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FX102A commented on Nintendo Download: 6th August (Europe):

Pretty standard for a summer release. I expect few big releases over August. Well at least more time to go outside and enjoy the few bouts of good weather or work through that backlog!



FX102A commented on Freedom Planet is Speeding Onto the Wii U Soon:

That boss fight pictured was probably my favourite in the game with one of the best background music pieces in the game.

Can anyone say Force 7 from Gunstar Heroes?

In fact there are loads of little Nods to Treasure and its earlier creations.



FX102A commented on Video: We Get To Grips With F-Zero Inspired Ne...:

I tried Lifespeed out at London MCM and was pleasantly surprised by it (even though I managed to glitch out of the track, though it was an warly build so I basically ended up being a Tester!)

Hipe to pick it up on release. It definetely felt like a sort of Starfox racer as you could move in multiple directions yet you were constantly moving forward (though you can accelerate & decelerate) plus use boost rings.



FX102A commented on Tomonobu Itagaki Outlines His Goals With Devil...:

Gotta commend thw guy for his determination. Still on the wall but leaning towards a buy due to curiosity. May wait for some reviews but I'll be reading a broad number from all types of sites and even then I plan to let myself be the final judge.



FX102A commented on Mario Kart 8 Soundtrack CD Club Nintendo Rewar...:

Been waiting for this so order is in. Wonder if they include the DLC themes? (Want that Big Blue remix).

Hopefully there'll be no more OST's as I had 5900 stars prior to this transaction and 3000 Stars tends to be the standard (though I think Kirby had a "price drop").



FX102A commented on Mario Kart 8 Soundtrack CD Club Nintendo Rewar...:

@Alundra-1998 So did I, except one came with a crushed case and the other crushed case AND disc. They replaced one whilst I need to acquire a replacement CD case for the other.

Unfortunately they still sometimes have a tendency to send CD's in those thin cardboard envelopes with no protection.



FX102A commented on Nintendo Download: 30th July (Europe):

@brandonbwii Basically took the words it of my mouth. I mean do we even need an amazing content filled update every week? Have people seriously finished the games they currently have that they desperately need one this week.

I'm actually glad its a week weak as it means I save money and can work on my backlog; also I can push back the need to buy an external HD.



FX102A commented on Players Reached Splatoon's Level Cap So Fast T...:

Around Level 11-12 I think I am, but I doubt I'll go much higher. Its a great game but I guess I've just readfirmed my realisation that I just don't enjoy online multiplayer games much due to their repetitive nature. I may dive in for the odd few matches but its like 4-6 matches and then I'm good for the next month.



FX102A commented on Yoshi's Woolly World Cuddles Up to Fourth Spot...:

Whilst I love Wooly World, the fact that you can repeatedly flutter jump rather than just once before you have to return to terra firma annoys me as it can take away the challenge. I was practically able to fly horizontally at one point, albeit slowly.

Though I won't deny its undeniable charm and adorable design.



FX102A commented on Nintendo Download: 2nd June (Europe):

Hmm, tempted by Karous but reciew kinda dissuades me.

Want Attack on Titan but can't pay that amount for a digital only title, no matter how niche. Will grab it when on sale.

May pick up Phoenix Wright.

All this talk about Bootleg Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon has me worried. Bought mine as a 2nd hand EU copy from my friends' store for a tenner. Will check when I get home.



FX102A commented on Feature: The Biggest Wii U eShop Games of 2015...:

Kickstarted Mighty No. 9 but will be getting PC & Vita copies; will buy physical Wii U copy.

Already own Freedom Planet on PC but getting it again cos I love it so much. Hope it eventually gets the planned DLC.

Fast Racing lioks cool but I've never been good at racing games so I'll keep an eye on it.

A few others interest me but will depend on price.



FX102A commented on Review: Yoshi's Woolly World (Wii U):

Its gonna be tough, I have the limited edition with the woolly amiibo on order for a friend, whist I'm getting the standard one to avoid the USK logo; plus I want to call it quits on amiibos.

Bit it all looks so cuddly!!!

I just don't know whether to buy now or wait till next month as I've already spent a fair bit this month.



