having to wait that little bit longer. I can sort of understand European gamers being a bit annoyed at having to see this during the few rare cases the U.S. gets something "later" after living through it for years themselves (that and possibly a small sense of "now you know how we felt for so long").



FX102A commented on Nintendo Lists Formally Tested Micro SDHC Card...:

I practically live by Sandisk for their Compactflash card on my DSLR so I went down the same route with a 32GB Extreme. Probably overkill but at least I feel peace of mind. Doubt I'll fill it up as I only ever filled up half of my previous 16GB SD card in almost 3-4 years.



FX102A commented on Gallery: We Have Take-Off With These Ace Comba...:

@JaxonH It plays like the classic Ace Combats on the PS1 / PS2 with a few tricks added and some customisation inspired from the PSP titles. It's a pretty standard yet still enjoyable Arcade Flightsim with a good variety of missions, large assortment of jets, unlockables colour schemes (beyond those shown above), elite enemy ace squadrons, local score rankings and a few branched campaign paths (though they return to the main story path so only a single ending).

All in all I like it a lot but I'm biased cod I love the traditional Ace Combat series. The advantages of this version over the original other than Amiibo support is you can use the c-stick to look around (helpful in dogfights) and the rudder can be mapped to the extra shoulder buttons rather than the d-pad, allowing simultaneous three degrees of motion, which helps a lot in aerial combat.

Arguably its biggest flaw is lack of any form of multiplayer (if that's important to you).



FX102A commented on Gallery: We Have Take-Off With These Ace Comba...:

....the buy some more Amiibos!

Ok, bad wordplay aside, I'm getting really confused here. They originally showed off a few skins saying 2 (Mario & Bowser) would be unlockables in game, the other 4 or so needed Amiibos.

Then they say all can be unlocked in game, but then they reveal much more in a trailer including multiple schemes from certain characters splitting them up between those that are in game and those they imply "need" Amiibos.

Now we hear they all can be unlocked at Amiibos merely provide a shortcut.

Forgive my whining but can we have some official clarification Bandai Namco!!



FX102A commented on Legend Of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds Soundtr...:

This is what I hate about the Stars system and why I'm somewhat glad it's disappearing. I lost a load of stars as they expired years ago so I stopped registering. Then I didn't realise that the codes them selves also expired so I lost approx 4000 potential stars. Now I decide to spend my stars on kind of a whim due to my love for soundtracks and the fact they may expire before anything else arrives and this appears. I'd need to buy a fair number of games to rebuild my stars and 1st party Nintendo games are never cheap.

@WalupeachyTime I got that one and now I'm regretting it as I would have preferred this one.



FX102A commented on First Impressions: Taking To The Skies In Ace ...:

@Shiryu The only issue I have with that is that in real life they've been pushing to placing more information in the pilot's forward view (HUD, HMD, etc) and then ACAHL put the airspeed on the lower screen (when in 3rd Person view).

At this point I'd gladly take another remake on the 3DS, perhaps the full Japanese version of Ace Combat 3 would be a nice start; if they can fit the cut scenes.



FX102A commented on First Impressions: Taking To The Skies In Ace ...:

@Shiryu You basically said everything word for word I wanted to say.

Surprised they even mentioned it on their Facebook page as it's literally all Infinity This & Infinity That and "here's another way to sink tonnes of money this week".

Would like to add I'm glad the Amiibo thing is optional as I wanted to limit my Amiibos to ones I really wanted.



FX102A commented on Ace Combat Assault Horizon Legacy + Hits The W...:

Its mainly the ability to have the rudder and throttle controls on the shoulder buttons that sells it for me rather than having rudder on the d-pad.

I'm not sure if Cross Rumble had that in Japan (did the Circle Pad Pro give you extra shoulder buttons I honestly can't remember.

Either way, buying on release day.



FX102A commented on New Nintendo 3DS Ambassador Editions Already I...:

Whilst I didn't get the email, two of my friends did and one gave me his spot as he wanted the XL.

Personally, I think Nintendo really dropped the ball. They should have done like they did with the original Phat DS 10 years ago and made it available to buy from their store for a price plus a certain number of stars. Leaving the selection criteria hidden has just created bad blood.

Another friend of mine, whom I consider one of the biggest Nintendo fans out there, didn't even get the email. The whole thing just really demeans the fans who didn't get it.

For Shame Nintendo! For Shame!



FX102A commented on Nintendo Europe Shipping Ambassador Edition Ne...:

No email for me :( . Pity, would have bought it immediately.

Wonder if there was any criteria. I was an early adopter but I bought little from the eShop (and almost everything when it was on sale). Oh well, disappointed but can't have everything in life.



FX102A commented on Toys "R" Us amiibo Pre-Orders Cancelled Again:

This whole store exclsuivity thing is just a pile of horse apples.

I'm only buying select Amiibos though I'm glad Nintendo of Europe has so far held back from this. Though I've ordered them from multiple sites so doubly glad for no exclusivities here.



FX102A commented on Reminder: Redeem Your Nintendo Network Deluxe ...:

Had 935 points, £6.50 from another voucher. Still annoyed that it took a 3rd Party website to give me the website to check (after over a year of trying to find it myself) 1 Week before the deadline and AFTER I had gone away on holiday. Just bought Shovel Knight in the hopes that it would detect it as some sales have held on 24hrs beyond their original deadline, but no dice.

Nintendo's New Years Resolution should be to make it possible to purchase all Wii U eShop titles from the Web.



FX102A commented on Review: Mega Man Zero (Wii U eShop / Game Boy ...:

@Knuckles Ok, maybe I made a poor choice of words. They're having some technical difficulties on their site at the moment and for some reason I can only access the site on my iPad via a VPN. Still have to try on my PC, plus could be cos where I am currently located.

Still I trust em wholeheartedly. Been ordering from them for years and never had a problem.



FX102A commented on Reminder: The Nintendo Network Premium Promoti...:

Well this sucks. I've just discovered I've got a £5 voucher but I'm only 65 points from another and I don't fly home (to my Wii U till 1st of Jan).

Do 3DS eshop purchases count?

Otherwise, can I log into my eshop account from someone else's Wii U?