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Mon 27th January, 2014

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markybbop commented on Nintendo Needs To Cut Wii U Cost To Capitalise...:

that shelved game will be a childish poor game that no one wants anyway. What makes me laugh is Rayman sold better on the wiiu than any other console. Who knows how watch dogs would have faired if releases at the same time as the other consoles. Ubisoft like other third party companies are just making excuses for not delevoping games for the wiiu



markybbop commented on Miyamoto Confirms Next Wii U System Update Is ...:

Friend notification when online or invites to a game or messages you. Pre download, pre install games ready for the release date. Some kind of update that will help you travel with your controller further away from the console



markybbop commented on E3 2014: Ubisoft Admits to Holding Back Comple...:

Rayman sold better on the wiiu than on the other consoles. I think watch dogs if released at the same time would have done well brcause of the unique controller features. Im upset as I really wanted the division for this console. I personally think that nintendo need to act and try to sell themselves to 3rd party companies. Even look for some pc only game companies. Try and sell to them the benefits of porting over there games. Maybe some will be too powerful but you can backlog there titles. For me this alone could interest people in a wiiu console as lots of people have missed pc games due to not having a powerful pc. Nintemdo need to do something, the wait for good games are too long and far apart. They need some 3rd party support.



markybbop commented on Feature: Our Hopes and Dreams for E3 2014:

Luigis mansion hd
zelda u
the new aliens game which xbone and ps4 shouldn't have
2 brand new fps games with much focus on multiplayer
football manager
an exclusive capcom game
mario super striker 2
a new monkey balls game
vanquish 2
The division
more rpgs considering the wii had loads like, last stand, pamdoras tower, fire emblem



markybbop commented on Review: Scram Kitty and his Buddy on Rails (Wi...:

If it was released a couple if months ago when there was nothing out worth playing, I would have bought it on day 1, now im not so sure. It really bugs me though why this game hasn't been released earlier. It will now lose sales in my opinion



markybbop commented on Nintendo Download: 15th May (Europe):

Im not too sure about scram kitty, I will wait and see a few reviews first. For a console with all these indie titles confirmed. There still isnt many out, or any good ones



markybbop commented on Miiverse Update Imposes Restrictions on Postin...:

I can see it from both ways good and bad. I do use it and chat and interact on there regulary so this will put me off doing so though I do agree there is some piss poor posts on there by children but then again its interaction for them to socialise through the console



markybbop commented on Talking Point: The Timing of Nintendo's Super ...:

I think we will get a date as I personally think that nintendo thinks e3 is thst important. I really hope its a 2014 release date, fingers crossed october which for me is a distance between mk8 and before call of duty if we get it, I do hope we see some more games coming our way that we havnt already seen but thats wishful



markybbop commented on Nintendo Download: 30th January (Europe):

runner 2 and maybe toki tori 2+ for me. Where all these new indie games arriving. Im sure Nintendo back in November promised 30 indie games to be released before 2014 and we ended up with about 4



markybbop commented on Video: The 10 Biggest Wii U Games Of 2014:

I think with the exception of scram kitty, its a very promising list. Its a shame there isn't an exclusive FPS for us on the list especially when the xbone and ps4 have the likes of titton falls, destiny, Halo all coming out