FX102A commented on Reggie Fils-Aime Attempts To Explain Why Zelda...:

Thats all good Reggie, now lenme explain how E3 works in the real world. It is basically Christmas time for gamers, the one time we can have tonnes of amazong new stuff dangled before our eyes no matter how long we have to wait. It generates hype and chatter, which if done correctly can act as advertising, word spreading and an almost obsession to obtain such games upon release, which translates into higher net profits for the console manufacturers, publishers and retailers.

You had so many guns in your arsenal and yet you chose to leave them at home.

Yes, Nintendo marches to its own drumbeat; but when the beat is out of tune or your fans are not liking the music, you probably have to stop and march to a different tune.



FX102A commented on Talking Point: Metroid Prime: Federation Force...:

The "fans" reaction is without a doubt overblown but some of the blame lies with Nintendo. I mean seriously, SOMEONE during the E3 planning committe must have raised their hand and said "based on what's being discussed on the internet, don't you think we stand pissing off more fans by revealing this now? They expect more from us. Shouldn't we wait for a Mini Direct perhaps?"

Personally, I feel as if Nintendo chose poorly in what to show off during the event, what to concentrate on, what order to reveal everything and what to skip on. Project Zero should have had its trailer and some discussion, Devil's Third should have had a quick look. Maybe a bit more on Xenoblade. We DID NOT need a long look at the history behind Yoshi's woolly look (no offense to the lady who inspired it but there is such a thing as a proper time & place).

Obviously a counter argument is that Nintendo merely lacked alternatives to show but it could have done so much more to make it better with some retweaking and more information. Even an Indie game montage would have helped; give the little guys some exposure and all. Or even a blunt explanation that this year will be a little brief on new content due to a major shift planned in 2016.

Yes, Nintendo marches to its own beat. Yes, Nintendo's fans can be a fickle bunch. Yes, sometimes gamers do not actually know what they want until its given to them; otherwise we'd have the same old stuff. But at this rate, I'm starting to wonder if Nintendo knows its own fanbase because if I had previewed this event, I could have foreseen the fan reaction a continent away. The fact that Nintendo itself didn't is somewhat worrying.



FX102A commented on Bloodstained Is Officially Kickstarter's Most ...:

I want to back it, but pay day is not till Monday and its been an expensive month.

I wanted the Dark Grimoire version but $50 extra for just the art book?! Maybe I'll go for the Alchemist's Treasure as it at least includes the Soundtrack CD.



FX102A commented on Video: Latest Teens React Episode Proves Age H...:

Ironically this was the first game I ever completed, well its European release Probotector. I just loved that game.

Oh and I never knew about the Konami code.

TBH probably my best gaming achievement, loved being called a "Hero" at the end. As an 8-year ild it really hit home.



FX102A commented on Poll: We Need to Talk About amiibo - Where Do ...:

Ironically, yesterday I made the decision to call quits on amiibo. Its gotten to the point here in the UK that shops are now taking advantage of it with price increases. My intention had been just to stick to 4 main series: Fire Emblem, Kid Icarus, Metroid & Legend of Zelda (with the odd outsider like Mega Man).

However, this month's wave of 4 are all part of the ones I planned to collect and whilst I have preorders with ShopTo, they raised the prices to £14.86, basically costing me £60. Despite I can afford it, I just can't warrant this purchase any more, especially as I barely use amiibo (which I am seeing more and more being used as physical keys for on-disc DLC like on Splatoon). I just don't think the figure quality warrants a £15 charge (which has since gone up to £20 on ShopTo!!! Although my preorder price still stands.) Still, with me having completionist tendencies in collections, to cancel three of these orders would force me to have to get rid of all my Zelda & Kid Icarus amiibos. Plus with Zelda U round the corner, you can bet they will be used.

Anyways, end of rant. In short, they had potential but Nintendo are using them all wrong. At the very least they should have offered cards or even DLC as alternatives, I mean what if you want the unlockable but its not worth the price or you don't want the figure?



FX102A commented on Splatoon Grabs Second Place in UK Chart Début:

The UK is probably one of Nintendo of Europe's toughest market (I swear so many people here have fears regarding their masculinity) so to make it just behind a behemoth like The Witcher 3 is no small feat.

Whilst I agree the game is a bit shy on content at the moment hopefully the free updates will come soon and it's still loads of fun (I usually despise multiplayer but here I couldn't stop playing just to buy more gear). I wonder if there may be a resurgence of sales once those updates are out (though considering it was technically a budget release in the UK I feel many would have just taken the plunge regardless).

On a side note, a friend of mine suggested that the way the game works, he wondered if it may have originally been considered as a Free to Play game. After trying it out for myself, I'm almost inclined to agree; just glad they didn't go that way.



FX102A commented on Nintendo Download: 4th June (Europe):

I hope to order Lord of Magna from the U.S (I have an original US 3DS and hope to buy a U.S. New 3DS XL in the future).

If it goes on sale for half price in the future I may pick it up.

Considering Marvelous are doing the Senran Kagura 2 copies on demand and taking money immediately, I wish they did the same for this. I'd gladly pay £40 for a hard copy.



FX102A commented on Monster Hunter X (Cross) Confirmed for Japanes...:

I'm starting to see a trend of rapid franchise releases in Japan, something I'm not too keen on. Then again, we in the West aren't innocent with out remasterings, director's cuts, Game of the Year editions (even if it probably won no such award, looking at you Lords of the Fallen!)

How long ago did MH4 originally release in Japan in its original form?



FX102A commented on Talking Point: The Fragility of Buying Downloa...:

I almost exclusively buy physical unless it's for games I would have only rented just to play then once and they are a cheap sale price.

Besides, personally I think we're more likely to "loose" digital games due to servers shutting down than disc rot.



FX102A commented on Exclusive: eShop Publishers Are Dropping Relea...:

If this results in the eradication of that awful USK logo then good. It's basically one of the reasons I'm not getting the special editions of Splatoon & Yoshi's Woolly World as the covers look fugly and totally spoilt by them!



FX102A commented on Feature: A Nintendo Fan's Guide to E3 2015:

Oh I forgot to add to the "Wishful Thinking Section" that Nintendo buys the rights to Mega Man off Capcom and begins with Megaman X9 and resurrecting Mega Man Legends 3 (with re-releases of Mega Man Legends 1 & 2). Oh and perhaps does a deal with Inticreates to work on a new Mega Man game in the guise of the Zero & ZX titles (After Azure Striker Gunvolt 2).



FX102A commented on Feature: A Nintendo Fan's Guide to E3 2015:

Ok, let's divide them up:

Likely Announcements:

More Amiibo
Splatoon Update with DLC
Mario Maker
More Smash Bros Content
SMT x Fire Emblem
More Zelda U Info
Star Fox U
That Giant Robot Game
Xenoblade Chronicles Localisation
Fire Emblem If
Devils Third

Mildly Possible:

Metroid U
Animal Crossing U
Some Dragon Quest or Bravely Second info
Rides the Sky Soldier

Wishful thinking:

New F-Zero
Vanquish 2
Valkyria Chronicles Trilogy
New Platinum Games Exclusive IP
New Final Fantasy game for Wii U & 3DS that interact
The Wonderful 102
Sonic Adventure 3 (with direct input from Nintendo)
New 1080 Snowboarding Digital title
Mario Kart Hyperdrive (F-Zero style MK)
Metroid Dread



FX102A commented on Nintendo Download: 14th May (Europe):

Whilst I would love to have all 4 MMZ games on the Wii U, owning the original GBA cartridges and the DS collection means I'll probably wait for a sale.

Plus I'm already running low on space and I'm not sure I have any sockets left for a hard drive.



FX102A commented on Talking Point: Mario Kart 8 DLC is a Winning F...:

I don't mind the return of challenges but UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES do I want to see the "get in top 1000" to win a prize challenges. Some of us simply don't want to invest immense amounts of time to reach such a high level or we may be unable or simply don't feel like playing at the time the challenge is taking place. I have seen these mechanics appear in other games and the merely destroy the appeal I have for them as I do not wish to be told when I should play a game.

Make them unlockable for everyone as long as they have either the funds or the opportunity in challenges that you can take on at any time of your pleasing.



FX102A commented on Tales of More Wave Four Super Smash Bros. amii...:

Yikes, guess I should call myself lucky that my Lucina & Robin arrived today from ShopTo. And they were from the second preorder period.

I just hope the next 4 come through.

I also hope there are no more Amiibos I want as being a fan of them is just too frustrating and involves too much risk taking.

I wonder when Shulk will reappear.



FX102A commented on Review: Yoshi's Island DS (Wii U eShop / DS):

I had the same issue with when it released on the DS. Overall it was a very good and fun game but it just felt kind of "meh" in the end; I've seen it all before.

Plus I'm sure they changed that awesome jungle theme from World 3 in the SNES game. I loved that world and music!



FX102A commented on Marvel at the Launch Trailer, Live Music and T...:

Big Blue at 200cc with the sound bar turned way up? My face is at risk from being blasted off by the amazingness of this!

A reminder of the release date would be nice NL. I just hope it's not the long weekend in May as I'll be on holiday.



FX102A commented on Games Consultant Believes Nintendo NX Could Be...:

@Quorthon The Gamecube versions of those games were not exactly widely available and Majora was so unstable that considering it's time management mechanics it was nigh unplayable. I gave up after loosing hours of progress multiple times. The Wii VC version was better but still a little wonky.

New IPs have begun to appear from Nintendo like Project STEAM and Splatoon and hopefully they'll set the groundwork for new entries. But I still want to see established franchises seeing new releases with new features, but hopefully keeping what was good. I'd love to see a new 2D Metroid as its been so long since the last one but I'd also love to see a new Metroid Prime'esque game or even something completely new (as long as the spirit is kept).

I mean, it's not like other companies aren't simply taking what was successful and just doing some tweaks and perhaps a new coat of paint. I'm sometimes tempted to rename Bloodborne as Demon's Soul V4.30 Remastered Victorian Edition. Is that a bad thing? No. Demon's Soul was a great game and it's pseudo sequels expanded and refined the ideas it set; but the overall structure and gameplay remains very much the same. Same can be applied to so many series. Uncharted, Halo, Gears of War, Elder Scrolls, Civilisation, etc. Just because something has been around for a long time and has produced a plethora of successful titles based on a few franchises doesn't mean they should just stop.

To say Nintendo fans only want the same stuff is both narrow minded at frankly a might petty. New IP's have been on our wish lists for years (thankfully they're finally listening) but to simply chuck out established characters would be silly, especially as they also provide an element of exposure and good ideas that have worked very well this far. They could change the exterior and yet the gameplay would just remind people of the other franchises. Many other companies seem to be happy to change the outer layers but leave the inner workings the same (and then people seem to actually fall for it and think it's something "new"). Release a game with Mario or Zelda on the cover and it gets called a rehash regardless of any new ideas, game mechanics, etc it may have.

I hope recent events will result in a happy medium whereby we get a good balance of new properties and developments of the old ones. But don't create new properties just for the sake of it looking different.



FX102A commented on Games Consultant Believes Nintendo NX Could Be...:

@Quorthon There is a difference between a game with similar names and a game that plays practically the same and is released every calendar year. Using Mario as an example, I consider all his 3D adventures (excluding the one remake on the 3DS and only direct sequel on the Wii) as unique experiences in their own ways. A game like Super Metroid? Well yeah I'd love that, seeing as it's been nearly a decade since the last one (Zero Mission) rather than 6 months I hardly see that as a bad thing. At the end of the day, I couldn't care less about the outer layers as long as the internal mechanics see some change; especially if I've seen the same thing again and again. Of course Nintendo aren't innocent there too. They did overuse the 2D Mario games for a while and thankfully after SMBU, they seem to have put it aside (even though that one was one of their best).

To say Sony "evolved" I honestly feel is laughable. I see it more as a refinement, which is practically why I've yet to buy a PS4. There is practically nothing that hasn't been done before that's unique to the console, it's just been refined. If that's what you want then cool, they've identified what the market they are aiming for wants and have succeeded in grabbing it. If Nintendo wants to seek out another market then that's okay in my books too. It's risky, but frankly I've always held greater respect for those that take the risks and seek out new products.

I will make 1 admission, as much as I like he Wii U and its Gamepad, I saw it as kind of a filler console. Basically the Wii was faltering, Nintendo needed a new console, saw Tablets were the thing at the time so boom, tablet based home console (we'll sort of). I knew it wasn't gonna sell but at least it provided something different and I'm glad it existed.



FX102A commented on Games Consultant Believes Nintendo NX Could Be...:

@FragRed You do speak the truth, "hardcore" gamers who have gamed for many years will have their comfort zones and the mainstream hardcore crowd in particularly will remain in them (those that basically live of the yearly iterations of annual franchises).

As for Sony and the PS4's touchpad, I saw it as a more conservative and safe form of innovation, a small new feature within a tried and tested controller. The PS4 has several new features but I don't consider it a large departure from the norm. The remote play by a friend is its biggest new feature in my eyes but I hardly consider it groundbreaking or even worthwhile. Kind of like deciding to take the bus somewhere instead of driving yourself.



FX102A commented on Games Consultant Believes Nintendo NX Could Be...:

Basically this is why even at the low points, I always have some faith in Nintendo. They don't so much as dance to their own beat as in go out exploring on their own even after others have found something good.

One thing I've learnt over time is that technically a large proportion of the potential market doesn't even know what it wants until it's presented to them. People will say "consoles with regular controllers" simply because they believe it's what they and the "market" in their view wants. But sometimes other products have occupied that segment of the market and merely chasing it would reap limited rewards or people will say they already have that, so why bother?

The truth is, most of us are "morons" who really don't understand the technology, the potential or even what it is that will fulfil our desires. We say we want a specific product when in reality we just want to be entertained through an interactive medium. There are many ways that desire could be fulfilled and whilst there may be some existing ideas, there could be previously unimagined ideas that could do the job even better. They just need the chance to search for it. I didn't think I'd want to play games like Mario Galaxy, Metroid Prime 3 and Pandora's tower with motion controls until after I played it on the Wii. Now I would never dream of it. So as I said, rather bluntly, we are really all too stupid to know exactly what is needed (and those who say they know exactly what they want and that their idea is the right one are either blind, selfish or imbeciles).

History is filled with those who dream & search yet are constantly ridiculed. Even with its flaws, I see Ninty in the same way. My only hope is that it finds that which it is searching for and it turns out to have the potential it seeks.



FX102A commented on Capcom Announces Monster Hunter Stories for 3DS:

Like several have said, despite several attempts I just couldn't get into the mainline MH series. Playing as a nameless hunter and basically going round hunting animals to get materials to make better equipment to hunt even bigger animals. Rinse, repeat, try again (with some changes in enemy attack patterns). I could see the appeal, but it didn't apply to me.

This on the other hand, with names characters and potential for more story, has me intrigued. I do wonder how the battle system will be.



FX102A commented on Analyst Thinks Nintendo Is Already Winding Dow...:

I honestly would be extremely surprised if Zelda Wii U also appears on the NX, especially since we have absolutely no flippin clue as to what the NX is. A Wii U replacement? A 3DS replacement? An all new amalgamated platform? Nintendo has delayed many games in the past purely to ensure quality. True, Twilight Princess also became a Wii launch title but just coz it happened once does not make it a trend.

There's always a chance for a companion launch of a similar title on the NX IF it ends up being closer to a portable (one of the big issues recently with Nintendo titles is the lack of big launch titles. Honestly, I think the N64 was the last Nintendo console to launch with a truly original, exclusive and critically acclaimed title).



FX102A commented on GAME Launches UK Pre-Orders for Splatoon amiib...:

On the issue of price, ShopTo have also raised their prices for the latest wave to ~£15 each. I guess it was bound to happen considering the popularity.

With the 4 June figures being on my order, its gonna be a a bit pricey for me. However once they are done, I think that's all the SSB characters I want so I may get a break for amiibo (well, apart from awaiting a Shulk re-issue).